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05 September 2018
Issue Seventeen
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From the Principal

Dear Parents / Carers,

Today it is recognised that to be truly well educated one must not only learn to appreciate the arts, but must have rich opportunities to actively participate in creative work. The arts are languages that most people speak, cutting through individual differences in culture, educational background and ability. Tonight and on Thursday night our students will collaborate to bring a story entitled, High School Musical JR. to life. They will transform an abstract concept into concrete reality. Participating in projects such as this creates a blur between the academic and non-academic. This is because engagement through the arts often results in greater academic achievement and higher test scores. On Thursday night we will be joined by many special guests including: Hon. Kim Wells MP and his daughter Tahnee,  Justin Butler, Department of Education Senior Education Improvement Leader North East Region and his daughter Ava , Julie Kennedy, Principal Rowville Secondary College, Reiha Ternes, Rowville Primary School, School Council President and Tammie Western FORPS President.


A big congratulations to our eight Year 2 students who had their artwork selected to be part of “Imagine” - A State-Wide Exhibition of Student Art 2018. The exhibition was held last Saturday in North Melbourne. The Exhibition had the dual purpose of highlighting our students’ art while raising awareness and funds for disadvantaged children in Cambodia.  All artwork selected for the Exhibition was silently auctioned on Saturday. The money raised through this event will go to supporting disadvantaged children in Cambodia by giving them opportunities to go to school, to learn English and begin to dream of a future.

The vision for involving our students in this project was so that they would empathise with children whose lives are so different to their own. We want to inspire and empower our students to see, through their own actions that they can make a difference. I acknowledge our brilliant art teacher, Ms Andrea Durward for making this  valuable learning opportunity possible for  our students.

Late last year, we embarked on a project to transform our library into a 21st century learning space. The vision was to transform it into a playground for imagination and creativity - a 21st century learning space. Students are now able to access a different lunchtime program on every day of the week. This includes: author studies, movie moments, chess, story time, building and coding. Book borrowing is available every day at recess and after school. We ask all children to bring their book bags.  Our staff will be undergoing special training in the last week of this term on how to support our students to access the many online children’s books that are part of the new borrowing system. We will continue to expand the programs from this centre.


The achievement of our students continues both in and out of school. Jemma, our Rowville Primary School Swimming Captain, was recently awarded the prestigious Swimming Diploma. To be a recipient of this award Jemma completed all the swimming levels from pink to charcoal: the 1 km and 3km swims,  the open water swim, and completed a50 metre freestyle swim in under 40  seconds. Jemma, now 12 years of age, has been swimming at Paul Sadler Swim land since she was a few months old. Her persistence, perseverance and hard work over many years has paid off! Congratulations Jemma on such a remarkable achievement!

Lacey  and Lily , two of our Year 6 leaders who play for the Rowville Netball Club, are members of the U13 team which recently won the Best Junior Club Team. Lacey also won the Best and Fairest award and Lily won the Coaches Award. Congratulations girls on a great season!



We congratulate Jessie who participated in the  Children's Competition at the Mount Waverley Community Centre Camellia, Garden & Floral Art Show. The joint organisers of this iconic annual event aim to engage the young in horticultural activities and introduce them to gardening. The theme was "I Made It" using any horticultural produce. Jessie created a "Cantaloupe Bunny" using just a few produce items. Competition was very high in this category and Jessie took the Second Prize. We congratulate Jessie on her achievement.


Anne Babich


From The Assistant Principal

Dear Parents/Carers,

Last week, I attended a professional learning day on Communication Skills for School Leaders and this session highlighted the importance of listening skills for effective communication in all of our daily interactions. 

When we are active listeners, we strengthen our communication and relationships with our students and colleagues by demonstrating interest, care and understanding. Some benefits of active listening for our students are: helping them to feel valued, connected, validated and understood, helping to build trust, helping to clarify their thoughts and feelings, assisting to avoid conflict and misunderstandings with their peers and supporting them to express themselves.                                                   

Here are some tips for promoting Active Listening

1. Give your child your full attention. Prioritise time to listen actively and attentively, shows a child their feelings are important and that you are interested in what they are thinking and feeling.

2. Use your eyes to listen. Make eye contact to show your child you are ready to listen.

3. Listen carefully to what is being said. Listen to both what your child is saying and their body language, without interrupting and avoiding questions that break your child’s train of thought.

4. Use encouragers. Show that you are interested by nodding your head, smiling or making other appropriate facial expressions and provide verbal encouragement.

5. Reflect the feeling. After your child has talked about a feeling, thought, experience, etc. use the opportunity to respond and gently describe in your own words what you think your child is feeling and why. For example, “You seem to be feeling a bit upset about not making the football team”. This can help demonstrate empathy and understanding of the child’s feelings and thoughts.

6. Use pauses and silences. Resisting the temptation to fill silences is important when children are trying to think about what else they want to say, as it gives them time to think and respond.

7. Ask open-ended questions. Open questions e.g. “What are you concerned about when you go to school?” and encourage more detailed responses.

8. Summarise. Summarising your child’s main points can demonstrate that you understand what they are saying and can allow an opportunity for your child to expand on their idea.

9. Make non-judgmental statements. It is important to refrain from judgement statements, such as; “You feel scared about silly monsters at night.” Try to reflect or paraphrase what a child has said, in your own words in a non-judgmental way, for example “You feel scared about monsters when the lights get turned off”.

10. Choose words to start a conversation. You can begin active listening by using questions or statements such as “You seem to be feeling……….about……...”,   “It looks like you feel……..with…....”

We are currently looking at ways to grow and support our students in their social and emotional development.  I would like to introduce our Masters of Counselling students, Catherine Clancy and Louis Radevski who will be joining our school staff next week to gain practical experience and support the wellbeing of students at Rowville Primary School.

My name is Catherine Clancy and I will be starting my student placement at Rowville Primary School on Monday, September 10, 2018. I am undertaking this placement as part of my studies in the Monash University Master of Counselling course.   I am very excited about coming to Rowville Primary School because I believe this is a great opportunity for me to extend my skills in working with children and families and I hope to build very positive relationships with the whole school community.  As well as being a student, I currently work with families at an organisation called Uniting-Connections.  When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy walks by the beach and relaxing with family and friends. I will be at Rowville Primary every Monday during term and am looking forward to getting to know everyone.

 My name is Louis Radevski and I will be undertaking my student counsellor placement at your school.  I am an enthusiastic, outgoing and energetic individual with a passion for promoting youth mental health and contributing to the wellbeing of school students and staff.  My placement position is part of my studies in the Master of Counselling course at Monash University, which follows my undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Psychological Sciences in 2016.  Throughout 2018 and 2019, I will be working closely with Rowville Primary School to develop my counselling skills and prepare for a fulfilling career in child and adolescent counselling.  I am very excited to begin my placement work and look forward to meeting you all and working with you in the future.


I invite parents who would like to discuss student wellbeing, particularly emotional wellbeing to contact me.


As a member of the Cancer Council of Victoria SunSmart Schools Program, all students are required to wear sun protection from September through to the end of April. 

Part of our Sun Smart Policy at Rowville Primary School is that students are to wear the official school uniform, wide brimmed hat everyday, when outdoors from 1st September to the 30th April.  Students are also encouraged to apply sunscreen (SPF 30 + or above,  20 minutes prior to outdoor activity) provided by parents. Please place the students name on the sunscreen container.

Please ensure your children to have their hat at school each day. Hats are available from our uniform supplier Klad Sport, 8 Macro Court, Rowville.


Have a great fortnight ahead,


Mrs Tiffany Bamford
Assistant Principal

Performing Arts

High School Musical JR. Wednesday 5th September and Thursday 6th September.

There are only 22 tickets available for tonights perfomance (Wednesday) and 42 available for the Thursday night show.  Tickets can be purchased at the school office or if you are lucky at the theatre tonight and tomorrow night. 

A reminder that the performance is at Rowville Secondary College Eastern Campus Theatre - 

Humphreys Way, Rowville. It is not at the college next to our school.

Updates will be featured on the Rowville Primary School Facebook page


Photos of the cast will be displayed at the theatre during the production and also in the school foyer from Thursday. Order forms for photos and the DVD are attached or will also be available at the theatre and at school. Orders for both photos and DVD must be received by Tuesday 18th September 2018.




What's ahead

September 2018

Wednesday 5th September               7.15pm High School Musical JR. Production evening perfomance

Thursday 6th September                    7.15pm High School Musical JR. Production evening performance

Monday 10th September to               Year 3 and Year 4 Swimming

Friday 14th  September                       

Wednesday 12th September             Summer Round Robin - Year 6 and selected Year 5 Students

Monday 17th September to               Year 2 Swimming

Friday 21st September                         

Friday 21st September                         Last day of Term 3 - school finishes at 2.30pm


October 2018

Monday 8th October                             First day of Term 4 - school commences at 8.45am

Visual Arts

Year 3 and 4 Art

This term, the year 3 and 4 students are learning about the great post-impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh. They are exploring how he expressed his ideas and the materials, techniques and visual conventions he used to produce his artworks. The focus masterpieces include Sunflowers, Irises and Starry Night. Their Sunflowers inspired acrylic paintings are almost completed and the results are just beautiful. 



Literacy Report 

This week, I am featuring some students who attended our ‘Awesome Authors’ session last Monday in the 21st Century Learning Space. During this session, the students listened to the Andy Griffiths story The 13-Storey Treehouse. This was followed by a book discussion and then some of the students were inspired to write about what they would include if they had their own treehouse. Some very creative ideas came about and there was much enthusiasm amongst the students. The following students were chosen to share their ideas:


When I heard the story The 13-Storey Treehouse, I wanted to have in my treehouse a waffle machine, a chocolate fountain and a fish tank.

Written by Shelby 1A


In a treehouse there lived two little girls as well as a marshmallow fountain, a lemon fountain, a cinema, a circus and a chocolate factory. They loved their treehouse.

Written by Madinah 1A


If I was Andy Griffiths, I would make a machine that makes a treehouse for you when you are being lazy. Also I forgot to tell you but I would make a bowling alley for the treehouse and I would have marshmallow pillows. I would also have a pencil that whenever you start writing the pencil does all the work for you.

Written by Alicia 1A


If I had a 13-storey treehouse I would put in a muffin machine, a gaming room, an underground swimming pool with some pet sharks to protect me and a secret base so that my friends could do some experiments.

Written by Nasrat 3C 


Trish Welti

Year 3 Teacher

Literacy Leader

21st Century Learning Space​

Whats on?

What’s on in the 21st Century Learning Space? Our new and exciting lunchtime programs are underway.  We are open every day for student borrowing at lunchtime 1.30pm-1.45pm and after school 3.15pm – 3.30pm. We have a Family Story Time every Wednesday 3.15pm – 3.30pm. Everyone is welcome. The lunchtime programs include Awesome Authors, Chess Champions, Tell Me a Story, Movie Moments, Construction and Coding. All the details have been given to students and teachers. 


Physical Education 


Over the past two weeks the Franklin House Captains have been promoting Healthy Lunch Boxes among the Year three and four students. The focus has been on mindful eating and choosing healthy snacks that keep us fuller for longer. Together with the classroom teachers, they have chosen a winner from each grade who they believe has had the Healthiest Lunch Box.  

Our winners include;  4B- Harry and Lachie, 4A- Leon, 3A - Peter and Cody, 3B - Jackson                              and 3C - Sebastien. Take a look at their healthy lunch boxes to get some inspiration!


Mindful Munching

By Belinda Vaughan

Earlier this year, Year 3 and  4 students participated in a mindful munching session, where they were introduced to the concept of mindful eating; what influences our food choices, paying attention to hunger and satiety cues and how to pay attention to all of our senses when we eat. They discovered that taking away some of our senses when we eat, can really change the taste and experience.

How often have you eaten while stressed or upset, but not physically hungry? Or watched a movie while eating popcorn, then looked down at the huge empty box and wondered where it all went? These are examples of eating while we are not fully aware of what our body needs and not using all our senses while eating. Eating this way causes us to overeat by not recognising when our body has had enough (or if our body even needed food in the first place).

Mindful eating is a simple-to-learn life skill which can lead people to enjoy a satisfying, healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. People who eat mindfully tend to make healthier food choices, enjoy all food in moderation (without guilt) and listen to their internal body cues to tell them when to start and stop eating. Eating mindfully can also increase our enjoyment of food. 

Children are born natural mindful eaters. Unfortunately, family and societal practices change our relationship with food as we age, teaching us to rely on external factors when choosing food (e.g. advertising), deciding when to eat (e.g. bell times) and deciding how much to eat (e.g. forced to eat everything on our plate).

Students were introduced to the hunger scale (pictured). A good starting point for practicing mindful eating is to use this scale before, during and after we eat, to help us recognise how much our body feels like eating and when we have eaten enough. Aim to keep your hunger in the ‘green zone’ (3-6). Also try a 5 minute mindful eating practice and experience the difference for yourself (details below).

For more information on mindful eating:

How hungry are you now?


Tip: Children will be open to trying new foods when they are 3-4 on the hunger scale.

We want to hear from you! If you have a healthy lunchbox recipe that your kids love, send it to us and we will share it with other parents. Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


Entertainment Books

Entertainment books are for sale at the office for $70 each or you may purchase online.  The school receives $13 for each book sold. To purchase a membership  or book please go to:


Cadbury Chocolate Drive

Payment for the Cadbury chocolate boxes is now due. Please return payment and any unsold chocolates to the school office as soon as possible.





Attendance Matters

Fact sheet for parents/carers

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence using one of the following methods:

  1. Online: log the absence directly using Compass.
  2. Telephone: the school office and let the staff know your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.
  3. Email: the school and provide the staff with your child’s name, class, date of absences and reason.

Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.


Why do I need to notify the school if my child is absent?

Schools need to know when and why a child is absent and you need to know if your child isn’t at school.

From the end of Term 2 2018, all Victorian government schools are required to contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence. If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to explain why, the absence will be marked as unexplained.

This system also promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind.


What is your responsibility?

You are legally required to ensure your child attends school every day or you must provide an explanation for their absence. You should let the school know in advance of any upcoming absences or let them know in the morning if your child won’t be at school. In order for schools to implement the same day notification requirement, it’s essential that you provide the school with your most up-to-date contact details.

Generally one notification will be sent per family. Should there be circumstances that require both parents and carers to be notified, please contact the school to make the necessary arrangements.

Rowville Kids Cafe


Volunteers Needed

The canteen is needing some extra help from volunteers. If you are free to assist on a Monday or Friday please see the canteen staff or leave your name at the office.  Volunteers need to have a current working with children's check card.


Please click on the link to view the current Kids Cafe menu:   or visit QkR™, the online ordering app.


Thank you to following volunteers for the next two weeks

Thursday 6th September        Help Needed

Friday 7th September               H. Haynes & L. Shore 

Monday 10th September        Help Needed

Tuesday 11th September        L. Mcconnochie

Wednesday 12th September  G. Davey

Thursday 13th September      T. Challis

Friday 14th September             H. Haynes & L. Shore   

Monday 17th September          Help Needed

Tuesday 18th September         L. Mcconnochie

Wednesday 19th September  A. Diab

Thursday 20th September      Help Needed

Friday 21st September              H. Haynes & L. Shore 

Rowville Kids Cafe
Online Ordering

We are excited to now offer online ordering for parents’ convenience using a credit card via QkR™. We are delighted that many parents have used the app and have reported back on how easy it is to use. 

QkR™ is an app developed by Mastercard (which is very secure) that can be downloaded to your Android or Apple system by following the attached instructions.

Windows based phones can access the ordering system via the website.
TIP:  When creating a password, ensure you include a number in the password. 
Orders can be placed in advance up until 9:00am of the day they are to be delivered to the classroom.

Children can still lodge their lunch orders via the classroom if you do not wish to use the online system.

​If you would like some assistance using the app, please call at the office.


Before and After
School Care


Term 3, Week 8

This week is all about AFL Finals! The children will be painting their own team emblem and designing their own AFL uniform! They will also make beads shaped into a football.


Term 3, Week 9

The flowers bloom and the sun shines! It is spring! This week the children will be making bracelets using old newspaper and paint them spring colours! They will be making flowers and wind chimes too!

A note from Nicole

Over the last two weeks, the children celebrated Father’s Day! The children wrote special messages for their Dad on a piece of paper and describe why they are special during group time! I would like to say thank you to the children who worked very very hard decorating our OSHC room for the special Fathers Day occasion.

Spring Holiday Club

Parents please note that bookings for Spring Holiday Club is now open! If you need care for your child over the school holidays please book in now. If you have any questions in regards to the upcoming holidays please feel free to come and speak to staff.


We’re here to make after school care visits the best experience possible – for you and your child.

If you have any questions about the program – please feel free to drop by, meet the team and see what happens in after school care first hand.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Camp Australia Team.

Program Details

To find out more about our program, view fees and to register visit

Service mobile number -  0438 286 035


Community Noticeboard

Muscillo Tennis Academy would like to invite any students interested in playing tennis for a FREE trial lesson at Rowville Primary School. 

The trial lesson will run before school during week 3 at 8:00am on Tuesday 31st July for Years 2 & 3 and Thursday 2nd August for Years 4, 5 & 6.

All equipment will be provided. Any student to sign up after the trail will receive our Term 3 promotion and a free T-shirt.

Bookings are essential so, if interested, please contact us on 0478 097 377 OR email to [email protected]



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