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12 September 2018
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Dear Members of the Kildare Ministries Community,


Last week each of our ministries received communication from the Trustees, inviting each of you to consider the plight of asylum seekers in this country. It is based on the premise that every human life is precious.  I was a stranger and you welcomed me, implies I see you – as a person in all your humanity and vulnerability. It recognises that the other has a face and that the other could easily be you or it could be me.  We only really see a human being when we look into their eyes and see a mirror of our own humanity.  Asylum seekers have been dehumanised.  They are defined as illegal immigrants, queue jumpers, opportunists when accused of coming by boat to secure economic advantage.  Their appearance is highlighted to make vague associations with terrorism or with racial and religious prejudices. This is the manipulation of language, for refugees are not illegal – no human can be, and it is a cruel joke to identify with terrorism those who flee from it.

Our Trustees aspire to have students graduating from their schools, who have a heart for the proper treatment of all people, who are passionate and motivated to speak up against the injustices perpetrated on humanity and who recognise, see and have empathy for the face of the other.

Our Trustees aspire to have teachers, leaders and directors, who have a heart for the proper treatment of all people, who are passionate and motivated to speak up against the injustices perpetrated on humanity and who recognise, see and have empathy for the face of the other.

We need only look at Pope Francis for inspiration as he demonstrates often his unfailing support for people fleeing persecution. With his first official papal visit taking him to Lampedusa, Italy’s equivalent of Christmas Island, the Pope characterised himself as a voice for the voiceless.  The Pope has an uncanny way of articulating a simple message that in its profundity, disarms us. He says with regard to our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers: 

We have become used to the suffering of others: it doesn’t affect me; it doesn’t concern me; it’s none of my business! …Their condition cannot leave us indifferent.

Often it takes just one story to trigger a depth of passion that will motivate action.  Each Ministry was gifted with one such story.  You may have already heard of, No Friend but the Mountain written from the Manus Detention Centre by Behrouz Boochani. To accompany this book, we have produced a video that can be found on our Kildare Ministries YouTube channel.  All you need to do is to open YouTube and in the search tab, type Kildare Ministries.  The video is called Siding with the God of the Scriptures.  As Kildare Ministries’ schools we call on the inspiration of Micah 6:8. 

To act justly

To love tenderly and

To walk humbly with our God.

As we enter the last phase of the year, let us continue to explore the value of hope through the eyes of  asylum seekers for whom it is hard to hope.  For those who try to walk with them it is hard to hope.  We can learn a lot from Nelson Mandela who said:  part of being optimistic is keeping one's head pointed toward the sun, one's feet moving forward. As Christians we refuse to give up. And we pray that we ourselves may live justly, that our nation may adopt right and just policies and that the victims of injustice may have justice done to them.




Erica Pegorer

Executive Director

Land Transfer Rituals

During the week of the 13th-17th August, we had three Land Transfer Ceremonies, Marian College AraratMarian College Sunshine West and Wellsprings for Women. 

Marian College Ararat, 13th of August 2018

Entrusting the Stewardship of Land from the Brigidine Sisters to Kildare Ministries.


On Monday 13th August 2018, Marian College Ararat celebrated the entrusting of the stewardship of the land on which the College stands, from the Brigidine Sisters to the new governance of Kildare Ministries.

From its inception in 1888, the Brigidine Sisters have governed the development of Marian College Ararat and been responsible for the property.  As part of the change over to the governance to Kildare Ministries, we celebrated this auspicious occasion with many of the Brigidine Sisters and Trustees of Kildare Ministries.


The handover ritual dignified the Marian College story, of our pioneering Sisters after whom our new Houses are named, and the generosity of the Parish Priests serving in Ararat at the time.   Our story reflected the emergence of the township of Ararat in the discovery of gold, mining and farming.   It celebrated the many Brigidine Sisters who lived and served in Ararat and who had an active hand in the expansion and progress of Marian College.   A commemorative plaque was unveiled marking the significant gift from the Brigidine Sisters to the Trustees of Kildare Ministries. 


We were delighted to warmly welcomed back many Brigidine Sisters and past Principals, as well as teachers who were a part of the College over the years.  This ceremony gave us an opportunity to reflect on the rich Brigidine tradition which has underpinned the strength of the College.  Our motto of Strength and Gentleness reflects the journey that Marian College has enjoyed for the past 130 years and which gave us much reason to celebrate. 

Donna Wood

Promotions and Community Liaison - Marian College Ararat

Marian College Sunshine West, 14th of August 2018

Marian College, a secondary College for girls in in West Sunshine was involved in a truly marker moment in its proud history on 14 August 2018.

With a passionate conviction for Catholic Education, the Brigidine Sisters arrived in Sunshine just over 60 years ago. The day marked the unfolding mission in entrusting the custodianship of Marian College to Kildare Ministries.  This signifies a change in the role of the Brigidine Sisters here at this place, from one of responsibility and governance to one of accompaniment. The gathering signified the closing of a long chapter in Brigidine history and the opening of another.

From its very inception, the College has catered for the needs of children from migrant backgrounds, newly arrived in Australia, seeking the promise that our country of plenty has to offer. Over the years, the intake of students has come from a wider area of the Western Suburbs including Sunshine, St. Albans, Altona Meadows, Hoppers Crossing, Caroline Springs and Derrimut. The increased numbers has led to the development of a creative and innovative master plan supporting a learning and teaching program that has always been held in high regard. Today, the Marian College community serves 780 students, and their families, flavoured with surnames representing 59 nations from across the globe. The diversity of cultures and religions, that has characterised this College, is one of its enduring strengths.


A simple but moving production, at the beginning of the ceremony, saw many of the current students re-enact the Creation of earth from Genesis 1, to the original custodians of the Land, to the arrival of the Brigidine nuns and now to Kildare Ministries. The ceremony also acknowledged the generations of many dedicated Brigidine women who founded and nurtured the girls at Marian and the generations of dedicated staff, parents and benefactors who have been part of the College community.

Leo McInerney

Assistant to the Principal - Faith and Mission

Wellsprings for Women, Friday the 17th of August

On Friday the 17th of August 2018, more than 48 people gathered in the afternoon at Wellsprings for Women to witness the official transition of Wellsprings from the Presentation Sisters to Kildare Ministries.

The event was attended by Kildare Ministries’ Trustees, Presentation Sisters, Board members of Wellsprings, Kildare Ministries schools' representatives, volunteers, staff, friends and supporters.

It was a momentous occasion that carried mixed feelings of optimism and anticipation of ushering a new era, tinged though with sadness that came with the reckoning that Wellsprings for Women’s previous relationship  with the Presentation Sisters will now change for ever. However, The Presentation mission, tradition and legacy will continue to inspire Wellsprings and its work for years to come.

The attendees enjoyed the afternoon tea which was prepared by Wellsprings volunteers. The four chairpersons of Wellsprings were present at the event and everyone was reminiscing over the past while also speculating about the future.  Overall, optimism and excitement prevailed that Wellsprings’ mission is still relevant today as it was in 1994 and that we have a lot to achieve before we can say that the world is kinder, fairer, more compassionate and more appreciative of women’s value, contribution and right to equality and safety.

Dalal Smiley

CEO - Wellsprings for Women

St. Joseph's College, Echuca



“When the world says ‘Give Up’, Hope whispers, ‘Try one one more time.”  Such a simple statement, yet so powerful!
Like our colleagues in Kildare Ministries Schools the core value of Hope became our major focus for 2018. Given a world that is sometimes characterised by uncertainty, instability, isolation and confusion it was with much excitement that we asked our student leaders in late 2017 to help us explore, celebrate and promote this crucial Core Value by developing a motto to define our work in 2018. The result - Purposeful todays transform tomorrow.  In many ways we have encouraged our students to understand that what we do today can impact significantly on tomorrow, that making mistakes is normal, that with perseverance and hard work we can improve, and that no matter how difficult or hopeless things may seem, there is always hope for a better tomorrow and a brighter future.





The Resilience Project


While talking of hope, we welcomed the Resilience Project to our school in May. While we had certainly heard about the positive impact this program had in other schools and sporting clubs, we did not anticipate how powerful the message would resonate in our community, nor how intrinsically linked their message is to the ideal of Hope. Martin Heppell from the Resilience Project energised and animated our community (staff, students and parents) like few have before him. While we heard the general message of how gratitude, empathy and mindfulness can be used to improve our mental health, it was also the deeper message behind the stories that reverberated across our school. Martin’s infectious energy and enthusiasm complemented by his unique storytelling ability actually sold a message of hope. In this regard it is normal to admit our fallibility, to embrace the opportunities to learn and grow from our failings and to always keep it in perspective that we actually lead blessed lives and we should be grateful for what we do have, rather than what we do not.

A Commitment to Social Justice


We continue to demonstrate our commitment to Catholic Social Teaching, as modelled to us by Jesus. Our fundraising for Project Compassion through Caritas culminated in our mini-fete on Foundation Day (March 22). Once again we were proud of the significant amount of money our school community raised. We rejoice in the enormous contribution of our East Timorese Immersion Group, who ventured to help the underprivileged in Timor for our ninth journey to this beautiful country. Preparations are already underway for the ten year anniversary in 2019! Recently our VCAL team have returned from Brewarrina, after a week of community service and engagement with the underprivileged in that region. The VCAL team are developing a proud tradition of community service in that area of Australia. In the same week we had a brave group of students and two staff members participate in the annual Winter Sleep Out. This involved sleeping rough for one night to show solidarity forthose who are homeless. The following week we also hosted a number of schools from across the Diocese in a Just Leadership Day. All of these events are underpinned by Catholic Social Teaching, in particular, (i) the need to preserveand keep sacred the dignity of the human person and (ii) a basic moral test to look after our most vulnerable members and put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first.


Nurturing our Spirituality


In July we held our annual Sabbatical Week. This is a special week for our staff as we take time to reflect and to foster, nourish and nurture our personal spirituality. This included our Staff Spirituality Day where together with the staff of St. Augustine’s Kyabram, we had the privilege of listening to Fr Timothy Radcliffe O.P. Father Timothy is a Dominican friar of the English Province, ordained as a priest in 1971 and former Master of the Order of Preachers from 1992-2001. He speaks regularly around the world on a range of issues and is the author of a number of books, the latest of which is The Hope that is Within You.  With this in mind, during the day he helped us explore the concept of hope through two keynote addresses:
1. How does God live in our love?

2. What hope can offer the young?
though the witness of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.


Curriculum Innovation

2019 has been a massive year for curriculum innovation. The Curriculum Team undertook an enormous challenge in 2017 to completely restructure our curriculum offerings in Year 8 and 9. We moved to a vertical structure and a more aligned timetable, which allowed movement for students based on ability level - a stage not age approach. The new structure, implemented at the beginning of 2018, not only allowed greater flexibility for student acceleration but also provided them with greater choice and control and the ability to select subjects more relevant to their own interests, skills and abilities. This coincided with the introduction of two new subjects - “Reading Room” and “Clubs”. Reading Room was developed in collaboration with our Learning Leaders, literacy teachers and library staff to develop a more targeted and meaningful reading program at school, with the direct purpose of improving our students reading levels, while also promoting a love for and enjoyment of reading. This occurs once a week, with a clear curriculumprogram to support it. Our involvement in UNMOS has also supported our aims for this program. Early indications are very positive! Clubs was introduced as a special interest subject that students could choose to help explore a passion or area of curiosity. Examples have included - Textiles, Fishing and Golf, Minecraft, Origami, Dance, Eat Clean Keep Fit and so forth. Of course interspersed with all the curriculum offerings have been the myriad of opportunities for extra- curricular activities, from camps to retreats to sporting endeavours to excursions.

Strategic Plan


In 2018 we also launched our new strategic plan titled, “From Acorns to Oak Trees 2018-2022” This document will become our guiding light and help us to disseminate and discern the important decisions the school will face in the next five years. It is quite deliberately aligned to our Kildare Ministries identity statements, vision and mission and core values but also to the five pillars of the CEO Sandhurst Cossi framework. With a focus on preserving and celebrating our traditions, it also looks forward to how St. Joseph’s College can best serve the needs of our community for future generations.


Our Sports Stars


Well we can certainly celebrate a wide variety of sporting achievements this year at St Joseph’s College.

This is a list of the achievements of our St Joseph’s College Athletes to date:

● LMR Swimming - 13yr 4x50m Freestyle Relay broke record - 24 participants.

● Senior Boys Cricket got to LMR Stage.

● Winner of the the North West School Shooting Event was a Year 12 female student.

● We had 8 participants at the State Swimming.

● LMR Soccer - Inter Girls made regional level.

● LMR Cross Country - 27 students qualified - 13yo boys Team (3rd) - 14yo girls Team (2nd) - 14yo Boys Team.(2nd). 6 of our students went to State level Cross Country.

● In July we had 5 students enter in our Inaugural Equestrian event. 1 rider went on to compete at State Level.

● LMR Soccer - Year 7 Boys qualified for regional level.

● Our Year 8 Boys AFL made Qtr Finals.

● 1 Year 7 female student has qualified for State Shooting.

● Our Year 8 Netball lost the state final by 1 point.

● Our Year 10 Netball Team have come 4th in the overall of State level.

● Our Senior Girls Basketball Team play in the State Final on the 18th of September.


Our New College Branding Recognises our Indigenous Connections


In 2018 our College has reworked its College branding. Part of this process has been a re-imagining of the College’s symbols. The articulation of our new College symbols has worked to express a re-contextualisation of our story in a modern context, keeping the spirit of our Brigidine symbols alive whilst opening ourselves to our new journey with Kildare Ministries. The symbols have also aimed to connect to the Aboriginal culture that is present in the Echuca area and to draw upon relationships past and present with our connections to the local Aboriginal community. Reanna Bono was a student at St Joseph’s College in the 1990s. She is a proud Wiradjuri and Wemba Wemba Woman. Nancy Bono, her mum was the first Koorie Educator at St Joseph’s College. She was a staff member for 13 years. Sadly, Nancy passed away in 2006.
The first set of artworks are symbols derived from our Brigidine heritage with a delicate nod to the Aboriginal spirituality that co-exists at St. Joseph’s. The intention of these symbols was to draw together and promote the interweaving of our College heritage and our local Koorie traditions, symbols and culture. The second set of symbols are based on the river - imagery for all of us to connect to as a school nestled in between the Murray and Campaspe rivers. The great Murray Cod and the Yorta Yorta sacred symbol of the Long Neck Turtle. The last of the designs moved us more than we could have expected. An electrifying aerial portrayal of the Oak Tree located at the front of the school. The repeated dot work that we are familiar with in Aboriginal art leads us in to the centre of the new symbol - like groups on a journey to meet under the tree. Students at St. Joseph’s, hear the phrase ‘Acorns to Oak Trees’ used, as we try to express the growth that we perceive them being on. Traditionally, The Oak was the sacred tree of the Druids of the Ancient Celtic tradition, and later became associated with the Church. It is one of the longest living native trees of Ireland. The Oak Tree in the College grounds grew from an acorn from the original tree in Tullow, Ireland. This acorn was brought to Echuca by our founding Brigidine Sisters. The lineage represented in Reanna's Oak design is unmistakably Aboriginal and Celtic and represents not just these two ancient spiritualities but the respect that we have for all that congregate on the sacred meeting ground at St. Joseph's College, Echuca. Reanna’s artwork allows her and each of us to connect with culture, while telling our story in a new way.


Zane was our Principal for a Day!

The annual Principal for a day (sp4d) is a successful event run by Principals Australia Institute and is designed to give participants a taste of what it’s like to run a school!  Principal for a Day aims to unleash and inspire the best qualities in our young people and to highlight the role that schools play in shaping the lives of young Australians and of Australia as a whole.  Zane has developed a close relationship with the College. Zane’s Mail Delivery and Pick Up Service provides a range of services to our College. To the great joy of our Office Staff,  Zane reliably brings our mail every day of the week! He has developed a special relationship with the Office Staff.  Zane’s dream to be the Principal of St Joseph’s College came one day as part of the regular mail delivery. When our Business Manager opened the mail she found a letter from Zane himself. In the letter Zane expressed that, when Mr Delaney was no longer the Principal of the school, it would be a dream come true if he could be the Principal of St Joseph’s College, Echuca. So we decided that Zane could be the Principal! On Tuesday the 4th of September Zane was the Principal for the day! He participated in some of the activities that a school principal might do on a daily basis. He had an opportunity to take a tour of the school and check that all the students were on task, he had the chance to interview the current Acting- Co-Principals and shared morning tea with our Year 10 College Leaders.The morning was to be all about fun but there was also a serious side; it is a dream come true for Zane to take the helm and be the Principal of St Joseph’s College Echuca for the day and it was really important that we are all given the opportunity to make our dreams come true! We couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic and loyal Principal. Thanks Zane for your contribution to our school on your Principal Day and every other day that you walk through our school gates!

Grant Kemp and Kirrilee Westblade

Acting Co-Principals


PFC Working Bee

7th-9th September 2018

Over 60 people have been working hard at Presentation Family Centre in an effort to improve the cottages and grounds.  The team from Community Outreach, were joined by volunteers from the Red Hill Lions, Bendigo Bank, and PFC. After spending a whole weekend at the Centre, the team made some amazing achievements. Activities included painting, sanding, planting, weeding, building, redecorating, cleaning, repairing and much more. The commendable work of these generous people will be appreciated by the many families in need who avail of this fantastic facility. PFC would like to take this opportunity to express their gratitude to all involved.

Kilbreda College, Mentone


Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education (FIRE) Carriers

The FIRE Carriers program was introduced at Kilbreda in 2017. This year we have continued to strengthen our commitment to reconciliation and justice through the introduction of the Yingadi Immersion to Lake Mungo; organised through Amberly (Edmund Rice Centre). Six students accompanied by Teresa Lincoln joined with staff and students from St Aloysius College, North Melbourne and travelled many hours to Lake Mungo where the days reached 38 degrees and the clear night air filled the sky with a spectacular star show. Days were welcomed with amazing stillness, beauty and sunrises and farewelled with equally powerful stillness and sunsets. Immersing yourself in these rich experiences deepens your appreciation of the connectedness to the land and the spirituality of Aboriginal people. It is also an awakening to the injustices by European settlers inflicted on the traditional owners of this land. Healing has commenced but it does take time. We were greeted by Vicki Clark, Mutthi Mutthi woman who in her warm and sincere welcome reminded us that:

“You are coming to experience the ancient sands at Lake Mungo.

 Black feet, white feet, walking together in harmony with the land.

Touching the sacredness of Aboriginal spirituality.

Feel the presence of my old people.

When you walk with me I feel proud, I feel strong as a Mutthi Mutthi Woman”


Our second Interschool Indigenous Issues Forum was also held at the College in June bringing together FIRE Carriers from Kilbreda, Killester, Star of the Sea, Sacred Heart Girls, St Bede’s and St James. Marcus Corowa, (Indigenous Australian singer/songwriter from Bowen) opened the forum exploring the importance of Dreaming and how music can help to provide a voice for Indigenous Australians. Anthony Cormick (FIRE Carriers Coordinator, Kilbreda) provided an overview of the prehistory of the continent and an exploration of colonisation. Kate Westhead (Volunteer Program Facilitator, Luurnpa Catholic School, Balgo) challenged the audience’s thinking through presenting contemporary racism and inequality in Australia and how these can be overcome. As a collective and united group, students then discussed how they can assist the reconciliation process within Australia.



We are delighted that the construction of our new auditorium is complete! This state-of-the-art, 400-seat facility will further enhance learning opportunities and experiences for all students at Kilbreda. It has already provided for a wide range of uses in theatrical and musical performance, seminars and presentations.  We look forward to the official opening and blessing of the auditorium early in Term 4.


Staff Spirituality Day - Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP


We were privileged to host Fr Timothy Radcliffe OP who led our annual Staff Spirituality Day on Thursday 9 August. We welcomed staff from Killester, De La Salle and Star of the Sea to this event. Fr Timothy has an extensive list of publications including his book What Is the Point of Being A Christian? which was honoured with The Michael Ramsey Prize for theological writing.  In 2003, Fr Timothy was made an honorary Doctor of Divinity in the University of Oxford, the University’s highest honorary degree.  He is a highly sought-after speaker, teacher and preaching in many countries.


Fr Timothy’s engaging, challenging and inspiring keynote addresses, outlined below, connected on many levels with all present and made for a wonderful day reflecting on our Catholic faith and identity and the important role we have in educating and shaping the leaders of the future in our Catholic schools today.

Keynote 1 – Let them be one: Catholic Identity

What does it mean for an institution such as a school to claim to be Catholic? There are deep

disagreements within the Church about the nature of Catholicism, and yet Catholicism of its very nature calls us beyond division into unity, so that the Church can be a sign of the unity in Christ of all human beings. 

Keynote 2– What hope are we offering the young? 

How can the young keep their hope alive in a world in which violence is growing, inequality is splintering society ever more, and we face the prospect of an ecological catastrophe?  Fr Timothy spoke of his frequent visits to our brothers and sisters in such countries as Iraq, Algeria and Syria and how they have helped him to see how even in the worst situations Christians can live with hope and joy and help us to do so as well.  He spoke of how they teach us the deep hope embodied in the Eucharist, in our song, in our remaining faithfully with each other in times of distress, in just doing what is good however fruitless this seems, in teaching the young to think and in our care for the young.


Keynote 3 - Can we all feel at home in the Church?

Pope Francis has called upon the Church to welcome everyone, whoever they are and whatever they have done.  But some people have not felt welcome: the divorced and remarried, gay people and others.  How can we open the doors of hospitality to everyone? How did Jesus combine both the invitation to perfection and the unconditional welcome to all?  The answer lies in the nature of his friendship – indeed of every true friendship, which offers both complete acceptance and the invitation to grow.


Be our guest!

It was with great pride and delight that we gathered to watch the first of our College productions to be staged in our new auditorium.  Over 1700 people were entertained by talented Year 7-9 students from Kilbreda and St Bede’s as they brought to life the much loved story of Beauty and the Beast Jnr.  The accolades from audience members for the quality of performance and staging were very well deserved.  We congratulate Director and Producer, Keryn Holden and the production team for their determination and commitment to ensuring our production was of the highest quality and that students, performers and support crew, enjoyed the journey, learning along the way. Such events bring together students and staff from across year levels and Colleges and are rich learning experiences.   


Nicole Mangelsdorf and Teresa Lincoln

Co-Principals - Kilbreda College


Formation Events

Trustees visit to Star of the Sea

15th August 2018

One of the highlights of the Trustee calendar is their regular visit to a ministry and in August the Trustees held their usual meeting a Star of the Sea College.  Trustees toured ANZAC house and introduced to Year 9 students who complete their programme there. Secretary for the Day, Alissa was ensuring that the House run smoothly that day.

College Principal, Mary O’Connor presented information regarding the developing Master Plan and other issues and developments occurring at Star of the Sea.  The Leadership Team and staff joined the Trustees over lunch.  The Trustees would like to thank the community of Star of the Sea College, not only for their hospitality which is always welcoming and warm but also for the care that is taken in the education and pastoral care of their students.    

New Staff Induction II

4th September 2018

Gorgeous spring weather welcomed the new staff from the ministries back to the Brigidine Ministry Centre for their second induction day. The new staff spent the day exploring the mission and ministry of Kildare Ministries and soaking up some vitamin D... and spectacular views! Thank you to everyone involved and good luck taking back what you have learnt to your schools and classrooms. 


Important Dates

Upcoming Events 2018


Land Transfer Ritual - Killester College

17th September 2018


Land Transfer Ritual - Clonard College

21st September 2018


KEM Business Manager's Meeting

12th October 2018


Justice Coordinators and Faith Leaders

9th November 2018


KM Principals and Managers Meeting and End of Year Function

14th of November


Student Leadership Retreat

5-7th December 2018


KEM Office closes

18th December 2018










Pilgrimage to Ireland:    18th September - 2nd October 2019

The Kildare Ministries pilgrimage to Ireland is a journey into the heart of our narrative.  Pilgrims will explore not just our deepest roots but the very soil of our heritage which continues to shape our spirituality today.  Pilgrims will trace the founding stories of Kildare Ministries beginning with the early Celtic pre-Christian story and the liminal spaces of Brigid, through to Nano Nagle and Daniel Delany in their responses to the poverty and repression of 18th century Ireland.

Applications open 14 September 2018
Applications close 30 November 2018

Please email applications to [email protected] 


Download the Flyer here


Download an Application Form here.

2019 Calendar Dates

KEM Office Reopens

21st January


KEM Principals Meetings

13th March

30th May

2nd September


KM Principals and Leaders Meeting

12th March

31st May

14th November


KEM Business Managers

4th April (Killester College)

25th October


KM Chairs of the Board Network

2nd May

26th August


Justice Coordinators

12th February

8th May (Online)

22nd August (Online)

8th November


Faith Leaders

15th February

10th May

8th November


Student Seminar 

28th February - 1st March (Amberley)

22nd May

30th October


KM Leaders and Faith Leaders Retreat

BCI & Ormiston

7th-9th August


Kildare Ministries Pilgrimage

18th September - 3rd October


Student Leadership Retreat

4th-6th December


New Staff Induction

19th March

3rd September


New Leaders Seminar

22nd February

30th August


Founding Grace Retreat

15th-17th May







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