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02 November 2017
Term 4 Week 4 2017
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From the Principal's Desk

500 Years!

Have you ever thought of what people will remember of you after you die?  Do you think people will remember in 500 years time, the things you did or the person you were?

There are many people who fit this category but one of particular importance is a person called Martin Luther.  500 years ago, Martin Luther started what is currently known as the protestant reformation. The protest was that the ‘Just shall live by Faith’ and not by doing lots of repetitive pointless tasks to be saved.


His idea was like finding water in the desert! It was like breaking chains off the wrists of a prisoner.  It was freeing and quite frankly - earth shattering!  Most people who lived in his time believed that you had to work your way to heaven.  I’m so glad that is not the case!


In 2017, Christians all over the world are celebrating the contribution Martin Luther made to the Christian world. Without this significant breakthrough, people would not know that Jesus died to save us and to set us free so that we can go to heaven by faith and not by works.    


So how does this relate to our students?  Well, the entire college is based on Christian foundations.  Foundations that were re-found and re-kindled by Martin Luther and all because he took the time to read the Bible for himself and follow the conviction.  So what will be your legacy?  What do you intend to have remembered about you? Perhaps you too, from the simple study of God’s word, will become a person who will be remembered for another 500 years!


Mr Sonny Aiono


Dates to Remember


Monday, 6th November



Tuesday, 7th November

Melbourne Cup Day



Thursday, 9th November

Years 7/8 SEISS Volleyball/Tennis


Friday, 10th November

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Saturday, 11th November

Remembrance Day


Sunday, 12th November

Joel's Piano Concert


Wednesday, 15th November

Prep Orientation Day 4 OC/NWS


Friday, 17th November

Reporting Editing Day

Student Free Day


Sunday, 19th November

Pathfinder Fair Day / Rally Day


Wednesday, 22nd November

Year 12 Formal


Thursday, 23rd November

Last Day Year 12


Friday, 24th November

VCE Exams Conclude

AFL Sporting Schools Program

Years 4-6 / Periods 1-4


Sunday, 26th November

Pathfinder Waterski Day (invite only)


Monday, 27th November

Library closed for the year


General Information

PB4L Value for Term 4

Year 2/3/4N - Diesel

Year 1W - Gatlat

Year 1/2K - Lantu

Year 3C - Kenna

Year 3J - Pavneet and Aadesh

Year 4W - Joaquin

Year 4/5RC - Michelle

Year 5/6E - Sophie

NWS Nature-based Learning​

To start off the 2018 school year at our Narre Warren South campus, we will be moving the Prep and Year 1 classrooms, allowing them to spread out a bit more and have an outdoor learning space.  So what will this look like?  An area has been fenced off already between our current Year 3 classrooms, which will become our Prep / 1 rooms next year, and the MPC / Happy Hands Room.  I invite you to venture around to this space and take a look at what will become an exciting Nature-based Learning zone in the near future.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

From the School Captains

Service means to do something out of the goodness of your heart. The challenge this week was to do at least one act of kindness and not tell anybody. Have you completed this challenge students? Parents and teachers, I also challenge you to do at least one act of kindness discreetly.


An example of service is putting away all of the clothes for your parents or washing the dishes.

With service you don't do it for something in return you do to be nice, expecting nothing in return.


This week everybody should try and perform three acts of kindness.


Eden and Max

School Captains


A reminder to parents that if your children are sick please keep them home to avoid spreading bugs and viruses throughout the classrooms. 


We have seen an unusual rate of sickness in some classes.  Remember to remind your children to wash their hands regularly.


Thanks for your help in this area.


Mrs Tam Dobson

Executive Administrator

Refer a Friend


ADRA Christmas Hamper Collection 2017


From Narre Warren South

NWS Campus Swimming Program



Integrated Studies

During weeks 2-4 this term, students from Years 4-6 have had the opportunity to cook healthy food from different countries, from the continents that they have been studying in Integrated Studies.


Year 4 have an African focus and so each class will get to cook African lentils with Mr Waldrip. Mrs Rob has been cooking Hungarian Bean soup to represent the Year 5 European focus and Mrs Millien has shown students how to make rice paper rolls from the Year 6 Asian focus.


We look forward to the visits from parents who represent these countries during weeks 5-7. There are still a few spots left if you would like to come and share.  Please contact Mrs Millien  at i.millien@heritagecollege.com.au.

Mrs Isabelle Millien

Year 6MJ Teacher

New Prep Orientation Day

Last week, the 2018 Preppies had a wonderful time at their third Orientation Day for the year. 


It was Animal Day so we had the story of Noah's Ark.  What a noisy boat that must have been!  One of our favourite parts was at the end of the story, when God sent the very first rainbow as a promise. 


We made cute farm animal puppets and even painted beautiful watercolour butterflies too! 


We love that some of our Buddies (Justine, Michelle, Josh, Koang and Phoenix) came and helped us out too!  They were so patient and helpful, and it's good to know we have big kids looking out for us next year.


It was great to see each other again and get to know our new school friends more.

Miss Tanja Dennis

Prep Teacher

Fun in the Kitchen!

On Tuesday, Year 3J combined three areas of their learning to make delicious mini pizzas.  


We have been studying fractions in maths. This involved pretending to cut a pizza into equal shares, eating some and then writing a fraction to show how much of the pizza was left.  This time we did it with real pizzas! 


In Science this term we are looking at ‘Heat’.  Students were able to experience feeling the heat coming from the oven door, seeing the colours of the flame in the oven, and spent time discussing the temperature needed to melt the cheese and make the english muffins nice and crispy. 


Lastly, we wrote out a step by step procedure on how to make mini pizzas, including the ingredient list and equipment that we used in the kitchen. 


Some of the students even took up the challenge to try something new on one of their pizzas. 


When asked at the end “What was the hardest part about making the mini pizzas?”, many of the students said it was “having to watch and wait for them to cook!”

Mrs Chloe Jaques

Year 3J Teacher

NWS Primary Chess Tournament Underway

For the first time at Heritage College, students from Years 3 to 6 have had the opportunity to sign up and be apart of what will be an annual Chess Tournament. Chess is a great game full of strategy and uses many higher order thinking skills, including predicting and forethought.


Our Tournament this year will see all students involved, play a minimum of three games each before the knockout rounds begin. Students play during their lunch times twice a week until we get to the final rounds. These will be showcased in the courtyard at the NWS campus for all students to see. The Grand Final will happen a little later this term and will be played on the outdoor chess board with larger chess pieces.


Best of luck to all the students.

Mr Nigel Eales

Chess Tournament Coordinator

From the Secondary Campus

Year 9/10 SEISS Volleyball

Tuesday last week saw 24 of our Years 9 and 10 students take to the volleyball and badminton stage at SEISS. The event was well organised and the new venue at Casey provided excellent facilities for our players to showcase their acquired skills.


The badminton setup was compiled of four courts where each age category played their games with a doubles partner. Each Heritage College team played with vigour and enthusiasm.  Despite the fun they had, unfortunately neither of our 4 teams came home with a pennant.


Our four volleyball teams put up some excellent resistance against the bigger schools by winning several games, in particular our Year 9 girls squad. They ended the day undefeated and consolidated themselves as the best team on the day by winning the Grand Final by 15 points. In addition to this incredible feat, the Year 9 girls did it with just 4 players for the entire tournament.


It was a good day for Heritage College and each student upheld our values by showing a high level of sportsmanship.

Mr Reuben Sleight

Sport Teacher

From the ELC

Fire in the Bush

As part of our extensions from the bush kinder program, we decided to build a fire in the back area of the College.  Before we started, everyone went over the rules of being safe around a fire.


Once we all knew how to move around safely, the fire was started with small bits of wood to get the flames going, then larger pieces were added in a triangle shape on top of each other.  This was to make sure that the fire could get air, so that it didn’t go out.  Once we got a good burn happening, everyone had a go at cooking some marshmallows off the end of sticks.

It was a great experience to learn about making a campfire, the children were very curious and showed enthusiasm with cooking with marshmallows.


Last week, Miss Nessa’s bunny also came to visit the centre.  The children were very excited and loved taking care of her.  Experiences with animals teach children about care and empathy towards others and allows them to practice gentleness and how to be part of group experiences.

Our current Encounter unit is about the Ten Commandments and how we show our love to God by following his special rules.  The children have enjoyed hands on activities, including a cooking experience where they got to make the Ten Commandments stone tablets with toast and sultanas.

Miss Nessa



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