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21 September 2017
2017 Issue 14
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Principal's Message

Term 3 is almost over. The days are just starting to warm up. There is blossom on the trees. In fact this morning, I saw a family of ducks with lots of babies as I went on a little run around my local park. All of this means that Spring is here and we can hopefully shake off the colds and flu, and should enjoy wonderful family time as school stops for a few weeks.


During this term, we had many community events, including a couple of Primary camps, a reunion day, a building opening, a book week, a major production, a time of prayer, a market and a variety of sporting days. As we continue through the school year, I am mindful of the generosity of the adults of this community. I thank you for your ongoing prayers, your encouragement and your participation in community life.


As Principal, I often suggest that we as a Christian school need to be different. When I see encouragement, prayer, adults working together, and students enjoying life and learning, I see many examples of that difference. It is indeed something to be thankful for. 


Have you seen our Trades Skills Centre? During the recent 35th Anniversary Reunion, many people took the opportunity to visit 97 Robinsons Rd and tour our new Trades Skills Centre (TSC). Earlier this week, we had our

official opening with the Member for Dunkley, Mr Chris Crewther MP, representing the Australian Government.


One thing that I have found peculiar about the new Trades Skills Centre is the thought that it is about the College expanding the VCAL program. Trades Skills Centres are an Australian Government initiative aimed at addressing skills shortages in communities. The two Certificate programs of our TSC, Hospitality and Agriculture, are both VET in the VCE subjects.  Hospitality has a VCAA Examination at the end of the course! Both Agriculture and Hospitality can contribute to a student’s ATAR (Tertiary Entrance Rank). Both courses can also contribute to the completion of the VCAL certificate. Simply, these courses are Senior Secondary School offerings to all students that attend Bayside Christian College.


Over this holiday break, I hope to spend time with family, to read and contemplate the Christian life, to run, and enjoy being outdoors. May you enjoy some time of reflection as well.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for all our families, for a time of rest during the school holidays.


Please pray for our VCE students as they prepare for their exams.


Pray for all our Year 12 students in their final weeks of school, that their celebration events would be full of joy.


Please pray for our Board and leadership as they busily prepare and plan for the 2018 school year.


Give thanks to God for the wonderful Term 3 we've had at Bayside.

From the Deputy's Desk

Bayside Community

As I reflect on the last term, I am reminded of so many events celebrated in the Bayside community. We have had: the Thailand Mission Trip, the 35th Birthday Reunion Day, ELC Fathers' Nights, Parent Conferences, Calamity Jane musical, camps for both Years 3-4 and 5-6, sleepover for Years 1-2, Outdoor Education camps and hikes, Jogging Club, visits from parliamentarians, Book Week, the VCAL Community Market, official opening of the Trades Skills Centre and Secondary Athletics Carnival.


There is so much going on in the life of the College, that it is important to remember that we must also take time to pause, reflect and rest: "Return to your rest, O my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you" (Psalm 116:7).

We must remember to reflect on all that we have done and celebrate the moments. Take time to celebrate all that your children have accomplished this term, and the efforts they have put into their learning.  I pray that you find time to rest this holiday break and that it is a time of refreshing for your family.


Reminders for Term 4

Summer Uniform

School returns for students on Wednesday 11 October. All students must be in full summer uniform. All students must have their College broad brimmed hats to wear outside at all times. In Secondary, this also means no more ties, and blazers are only needed for Monday assembly. If there is still some cooler weather, the College jumper or blazer may still be worn.


Late Arrivals

Perhaps it was the colder weather making it difficult to get out of bed, but there has been a noticeable rise in the number of students arriving late in the morning. On average, there are between 20-40 students late each day. This impacts on the office staff as they spend their time signing late passes for students and are not able to attend to their work.


Please be reminded that Secondary Home Group begins at 8:45am and the Primary bell is at 8:55am. All late arrivals must have a note of explanation from a parent or guardian.


Family Holidays

For many and varied reasons, often families book holidays during term time. Absence from the normal learning of the class can have a negative impact on your child's progress. If you intend to be absent for any term time, please notify the coordinator well in advance, so that arrangements can be made to ensure minimal impact on your child's learning. This may include core work or assignments being given ahead of time, or negotiating extensions for completion when you return. However, for VCE students, the only reason to miss a SAC is with a medical certificate. Please ensure you communicate with coordinators in the event of any holidays in term time.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal


Primary News

From the Head of Primary

One of the things I have been privileged to experience this term has been going into classrooms and seeing what is happening in the Primary School.  Last week, I visited a Years 3/4 class during ‘Big Write’.  The students had been given the topic the night before, and some of the students had made some notes to help them.  There was soft music playing and all heads were down as their ideas flowed! Every student from Prep-Year 6, takes part in Big Write sessions, and the ‘Big Talk’ that happens at home the night before is invaluable. Oral language is so important in developing writing skills. Please look at the writing on my office windows, as it gets changed regularly. It shows the range of writing skills from Prep-Year 6.


There has been so much excitement in the Years 1/2 classrooms, with many experiments being conducted to test the properties of different materials. They have made slime, explored absorbency and seen slow motion exploding popcorn! One of the highlights for them was the Activity Day and Dinner last Friday and then the Year 2 sleepover.  


A few weeks ago, the Prep students went on their Transport Excursion and looked at what different things were made from. The have also been exploring how things move, and have made some amazing vehicles out of recycled materials. Last week, the Commons family brought their old Dodge car to school for the ELC and Preps to look at, and the students could discuss how this car was different from new cars, and what was the same.


In a Years 5/6 classroom this week, I have seen four students working on Chromebooks using Google Slides to make a combined slideshow.  There was serious discussion taking place about suitable photo images to include, so that they could accurately portray some of the amazing experiences they had at their City Camp.  I was extremely proud of the Year 5/6 students when I went for part of their camp, and I saw them take on new challenges with common sense and confidence. There were over 30 compliments received by strangers about our Bayside students in just three days! The 5/6 team had set the values of the camp to be ‘gratefulness and respect’ and this is what was observed. 


The Primary teachers have put in so much effort in all of the extracurricular activities this term, and this is really appreciated.  There is so much prayer and planning that goes on behind the scenes to make each experience positive and safe for the students. The teachers have also been incredibly supported with parental help.  To those parents who regularly help in the classroom, have been on excursions and camps and those who uphold us in prayer, we are so thankful for each of you.


As we head into the holidays, a reminder to check the Lost Property table before the end of the week. Please check that all student sunhats are ready for the first day of school next term. Remember, ‘No hat, No play!’


May God bless you all,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary School

A little bit Dodgy

Suzie and Xavier Commons brought their old Dodge car to school. The Prep and ELC students got to have a close look at it and see the wooden and metal steering wheel and the leather seats. The highlight was being able to squeeze the horn! 

Book Week

Book Week was truly a week of celebrating stories and literature. Through story, we are able to share God-given creative gifts in written word. Book Week is a way we can celebrate such gifts.


As the week progressed, the children's participation in celebratory events increased. Rotation activities were a highlight of Wednesday and Thursday as mixed-age groups joined in four activities concentrating on the shortlisted books and the theme: 'Escape to Everywhere'. Much preparation had been put into these activities by the Primary teachers, and there was a real 'buzz' as the children shared back in their classrooms the story and activity they had completed. 

Friday morning, the excitement heightened as we hosted our annual Book Parade. Our students' costumes were truly amazing and it proved a difficult task for our judges to make decisions. Teachers were hard to distinguish as they all answered to the name 'Wally' for the day. Much fun was had by all. We thank everyone for their wonderful spirit of cooperation during the week, including parents, grandparents and others who may have helped with costumes or came along to enjoy our parade.


Janienne Woodbridge & Jennie Champion

Teacher Librarians

Years 5/6 Basketball

On Friday 25 August, our school had a rally day. Only 19 kids got to go though. Both of our teams were highly skilled basketball players.

The boys team didn't win all of our games, but we certainly didn't lose them all. That day not one person was let down or left out, everyone was encouraging people and helping them. Basketball school rally day was great for everyone to grow their relationships with each other.


Patrick Marden - Year 6

Prep 2018 Transition

Our ELC students who will go into Prep next year joined with our current Preps for a taste of school life. 

Years 1/2 Activity Day and Sleepover

Last Friday, the Years 1/2 students had a special Activity Day. It was an exciting day with science experiments, tower building, active games and a movie. The Years 1/2 students then stayed for a yummy dinner, and then the Year 2s stayed for a sleepover at school. It was a very fun and exciting event!

Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped with the dinner and breakfast.


Years 1/2 Teachers

Nuts & Bolts

Thank you for your overwhelming support for donating nuts and bolts to the Art Department.  Students were able to produce some amazingly creative artworks based on the book Mechanica. 


Over the holidays, please collect any clear plastic bottles for the Primary Art Room. These can be taken to class with your child or brought to the Art Room (I3).


Caroline DeHaan

Primary Art Teacher



Years 5/6 City Camp

On camp, all the Years 5/6 went to the City to stay at CYC. I was great fun and I would love to do all of the camp again! There were lots of amazing activities, but I am going to talk to you about Ice skating and MSAC.


Firstly, my personal favourite activity was the ice skating! It was my second time ice skating, but I was still terrible at it! When I first got on the ice, I could not let go of the edge! It was so slippery and when I fell over, the ice made my fingers go all cold and wet!


When a few of the staff taught us how to skate, I was really getting used to it because my friend Jemma helped me to learn as well. When I first looked around, I could see so many people falling over, and I was so scared! It was very loud because there was music and people screaming and yelling because they were falling over. Ice skating was my favourite activity because I learnt to be persistent in all I do!


At CYC, the food was delicious! My favourite breakfast was the pancakes because they were fluffy inside! The staff were incredibly nice and they were also very welcoming. The dinners were also very yummy because they all were full of nutrients, and I love that! I could see through the windows all the people going to work for money, and I think that is great when God created us to do that for a home and for food. I thanked the staff as they gave me my food, I thought that would brighten up their day! I was very thankful for what I have and that I would always have a stomach full of food.


Lastly, I really enjoyed going to MSAC. When I first arrived, I could smell the chlorine from the pools and I could see the water slide! I was very impatient because when I saw the diving boards, I could not wait! We got split up into our groups and we all went to the first activity. The exciting thing was that the waterslide had warm water in it and it was pitch black, which I really enjoyed! I have learnt to overcome my fear of heights by jumping off a really high ledge, and I am very confident now to go on very high objects like the Melbourne Star!


I am very thankful for all the work the teachers have put in for me and all the Years 5/6 students! I would definitely want to go again sometime with my family and explore more things about the beautiful city God has given us. I have had a wonderful time with all my friends and teachers! It was the best experience of all the camps I have ever gone to!


Alice Gaskell - Year 5

Footy Colours Day

On Thursday 20 September, our Primary School celebrated their favourite sports teams by wearing their footy colours to school. Whilst it is a great day of fun, it also an opportunity for us to raise funds for those who are less fortunate than us.

From our gold coin donations for the day, the Primary school raised $217, which will go the Monash Children's Hospital.


Well done, Primary School!

Across the College

Year 7 Wide Reading

Throughout the term, Year 7s have been reading a novel in preparation for a creative response expo held during Book Week. It was a delight to see our Year 7s embrace book

characters and story through the outfits they wore, models they made, food prepared and code books created, along with many written, drawn and digital responses. Each student also had to reflect about any Christian values that were evident in their novel and give an outline of these. The students did a wonderful job answering questions posed to them by Years 5/6 students who visited the expo as well as teachers and a few parents. 


Joel Williamson, Rachelle Cooper & Janienne Woodbridge


Years 7-9 Girls AFL Rally Day

On Monday 18 September, girls from Years 7-9 competed in an AFL Rally Day. We played the first game of the day and won against MECS, followed by a game against Mountain District which our team also won. This got us into the Grand Final and we had a very close game against Mountain District.  We won by 2 points!

Thank you to Mr Berry, our Year 11 coaches and to our team for the awesome day!

Go Bayside!

Genetics in Year 10

Year 10A  have been studying Genetics in Science.

They have been learning about alleles, DNA, chromosomes and genetic traits, and discovering how alleles can produce dominant or recessive traits in a species. 


Elly Baker

Science Teacher

Bayside Raiders News

For the first time ever the Bayside Raiders have celebrated the end of the 2016/2017 season as a whole community, even though ten of our teams are still playing finals this weekend! We

had a wonderful time and want to say a big thank you to all our amazing Bayside families who came in droves to join in the celebrations!

There is still time to join a team for the summer season. Any queries, please call Ulli on 0400 172 188.

Years 11/12 Happenings


On 7 September, all of our Year 12 students enjoyed a lovely lunch prepared by Mr Ciancio and the Year 12 VCAL students in our fabulous new Trades Skills Centre. The students heard from Dr Prior about the work that has gone into this facility, as well as the plans for the future.

The students had some great questions about what this will look like in years to come. It is exciting to see this part of the College growing and developing, and we look forward to seeing students engaging more with that space next year.


Also on 7 September, our Year 11 and 12 VCAL students presented a Father’s Evening to

honour and celebrate the dads, grandads, and other significant role models in their lives. It was so wonderful to see these men together with our students, with some interesting activities and dance moves providing entertainment!


This Monday, we held our final Years 11 and 12 assembly. Students were reminded that they are ‘masterpieces’, created by God for His purposes. Results and achievements do not determine our value - identity can only truly be found in Christ. Mr Lake reminded students about the importance of making time for the things that matter, and being able to learn from mistakes or perceived ‘failures’ in life, as well as turning to God’s word for the answers. It was also fantastic to hear some words of wisdom from John McPherson and Michael Ashcroft about learning to rely on God in all the challenges of life.


Please remember that there are revision lectures and practice exams taking place throughout the break.


Enjoy the break,


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Co-ordinator

Reminder of Important Dates coming up:

Monday 9 October - Celebration Ball

Wednesday 11 October - First day back - VCE

Thursday 12 October - First day back - VCAL

Thursday 19 October - VCAL Celebration Dinner

Monday 23 October - Year 12 Assembly (run by students)

Monday 23 October - 6:30pm - Year 12 Presentation Night

Tuesday 24 October - Year 12 final day

Words from our Chaplain

As we near the end of term, and the stress of exams looms ever closer, the risk of heightened anxiety is ever present in our teenagers.  While every one of us experience ranges of anxiety in our day to day living (i.e. being late for work, financial stress etc.) the anxiety that school pressure can cause can often seem overwhelming. It is sometimes difficult to know what to say and do to help when we see the stress and worry taking a hold on our young person’s life. Dr Jodi Richardson has written some great tips in her article ‘Anxiety In Secondary Kids’. I found it a great read, and think that you will too.  



Have a great holiday. Bless you,


Kathy Scott


Community Market

Well done to all the Years 11 and 12 students who ran another successful Community Market.

It was fantastic to see so many people from across the College joining together, eating and chatting, supporting students in their endeavours, and raising funds for some wonderful charities. Most stalls sold out, which was very encouraging for the students - thank you all.

It was great to see some of our older students sitting with younger students drawing with chalk on the asphalt - some beautiful pictures were created together!


We would LOVE to hear from anyone who would like to have their own stall at our next market - students, teachers and parents are very welcome. Please contact the office if you would like to have a stall.


The next market will be a Christmas market, so come prepared to buy your Christmas gifts - and make a difference in the world at the same time!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 12 lunch

As part of a VCAL project, Kim and I decided to host a lunch for the Year 12 students and teachers to introduce them to the Trades Skills Centre.

We asked the students to bring over a plate of food to share and the VCAL Food for Life team made some lasagne, garlic bread and salads. Kim and I talked to everyone about the Trades Skills Centre and asked Dr Prior to talk to the students about the future of the Centre. The lunch went so well - everyone enjoyed the food and company.


Kayla McLachlan - Year 12

Monday Lunchtime Devotions

Each Monday lunchtime, a group of students meet up with one of our school Captains, John, to be led in a weekly devotion, which helps challenge us in our faith and how we express our gifts to the world. With topics influenced with juxtaposed ideas, we are able to gather multiple perspectives and build a stronger relationship with God.


Personally, I find this experience a refreshing way to understand God’s word, with people who are willing to explore more in their faith as well. This is explored through discussion done in the group, as John makes sure each voice is heard and is always willing to revise topics we are unsure of.


I’ve gladly had the opportunity to be part of this weekly devotional group for a few months, and have been compelled to question my choices I make throughout the week, and summon the courage to live a more biblical life as a disciple of God. I would highly recommend participating in the devotions as the impact is indescribable and always positive.


Kristen Mackenzie - Year 11

Boys Lunchtime Group

This year Benny Cooper and I, as part of Year 12 leadership, wanted to put an emphasis on building relationships throughout the school community, and have been so fortunate to be able to run boys groups on a weekly occurrence to help achieve this goal.


Boys Groups is where Ben, Lachie Vass from Year 10 and I organise and run a gathering of boys from across Secondary School to get together, eat food, play games, and most importantly, discuss the role God and our faith plays in our lives. This has been such a great experience for me as I think not only have have I been able to share my knowledge and guidance with the boys, but I have learnt so much from the boys as well.


Next term when I finish my time at Bayside alongside my fellow Year 12s, Boys Group will hopefully continue in the more than capable hands of Lachie.


Michael Ashcroft - Year 12 Prefect

A Word from the Captains

This term has been a blast for us, having the chance to enjoy our last few moments of being here at Bayside! This wonderful community will create so many memories for all the Year 12s as they conclude their time here at school.  


The Year 12s will also be having celebration days coming into next term. We’re aiming to go around the whole school community, visiting each class before we finish, and we’re all looking forward to our final assembly for a chance to leave some thank yous and advice for our younger peers. God’s grace has truly been reflected through the many community events this term, and service provided by the students.


We’re all thankful for the great time at the Community Market on Tuesday, where the VCAL students from Years 10-12 had the chance to share their passions and raise funds for many worthwhile causes.

Guess who the teacher is?! Did you all try it? There has been a challenge happening throughout these past two weeks, which entails the students, parents and staff donating $1 to the ‘Tear Foundation’. The contestants then guess the names of teachers from their baby photos shown at the A Block staff room.


There were even more fun events that happened this week, such as the Secondary House Athletics Carnival. It was a fantastic day spent celebrating the sporting gifts given to our students, and this year for the first time ever, our Year 12 students got to join in the fun! Everyone who attended the day had a great time together, with a hint of nostalgia as we celebrated our last ever sports event at Bayside.


Over the Term 3 break we’re praying for a continuation of the great weather we’ve seen (every now and then) over the past couple of weeks, and hope that everyone has a safe time enjoying God’s creation. On behalf of all the Year 12 VCE students, we’d just like to put out a prayer request as we prepare for our exams. It can be a stressful time, and we’ll all be relying on the Lord’s resilience and peace now more than ever.


Enjoy your holidays Bayside!


Benny and John - College Captains

Careers Update

Year 12 students are reminded that timely VTAC applications close on 28 September, during the school holidays. It is really important that students wishing to apply for courses with a folio, audition or interview component have their application completed by this date. Applications for special consideration (SEAS) close on 10 October and for scholarships on 13October. See for more information.


A number of Year 12 students have asked about deferring university study in order to work and/or travel. Different universities have different policies, sometimes also depending on the course. VTAC has put together a helpful website with links to most major universities’ deferment policies, so if you are thinking of deferring, take some time to find out more:


Federation Uni will be running a Study Skills / Exam Preparation Day for Year 10, 11 and 12 students at their new Berwick campus on Tuesday 26 September. It is free but you need to register on-line if you want to attend:


Finally, a reminder that Bayside Christian College has a Careers Info Facebook Page suitable for both students and parents. If you are interested you can find and like it here:


P.S. Thanks for those students, staff and parents that supported my paper craft stall at the Community Market on Tuesday. We raised $91 for the important work of IJM (International Justice Mission).


Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Co-ordinator

Subject in Focus


Our current studies in Biology have us investigating the developing science of Genetics.

In Year 11, we are looking at Patterns of Inheritance. Pictured here are students studying the inherited features of the Drosophila fly.

Our Year 12s have recently been to Melbourne Zoo and GTAC where they participated in a day long conference focusing on the Tasmanian Devil and the efforts being made to save them from extinction. They also learnt techniques used by geneticists in the lab as they study the Tassie Devil’s dreaded facial tumour disease and how this affects their genomes.


Angie Mathews

Biology Teacher

Subject in Focus

VCE Further Maths

In VCE Further Maths this year we have had a focus on bringing the maths to life in order to help our students engage with the learning, but also in order to look at the world with a Christian lens.


In our statistics assessments we had our students looking at crime data in Victoria as well as health and wealth data for various countries. We selected this data in order to look for correlations, but also to develop some social and global awareness.


In financial maths we focused our investigations on local real estate data and attempted to prepare our students for the potentiality of entering this domain once they left school.


Paul Mathews

VCE Maths Teacher

Subject in Focus

Year 11 Legal Studies

In Year 11 Legal Studies we have been exploring human rights. We looked at the standards set by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Victorian Charter of Human Rights, and discussed a variety of human rights issues throughout history as well as current challenges. We explored the way in which human rights stem from our value as God’s people created in His image, and that we are called to be advocates and agents of justice for the disadvantaged and the oppressed. Students are now completing individual assignments on the famous Mabo land rights case, and the implications of this case on human rights in Australia.


Sonja Campbell

VCE Legal Studies Teacher


Notice of Leaving College

Please note that a minimum of one full term’s notice in writing must be provided when withdrawing from the College. This includes when finishing at the end of a school year (with the exception of Year 12). If for any reason you believe your child(ren) may not be returning to Bayside Christian College in 2018, please ensure you give notice by no later than the last day of Term 3. Written notice should be addressed to the Principal and may be emailed to [email protected], handed to the Registrar at the college office, or sent to her email [email protected].

From the Finance Desk 

A reminder that Term 4 fee payments are due by Friday 6 October.


Please contact Helen on 5971 6711 if you wish to alter your payment terms or advise updated credit card/account details. The College office

will be open during the school holidays except for the public holiday on Friday 29 September.

Bonbeach Life Saving Club


Get your Pong on!

The Langwarrin Ping Pong-A-Thon (PPAT) will be held this year on 20 -21 October. It’s time to take up table tennis bats, to not only have fun, but to help raise funds for organisations who work hard at freeing some of the world’s most vulnerable people from exploitation and slavery.


Participants commit to playing table tennis for one or more sessions and invite their family and friends to sponsor their efforts.


How to Enrol:

1. Go to: 


2. Click on:

Play In This Ping Pong-A-Thon


Bayside Christian College

120-128 Robinsons Rd,

Langwarrin South, VIC 3911

G Block (Primary Gym)


Session times:

Friday 20 October

Session 1 - 11:30am-1:00pm

BCC Years 3\4 Only *

Session 2 - 1:45pm-3:15pm

BCC Years 5/6 Only *

Session 3 - 3:30pm-6:00pm

All Welcome

Session 4 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

All Welcome

Session 5 - 9:00pm - Midnight

All Welcome

Saturday 21 October

Session 6 - Midnight - 3:00am

All Welcome

Saturday, Oct 21

Session 7 - 3:00am-6:00am

All Welcome


*Extra Information:

The sessions between 11:30am and 3:15pm are only for BCC Primary students in Years 3-6. There is no cost to play, but any fundraising or gold coin donations will be very much appreciated.


All donations are tax deductible.

Instrumental Music - Expression of Interest

I am wanting your input as parents, as Bayside Christian College consider expanding its instrumental program. 


Please answer the five anonymous questions in this survey as honestly and as detailed as possible. Put your name in one of the questions if you would like me to identify your response


If you have further questions relating to instrumental lessons, please read the 'Music Lessons' webpage from the BCC website: 


If you would like further information, please contact me via email: [email protected] or arrange a time to meet me in person.


God bless,


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Music Showcase Survey for Parents

In addition to the Instrumental survey I am also wanting your input as parents as Bayside Christian College consider improving how the 'Music Showcase' concerts are run.


Please answer the four anonymous questions in this link as honestly and as detailed as possible. Put your name in one of the questions if you would like me to identify your response.


If you have further questions relating to Music Showcase concerts or other performance opportunities at Bayside Christian College, please contact me via email: [email protected] or arrange a time to meet me in person.


Dave Mallen

Active, curious and creative kids embark on an outdoor quest these holidays

Parks and reserves across the southern Mornington Peninsula invite active, curious, creative and digitally minded kids to embark on an outdoor quest these holidays from 25 September – 7 October 2017.


Parks Victoria’s FREE school holiday Junior Ranger program shares the hidden mysteries of our special places, as kids enjoy energetic experiences connecting them with the environment and history.


All activities are free, but bookings are essential at


Frankston Basketball

Frankston Basketball are excited to announce wwo exciting school holiday camps/programs!


This is a great opportunity for parents to be able to have a fun, exciting and safe place for their kids to learn and enjoy the game of basketball these holidays.


Host a Japanese Student


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