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22 March 2019
Issue Seven
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               Principal's Message            

Lenten Prayer

your commandment of love is so simple 
and so challenging. 
Help me to let go of my pride, 
to be humble in my penance. 
I want only to live the way you ask me to love, 
to love the way you ask me to live. 
I ask this through your son, Jesus, 
who stands at my side 
today and always.



New Website and App Update

The new OLA website and app is scheduled to be rolled out to the community next week. The web address will remain the same, www.ola.wa.edu.au and instructions for connecting to the app will be included in next week's newsletter.

Harmony Week

This week, at OLA, we celebrated Harmony Week. Students completed a variety of classroom activities to demonstrate their own unique culture and to look at the multiculturalism within our own school community.


Here is a snapshot of some of the activities:


MSP School Photos

Please see below for the tentative timetable for school photos:

Monday 25 March

- 8.00: Family Photos

- 9.00: PPG

- 9.20: Kindy G

- 9.40: Kindy M

- 10.00: 2G

- 11.00: 6G

- 11.20: 5G

- 11.40: 5M

-12.00: 4G


Tuesday 26 March

- 8.00: Staff Photo

- 8.30: Year 6 Faction Captains

- 8.45: Year 6 Student Leaders

- 9.00: PPM

- 9.00: 1G

- 9.20: 1M

- 9.40: 2M

- 10.00: 3G

- 10.20: 4M

- 11.00: 3M

- 11.20: 6M

- 11.40: Family Photos


Some additional information about the day:

- Family photo envelopes are available from the School Office;

- All children will need to bring their personalised envelope with them to school on Monday or Tuesday to hand to the photographer during their class photo time;

- Summer academic uniform is to be worn on both days. Sports clothes can be brought in a separate bag for children to change into after their photos;

- Scheduled times are estimates only and may change on the day.

Assistant Principal Appointment

Congratulations to Miss Rebecca Smith who has been appointed as the third substantive Assistant Principal at OLA.


Rebecca has been a part of the OLA community for the last five years and we warmly welcome her to the Leadership Team.

Parent - Teacher Interviews

This term, Parent - Teacher Interviews will be held on the following days:

Week 9

Monday 1 April - KG, 1G and 5M

Tuesday 2 April - KM and PPM

Wednesday 3 April - 3M and 4M

Thursday 4 April - 2M


Week 10

Monday 8 April - 1M, 3G and 4G

Tuesday 9 April - PPG, 5G and 6G

Wednesday 10 April - 6M

Thursday 11 April - 2G


During these meetings, families will receive an interim report of their child's progress. The online booking system will open on Monday 25 March and will remain open until Friday 29 March. Details for accessing the online system will be emailed to you by your child's teacher in the Weekly Update.

Uniform Update

As per the email sent yesterday to all families, it has been decided to cease the selling of the old school uniform until further notice. The reason why this decision has been made is because we want to give families the option of purchasing the current stock at a reduce cost or the new uniforms at full price. Once the current uniform items have run out, parents will only be able to purchase the new school uniform items. 


As we prepare to transition from the current old school uniform, to the new uniform (parents will have 5-7 years to transition over), and as stated in the letter that went home yesterday, students will be permitted to wear their current summer/sports uniform until the new uniform is available to be purchased. For those students who do not have the uniform items to see them through the winter, they may wear items of clothing from home, such as their own personal tracksuit, plain windcheaters,  and t-shirts, etc. Please note the above excludes tops and windcheaters with slogans, sentences etc and jeans. 


I am certain you can appreciate we're trying to be supportive of families by not allowing them to pay full price for an item that will become obsolete very soon, even though children have a period of time to transition over.


I hope the above, and the attached note sent home to all families yesterday, gives clarity as to why we have ceased all sales, for now, and that students may wear their own clothing in the interim until uniforms are available. As soon as we determine the new reduced pricing structure for the old OLA school uniform, the uniform shop will reopen. 


Attached is the letter sent to all families.



Church Renovations

Renovation works have commenced on the Church tower, located close to the driveway entrance on Grand Promenade. To access the church during this time, community members will need to enter the bitumen from the Dianella Plaza side and enter the church via the bitumen doors. The main church entrance will be closed.


God bless.


Mr Greg Martin


Parents and Friends

OLA Screening of The Lego Movie 2 

Our Lego Movie 2 event is taking place this Sunday. Tickets can still be purchased, so why not come and spend your Sunday afternoon with friends at the cinema! Tickets are $15 per person and can be purchased from the Trybooking link below. All money raised will be donated to the school to purchase smart screen TVs for all the classrooms.



OLA Footy Tipping 2019

Although the first game has been played, you can still sign up for Footy Tipping! First Prize is $1000 and entry is only $50 for the season. As well as an amazing 1st prize, there's $500 up for grabs for 2nd prize and $250 for 3rd prize, along with weekly prizes of $25. Please use the link below to enter, and email Cath at [email protected] if you have any queries. For payments, please EFT to OLA P&F - BSB: 066016, Account: 1000 8898 and note the payment is for Footy Tips and your surname.



The Annual Easter Raffle is Underway!


Surf Online Safe - Parent Information Session


OLA Sponsors Page

With the school newsletter reaching over 300 families per week, the OLA Sponsors Page in this newsletter is the perfect place to advertise your business to the school community. For just $50 per term ($5 per week!) you can tell the readers who you are, what you do and how they can contact you. All money raised benefits OLA P&F. To take advantage of this opportunity please contact [email protected] to arrange placements and payments. Sign up for Term 2 now and we'll give you some free space in the next few weeks!

Social Worker

Referral Form


Regulating Emotions

On Tuesday night, I went to a parenting workshop on Systems, Routines and Discipline. The workshop was presented by Claire Orange who is the resident parenting expert on Channel 9 and 6PR.  She is an experienced therapist, author, speaker and mother to four boys. She has written a Social and Emotional Learning Program called, Highway Heroes, that is now being used in schools worldwide. There are many resources and lots of information on her website Best Programs 4 Kids https://bestprograms4kids.com


There was far too much information in the presentation to include here in the newsletter but over the next couple of weeks I will pull out some of the really important stuff to pass on to you. The first topic and the foundation of effective parenting strategies and techniques is Emotional Regulation. Understanding what happens in our brains can go a long way to starting to control big emotions and kids love learning about this process.


The ultimate goal of all parenting is to teach your child’s brain to regulate emotions and attention. This will help your child to cope with many situations and build their resilience. Be aware that this process takes a long time and millions of practices to master and reach maturity - 25 years for girls and nearly 30 years for boys! The two parts of the brain involved in this process, which is often called toggling, are the pre-frontal cortex and amygdala.


Here is how I explain it to kids:


The brain is made up of several parts but today we will just be talking about two parts. We are going to be talking about the UPSTAIRS BRAIN (or our thinking brain) which is also called the pre-frontal cortex and the DOWNSTAIRS brain (or our feeling brain) which is also called the amygdala.


The DOWNSTAIRS BRAIN lets us know when we are in danger and protects us with the flight, fight and freeze reactions. The amygdala allows us to feel big emotions.


The UPSTAIRS BRAIN allows us to think things through properly and make good decisions. It works with the DOWNSTAIRS BRAIN to make good decisions about big emotions and what to do to keep ourselves safe. It is in charge of our executive functioning.


Our brains work best when UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS work together. Imagine that the stairs connecting UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS are very busy with characters carrying messages up and down to each other. This is how we make good choices, make friends and get along with other people, come up with exciting games to play, calm ourselves down and get ourselves out of tricky situations.


Sometimes the DOWNSTAIRS BRAIN thinks it spots some danger, panics and before we know it, has sounded the alarm telling your body to be prepared for danger – flight, fight or freeze. The DOWNSTAIRS BRAIN takes over and ‘flips the lids on the UPSTAIRS BRAIN. This means that the stairs connecting are no longer working and the brains are not working together to make good decisions. Hey presto we have a meltdown! This tends to happen more when we are tired or someone presses our emotional buttons. Now the trick is to bring that lid back down and reconnect the brains (or toggle) and start to lay down the foundations for regulating emotions and attention. This is where we can use some calming techniques, for example, bubble breathing and mindfulness.


Obviously, there is a lot more neuroscience involved and this is a basic explanation. If you want to know more about toggling and regulating emotions I would recommend reading (or Googling) some of Dan Siegel’s work.


Some things to remember are:

  • We cannot parent if we are overwhelmed or stressed.
  • We need to bring the calm not the chaos!
  • Parenting is a marathon not a sprint. We are in it for the long haul and it takes lots of practice for us and our kids.
  • Shouting does not work. You cannot calm a pre-frontal cortex by yelling.


There was a lot more to the workshop on Tuesday and I will send out some more information next week. I would highly recommend attending any of the Best Programs 4 Kids workshops. Information can be found on their website.


If you have any questions or would like to know more, please contact me on [email protected]


Juliet Lennon

Social Worker

From the Library

Book Covering

The Library is in need of new volunteers to assist with book covering throughout 2019. Please pop in to the Library on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons if you are able to help.

Mrs Claire Dale

Library Officer

Sports News

CPSSA Interschool Swimming Team Update

The OLA CPSSA Interschool Swimming Team is in the process of being finalised. As we are awaiting some information for parents, the letter detailing the event will be sent home next week, Week 8.


Mrs Jodie Stewart

Physical Education Teacher


Sunday 24 March

- P&F Movie Event 

Monday 25 March

- School Photos

Tuesday 26 March

- School Photos

Friday 29 March

- Italian Assembly, 2.15pm


Iona Presentation College Senior School Open Morning

The Iona Presentation College Senior School Open Morning will be held on Tuesday, 26 March. Further information about the event is attached below.


Trinity College Scholarships

Applications are invited for Trinity College Scholarships and Bursaries for 2020. To find out more and to access the application forms, please visit the Trinity College website: trinity.wa.edu.au. Applications close at 4:00pm on Friday, 15 March 2019. Examination date is Saturday, 30 March 2019 (Academic only). Please return completed application forms to the Registrar at [email protected].


OLA Project Compassion

Our Lady’s Assumption School Community is GIVING IT UP FOR LENT!

Help meet our $1000 goal. Are you in? Join our page and make a donation to fundraise. You’ll be working alongside Caritas Australia, through Project Compassion, to change the lives of vulnerable communities around the world.  Your challenge will make a positive difference in your life and in the lives of others, by uniting your friends to support people living in poverty. Every donation helps provide life-changing support such as access to clean water, education and healthcare. Our page is live here https://lent.caritas.org.au/marybarclay


Parish News

Parish Information

Parish Priest:  Fr Ken D’Souza

Phone:  (08) 9276 1008Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Amanda Reneaux

Parish Mass Times


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- 8:00am

Wednesday 9:00am

Weekend Saturday—Vigil Mass  6:00pm

Sunday—Mass 7:30am, 9:30am and 5:00pm

Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each month

March, the Month of St Joseph

Throughout most of the rest of the Catholic world (with the exception of Ireland), the month of March is associated with St. Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary and the foster father of Jesus Christ. St. Joseph's feast day falls two days later on 19 March.



Canteen News

The Canteen operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our direct telephone number is 9471 3021.   We are looking for volunteers to help any of those days, either all day or even for part of the day.  Mums, dads, nonnas all welcome! Please contact the new Canteen Manageress Mrs Maria Giangiulio if you are available to assist.


The Term 1 menu is attached below:


Thank you.


Maria Giangiulio

Canteen Manageress


Online Ordering

To access online ordering for the OLA School Canteen click on the image below.


Uniform Shop

Uniform Update

For the latest information about school uniforms, please refer to the Principal's page of the newsletter.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:15am—10:30am (Closed Tuesday 26 March)

Friday     1:30pm—3:30pm

Uniform Shop Closed

The uniform shop will be closed this Tuesday 26 March, but will reopen on Friday with the reduced prices on all stock.

Refund Policy

There are no returns on socks, hats and tights so please select carefully.  Once, they leave the shop, they cannot be returned.


Tania Longman

Uniform Shop Manageress

OLA Sponsors

Welcome to the OLA Sponsors Page

With the school newsletter reaching over 300 families per week, this new page is the perfect place to advertise your business to the school community. For just $50 per term ($5 per week!) you can tell the readers who you are, what you do and how they can contact you. Special offers for the OLA Community are also encouraged. All money raised benefits OLA P&F. To take advantage of this opportunity please contact [email protected] to arrange placements and payments. 

Jetts Dianella - Free 7 Day Trial


Toop's Painting Service


Perth City Peugeot - $2k off any MY18 model in stock


Have Sum Maths Fun Tutoring


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