16 June 2017
Week 2.8 - Issue 9
From the Principal
From the Dean of Studies
Pastoral Care
Academic Excellence
Student Achievement
Performing Arts
Student Ministry
Year 9 Camp
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Almighty, and ever living God, who strengthened your apostle with sure and

certain faith in your Son's resurrection.

Grant us so perfectly and without doubt to believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord and our God,

that our faith may never be found wanting in your sight;

through him who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of St Norbert College,

Last Friday the College community enjoyed the celebrations of St Norbert Day starting with the beautiful Mass in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre, celebrated by our Prior Rt Reverend Peter Joseph O.Praem and Fr Stephen Cooney O.Praem. It was wonderful to see our new incoming Principal Mr Simon Harvey attend the Mass. There have been numerous occasions throughout the past few years I have commented on my pride in the students of St Norbert College and Friday was another opportunity; starting with the exceptional conduct of our students in the Mass and their spirit of good will, which continued throughout the day with the staff vs students soccer match, food and activity stalls, live music, BMX display (including one of our very own talented Year 12 students Jack Burgin-Carwardine) and finishing the day with the Talent Quest. I think the students rather enjoyed the finale: the staff dance! Thank you to all students and staff for a day to remember.  My particular thanks to Ms Smith and Mr Hodgen who were responsible for the overall coordination of the day, the Performing Arts Team: Miss Hilton, Mrs Freind, Mr Beins and Mr Burford, for coordinating the music at Mass and the Talent Quest in the afternoon and Ms Kyd for organising the Mass.

On Thursday 1 June, the ACC Cross Country competition was held at Perry Lakes Reserve involving 67 schools. Congratulations to the St Norbert College Team for their efforts on the day. Two exceptional performances were from the Jansen van Rensburg brothers, with MJ (Year 11) and Jaco (Year 10) finishing in second place. Congratulations to MJ and Jaco on an exceptional performance.


The Parent Seminar presentation by ySafe and Family Zone was very informative on Tuesday evening. The information from this seminar will be sent out to parents. I urge parents to please read through the information and consider purchasing the Family Zone package for your children’s electronic devices. Thank you to the Parent Committee for sponsoring this presentation for our parents and for the support of Mr Colin Tyler, Director of IT.


At present the College staff are busy marking examinations, assessments and commencing the Semester One reports. It is a timely reminder that students are expected to complete homework each night and to a high standard. Please ensure your child is putting the time aside each night to complete homework, in addition to studying for upcoming tests and assessments. Remember to take heed of the constructive criticism from the teachers, particularly for the Year 10, 11 and 12 examinations.


A reminder the College Photograph Day is scheduled for Wednesday 21 June. All students are required to be neatly attired in the full winter uniform. Please refer to the information from Mr Roger D’Almeida for more details.


God Bless

Mrs A Morey (Principal)


From the Dean of Studies


Congratulations to our Year 10-12 students for their excellent conduct during the recent exams. It is now time to reflect on the results from these exams and to seek ways to improve on results before the end of the year. I have information on Revision Courses available during the July holidays and strongly encourage students to enrol in these to assist with improving before the end of the year.

University of Notre Dame Early Offer Program


Notre Dame’s Early Offer Program gives students the chance to sit their exams with less pressure, knowing they have already secured their place at university.
The program is for students whose grades are going well and who are natural leaders who love to make a positive contribution. Applications for the Early Offer Program require a submission from your school and are due by 28 July. Selection criteria for the program considers the following: 
  • Students who demonstrate exceptional personal or leadership qualities and are motivated to study;
  • Students who are active members of their school, church and/or community; and
  • Students who demonstrate a predicted benchmark ATAR of:
    • >93 for Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Physiotherapy; or
    • > 90 for all other courses.

Offers are based on Year 11 and Year 12 reports to date.
Students can experience the Notre Dame difference for themselves at the upcoming events:
 3-12 July – One-on-one Course Advice Sessions.
 3-14 July – ATAR Express Workshops for Year 11 students.

 3-14 July – A Day in the Life of a Uni Student for Years 10, 11 and 12.
 20 August – Open Day (save the date).
Questions? Please don't hesitate to give Notre Dame University a call on 9433 0533.

St Norbert Day

We were  blessed with wonderful weather for our St Norbert Day celebrations on Friday 9 June. After celebrating a beautiful Mass, the students and staff played out an exciting Staff v Students Soccer match. The Golden Boots will be awarded to the MVPs from each team at assembly. Students and staff then participated in  the Fair and were entertained with live music and a BMX display. Thank you to all staff, students and parents for contributing to make the day one that showed our wonderful community spirit.

Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)


Pastoral Care


There are a number of ways you can look after your mental health and wellbeing every day:

Get informed - Understanding more about what you’re going through is an important first step. Information to help you make good decisions about relationships, school, finances and seeking help is available in a number of ways. Read pamphlets, articles or fact sheets, listen to podcasts, talk to or watch videos about others who have had similar experiences, read trusted websites for information, or ask a trusted adult for advice.

Eat well - Eating well doesn’t only reduce the risk of physical health problems, like heart disease and diabetes, but it can also help with your sleeping patterns, energy levels, and your general health and wellbeing. You might have noticed that your mood can affect your appetite and food intake. A good balanced diet with less of the bad things (e.g. junk food and lots of sugars) and more of the good things (e.g. veggies, fruit, whole grains and plenty of water) will make sure you have all of the vitamins and minerals to help your body and brain function well.

Sleep well - Getting a good night’s sleep helps you feel energised, focused and motivated. Adolescence is a time when a number of changes to the “body clock” impact on sleeping patterns and you are more likely to have problems with sleep. Developing a sleeping routine can help you sleep much better. To do this try to wake up around the same time each day, get out of bed when you wake up, and go to bed around the same time each night. Avoiding caffeine after lunchtime, having a quiet, dark and uncluttered bedroom and shutting down your phone, laptop and other electronic devices before bed can also help you get a good night’s sleep.

Physical activity - Physical activity is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing. If you’re feeling down or finding things are difficult, physical activity may be the last thing you feel like doing. But even small activities like walking around the block can help relieve stress and frustration, provide a good distraction from your thoughts, help you concentrate and can help you look and feel better. Find a physical activity that you enjoy (e.g. swimming, playing sports with friends or cycling) and make a plan to do it regularly.

Build strategies - We all have coping strategies – some good, some not so good (e.g. using drugs and alcohol). There are various positive coping strategies you can try; exercise, relaxation techniques, talking to someone, writing or art. Experiment with what works best for you.

Reduce harmful effects of alcohol and drug use - Some people make the mistake of thinking that taking drugs and/or alcohol can help get them through tough times. While it may help people to cope temporarily, drugs and alcohol are one of the leading causes of harm to Australian young people and can contribute to, or trigger, mental health problems over time. Being responsible and reducing your use can improve your health and wellbeing.

Set realistic goals - Setting realistic goals can help you to work towards a healthy headspace. Small, realistic goals can be a great way to work towards feeling well – everyone has to start somewhere. Work towards eating well, getting more active, sleeping better and also think about working towards long-term life goals. Setting and achieving realistic goals can be incredibly motivating and can help build self-confidence.

Change your self-talk - Self-talk is the way that you talk to yourself, that voice inside your head. It can be positive (e.g. “I can make it through this exam”) or negative (e.g. “I’m never going to be able to pass this subject”). There are a number of things you can do to change the direction of your self-talk. First, listen to your inner voice – is your self-talk helping you or reinforcing bad feelings? Next, try to replace your negative thoughts with more realistic ones. Try to look for a more rational spin on your situation or think of strategies to tackle your problems, rather than giving up hope. By working on your self-talk you’ll feel more confident and in control of yourself.

Relax - There are many ways to relax and different relaxation techniques to use to overcome stress. Progressive muscle relaxation involves tensing and relaxing specific groups of muscles from your feet all the way to your head, while focusing on your feelings of tension and relaxation. You could also try breathing techniques, such as deep breathing or focused breathing (breathing in through the nose and as you breathe out say a positive statement to yourself like ‘relax’ or ‘calm down’). Place a hand over your diaphragm to make sure you’re breathing slowly – you should feel your hand move if you’re doing it right. Focus on breathing in slowly for 4 seconds, holding your breath for 2 seconds and breathing out slowly for 6 seconds.

Be socially active and get involved - Social relationships are really important to your general well-being. It is okay to take time out for yourself but friends can provide support when you’re having a tough time. Spending time with friends is also really important for keeping and building on existing friendships. Getting involved with volunteer work, hobbies, clubs or committees, or sports can help you feel connected to your wider community while also meeting new people. If you’re not feeling up to going out, even a phone call, email, text message or Facebook message can help us feel connected to friends and family.

Practice conflict resolution - Having a hard time with friends or family is difficult for most people. Talking through the issues in a calm and thoughtful way is the best approach. Avoid getting personal, be willing to compromise and listen to their perspective.

Help and be kind to others - Do something to help someone else. Acts of kindness help other people but also make you feel good. Give a compliment, offer to help someone out or volunteer either on a one-off project or an ongoing basis and allow yourself to feel good for making someone else feel good.

Play - Play is important for staying mentally healthy. Devoting time to just having fun can recharge your battery, revitalise your social networks, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Develop assertiveness skills - Being assertive means standing up for your own rights; valuing yourself and valuing others’ opinions without letting them dominate you. This can help build your self-esteem and self-respect. Being assertive is not the same as being aggressive. Remember to always listen, be prepared to compromise and be respectful of the other person’s opinion, while still being confident, calm and knowing what you want.

Seek help - A problem can sometimes be too hard to solve alone, even with support from friends and family. Be honest with yourself about when you may need support and get professional help. You can see your general practitioner (GP), make an appointment to chat to someone at your local headspace centre or visit Finding help might feel scary at the start but it gets easier over time. Getting support can help you to keep on track with school, study or work, and in your personal and family relationships. The sooner you get help the sooner things can begin to improve for you.

For more information, to find your nearest headspace centre or for online and telephone support, visit


The Pastoral Care Team




Year 11 - General Integrated Science Excursion

Our Year 11 Integrated Science students have been studying Marine Biology. As part of the course, all students attended an excursion to the Department of Fisheries and the National Aquarium of Western Australia. At the Department of Fisheries, students completed a lesson on fishing for sustainability. Through hands-on activities, students gained knowledge on fish size limits and bag sizes for different fish. Students then took part in another lesson that focused on the West Australian Rock Lobster. Students got to experience this species in the flesh and learn about its life-cycle. After a quick lunch break in Hillarys we all made our way to the National Aquarium of Western Australia. Students had the opportunity to use the knowledge they had gained during the Marine Biology course and apply it to the creatures they were seeing in front of them. The whole day was a wonderful educational experience that all students enjoyed.

Miss S Gardner (Year 11 Integrated Science Teacher)



Academic Excellence


The Academic Excellence Program at St Norbert College introduced the CLISTE Club from Week 5 Term 2. Year 11 and 12 students studying STEM subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Specialist and Computer Science are invited to attend. Members of this club meet every Wednesday from 7.40am - 8.30am in room T2 and will work under the guidance of Mrs Miranda. The activities during this time include group study and peer tutoring with specialist teachers working with students when required, as well as study skill sessions.

Mrs C Miranda (Academic Excellence Coordinator)

C --- Commitment

L --- Learning

I --- Investigate

S --- Support

T --- Teamwork

E --- Excellence


Student Achievement

Night of Stars National Ballroom Championship

Kade Best competed in the Night of Stars National Ballroom Championship on June 10-11.  

While Kade's and his partner's focus has been on their studies, they did extremely well. In their graded event they placed second. They then made it through to the Under-21 Ballroom final which they then danced in the evening and placed third. 


Well done Kade!

Performing Arts

Director of Music

The Performing Arts Department would like to warmly welcome Mr Chadwick Beins as our new Director of Music. Mr Beins comes to us with a wealth of music and teaching experience.

St Norbert College has a Concert Band, directed by Mr Beins, as well as a Choir and two A cappella groups under the direction of Mr Ross Burford and a Guitar Ensemble under the direction of Mr Don Neander.

The Instrumental Program is also open to new enrolments for Term 3 – we have excellent tutors offering private lessons in Piano, Voice, Strings, Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Bass, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion. Please email [email protected] for further information.

Mrs K  Freind (Admin Assistant Performing Arts)

Student Ministry

Winter Appeal

The cold weather is certainly here, so this provides us with a good opportunity to think about those in our community who are homeless and lack the basic essentials that most of us take for granted. This year as part of our winter appeal Student Ministry will be collecting the following items:

•            Warm bedding, sleeping bags, blankets, new socks, beanies and scarves

•            Canned food – like last year we aim to collect 1000 cans

•            Toiletries  in all shapes and sizes – samples collected from hotels as well as regular size toiletries                 are desperately needed, including razors, deodorant and soap.


Donations can be left in Student Ministry. All donations will be given to Shopfront in Maylands.


Ms M Kyd (Campus Ministry Coordinator)


Year 9 Camp

Year 9 Camp

The Year 9s will be attending their Camp during Week 10. Students and parents will receive a letter next week with more detailed information regarding the day of departure, but just so you can start thinking about things here are a couple of important reminders:

  • Students need to arrive at school between 6.30am and 6.45am.
  • The buses will pull into the front of the school on Treasure Road. This is so the students do not need to carry all of their equipment across the oval to the new bus bays. Parents please do not park in this area.
  • We will begin packing the buses at 7am for a 7.30am sharp departure.
  • Students must provide their own recess and lunch for day 1. Please note Explorus is a nut free zone.
  • Students must have a water bottle with them for the bus.
  • Students who need medication (for example asthma inhalers and Epipens) must place this in a clearly labelled bag and give it to the teacher on their bus. All other medication must also be placed in a clearly labelled bag and given to your camp leader once you arrive at Explorus.
  • We will return to school at 4pm Friday afternoon.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Miss M Ronchi (Camp Coordinator)









On Thursday 1 June, St Norbert College was represented by 62 athletes at the ACC Cross Country carnival held at Perry Lakes Reserve. It is a massive day for schools within the ACC, with over 67 schools competing across multiple age groups. We were blessed with beautiful weather for the carnival and the effort and school spirit on display was fantastic. It was great to see everyone try their hardest in their race, as well as showing great sportsmanship to other competitors and schools. 

St Norbert finished 28th overall out of 67 schools. 

You can find the individual results here: (just search for your name or number in the search bar)

Congratulations to the following students who finished in the top 100 for their races:



  • MJ Jansen vans Rensburg  - (2nd) U/19 Boys (recorded the 3rd fastest time of the day for all boys)
  • Jaco Jansen vans Rensburg  - (2nd) U/16 Boys (recorded the 4th fastest time of the day for all boys)
  • Joseph Roscoe (19th) - U/13 Boys
  • Theo Steed (52nd)  - U/13 Boys
  • Lance Ugle (64th) - U/13 Boys
  • Marcus Triscari (82nd) - U/15 Boys 


  • Teyharna Curry (91st) - U/15 Girls
  • Clare Davey (92nd) - U/13 Girls
  • Holly Giles (94th) - U/13 Girls

Special mention to our U/13 Boys who finished 9th overall in their division.

Thank you to Mr Gherardi, Ms Hughes, Ms Mirco, Mrs Robinson, Mr Ford, Mr Thompson, Abbey Chehab and Kyle Beckwith for helping out as coaches or officials and also to the senior students who still represented the College despite a busy exam period.

Next year, let’s aim to crack the top 20 schools overall!

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


College Photo Day

College photographs will take place on Wednesday 21 June 2017 (Term 2, Week 9).

Each student has now received their own envelope for ordering school photos. This must be returned with payment on the day and given to the photographers. Please include correct money as change will not be available. Please do NOT send the envelopes or payment to the school prior to the day. Payment can be made by one student in the family and this should be noted on the envelope as requested. Students are to return the envelope even if they are NOT wishing to purchase the photos.


Sibling photograph envelopes are available from Student Reception and should be collected by the eldest child in the family. Family photos will begin at approximately 1.40pm in the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre and students are required to meet with their siblings at the START OF PERIOD 5 ready for their photos.


It is important that all students are in attendance for their Class photo so please keep this day free from appointments. All students must wear their full College winter uniform on Photo Day even if they have sport. Please ensure that your child’s blazer is well presented including correctly coloured buttons. Spare blazer buttons are available from the Uniform Shop as well as from Heads of Houses. Girls need to wear white College socks (and NOT stockings or tights) to ensure consistency of appearance in the photographs.


Your ongoing support in maintaining your child’s uniform and personal presentation standards is always appreciated. Please be aware these photos are used for official purposes, including the College Annual. As such, if your child does not meet College standards they are at risk of not taking part in school photos and hence their photo will not appear in this publication.


A catch-up photo session has been booked for Wednesday 19 July 2017 (Term 3, Week 1) for students who were absent on the scheduled day.

Photograph packages that have been paid for will be distributed through the school by the middle of Term 3.


If you have any further queries, please contact Roger  D’Almeida: [email protected]

Mr R D'Almeida (College Photograph Coordinator)

Veritas 2017: WA Youth Festival featuring X-Factor Contestant Fr Rob Galea

VERITAS 2017 is a teens and young adults (ages 13-30) weekend festival on 30 June - 2 July at Notre Dame University Campus, Fremantle. Last year over 400 young people attended the event from across Perth, and this year we’ve extended the event for teens to be able to attend the whole weekend. With special guest Fr Rob Galea, Veritas is an event not to be missed! Only $50 for the whole weekend, or $10 for the Friday night only. All ages are welcome for the Friday night and Sunday Mass. For the full conference program and to register visit:  Please see the flyer attached.


Pope Francis wants to hear from young people.

All 16-29 year olds are being invited to be part of an international conversation with Pope Francis. A Synod on Youth will be held in October 2018 and young people have a chance to share their thoughts with Pope Francis. Those aged 16-29 don’t have to be active or connected with the Church to answer the survey. All who complete the survey can go in the running to win one of three Dr Dre Solo 2.0 on-ear headphones.

Complete the survey here by 2 July, 2017:

Pope Francis said, "Every young person has something to say to others… all of us need to listen to you!" and he added "even young people who consider themselves agnostics, even young people whose faith is lukewarm; even young people who no longer go to Church; even young people who consider themselves atheists".

The Uniform Shop

Opening times Term Two and Three

Monday 8.30am - 11.30am and

Thursday 1.00pm - 4.00pm

We are not able to take any more secondhand clothing until further notice.

Notre Dame July Holidays


Naitanui Academy

Multicultural Youth Sports Program - MYSport




Is keen to publish any recent St Norbert College wedding and travel photographs in the next edition. Please send any photographs, along with the relevant details and information, to [email protected] 

To catch up with the latest edition of Norbertus go to the Alumni tab on the St Norbert College website, or go to the College Facebook page.


Nathan Bianchini (Class of 2006) during a trip to London.





Ms Erica Bursey married Jaco Dorfling at Mercedes Chapel on 26 September 2015. They welcomed their first child, Grace Milah Dorfling, on 21 February 2017.

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