18 May 2017
Issue Fourteen
Important Dates & Correspondence
Principal's Report
Infant Jesus School
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Important Dates

Important Dates and Correspondence

Term 2 2017                                                  

Thursday                           Class Assembly

18 May                                 STEAM Parent Night

                                                 Yrs 4-6 6.30-7.30pm  


Monday                                Confirmation Parent & Child

22 May                                  Workshop


Thursday                             Parish Mass Yrs 1 and 6

25 May                                  STEAM Parent Night Yrs 1-3

                                                 6.30 - 7.30pm


Thursday                           Class Assembly Yr 6

1 June


Monday                             Public Holiday WA Day

5 June


Thursday                         Parish Mass Yrs 2 and 5

8 June


Friday                                Confirmation Retreat

9 June


Saturday                          Confirmation Masses 12 noon

10 June                             and 3pm







Uniforms can be purchased from Lowes located at the Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre.


For opening times and online orders go to


Student Free Days 2017

Our tentative dates for Student Free Days for 2017 are as follows:


Term 2 - Monday 24 April      

Term 3 - Monday 17 July

Term 3 - Friday 22 September

Term 4 - Monday 9 October


Parents need to note that these days may change, due to availability of PD requests for staff.




Principal's Report

The Power of Words 

Dear Parents,


Occasionally the need arises to speak with individual students, groups or even whole year levels about language used with one another here at school. As use of inappropriate language invariably takes place out of our ear-shot, we usually find out about it when a student asks his or her parent what a certain word means and then the parent, wisely, passes on the information which allows us to address the matter.  Such a situation provides a learning opportunity not to be missed – even for those who may not be directly involved at the time.  It’s not always language of course; there are numerous other matters discussed with students from time to time. 

The purpose of these talks is not ‘to name and shame the guilty,’ rather, it is about raising student awareness of issues they face in order to support them in making conscious and wise decisions about the direction in which they want their lives to go.  It is never too early to sow the seeds of care, self-worth and responsibility.  I know some people think that primary age children are too young, but those responsible for the negative influences in society are certainly not sitting around waiting for children to reach mature age before they target their audience.  On the contrary, they want to attract the young, the vulnerable, the unsuspecting.  As parents and teachers, then, we look for the teachable moments to draw attention to the important things of life and the course of wise decision-making.  Often these teachable moments coincide with the times when things seem to be going pear-shaped and at such times we adults need to make wise choices of our own.


As students get older, they need to grow in self-knowledge and awareness; they need to grow in their understanding of what motivates them when faced with a life choice; is it love or is it fear, because most certainly, it will be one or the other. For instance, when the peer group uses explicit or derogatory language, if raised to consciousness, thinking might go something like this,

"Do I join in and use that language?
If I don’t, they might think I’m a goody-goody and exclude me from the group. I might have no friends.

They might even call me those names." 


Following that line of thought, if the child then joins the group in using language she/he knows to be offensive or inappropriate, then the motivation has been from fear – fear of being excluded or made fun of.  On the other hand, response to the same question, could go like this:


"Do I join in and use that language? 

I know I shouldn’t be using these words.
I know they don’t make anyone feel good or contribute to a better world. I know these words are inappropriate and cause hurt. I am not taking part in this and with a little courage, l will speak up because I care about my friends and I don’t want to see any of us say or do something that will cause harm."

This would be a decision made out of love and care for self and others. When we bring light to our habits of thinking and to motives for our behaviour, (when we bring self-knowledge and awareness), there is greater hope of change - when change is what is needed.  As adults, we often point out the need for self-control and certainly self-control is important, but self-control alone cannot bring change, it merely contains the impulse and, sooner or later, self-control will give out. (How many New Year’s resolutions have we broken?)

In self-knowledge and awareness, however, lie the seeds of sustainable change. 


Watch your thoughts . . . they become Words
Watch your words . . . they become Actions
Watch your actions . . . they become Habits
Watch your habits . . . they become Character
Watch your character . . . it becomes your Destiny

School Rules

Our Pastoral Care Philosophy is based on our School Vision, Mission and Values and we believe that all people can live in love and harmony with each other. Our Catholic School is in essence the face of Jesus for the whole community. The life of every human person is seen to have a God given value and meaning which is enhanced in our school community in an atmosphere permeated with the Gospel values of freedom and love.


Our school is a place where every individual is welcomed, cherished, respected and valued.  Our Catholic ethos ensures that a Christ-centred approach is at the heart of all we do. We live and learn within a community that is caring, loving, compassionate and forgiving. Meaningful relationships form the basis of all our interactions.

We respond by promoting attitudes which foster:

  • Love, joy, curiosity and challenge of learning
  • Connectedness, belonging and inclusion for all.
  • Responsibility for one’s own learning and behaviour
  • Acceptance and honouring of differences
  • Perseverance and self-discipline
  • A contribution to the wider community


We have an expectation that everyone:

  • Respects each person’s dignity and self-worth
  • Develops a positive relationship with all people
  • Treats each other with kindness and respect
  • Takes responsibility for their own feelings.  Use “I” statements and refrain from blaming.
  • Listens with eyes, ears and heart. Ensure all our children are heard, welcomed, understood, given creative opportunities, recognized and treated as individuals.
  • Communicates positively, honestly, directly and gives constructive feedback
  • Ensures all children belong to the community, are loved and supported and have opportunity for the development of positive self-esteem.

Sacramental Program

What is Confirmation? The Sacrament of Confirmation welcomes us and deepens our belonging to the faith community, deepens our relationship to God, as Creator, Redeemer and Spirit and strengthens us as disciples. We hope that Confirmation leads the young Christian towards a more intimate union with Christ. The sacrament itself strengthens and confirms what happens in baptism – completing the grace of baptism - and it further initiates the individual journey of faith empowering the young people to go and proclaim the good news.

Next Monday evening, at 7pm, the Year Six children, with their parents, will be participating in a Parent/Child Workshop. This workshop is a precious time that allows children and adults to share their faith journey together. As important as faith may be, it isn't a normal topic of dinner conversation in most families. Most often young people (and their parents) need a bit of assistance and structure in order to move faith to the forefront in family discussions. This evening takes a story sharing approach to discussing faith. It helps young people and parents articulate why faith is important to them and how they find it in the ordinary experiences of their life.


Singing in a group is a transformative experience. A sound so pure that it vibrates from deep within a person and erupts bursting forth from their soul. A sound that is shared with others in an uplifting encounter, developing an increased sense of community, belonging and shared sense of endeavour. This one sound that ultimately unifies and connects individuals on such a level that it has been proven that all the Choral member’s hearts beat together in unison.


Singing in a group can greatly contribute to one’s quality of life. Singing together can become like a form of meditation, it has the ability to calm and energise. Studies have demonstrated that singing not only has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity increasing oxygenation in the blood stream, exercising major muscle groups, promoting deeper breathing by opening the throat and relaxing the body but that it also creates a healthy and relaxed mental state.


The choral programme developed at Infant Jesus School aims to ensure all the students participating in the programme receive and experience the full positive impact of singing. The students are encouraged to work together cooperatively as a team in order to achieve great feats as a choir. Throughout the year, they have focused on strengthening breath support, finessing pitch and intonation, articulating diction and have diligently pursued two-part harmony, a challenge for many a Senior Choir. The students have been immersed into learning a wide range of vocal repertoire from Sacred works to Contemporary.


As the festival is fast approaching, the children are honing their Performance skills. They have scrutinized the importance of a presenting themselves professionally while entering and exiting a stage, they have examined the importance of maintaining an outward demeanour of calm while nervous and also how to handle disruptions during a live performance.


This year heralds our first ever performance as a 'Select Choir' and the students are on track for an award-winning performance as they have shown great dedication and commitment to the Music Programme, attending early morning rehearsals and even the occasional weekend Mass.


The children are to be commended for their efforts and it is truly an exciting time to sing in the infant Jesus Choir. #ExpectGreatThings

Three-Year-Old Program 2018

The Three-Year-Old Kindergarten at Infant Jesus School is an educational program for Pre- Kindergarten children.  The program at the school is very much play-based and helps the children develop independence and creativity by offering interesting and fun activities, that are developmentally appropriate, in a semi- structured form. The program follows a routine similar to Kindergarten where the children are in the care of a teacher and a teacher assistant for the duration of the session, but parent help is encouraged.

Who May Attend the Program?


The 2018 program is offered to children who will have turned THREE by 30 June 2018 and plan to continue attending Infant Jesus School in 2018 and beyond. Regulations prevent us from taking children until they have turned three years of age. Please note that enrolment at the Infant Jesus School Three-Year-Old program does not guarantee a place in the Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Program. Interviews will be conducted for both places. 


Interested parents are asked to contact Mrs Cheryl Macpherson at the school office for enrolment forms for 2018 Three-Year-Old program.

Parking around School Grounds

This is a general reminder to all parents to be aware of the traffic situation at the school and the need to work together to ensure the safety of our children. We have a high proportion of children who are commuted to the school in vehicles and we have very restricted parking within the area.
Because of these and other difficulties and as the ongoing safety of our children is of primary importance, the following guidelines are provided for your information.  Whilst compliance with these rules may at times prove to be a minor inconvenience, it is a little price to pay to ensure that our children arrive and leave school in the safest possible circumstances.
Parents are asked to:

  • Park safely in the Church car park.
  • Observe all parking signs in and around the school.
  • Note that in order for traffic to flow smoothly and safely during pick up and drop off, it would be appreciated that once the car in front of you has moved forward that you do also.  This will hopefully enable a steady flow of traffic through our school drop off areas.
  • Ensure the vehicles are not left unattended for any reason, as this will hinder traffic flow.
  • Note that there is no double parking or standing at any time in the school entrances in Smith Street, Russell Street and Lovegrove Way.
  • Note that there is no parking or standing on the grassed street verges in Smith Street, Russell Street, Peters Place or Lovegrove Way.
  • Please do not park in private residential driveways.
  • Observe the no parking or no standing in the marked bus bay in Smith Street.
  • Remember the speed limit around schools is 40km/hour.

Also, in the interests of the safety of all students, parents are requested NOT to pull into the staff car park or the small car park at the front of the school at any time.  Before and after school are very busy times and children are continually accessing these areas on the way into or out of the school.
Thank you for your support and cooperation in ensuring the safety of our children.

School Fees

Thank you to the many parents who have made the effort to pay their school fees early this term. This term’s accounts have been sent and all families are asked to pay these accounts as soon as possible. If any families are experiencing difficulty paying their fees, they are asked to contact the office (Irene Baginski) to make an appointment with Mr Hille.




The Value of a Smile
It costs nothing but creates much. 
It enriches those who receive without impoverishing those who give. 
None are so well off that they can get along without it, 
And none so poor but are richer for its benefits.
 It creates happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business, and is the countersign of friends. 
It is rest to the weary, daylight to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and nature’s best remedy for trouble. 
Yet it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anybody until it is given away.
 To smile then is to look at others with the eyes of Christ. 
To know how to love them and smile at them, through our tears if need be, is to breathe in advance the atmosphere of Heaven.

Did you know?

  • Coffee beans are not beans, they are fruit pits
  • The most common disease is tooth decay
  • Children born in the month of May are on the average 200 grams heavier at birth than children born in any other month
  • Only female mosquitoes bite

Thought for the Week

You will experience peace when you invite God into the details of your life



God Bless,


Paul Hille







We have many engaging and exciting learning experiences planned for the students this term and our Integrated learning will be centred on the Gold Rush and binary coding.  We will be participating in an excursion this term to the Perth Mint and Elizabeth Quay to integrate urban planning, financial mathematics and persuasive writing.


Expecting Great Things from ourselves and one another will be a continued focus this term.  We encourage all students to participate and produce work samples of individual excellence.  We all have gifts and talents to share with our learning community and at Infant Jesus we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do this in their own unique way.


In Religion, the children will explore how the Holy Spirit, promised by Jesus, frees people to do good. Our learning will support us to walk alongside the Year 6 children during their preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation later this term. Our second unit of work will focus on Prayer. The children will explore the wonder and

beauty of God’s creation and how this beauty signifies that God is always present. In this unit, the children will come to see prayer as a means of empowering them to respect the integrity of creation and the possessions of others. In addition, during the month of May, we will pray the Rosary to celebrate the month of Mary.


During our English Dedicated Time we will be continuing to focus on reading comprehension skills to develop our love of reading and our ability to comprehend to a deeper level. The specific strategies we will focus on are:

  • making connections with texts and real life
  • synthesising and combining what we know with what we have read
  • visualising and creating a mental picture of what is happening in the text
  • summarising important parts of the text to gain a deeper understanding

The children will be writing and constructing creative narratives, persuasive texts and a variety of poetry pieces this term.  One of our integrated learning areas is centred on the Gold Rush.  The children will construct a creative narrative about the life of a person during this era.


Spelling this term will continue to be a working development of recognising that a knowledge of word origins is not only interesting in its own right, but that it extends students’ knowledge of vocabulary and spelling.  The children will continue to consolidate their understanding of sounds and graphemes (letter combinations that create these sounds) as we explore a variety of word lists based on a particular sound.


During Mathematics, the children will continue to expand their knowledge about fractions and decimals and the ordinary number system. We will be revising the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as we build an understanding of multi-step word problems as we add and subtract fractions. The children will be making connections between decimal representations and fractions and using number lines to record their findings. The children will be required to add and subtract fractions with common denominators and conceptualise this learning to real life experiences.

They will explore language specific to chance and data and create a survey, collect data and graph their results. The understanding of perimeter will be further developed by introducing area of regular and irregular polygons.


During Art this term they will develop and apply artistic techniques and processes with:

  • shape (convex, concave)
  • colour (expressive colours, natural colours)
  • line (implied lines for movement and depth)
  • space (shading – creating illusion of depth)
  • texture (textures created with a variety of tools, materials and techniques; patterning)

The children will be required to create an artwork piece independently and evoke an emotional response from the audience.   A short blurb will be written about their art piece explaining why, and what they have created.


This term in our integrated work in History we will be investigating the Gold Rush, in particular the Western Australian Gold Rush and how this impacted the social, political and economical environments of our State. During this time we will explore the Eureka Stockade and we will also be investigating the Gold Rush impacts across the country and significant people that were involved in this era.  For example; Paddy Hannan and Peter Lalor.


This term we will be using a SWAY to learn about our integrated topic.  An amazing feature of this application is that Miss Allegretto and Mrs Edwards are able to add and change information regarding our Gold Rush topic to help us to better understand it in different ways.  We will be reading information, using short video clips and using a variety of reading resource materials to help us learn.


This term during Innovation and Technology we will be constructing and creating dioramas based on our knowledge of a dairy farm and land vegetation from Term One.


We will be participating in a SKYPE session with the owner of a dairy farm, and a member of the Dairy Australia Board. He will speak with the children about dairy farming in Australia and the importance of land, vegetation, materials and resources used on a farm. The farm is located in Carlisle River, Victoria and some children will have the opportunity to justify and explain what they have put on their farm and why. The children will then be able to ask further questions that they want clarified about farming, vegetation, landscapes and farming features. After the construction of our diary farm dioramas the children will begin to investigate and explore  binary coding.  



This morning the Year Two and Three children participated in an incursion on Indigenous  Australian culture and history. The children interacted with the content through virtual reality headsets and used clapping sticks and other artefacts to learn about what Australia was like before settlement.


Steam Parent Nights

This term, our school will be holding two STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) nights. The purpose of these nights will be to share with parents what STEAM is, how it fits into the curriculum and how our school is implementing it across the year levels.


There will also be an opportunity for parents to participate in mini STEAM activities based around what students have been learning in class.


The first STEAM Parent Night on Thursday 18 May is for parents of children in Years 4, 5 and 6. The second STEAM Parent Night will be held on Thursday 25 May for parents of students in Years 1-3.  


As places are limited, please register your interest as early as possible by following the link.

Sport News


As our Year 1-6 children prepare to challenge themselves at the end of the term with our Faction Cross Country Carnival I would like to introduce our Infant Jesus Running Club. This provides the children an opportunity to improve their fitness to give themselves the best opportunity to achieve their goals at the carnival and it is also a great way to improve their physical and mental health. Running Club will occur on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 8am on the oval right up until the carnival. All children are invited to come and challenge themselves. If you are wearing your winter uniform then wear your sport shoes and change into your black shoes ready for class. In the event of rain we will cancel for that day.

When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am starting Week 5 (Monday 22 May)
Where: School Oval
Who: Year 1-6 (Pre-Primary are welcome to come and challenge themselves as well)
What to bring: White sport shoes if you are not wearing sport uniform
Why: To improve fitness for the Cross Country Carnival



I am very happy to announce that we have a new venue for the Cross Country Carnival. We will be holding it at on at Lightning Park in Noranda on Friday 16 June. This provides the children with a larger space to run in and a similar environment to the Interschool Carnival. More details and a request for volunteers will be in the newsletter closer to the event.


I would also like to inform everyone that the distances our Year 4-6 children will run have changed so as to keep in line with the Sporting Association we are a member of. A summary of the distances is below.


2017 Cross Country Distance
Year 1 - 600m

Year 2 - 800m

Year 3 - 1000m

Year 4 - 1500m

Year 5 - 2000m

Year 6 - 2000m

I am very excited about the Cross Country Carnival and I have also been impressed by the children’s commitment to their fitness in our PE Lessons. 

Michael Sheridan


P&F News

Thank you to everyone who sent in their change for the challenge.  We are please to announce that just over $2,000 was raised!  

What a fantastic achievement from all classes but unfortunately there can only be one winner.  Our winning class is 3W!!  A very big congratulations to Miss Myles and her class!

The P&F will work with class teachers to organise an appropriate time for the class pizza party and secret surprise.

Thank you Paul Hille, school board and staff for organising our new P&F storage shed!  We're very excited and grateful to have such a wonderful space available to us.  

The shed was funded from the proceeds made at the 2015 Infant Jesus Fete, so a very big thank you to the 2015 P&F and Fete Committee.



Infant Jesus School is raising funds. Here's how you can help...
We are raising as much as we can to support our technology and Innovation Centre, and we need your help! Order your NEW 2017/2018 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership now. You'll receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do, and help our fundraising at the same time!

"The Entertainment Book is such a great way to try new restaurants. It’s also a great opportunity to help community organisations."


A Sample Book and Order Forms are available in the Front Office if you wish to have a look. 


MEDIA RELEASE - Catholic School Parents left in the dark around school funding


Nicola Cecchele - P&F President



Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be changes to the 2018 MAD Camp.  Increases in costs of both catering and accommodation will result in the camp committee having to significantly increase the price being charged to camp attendees.  


Moving forward we have two options :

Keep the existing location (Point Walter) and higher quality facilities but have the price increase approximately 40%


Move the location to Point Peron (Alfred Hines - Family Camp location) and have the price remain the same.  This location will involve taking your own linen, sharing communal bathrooms and assisting with cleaning of the facilities including dishes, kitchen and bathrooms.


Please click on the below link to have your say and vote for your preference.  Thank you.



Family Camp is a great opportunity to make new friends, experience a bit of the Infant Jesus tradition and this year's theme is "Heroes and Villains".

Venue: Point Peron, Rockingham.

Date: Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October. (not the long weekend and 2 nights only).

Anticipated cost of $350 per family (this may change after budget confirmation) includes accommodation, all meals, all indoor/outdoor activities and of course lots of fun and laughter. 


Places are limited. To secure your place and in fairness to everyone wanting to attend, this will be a first come first serve basis on receipt of non-refundable $50 deposit on or before 19 June 2017. 


Please take your slip and the $50 deposit in an envelope with your name to the school office. The date and time will be noted on the slip. We are also asking if anyone has any items (figurines, posters, etc) in relation to the Heroes and Villains theme that you no longer use or need and are willing to donate. We will gladly collect. Please contact Ardrian on 0403439888. 


We look forward to seeing you all there, especially NEW families, so start spreading the word! Any queries please don't hesitate to contact

Linda Prestianni 0433 925 857
Ardrian Gonsalves 0403 439 888

3 YEAR OLD  (Pre Kindy) DINNER

Venue:  The Queens

Date:  Friday 9 June

Time:  7.30pm 

RSVP: 6 June to Justyna or Facebook



When:    Saturday 1 July

Time:      8pm

Venue:    Minq Bar Burswood Crown   

Cost:       $40 PP Nibbles/Drinks provided

Contact:   Nicole 0400266755 or Maree 0412336965 for payment

RSVP and Payments by 16 June


Monday 29 May at Esprezzo Cafe, Noranda Shopping Centre after drop off. 


Friday 23 June at Our Table, 180a Grand Promenade, Bedford at 10.30am. 
Please RSVP to Justine or Sherrie for booking numbers
All welcome, see you there!



Canteen Roster


Friday 19 May

Rosa Ridolfo, Emma Yates, Simone McGuire

Monday 22 May

Renae Levings, Paige DiDio, Patricia Rivera

Wednesday 26 May

Mina Pillera, Marisa Gulluni, Carol Penwald


Please see the attached Canteen Winter Menu for Term 2 and 3.





Please do not pick up or drop off students in the Admin Carpark. This Carpark is for office business and visitors to the school only. It is not a safe area for students to be at anytime due to the amount of traffic and delivery trucks using the space. Please use the designated pick up and drop off areas.



To assist with school based events, please ensure that both of these have been completed. 

1. Complete the Volunteer Workshop 

2. Read and Sign the Code of Conduct which is new in 2017.  


It is a requirement that not only the Parent Volunteer Workshop has been completed, but the school based Code of Conduct has been signed and returned to the office.  


Copies of the Code of Conduct are available from the front office or online. 




Feastday of St Matthias 14 May

People may have been surprised when Matthias was elected to take the place of Judas among the apostles after Jesus’ death and resurrection. The New Testament mentions Matthias only once, and that is in the account of how he was chosen to become one of the apostles.


After the death of Judas, the apostles met to elect someone to replace him. Peter presided at this meeting and reminded the others of the qualification necessary for being an apostle: The candidate had to have been a follower of Jesus Christ from the time of Jesus’ baptism by John until his Ascension into heaven. Soon the choice was narrowed to two men: Joseph, so good and holy that he was known as 'Joseph the Just,' and Matthias, also a very good and holy man. At this point it would seem as though Joseph had an edge over Matthias, but God’s ways aren’t the same as our ways. After the apostles prayed for divine guidance, they cast lots and Matthias was chosen to share in the ministry of the apostles.


So Matthias became an apostle and a witness with the others to the Resurrection of Christ. Tradition links Matthias with the country of Ethiopia, where he is believed to have met his martyrdom. The known facts about the missionary work and martyrdom of Matthias are not many. What is known is that he loved Christ and that he lived and died to spread the Good News as far as possible.


Volunteering - Living a Life with Meaning

Recently we celebrated Volunteers Week and the feast of 'St Joseph the Worker,' (1 May) which is also called "International Workers Day" - may the dignity of work be experienced by all. To see a world where we acknowledge that all work is about contributing to the good of the community and human flourishing. Where people have a safe, respectful and positive work environment that enables them also to enjoy the other good things in life. 


One of the best decisions in my life was to begin volunteering with a group which was reaching out to people seeking asylum in our country. My reason for volunteering was that our government wasn't doing enough for these people. Fifteen years later I am still trying to do myself out of a job. Thursdays my volunteering day, have become sacrosanct. Many come to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre to volunteer for all different reasons: 95% of the volunteers do so for the common good, others for social reasons or professional development. The ASRC is the largest not for profit organisation of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Volunteers make up 94.5% of its workforce - no other organisation can boast the same. 


We now know that volunteering is not just good for our physical health, but for our psychological and emotional health too. Giving is one of the strongest predictors of increasing our health and happiness. Research shows that volunteers live happier and healthier lives. There is so much more to volunteering than simply giving your time and skills to help others. So we go forward together as volunteers, together in the spirit of St Joseph the worker, living a life with meaning.     (Associate Professor Dr Thomas Nielsen, University of Canberra, advocates a ‘Curriculum of Giving’. ) (Sisters of St Joseph Newsletter Rita Malavisi rsj)


Parish News


If you would like to find out more about what is involved in becoming a Catholic, or if you or another adult  you know would like to receive the Sacraments of Communion or Confirmation, please come along to our enquiry night on Wednesday 24 May at 7pm.  All are welcome. Please call the parish office on 9276 8500 if you would like any more information or just turn up on the night.


Important Reminders

Parents and Child Workshop:

·         Monday, 22 May 7.00pm at Infant Jesus Parish Centre

Please remind your children to bring their pencil case.            

Confirmation Retreat, Formal Visitation and Mass Practice:

·         Friday, 9 June starts at 9:00am at Infant Jesus Parish Centre

Confirmation Mass:

·         Saturday, 10 June at 12.00pm and at 3.00pm

(For your child’s allocated Mass time, please check your enrolment confirmation email)


SAINT NAME & SPONSOR NAME: We are now finalising the certificates of all the children, please submit your child’s Confirmation-Saint and Sponsor Name Card as soon as possible.

SASH: Each child will receive a plain white sash on the day of Confirmation, but if you would like to have it decorated/embroidered, you may collect your child’s sash early from the parish office starting during office hours. Monday-Thursday 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Please note that sash decoration is optional only.

Yours in Christ,

Faith Rico - Sacramental Co-ordinator



 Infant Jesus Parish 24:7 Morley Youth Group
All youth in Years 6-12 are invited
Join us this Friday night, 6-8pm in the Parish Hall
For more info call Roger 0434 988 711 or Elizabeth 0410 554 393


Archdiocese of Perth



Local news from across our parishes, agencies, schools and organisations can be delivered weekly directly to your inbox via The eRecord. It contains the latest news, events and photos from the Archdiocese. Parishes receive a PDF copy of the e-newsletter to print off and distribute for those who don’t have or don’t use email. Subscribe to the e-newsletter by sending details to

Further info: Jamie O’Brien 08 9220 5900.


City of Bayswater School Parking Schedule


City of Bayswater Book Week Program - August 2017


Mercedes College

Please find attached  flyer for Mercedes up and coming College Production of The Little Mermaid, This year they will be performing 4 shows at the Regal Theatre in July.   


Relationships Australia

·        Parent-Child Connection      4 x weeks            Tues 6-27 June
·         Parent-Teen Connection      (DAYTIME)           Sat 10 June
·         Kids and Technology                                             Thurs 22 June
·         All About Anger – for Parents of Teens           Wed 28 June
Go to or ring 6164 0200 to enrol





2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 18 May).pdf
2017 Calendar Terms 1-4 (updated 18 May).pdf
FAMILY CAMP 2017.pdf
Media Release.pdf
FAMILY CAMP 2017.pdf
Media Release.pdf
Canteen Menu Winter 2017 PDF.pdf
Infant Jesus School Code of Conduct Parents.pdf
Archdiocese of Perth Newsletter 30 March.pdf
City of Bayswater Parking.pdf
Children's Book Week 2017.pdf
Bayswater Library.pdf