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05 April 2019
Issue Fourteen
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Dear Parents and Friends


Greetings to you all!

We have had a wonderful first term with lots of growing and learning happening!


Learning happens in lots of ways - it is not just academic and classroom based.

In fact the learning that is more likely to help our children to be happy and often more successful in their career is the type of learning that builds students’ emotional intelligence (understanding self, others and how to respond in varying situations). 


I believe that this type of intelligence is also deepened by a strong spiritual intelligence (faith), that is dependent on God rather than on self, and trusts God in all that happens in life.


“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:12 - 13.


Having a relationship with the Lord, is the most important factor for us all. It affects our lives not just for eternity but for the present and enables us to live a full and abundant life, despite our circumstances.


Recently, I helped mind my grandchild for a couple of days, whilst her Mum and Dad were unwell. It’s so lovely being grandma - I’m called Coco, which translates into 19 month year old speak as DoDO, emphasis on the last syllable! My husband is Bopbop (Pop). Together we are Coco Pop!


Anyway, my little granddaughter attends a lovely preschool at the local church, two days each week, and when she commenced at the preschool, her parents were asked, “what are your goals for your daughter this year?”


Apparently there are parents who have stated that they want their child (at nearly 2 years of age) to reach such goals as to learn the alphabet.


More than learning cognitive skills, my daughter and son-in-law want their child to know Jesus, and in the time being, to learn:

 * to be gentle

 * to be kind to others

 * to listen and follow instructions

 * say please and thank you


If we at St Andrews Christian College, had everyone being kind and gentle toward one another, we would have an even more amazing community. It would be a College community where everyone put others first and thought of others before themselves. That would be a taste of heaven!


I am so thankful for all our Year 12 students, who in their own busyness and stress are putting the rest of the College first and serving students in each year level by doing an activity or providing lunch for them in the last week of term. Thank you Year 12s for your fantastic initiative, your kindness and thoughtfulness and for modelling service and fun to all our students.


We are so blessed to have an extraordinary group of young men and women leading our College.



A special event I want to alert you about, is the arrival in August of Dr D from an underground C school in Asia. Dr D will be arriving with his wife and 15yr old daughter and will be our guest speaker at our ‘Jesus the Light of the World’ festival. He will spend a few days with us to learn, participate and be blessed, then continue on to Perth to attend a CSA National conference.


While he is with us we need the help and generosity of our St Andrews family to:

·        Billet his family and provide accommodation and/or transport

·        Help out with meals

·        Invite him to speak at the host family’s church (4th August is already taken)

·        Take the family on some outings around Melbourne


If you can help, please contact me ( or Tamie Dekker ( as soon as possible.


Blessings to you all for a special and holy Easter with your families

Jesus is Alive! Hallelujah!




St Andrews School Captains Chloe Chandrara and Ben Audet were selected from 160 school captains across Melbourne to be apart of the Leader Newspaper's special feature on 'What difference can your generation make to the world?'


Leader Newspaper then invited a select group of 26 to their Melbourne city offices to share their concern for the environment, hopes of using technology for good, the need to embrace change and the belief that any change comes through their actions.


Just minutes after meeting for the first time they were chatting like they had known each other all their lives, comparing war stories. And when quizzed as a group on issues such as mental health or social media bullying, they were measured and thoughtful in their answers and then wrote in their own words what they and their peers hope to achieve when they were in positions to bring about change.


Often accused of being the generation of me, this select group of Melbourne’s Year 12 school captains are doing their bit to dispel the myth of selfish Generation Z. Results from the project were published in the Leader papers across Melbourne.



"Open day was a huge success"  according to St Andrews Enrolment Registrar Suzy Song. The number of people in attendance and enquiries was at an all time high and indicates the increasing desire amongst the community for quality Christian education. It has become quite evident that “Safe Schools” is major driver for this steep increased interest in Christian Education.


Another successful aspect of the day according to Suzy were our student leaders. They were amazing and played an important role in the marketing of our College. A large number of compliments were received about our students ability to answer questions and communicate with maturity and impeccable manners. "It was a wonderful encouragement to receive such positive  feedback" said Suzy.


Thanks to the PFA for manning our sausage sizzle again and to ASG for providing a fantastic coffee cart. They both contributed wonderfully in creating a great community feel on the day. 

On the whole it was a great day that glorified our Lord.



Construction of our new Middle School and Science classrooms is progressing well and on track for the first students to begin using the classrooms at the commencement of Term 3.

We were also very pleased to have a visit from The Victorian School Block Grant Authority to inspect building progress and discuss possible funding on our new construction. PLEASE PRAY that the Lord will provide the funds needed to meet our building program.

SHINE! Solomon Islands Mission Trip

In June and July a group of St Andrews students and teachers are going on sports coaching trip to the Solomon Islands. While there, they hope to 'Shine' and be a light for Jesus wherever they go.


The Solomon Islands Mission Team consists of ten Year 9 and Year 10 students led by staff Catriona Wansbrough, Andrew Farmer, Gail van Heerden and Daniel Ferguson. They will be conducting sports coaching, Music sessions and Art lessons in two local schools between June 26 and July 7 2019. For more information on the trip contact Andrew Farmer at email


If you would like to help fund this trip, simply drop your donations in to the main college office in an envelope labelled 'Solomon Islands Mission Fund' or  if you would like more information you can email Andrew Farmer at for more details.


Thank you once again for your support and kind donations.



All St Andrews staff got together to help celebrate the 60th birthday of much loved Chinese language teacher Nelly Wang.


Pictured on the left is Principal Catriona Wansbrough wishing Nelly happy birthday and Business Manager Darren Waterworth eager to grab the first piece of cake.



·         Wednesday 24th April – Term 2 Commences

·         Thursday 25th April – Anzac Day – No school for staff or students

·         Monday 29th April – Whole School Photo Day

·         Thursday 2nd May – St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting

·         Friday 3rd May – CSEN Swimming Carnival

·         Friday 3rd May – Sunday 5th May – Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier

·         Thursday 9th May – Principal’s Morning Tea

·         Saturday 11th MayPFA Bunnings BBQ

·         Tuesday 14th May – CSEN VCE Rally Day

·         Tuesday 14Thursday 16th May – Naplan for Years 3, 5, 7 & 9

·         Monday 20th – Friday 24th May – National Christian School Sports Carnival

                                                                               – Gold Coast (Selected Students)

·         Friday 24th May – SSV Primary Cross Country

·         Saturday 25th May – PFA Trivia Night

·         Wednesday 29th May Year 5 & 6 - SSV Winter Sports Day

·         Thursday 30th May – St Andrews Christian College AGM + Board Meeting

·         Monday 3rd May  - Thursday 6th June – Year 7 – 11 Exam Week

·         Friday 7th June – Report Writing Day – Student Free Day

·         Saturday 8th June – VCE Formal

·         Monday 10th June – Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday – No School for Staff or Students

·         Wednesday 12th June – Year 12 GAT

·         Friday 14th June Year 5 & 6 - SSV Winter Sports Day

·         Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June – Year 10 - Work Experience

·         Wednesday 26th June – Sunday 7th July – Solomon Islands Mission Trip

·         Thursday 27th June - St Andrews Christian College Board Meeting

·         Friday 28th June – Last Day of Term 2



Term 1
Friday 1st February – Friday 5th April
*Preps start on Monday 4th February


Term 2
Wednesday 24th April – Friday 28th June
*Note: Term 3 holidays are 2.5 weeks and not 3 weeks as in previous years


Term 3
Thursday 18th July – Friday 20th September


Term 4
Monday 7th October – Tuesday 10th December

     Parents and Friends


In appreciation of our hard working St Andrews staff, the Parents & Friends Association of the College graciously decorated the staff room and prepared a wonderful spread of delicious food, fruit, cake and nibblies for the staff to enjoy. Thank you PFA! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed every morsel and the lovely decorations. It was so nice for staff to be blessed in such a generous way.


A big thank you to all our mums that volunteer their time to collect, collate and bank student deposits each week. It's a time consuming, fiddly process that requires a great eye for detail and figures. So thank you to all those mums that do such a fantastic job.


Dear Parents

We hope that you and your family have had good Term 1 and are looking forward to Term 2 after a rest through the coming holidays.


Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser Saturday 11th May

The PFA will be running a Bunnings BBQ at the Vermont South Store on Burwood Highway on May 11th.  Stay tuned for further details.


Mothers' & Fathers' Day Stalls not running this year

Please note, for your information, that the Mothers' & Fathers' Day stalls will not be running this year.

School Banking
School Banking will take place on each Tuesday of the School Term.


2nd Hand Uniform Shop
The Uniform Shop is located just next to the Multi-Purpose Hall and student drop off area.

The Uniform Shop will open from 8:30am - 9:30am each Wednesday during the Term.

Please note that due to the generosity of families; we currently have a large stock of second-hand uniforms at the present time and will not be accepting further donations of uniforms until the start of Term 3.


Icy Pole Friday

Icy Pole Friday will take place every Friday lunchtime.



Parents are reminded that if you are volunteering at school, you'll need a current Working With Children Check. These can be done online and then submitted at a post office at no cost.


The school also requires parents who volunteer or go on excursions to read and sign a Child Safety Code of Conduct form, which is available from the school office.


Parent Participation Hours

Families can participate by being involved in a variety of activities. During the year, notices will be sent out requesting parent help at various events or activities, for example, helping at sports carnivals, covering library books, icy pole Fridays, 2nd Hand Uniform Shop, PFA events, classroom help or attending working bees.


Parents are required to record the hours they have completed in the Parent Hours Book which is kept in the College Office. You will be charged a Parent Participation fee of $250 at the commencement of each year and will be credited at the end of the term for any work done. You will be credited at a rate of $25 per hour of work completed, up to a maximum of $250 for the year. The time requirement for each family is ten hours per year.


Keep an eye out for notices in the Week at A Glance for activities and events being held each Term.


Term 2 2019 PFA Events

  • Saturday 11th May – Bunnings BBQ
  • Friday 31st May - Food Day
  • Entertainment Books Fundraiser

2019 PFA Executive Committee

President:                    Andrew O’Brien

Vice President:           Sally Wade

Secretary:                   Lesley Goh

Treasurer:                   Eric Chen



Andrew O’Brien
PFA President

     Senior School


Year 11 and 12 students went on the camp of a life time. The venue was the beautiful El Kanah resort nestled amongst the beautiful mountains, fresh air and quaint township of Marysville.  It was a unbelievable time of community building, study, and fun!




In week 7, our year 9 students had a week of City Experience in the CBD of Melbourne. From the 'homebase' in the CYC Basement Hub on Collins St, our students spent the week exploring the city, visiting key sites and investigating their inquiry project. 


City Experience is a key part of our Year 9 ENGAGE program, in which we place a huge emphasis on students achieving independence and developing skills outside of the classroom that will translate to a huge range of careers in future years.


Here's a couple of reports from them:


This year city experience was an enjoyable time. It was really cool and fun to work with different people. A highlight for my group was meeting Dylan Alcott and asking his thoughts on our project, this made everything more interesting for us! Overall it was a fun time and we wanted it to keep going.

- Leilani Beovich (9H)


I really like city experience. I thought that the youth homelessness tour was really eye opening and taught me a lot about how I can help, even if it is just in a small way.

- Sam Sires (9H)




Engage & Empower Careers Program covers a range of topics that help our students prepare for the future: financial choices, workers’ rights and responsibilities, employer expectations, budget and saving strategies, investment and entrepreneur principles, road safety, Resume Writing & Interview Skills as well as tips for staying safe online.

Year 9 workshops:

Tax, Super + You - learn about tax and super, the importance of paying tax and the benefits of tax to the community (Australian Taxation Office School Education Program)

Digital Impact - explore how what we see and hear online affects what we think, feel and do (Optus Digital Thumbprint)

Year 10 workshops:

Tax, Super + You - learn about the tax, super, how to apply for a tax file number and the benefits of tax to the community (Australian Taxation Office School Education Program)

Start Smart - a series of interactive financial literacy workshops: Smart Earning, Saving, Spending, Investing and Enterprise (Commonwealth Bank’s Start Smart Program)

Road Smart - the beginner driver Road Safety Education and Training Program (VicRoads)

Digital Ambition - explore the benefits of a balanced online/offline life (Optus Digital Thumbprint)

Resume Writing & Interview Skills - (Box Hill Institute, Employment Services Coordinator)

My Career Match Career Profile – a powerful assessment that matches a student's personality style to careers. My Career Match helps build confidence and a positive self-image, discovers personal strengths and employability skills, suggests 'Top 5' career choices and provides content to write a resume.


In Term 2 our Yr. 10 students will have an opportunity to have a direct involvement in the workplace when they complete one week of work experience. In an increasingly globalised world, the nature of work is changing and the knowledge, skills and understanding help our students in their preparation for the future. Through exposure to work-related learning, students develop the self-knowledge, contemporary work skills and entrepreneurial behaviours and resilience necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

When you are given an opportunity to do something out of your comfort zone, walk by faith. God is leading you in the right direction - all things work together for the greater good. God is preparing you to be a beacon of light and promises to be with you every single step, walking with you, carrying you, supporting you.


Careers Coordinator

Irena Yevlahova


Careers Newsletter No.3


St Andrews Careers Newsletter is a great resource for our Year 9-12 students.  It includes details of seminars, information sessions and career related topics as well as university courses and industry information. All Year 10-12 students are strongly encouraged to read careers newsletters and register for workshops, seminars, expos  and open days.


During the upcoming school holidays many universities invite senior school students to visit their campus to find out more about courses and university life:

Deakin University Step on Campus - Wednesday 10 and 17 April 

La Trobe University Experience Clever - Friday 12 April 2019

Monash University Campus Tours -

·         Friday 12 April – Clayton Campus

·         Monday 15 April – Caulfield Campus

·         Tuesday 16 April – Peninsula Campus

·         Thursday 18 April – Clayton Campus

·         Wednesday 24 April - Clayton Campus


For more information and links please check today’s careers newsletter.


Careers Coordinator

Mrs. I. Yevlahova



On the 7th of March, the Year 11 Theatre Studies class went on an excursion to Ripponlea Estate in the city to watch an adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as part of our course. Seated in front of a mansion on beanbags and chairs, the outdoor play was a fun and enjoyable experience, with vibrant colours and a mix of suspense and humour that kept us on our toes. We also had a chance to walk around the serene botanical gardens while filling our photo galleries with many memories. Although our little critical minds as theatre students couldn’t help but pick out the smallest mistakes, the funky and lively version of the Shakespeare play was overall a new and refreshing experience. As the play went on until the sun went down, most of us were tired by the end of it, but even the bus trip back to school helped our class to bond even further, creating a perfect way to finish our evening.


Written by students Tiffany Adam, Chloe Iskandar and Raelyn Ooi. 





9/10 Softball was really fun this term! In training we got to try out different positions (pitcher, places on the field and catcher) and played practice matches to work on batting and tactics. The girls in the softball team were so supportive of eachother when we would play different schools, we would all encourage eachother win or lose (most the time we won!)

- Charli-Rose Morris and Kassia Nathan (9H)



This term in girls basketball we started off quite strong by winning our first two games. Even though this was the end of our winning streak I believe each person on the team either improved or played really well over the term.

- Leilani Beovich (9H)



During our time at tennis on Wednesdays we played several games in both singles and doubles. everyone not only got an opportunity to play, but also to learn and develop new tennis skills!

- Emma Russell (9H)

     Middle School



In Middle School, our passion is to develop faithfully devoted servants of Christ. On a regular basis, we love to celebrate our VALUE CHAMPIONS; the people who live out our values on a daily basis.

Well done to the following students:

Faithfully Honouring Commitments (Matt. 25:14-30)  – It’s about being faithful in the small things.

  • Chloe Gung (5F) faithfully honoured commitments by diligently completing her homework each week.
  • Anjali Malik and Owen Chen (5S) have been extremely diligent with their classroom responsibilities 
  • Emily He (6C) always completes homework to extremely high standard
  • Andrew Beovich (6L) asks questions on the social stream when not sure of something to complete tasks to the best of his ability and on time.
  • Alvin Motet (7C) always applies amazing effort to his writing assignments. 
  • Daniel Farmer and Aruvi Gopesh (7C) are very “switched on” and always know where they should be up to with work, and what they should be working at. If they are unsure, they will ask immediately! They listen well in class, and hardly ever need anything repeated.
  • Hei Hei (7H) is consistently organized and brings his materials to every class


Devoted to Growth (1 Tim. 4:14-15) – It’s about seeking the small improvement one day at a time.

  • Pablo Lopez (5F) has been devoted to growth in regard to improving his writing. He has shown a great attitude to learning.
  • Ethan Yang  (5S) gets down to work quickly and helps his team to focus on their work
  • Louis Sun (5S) has taken feedback on board and applied his skills to difficult tasks 
  • Tom Bolwell (6C) asks questions to improve in his work
  • Josh Weldon (6L) using time well inside and outside of class to  learn his new skill  for his Passion Project
  • Evangeline Wong and Kevin Zhang (7C)  Putting in the extra effort to be on time for school every day
  • Hei Hei (7H) works studiously in all classes
  • Jai Malhotra (8C) has been actively taking on feedback on his work and on the example he sets to other students. He always works towards improvement at all levels!


Servant Heart (1 Peter 4:7-11) – It’s about taking action to add value to others.

  • Allirra Romney, Bea Connolly, and Sam Cheung (5S) have been putting chairs down for the class in the mornings out of pure helpfulness
  • Gabriel Lim (5F) has shown a servant heart by volunteering to bring the first aid kit to swimming each lesson. This was his own initiative.
  • Joshua Bishop (6L) cheerfully volunteers to help teachers hand out notices, carry things, or deliver things to rooms.
  • Hannah Chard (6C)  for consistently helping out both students and teachers without being asked on Year 6 camp
  • Daphne Broomhall (6C) opening the door for everyone every day of swimming this term
  • Kate Courtis (8C) is always ready to help and can be trusted with any errand.


Keep up the great work!

Mr Lee

Head of Middle School



This term we went to camp for 5 days and 4 nights. My highlights of camp were AIS (the Australian Institute of Sport), the free time in cabins and a few more. At the AIS we did 3 sports-volleyball, hockey and European handball. Then we had free time in cabins when we got to play board games and have fun. We also watched a movie Kung Fu Panda 3 - it is a really good movie.

  • Anya Zhang

Year 6 camp in Canberra was probably my favourite camp ever. We went to heaps of places such as Parliament House, the AIS, The War Memorial and QuestACON. On the first night we went to the top of one of the hills and looked out over Canberra in the pitch black. You could see all the street lamps illuminating the outline of Parliament House and the top of the War Memorial. It was pretty amazing! I had two main highlights, one of them was Questacon. At Questacon there was 8 rooms and they each had a different theme. Room 1 was full of robots whereas room 8 was neon themed and you had loud music. I think it was most people’s favourite because it had a free fall slide. You had to dangle over a ledge and hold a bar while the staff member counted to 3 and then you let go and dropped vertically down. Most people stayed in that room the whole time. One of the rooms had a giant glowing model of the moon in it (it was ginormous). You could sit on one of the beanbags and gaze at it. My second highlight was the War Memorial. We got to see a sound and light show in the Vietnam War exhibit. After the sound and light show we went on a tour. The tour guide took us to see the grave of the unknown soldier. We looked at the Roll of Honour and toured the WWI exhibit. Seeing the Memorial made me realise just how brave our soldiers are, and how dangerous and horrific their job really was. 

  • Hannah Chard

This year for year 6 camp we went to Canberra. It was a great trip. Friendships grew and new friendships came alive. We visited the Parliament House, AIS, Museum of Australian Democracy, Questacon and more. In the five day trip we learned lots. We had a long 10 hour bus trip. My personal highlight on the overall trip was bonding with the whole grade and definitely souvenir shopping.

  • Eugene Tu

This year's camp was great and we went to Canberra. The 10 hour bus ride was kind of boring but it was ok at the end. The food was great and for the first time, we actually had a fan in our room. My favourite place was the AIS. We got to play lots of sports and play a lot of simulators. I had a great time at camp, and I had lots of fun.

  • Scott Bass

Year 6 camp has been the highlight of my year so far. We did lots of fun things and learnt some cool stuff. We went to Parliament House, the AIS, Questacon, the War Memorial and lots more. We also did fun stuff like a movie night, games night and bowling. We went to Parliament House on the first day and we were amazed at how big it was. I had imagined it to be maybe the size of an office block but it was way bigger (and cooler!). We went inside the two houses of the Federal Government, the Senate and the House of Representatives. We got to sit in the public viewing area and the tour guide told us what everything was and what they were used for and we got to ask questions. My highlight of the camp was definitely the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport). We had a tour of the courts and gym before having a sports experience. During the tour, we went to the volleyball court, the basketball court, the netball courts and the gym as well as the martial arts studios of boxing, judo and taekwondo. We even got to see the Australian netball team (the Diamonds) training. After that, we had sport experience where we rotated around doing European Handball, Volleyball and Hockey. It was really fun and I would love to do it again

  • Sidra Dharmadasa


After many, many hours of student work using many plastic bottles (thank you again Mr. Grant), it is finished! This Recycled Bottle Chihuly Project by the 2018 Year 7 students celebrates community and aims to reflect joy, colour and the Glory of God.

It also invites the viewer to ask questions.

Firstly - How many bottles did it take to create the artwork?  The challenge was set!


A competition was held for all students to visit the artwork in the first few weeks of term and guess the number required to make the artwork,  then submit their entry.


The two top guesses and winners were: 

1st Prize - Mrs Jones (Library) who guessed 473 bottles.

2nd Prize - Christine Kim (4V) who guessed 450 bottles.

The correct answer is 478 bottles. 


Thank you to everyone who entered and to my amazing husband for making it all safe! 

Keep Creating! 




Well done to our Primary chess team for coming in third place today. There was only 2 points difference between 1st and 3rd, so a good contest.


The winners from left to right.

: Allysa Kong, Zachary Lim, Joseph Cho and Joshua Deng



Left Photo

The left hand side photo is the St Andrews secondary chess team who came in 4th in the CSEN chess competition. Names from left to right: Noah Low, Kevin Wang, Nicholas Kho and Irena Tan


Centre Photo

St Andrews players who came in second place for the Primary CSEN chess competition today 13th March. Names from left to right: Julian Bernau, Joshua Liu, Joseph Cho, Nathan Miao and Zachary Lim.


Right  Photo

 The Right hand side photo is of all those who participated in the Primary School competition.


Fieldwork is an important skill that provides a wonderful opportunity for students to study Geography outside the classroom. It is a fundamental aspect of Geography to engage students and develop a deep understanding of geographical processes and inquiry skills.

On 18 March, the Year 8 students went on a fieldtrip to Hanging Rock, following the completion of the topic, “Mountain Landscapes”, in Term 1. The aim of this field trip was to investigate the natural and human changes in the Hanging Rock region.


While at the location, students were actively engaged in observing the environment and recording their observations about the natural features as well as management techniques. In addition, they also took photographs and drew annotated field sketches at the various sites to present as evidence in their reports.


It was a glorious, sunny day, and in addition to learning firsthand about mountain landscapes, students had great fun climbing to the summit, and appreciating the spectacular views of this amazing landform.


Rajes Krishnan

Y8 Humanities Teacher


St Andrews has a master chef in the making - Wai Wai in year 8. She loves to cook especially pastries.


For those of you who are drooling, Wai Wai's cake is a Vanilla choc chip cake, covered in white ganache, chocolate ganache and yummo chocolate tid bits - AMAZING!



Our Primary CSEN swimmers finished a respectable fourth place - the copper medal place position!! We had no Grade 6 swimmers as they were away on school camp – so well done to all involved! The St Andrews sports academy is well and truly moving toward the 2028 Melbourne Olympic games that are soon to be announced??!!  Thanks again for your ongoing support !


Hello everyone

A quick update from China! Caleb has been on tour with "School of Rock" now for five weeks, with eleven more to go in China. We have just moved to Beijing this week, after a month in Shanghai. The show is going very well - the Chinese audiences are very enthusiastic and vocal. It is interesting hearing them laugh at very different aspects to a Melbourne audience! The performances are in English, with Mandarin subtitles on screens at the side of the stage.

Caleb and the rest of the cast are working very hard - there are 8 performances every week, and Caleb is on for 7 of them. His understudy goes on once a week, but Caleb stays in the theatre on standby. They also complete 10-20 hours of tutoring each week - all up it equates to about 45-55 work hours each week. A big load for 12 year olds! He's enjoying performing, and it is wonderful watching his skills improve so much. The cast are getting better and better all the time. Caleb is coping well, but he misses home, and gets tired. It has been so invaluable having the family here for him.

I am enjoying being part of the tour group - getting to know the adult cast and crew, and learning from the best in the industry. I have so much to tell our theatre students when I return! 

We have been getting out for some sightseeing when we can - our time belongs to the company really, but we're squeezing some in, and learning how to live in China. My little blonde daughter, Amy, is very much admired and we are asked for photos a lot. Caleb is also asked for autographs often. 

Please keep us in your prayers, and especially Caleb. He will be starting the hardest leg of the tour soon, moving cities each week. Thank you to those who have sent messages of support - they mean a lot.



     Junior School



Students shared their highlight of the Teddy Bears Picnic:

Ellie "Eating the donuts of the string"

Thierry "Playing duck duck goose"

Ayden "I liked running around and playing and eating dinner and eating tiny teddies"

Ledison "I was running around with Alex"

Mercy "I had fun with my teddies"

Grace C "I had fun running around with Sophia L and chasing her brother"

Akex "Playing tiggy with Ledison, Rafael and my brother"

Shiphrah "Eating the whole apple!"

Eekyn "Storytime with Mr Grant"

Eluza "Eating the apple and giving Mrs Lepileo some dinner"

Sophua L "Eating my pizza with my teddies"

Adam "Eating biscuits with my teddies"

Raquel "Eating the apple off the string"

Beenard "Playing tiggy with Luca"

Evi "Playing with my brother with our teddies"

Maisha "Playing with Eliza and Eelyn"

Elijah "Playing with John, Thierry and Rafael"

Thierry "Doing push-ups with my teddy and Elijah and Elijah's teddy"

Stella "Playing with my brother, with my teddy and his teddy"

Godfrey "Playing with Thierry"

Chivon "Eating donuts"

John "Running around with Elijah, Thierry and Isaac"

Gabriel "Playing at the basketball court with a bouncy ball and kicking it around with Ayden and Joshua and Bernard"


Samuel "I ate an apple then I played with my teddy at the playground"

"The Teddy Bears Picnic was fun. I finished eating the donut without any hands"

Adrian "I liked the duck, duck, goose the most and all the food"

Rebekah "My favourite things from the Teddy Bears Picnic were eating a donut and playing duck, duck, goose"

Ofira "My favourite game was duck, duck, goose"

"I liked eating the apple on the string.  The apple was yummy and I was very happy."

"My favourite game was the one that the donut was hanging from the string and that my brother Jacob had a tub that had a picture of an icecream on the tub and inside was grapes!"

Levi "I liked Kungfu Panda, my teddy bear"

Jett "My favourite part of the Teddy Bears Picnic was bringing our teddies"

Isaac "When we went into 1L's classroom and read the story with our parents, the story was fun"

"The eating donuts with no hands!"

"I liked the on the string with the donut and I liked the teddy bear biscuits"

Chiara "I liked eating the donut on the string.  I liked having a story"

"The donut game!"

Ruby "I liked the Teddy Bears Picnic!"

"When I played the game when you have to eat a donut without using hands.  I liked the duck, duck, goose game."

Evie "I loved it when I tried to eat the donut.  I liked the train game.  I liked the teddy bear biscuits."


2R have been celebrating the many talents God has blessed our students with .... Sophie and her calisthenics (from the age of 3), Ebony and her gymnastics (from the age of 2), as well as Gabriel who just received a silver in an ice hockey tournament in Singapore (competing from the age of 3).

Well done everyone. The Lord has blessed you with wonderful abilities!




This extra curricular activity has begun with many enthusiastic participants!

30 students from Years 2-4 have registered for Walking Club. Enjoy these photos of over 20 students getting ready to explore our local area with Mrs Tay, Mrs McIvor and Miss Berry.



Our first Junior School Eco Captains meeting was a great success!

We enjoyed some snacks then discussed our Recycling Program and 4 bin system at St Andrews.

We are working towards less rubbish in the red rubbish bin and more recycling using our yellow paper bin, black soft plastic bag and compost bin.

When we did a waste survey in the Prep S classroom, we found:

10 items in the red rubbish bin

14 items in the red cycle (soft plastic) bag

12 items in the yellow paper recycling bin

4 items in the compost

The prep class had done a great job sorting their rubbish! We found only 2 items that should have been in the red cycle bag and 1 item that should have been in the compost.

Next term, the Eco Captains will visit the other junior school classrooms to see how well they are recycling!

Sonia Sires


On 4th March, Year 4s went on an excursion to Cranbourne Botanical Garden to learn about the Aboriginal culture.  First, a lady from the garden showed us some of the tools used by the Aboriginal people for hunting.  Then she taught us how to make paint with ochre and water and we used the paint to make handprints on a rock.  After that we had some lemon myrtle tea which was yummy.  The highlight of our trip was the bushwalk when Zachary saw a koala on a tree! It was so fluffy and cute! At the end of the day, we got to play at the water play area which was lovely on a hot day.

Zoe Wong and Serafim Oktanio




Every second Thursday the Year 12 students lead devotions and prayer with Prep grades.

It's a wonderful way for our student community to connect and learn about what God is doing in each of their lives.




Such a pleasure watching the Preps, Year 1 and Year 2 go hunting for Easter eggs. Their laughter, energy and enthusiasm made everyone smile. So much joy when an egg was found!



It's amazing how God works in the hearts of His little ones. Principal Wansbrough received an unexpected and delightful note from two year 2 students, Nakisha Gunawardana and Annabelle Choi about their thoughts of Easter and what it means to them. Wow! How great is our God!




The Junior School have been having a wonderful time as they started their swimming program this week. The focus of the program is on water safety and confidence around water. Our students are certainly confident and we have discovered some amazing swimmers. The PE staff are already scouting for recruits for future swimming carnivals. I wish to thank the wonderful staff and amazing parents who have been making sure everyone goes home fully clothed and with shoes on!





Wow! Check out these Monochromatic Self-portraits by Year 8!

Outstanding Mobius Strips by Yr 7 and a stunning original painting by Alina from 7C! Yr 6 are finalizing their clay projects, firing and glazing for next term. I’ll keep you posted!

A small exhibition of works from Junior, Middle and Senior artists is up in the Innovation Centre.

Let’s celebrate the Creative Arts.


Keep Creating!

Mrs Heading.


On Friday 29 March fifty of our students took part in the final CSEN music day at Hillcrest Christian College and put on an amazing concert for the parents and staff. Our students contributed to the string ensemble, Junior and Senior Concert Band and choir along with students from six other Christian Schools, and a huge massed item with over 200 students. 


Everyone should be congratulated on the work they put in to prepare for this event, and for the way that they conducted themselves throughout the rehearsal days. Being part of such a large scale event is very special and it was great to see our students rise to the challenge. 


Thanks also to the parents, teaching and instrumental staff who made this event possible in many and varied ways.


More CSEN music fun...


The inaugural VCE Theatre Studies class presented Jeremy Bloom’s ‘Peter/Wendy’ as part of their assessment for a unit on Staging Theatre. The sell-out crowds were treated to an evening of wonder, joy, nostalgia and tear-jerking moments of pathos and beauty. The Drama Space was transformed into an attic hideout in which six young children imagined they were the iconic characters from Neverland, turning everyday items such as bedsheets, stools and hat stands into pirate ships and lagoons. With members of the class forming a production team (meaning they were responsible for costumes, set, props and makeup on top of their acting roles), it was a huge undertaking, and well deserving of the remarkable audience response. What a magnificent way to debut this subject at St Andrews.







Library Staff:Lynne Marks, Anita Little, Wai Peng Heath




Middle/ Senior Library:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: Open from 8.15am (for students in Years 4-12 only).

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch

After school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.

Junior Library: 

Students may borrow books after school if they bring a book bag and return the books they have finished reading. Please see staff in the Senior Library for access and loans.


The Library staff would like to thank everyone who has helped cover new books and shelved in the library this term. We are very grateful for your help.



Anzac Day 25th April

Anzac Day commemorates the first battle fought by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps in World War 1. Find out more about this important day at

Easter 19th-22nd April  looks at both the Christian and secular aspects of Easter. 

Birth of the Internet 7th April

This year marks 50 years since the origin of the Internet in 1969. Read a brief history of its early history as RFC editor by visiting

Children’s Book Day 2nd April

Started 40 years ago, Children’s Book Day corresponds with the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson.



There are a number of competitions running for students who like to write.

Here are a few:

Insight Creative writing competition 2019

This is open to students in Years 7-12. There are cash prizes on offer.

Theme: The price you pay

Dates: Closes 16th August


Information and entry forms:


KSP Short Fiction Competition

Students aged between10 and 17 yearsare invited to write a short story of up to 1000 words. There are cash prizes and the chance to be published in Swan Magazine

Dates: Closes 27th September, 2019


Information and entry forms:


OzKids Literature Program

School-age students can submit prose or poetry for the opportunity to be published in the quarterly OzKids magazine

Dates: Closes 20th September 2019


For more information:


KSP Poetry Awards

Open to Students aged between 10 and 17 years. Students are invited to write a poem of no more than 50 lines to win cash prizes and be published in Swan Magazine.

Dates: Closes 11th October 2019


For more information and entry form:


The Wombat Award

This competition is open to students 12 years and under. There are cash prizes and each entrant can submit up to three poems.

Theme: Our Heritage

Dates: Closes 30th April, 2019


For more information








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