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06 October 2016
Issue Fifteen
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School News
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Important Dates


3rd October - Term 4 commences

13th October - Rowing Season Opening Night, 6.30pm

19th October - Year 12 Celebration Day and Valedictory Dinner

20th October - Dance Night (book you tickets here)

21st October - Dance Night (book your tickets here)

25th October - Spring Soiree, 6.30pm

31st October - PUPIL FREE DAY


3rd October - 16th November - Unit 3&4 Examinations

1st November - Melbourne Cup Day (Public Holiday)

14th - 18th November - Year 8 Camp

18th - 25th November - Unit 2 Exams

28th November - 2th December - Headstart Program


5th - 9th December - Year 10 Work Experience


Principal's Report

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to term 4! I hope you enjoyed the term break with your daughters and managed some time together.

Ms. Linda Brown

Congratulations to our wonderful colleague, Linda Brown, who has been appointed the new principal of Mentone Girls’ Secondary College from 26 October, 2016. We will miss Linda a great deal but we are all very proud of her many achievements at MGC. We know Linda will be an excellent principal and wish her every success.

Congratulations Ms. Tip Kennedy

Linda’s appointment sees another opportunity and our great MGC colleague, Ms. Tip Kennedy is appointed as acting Assistant Principal for 2017.

Environment Team Student Conference, The Great Barrier Grief

Andrew Vance and his team of inspirational students lead a conference for eleven schools and community stakeholders on Friday 9th September. The conference stimulated thought and discussion to inspire our future leaders on tackling the many “wicked” problems based on climate change. Our MGC parent, Climarte CEO and Sustainability Collective colleague Bronwyn Johnson wrote, “I loved the way you had the students taking the lead in all presentations - gives us adults hope for the future!”  
Congratulations Andrew and all of the students, staff and parents involved.

Anna Burke,
Principal for a Day

We were fortunate to host the former Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives, Anna Burke as Principal for a Day on 8th September. Anna spent the day with staff and students, in strategy meetings and sharing lunch. Anna inspired the girls with her life story, particularly in politics, social justice and community service. We did ask her if, as Principal, she would like to conduct a fire drill for the entire school but she declined! Anna’s thoughts on the day –  “I had a great time being Principal for a Day at your magic school, staff, kids were a great buzz - you could feel the enthusiasm for learning. Hope you all have a terrific break over the holidays and your vision for the school is embraced and shared. I will be sending a great report to program organisers about my experience.”

Leading Asia Capable Schools Shanghai Tour

During the term break I travelled to Shanghai with the Victorian Department of Education and Training as one of the eleven schools across the State participating in the Leading Asia Capable Schools initiative. We met with Chinese educational and business leaders who gave us a lens into their 21st century thinking and entrepreneurship. The teaching of Chinese first and second language, links with Melbourne and Hanban Universities as a Confucius Classroom and the many international connections of our staff illustrate the readiness of MGC for this initiative. The work now is in revising and designing learning programs based on the engagement skills and capabilities student will require to be future leaders in this area. 
“An internationally-oriented education will build students’ resilience by providing a greater sense of belonging in a global future, and will have a positive impact on social cohesion and respect for diversity. It will also build critical and creative thinking through exposure to different cultures and ideas, and grow pride in our government schools. 
The road to achieving this is long term proposition, but if we start now, it will place Victorian ahead of other states and territories in preparing our students for a global future.” DET Secretary, Gill Callister 29/9/16.

Parents’ Association - Massive Recycled Designer Sale

Thank you to our Parents’ Association, Sylvia Segon, Jo Lindsay, Gailean Hammond and team for conducting the sale on 11 September and fostering the community spirit involved. It was great to catch up with parents and the girls beside the Yarra and whilst hunting for treasure amidst the great designer clothes. 


We wish all the best for our Year 12 students who are preparing for exams. It it their time to  savour walking the halls and creating their own special memories of MGC in these last few weeks.
Best regards,

School News

Catalina Cureceanu
visits MGC

"Where are the others, do extra-terrestrial civilisations exist?”
Each year the AIP funds the national Women in Physics tour by an eminent physicist. This year’s AIP Women in Physics lecturer is Dr Catalina Curceanu, Head Researcher of Italy's National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN).
Dr Catalina Curceanu graduated in physics with the highest qualification in Bucharest Romania and obtained her PhD in experimental particle and nuclear physics within the OBELIX experiment at the particle laboratory CERN in Geneva looking at antimatter. Since 1992 she has lived in Italy and worked at the Italy’s National Institute of Nuclear Physics, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati. She leads a research team performing nuclear and fundamental physics experiments on the DAFNE collider at Frascati and also at the underground laboratory of Gran Sasso. Her team participates in experiments performed at CERN in Geneva and J-PARC in Japan. Dr Curceanu is an author of more than 200 scientific papers in international journals.
She encourages physicists and students to be courageous: "Physics is 90% trial and failure"  "It is much worse not to try, than to try and to fail."
We were lucky enough to have Catalina visit us on Tuesday the 23rd of August to discuss outer space, whether aliens exist, and the physics involved in trying to answer that question. She  spoke to the girls studying physics at year 10, 11 and 12. Her talk illustrated how physics can explain the world and universe around us, as well as how it is used to answer big questions. She also opened our eyes to possible future careers and opportunities in the field of science, particularly physics.
Sandor Kazi, Senior Physics Teacher, and Brooke Scallion, Science Captain

Year Seven State Soccer

On Friday the 9th of September, the MGC Year Seven soccer team competed in the State Championships. It was held in Kingston Heath Soccer Complex with great facilities and staff. In our first game we played against Gallen Catholic College and we won 6-0. Our second game was against Bendigo South where we won 2-0, which was the game we were aiming to win. The last game was against Warrnambool College and we had a great game, winning 8-0. This meant that we would play the winners of the other pool, Maribyrnong Sports Academy in the grand final. This game was very close and they shot one goal in the first half putting them in the lead. We came back, shooting one goal in the second half, making it even by the end of the match. Because it was a draw we had extra time, but still no goal was shot. This then went to a penalty shoot out, which Maribyrnong won in a tightly fought contest.

We were a bit disappointed with the outcome but still very happy to be the Victorian State Runners-up! Thanks to Gab, Cassie and Mr. Kovassy again for coaching us and shout out to Ms. T who had been training us but unfortunately couldn’t make it to the game. Great job girls!

Ancient Civilisations
City Excursion

By Ruby Corcoran

From others’ perspectives:


Rhyton Cup – National Gallery 

A flood of girls came walking in, holding notebooks and wearing the most exquisite uniform I have seen so far! As I sat there behind the glass wall, I prepared myself for a wave of pointing and staring. They filtered down the room, girls began to head toward the Egypt section completely ignoring me. Three girls sat down and showed some interest, I wish I could dust myself off and look more respectable. They kept glancing up at me taking notes down, I was lucky enough to get a quick glimpse of them, lion-head shaped cup, large handle and splendid unique painting. I felt proud I mentally grinned inside with pride. The best part of my day is seeing the absolute fascination on their faces it makes me feel as though I still mean something thousands of years later. Most girls were more interested in the big strong vases, used to carry litres of liquid, I thought ‘I can hold liquid too!’ Eventually the teachers began to round them up and guided them to the exit leaving me alone yet again.


Tram Driver - Swantston St

As the tram stop began to come into view I prepared to stop and I dung my bell.  I slowed down pulling up after a couple of other trams, then I saw a pack of school girls about fifty of them all waiting to fill on the tram. I opened the doors reluctantly and glanced in the mirror to see how full the tram was, after the girls came on I could tell other people were getting squashed significantly. I did what I was suppose to and closed the doors, the girls should be old enough to figure out what to do, but right now I just had to do my job. The teachers’ faces immediately changed into a frightened panicked expression, one of them tried pressing the button of the doors again but I would not give in. She began to run across the platform, signalling for me to stop, I did, but not for her, traffic was always bad at midday. Yet again I looked in my mirror to see what was happening, the girls were debating on whether to get off at the next stop or continue onto to the Museum. In the end the people arguing to get off won, and the girls exited the tram briskly, teachers guided them onto the tram behind mine. Just another day’s work!


The fairy lights on the roof – Melbourne Museum

I heard many noises, including lots of young girls talking, I knew yet again that there was another excursion. I could hear them getting closer and closer until three girls walked past, they spotted me and gazed up at me. Then they got out their phones and began to take photos, I felt embarrassed but grateful, they began to take photos of each other looking at me. One girl hurried them up saying that they needed to move on, another spotted the magnificent piece of 3D artwork just ahead. It was quite amazing, cut out figures of Aboriginal men with a European boat just above, it all represented the first time Europeans found Australia. The schoolgirls began talking about the artefacts like the cauldron to boil seal blubber to oil, the Pacific Island boats, all the remarkable stories written on the wall and of course the interactive artefacts like the fire and message sticks. All of them sounded incredible, I don’t get to move around, and so I have never met them. At least I get to sit there above, hearing people talk about them, and giving people light to continue wandering through out the exhibit.


Theatre worker – Imax Theatre

I was excited about the movie I was about to show to fifty or so schoolgirls. Mummification, one of the things that absolutely fascinates me, it was just my luck they were showing it on my shift! I was literally buzzing with so much excitement I forgot I had to get the girls into theatre, when I snapped back to reality I hushed the girls down and explained they were to leave no seat gaps. When they all entered, there was the exact right number of seats for them all, then I let them be, I ducked outside and anticipated the documentary. It finally began, the whole movie flicked back to ancient times then forward to present day, then back to the eighteenth century. They focused on how people could not find Pharaohs tombs, until one man forced it put of two brothers, when they showed him the man was absolutely stunned. He ordered slaves to bring out the mummies and later the whole cave collapsed. They then fast forwarded to current day, showing scientist trying to use DNA from ancient mummies to see how the disease Malaria has evolved over time. Scientist made a modern day mummy and then found that there was the most DNA in the mummies bones, which is exactly where they looked in the ancient mummies. It was fascinating, I stood there amazed that yet again I forgot about the girls, I ushered them out of the massive screened theatre, finishing up my shift.


Performing Arts News

String Soiree

The MGC String Soiree was held on Wednesday 14th September, and students who either learn a string instrument at school or participate in ensemble were invited to perform. The evening saw students across all year levels perform solo pieces, duets and trios of varying styles. The Senior String Ensemble ended the concert with a performance of Mozart’s Divertimento. A handful of students have only begun lessons this year and it was wonderful to see them perform for the first time! Huge congratulations to the girls for a beautiful evening of string music!


Wen Chin and Jhana Allan

Spring Soiree


Tickets are now on sale for the MGC Spring Soiree, join us to see our talented students perform.

Tuesday 25th Ocotber, 6.30pm

Book your tickets here:

Parents' Association

Father's Day Breakfast


What a great morning at the annual Father's Day Breakfast. It was a huge success as usual and we would like to thank the many volunteers who were up early to help with the preparations. We had some great lucky door prizes that made it lots of fun too.


Please look at the flyer promoting our sponsors and support them. They are always so generous to the Parents' Association and our events.








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