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13 May 2016
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Upcoming Events

Sat 14 May

Year 12 Sleepout

Mon 16 May

Rehearsal for NEVR Concert

3.30 - 6.30 pm

Tues 17 May

'Anything Goes' Production Rehearsal

3.30 - 6.30 pm

Wed 18 May

Year 8 Winter Round Robin

Thurs 19 May

Victorian State School Spec Rehearsal

 8.30 - 3.15pm


Year 10 Geography Field Trip


Year 11 Court Excursion 


7B Indonesian Visit to Ringwood Noth PS


Autumn Concert 6.45 - 10.30 pm

Monday 23 May

Rehearsal for NEVR Concert

3.30 - 6.30 pm

Tuesday 24 May 

'Anything Goes' Production Rehearsal

3.30 - 6.30 pm


NEVR Concert at Hamer Hall 7.30 - 10.30 pm

Principal's Post

From Mr Phillips

This has indeed been a busy week at Ringwood Secondary College with NAPLAN testing, being undertaken by over 500 students in Years 7 and 9. Unfortunately, we do not receive any feedback until close to the end of term 3 to assist in developing plans for individual and groups of students. This will be different in 2017 as we are one of the trial schools for NAPLAN online. This will give us more flexibility in delivery of a test, which is adaptive and for which the feedback will occur much earlier.


VCE Premier's Awards

Two of our students were recognized as top students in their studies from VCE, having obtained a perfect study score of 50. The annual awards held at Crown Palladium acknowledged all of the top achievers including Ellena Boyd (Health and Human Development) and Arthur Zhi-Bin Foo (English as an Additional Language). They both should be immensely proud of this achievement. Academic excellence is a team effort and their teachers  Mrs Nicole Solomon and Ms Lucy Moore were particularly chuffed too!


Ringwood Training Graduation

I was delighted to welcome our successful graduates to our awards ceremony held on Thursday evening. Certificates for those who had successfully completed School Based Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Apprenticeships were presented in Automotive, Engineering and Information and Communications Technology. The support of many local industries and partners, as well as the presence of State and Federal Members of parliament was also greatly appreciated. We do make every effort as a school community to enable multiple pathways for our students.


Volunteers Luncheon

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to celebrate National Volunteers Week at a Community Volunteer Luncheon at Karralyka. Mayor of Maroondah, Cr Natalie Thomas, herself a former Ringwood Student, acknowledged those in our community who give up their time to make Maroondah such a caring and supportive place to live.

One of the highlights was the performance of our Junior Stage Band Students led by Mr Lachlan Mackay, who entertained all of the guests.    


Mt Gambier National Stage Bands Competition

On May 6, our Jazz ensembles made the annual trek to Mt Gambier to participate at the Generations in Jazz event and did so with great resolve, performing well across the board. There were a number of outstanding results, including: Holly Watson for making the Future Finalists on Alto Clarinet, and Emily White for making the Division 1 Superband on Piano! A huge congratulations to both young ladies and well done to all ensembles that performed and represented the College so admirably across the weekend.


Dance Fair

Our Dance program continues to go from strength to strength and last weekend our students participated in the dance fair at Fairhills High School, obtaining outstanding results. They have all worked particularly hard and Ms Gaynor Borlase has been a wonderful coach for these students. There were a swag of individual awards which have been reported elsewhere in this newsletter and Ringwood Secondary College was the overall schools’ winner


Hats off time!

SunSmart wants Victorian secondary schools to throw away the sun protection from May – August, when UV levels are lower. Throughout these months, Victorians are encouraged to get some sun exposure for vitamin D – important for the development and maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and overall health. From May to August in Victoria, sun protection is not recommended as UV levels are lower, so people are encouraged to be outdoors around the middle of each day, with some skin uncovered. Being physically active outdoors will also help the body to make vitamin D. Download the free SunSmart app for Apple, Android and ipad devices to remind you when you do and don't need sun protection each day. For further information on vitamin D, visit the SunSmart website.


Student Safety.

As the wetter and colder weather settles in, it is a timely reminder to all students travelling along busy roads that it is often difficult for vehicle drivers to see students when they alight from buses or emerge from between parked vehicles. Basic road sense should apply in these situations, such as looking right, left and right again before crossing a road and waiting for a bus to have cleared the immediate area before crossing. The area closest to our school for which the risk is greatest is in Great Ryrie Street near Bedford Road. Hopefully the traffic signals will be in use later this year but in the meantime please use common sense and patience in these situations. 


Finally, our building project is really taking shape with the site cleared in readiness for the builders arrival on site in the coming days and a construction time period of approximately 12 months. It was brilliant to witness the final demolition of our oldest portables! I will keep you informed of progress as the work commences.


Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos


The past fortnight has been busy with the National Assessment Program- Literacy and Numeracy being a prime focus for our Year 7 and 9 students. The students conducted themselves impeccably during the examination period and the college managed to accommodate this necessary challenge during the preliminary stages of our building program by informing students and staff and planning for the examinations in a timely manner. The next stage in the process is notifying parents when we receive the results.



As part of a BASTOW briefing we attended, Ms Fedrizzi and I were asked to find out student responses to the following questions:

What did students say about the learning that inspired them? Try to find out as much as you can about WHAT they were learning and WHY this was so significant to them?


Their responses were shared in a collaborative forum with other teachers from across Victoria as part of a wider discussion about what stimulates student interest at school. Here is a sample:

Passionate and engaged teachers helped them see the passion and purpose in any content.


Not having hierarchical relationships – where the position of teacher gets in the way of the purpose of learning…


Positive relationships between teachers and students “when the teacher has faith about my work and trusts that it will be good.”


Links drawn between the work/task and the wider world, or with their areas of interest – metaphors that make them see the links between their classroom learning and the wider world.


Knowing the purpose or ideas behind subjects and the work that is on offer


Having a supportive class – not just the teacher – sometimes this is harder in the upper levels when you have many different classes without the same people from one class to another – can feel some disconnect…


When teachers cater for the variety of learning approaches, needs and styles in the class


In Year 10 I was involved in the Ladder program, a program which aims to spread awareness for youth homelessness whilst providing refuge and aid for many homeless people all across Melbourne, South Australia and Western Australia. Through the program, I was able to go to their headquarters in Collingwood and meet the founder of the organisation, and learn all about the development of the organisation, its partnership with the AFL (as the organisation was founded by ex-players) and its expansion from one refuge in the CBD to many different refuges across 3 states. As I learned more about the programs foundation, I was very inspired by the compassionate and heartfelt work of the founders and the impact their organisation is having on the lives of young people. It was really significant for me as it was really moving to witness just how great an impact these people were making on the lives of at-risk Australians. 


I have always been quite inspired by learning about different aspects of real life – whether this is language (taboos, how and why we use language the way we do), religion (Buddhism and otherwise), or international affairs (why different events are occurring in the world). But what really inspires me is when I am learning about something that will impact my future – like how to critically think (refer to the philosophy course).


The Victorian Curriculum

Our Curriculum Committee met this week and discussed the audit that was administered by Ms Niven which highlighted the discrepancies between the old AUSVELS  curriculum and the new Victorian Curriculum. A briefing with the Outer Eastern Network of Principals also focused on the key points of implementation and provided schools with resources and support for the implementation stage. It was noted that feedback, metacognition and self regulation are effective drivers in enhancing student learning. We are continuing our work in this area.


Ringwood Secondary College’s Education week program will be published on Monday and outlines a whole range of activities that we offer students. Thank you to all our dedicated staff for their time and energy.


The Department’s website has free activities to involve families in this symbolic week and can be accessed via this link


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

Senior School


Winter Sleep Out

As you read and peruse this newsletter, a number of Year 12 students and several staff are preparing for the annual winter sleep out here at the College. The commitment of the Year 12 cohort to social service and justice is to be acknowledged and commended. The wonderful work done by our prefects in organising such an event speaks volumes for their willingness to think and act globally. A more detailed report will be available in the next newsletter. We look forward to a very successful event.


Further to the Wellbeing report, our Year 11 students enjoyed a very successful Positive Education Day here at the College. Starting with a session on study skills delivered by Elevate, students chose a variety of activities that focussed on new learning experiences, outside their normal timetabled classes. Thank you to so many staff that contributed to the smooth running and celebratory feeling of the day.


Exams and the GAT

The examination period is upon as and all students in Year 11 will have exams from Thursday, 2nd of June until Monday, 6th of June.

Moreover, any student that is currently studying a Unit 3 and 4 subject, will be sitting the 3 hour General Achievement Test (GAT), on Tuesday, 7th of June, starting at 10.00am. This exam is a VCAA requirement and is completed across the state, by all secondary schools, at the same time.

Any questions about the GAT or exams can be directed through to the Senior School on 9870 2002.


James Barut

Assistant Principal

Middle School

As we near the halfway point of the term, it is amazing to think about the many fantastic learning experiences our middle school students have already been involved in this term.


At our recent Year 9 and 10 assemblies, our Year 10 coordinator, Mr Benn Jamieson, shared a moving story about a number of his ancestors’ experiences as ANZAC’s, which had the audience enthralled.


This week has seen our Year 9 students complete NAPLAN testing in reading, writing, language and numeracy. Results will be available in late August and we hope that the results will show students and their families the progress they have made over the past two years.


A large number of students have also been involved in extra-curricular activities with 40 Year 9 students travelling to Mount Buffalo, as part of the Duke of Ed program. Supported by Duke of Ed leaders Ms. Usher and Ms. Benson, along with Mr. Ricci, Ms. Urbano, Ms. Aveling and Mr. Saunders, the students showed incredible perseverance and resilience as they stepped outside of their comfort zones, trekking, caving and abseiling.


Over the last weekend 46 middle school students travelled with the stage bands, choir and vocal ensemble to the Mt Gambier Generations in Jazz Festival. Thank you to Mr. Mackay, Mr. Bonnett, Mr. Jaques, Ms. Sedergreen, Mr. Binotto and Ms. Kenna who not only accompanied them on the trip, but also spent countless hours preparing students for the festival.


Another highlight has been 111 students represented Ringwood Secondary College at the Year 9 and 10 Winter round robin, competing in Football, Soccer, Badminton and Netball. Congratulations to all students who participated and best of luck to the teams that will now progress through to Region level.


Over 50 Year 9 and 10 students, have also been busily preparing for this year’s production, Anything Goes, as members of the cast, orchestra, stage and tech crew. A large team of staff led by Mr. Moody, Ms. Borlase and Mr. Kent have been conducting rehearsals since the first week of this term and all the hard work will no doubt result in a fantastic show yet again this year.


Please be sure to read Ms. Kim Watson’s Middle School Report for further details of these and many other activities that the Year 9 and 10 levels have been involved in over the past month.


Year 10 exams

Exams for Year 10 students commence on Friday 3rd of June and students’ exam times should now appear on their Compass schedule. Students are encouraged to start their revision program early in order to develop their skills in preparing for exams, which will assist them as they progress into VCE study.


Kyle Simkin

Acting Assistant Principal

From Junior School

Everyone could think about performing a random act of kindness. The list is endless but one to think about is to…visit someone who may be lonely.


People can become lonely for any number of reasons, regardless of their age. Some people are alone because they don’t feel like they fit in, while others may become lonely after the death of a close friend or relative. Other people might just suffer from an illness that doesn't allow them to see many people. Children with family troubles will often become lonely as a result of the tough issues they face at home. Offer your companionship to someone who is lonely in exchange for his or her wisdom or a lifetime of stories.



Upcoming reports

The end of semester one is fast approaching and it is an important time for all students to continue to focus and complete all tasks to the highest-level possible. With ongoing reporting underway, it is vital that any missed or incomplete work is submitted for assessment. Parents are encouraged to access Compass to check progress of their son or daughter and contact staff if the need arises. Mid-year reports will be available, as in Term 1, via Compass.


Open Night 2016

What a team effort!

The College Open Night 2016 for 2017 incoming students was a great success, due the hard work from many staff and students. Speaking to prospective parents on the evening the Year 7 students, Daniel Watson and Flynn Commins, were interviewed by Year 12 Prefects Caleb Lindner and Rebecca Allsop about their transition into Ringwood Secondary College. During the evening the junior ambassadors partnered with the Year 12 Prefects to lead tours, usher parents and provide refreshments. Congratulations to Mrs Keenan, the Junior School Community Heads and all staff who carefully planned and organised the evening to make it such a success.



Congratulations to all students on their performance and dedicated approach during the NAPLAN tests held this week. Thank you to all staff that supervised the tests with special thanks to all staff that managed the process.


Homework Tutor Group

If your son or daughter needs a tutor in a subject, they could join the homework tutor group. Senior students tutor the junior students in a range of subjects, in a warm and caring environment with Ringwood Secondary College staff supervising the sessions at all times. Contact the General Office for information.


Jazz Night Concert

On Monday, May 2nd all Stage Bands performed at Doncaster Shopping Town. It was a great evening that showcased our talented students from Years 7 to 12. They played to a packed house of parents, students and staff. A special thank you to the Music Association who worked tirelessly to support our budding musicians and all students and staff who assisted with supervision or leading the bands throughout the evening.


Biggest Morning Tea

Every year Ringwood Secondary College staff holds the ‘Biggest Morning Tea’. We work together to help raise vital funds for the Cancer Council. With your help, we can make this year’s event the biggest yet! Our target for 2016 is $500. Your donation will help fund Cancer Council’s research, prevention and support services. You can make a tax-deductible donation online by going to Ringwood Secondary College's BMT page. Once you’ve donated, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt via email.

Entertainment Books

If you are interested in saving money when dining out this book is for you. Please refer to the flyer in the newsletter or contact the General Office.

Plein Air Painting

Year 7 ACE Class painting like the Impressionists.


Duty Student Extraordinaire

Aaron Davies 7I




Maria Allison

Assistant Principal


 From the Office

From the Chaplain

What an intense past two weeks I have had with my family and it all happened in a blink of the eye. 


Just after basketball training my son was playing with some of his bigger brothers friends when I saw him hit the ground, hard.  At first he didn't react too badly but then he let out an almighty scream. 


As my son came over to me holding his arm I knew something was up as it was shorter and slightly bent (affectionally called by his brother ‘banana arm’).  We raced to the hospital together and then thankfully we were in the hands of the professionals.  It is hard seeing your child in such pain and there is nothing you can do to help. At that moment I knew I had to trust in the process. 


The process was filled with listening and following the doctors orders and guidance as we negotiated the next two days in hospital.  At the time it was hard to give control over to someone else, especially when it related to one of my kids. 


No matter what the situation is it can be hard. The question to be aware of is how are you managing in the process and who are you turning to for the right support?  My son is now home safe and sound sleeping contently and life is mostly back to normal but if you had have asked me last week it would have seemed like the world was ending. 


Thankfully for the support of close friends, family and a committed church community we came through really positively. Who is your support network?

Adam Bryant

College Chaplain


P.S Great news we have a Mentoring program run through Big Brothers Big Sisters starting at the school shortly.  It will be established to support students with some of the struggles associated with managing secondary school.  


Big Futures – In-school mentoring 


Big Futures is a school based mentoring program. In the program participants will be matched with a member of the community who they will connect with on a regular basis throughout the school year.

The Big Futures in school mentoring program has been set up to give you support and encourage you to reach YOUR full potential!


A mentor is a resource who can help you:

  • Become the best person you are capable of being and achieve results that are in your best interest.
  • Work out what is going well at school and what you could improve on
  • Identify your strengths and weakness.
  • Identify what your goals are.
  • Support you to take full advantage of what is offered here at school.

Your mentor will be volunteer who is only here because they want to be here! 


Your mentor is NOT a teacher, parent or a counsellor!


No matter what your age or interests are your mentor is there to support you and be your friend!


Making the most of the connection  


The connection that you have with your mentor will be two way. For you to get the best from the experience you will need to :

  •  Have a good attitude!
  • Be willing to talk and listen
  • Be honest
  • Show respect to your mentor, as you would a friend
  • Make sure you are reliable -  BE ON TIME!
  • Let the school know if you are not going to be here for mentoring so that your mentor is not let down
  • Greet your mentor by name

Commonly asked questions

BD15057_  Who are the mentors?


Mentors are community members who come from a wide range of backgrounds and are interested in supporting young people.


BD15057_  Do the mentors get paid?

No mentoring is a voluntary service.


BD15057_  Why would I want a mentor?

Having a mentor will give you an opportunity to build up a connection with a caring adult, who will support and encourage you in decisions you make in your life.


BD15057_  Do the mentors report back to the school or my parents?


The school and parents are very supportive of students involved in the program. The  mentoring relationship is between you and your mentor and there is no reporting, as such.

  • What do I have to do?

You will see your mentor on a regular basis. Both you and the mentor make a commitment to attend.


You will be told by the Mentoring Coordinator how it will work.

RSC Heritage and Alumni Group.

Please enjoy the latest edition of the RHS Grapevine.


Careers News

For all the up to date information on Careers please read the attached PDF

Helen Doherty

Careers Coordinator

Facilities report

Start typing your article in here...

Anzac Day Assembly

We had a terrific Full School Assembly to commemorate Anzac Day.



Around the School

Working Bee

Many thanks to parents who attended our recent working bee.


Great progress was made as a small but dedicated group painted most of portable 417A/417B and assisted with the moving of the costume room.  


Enjoy the photos.

Building Progress

The removal of the old portables has created lots of work but we are finally catching up and looking forward to the commencement of the building project.

Several major projects are currently in planning stage including solar, lighting bars for the hall, replacement tiers for the oval and improvement to the girls’ changerooms.

Other recent activities include:

  • Repairs to panelling on Rooms 420/421
  • Replacement of broken pit lids
  • Instal of pinboards and whiteboards
  • Service of bin lifter
  • Replacement of PAC rear door
  • Instal of projectors in rooms 416, 417 and 812
  • Instal of blinds in costume room


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

Around the School

Geography - Year 9

Throughout our Global Interconnections unit in Geography as part of Culture and Communication, we explored the chocolate trade and subsequently fair trade.

The class of 9C put together a quick video to demonstrate their understanding and support of fair trade. Fairtrade Australia liked our video so much that they decided to use it on their Facebook page. If you would like to watch the video simply follow this link;


You can also follow our class on Twitter @RSC9C16

InterGREAT News

The following students have been nominated for MAD (making a difference) in their InterGREAT classes this term.


Congratulations to all students nominated.

Karlin B, 9C

Olivia O, 9H

Paige K, 9H

Alannah D, 9H

Kodi L, 9I

Amy D, 9I

Emmerson F, 9B

Declan L, 9D

Molly P, 9D


Miss Alyce Bailey

9C Culture & Communication and InterGREAT Teacher


RSC recently hosted Pruk Wanawattana (Hom) for a 2 week Cultural Exchange from our sister school, Montfort College in Chang Mai, Thailand.

This was Hom’s second visit to our College and he thoroughly enjoyed being included in Year 11 classes.


Thank you to Samantha & Jonathon Fowler for buddying up with Hom for the duration of his visit.


Maroondah Youth Awards

The Maroondah Youth Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements and commitments of the young people of Maroondah.

Mayor of Maroondah, Cr Natalie Thomas & Deyuan Chen


Ringwood Secondary College was proudly represented at the recent awards ceremony by Year 9 student Deyuan Chen (Personal Journey category) and the Ringwood eSmart ambassadors (Young Leaders Award).


The eSmart ambassadors are:

Baillie Campbell, Patrick Cottin,

Lauren Fischer, Eve Fletcher,

Eh doh doh Htoo, Dean Kelly,

Kyle MacCartney, Kathleen Mitchell, Fletcher Smith & Martina Tan.

eSmart Ambassador Group


Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation

Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation Youth in Philanthropy Program – 6 young women in Year 10 participated in the Grantmakers Forum on Wednesday 27th of April.


The Youth in Philanthropy program provides young people with an opportunity to explore the world of philanthropy and gain the perspective of many disadvantaged groups in our community. They are provided with $10,000 and three grant applications from charities. The big decision is then who to provide the largest grant of $9000 to, leaving the other two charities with only $500 each.


We look forward to visiting the charities in June and making our final recommendations to the LMCF in August. 

Thankyou Day

The SRC thank those that supported the Fundraiser and helped raise money.


The money raised will purchase a book called “Chapter One” - a book about the story of Thankyou Water that we hope will inspire our peers to make change in the world – you will be able to borrow the book from the library.

The money we used to purchase the book, that had no recommended retail price (RRP) will help to fund Chapter Two for Thankyou Water – helping women in developing countries to access maternal health care and expanding the reach of the Thankyou corporation into Thankyou Baby & Thankyou NZ – raising even more money to help those in developing countries to access clean water, sanitation and food. THANK YOU for your support of this worthwhile fundraiser!


Language News

We had a very successful Open Night in room 110 on Wednesday May 27. Many prospective students and parents visited us to learn more about the wonderful opportunities provided in both our French and Indonesian programs.

I would like to thank our student volunteers who came to represent Indonesian and helped answer parent questions on the night. They were fantastic role models for the school as well as great ambassadors for Indonesian. Thank you to Patrick Cottin, Holly Thatcher, Fraya Jordan and Jacinta D’Monte in Year 9.


Just a reminder to parents and Year 7 students that the Language Perfect World Championships commence on May 16 for both French and Indonesian. Students should have been registered in their Language class and should be familiarising themselves with the app in preparation for the Championships – go Ringwood SC!!





Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages

2016 VCE Season of Excellence

Class of 2015

Congratulations to the following three Year 12 students from the class of 2015:

Zach Folan (Food and Technology)

Kathryn Bell (Print Media - Magazine)

Chelsea King (Print Media - Magazine)


These three talented students have been selected for display at the prestigious 2016 VCE Season of Excellence Top Designs exhibition. This year’s Top Designs board received over 1500 applications, of which only 91 works made the final selection.


This is an outstanding achievement and we are very proud of Zach, Kathryn and Chelsea’s determination to achieve at the highest possible level.

The VCE Season of Excellence Top Designs exhibition is open until 10th July 2016 at the Melbourne Museum.


Gayle Turcato, Samantha Asbury, Penny Palmer

Middle School

Middle School News

Year 10 Exam

Year 10s will be sitting their mid year exams during Week 9, from Friday 3rd of June to Friday 10th of June. This should now appear on the students’ Compass schedule. Students have been asked to check for any clashes that may occur with Year 11 subjects/exams and other commitments and to notify the Middle School office asap.  Please note that there will be no classes running during this time. In the lead up to exams it is important that students keep up to date with both their class work and study and seek assistance from their teachers where required.


Athletics Carnival 2016

It was great to see so many enthusiastic contenders and supporters at our recent annual whole school Athletics Carnival. It is such a great opportunity for the school community to enjoy a day of fun, sport and (thankfully) sunshine. We feel it is important that students attend sports days such as these, even if they aren’t planning to participate and thank parents for their continued support in this regard. A reminder to parents of students who were unable to attend to provide consent on Compass if they have yet to do this.


Middle School Sports captain Harry Norman wrote the following report:


On Thursday the 20th of April, we travelled down to the Knox athletics track for our annual Athletics Carnival; we had a wide range of competitions, from the highly anticipated 100m sprints to the exciting game of tug of war. We witnessed a lot of impressive performances and were kept entertained by the students in their bright house colours cheering on their mates.  Overall the winning house for the day was Mabo with a splendid win!

Harry Norman


Winter Uniform

Just a reminder that as it is now Term 2 students should be wearing the Winter Uniform. This is as follows:


Boys: Grey pants or shorts, white shirt (short or long with school logo), tie, charcoal school jumper, black socks (no markings) and black shoes that can be polished.


Girls: Winter skirt, white fitted shirt (with school logo), charcoal school jumper, black socks/stockings/tights (no markings) and black shoes that can be polished.


As always, thanks for your support in this regard.


Year 9 Camp

We had a great time at our Year 9 camp to Phillip Island Adventure Resort last Term. Over 250 students and more than 20 staff attended and enjoyed three days of outdoor activities including the giant swing, high ropes course, archery, flying fox, canoeing and raft making. In the evenings we enjoyed a movie night and a highly competitive trivia quiz. There were lots of laughs, personal growth and fun all round.  Staff who attended the camp commented on how impressed they were by the teamwork and camaraderie exhibited by students, and it was especially pleasing to see the development of so many new friendships. 


Abbey and Nicole shared their camp experience:


On the 7th of March the Year 9s went to camp at Philip Island. We spent three days at the camp and did heaps of really fun activities. I loved being able to talk to so many new people out of the school environment and I made heaps of new really good friends. My favourite activity was canoeing because it was something I hadn’t done a lot of before and it was really funny when my group and I capsized.

 Abbey Williamson


Last term Year 9 students set off for Philip Island for three days of adventure. At the camp there were many fun activities including flying fox, raft making and ropes course. I personally really enjoyed the flying fox. The camp was an awesome experience and really united our year level. Without the school staff it wouldn't have happened so I think that they should get a very special thanks.

Nicole Dykes



School for Student Leadership

This term four of our Year 9 students started a term long adventure at the Snowy River Campus of the School for Student Leadership in Marlo. Portia King-Smith, Declan Caldecoat, Gideon Davidson and Georgia Scotto will stay at the residential school for ten weeks learning outdoor skills and personal, community and leadership development. Since they arrived on Sunday they have been taught how to make a bed, use a washing machine, and take charge of their own chores. They have also started thinking about the Community Learning Project that they will undertake for the duration of their stay. Here is a blog post from Declan from Day 3 this week:


Day 3: 19/4/16

Today we started the day early, ten minutes early when someone accidentally set a door alarm off. It was not the happiest start to a day. Our first class we did an intro to CLP's and we decided that we would do something to make our home school look better. There is a new building going in and we decided to organize for a garden and a mural to be put there so it doesn't look bad when it is finished. I feel that doing something for the school is really good. For afternoon class we learnt how to operate our laptops and weebly. It was a little tedious and frustrating but we got there in the end, even though a lot of us are still confused about how to use this website. Today is Teamwork Tuesday, the vibe in our team is good but there is a lot of talking over each other and not listening, which we need to change if we are to have a productive team. It would be a great help if we got to know each other better, which I'm sure will happen considering its only the third day at the Snowy river campus.

Declan Caldecoat


We are so proud of these four Middle School students and look forward to sharing their many experiences in the coming months.


InterGREAT news

Maroondah Council Guest Speakers

Three officers from the Maroondah City Council visited the school last Tuesday to speak to the Year 9s about the various services and initiatives in our local community. The Arts and Cultural Development Officer, Belinda Robertson, Grant Meyer from Integrated Planning and Jeanette Ingram, the Sports and Recreational Planning and Policy Officer each spoke about their roles and offered the students an insight into what goes on in the local area in terms of policy and planning for the future.


Personal Projects

The 500s block was alive during week 2 as interGREAT students presented their Personal Projects to teachers and classmates. We were absolutely delighted by the calibre of the work that so many of our students had completed. As you can see from the photos there was a really diverse range of projects undertaken and we are so proud of the effort, originality and commitment that was clearly on display.


Here’s what Sam and Josh wrote about their Personal Projects:


For my InterGREAT Project I made a basketball skills video. I found this very enjoyable and very engaging because basketball is something I love to play. This did take a while to make both the video and my visual diary, but when I finished it was a great feeling. This is a great project that students in Year 9 loved completing.

Sam Timmer


For my personal Project I chose to make a rocket. The best part of the project was watching all of my work come together for the launch. During my project I got to work with my dad to create something that was truly amazing. Although the project was full of ups and downs we pushed through and the final product was phenomenal. Next time I would know what to change and would really be able to improve upon the rocket.

Josh Joyce


MAD Filmmaking Tasks

During Term 2 students will be shifting their focus in interGREAT from ‘Making a Difference’ to themselves to ‘Making a Difference’ in the Community. As such they have been busy making short documentaries about people in their local community who they have identified as making a difference.


Monty Pryor Guest Speaker

Last week Year 9 students also enjoyed a presentation by Monty Pryor, a multi-talented performer and an articulate public speaker on Aboriginal issues. Pryor is a storyteller, writer and performer who has been presenting to Year 9 students at RSC for over 20 years. Due to scheduling constraints the session was booked during period 4 on a Friday, rather than the usual interGREAT Tuesday, but it was a most engaging way to end the week.


Community Engagement

In the coming weeks students will also participate in a Community Engagement which will enable them to make a positive contribution to a service provider in Maroondah by volunteering their time. These projects include assisting primary school students at Heathmont East and Great Ryrie Primary Schools, visiting Olivet Aged Care to interact with residents there and provide garden maintenance, working with intellectually disabled students from Your DNA, assisting the Maroondah Council in in variety of projects, knitting for the needy, teaching technology to less confident users and building a vegetable patch at RSC. All projects will take place during interGREAT classes but those that involve off site locations will require parental consent on Compass. We urge you to find out which program your child has been allocated and, if it involves leaving the RSC grounds, to look out for the consent information on Compass.


Student work completed in InterGREAT during the year will be on display at our InterGREAT expo on Wednesday 24th August. This will be run in conjunction with our City Experience Parent information evening. Details of this event will follow in the coming months.


World Tour returns

Welcome back to the Middle School students who returned from their amazing adventure around the World. These lucky students spent 38 days touring and performing in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands and China. The show, ‘Made in Melbourne’ celebrates moments from our history and provided an opportunity for our students to share their story with students from all across the globe. Many teachers have remarked upon the noticeable growth in maturity and confidence that is evident in these individuals in their classes.


Angus had this to say about his trip:


World Tour was the most incredible experience of my life so far. The 38 days I spent travelling around the world are ones I will never forget.  From ice-skating in Toronto to Buckingham Palace in London to scaling The Great Wall of China in Beijing; each of the 7 countries had a unique and equally fantastic host of experiences in store. On top of that I formed many great friendships with international students and Ringwood students, some of which that will last me forever. All these things considered, the Ringwood Secondary College World Tour is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Angus Delaney Year 9




Year 9 students will be sitting NAPLAN tests throughout next week, completing five tests over three days. This is the last time they will complete NAPLAN testing and the results will be provided to families later this year. Whilst we certainly do not want to place pressure on students undertaking these tests, we value the data that they provide about your child’s educational progress and thus encourage you to support your child to do their very best.


United Youth Media SYN Radio Excursion

On Thursday 28th April students from the United Youth Media class were fortunate to attend a workshop at SYN Radio in Carlton. SYN is a media organisation run by a community of young people that provides training and broadcast opportunities for young Australians. During the session our students learned about how to present a radio show and then produced their own podcasts. It was a mot informative and enjoyable day for all.


Open Night

A number of families visited Ringwood Secondary during the Open Night last Wednesday. Faculty and Sub School areas set up displays with samples of student work and information about the many curricular and extra-curricular programs on offer at our College. We had four delightful student helpers assisting with the Middle School display, Jessica Allsop, Akanksha Singh, Ianthe Volbrecht and Mark Reynolds. These students presented their interGREAT projects and did an amazing job of chatting with prospective RSC parents


FIDA Guest Speaker

This Tuesday students enjoyed a presentation from Logan Whitaker, the FIDA football and Access All Abilities programs General Manager. FIDA, or the Football Integration Development Association is an Australian Football league run for people with an intellectual disability in Victoria. Logan is someone who has generously contributed to the community through his passion for sport and supporting people with a disability. He strongly believes that everyone should be treated equally regardless of his or her background and that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved with the sport they love. Our very own Alyce Bailey also generously supports this program by volunteering for the FIDA group at Montrose football club. Interested students are encouraged to contact Ms. Bailey at the Middle School office.


Performing Arts 

Dance Fair

The results for the Dance Fair at Fairhills SC on Friday and Saturday night were excellent.

The students have worked very hard over the past couple of weeks so please congratulate them if you see them. 


Year 7 Solos 

Cameron Shook –2nd Place 


Year 7 Duos 

Rachael Allan, Tahli Borghini – 1st Place 


Year 7 Troupe 

Kirrilee Knipping, Sophie Duffus, Mikayla Whitten, Flynn Commins, Abbey Hepworth, Tia Saldatos, Kate O’Meara, Charlotte Goddard, Shayden Varon – 1st Place 




Year 8 Solo 

Flynn Stelfox – 1st Place 

Zoe Keltie 


Year 8 Duo 

Rose England, Chelsea May –1st Place 

Tegan Jolivet, Bella Norman- 2nd Place 

Jess Jamieson, Kate Hine

Charli Rennie, Madi Groves-Berry


Year 9 Solo

Emily Standfield – 1st Place 


Year 10 Team 

Tyler-Rose Shattock, Chloe Hazeldine, Lauren Clements –1st Place 

Ebony Killick, Steph Little-Hales, Katie Little-Hales – 2nd Place 


Year 10 Solo 

Tyler-Rose Shattock- 1st Place 


Year 11 Solo 

Jaimee Monk- 2nd Place 

Emily Lodge 


Year 11 Duo

Emily Lodge, Jaimee Monk- 1st Place


VCE Solo 

Lisa Reynolds –1st Place 


Overall Secondary Schools Winners 

Ringwood Secondary College 


Gaynor Borlase

Music News

Music News

Thank you to all who came and supported our Jazz Night. It was sold out and was one of our best Jazz Nights yet. Thank you to all musicians and conductors for a wonderful night of music and thank you to music staff and Music Association members who assisted with the running of the evening and assistance with transporting equipment to and from the venue.


Last weekend 102 musicians and choristers travelled to Mt Gambier for the 2016 Generations in Jazz, which hosted 4,500 students from all over Australia and New Zealand.

It is now considered one of the largest youth jazz festivals in the world.

As well as giving excellent performances at the event we also had the great opportunity of hearing James Morrison, Kate Cebrano, Idea of North and the One O’clock Lab Band from North Texas University.

A special congratulation to Holly Watson (Lead Alto in Senior Stage Band) who was selected by James Morrison as a Future Finalist and Emily White (Piano in Senior Stage Band) who was selected for the Division 1 Super Band. Both students performed to a 6,000 strong audience.

Everyone has returned homes inspired by so many world-class performances and workshops and are looking forward to their future performances.


Over the past week we have also commenced rehearsals for the upcoming NEVR Youth Concert.  The concert is Tuesday 23 May, 7.30pm at Hamer Hall. Numerous string students and our Symphony Orchestra will be involved in this concert. Details regarding sound checks and the concert are on COMPASS.

Tickets are available directly from the Arts Centre 1300 182 183.

Adults $25.00, Concession $20.00 and Family $70.00 (2 adults, 2 children) Students who are performing on stage do not need to purchase a ticket.


Don’t miss our Junior and Intermediate Autumn Concert this coming Thursday 19 May, RSC Hall, 7.30pm. Tickets costs are $9 Adults, $6 Concession, $22 Family of 4 and booking will be via Trybooking on the following link:

Tickets are selling fast and we do expect this to be a sold out event.


On June 10 both our Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra will be performing at the Victorian Schools Music Festival at Hawthorn Town Hall. Entry is free and details for both events are on COMPASS.


By now everyone who is in the program should have received a letter regarding the Music Association’s Chocolate Drive. It is through this fundraising that we are able to provide our students and ensembles with much needed but expensive instruments such as tubas, baritone saxes, double basses, oboes, bassoons etc.

If you have not received this letter please contact our Performing Arts Secretary, Rae Sedergreen on [email protected] as soon as possible. Chocolates will handed out next Tuesday 17 May in the hall. Please refer to letter sent out by the Music Association for more details.


Thank you to all for some very exciting performances to date and we are looking forward hearing upcoming performances. Please put in your diaries the following dates.


Ms Janine Pero

Director of Music

Music Association Raffle

A big thank you to all the companies and families that supported the Raffle. We were delighted to raise $800.


Thankyou to the following -

Trim and Tone Zone, RACV, Coles Myer, Kuranga Nursery, Honeybeez Café, Entertainment Book Co., Shoppingtown Hotel, Snowdon, Lindner and Lodge families


Congratulations to the following people who were winners -

1st Rachel Ryan

2nd Sue McGrath

3rd Jason Semple

4th Ann Craig

5th P. Winter

6th Jane Finlay

7th Ida Graham



Bernadette Holt

RSC Music Assoc President

Sports Report

Intermediate Girls Tennis

On the 15th of April the Intermediate Girls Tennis team represented Ringwood Secondary College at the Regional Finals.


Jasmine Cain-Edwards, Bec Battersby, Jade Nuttal and Hayley Daws played some wonderful tennis and made it to the final to compete against Box Hill Secondary College where they were able to win a number of games.


Congratulations girls on being Runners Up.



Ringwood Secondary College’s Sport Round Up

The start of term 2 has been full of action with our annual athletics carnival, winter round robins, state swimming finals and intermediate division tennis.


RSC were well represented by a small group of talented young swimmers at the State Swimming Finals, which were held Tuesday 19th April.


Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievements.


Sophie Caldwell (year 11) claiming 4 GOLD medals, Tiffany Hayes (year 7),claiming 5th place in the 50m breastroke.


The following relay team consisting of

Tarni Cavanagh (yr 8),

Charlotte Tolliday (yr 8),

Caitlin Dellow (yr 8) and Tahlah De Montignie (yr 8): claiming the BRONZE medal

During our recent Winter Interschool round robin competitions we have progressed through to the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Finals in Senior Girls Soccer, Senior Boys Badminton and Senior Boys Football.


Although our Senior Girls Football Team did not win all of their games, their commitment to the football program has been exceptional. Farewell to our year 12 girls, as Ms. B and Mr. Crawford have confirmed, you will definitely be sorely missed. Congratulations to our sporting VCE students.

Cross Country training starts in two weeks for all students competing at H.E. Parker, May 30th . Wishing them all the very best in their preparation leading up to this event and on competition day.



The weather was certainly kind to us on April 20th as staff and students ventured to Knox Athletic Track for our annual Athletics Carnival.

After a bumpy start with delayed buses, everyone played their part to ensure the day was a success. With colour surrounding the venue, it was terrific to observe staff and students embrace their house colours. The track was extremely well used with an exceptional amount of junior students competing in numerous events. Further activity was observed as Ms. Solomen, Mr. Saunders and Ms. Urbano created a colourful display of novelty events, including our Giant Twister.

Final results have not been established, as there are still field events to be completed.

At this stage the running tally is as follows:


1st place:         Jackman          912 points

2nd place:        Marbo             781 points

3rd place:        Freeman         635 points

4th place:         Frazer             480 points


Watch this space as further information will follow once all events are finalised


Upcoming round robins: Winter 1Intermediate RR (May 5th), Yr 8 RR (May 18th), All Boys Netball and Junior girls Football (May 13th), Yr 7 RR (June 7th) and Winter 2 Senior RR (May 24th).


Mrs. Edwards

Acting Sports Coordinator

Athletic Achievement

Congratulations to Jasmin Hass and Aidan Thomson, both of whom were named in a Knox local paper, highlighting their great athletic achievements.

Please read article below:



Successful year 11 Pos Ed Day

The entire year 11 cohort recently took part in a dedicated positive psychology day.Themes included Gaming –how much is too much, Yoga, P Plate Ready, Mind over Matter-the integration of emotion, memories and reason, Boxing, Naturopath /Nutrition, Volunteering - why do it, Sleep its value and impact on health,  Boot camp, Stillness -Relax,reflect and recharge your energy level.


The day was run by external professionals and some of our dedicated staff including Anna Benson, Peter Anderson, Adam Bryant, Penny Palmer, Gaynor Borlase, Shane Ashbury & Emma Ford.

When we focus on doing the things we truly enjoy, we can begin to achieve meaning and happiness. We enhance ourselves by developing positive emotions and building strong relationships.
Accomplishments are an essential part of our wellbeing in order to flourish.


 A joint project of the Positive Psychology team, Senior School and the Wellbeing team.

Community News 

Cookware Brands Outlet Sale

Please support one of our sponsors


Ringwood Training

Ringwood Training is offering another Short course and we have places left.

Course starts on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016.

There will be four sessions in total.  Ends on June 7th, 2016.

Cost is $350.00. 


Young @ Art Program

Looking for Creative Students


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