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11 August 2016
Issue Five
Message from Mr Whelan
2009 KCC Captain
Notre Dame University Visit
Kildare Catholic College Celebration
Wagga City Art Gallery Visit
Police Social Media Presentation
Elimination Mock Trial
Instrumental Music
Australian AFL
Sporting Achievement​s
Whats Happening
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Message from Mr Whelan

Thank you to Simon, the leadership team and staff for the excellent beginning to Term 3 while I was on Long Service Leave. This is a significant Term in many ways for many students and we are off to a great start.


Recently we have been working on a student coaching model, where a 30 minute coaching, reflection and working session has been held once a fortnight in Homegroups. The purpose of this time is for students and teachers to work to assist students to better plan and direct their learning. It provides students with time to plan their learning across subjects and to have an opportunity to do the specific work they need to do to move learning forward. It is not a teacher-led program on studying and learning. These generally do not work, because of the diversity of needs of learners. Rather, the teachers’ work is to provide individualised support for those who require it and to encourage (and let go) those self-directed students who know exactly what they can best use the time for. Students have the opportunity to be supported to improve attendance, improve classroom participation, build literacy skills, develop a learning plan and more


Here is our framework for Coaching for Academic Care and Wellbeing. Please have a look. You may also be interested in this animation from Carol Dweck ‘How to help every child fulfill their potential’. Coaching for academic care and well-being is based on the premise that establishing a growth mindset is the first step in supporting students to become more self-directed. Students who believe that their ability and skills are fixed are significantly disadvantaged and the first challenge is to break this mindset. Students at Kildare are constantly reminded of this at school, and hopefully at home. Please look at these resources and consider how school and home can present a consistent message about students developing a growth mindset and an increased capacity for directing their own learning.


2009 KCC Captain

Your spirit enthusiasm, leadership, professionalism and willingness to be part of a team has been justly rewarded.


On Monday, College students and staff gathered in House groups to honour our Wagga Diocese patron, Saint Mary MacKillop. Below are excerpts from our prayer.


Feast of Saint Mary of the Cross (MacKillop) (8th August). Mary MacKillop was declared Australia’s first saint by Pope Benedict XVI on the 17th October 2010.


Just as Mary trusted deeply in God’s presence even in the darkest times, may we too deepen our relationship with God through reflection and prayer.


Just as Mary’s whole life resonated with her vision for the poor, may we too show God’s generous heart to others wherever we are.


Just as Mary stood against injustice and inequality in the care and education of poor people and provided hope-giving alternatives, may we too joyfully reach out to the poorest and those at the edges of our church and society.


Prayer for the Feast of Saint Mary of the Cross (MacKillop).

O God, source of all goodness, who have shown us in Saint Mary a woman of faith living by the power of the Cross, teach us, we pray, by her example to live the gospel in changing times and to respect and defend the human dignity of all in our land.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen


KCC Prayer Web page HERE

John Nielsen | Leader of Mission


Term 3 is a very busy one for staff and students. We have Year 12 in the midst of sitting Trial HSC Exams, Year 12 Line Days, Year 12 Awards (end of Term), Year 11 Exams (Week 8/9- See this link HERE), Year 10 involved in Year 11 Subject Selections and Year 9 about to begin selecting their Electives for 2017. I thank students and parents for their interest and involvement in the above activities.


Year 8 were shared into a google folder that contains the timeline for selecting  Electives as well as the Subject Handbook. This information can be accessed in this link HERE.

Information Night: 16th August 6:00pm

Subject Seminars: 26th August Lessons 1/2

Forms Due: 9th Sept


I urge Year 8 students and their parents to attend the Information Evening. It is an exciting time because students are able to make more concrete decisions about their learning.


Thanks also to the Coordinators, Year 10 students and their parents for the great learning discussions that occured last Friday. Having looked at the initial data, it is great to see that informed decisions are being made. Reminder that the google form for Year 11 subject choices is due on the 12th August.


Lastly, a reminder that Parent/ Student/ Teacher Interviews are on 6th Sept 4-7:00pm for Years 7-10. Bookings are via


Shane Fuller | Leader of Curriculum

Notre Dame University Visit

Year 12 - There are too many notices to list here so make sure you refer to the weekly Careers Email. I will start lunchtime sessions as soon as Trials have finished.


Year 10 - Reminder about Work Experience. If you intend to do Work Experience this year, there is a process that needs to be followed. I have shared all the information you need in Google Drive.


Important message for parents about Work Experience

Employers tell me on a regular basis that it is particularly important that the student makes the contact with the employer, not the parents. This shows that the student is keen, and mature enough to do Work Experience. All students have been informed about this, but it seems that the message is not getting through. It is fine for parents to give the students contact details but it is very important that it is the student who phones the employer and sends the relevant emails etc. I understand that at times it is easier for parents to just do it themselves but it really is defeating the purpose and often putting the student at a distinct disadvantage. All students have been provided with plenty of support materials, in particular sample telephone conversations, draft emails etc to help them do this. If your son or daughter is feeling nervous about making these phone calls I encourage them to come and see me and I will walk them through what they should say etc


Notre Dame

Select few students from Notre Dame University kindly took the time to visit Kildare for kids interested in a career in medicine. When we first arrived, we were kindly welcomed by the University students who explained who they were and what career path they were taking whilst also explaining how they got where they are today. We were then split into three groups for smaller group learning activities about what the medicine course and a range of health courses at Notre Dame had to offer. 


One of the group activities was learning about how to put a cast on. Firstly, we got a demo on how to use it and the procedures doctors go through before operating on anyone. We then got to get a partner and become the doctor ourselves by plastering a cast on our friends.


The next group activity was learning about the human organs and how vitally important they are. We were shown a manikin that had all the organs on display before we got to name the organs and show how much we know about the human body. In the same group activity we also learnt how to administer first aid when in an emergency situation.


The final group activity was learning how to deal with a casualty that has a possible neck injury. We were given a neck brace to put on ourselves (which was very uncomfortable) before acting like doctors once again and administering it to our partner.


Over all, the day was inspiring and motivating for all students involved to pursue the health careers of choice. Hearing stories of university students who have all experienced the HSC definitely calmed a lot of peoples' nerves to realise that the HSC is not the be all and end all. If there is a passion for something, there is always a way. We are not defined by our mark.


Year 11 Student | Maddie Dean

Karen Murray | Careers Advisers

Kildare Catholic College Celebration

On 27th July Kildare community celebrated NAIDOC.  We would like to thank Wiradjuri Elder Aunty Kath Withers for doing “Welcome to Country” for our College assembly, the theme this year was Song lines: The Living narrative of our nation. We were honoured to have special guest Dulbinya Dance Group from Holly Trinity perform traditional dance, a past St Michaels  and Kildare student Mr Aaron Atkinson presented to one  of our year 12 students a handmade message stick, I would also like to thank  Aunty Mary Atkinson, Dan Jefferies, Jasmine  Williams, Maree Atkinson and Kevin



Withers. We would also like to thank community members who attended our NAIDOC celebration,  staff from  Kildare and  especially our wonderful students for a great day.

Bettrina Rooke | Aboriginal Education Worker

Wagga City Art Gallery

On Friday 5th August 2016, we visited the Wagga Art City Gallery with our Year Nine Elective Art students. The purpose of this visit was to view the Artexpress Exhibition. This is the exhibition compiled from HSC Art students’ artworks from 2015.

This exhibition is a valuable resource to regional high school students as it gives them the chance to see exemplars of HSC artworks: just two hundred artworks are selected from the twelve hundred submitted for marking.

Our students showed an enthusiastic response to the work exhibited. We hope to be visiting the Gallery again for future exhibitions. 



Susan Todd | Art Teacher

Police Social Media Presentation

Years 7 to 10 participated in presentations from Constable Tim Bourke - Schools Liaison Officer from Wagga Wagga Local Area Command on Tuesday morning. The first session was for Years 8, 9 & 10 and looked at current legislation and laws relating to inappropriate and illegal production and transmission of threatening, harassing, bullying and sexually explicit material through the use of technology, often referred to as Cyberbullying. The second session was for Year 7 and was based around defining actions and behaviors that are considered to be forms of bullying and/or harassment and introduced the Stop Harassing Me program - a school based program that assists students with identifying, reporting and managing Bullying or Harassing behaviors. Both sessions provided students with strategies to identify, manage and prevent such behaviors - for both victims and bystanders. We thank Matt once again for his very informative presentations and for his support with the continued education around this issue.

Simon Huntly | Assistant Principal

Elimination Mock Trial

The KCC Mock Trial team competed in an Elimination Round against Sacred Heart, Cootamundra last Thursday. The case was a civil case involving a raised paver and an injured women. Our team was instructed by solicitor, Niamh Dwyer, alongside the two barristers Amelia Preuss and Emma Moss. Witnesses Anna McGirr and Maddie Dean accompanied us on the day to deliver an awesome and convincing testimony. We also had our very punctual court officer, Bek Curry. Mr Fuller instructed us from day one and we would not have accomplished what we had without him. We truly put up our best fight but sadly, our time of mock trialing has come to an end. Although we won the case, Sacred Heart beat us on points . Some may say this was a “travesty of justice.”


Shane Fuller | Leader of Curriculum


As part of the Year 10 to Year 11 subject selection for Year 2017, six  practising scientists spoke about their subject choices in high school, tertiary studies and careers. Each speaker had a different experience and

perspective, for example, some went straight to university, had a gap year, changed courses and others started their studies with industry based study. They spoke about their work and the opportunities that their work has given them. Some common pieces of advice were 'don't underestimate your ability, work as hard as you can, and maths and English are important subjects for science'. The science faculty would like to thank the presenters for giving up their time to provide this opportunity for our students.



They are as follows:

  • Chemistry: Dan Bedgood, Celia Barril
  • Engineering: Sam Hickey and Luke Donaldson
  • Environmental science: Elizabeth Madden
  • Animal science: Lucy Watt

Karen Smith | Science Teacher

Instrumental Music

Leeton Eisteddfod

On Tuesday 9 August 20 students in Years 7-12 travelled to Leeton to participate in the Vocal Eisteddfod. The students learnt 8 songs over several categories, including spiritual, acapella, and folk. The adjudicator praised their beautiful vocal blend and impressive harmonies. They performed in 8 categories and won 4 1sts, which is an awesome effort! I would like to commend the students on their continued dedication to the vocal program and their outstanding representation of the College.

Melanie Cotterill | Music Teacher


On Thursday 21st July, 30 students travelled to Alexandra Park, Albury to participate in the BISSA Athletics Carnival. The weather on the day were horrendous resulting in the cancellation of the high jump and relays. Students who participated in events did the school proud, with honourable mentions going to those listed below. Student behaviour on the day was exceptional giving the trying conditions. Congratulations to St Paul’s, Walla Walla, for running the event and thanks to Mrs Murphy, Mr Price and Mr Morton for co-ordinating the KCC field events in the wet and windy conditions.


1st Place - 14 years 800m -  Molly Carter

1st Place - 14 years 1500m - Molly Carter

1st Place - 13 years Long Jump - Georgia Hallam

1st Place - Senior Girls Long Jump - Tessa Harbison

1st Place - Senior Girls Triple Jump - Tessa Harbison

1st Place - 14 Years Discus - Madeline Walshe

1st Place - 13 years Javelin - Madeline Stout

2nd Place - 13 years Triple Jump - Sophie Hallam

2nd Place - 15 years Shot Put - Erin Rossiter

2nd Place - 16 years Discus - Gabrielle Tschirn

2nd Place - Senior Girls Javelin - Phoebie Cheshire

3rd Place - 15 years Javelin - Erin Rossiter



3rd Place - 13 years 800m - Irish Freemantle

3rd Place - 12 years Triple Jump - Reece Jamieson


Natalie Jackson |Team Manager

Australian AFL

National Championships

Recently, Ryan Allen represented the College and New South Wales at the U15 Australian Rules National Championships. His performances throughout the carnival were outstanding and he was rewarded with selection in the All Australian Team. This is obviously the highest possible honour and is testament to Ryan's ability and dedication. Congratulations!


Kelly Woodhouse | Sports Coordinator

Sporting Achievement​s

Congratulations to the following students for gaining selection in the Wagga Diocesan Athletics Team:

Molly Carter, David Curtis, Irish Freemantle, Georgia Hallam, Tessa Harbison, Erin Rossiter, Madeline Stout, Madeline Walshe, Matthew Grimson and Camryn McCrory, .


We wish them luck when they compete in Sydney on the 16th September.


Kelly Woodhouse | Sports Coordinator

Whats Happening

Important Message

Any student leaving Kildare Catholic College during the year to attend another school, TAFE or commence full time employment needs to collect a “Leavers Form” from the front office and have it signed by the Resource Centre, Canteen, House Coordinator, and the Principal. The student must then have this form signed by their parent/guardian and return to the front office.

Application for Leave

If students need to be absent from school for five or more days they now need to obtain approval from the Principal and complete an Applcation For Leave Form. This has been put in place by the government and we need to commit to this procedure. Forms are available at the front office or downloaded below. If approval is not given or sought from the Principal, students will be marked as an unexplained absence.

Download Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE.


Year 9 Child Studies



Reminder that the next instalment is due on the 1st Sept and that passports are due by 1st October.


Shane Fuller | Leader of Curriculum





MTB Wagga is interested in developing the sport of Mountain Biking locally. To do this we are organising our first Riverina All Schools MTB Race here in Wagga Wagga, 20th November.


Races are typically a relay-style teams event, where 3-4 riders take turns in riding a loop of MTB track. We would like as many teams of 3-4 riders participating.  There are existing Schools Races in other locations, that you might consider in preparation for our Wagga Wagga race, see below.


In preparation we are also planning skills courses where school aged kids can improve their riding and confidence.



  1.   ACT Schools MTB Championships, Stromlo, Canberra. 25-26th August.
  2.  Jetblack NSW All Schools XC MTB Championships.  Yellowmundee Regional Park,  Blue Mountains. 6th November.
  3.   Riverina All  Schools MTB Challenge, Pomingalarna Reserve, Wagga Wagga.  20th November.

These relay style teams races are a lot of fun. Get your school to organise a team or 2 to participate. Just google the  websites for more info.



  1. 14TH of August at Pomingalarna Reserve (Beginners) – details soon)
  2. 11th September at  Pomingalarna Reserve (Beginners – Advanced)
  3. 18th September at Pomingalarna Reserve (Beginners – Advanced)

For more  details check


Friendly regards, Petra Buckley

Riverina All Schools MTB Challenge Organising committee


 The parents night is suitable for parents of children from primary up to high school and there will be a big focus on how parents can protect their children from the dangers of the online world. 

Download PDF version below


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