Photo: 2020 Student Leaders

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17 October 2019
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Principal's Report
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Indigenous Immersion Trip
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Photo: Induction of 2020 Student Leaders

Principal's Report

Photo: Induction of 2020 Student Leaders

Dear Families and Friends


Welcome back to Term 4, which has already been jam packed with activities.  Last week, the senior pop-up art exhibition was held at Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA), an experience for our students to see their art work exhibited in a professional space.


The annual Sportswomen’s Night celebrated the wide range of extra-curricular sports our girls participate in through the Secondary Catholic Sports Association (SCSA).  Our guest speaker Maddie Garrick, an Australian Basketball player, inspired our girls to pursue their talents and goals.


Our 2020 Student Leadership Team induction ceremony was held at a whole school assembly on Tuesday, to which families and friends were also invited.  I was so proud to witness their commitment to serve our community with integrity, compassion and respect.  As we welcomed the new team, we also said farewell to the Student Leadership Team of 2019.  It was a poignant ceremony and everyone was moved by the speech made by incoming College Captain, Bridie Wilcox.  The 2020 team is extraordinary; they have always given the best of themselves and I look forward to working with them next year.


The Nagle Building Project is well underway.  It looks amazing and I’m confident that our girls will be enjoying these new contemporary learning facilities throughout 2020.


Insert Pictures of Nagle Building.


Warm regards   

Filina Virgato


Photo: Induction of 2020 Student Leaders

Deputy Principal's Report

Photo: Induction of 2020 Student Leaders

2020 Leadership Induction

On Tuesday, 15 October we inducted our Student Leaders for 2020.  It provided us with an opportunity to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by our student leaders from 2019 as they passed the baton to those girls who have the opportunity to lead the school next year.  The occasion was attended by all staff and students, with parents of the incoming student leaders also invited to attend.


On the day, the symbolic handover of leadership was done through the passing of school symbols, as well as through actions.  Incoming School Captain, Bridie Wilcox spoke, reminding the College not just of the challenges that school presents, but the great gifts we have as a community that allow us to meet these challenges.  These included our ‘strength, kindness, friendship, and community’, and that we should capitalise on these to make 2020 a year to remember.  Ms Filina Virgato, College Principal, spoke of the honour of leadership; whilst it is indeed an honour to lead, it is a greater honour to serve, and she called upon our leaders of 2020 to do just that.


Next year provides, as always, an opportunity for all PCW girls to grow. Irrespective of the circumstances, this remains true; nevertheless, 2020 may just be the most authentic realisation of that for the girls of PCW as they work to carry on the PCW tradition and spirit.  In this, our leaders carry a great deal of responsibility and I have the greatest confidence that they will not just perform, but excel. We wish them all the best for the year ahead.


Click link below to view our 2020 Student Leaders.



Brenden Mair

Deputy Principal

Faith & Mission Report

Let us pray for our young Presentation woman as they undertake their final assessment and enter into exams over the next weeks ahead.


Dear God,

We ask your blessings on our students undertaking VCE Examinations over the coming weeks.

We ask that they especially feel your closeness during this time.

Give them calm hearts and quiet confidence in the knowledge that you hold them in the palm of your hand.

Grant them the confidence they deserve from their years of focus, diligence and study.

Grant them the ability to comprehend questions and effectively plan and articulate their responses.

May they be enriched by the gifts of the Holy Spirit – wisdom, understanding, fortitude and knowledge.

May their faith give them the strength to face the challenges of this examination period and the satisfaction of achieving their personal best.

We ask these things through Christ Our Lord,



Josie Dilettoso, on behalf of the staff and students at Presentation College Windsor.

Director of Faith & Mission

Director of Pedagogy and Innovation

Welcome back to Term 4.  I hope everyone had a relaxing and most enjoyable holiday break.

'It Takes a Spark' Edu Conference

On Thursday, 12 September, I attended the ‘It Takes a Spark’ Edu Conference.  The focus of this conference was on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and there were a variety of workshops the students participated in throughout the day.  Ms Staunton led a workshop on using the spheros and our students assisted during this presentation.  Many thanks to Ms Staunton for organising this workshop and to the students who assisted.  Many thanks also to Mr Than for organising a group of students to attend on the day.

Year 12 Trial Exams

Trial exams for our students completing a Year 12 subject were held during the school holidays. I encourage all girls to read the feedback they received for these exams as they prepare for their exams in November.  We wish our students undertaking a Unit 3/4 exam all the very best as their preparations intensify over the coming weeks.  Some students have already completed their performance exam during the first week of the term and we hope this went very well.  We know this is a very busy and stressful time for our senior students and our thoughts and prayers are with them.  We wish them great success in these exams.  I very much look forward to celebrating the Year 12 Graduation on Monday, 21 October.

International Day of the Girl Child

Since 2012, 11 October has been recognised as the International Day of the Girl.  It is an international observance day declared by the United Nations.  The day focuses on raising awareness of gender inequality and issues faced by girls worldwide, as well as empowering and celebrating the achievements of women.  The 2019 theme is ‘GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable’. Further information can be found at

Homework Club

Homework Club for Years 7 to 9 will start in Week 3 and will be held every Tuesday afternoon from 3.15pm to 4.15pm in the Library.

Annual Sportswomen's Night

On Monday 14 October we celebrated the sporting success and achievements of our students over the year at our Annual Sportswoman’s night. Congratulations to all our girls who were involved in the various sport teams. Thank you to the teachers for supporting these teams at training sessions and competitions, and to Mr Seehusen for coordinating the program. Sport and physical education is an integral part of the curriculum at the College and we thank all that were involved throughout the year.

MUMA Pop Up Art Show

Congratulations to the Year 12 Art and Studio Arts students for having their work exhibited at the Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) on Wednesday 9 October. Thank you to Ms Mackey, the Arts Faculty Leader, and the team of art teachers for organising this. Thank you also to Abbey and Bridie Wilcox who provided the wonderful musical entertainment as we looked at the exhibition. I am always impressed at the creative talents of our students who are supported by our wonderful teachers here at PCW.

I wish you all the very best for Term 4.


Nathan Lane

Director of Pedagogy and Innovation

Student Wellbeing Report

A Parent's Guide to Instagram

Instagram and Reach Out have partnered together and written 'A Parent's Guide to Instagram Australian Edition 2019'.   This is a booklet with everything parents need to know about Instagram.  It will help you to understand the Instagram platform and provide practical tips on how to start a conversation with your children about managing their privacy, comments and time online.  I have included the link to this booklet below.

Year 12 Graduation

It is time for our Year 12 students to graduate!  This is a very important milestone in their lives, and one they look forward to.  We wish all of our Year 12 students the very best of luck during this special time and for their exams which, for most, begin on Wednesday 30 October.


Below is an outline of the Graduation events at the College.

  • Thursday – 17 October – Final day of classes
  • Friday – 18 October - Informal Student Celebrations
    • Breakfast in Staff Lunchroom
    • Assembly in Lecture Theatre for Year 12 students only 
    • Hall Rehearsal 11am – 12pm 
    • BBQ at midday on Front Lawn
    • Dismissal from 12.30pm onwards
  • Monday – 21 October
    • Normal Homeroom
    • Whole School Assembly  
    • Recess
    • Full Church Rehearsal - Students dismissed from church
    • 5.30pm - Assemble at St Mary’s
    • 6.00pm - Graduation Mass
    • 7.00pm - Refreshments at PCW
    • 8.00pm - Formal Awards Ceremony

Samantha Powell

Director of Student Wellbeing



Thursday 17 - Final Day for Unit 4 Classes

Friday 18 - Year 12 Informal Break-up


Monday 21 - Year 12 Graduation Mass & Awards | 6.00pm, St Mary's Church / PCW Hall

Wednesday 23 - Endeavour Awards Assembly


Wednesday 30 - 2019 Written VCE Exams commence

Wednesday 30 - Year 8 Language Festival | 6.30pm, PCW


Friday 1 - Final Day for Unit 2 Classes


Monday 4 - Mid Term Break (Student Free Day)

Tuesday 5 - Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 6 - Year 11 Study Day

Thursday 7 - Unit 2 Exams Commence

Friday 8 - Final Day of Year 10 Classes


Monday 11 - Year 10 Exams Commence

Wednesday 13 - Year 9 Exams Commence

Friday 15 - Student Free Day / Professional Practice Day for Teachers

Sunday 17 - Women of Windsor Annual Reunion


Monday 18 - Years 11/12 2020 Head Start Program Commences


Monday 25 - Year 10 2020, Head Start Program Commences

Thursday 28 - End of Year Christmas Mass & BBQ

Friday 29 - Academic Excellence Awards Assembly (Years 7-11) | 8.45am, PCW Hall

Friday 29 - Year 10/11/12 2020 Head Start Program Concludes (Final Day)


Monday 2 - Years 8/9 2020 Head Start Program Commences

Thursday 5 - Christmas Carols (PCW, CBC, St Mary's) | 6.00pm, PCW

Friday 6 - Years 8/9 2020 Head Start Program Concludes (Final Day)

Fashion Parade

Year on year, PCW’s Art Show showcases the creativity and beautiful imaginations of our talented PCW students.  A highlight of the Art Show is the fabulous fashion show put on by PCW’s MYP Design and VCE Product Design and Technology students.  This year, we had Year 7 softie monsters, Year 8 block printed tote bags, Year 9 PJ pants, Year 10 skirts, and a selection of diverse garments from our VCE students.  2019’s graduating Product Design class presented a range of innovative and complex garments, ranging from work uniforms to formal wear, stage costumes, ski jackets and festival wear. 


There were some very nervous models behind the scenes and some extremely quick costume changes between looks but our models came into their own on the catwalk, confidently showing off the different elements of the garments they were modelling.  There are definitely some budding designers, and models, at PCW.


Hayley Fraser

VCE Product Design and Technology Teacher



Indigenous Immersion Trip

­­­During the school holidays, a group of intrepid young students and staff travelled to far north Queensland to participate in an Indigenous immersion on the Cape York Peninsula.  Over the course of the 10 day experience, students visited Wujal Wujal, Dikarrba and Binthiwarra, and finished with a beautiful day snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.


The immersion was a great adventure, as we travelled through the magnificent Daintree Rainforest, cruised through crocodile infested waters and ventured off sealed roads in a 4WD bus, which at times traversed inclines and declines of 27 degrees.  On hot days, the students were treated to freshwater swimming, surrounded by beautiful landscapes (and thankfully free of curious crocodiles!)


The immersion was both thought provoking and physically challenging.  Throughout the experience, students camped in Aboriginal homelands, cooked all of their meals and were involved in a number of community service projects.  We connected with Indigenous elders and experienced some of their traditions, including a smoking ceremony, traditional fabric dying, gathering roots and grasses for weaving, and sharing stories.  We also visited a rural medical centre, where a doctor visits only three times each week, a local library and community centre, and developed a real sense of the challenges of living in a remote area.


The experience also provided an opportunity for our students to volunteer within the Aboriginal homelands that they visited.  Through the incredible efforts of our students, they repaired a farm gate and erected posts and fencing wire to stop roaming livestock from entering the Wujal Wujal homeland in which we stayed.  At Binthiwarra, our students worked together to treat wooden planks to create an outdoor kitchen bench that would survive the downpour of the wet season.  Each of these projects were physically and intellectually demanding, completing each of these tasks in the warm weather meant utilising determination and true grit to get the job done.  The resilience shown by the PCW students was outstanding.


The most powerful part of the immersion was the daily yarn around the campfire.  As the sun came down each day, we gathered with our evening meal around the roaring fire, the night sky filling with stars, then a quiet would descend upon the group as the elders began to talk.  They shared stories of family and connection to the land.  Sometimes, they shared stories of suffering of long ago, of dispossession of land and challenges faced by the young and old in their community.  Stories of pain, stories of loss, but also stories of hope for the future.  It was during this yarning time, that our students became confident in asking deep questions about the challenges faced by Aboriginal people and our role in the process of reconciliation.


Before heading home, the group travelled to Port Douglas to experience the Great Barrier Reef, witnessing the many ocean creatures and the environment in which they live.  It was a truly memorable experience, one that will stay with our students forever and provide them with new perspectives on faith, mission, justice and life.


Simon Gitson

Religious Education Learning Leader



Student Reflections

The most memorable part of the Cape York immersion for me, was meeting people within the communities, being able to ask them questions, and listen to their opinions and stories.  It was also interesting to see the way life is lived in rural indigenous communities.

Eleanor Rowland, Year 9


Without a doubt, the best part of the trip was hearing the elders' different perspectives on life.  The way they are able to look at everything in a positive is truly inspiring.  I am very grateful to have experienced such an eye-opening immersion.

Aliya Gray, Year 9


Photo: Sportswomen's Night

Sport Report

Photo: Sportswomen's Night


Wednesday, 18 September was the final SCSA sport event for the year.  The girls travelled to Waverley Netball Centre to compete in the Division 3 Netball tournament.  PCW had a strong showing with 5 of the 7 teams we entered making the grand finals.  Congratulations to both the senior teams who had success and won their grand finals!  A big shout to Charley Mau, who also celebrated her 18th birthday on the day, which was a fitting send off for our 2019 Sports Captain.


Congratulation to Tahlia Mullane, Ruby Munro and Sophie Kerr, who were all named MVP in their respective games.


Well done to all girls who competed so enthusiastically during the day.  Your teamwork, support and sportsmanship was a great reflection of the school and I thank you all for your involvement.  Thank you to Rachael Maddox, Lori Galli, Fleur White, Charley Mau, Fiona Camm, Rosie Harris and the three girls from Singapore for their help with coaching the teams.



Sportswomen's Night

On a balmy spring night in October,  150 people gathered at PCW’s Sports Hall to celebrate the sporting achievements of PCW’s students across the 2019 school year.  The annual Sportswomen’s Night was a brilliant evening that would not have come together without the assistance of staff, students, donors and members of the parents association.


With a huge amount of help from Rachael Maddox, Matt Zambon, Scott Brennan, Sandy Saundry, Kyran Kelly, Sports Leaders and our extremely talented Year 12 music group, the night was enjoyed by all with the decorations and food playing second fiddle to the wonderful sporting achievements of the students at PCW.


One of the highlights of the night was when our Master of Ceremonies, Charley Mau, hosted a brilliant interview with Maddie Garrick, our guest speaker.  The interview with Maddie, one of Australia’s most exciting female basketballers, was an inspiring one as Charley asked all the right questions.  Maddie has been such a great example for female athletes to follow  and has been an ambassador for several causes that promote increased and confident participation of females in sport, and the importance of having a healthy life balance.


Congratulations to those students who won awards and well done to all of the lucky raffle winners.  We managed to raise $336 through ticket sales, with the money raised going towards developing and providing a sport and health program for primary and secondary students in Theni, Southern India.  The amount raised will be donated to the school for support at their P-12 Presentation School for 2000 girls, and the AIDS Hospice for orphans, with the hope of improving health outcomes for all.



Peter Seehusen
Head of Sport

Photo: 2019 House Cup Winners: Xavier House

House Cup

Photo: 2019 House Cup Winners: Xavier House

This year, the College introduced the coveted House Cup.  The four houses: Kostka, Loyola, Nagle, and Xavier, have been participating in a year-long competition, designed to encourage house spirit and teamwork among the student.


Points have been allocated to houses over the year, awarded to students for a range of activities and achievements, including: positive education and house events, random acts of kindness, participation in extra-curricular activities, sporting achievements, and social justice initiatives.  The leader board fluctuated throughout the year and competition was fierce! 


This year's winner was Xavier House!  The outcome was announced to an excited student body on Wednesday, 16 October.  The girls from Xavier were presented with the 2019 House Cup Badge to proudly display on their blazers.  The badge was designed by Hasanya Rajapaksha Manikkunambi, from Kostka.


House Points

Xavier - 806

Kostka - 670

Loyola - 656

Nagle - 573





Please click on the link below to view the latest Berwick Careers News, which contains university information and news, open days, and other key dates, along with other useful careers information.

Tonya Wimhurst

Careers Counsellor

Women of Windsor Reunion

The annual Women of Windsor reunion is fast approaching.  All past students of Presentation College Windsor are invited to attend.


High tea will be held in the PCW Hall at 2.00pm on Sunday, 17 November.  A panel of past alumnae will be in attendance to wow us!  More details about the panel will be provided in the coming weeks.


Secure your seats now at  We look forward to seeing you there!


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