Photo: Year One/Two Playground


01 November 2019
Issue Sixteen

'Together We Learn'

Student of the Week Awards ​
 Principal's Report
Principal's  Awards  
Assistant Principal's Report
Assistant Principal's Awards
Happy Birthday
Foundation Term 4
Performing Arts - Music Assembly
New Addition to 1D Axolotls
Cricket Gala Day
Building our Sentences
Mondo Clothing Bin
Every Friday is Nude Food Day
Remembrance Day Appeal
BEPS School Fun Run
Life Education Parent Information Session Foundation to Year 2 Parents
BEPS Parents  Association (PA)  
Sun Smart - Hats in Term Four
 Student Banking   
‘They’re Calling On You’ Gorilla Campaign
School Based Programs Wise One's Term 4 Computer Club Chess Tennis Dance  Soccer  Basketball Multi Sport Program
Kidzplay On Highbury
Advertising: Spoilt Rotten Netball Swimming Lessons Burwood
Information Page  
Community Notices   
Burwood East Primary School
(03) 9802 8618
Cnr Highbury Road and Blackburn Road
Burwood East, Victoria, 3151



Monday 11th November 9.00am

Monday 18th November 9.00am

Monday 25th November 3.00pm

Monday  2nd December 9.00am

Monday  9th December  9.00am

Monday 16th December 9.00am

Friday    20th December 1.00pm



Up Coming Events

Friday 1st November  - SDSSA Summer Sport Round 1

Thursday 7th November -  Foundation 2020 Transition Session

Friday 8th November - Life Education Van Found/Yr 1

Tuesday 12th November - Life Education Van Year 2

Thursday 14th November - Foundation 2020 Parent Information Session

Friday 15th November - Colour Run 2pm 

Tuesday 19th November - Foundation 2020 Transition Session

Friday 22nd November - Year 2 Sleepover

Thursday 5th December 5pm - 7pm - End Of Year Concert

Thursday 12th December  - Graduation





Term Dates 2019/2020

Term  4:  7th October        -      20th December

2020 Term Dates

First Day of School Term 1 2020 

Thursday 30th  January Years 1-6 


Thursday 6th February 2020

Term 1 2020:      30th January        -     27th March

Term 2: 2020        14th April               -       26th June

Term 3: 2020        18th July                -       18th September

Term 4: 2020         5th October          -      18th December


Public Holiday 2019

5th November  -    Melbourne Cup


Curriculum Days 2019  (Students do not attend school)

4th November Staff  Professional  Development Day


Curriculum Days 2020 (Students do not attend school)

   28th January 2020         -   State wide pupil free day

   29th January 2020         -   Staff Professional Development Day

     5th  June        2020         -   Staff Professional Development Day

2nd  November 2020        -    Staff Professional Development Day



Student of the Week Awards



Student of the Week Awards are presented weekly at assembly.  These awards recognise students effort and success in the classroom. Well done to the following students!


 FCB: Richard, FT: Muhammad, FM: Justin, FMS: Adrian, 1A: Shreya, 1K: Seth, 1C: Taara,                    1J: Jayden, 1D: Zi Feng

2B: Aashirya,  2S: George, 2R: Rodin, 4L: Pantelina, 4S: Ines, 5R: Anahita, 6D: Insiyah, 6L: Emily

Languages: Phoenix, Art: Kathy

FCB: Irlene,  FMS: James, FM: Cynhtia,  FC: Rhys,  FT: Christina,  1A: Avani,  1J: Lucas, 1K: Farhan, 1D: Han, 1C: Senthan

2R: Robin, 2B: Arwa, 2S: Annisa, 3B: Aarna, 3A: Katie, 4S: Dinuki, Nicholas, 4L: Addison, 5S: Yianni, 5R: Haocheng, 6L: Elva, 6D: Edwin

Performing Arts: Silvia, Pranshi, Visual Arts: Damian, Physical Education: Han, Languages: Lynn

Mathematician Of the Month: Anidhya and Cynthia



 Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East School community,


Our Performance Art provision is highly valued within our school community and is very much part of the culture of our school. It is a program that we are continually working to develop across the school. On Monday afternoon many students engaged in our first music based assembly showcasing their instrumental and singing capacity. I would like to acknowledge the effort of these students, their teachers and the parents who attended and encouraged all performances:

I am delighted to share with the community some wonderful news regarding one of our teaching colleagues, Sam and her husband Rayner,  are expecting their first child. From all of us, we congratulate Sam and Rayner and we wish them and their family all the very best with their soon-to-be new addition. Sam will be commencing Family Leave from the beginning of Term 1, 2020.


On behalf of the school community I would like to congratulate Andrew and his partner Caity on their wedding this Saturday.  We wish them all the best on the day and for their future together.


This is a reminder to parents that all students are expected to wear school uniform to school including an approved Burwood East hat during Terms 1 and 4. I have noted that many students are wearing sports/fashion clothing to school as their normal school wear. Parents are requested to ensure that their child/ren are dressed in the correct school uniform.


Next year we will have an extra 90 students which means the traffic congestion is not going to improve if parents keep on doing the same thing – driving children to school and/or using the drop off zone. We need parents and students to move away from being dropped off at the front of school or in the nearby streets, to walking or cycling – if this doesn’t happen, congestion will only worsen.


Although the ‘Kiss and Drop’ area at the front of the school has dramatically improved traffic flow at morning and afternoon times, we still need to reduce the number of students travelling by car.


If I were a parent at this school, I would be using the active travel routes and park 500 metres or so from school and either walk with, or let my child walk with others who currently walk. I am urging parents to change habits - encourage your child to walk or ride to school. If you are concerned, you can walk or ride too. Please use our Active travel Routes – they have been specifically planned with parents, teachers and representatives from Monash Council, to be safe accessible routes for students to walk to and from school. This would go a long way to avoiding congestion at pick up and drop off times. Information regarding our Active Travel Program can be found on our website.

Big Bash Cricket 

Congratulations to all the students who represented Burwood East PS so well at the Big Bash tournament at Jells Park last week - there were some wonderful performances. Our students once more displayed a great sporting attitude with the Girls team winning their section  – well done indeed!

Working With Children Check

This is just a reminder that parents who help out regularly at school, in classrooms or on excursions etc., will need a Working With Children Check (WWCC) We have these on file in the office. Parents who do not have a WWCC will be unable to volunteer at any school events. Please understand that this practice has the ultimate aim of ensuring our students are safe. It is a very easy process to apply for one at


Curriculum Day

Our next curriculum day is scheduled for Monday 4th November. During this day, students are not required to attend school. Tuesday, 5th November is a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup. Students will return to school on Wednesday, 6th November.


On Friday, 8th November students and staff will commemorate Remembrance Day which is a significant day in Australia.  Remembrance Day commemorates the noble sacrifices of armed forces and civilians during times of war.  At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, one minute's silence is observed across the country to mark the end of hostilities on the Western front during WW1 after four years of warfare.



Parents of our Year 6 students will tell you that it doesn’t seem that long ago that their child was starting school. The primary years seem to fly by and our grade sixes are already four weeks into their final term of primary school. 


Secondary school can be a daunting thought for not only our students, but parents as well. There are many questions, which I’m sure you have, which are not fully answered at information nights and orientation days. 


The Department of Education and Training have developed an informative site, which provides hints and tips on how to support your child through the transition to secondary school. The site is


As mentioned over the past 2 newsletters, we are in the early stages of making plans for the 2020 school year. We anticipate that we will have twenty five classes in 2020. We are working hard behind the scenes to make our best better.


The formation of home groups and the placement of children into these groups is a considered process. Teachers work collaboratively to create classes of students. Consideration is given to gender, a spread of ability groupings, behaviour, friendship groupings and any pertinent welfare related information. Individual student and staff needs and a whole school perspective are also considered.


At the end of the day our aim is to ensure:

•Each child is part of a class group that will allow them the best opportunity to learn.

•We make optimum use of the prior knowledge that teachers, parents and others have of each child prior to class placement.

•Class groups are formed that take into account the social, emotional, academic and physical needs of each child.


To assist our 2020 planning we would like to hear from families who are moving and their children not returning to Burwood East PS. Please let us know in writing as soon as possible.


School Council approved the 2020 parent payments at our last school council meeting. This information will be sent out to all parents on the 31st October. We endeavour to get this notice out early to help families with their planning and budgeting. If you have any questions whatsoever about the 2020 parent payments, please call in and ask at the office or see Teri, Andrew or myself.


Yours in partnership,

Darren McDonald

Principal's  Awards


As Principal, I believe it is very important that I acknowledge the wonderful work our students produce in all areas of the curriculum, therefore students are encouraged to visit me in my office (classroom) to showcase their achievements.

Jaron and Diya for demonstrating his understand of negative and positive numbers.

Noree and Aya for their excellent work with negative numbers.

Pelenaise and Winnie for showcasing their writing.

                                            Ethan for demonstrating his understanding of procedural writing.

Rayhan for explaining words and their meaning.

                                     Pantelina for explaining the strategy Bossy 'e' and Eva being a good friend.

Bella and Lincoln for creative work with Geometry and Measurements.

Assistant Principal's Report

Dear Members of the Burwood East School Community,

What a fantastic few weeks we have had at BEPS. The Monday performance assembly was outstanding and it was great to see so many students across the school performing. Thank you to Martine, Laura and Daniel A who work with students regularly through Choir and band to develop their confidence and ability to be able to perform to such a high standard.


It’s also been great to see our students thoroughly engaged in our Inquiry topic “I am a chemist”. Students have been working with Mick in the Science Room, also with their classroom teachers and specialist teachers to undertake a range of experiments to learn more about different states of matter. We have also had a number of incursions that have supported our students in developing a deeper knowledge of these scientific concepts.


Year One/Two Playground

Yesterday, we were able to open our brand new playground for the Year One/Two students. This upgrade will provide us with a great space to use for many years to come. The previous playground had done a wonderful job in supporting students in our school for close to three decades. I spent some time with some Year One/Two students hanging around on the playground and trialling some of the more difficult challenges that await our students! Thank you to the School Council and our community through Voluntary Contributions that have supported this project.

Student late arrivals
Over the last few weeks myself and the office staff have been noticing an increase in the number of students late to school. Any student arriving after 9:05am require a parent to sign them into school.

If this does not occur, students will be marked as late unauthorised and parents will receive a text message at 10am requiring them to make contact with the school to approve the late arrival.


It is important that students are on time each day as any late arrival means that your child has missed out on vital instructional time. For the teacher and the remainder of the class it causes disruption and a break in concentration. Often the teacher is required then to go back over instructions that have already been discussed. It is also giving your child the wrong message as it is saying that it is OK not to arrive on time.


We kindly ask that parents make an effort to ensure their child is at school by 8:45am when classes are open for students.


Monash Public Library Service offers free access to educational websites. If you are a member you can use your library card to access websites including Story Box Library, where you can listen to a great range of picture story books online. Please visit and click on Play & Learn to access these educational resources. To join the library, visit your local branch or click on ‘Using the Library’ on their website.


Finally, just letting the community know that I will be taking leave over the next two weeks as I am getting married on Saturday. I look forward to spending time with my future wife and seeing everyone at BEPS when I return.


Many thanks,


Andrew Den Elzen





Assistant Principal's Awards


Happy Birthday

Children who have a birthday that falls during the week may wear free dress for that day and for those children whose birthday falls on the weekend they can wear free dress on the Monday.

Evin, Olivia, Meeya, Nisha, Marisa Jayne, Kevin, Tani, Lucy, Saavi, Ricky, Tenara, Inaya, Kai and Tina

Foundation Term 4


This Term, students have been learning that graphs are a simple way to present information. We have practised interpreting graphs and enjoyed creating our own graphs from data we collected when asking our classmates questions. We have been working on creating a tally when gathering our data. Some questions were, ‘What is your favourite colour?’ and ‘What is your favourite animal?’.


This week we are focusing on the duration of time. We have been completing activities, such as telling time, looking at calendars and months of the year.


Kitchen Chemistry Incursion

Last Thursday the Foundation students participated in a ‘Kitchen Chemistry’ incursion. Linking to our Inquiry topic- I am a Chemist, the students explored the properties of various chemicals in a fun and engaging session. They made predictions and observed the exciting reactions that occurred when certain chemicals were mixed and discussed their understandings with each other. Some of the experiments that children took part in were, mixing bi-carb with vinegar, using a pipette to add colour to water and finally, making some yummy sherbet to take home.


Writing in Foundation - Term 4 Procedural Text

This term, Foundation students have explored Procedural texts in order to understand their purpose and structure. Students have enjoyed making, creating and experimenting in order to write their own Procedural texts. They have identified the steps involved in making paper snowflakes, fairy bread, a heart card, a skittles rainbow, popcorn and more!

Students focussed on ordering their step-by-step instructions, the correct use of time connectives such as first, second, finally, and selecting an action verb for each step.


Inquiry Investigation

This term in Inquiry, Foundations are learning all about chemistry in our 'I am a Chemist' unit. We have conducted various experiments to watch different reactions of chemicals. As a cohort we predicted what would happen if we mixed coca cola and mentos. We tested our hypothesis and observed the reaction. We have also studied the different properties that make up objects and why we use different materials for certain purposes.




The Foundation Team



Performing Arts - Music Assembly

Performing Arts BUZZ  - Term 4

Last Monday, many of our talented musicians performed at our assembly. We had performances from our violin students, junior and senior choirs, the expert ukulele group, Mia and Lulu who played an inspirational rendition of ‘Faded’, and our 2 bands who rocked on to finish our assembly. All students did an amazing job and had heaps of fun. It was great to see so many smiling faces! We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of music. We are looking forward to many more performances in the future.



Martine Hyde





Year Six students participated in the Click Against Hate program the other week. This program visits our school every year to further assist us in educating our community on being respectful of everyone and staying safe online.


Click Against Hate equips young people with personal strate­gies and skills for protecting them­selves against the virus of digital hatred and shows them how to effectively and appropriately respond to cyber-bulling.


The program also teaches student to stand up for each other and to always be a friend to victims of hate. It also provides them with the knowledge and tools to understand what information is credible and to appreciate the importance of behaving responsibly and ethically online.


In our diverse, tolerant and pluralistic nation, all acts of bigotry and racism are unacceptable.

The program allows young people to be part of the conversation, to speak up for the values of equality and tolerance, and to play a crucial role in fostering an increased culture of e-safety.

It was great to see the students so involved in the conversation and creating posters and memes to promote equality and kindness.


Wellbeing Team


New Addition to 1D

New Addition to 1D

In 1D we have two axolotls named Jughead and Jello. The axolotls live in a tank with pebbles and sand. It is lots of fun to have them in our classroom because they swim around and they even bump in to the side of the tank sometimes. We also get to feed them, help clean the tank and even check the water using chemicals.


Axolotls are amphibians and lay legs like a salamander. Even though they live in water they still have to swim up to the top to get oxygen. They don’t move around too much, but when they do it is really cool to see.


Something amazing happened the other week. We came in to school on Monday and there were so many eggs in the tank. One of the axolotls, Jughead, had laid about 200 eggs. We were all so surprised because we had thought they were both female. We are looking forward to watching what happens with the eggs and how they hatch. We hope to look after some of the babies until they grow into adolescents. Feel free to come and have a look!


Brayden, Amelia and 1D



Cricket Gala Day

Cricket Gala Day
What a fantastic effort by our Year 5 and 6 students who competed in the SDSSA Cricket Gala Day on Friday 25th October. After a wet and delayed start due to poor weather, the sun came out and so did the BEPS students. All students represented BEPS with pride and demonstrated all the school values.

Congratulations to our Year 6 girls team for winning the Girls competition, and continuing their cricket journey to the Monash Waverley Divisions in November.

Thank you to Luke, Alyssa and Angelica who supported our four teams throughout the day.


Elizabeth Cleary
Physical Education Teacher


Building our Sentences

This term, some of our Year Two students have been focussing on adding further detail to their sentences. Students have included a number of adjectives to make their sentences more interesting as shown below.


Mondo Clothing Bin


Photo: Nude Food Friday Winner Class FM

Every Friday is Nude Food Day

Photo: Nude Food Friday Winner Class FM




Remembrance Day Appeal


BEPS School Fun Run



Life Education Parent Information Session Foundation to Year 2 Parents


BEPS Parents  Association (PA)

BEPS has a great community and one reason is due to all the families who contribute to our events and the PA that organise them.  We are a group of parents who work together to help produce fun events for the school and to fundraise for our children’s school needs.  It is a great way to meet new parents and get involved with your children’s school experience. Last year we raised over $13,000 to help fund the replacement of the shade sails over our two playgrounds.  This year we will be raising funds to help upgrade the junior school playground.

Every Friday we have school Breakfast Club. We are looking for volunteers (no experience necessary) to help serve food to the kids.  In addition to breakfast, we meet approximately once a month to plan events and fundraisers at the school.  This year we already have a few things planned:











Term 4:


  • Colour Run Major Fundraiser 15th November
  • End of Year Concert 5th December

Meetings - All Welcome


   #    6th November  9.05am


We need volunteers to help out at our events, either selling tickets, working on the BBQ or handing out food.  There are many ways you can help.  We will be asking for helpers for each of the events as they occur. However,  If you would like to be on our list of helpers to be contacted at these times, please leave your details at the office.

Everyone is welcome to come and join us at our meetings.  It’s a great way to meet other parents and get involved with the school community. 

Thank you

The PA

Sun Smart - Hats in Term Four


 Student Banking 


Student Banking - Bendigo Bank

Please send your banking to school on Tuesday .  Banking deposits are collected on a Wednesday and returned on the same day.

To sign up for Student banking please contact:

Marcy Whitby  

Customer Service Officer

Blackburn South Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank  I 134 Canterbury  Road I Blackburn South VIC 3130

P: 03 9894 8467  I  F: 03 9894 7862  I  E:


‘They’re Calling On You’ Gorilla Campaign

Did you know BEPS collect mobile phones and small electronic devices to be recycled in connection with Melbourne Zoo’s campaign to help Gorillas. You can drop off your old phones etc. at the reception table that has a white box where your phones can be placed. Thanks for your support! 



School Based Programs
Wise One's Term 4
Computer Club
Multi Sport Program


Kidzplay On Highbury


Spoilt Rotten
Swimming Lessons Burwood


Information Page



Community Notices 


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Balanced Living Catering - School Lunch Orders.pdf
Working with Children Check.pdf
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