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27 November 2017
Issue Eighteen
College Principal's Report
Junior Campus Principal's Report
Senior Campus  Principal's Report
The School for Student Leadership Program.
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College Principal's Report

Mr David Mowbray
College Principal

This time of year is all about time and transition.

For our current Year 12 students – their time is up. Exams are done. We had 100% attendance for the exams. On the surface this may seem a minor concern, but the impact of a student not attending an exam has very strong implications for the particular student and also impacts on the rest of the class when the results are moderated. We were also very pleased with the support from all other students in keeping a distance and with noise reduction around the hall exam venue. We now wait to see how they went and where their future direction takes them.

The current Year 11 students are undertaking exams this week and the Year 10 cohort will complete their end of year exams next week. Once again, attendance, preparation and effort are the key to a stress free outcome.

Then we begin the transition to 2018! Yes, our academic program for next year commences in Head Start. Remember that we are going to a 5 period day and classes will start earlier on the senior campus. On Monday, the 2018 Year 12 classes start and finish on Wed 13th December. Attendance is compulsory. The work is real and will count towards getting our students ready for one of the most important years in their life.

For the rest of the students in Years 8 to 11 in 2018 their Head Start will be starting on December 4th and finish on December 13th – which is the Awards day. Our 2018 Year 7 students will be attending on the 11th and 12th December…once again, attendance is compulsory for all students during our Head Start program.

We will have a 2-day activities program on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December and students are able to sign up for these activities on both campuses. We will offer a range of free and cost activities that will take place at school and at other venues over the two days.

Time is also up for our Victorian Young Leaders to China group who will need to transition back into their normal life as they return after 6 weeks of learning and living in China. We look forward to hear about the adventure they experienced. Going the other way, we had our World Challenge Expedition to Cambodia team departing early today. The will spend the next four weeks in Cambodia. They will transition into a different climate, culture, living conditions and working with the local people and experiencing a potentially life-changing experience.

Finally, I had the pleasure to attend the official opening of the Hands on Learning Pizza oven extravaganza at the junior campus on Wednesday afternoon. It was great to see many parents, community sponsors and program supporters there and the students took great pride in showing everyone their learning space and work projects.


Junior Campus Principal's Report

Mrs Sue Coffey
Junior Campus

Last week of 2017 Curriculum before we all begin Head Start and everyone is very busy. Students should be completing all assessment tasks and making sure they are submitted. We don’t want anyone missing out on grades just because they didn’t put their work in.


The VYLC students arrived home on Saturday and they will present their project to the Junior Campus at the Year 9 Assembly on Friday at 12:00 noon. Families are very welcome to attend the Assembly where the Year 9’s will present and perform for us before heading up to the senior campus to begin Year 10.

The Year 9’s also have their Formal on Tuesday night this week at the Premier Function Centre. I am sure this will be a lovely evening.


Our Year 7’s students who have worked hard this term were treated to a Jump and Climb session last week. I had the pleasure of visiting the students while they were there and must admit l really wanted to have a go myself. The students were very respectful of each other, they took turns, lined up and congratulated one another on tricks. All in all they had a really good time!


All of our students will begin Head Start next week with Year 7’s and 8’s transitioning up and Year 9’s to the senior Campus. On Monday the 11th and Tuesday 12th of December the Year 6’s student will participate in a 2 day Orientation Program.  This will be an exciting time for our new Year 7’s and l am sure that our 8’s and 9’s will be excellent role models. Remembering that we are a Safe and Orderly School where all students are in uniform, in class, on time and on task!


A small group of  Year 8’s have been involved in the Broadening Horizons Project this year. Under the leadership of Ms O’Bryan the students have connected with the Department of Justice and Regulation, learning about the work that this department does and the support it provides to our community. The students will be celebrating their achievements on Wednesday 6th in the Digital Learning Hub at 7:00pm. All students involved and their families are welcome.  

Senior Campus  Principal's Report

Ms Nicole Pryor
Senior Campus Principal

We had 100% attendance at year 12 exams and Year 11 students have had exemplary behaviour this week in exams. Year 10 exams commence this morning, and Year 12 2018 Headstart classes commence (with the new one-week timetable and 5 period days).


There has been some exciting project skills on display in the last fortnight. I visited the Year 10 Food technology class to see cake decorating skills in action. The cakes looked fantastic and I am told were delicious! I am ready to place orders with the students for my children’s birthday cakes.

Today the year 10 Gaming design class revealed their games, the had designed, programmed and worked on as a team. I played Pacman, Maze games, looked at jumping and skill games and 3D attempts at fighter games. As usual the students have a great appreciation for all the work that goes into the games we play online or on our consoles, because they sure are time consuming and hard to make. They certainly created some addictions today- in the staff!



Year 10 Outdoor Adventure Challenge class completed their self-planned three day challenge last week, and displayed their skill development and resilience to complete canoeing, bike rides, hikes and other challenges. A great way to celebrate the end of their semester of learning.


Thank you to our 2018 School Captains team that represented Traralgon College at the Remembrance Day events in town- as always our students conduct themselves professionally and with great respect.


Year 12 parent and student information session

Please join us on Thursday 30th November 6.30pm (Hall foyer) in an informal Q&A session about the rigours of year 12, expectations from school, study tips, life balance and all the questions you have as parents and students. We are here to support our families and year 12 is an intensive year. Please come and ask questions, meet other parents, and seek advice.


The School for Student Leadership Program.

The School for Student Leadership Program.

Wow, we are half way through our China leg and 2/3 of our way through the SSL VYLC program. What a huge effort on everyone’s behalf. Students, staff and families back in Australia (and those travelling).

This week has been another HUGE week, a week without walls in Pak Lap in Hong Kong. Monday saw us travel from Zengcheng to Shenzen (that city may be familiar to anyone who uses ebay) where we crossed the border in to Hong Kong. We then jumped on another bus which took us to Sai Kung where we jumped onto a junk boat for a 40minute ride across the water to High Island. Then we made our final leg of a 1.5km walk up and over a peak to Pak Lap Village and our camping spot on a remote beach. - Pak Lap Wan is a beach located in Leung Shuen Wan, Sai Kung. There are splendid views of hexagonal columns and sea cave. Mok Min Cave is the most famous sea cave near to Pak Lap Wan Pak Lap Village is situated inside Pak Lap Wan which has 300-year history. This Hakka village features a silky beach a temple which is used for traditional blessing. The village has a unique century-old “Fung Shui Wood’ that is home to a variety of flora and fauna.

When we arrived, the students had to pitch tents and settled in. A quick swim in the water, a walk along the sand and a lot of shell collecting ensured. That night we played some team games before collapsing into – well on to – our beds.  Thin mats and hard sand certainly made our bed back at Utahloy feel soft as clouds ;).  Tuesday woke with warmer weather, the sun tried hard to peak through the clouds. Core 1 had Sea kayaking all day and Core 2 swapped between Mandarin and Abseiling.  From all accounts, Core one enjoyed their time, Zane even managed to catch a fish with his bare hand!  Well to be honest he was pulling up a net they thought was rubbish and the fish was tangled in it. Chris the chef, cooked it up for Zane and 1B the next night.  Apparently DELICIOUS!

Core 2 had their own adventures up a rock face. Most students had a turn of abseiling the 15m drop and rock climbed back up.  Some students had their own success by simply just clipping onto the rope and looking over the edge. Luke did this 3 times whilst sobbing from fear, but he chose to do this himself.  We couldn’t be prouder than when a students truly pushes their limits without the encouragement of staff, stepping out of their comfort zone into the learning zone.  And then we had a number of students who just went ‘NOPE’ and didn’t even try or clip on. This too is expected and quite normal, it usually comes about from students who lack resilience and persistence as well as self belief. We encourage and push, but in the end, it really is up to the student to accept the challenge placed in front of them.

Staff have noticed that Core 1 appears to be our physically active group who find easy success in physical activities, always on the move and busy, whereas Core 2 are our thinkers.  CNH staff have frequently commented on the depth of discussion Core 2 bring to classes and their ability to engage in conversation and class discussion. With that in mind, it was awesome to hear that Core 1 had huge success up the rock face the next day, with multiple climbs and abseiling being had.  Core 2 also found their own success in the sea kayaks. Everyone had to learn and try capsizing the kayaks, kinda scary when strapped into a kayak.  Piper really struggled with the ‘NOPE’ before she finally succumbed and got into the kayak. She had the biggest smile on her face afterwards.  The ocean did not seems as scary from then on. Half the students chose to head around the bluff and explored an isolate beach for the day, whilst the other half stayed within the bay exploring by kayak in the morning and coasteering – exploring the rocky edges of the cliffs by foot- in the afternoon.

Our last day of activities saw the students take a tour of the Geopark - The Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark consists of two geological regions: the widely distributed hexagonal rock columns in Sai Kung, which are of international geological significance, and the northeast New Territories region, which comprises sedimentary rocks formed in different geologic periods, showcasing the complete geological history of Hong Kong. The Geopark is made up of geological sites and local communities distributed across the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region. Their tour guide, a Chinese man called David, is an eccentric man who is very entertaining and had the students in fits of laughter. It is a beautiful and educational hike through the Geopark. The other half of the day was spent raft building.  1A v’s 1B then 2A v’s 2B.  It was interesting watching the dynamics in the teams and how much they have grown from bridge building.  2B worked fantastically as a team, supportive and encouraging and inclusive – alas they raft fell apart and tried to drift off to Australia. Meanwhile 2A made an awesome raft and successfully paddled out and back as a team, they didn’t quite get the team work together on the building. Core 1 was super competitive, almost to the detriment of others. I like the phrase they use, ‘we aren’t good at winning’ and I did note an improvement on the winning attitude when 1B finally were declared the Winners. Sam made sure 1A were congratulated for being good completion and trying their best.

Our last night was spent around a beach camp fire. Ben started playing riddles, which had us all trying to figure out the code, that would allow you to understand what was going on. Alex C shared one as well that absolutely confounded Jack until other students made it really obvious – all he had to do was use the word Thanks! So many light bulb moments for students when they finally figured them out – it was entertaining to watch.


School Uniform Reminder

College Uniform

Traralgon College is a uniform school, we wear our uniform with pride to identify us as part of the Traralgon College community.

A reminder to all parents/ guardians and students that as the weather warms up we should be wearing correct summer uniform. Students NOT in uniform are required to bring a note and are required to change. We are encouraging families to check they have the correct uniform items and restock ready for the summer period.


The College Uniform policy is set out by the College Council.  Staff, parents and students are responsible for ensuring the policy is adhered to. The Traralgon College uniform instils in students and the College Community a sense of pride and belonging.  It is designed to be comfortable and have enough variety to cater for individual student preference. 

It assists to minimise unhelpful fashion comparisons amongst students and foster an environment focused on learning rather than fashion choices.


Students are expected to be in full school uniform at all times and to keep their uniform in good condition.


Uniform Exchange Program


If students are unable to wear full uniform for a valid reason they are asked to:

  • Go to the student manager’s/sub-school office before Form Assembly/TLC.
  • Ask for the uniform item(s) you require, in your size.
  • Hand over your own clothes
  • Treat the school uniform items with respect throughout the day
  • At the end of the day (before you leave school) return the school uniform items and collect your own clothes/shoes.  We will keep your clothes until the uniform is returned.

We guarantee that the school uniform items are washed and dried before they are worn again by another student.


If students do not follow the process outlined above before TLC/Form Assembly and/or they are found to be out of uniform throughout the day, they will be given the usual consequence of a detention and still have to exchange non-uniform items.

Summer Uniform


  • Summer Dress - To be worn with knee high or short white socks


  • Navy Logo Shorts and College monogrammed polo shirt - 
  • To be worn with knee high or short white socks
  • Navy V Neck Woollen Jumper (monogrammed)


  • Fully enclosed shoes 
  • There must be a mechanism for securing the shoe to the foot eg. strap, buckle, laces.


  • Micofibre or weather proof jacket
  • It is to be worn over the regularly school day uniform when it is cold or wet or windy or any combination of these.

Sports Uniform

Junior Campus:

Compulsory for all students undertaking PE classes

  • Plain Black Basketball Shorts
  • House colour Polo Shirt
  • Sneakers of student choice.
  • Navy Bucket Hat or Cap.

To be carried to school and changed into for PE classes and subsequently changed out of after PE classes.

Senior Campus:

Change of Clothes

College & Community Updates

Traralgon College - New On Site Uniform Shop
Managed by Uniforms ByDesign

We are pleased to announce that Uniforms By Design will be opening an On Site Uniform Shop at Traralgon College.

Our first trading time will be on Thursday 9th/November from 8.15am to 10.15am.

From then on our times will be Tuesdays 2.00pm to 4.00pm and Thursdays 8.15am to 10.15am

We will advise in the near future our additional times for January and February


We are very excited to have this opportunity to provide all uniform requirements for your school. Our commitment is to offer both competitive pricing and convenient times for families to purchase the school uniform. We intend to carry good quantities of stock to ensure the highest level of service.

Uniforms By Design manufacture the majority of special make garments in Australia, and in the case of your school, all Jackets, Polo Shirts, Summer Dresses, Rugby Tops and Winter Skirts are Australian Made. 

In the near future we will advise re the availability of On Line ordering, but we will of course be providing full Efpos facilities.

Free Meningococal ACWY vaccinge for Years 10, 11 and 12

In 2017 the Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program will offer free meningococcal ACWY vaccine to students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The vaccine provides protection against four strains of meningococcal disease (ACWY) and is administered as a single dose.

Adolescents are at increased risk of meningococcal disease. Although uncommon, it can become life-threatening, very quickly. There are different strains of meningococcal bacteria known by letters of the alphabet, including meningococcal A, B, C, W and Y. In recent years, the meningococcal W strain has increased across Australia, with Victoria experiencing 11 cases to date in 2017 and 48 cases in 2016, compared to 17 cases in 2015, four in 2014 and one in 2013. It is now the predominant strain in Victoria.

To receive this vaccination, students may attend any Latrobe City Council Community Immunisation Session or alternatively make an appointment with their local doctor. Latrobe City Community Immunisation sessions are run every month with day and evening session available. Session times and dates can be found here:

To learn more about meningococcal disease, the meningococcal ACWY vaccine and how you can prepare your child for vaccination, visit or 


Trading Hours 


​Family & Care Support Services


Thunderstorm Asthma


Healthy Together Victoria


Traralgon Football Netball Club


College Calendar


13 -  Active Lifestyles - Law Bowls

13-16 Year 9 Melbourne Camp

15 -17 Year 10 Outdoor Education  3 day Challenge - Lake Tyers

16 -  Active Lifestyles - Energetics Gymnastics

17 - Broadening Horizons

18 -  Boot Camp - The Summit Survivior

20 -24 - Year 11 Exams

21 -  Build Up Day - World Challenge

21 -  Broadening Horizons

22-24 Year 10 VCAL Doxa City Camp

22 November - 22 December World Challenge Expedition Cambodia

23 - Active Lifestyles - Morwell National Park Walk

23 - Year 9 Active Women Sky Fitness

24 - Yr 9 Outdoor Ed Surfing Sem 2

24 - Year 12 exams conclude

24 - Broadening Horizons

27 - Year 12 Headstart

27 - Active Lifestyles - Traralgon Tennis Courts

27 -1 December-  Year 10 Exams

28 - Year 9 Formal

30 - Active Lifestyles - Jump & Climb

30 - Yr 9 Active Women Sky Fitness

 30 - Year 12 Parent and Student Information Session at 6.30pm in the Senior Campus Hall foyer.


4-8 Year 12 Headstart

4-13 Years 8-11 Headstart

13- Presentation Assembley 1.30pm-3.00pm Senior Campus Hall

14 - End of Year Activities

15 - End of Year  Activities

18- Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning

19 - Student Free Day - Staff Professional Learning

19 - Valedictory Dinner

22 - Last Day Term 4

January 2018

30 - First Day Term 1

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