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22 February 2018
Issue Three
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     Principal's Message                         

From the Principal's Desk

If you slip, it doesn't mean you're less valuable. It simply means that you have something to learn from slipping.

Another week has gone by and it's already week four of Term 1. Jig Saw pieces continue to come together to form a picture at OLA and building blocks continue to be added. Last week I mentioned we were reviewing the support and extension programs within the school and this will continue as we determine the needs of the children and the best way forward in ensuring we're providing the best possible learning environment for the children.


Writing about pedagogy, learning styles and the complexity of schools today,  I once read an educational editorial about a school teacher who asked her class of first graders to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. She thought of how little these children, from poor neighbourhoods, actually had to be thankful for. She knew that most of them would draw pictures of turkeys or tables with food. The teacher was taken aback with a picture a student handed in a simple childishly drawn hand. But whose hand was it?


The class was captivated by the abstract image. “I think it must be the hand of God who brings us food,” said one child. “A farmer,” said another, "because he grows turkeys.” Finally when the others were at work, the teacher bent over the student’s desk and asked whose hand it was. “It’s your hand, Teacher,” he mumbled. The anecdote illustrates how teachers, by the simple things they do, play an important role in the development of all children.


We are very fortunate in Australia to have a quality education system in comparison to other parts of the world. Our Catholic Education system would be non-existent if we did not have people who valued learning in a Catholic Education environment and strived to provide our children with experiences and learning situations that enable them to cope with the demands of an ever changing world. Let us acknowledge the wonderful work our teachers do for our students and community by saying thank you the next time you see your child's teacher.


Digital Technology & Tranformtion

As I continue to visit  the vision I have included in recent newsletters, as well as review all aspects of OLA, Mrs Erskine and I, as well as our Digital Technology Leader, Justin Kirry, met with the CEWA Digital Technology consultants last Tuesday to discuss, plan and formulate a Digital Technology Strategic Plan.


Before we're able to move forward with the Digital Technologies Strategic Plan, we need to determine the staff capabilities as  well as finding out what the students want and expect In Digital Technology (DT) at OLA . Over the next few weeks, all staff will be surveyed to determine their DT capabilities as well as their understanding of how the DT pedagogy could be incorporated with in their classrooms. Students in Years 4-6 will also be survey about their interests, need, wants and understanding about DT at OLA. 


Once we have the data from the surveys, the DT Team wil meet with Jemima and Nancy (CEWA DT Consultants) to formulate a DT Strategic Plan in addressing the needs of OLA. The will be communicated to the school community once the plan has been formulated.

Telecommunications Tower and Dwelling Development 

Please visit the Board section of the newsletter to read the letters sent to the Deputy Mayor and the CEO of City of Stirling, strongly objecting the developments.  

Year 6 Ministries Roles and Responsibilities, End of Year Awards for Year 6, Graduation, etc

Last Monday, the staff and some Board members attended an open forum about the current Year 6 ministry groups, as well as the Leadership program in Year 6, awards graduation, etc. 


All information was recorded and a decision will be made what will be happening in Year 6 and the future watch this space. 

New Canteen Day - Tuesdays

Commencing Term 2, canteen days will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of Mondays and Thursdays. The decision was made to change the days because of all the pupil free days and public holidays on a Monday during the year.  Thanks to our very gifted and talented canteen manageress, Rosie, for supporting the change.

Summary of the 2017 Parent Survey

The Board is still working on the summary and the approved final document will be uploaded to the Board section of the newsletter next week. 

Merit Certificates Receipinets 

Please check the Merit Certificates section of the newsletter for this week's Merit Certificate Recipients.


A reminder tomorrow's Year 5 assembly will commence at 2.20pm. Looking forward to seeing you all at assembly.

P&F Meeting

Thank you to those who attended last night's P&F meeting. An inspirational meeting, to say the least, with lots being planned for the year. 


In the future there will be a P&F section of the newsletter where the minutes of the meetings, as well as other correspondence, will be uploaded so community members can view. This is a 'work in progress' and will advise you all when it's up and running.

On a lighter note……

A shopkeeper was dismayed when a brand new business, much like his own, opened up next door and erected a huge sign which read ‘BEST DEALS’. The next day he was horrified when another competitor opened up on the other side and announced its arrival with an even larger sign which read ‘LOWEST PRICES’. By this stage the shop keeper was panic-stricken, until an idea came to him. He erected the largest sign over his own shop which read ‘MAIN ENTRANCE’ – now that’s lateral thinking!


Important information

Students with Medical Conditions

If your child requires medication to be taken during school hours, it is important that you complete a ‘Student Medication Request Form’ which is available from the front office.

  • Medication is to be delivered to the School Office by the parent/guardian in its original pharmacy labelled container. Please be aware that parents are responsible for delivering prescribed medications to the school and collect it at the end of the day.
  • The label on the original medication or a special letter outlining medication from the doctor   must clearly state:


(i) the name of the child
(ii) the dosage and times required
Please ask your pharmacist for this information when the medication is issued.
  • All medications are stored in the school’s First Aid cabinet in the Medical Room except where either refrigeration is required (e.g. antibiotics) or in the case of self-administered asthma reliever medication.
  • Asthma medication (reliever puffers only) may be held by a child for self-administration, only when parents/guardians have notified the school and given permission via a Asthma Action Medication Form. Preventer medications will be held in the Medical Room.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to collect any ‘out of date’ medication for safe disposal. It is also a parent’s responsibility to collect any unused medication at the completion of treatment.
  • Medication Administration Forms for children receiving medications on a regular basis are to be reviewed each term, with a new permission form completed at the start of each year.
  • Parents/guardians must notify the School Office and complete a new Medication Administration Form if there are any changes to details such as dosage or type of medication.

If any details have changed, including emergency contacts, medication or amounts of medication to be given, please make us aware of these details at your earliest convenience. 


The form is attatched or available from Mrs Chris Balen at the administration office.


School Banking

Don't forget Tuesday morning is School Banking day, you can find us in the pre kindy room from 8-8.45am.  Please see the attached flyer for the latest competitions and rewards available in 2018 just for banking! 


We are also currently looking for 2 new volunteers to take on the School Banking Coordinator positions, unfortunately we are no longer able to carry on in Term 2. It is a simple job, takes up very little time and the banking day can be changed to suit your own timetable. If you have any questions please just contact Rosie Samuels (0413 022 583) or Julia Sertorio (0433 996 678) to learn more.  If we can't find any volunteers school banking will not be going ahead in Term 2.



Rosie Samuels and Julia Sertorio

School Banking Coordinators



Be Allergy Aware !

Families are reminded that Our Lady’s Assumption is an Allergy-friendly school.  Please DO NOT bring nuts or nut by-products onto the school grounds.  Some of the foods to avoid are Muesli Bars with peanuts, Nutella products, peanut butter and any other foods containing traces of nuts.


Sports News

Sporting Schools

Student lists for Tennis and Triathlon have been placed on the window outside the office. Our subscription for Tennis has been filled and those students who unfortunately missed out will be placed on the priority list for Term 2. Tennis commences this Monday 26th March and students will be required to sign in with Mr McIntyre outside the shared facility at 3.10. There is still room for Triathlon, so please see me in the office if you would like further information. Triathlon commences the 7th March

Junior Swimming Carnival

Students in Years 1 and 2 will be participating in the Water Fun afternoon on Tuesday 27 February at Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre. Here are a few reminders to Parents and Children to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants:

  • A small spectator fee will be charged for entrance into the pool
  • All children will have sunscreen applied prior to leaving school. If your child requires an alternate sunscreen due to allergies, please pack it in their bag
  • Please pack 2 smaller towels. With the children in and out of the water frequently, an extra towel will be helpful
  • Please clearly label all clothing
  • If your child chooses to wear goggles, they are responsible for putting them on/off, tightening etc. Please label these
  • Children must remain within their specified area when not in the water. Please refrain from taking your child away from this area ie to another paddling pool
  • At the conclusion of this afternoon, please sign your child out with their class teacher if they are not returning to school on the bus
  • Please respect the privacy of all students and teachers with respect to photographs or filming. Permission must be obtained from every parent of individuals in a photo before being taken.

Senior Swimming Carnival

The Senior Swimming Carnival will be held on Wednesday 7th March at Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre. Permission letter went home yesterday so please return these asap. There is a copy attached below. If you are able to help at the Carnival please let me know.

Please find a copy of the program with approximate times. A copy of the named program is available to view on the window outside the Library.


Jodie Stewart

Sports Teacher


             Class News

Class News


Mini Vinnies 2018

Thank you so much to all the applications we received this week. Congratulations to the 20 Year 5 and 6 students who are now 

members of Mini Vinnies. We will share the names in your classes on Friday afternoon.  Our first jobs will be to plan the Fashion Parade and the Fish Friday, both to raise funds for Project Compassion.

Regards, Mrs Barclay, Mrs Knight and Mr McIntyre

Project Compassion

Each Class has a Project Compassion box, and there is one in the Staffroom, Admin area and Canteen. We encourage children to donate a little change in order to make a difference to the people supported by Project Compassion. Have a look at the posters on display around the school.Staff Free-Dress Fridays will continue during Lent. Stay tuned for information about the Fashion Parade and Fish Friday mentioned in last week’s newsletter.



Mary Barclay



From the Library

Volunteers needed !



Instrumental Tuition at OLA

In addition to their weekly class music lesson, our students have the opportunity to take tuition in a number of instruments at OLA. Piano lessons are very popular, and we currently have 51 students enrolled. These lessons take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays in the Band Room in the church car park, and are provided by teachers from Keyed Up Music.

On Wednesdays, violin and flute lessons are on offer, also in the Band Room, and at present there are six students taking violin lessons, and two doing flute lessons.

On Thursday afternoons, we have drum tuition in the Music Room, and there are six children enrolled.

On Friday mornings, seven students take guitar lessons.  One student has signed up for clarinet lessons this year.

There is a notice on our school website providing full information regarding instrumental tuition, and if you would like to discuss this further,  you are very welcome to call in to me in the Music Room before/after school on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:15am—10:30am

Friday     1:30pm—3:30pm


Mrs Tania Longman



Online Ordering

Remember you can order online, you do not have to come into the shop as the items will be delivered to your child’s classroom.

Alternatively, there is an order form on the website so you can email me the order and it will also be delivered to your child’s classroom.


Refund Policy

There are no returns on socks, hats and tights so please select carefully.  Once, they leave the shop, they cannot be returned.



Mrs Tania Longman

Uniform Co-ordinator



Our Community

Keyed up Music

Keyed Up Music will be teaching Keyboard lessons Monday to Friday during school times. Lessons start from $17.50 for a group lesson. If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form


Mercedes College, Perth

Early in 2018, Mercedes College will commence interviewing Year 5 students who are due to start Year 7 in 2020.  If you are considering enrolling your daughter at Mercedes College and have not yet requested a Prospectus, please contact Mrs Julie Lamb on 9323 1340 as soon as possible.  Further information about the enrolment process is available on our website at www.mercedes.wa.edu.au.


Chisholm College, Perth

The College’s annual Open Day will be held on Thursday 15 March 2018.  Guided Tours will begin at 8.45am, 11am and 1.15pm from the Performing Arts Centre.  Bookings for tours are essential and close on Friday 8 March 2018.  To book please contact our administration office on 9208 2500.         Applications for College Scholarships and Bursaries can be found on the College website under        Enrolments.  Requests for application forms should be directed to the College Enrolment Registrar, Mrs Anne Balmer on 9208 2516.  Please note that applications for scholarships close on Monday 12 March 2018.



Servite College Open Day


Merit Certificates

Merit Certificates

Congratulations to the following students


Merit Awards Week 4 Assembly - 23 February, 2018

Pre-Primary:  Charlotte Marocchi, Jasmine Kabamba, Valentino D'Angelo, Onyx Varinda,

Year 1: Cambell Suckling, Pavlina Daneva, Ken Blackshaw,Ethan Reid,

Year 2: Sienna Del Paggio, Natalia Di Lenno, Scarlett Mendoza, Joanna Kambamba,

Year 3: Joseph Palazzo, Justace Roberts

Year 4: Aidan de Jong,Sophie Scott, Luca Poli

Year 5: Tahlia Piantadosi, Ty Newman Luke Dropulich, Sophia De Rosa, ,

Year 6: Elena Spagnolo, Lawson Evans, Luke Dropulich, Sophia De Rosa, 


Dates to remember


Friday 23 February

Assembly 5M

8.50am Merit Award



Tuesday 27th February

Junior Swimming Carnival

Years 1-2

Wednesday 7th March

Senior Swimming Carnival

Years 3-6


Wednesday  28th March

Thursday 29th March 

School Photographs


Canteen News

The Canteen operates on Mondays and Thursdays.  We are looking for volunteers to help any of those days, either all day or even for part of the day.  Mums, dads, Nonas all welcome!

Mrs Rosie Samuels

Canteen Manageress


             P & F News

Family Fun Night


Get set for The Family Fun Night 000 Party on Friday 9 March!


Taking place from 5pm – 8pm on the grounds of OLA, this event will bring families and friends together to enjoy loads of fun activities and great company.


Joining us at the event will be some very cool emergency services vehicles!  Including a fire engine, a police van, an ambulance and an SES truck. These larger than life guests will be located on the bitumen – police, ambulance and SES from 5pm and fire engine at 6.30pm - and little kids and big kids alike will be able to explore each of them!


If that’s not enough, the police will be conducting their own action packed activities for the kids, plus there’ll be inflatable fun, the silent disco, face painting and live music by Chris Gibbs – what a night!


Coles Sports for Schools

OLA is participating in the Coles Sports for Schools program!


When shopping at Coles you can receive a voucher for every $10 you spend. Vouchers can be placed in the OLA collection box located at Coles Dianella, or you can bring them into the school office.


At the end of the program we will be able to swap the vouchers for sports equipment – so let’s get shopping!


Contact Us

The P&F now has its very own email address! You can contact us at pandf@ola.wa.edu.au


Parish News

Parish Information

Parish Priest:  Fr Ken D’Souza

Phone:  (08) 9276 1008

Secretary: Amanda Reneaux


Parish Mass Times

Weekdays:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 8.00am

Wednesday 9.00am
Saturday—Vigil Mass  6.00pm

Sunday—Mass 7.30 a.m.  , 9.30 a.m. and 5:00pm
Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each month.

First Holy Communion / Confirmation Candles

An opportunity to have your own personalised candles carefully hand crafted by Benedictine Nuns.

For further information please contact the Nuns directly via the website:



Alter Servers

Saturday 24 Feb 9.30am                Sophia Lomma

Sunday 25 Feb   6.00pm                 Adam Lambert

News from the Board

Objection Letters Sent to City of Stirling 
RE: Telecommunications Tower and 165 Multiple Dwellings Submissions

Dear Parents


Attached to the Board section of the newsletter are the objection letters sent to the City of Stirling, opposing the Telecommunications Tower and Dwelling Developments. These letter were sent to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, CEO and Director of Planning ad development at the City of Stirling.


The P&F members are coordinating an information evening about the Telecommunications Tower and parents will be invited to attend and hear more about the proposal submitted to the council. A hard copy invitation will be sent out soon to all families soon and the meeting will be held at OLA early next week.


Thank You

OLA School Board






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