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30 November 2017
2017 Issue 18
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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

It was my pleasure to attend the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner on Monday evening. It was a fabulous evening as we celebrated the completion of Secondary schooling for our 49 graduating students, who also reflected a little on their journey. It was delightful to hear the School Captains and their parents speak with respect on their journeys with Bayside Christian College. Thank you to Mrs Curtis-Morris and Mrs Cooper and your team for the wonderful celebration.


Over the past newsletters, I have been writing about our staffing for 2018. Please see below for the Primary staffing:


Head of Primary

Glenys Bailey 

Prep-Year 2 Coordinator

Donna Martin

Years 1/2 Team Leader (Assistant Coordinator)

Jo Dyer

Years 3/4 Coordinator

Chris Elkington

Years 5/6 Coordinator

Sara Wright


At Bayside Christian College, the Primary School is divided into three groups. To support the teachers in their team work, each group of teachers has one teacher who will usually teach classes when the main class teachers are absent (see below).


Prep-Year 2 Team

Jennie Taylor (Prep), Donna Martin (Prep), Jo Dyer (1/2), Josie Hopkins (1/2), Jordan Partridge (1/2)


Tammie Chester will teach in the Prep-Year two Team for 2 days each week


Years 3 & 4 Team

Maree Coates, Chris Elkington, Karen Hooper


Kerri Bernon will teach in the Years 3/4 Team for two days each week.


Years 5/6 Team

Donna Doherty, Jo Piening, Fiona Ryan, Sara Wright


Russell Svigos will teach in the Years 5/6 for 2.5 days each week.


Specialist subject teachers:

  • Caroline De Haan (Art) 
  • Sari Newton (LOTE - Indonesian)
  • Jennie Champion (Library)
  • David Mallen (Music)
  • Zacc Klan (PE).



This week, I was informed by the Federal Member for Dunkley, Mr Chris Crewther MP, that the College had been successful in its application for a capital grant to assist in building a new Science Facility. The new Science Facility will be built in between the new Trades Skills Centre and Secondary Classroom Building, with construction to commence during Term 1, 2018. 




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our Orientation Day on Monday for students in the ELC, Primary School and Year 7 in 2018, that great connections would be made between students and their new teachers.


Pray for our upcoming presentation evenings, as we celebrate all that the students have achieved this year.


Please pray for our  Board and Leadership, that they would make wise decisions on the future of our College.


Pray in thanks for the provision of funds to expand our facilities at 97 Robinsons Road.

From the Deputy's Desk

Give Thanks

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says: "In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."


This week, it was a privilege to attend the Valedictory Dinner for the graduating class of 2017. The most touching part of the evening was when the departing College leaders gave thanks to God for the teachers, leadership, board, parents, families and wider College for the input into their lives that has, and will continue to, shape their faith and lives as they go forward from now.


It is such a wonderful thing to recognise God's provision and to give thanks. I recently read an article on gratitude, by Dr Jodi Richardson. She says:


"More than just a nice feeling, gratitude is integral to happiness. If we can inspire and cultivate gratitude in our children, we’re doing so much more than teaching them to be polite by saying ‘thank-you’. We’re helping them develop a strength that will positively affect their mental health and wellbeing over a lifetime. It’s that powerful.


"The science tells us that compared with those who don’t, people who practice gratitude are more enthusiastic, more determined, perform better at school, are more likely to avoid risky behaviours, experience less depression and envy, are more kind and helpful, sleep better and are 25 percent happier.


"Adolescents with a grateful mindset are more optimistic and experience greater social support, which is essential to their health and happiness. They experience more fulfilling friendships and family relationships, are more content in themselves and with their school, have higher grades and are less focused on material possessions.


"There’s simply no down side!"


Obviously, the Bible was right about having a thankful heart! If you would like to read the full article see the attachment below: 


Class Lists for 2018

Primary class placement letters for 2018 has been posted to families this week. Please check the mail, and if yours has not arrived by Friday, contact Glenys Bailey, Head of Primary School.


Secondary Home Group class lists are still being finalised. Students will be notified once this is complete.


Please understand that a great deal of prayer and thought has gone into the class lists, with a lengthy and complex process involving many meetings, and considering many factors including: friendship groups, parental concerns, student learning needs and teacher recommendations. The class lists are final and will not be changed, as one change affects the rest of the considerations. We thank you for your understanding and support.

End of Year Events

The end of the year is filled with many celebrations and events where students are celebrated.  


On Monday, there are assemblies to give out various awards and recognition:

8:55am for Secondary

2:25pm for Primary


Primary and Secondary Celebration and Presentation events are in the evenings and all students are expected to attend.


Secondary Presentation Eveningis next Tuesday 5 December, BBQ from 6:00pm, presentations 7:00-9:30pm.


Primary Celebration Evening is next Thursday 7 December, from 7:00-9:00pm.


Both events take place in our U Block Secondary gym.


We look forward to seeing you there.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal 

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

It is hard to believe that in less than a month it will be Christmas, as there are still many things going on within the Primary School.  



Our new Prep students for 2018 had another opportunity to be in the Prep classrooms for two hours this week. Next Monday 4 December, all Primary School students will visit their new teachers and meet their classmates for 2018 on Transition Day. Change can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but also a time of excitement. It is so beneficial that the students can go on holidays knowing who they will be sharing next year with. Twelve new students will be entering Bayside in Years 1-6, in addition to the 37 Preps whom we will be welcoming.


School Banking

Next Monday, Kaye Knapp and Lisa Berry, along with Karen from the Commonwealth Bank, will be setting up a table on Transition Day, outside G Block (weather permitting). If you have any questions about banking or wish to open an account, these ladies will be able to assist you.


Lisa Berry is unable to continue to help with the School Banking Program in 2018, and we thank her sincerely for the hours of volunteering that she has put into the support of banking at school. Another volunteer is needed to assist Kaye next year. If you are able to help, please see Kaye on Monday and she can explain some of the duties involved. The final day for banking this year is Tuesday 5 December.


Primary Assembly - Monday 4 December

The current Primary School Leaders will be honoured, some music awards presented, and the results of the House competitions will be announced at this assembly. Parents are always welcome to attend the Primary assemblies.


Primary Dance

The Primary Dance is also going to be held on Monday 4 December from 5:00-6:30pm. Notices were handed out on Monday and are now due. It should be a night of great fun for the students.


Primary Celebration Evening - Thursday 7 December

This special evening of class items and awards will be held in U Block gym from 7:00-9:00pm. All Primary Students are expected to attend, wearing their full summer uniform. Refer to the letter for more information. The 2018 Primary Student Leaders will also be presented with their badges on this night.


Year 6 Graduation - Monday 11 December

Formalities begin at 5:30 pm in U Block with the students demonstrating the dances they have been learning, along with farewell speeches. A light supper will follow in G Block, which the students will be sharing with their families and staff.


Final Primary Assembly - Wednesday 13 December, 9:00-9:30am

The Primary Students will present the toys that they have brought along to a representative from the Salvation Army and say farewell to the Year 6 students.


Final Day - Wednesday 13 December

Please remember the early dismissal time of 2:30pm.


May all of our students, families and staff  experience a time of blessing and peace at Christmas, as we celebrate God’s gift to us of His Son.


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Primary Choir

On Tuesday 21 November, the Primary Choir went to the Banksia Centre.  It was a fabulous day and a wonderful time to represent our school.

We sang five songs including “Giants Fall”, “How Much”, and many more. Our favourite song was probably “Scars to Your Beautiful”. They loved our actions and singing.


There were also a number of people who performed on their own like pianists, singers and an amazing trio. Then we went back to singing two more incredible songs.


Once we had sung all our songs, a man got his guitar and played "Waltzing Matilda". He asked if we knew it. Mr Mallen said that he did, but half of us did not know the song. But we were persistent and had a go.


Finally, we finished all our songs and they were really generous in letting us have a nice glass of mouth-watering lemonade.


We had a great opportunity to build on our confidence levels. We all enjoyed it. A day we’ll always remember.


Sitaya Fagan and Annabelle Hughes -
Year 3/4H

Indonesian cooking experience!

Our Years 5/6 classes made Dadar Gulung - Indonesian style pancakes with coconut filling . The ingredients used to make this pancake are flour, milk, eggs, salt, palm sugar, desiccated coconut and food colouring.


People had different feelings about this cooking experience so we did an investigation and gathered their opinions. Some of their opinions are:

  • Valerie Nel made hers very thick and said that they tasted very nice.

  • Lily Chow thought they were very good and she liked them but she found it hard to flip the pancake.

  • Isaac Lomulder found it was a fun experience but didn't like the colour.

  • Bella Rose Jago loved the filling although she used the wrong cooking equipment to make it.

  • Thomas van der Zwaard liked the colour but didn't like how patient you had to be while waiting for the pancake to cook.

  • Nathan Tagle said he liked the filling and hated the mess.

  • Owen Mathews suggested to make it sweeter and thought that the colour was funny and entertaining.

  • Lily Saltmarsh thought that flipping the pancake was her favourite part but didn't like the heat danger of the stove.

  • Gavin Lin loved the experience but didn't like cleaning up.

  • Ebony Drew was very positive about the experience and loved everything about it including the cleaning.

Everyone had a different opinion; some of them liked it and some did not. Overall, most people liked the taste of the filling and the opportunity to be able to make these amazing green pancakes.

Lily Chow and Valerie Nel - Years 5/6

Celebrating a student's achievement

On Sunday 12 November,  Year 5 student Ryland McLaren competed in a state karate tournament with competitors from Tasmania and South Australia. He gave it his best effort against some very tough competition in both the Kumite and Kata disciplines, in which he placed 3rd and 4th respectively. 


Well done Ryland - a fantastic effort! 

Across the College

Music Showcase

Our biannual Music Showcase Evening, on Wednesday 22 November, was an opportunity for students to share what they have been learning this semester with their family and friends. There were performances on guitar, keyboard, drums, voice and cello, as well as some wonderful small ensembles, including the Primary Choir, the Drumming Group and 'Disco Balls'. It was another amazing evening that showcased the talent of so many students. 

Thanks are due again to our amazing instrumental teachers - Rach Lomulder (voice), Kate Holt (guitar), Sarah Roberts (piano) and Nate Hill (drums) -for all the work they have done with the students this year. This evening also couldn't have run without the help of Tim Mann in setting up the sound system, as well as all the volunteers who pitched in and helped on the night.


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Year 10 Showcase night

Bayside recently celebrated our Year 10 2017 VCAL Showcase Night. There was pancake cooking and a street art competition with parents. It was a fantastic night!


Year 9 History

This term, our Year 9 students have been studying the First World War. Lasting from 1914 to 1918, the First World War saw Australia, as part of the British Empire, join the Allies in a struggle that cost millions of lives, including those of 60, 000 Australian soldiers. Such a sacrifice of human life conjures up questions of motivation, purpose and worth. What motivated these men to sign up? What were they fighting for? And is any cause really worth a human life? 


We were privileged to have a visit from Brent Clyne, the Secretary of the local RSL and a

veteran, who shared with us his experience as a soldier. He spoke passionately with our students about duty, service and sacrifice.  He shared a brief history of the major conflicts our nation has been involved in, and the struggle experienced by returning soldiers to carry on a normal life after their war experiences. We thank Mr Clyne for sharing his story and helping us to be aware of the cost borne by our soldiers. 


Jay Johnstone

Secondary Teacher

Rock Climbing with the Year 7s

In Year 7 OES, we had the exciting opportunity to go to Bayside Rock. The students did an amazing job of working as a team and challenging themselves to achieve their personal goals.

Happenings in the Design Tech Room

It has been an exciting semester in Design Tech with lots of masterpieces being created. Here are a few pictures of work from students in Years 7-10. It is always an exciting time to see the creative designs of the students come into reality.

Facing the Elements with Year 7 OES 

The Year 7 OES class was recently blessed with the opportunity to do an overnight hike in the Bunyip State Park.

They faced rain, hail and shine as they walked through the beautiful state park. 


The students all did extremely well, constantly working as a team, and it was fantastic to see all the students helping and encouraging one another. 


Mr Lake and Ms Cloherty were courageous in their leadership.


Daniel Briglia

Secondary Teacher

Years 11/12 Happenings

This week, we celebrated the Year 12 graduation at the Valedictory Dinner. It was lovely to hear from students and parents as they reflected on their time at Bayside. As a College, we value the partnership that exists between home and school, and the strength that this brings to students’ lives as they seek to discover who they are in Christ. We pray God’s continued blessing on the graduating class as they enter into work and, for those in VCE, await their final results.


Last week, our Year 10 and 11 students began ‘rollover’. Tuesday was a day spent learning about the understandings that underpin the society in which we all live, and seeing how worldviews are shaped and influence learning. Students discussed and debated a range of topics, and learnt about the Biblical worldview that shapes the perspective from which we approach learning at Bayside. They also discussed a range of worldviews in an effort to understand how views are shaped in different cultures and contexts. Special thanks goes to Dr Prior, Mr Kong, Mr Lake, Miss Cartledge, Mrs Cooper and Mr Waldron who delivered sessions and ran workshops throughout the day. Our desire is always for students to develop the ability to question and to think critically through the issues that they will encounter across life.


Students are now working in their 2018 subjects and should ensure that they are putting effective work practices in place for next year.


A reminder that Secondary Presentation Evening is on Tuesday 5 December. Students will be expected to attend in full school uniform.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11&12 Coordinator

Christmas Community Market

Our Year 11 students and Year 10 VCAL students will be presenting the final Bayside Community Market on Thursday 30 November. We also have some parents, staff and younger students in the College who will be joining us with stalls. There will be food, entertainment, craft activities for the children and gifts to buy for Christmas. Make the most of this community afternoon to get prepared for

Christmas, as well as support the various charities the students’ businesses donate profits to, and to catch up with the Bayside community.

Final Day

Our final day for Year 11 will be Tuesday 5 December. This will be a fun day out in the city, discovering all the Christmas events that Melbourne has on offer, as well as a Christmas picnic in the park.  Parents are warmly invited to join us.

Subject in Focus

Visual Communication Design

Year 11 students were challenged to develop a design that would respond to a fictitious but credible client who required a ‘backyard studio’ to be built at their home. Students responded to the limited floor space requirements, helping to maximise productive space for efficient living.


Wallara Excursion for VCAL

On Thursday 23 November, the VCAL students visited Wallara to begin looking at ways that we can partner with people who face different challenges in life and overcome them on a daily basis.

We learnt all about Wallara and how the centre was created and why. We also learnt about how the clients at Wallara work and how they get paid. It was a good excursion and the fact we went to McDonald's really topped it off!


Matthew Wells - Year 11


Wallara is a place where people who have disabilities and need extra help with their daily life activities can go. The staff members help each client with learning how to make coffee, how to pack things and lots of other things. At Wallara there are two sections. One section is the more accommodation/residential section, and then there is a hands-on section where they employ people who have disabilities and teach them all the skills that you would need for a job. They also get paid for working for the boss. l had a really good day there. 


Hannah Hayes - Year 11


When we arrived we split into groups. One group went to the the main activities centre, and the second group went to the factories where the people with disabilities work. The first group was given a tour of the headquarters, including a sensory room. Inside the room there was a ball pit, a big lava lamp and numerous things you could touch on the wall. We checked out the outside area that the 'Gardenbusters' designed and constructed. We then were told we were going to ask a client some questions. Examples of those questions were, “what isyour favourite sport?”, “what are your goals?” etc.

Then the groups switched places. When we took the school bus and looked at the factory where the clients undertake structured work, most of the work we saw was them organising towels. We also saw them making boxes for mainly beauty companies and the Hawthorn AFL team's merchandise.


Dylan Callander-Burns - Year 10

VCAL Visit to the TSC

This week, the Year 11 VCAL students began their Year 12 Numeracy rollover classes.

Students enjoyed a visit to the Trades Skill Centre (TSC) and began a Garden Design Project. This project will continue into 2018, and provides the students with the opportunity to use their measurement and design skills and to put forward a proposal for the empty courtyard space at the TSC. We look forward to seeing how the space develops!

Year 11 

In Homegroup, the Year 11 students have been reflecting on their efforts throughout the year, reviewing study and life skills that they tried out, and making plans to extend these and try others during Year 12. This week at the Community Market, there will be a ‘Useful Gift Shop’ stall - a concept that was launched by TEAR in 1994, and has since become a very popular fundraising concept with a number of aid and development organisations. It provides a practical avenue for countering the increasingly commercialised nature of the Christmas season, and for helping those who need it most.

Chemistry Rollover

The Years 11 and 12 Chemistry rollover classes have commenced with great student enthusiasm. Year 12 students have embarked on their studies of fuel options for energy

production. With growing global demand for accessible energy, they considered fuel options including fossil fuels and biochemical fuels in relation to their sustainability. Chemical structures are studied in the light of their implications for the viscosity and flashpoint of the fuels considered.


Year 11 students have been developing skills and knowledge delving into the world of acid base chemistry. They have risen to the challenge of filling a bulb pipette and a burette, and then performed a titration until end point. It sounds like a new language and it is! These new skills will hold them in good stead in their future studies in Chemistry.


Sharyn Hadlow

Chemistry Teacher


Library Returns

Next week, the Library will be commencing its annual end-of-year stocktake. All library books are due for return to the Library no later than Friday 1 December. Thank you to those students and families who have already ensured that their returns have been made. If there are still items needing to be returned, please send these back to the library promptly.


Janienne Woodbridge & Jennie Champion

Teacher Librarians


The Canteen will be CLOSED from Friday 8 December for Christmas holidays.

There will be NO LUNCH ORDERS for Primary students on the last three days of school!


Just another reminder that the 2018 Camp forms and Family Details forms must be returned to the College Office before the end of the year on Wednesday 13 December. 


Our uniform supplier, Hip Pocket Mornington, is offering a 5% discount for Bayside uniform items from Friday 1 December until close of business Friday 15 December. The store will be closed for Christmas-New Year from 4pm on Friday 22 December 2017 and re-opening Wednesday 10 January 2018 at 8am.


See attached for full details.


Camp Australia Newsletter


YCW Netball club


2018 Twilight Carnival

We are excited to announce that the 2018 Twilight Carnival will be taking place on Friday 23 March (4-8pm). With entertainment, rides, food and fun, it's sure to be a fantastic night for the whole family! Please save the date in your diaries now. 


Please be on the lookout over the holidays for unused items in good condition you could contribute to our 'Trash and Treasure' stall. If you have a knack for 'stuff' and organisational ability, we're also on the hunt for somebody to look after this stall.


If you're interested in helping out with Trash and Treasure, or if you have your own business, craft or hobby you'd like to showcase at the Carnival, please contact our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams: [email protected]


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