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09 February 2018
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Principal's Post 

Welcome Back

Welcome back from the summer break and especially to all those who have joined Ringwood Secondary College for the first time in 2018. I hope that you enjoyed a relaxing time and you're feeling refreshed and ready to take on the learning challenges of 2018. Classes commenced last week and it has been a busy and productive start of the year for all year levels. Our College assembly this week highlighted our student leaders and the directions, major events and opportunities at the college for this year.

A special welcome is extended to our 280 Year 7 students and their families.


In particular I would like to draw your attention to some key improvement focus areas. There has been a lot of research undertaken in recent years which highlights the skills,  attributes and behaviours that will allow you as young people to thrive when you leave school. This is encapsulated in words like- Character, Collaboration, Creativity, Citizenship, Critical thinking and Communication. Known as the 6Cs we will be adopting further approaches for your learning that ensures you have increased opportunity to take responsibility for your learning. Student progress reports will reflect how our students are progressing against these learning behaviours.


Further in 2018, there is a college wide focus on reading and especially in improving understanding when utilising non fictional texts. Our teachers are keen to ensure student learning growth is maximised in literacy.


The third area of action around which student learning can become more visible is in being clearer about what it is that each student is meant to be learning. We have in place an instructional model that will particularly highlight learning intentions and create regular opportunities for students to check in with teachers, to gain the necessary feedback for learning improvement.


I hope that each student's learning journey for 2018 is characterised by significant personal learning growth and success.


Our College Production for 2018, “The Addams Family” has been announced and auditions will commence shortly.


By the time that you have read this newsletter we will also have concluded The House Swimming Carnival at Aquanation too.


VCE Season of Excellence 2018

I am delighted to inform the school community that two of our students from the VCE Class of 2017 will have their work  exhibited in this years Top Design Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.


Congratulations to Grace Wilson - Visual Communication Design and Elysia Bovill  - Media/Photography and Print Layout on this momentous achievement.


I would also like to acknowledge the excellent support provided by their teachers, Mr Kevin Lewis and Miss Sam Asbury respectively.


Staffing in 2018

As is always the case at the beginning of a new school year there are a number of new and returning staff and we particularly welcome them:

  • Ms Jess Hilet – English as an Additional Language
  • Mr Chris Szeligiewicz  - English  
  • Mr Hernan Alonso – Science and Maths
  • Mr Bun Tong Ung – Maths and IT
  • Ms Bonnie Yu - Mathematics
  • Mr Anthony Del Sureto – Accounting and Commerce
  • Mr James Moors - Maths and IT
  • Ms Nicole Perry - Drama and Dance
  • Mr Kane Gardiner - Science
  • Mr David Clements - Physical Education
  • Mr Peter Stephens - Business Management and Commerce
  • Mr Aaron Rowlands - Sports Trainee
  • Ms Jacqui Godfrey - English and Humanities
  • Ms Nicole Solomon - Health and PE
  • Ms Alison Crawford - English
  • Ms Victoria White – Music and InterGreat
  • Ms Penny Palmer - Media and Art
  • Ms Melissa Muller - Media and Art
  • Ms Vera Sumanta – Language Assistant Indonesian


Congratulations to Ms Anna Urbano on her appointment as Head of the Junior sub school too.


Australia Day Awards

I was delighted to learn of the success of members of our community in the recent City of Maroondah awards.


The Community Event of the Year was awarded to the Bounce into Mental Health Carnival – an event developed by Ringwood Secondary College, to increase awareness of support services available at the school and beyond for those affected by mental health issues. The event also promoted the understanding and use of positive psychology and other techniques to increase wellbeing amongst students and staff. Congratulations to Ms Karen Hallam and the team of students and staff who lead this important work.


The Young Citizen of the Year was awarded to Georgia Read, a current Year 12 student, for her significant contribution as an ambassador and volunteer in the areas of cyber safety, mental health, disability, gender acceptance and childcare. Georgia has received many awards honouring her achievements, including a Maroondah Youth Award in 2016 for her work in campaigning against homophobia in schools. This year Georgia will also become Ringwood Secondary College’s inaugural Wellbeing Ambassador, a position created specifically to recognise Georgia’s hard work in this area over the past five years. Congratulations Georgia, we are very proud of your efforts on behalf of so many others.


Student travel to and from Ringwood Secondary College

The college asks that all students ensure respectful and appropriate behaviour especially when travelling on public transport.


We are always concerned about student safety and ask all students to cross busy roads at appropriate locations. There are two supervised crossings on Bedford Road as well as a signalised intersection at Great Ryrie Street that should be utilised. In addition, travelling in small groups is often a good idea and areas like Ringwood Lake are best avoided when travelling alone. In addition, students riding to school must wear their safety helmets.


Parents who drive students should be aware of the speed and parking restrictions near the school, as these are regularly enforced. Often it is easier to drop children nearby and allow them to walk a few hundred metres. The car park at the front of the library should not be used as a drop off point at any time immediately before or after school.


Student Safety Matter

Students must not bring drinks in glass bottles to the College. If there is an accident they potentially can cause serious injury and broken glass makes areas in the yard unsafe. There are lots of suitable alternatives that can be utilised. Your cooperation is appreciated.


College Council Elections 2018

Nominations are now open for three parent vacancies on our college council. If you are an enthusiastic parent interested in getting more involved and having a say in what our college is doing, or know someone who is, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for people who are committed to improving the educational outcomes for all our students.


Effective councils have a broad range of experience, skills and expertise. Face-to-face and online training is also available to help councillors develop the skills and knowledge for the job. Parents find their involvement satisfying and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.


A change in our council composition in 2018 will also result in the co option of a student member as a community representative.


If you would like to find out more information, please give me a call at the College. Nominations close on Tuesday February 20 2018 and forms are available from the school reception or via email from Karen Carden.  [email protected]



Michael Phillips


Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

Welcome to all our new and returning students and their families to the 2018 school year.

The energetic buzz and the enthusiastic start to the year heralds a real sense of optimism about what can be achieved in and out of the classroom. I encourage each student to make the most of class time, build a positive working relationship with his or her teachers and make the commitment to perform at his or her best.


A few of the pre-conditions for learning in a school setting have to do with the environment and a great deal of work has been done over the holidays to improve facilities while the Junior School building is showing its flexibility as a fantastic teaching and learning space. Our school pride is also displayed through the wearing correctly of the school uniform and this year our Year 7 girls are introducing the new summer dress which is refreshingly modern and comfortable.  


For parents the notifications of the events that the college offers can be accessed via Compass and seen on the Compass calendar. The whole school Swimming carnival and the Year 11 Debutante ball rehearsals kick start the opportunity this week for students to show off their swimming and dancing skills and to have a good time.


The college is implementing its Instructional model this year and we are following the GANAG lesson schema incorporating high yield strategies and the Department of Education’s High Impact Strategies. It is an exciting period of implementation as we invite students to join with us as learners to maximise the teaching and learning environment. Students will be increasingly accessing the Learning Intention for their lessons through the Compass Class page which will explain what they will know and understand having had the lesson. Continuous feedback will be provided throughout the semester in order to maximise performance while a new progress report format in time for the Parent Teacher interviews at the end of the term has been developed and will be outlined in this newsletter. We are shifting our focus from Work Habits to Learning Behaviours which reflect the necessary skills students need to have in this day and age.

It is a busy yet optimistic time and we wish everyone a happy start to the year.


Eleni Stathatos

Assistant Principal

From Mr Barut

It is with great pleasure, as the Assistant Principal that oversees all the sub schools, that I welcome back all students for the start of the 2018 school year. I also extend greetings to all our parents and all our partners that make up this magnificent Ringwood Secondary College community.


Certainly, I can only envisage the night before where there would have been great excitement and a few nerves about the start of the school year. We were delighted to welcome our newest cohort into the school, the Year Seven class of 2018, all the way to our Year 12 class of 2018.


I would like to congratulate all our students for the terrific start, where the main focus has been settling into classes with their teachers. It is imperative that to continue this excellent start, students must attend all their lessons and get to school every day. Of course, if there are extenuating circumstances, we ask that parents approve any absence on Compass.


The Year 7s have settled into their classes and are developing positive relationships with all their teachers, notwithstanding familiarity with the entire operations of a secondary school college. Their confidence grows every day.


Congratulations to Mrs Menz and the entire Senior School team for organising and supervising the two day study symposium at Box Hill TAFE in Lilydale. A fantastic undertaking that set the tone for the Year 12 cohort. Thank you to the teachers that offered their time to run lectures on best practice through English, English Language, Literature and EAL.


The other Sub Schools have all come back refreshed, enthusiastic and ready to achieve their personal best and engage fully in the programs that Ringwood Secondary College has to offer.


The Heads of Sub Schools, the House Co-ordinators and I are all committed to delivering the best possible support for all our students and we ask for your support in building a partnership together. Interactions for all of us have to respectful and solution focused. To that end, allow me to introduce this year’s team:


Head of Sub School Years 7 and 8 – Ms Anna Urbano

Frazer – Ms Marissa Lee

Freeman – Ms Jess Friend

Mabo – Ms Kim Watson

Jackman – Mrs Faith Stepniewski


Head of Sub School Years 9 and 10 – Mr Matthew Tucker

Frazer – Ms Krissi Friedli

Freeman – Mr Benn Jamieson

Mabo – Ms Alyce Bailey

Jackman – Mr Peter Vlahos


Head of Sub School Years 11 and 12 – Mrs Cathy Menz

Frazer – Ms Caitlin May

Freeman – Ms Emma Lim

Mabo – Mr Matt Saunders

Jackman – Ms Lucy Moore


Please read this newsletter carefully to familiarise yourself with the best contact that can help you with any issues that may arise with your son or daughter. In case you are not familiar with the new college structure, each student is aligned to a House, thus, they are also aligned to a  co-ordinator who is in the same House.


Parents and carers, we ask that you log onto Compass to connect with the work that your son/daughter is doing under Learning Tasks so that the learning journey becomes a shared responsibility. Also, at times, Compass notices that are relevant to a specific year level will be posted, that may require parental action.


Before I sign off, a reminder to all students that photo day is the 20th of February. EVERY student must have their photo taken.


We look forward to a sensational 2018. Again, welcome.


James Barut

Assistant Principal


From Mrs Allison

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams 

Welcome back!

This quote is one of my favourite, and very apt for this week’s whole school assembly that focussed on celebrating leadership, success, teamwork, collaboration and support for the College and local community. Our Year 12 Prefects, together with our lead teachers, encouraged all students to participate in Sports, House activities, Performing Arts, and work positively to be the best person they can be and to aim for a productive, positive year ahead.


Maroondah City Council recognised and celebrated the achievements of our Wellbeing team awarding the RSC team, Community Event of the Year (Bounce into Mental Health) and most significantly Georgia Read (Year 12) was recognised as Maroondah’s Young Citizen of the Year. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to our Wellbeing team and Georgia for their wonderful achievements. A special mention and thank you to Phoebe Roach (Yr 11), who was also nominated for an award as recognition of her voluntary work with Maroondah City Council Youth SWAT team and community projects involvement.


Next Wednesday, student leaders from Years 7-12 will attend their leadership training at Sage Hotel, in Ringwood. The morning training will commence with a ‘Plus 10 Schools’ collaborative event for Year 7 students, together with Maroondah City Council, Heathmont College, Melba College, Norwood Secondary College and Ringwood Secondary College (RSC). RSC Students in Years 8-11 will be trained by Sport and Life Training (SALT) followed by our College Prefects attending to co facilitate team building exercises. This is a great opportunity for all students to build our student leadership teams.


Positive Education focus


Character Strength: Leadership

Wellbeing Fitness Challenge: Looking Forward

Wellbeing Reflection Activity: Active Constructive Responding


With the increase in the use of electronic devices, there has been a significant decline in face to face conversations over the last decade with students’ skills in interpreting and sending appropriate body language messages reduced. This can lead to a key social-emotional resilience skill, showing empathy, being adversely affected. Consequently, the building of high quality relationships suffers. Showing empathy has been the social glue that has enabled communities to thrive and flourish for centuries.


To develop students’ self-awareness of how to overcome this they need learn how to use active constructive responding in the face to face conversations they have.


Active Constructive Response: Enthusiastic support, genuine interest


It is the only proven way of listening and responding which builds relationships. With key elements in positive psychology and education being positive relationships and positive emotions, it is important that we encourage young people to enthusiastically encourage others to share their stories and asking them to tell you more by doing this. The end result is that it fills both parties with uplifting spirals of positive emotions. 


Other ways of listening and responding which have an adverse effect on relationships include: 

passive constructive: such as listening respectfully, but without any interest, energy or enthusiasm; passive destructive: showing little interest in listening to them to learn their story, active destructive: dismissing their story with disrespectful body language and changing the subject. 


What you can do to nurture your relationships

Practice Active Constructive responding. When people share something with you about which they’re excited, help them savour that moment – even if only briefly, and even if you don’t care about the event as much as they do. Cultivate a sense of genuine interest and curiosity. Some things you can say or ask:

  • I’m so happy for you!  I want to hear all the details.
  • Tell me more!
  • What is the most exciting part of this for you?

The challenge is to look forward and to aim to have five positives for every one negative (5:1).

I wish you a very positive year ahead. Remember ‘your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more’.


Maria Allison

Assistant Principal


From the Office

Ringwood Training

Welding Short Course Parents and students

Ringwood Training is conducting an Introduction to Welding Short Course.


Select from Arc, MIG, TIG or Oxy welding processes.

This course ids designed for Beginners to learn how to use a welder for DIY projects at home or to create your own ‘work of art’

Four weekly Sessions, 6-9pm starting Tuesday 6th March 2018, cost $350.

For course information and to enroll please Phone 03 9845 7560

Refer attached Flyer for further details.


If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me.


Shayne van der Heide

Centre Manager

Progress Reports

Progress reports enable a snapshot of students’ learning that underline the importance of engagement and resilience. In line with the changes to Compass reports, the College has altered the Progress Reports to reinforce and acknowledge important behaviours adapted from the  New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) and the Victorian Curriculum General Capabilities. These behaviours,  which are evidenced below, are ones that are valued in all levels of society, in both work and social contexts.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to use the Compass Learning Tasks to observe the academic progress of their child and to note the child’s submission and completion of key tasks.


Learning Behaviours

Demonstrates respect for others

Shows perseverance and resilience

Takes responsibility for own learning

Uses IT to deepen knowledge and skills

Asks questions to build knowledge and understanding

Uses feedback effectively

Justifies thinking and reasoning

Works cooperatively


From the Chaplain

Welcome back to school I hope everyone had an awesome holidays and Summer thus far.  I love summer!

On the weekend my family and I visited Prahran Summer Jam, a street basketball tournament. It was an amazing day of great competition but was topped off by an incredible athlete, Jordan Kilganon, well known in basketball circles for his dunking ability. 

He did phenomenal dunks jumping over people’s heads but then he topped it off with a dunk that involved jumping over a car, which he nailed on his first attempt. He has been the first to do about 100 different dunks and has mastered his craft. 

In an interview he said something that got me thinking. He said, “Obviously I miss them over 100 times before I make them.”


I hope that our college can be marked by this attitude as our students connect with this same positivity. It’s not about things coming quickly and easily but about putting the work into the things that are important.  With a bit of hard work and an understanding that mistakes or unsuccessful attempts are just ways for us to learn and get better each of us have the potential to soar to our own crazy heights. 

Have a ripper 2018!


Adam Bryant

College Chaplain

Facilities Report

Welcome everyone to 2018 and hopefully you all had a great Christmas and Happy new year.

During the summer holidays great progress was made around the College and we are all very excited moving into 2018 with the Junior School now fully functional. The College is fortunate to have a very active Facilities Committee and I encourage anyone interested in being involved to give me a ring. They did a fantastic job in keeping all the new trees alive over January! Our first meeting is Thursday March 1st, 7.30pm in the main Administration area. 2018 promises to be an exciting year. We have received in excess of $300,000 for maintenance to rectify old roofing, repair leaks, re-level stumps, improve electrical safety and carry out carpentry repairs. In addition, we hope to utilise project money to undertake several key jobs around the school including fencing and painting.

 Summary of works completed during January:

  • Oval works-verti-drilling and fertilising
  • Painting of rooms 502-509
  • Roofing/Guttering to the staff recreation area
  • Repairs to the Year 9 Walkway gutters and downpipes
  • New poem on canteen and honour board updated
  • Underpinning of Wellbeing entrance
  • Old lockers sold
  • Ovens and hoists serviced
  • New furniture in RT classrooms
  • Major cleaning including steam cleaning of all carpets

OH & S

  • Asbestos removed from Wellbeing, Staffroom, Hall and Science buildings
  • All steps re-painted
  • Testing/Tagging of several areas

Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager


School Crossing Information

Maroondah City Council is pleased to provide the enclosed information on school crossings and road safety.


Around the School


I am really happy to be co-ordinating this program again for 2018. Over the year, Bounce will run on a weekly basis with the same teacher for the whole year. There will be year level assemblies and House activities dispersed throughout the term also. The aim of Bounce is to provide students with the opportunity to practice strategies to develop resilience, positive mental health practices as well as developing positive relationships with peers and staff.


It is really important to develop resilience in our young people for a number of reasons.

  • To develop the ability to learn from experiences. To bounce back and beyond (post traumatic growth)
  • Resilience leads to ‘happiness’ and therefore increased cognitive capacity
  • Fosters and promotes a growth mindset
  • Increased confidence and self-belief (decision making, peer pressure etc)


The focus for term 1 is as follows: 

Year 7 and 10 – Relationships - Supportive Friends Program Year 7 and 10’s will be working together each week and will have House Activities together too to strengthen peer relationships and connection.

Year 8 and 9 - Emotional Literacy

Year 11 – Surviving VCE

Year 12 – Study Skills. This includes stress and time management and skills for success.


Emotional Literacy is vital for students as emotions, feelings and relationships become increasingly complex through adolescence. If students are able to label the emotion they are experiencing at the time they are experiencing it, it can significantly reduce the negative impact that emotion has on the body. It also provides students the ability to find a solution to the problem, thereby promoting a growth mindset and increasing hope. If your child is struggling to articulate their feelings, a good strategy to help them would be to ask them to recognize the physical responses in their body first. This might help you to understand the emotion they are experiencing and then increase their vocabulary and emotion recognition.


If you are concerned about your child, please contact the House co-ordinator or Wellbeing team.


Kati Recinos

Bounce Co-ordinator

Host Families Required

We are looking for families interested in hosting year 10 and 11 students visiting from our sister school Montfort College in Chiang Mai Thailand from 17 March to 27 March.

The students will be arriving in Australia to be picked up by their host families from Ringwood Secondary College. The students will be attending regular hours at school including activities organized by the school.


This is a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in a different culture as well as support our school community and relationship with our sister school.


Any one who will like to express interest please contact Evelyn Boldt at: [email protected]

Maroondah City Council Awards

On the 26th January, Ringwood Secondary College and two RSC students were recognised for the contributions they make to Maroondah City Council in the annual Australia Day Awards. The Community Event of the Year was awarded to the Bounce into Mental Health Carnival – an event held annually by the college, to promote positive education and positive mental health and wellbeing. Students, staff, parents and local mental health organisations have the opportunity to involve themselves in a range of activities during recess and lunchtime. RSC invites local and broader community organisations to raise awareness of their programs, as well as invite students to hold various stalls to raise funds or awareness about a range of causes.


The RSC Bounce into Mental Day Carnival succeeds in the following ways:

  • Increase awareness of support services available through the school, the local community and those available online and via phone that can be accessed by young people.
  • Increase the overall understanding of positive psychology, character strengths and increase overall student and staff wellbeing.
  • Recognise and acknowledged the differences in students’ cultures, beliefs and religions and to celebrate the differences through information sharing, stalls and activities.
  • Increase student and staff knowledge of local programs and support services and invite these services to attend and self-promote.
  • Increase student and staff knowledge about a range of topics, services and social causes that students are concerned about or interested in.
  • Encourage leadership skills in our young community members in helping plan, promote and run a significant event.
  • Encourage physical health through a range of activities that both staff and students can participate in.
  • Allow a day filled with fun and celebration to acknowledge our amazing school community, support available and the strengths and skills of our young people.


The RSC Wellbeing team, along with all the staff and students work together every year to make this day a great success and we look forward to the next Bounce Into Mental Health Carnival on Tuesday 24th April.


Both Georgia Read and Phoebe Roach were nominated for their ongoing contributions to, not only to Ringwood Secondary College, but the wider Maroondah community.

Georgia, the recipient of the Young Citizen of the Year Award, is an active member of Ringwood Secondary College’s Stand Out, a group of students whose aim is to stamp out homophobia in all its forms while establishing and maintaining an anti-homophobic culture at RSC for both staff and students. Georgia chairs the weekly Stand Out meetings and attends year level assemblies to inform students of the groups activism. Since 2014 Georgia has supported the RSC Bounce into Mental Health Day Carnival by leading the Stand Out group activities and raising money for future events. She also runs activities for Glue Zone, a weekly program during lunchtime designed to encourage all students to socialise with their peers. Since 2015 Georgia has volunteered at Interchange Outer East where she supports young people with disabilities. She has assisted in the development of the Maroondah Youth Service program SAGAA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Alliance). Georgia is a member of the New Community Church where she volunteers as a childcare and disability worker.

Phoebe was a finalist for the Young Citizen of the Year Award for her commitment to RSC and the City of Maroondah. Phoebe has achieved a great deal over the past four years including: a scholarship to the Magic Moments Youth and Business Summit; three RSC RADAR (Respect and Diversity at Ringwood) Awards; the Maroondah Super Citizen Award; Excellence in the Arts and Year 11 Wellbeing Captain. Her work with the RSC Respectful Relationships Committee; the Maroondah Wellbeing Action Team; and tutoring local primary school students have had a significant impact on those she has worked with.


Congratulations Georgia and Phoebe, we are super proud of you both.


Anna Benson


Sub Schools

Senior School

Study Symposium

 The Year 12's had an absolutely fantastic start to our final year! During our first two days we had a Study Symposium, where we had various guest speakers come to help prepare us for our final year.

On our first day we had Elevate come and run some sessions to teach us study skills and new study ideas. Many people have already said they have begun to use some of these techniques for their study!

We had a lovely guest speaker come in, Dr. Maria Gindidis, who talked to us about growth mindsets and staying positive.

After lunch we had 'Active Sessions', which varied from bootcamp to mind puzzles, to help us learn what we can do to destress.


On our second day we started off with a study skills session specific to the English we are studying and, although quite long, it was very helpful to be able to delve a bit further into how we can improve our English results.

The teachers then helped us to write a study timetable to make sure we stay on track during this busy year.

After lunch we did some House Activities and finally everyone was very excited to get their Year 12 jumper!


The Study Symposium seems to have been very helpful for all of us Year 12's and we all can't wait to get further into this year and use these helpful techniques.


Year 12 Prefects

Middle School

Welcome to 2018!

Welcome to the start of what will be a busy and exciting year for Middle School students at RSC. It certainly appears that our staff and students have all enjoyed a restful break and we are looking forward to seeing motivated students achieve their personal bests throughout the year!


There have been a few changes to the Middle School team this year. We would like to introduce ourselves and look forward to supporting you and your child in their endeavours:


Middle School Assistant Principal: James Barut

Middle School Leader: Matthew Tucker

Middle School Coordinators

The Middle School House Coordinators for 2018 are:

  • Krissi Friedli – Frazer House
  • Benn Jamieson – Freeman House
  • Peter Vlahos – Jackman House
  • Alyce Bailey – Mabo House


As it is the beginning of a new year it is worth reminding parents of the expectations surrounding the summer uniform for RSC students. Students should be wearing either the college dress or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with college logo. All students must be wearing plain white socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 


Thanks to parents for their continued support with our uniform policy and also to the many students who continue to respect our college dress code.  

For any further information regarding uniform please see the below link:


Year 9 InterGREAT

We have begun the interGREAT program for 2018. The program is once again directed by Virginia Watson, who is supported by a great staff team as follows:


9A Alyce Bailey

9B Peter Vlahos

9C Karly Horton

9D Matthew Tucker

9E Emma Lim

9F Virginia Watson

9G Clare Rafferty

9H Victoria White

9I Kati Recinos

9J Kim Watson

Our very first speaker was college Principal Michael Phillips who spoke to the students about grit and perseverance, along with working hard to achieve personal bests.


Year 9 Camp

All Year 9 students will be heading off to the Phillip Island Adventure Resort on Monday 19th March for a three-day adventure camp. Medical and dietary requirement forms have been handed out to students. Please make sure that the medical forms are returned to the Middle School Office by Friday 23rd of February. If your child is unable to attend, please contact the relevant House Coordinator.


Year 10 Work Experience

Year 10 classes have started well and students are working hard to ensure that they achieve their very best. We ask that students, who have not yet arranged their placement for work experience later in the year, please do so as soon as possible. All work experience forms and information can be found via the ‘RSC Careers’ link on the Ringwood Secondary College Portal. 


If you have any questions please contact Sharlene Hetherington via email: [email protected]


Matt Tucker

Middle Sub School Leader

Junior School

Welcome to 2018

Welcome to the start of what we know will be an exciting year for Junior School students.


Last week we happily greeted over 280 Year 7 students embarking on their secondary school journey. They looked so proud in their crisp new uniforms. We heard about what students were excited about on their first day with 4 brave students getting up in front of the cohort sharing their first day feelings! Making new friends was a popular response to the question, along with getting their locker and meeting their teachers. There was an instant sense of belonging and calm among the students on their first day in our new Junior School Centre with all supports, lockers and classrooms centrally located. We look forward to getting to know the year 7s over the coming weeks as they settle into secondary school life at Ringwood.


We also welcomed back over 260 Year 8 students, returning for their second year at RSC. We saw smiling faces and a sense of excitement as well as maturity and confidence among the returning cohort, no longer the youngest students of the College. Whilst it certainly was a busy week settling students into their new lockers and classes, we are delighted with how smoothly the year has begun for the Junior School.


This year we have some existing and new team members to the House based Junior School Team.


Junior School Team


Your child’s Junior School Coordinator will be determined on the basis of the house they belong to. Student houses can be found on the student’s Compass home page.


Your child’s Junior School Coordinator will be determined on the basis of the house they belong to. Student houses can be found on the student’s Compass home page.



As it is the beginning of a new year we felt that it was worth reminding parents of the expectations surrounding uniform for RSC students. Girls should be wearing either the College dress (new or old style permitted as we begin the phasing in of the new charcoal dress) or tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with College logo. Boys are to wear tailored charcoal shorts and a white shirt with the College logo. All students must be wearing white ankle socks and black, leather lace-up or buckled shoes that can be polished. 


We have noticed a tendency for students to wear socks with branding such as the Nike tick or Globe written on them. The uniform policy clearly states ‘plain white socks’ so these branded socks are not considered uniform. We ask that parents please provide only plain white socks for their child. Facial piercings of any kind are not allowed and students will be asked to remove these and consequences may apply.


We are aiming for consistency across the College both in enforcing the uniform policy and consequences for breaching it. As such, the following protocols have been agreed upon:


1st Offence: Detention and note on Compass

2nd Offence: Two detentions and note on Compass

3rd Offence: In-school suspension and write up on Compass

4th Offence: Out of school suspension and write up on Compass


Thanks in advance to parents and students for their support of our uniform policy, most communication around the policy will take place via Compass- if you wish to speak to your child’s House Co-ordinator about your child’s uniform, please do not hesitate to contact them via telephone or email.


Cyber Safety

During week 2, our year 7 students took part in a Cyber Safety workshop at school and year 7 Parents were invited into the College in the evening to follow on from the student session. The session equipped students with the knowledge and skills on how to safely use their new ipad as a learning tool, what online safety looks like, how to stay safe online and how to seek support around online safety. We would like to thank Mr Andrew Hansen and the Digital Technology team of RSC for engaging our students during their workshop as we all continue to support their learning and safety.

Later that evening, parents were provided with information on how their children were using technology, how to deal with digital distractions, coping and supporting their children with inappropriate content, cyber bullying, privacy and digital footprints. We sincerely thank the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to come in support of their child’s learning and development with a new device in their toolkit- their ipad; and we also thank Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent for taking the time to provide this free workshop to our community.


Anna Urbano

Junior Sub School Leader


Performing Arts and Music

Music Department

Welcome back to all RSC musicians and thank you to all Stage Bands, Senior Choir and Senior Vocal Ensemble for starting the year off with their day camps over the past 2 weekends. All these groups are busily preparing for Generations in Jazz held at Mt Gambier early next term.


All rehearsals have commenced for the year and we look forward to each ensemble’s development over this term and beyond.


Year seven tryouts are well under way and we invite all year sevens to consider taking up an instrument.


Learning a musical instrument is a wonderful skill for any child but did you know that research shows how learning music can help your child in SO MANY OTHER WAYS:


. Improved reasoning capacity and problem-solving skills


. Improved maths and language performance


. Better memory


. Greater social and team skills


A series of research in Hungary found that learning and playing music improved not only academic performance, but also memory, reasoning, working as part of a group, time management and the ability to think in the abstract.


In Switzerland, a massive two-year study of 1200 students in 50 classes scientifically showed how playing music improved students’ reading and verbal skills through improving concentration, memory and self-expression.


Other effects revealed by the study showed that students learned to like each other more, enjoyed school more and were less stressed during various tests, indicating they were better able to handle performance anxiety.


Ongoing research at the University of California demonstrates that learning and playing music builds and modifies neural pathways related to spatial reasoning tasks, which are crucial for higher brain functions such as complex maths, chess and science.


Research shows that playing a musical instrument can make significant differences to students’ abilities related to learning, memory and social interactions.


 Recent research in the U.S.A. has shown academic performance is higher in those students who continue with learning a musical instrument throughout their senior years and university than those who do not learn an instrument and those students who chose to drop out of music past year 10.


 Learning music can make a difference for your child.


With this in mind all year 7 students and parents are invited to RSC Music’s Recruitment Night, Wednesday 21 February, 7.00pm in the College Hall, proceeding to the 500’s for tryouts at 7.30pm. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to join our vibrant and exciting music program here at Ringwood.

Any year 8 to 12 students who wish to join the program, please come and see us in the PAC office as soon as possible. It’s never too late to start learning a musical instrument or join one of our many ensembles.



Our Music Association needs your help!

The Music Association is looking for new members in 2018.  It really is a great way to become part of your child’s journey through the music program, to meet other parents and to find out a little more about what happens behind the scenes at the college. 


The Music Association is a parent group, which actively supports the Music Program by assisting with front of house at concerts; serving suppers, and fundraising to purchase much needed instruments (the ones that are too expensive for families to buy) and equipment.  They have a longstanding place in the history of the college and want to ensure that they remain viable long into the future. The committee meets approximately twice per term on a Monday evening. Their final “meeting” for the year is a social dinner in late November or early December.


The next meeting is on Monday, 26 February  at 7.30pm and you are cordially invited to come along, meet the “gang” and find out a bit more about what they do and how they do it. A light supper will be provided.


Please feel free to call the Music Association’s Vice President Bernadette Holt on 0447 243 678 or send an email to [email protected] if you would like to find out more about the RSC Music Association.


The RSC Music Association would love to hear from you.



Janine Pero

Director of Music





Please find attached the 2018 Group Programs for EACH Youth and Families Counselling Team.


We are excited to be offering a couple of new groups including the Grand Parenting group and Peaceful Kids alongside our other much loved programs.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries 



Respectful Relationships Project.

Programs available to the community.


Community Notices

Norwood Football Club

As an initiative to engage a wider community to encourage both boys and girls to consider to become involved in our local football club


South Croydon Football Club

Details on how to register for our  football club, we would love kids from your school to join South Croydon Bulldogs.


Wonga Park Scout Group

The Wonga Park Scout Group is commencing a Venturer Unit this month. 

Venturer’s are designed for young people aged between 14 and 18 years old, dedicated to fun, adventure and serving the community.  Additional information can be located at

Stage School Australia

We’d love the opportunity to offer our services to the students of Ringwood Secondary College.


Blackburn Vikings

Thought of trying out for basketball?


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