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20 March 2020
Issue Four

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The Executive Team

From the Executive Team

Greater Shepparton Secondary College would like to thank our school community for the patience, understanding and co-operation they have shown as we follow the advice of our health professionals in managing COVID-19.


These measures have impacted on our school operations and the activities, such as camps and parent-student-teacher conferences, we had planned for this, and coming weeks.


We appreciate these are trying and anxious times for all. As a school, we will play our part in the whole-of-community response to this health issue. This includes helping to keep our students, staff, parents and carers informed of the latest advice from our health authorities.



The Victorian Chief Health Officer advised on 16 March that school closures at this time are not recommended. Here is a link to the Chief Health Officer’s full statement.


Non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people are no longer permitted from 18 March. This is in addition to the ban on outdoor gatherings of more than 500 people.


Please note these bans do not include schools running normal teaching and learning programs.



Under health advice, the College and all schools have postponed and rescheduled camps. This was particularly disappointing for our youngest students who were set to enjoy an adventure camp in the High Country beginning this week.


These Year 7 camps have been rescheduled to 4-5 August, 24-28 August and 7-9 September.  Year 9 camps were also set to go ahead and will be rescheduled to new dates. This also applies to Deb balls and we will advise parents as soon as we have this information.

Deposits paid for camps and events will be transferred to the new dates.


All excursions outside the school for visits to places like museums, art galleries, theatres and sporting events have also been postponed, or cancelled. We are working through events on our calendar and we will update you as soon as we can.



Our planned evening sessions for conferences at each campus have been cancelled and Friday 27 March, will be a normal school day. On this last day of Term 1, school will finish at 2:15pm and buses will run at the altered times.


We will be providing written information on our students’ learning progress to parents and carers and this information will be available on our school management system, Compass, from 17 April in Term 2.

Remember your child’s Learning Mentor is always the first point of contact should you wish to discuss any particular issue concerning their schooling.



We ask parents and carers to remind children of the importance of good hygiene, particularly hand hygiene.


Everyone should cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue, or cough into their elbow. The tissue should be disposed of in a bin, followed by a hand wash. Please encourage your children to wash their hands regularly, and always after using the toilet and before eating.



Everyone arriving into Australia from 15 March is required to self-isolate for 14 days. This includes students and staff members who may have been travelling.


As usual, students who are unwell should remain at home and seek medical assistance as required.



The Department of Education and Training has COVID-19 advice particularly aimed at parents, carers, students and school staff. Much of this information in this update is from this information resource.

For daily updates visit the Department of Health and Human Services’ Coronavirus information page.  


Thank you again!

We appreciate the measures taken by our health authorities have caused some inconvenience to our school community. The health and well-being of students and staff is central to all that we do as we follow this health advice.


Families with further questions or concerns around COVID-19 are encouraged to use the links on this page for information and advice. If there is any issue we can resolve at a school level, don’t hesitate to be in touch with your campus or your child’s Learning Mentor.





The Executive Team

Greater Shepparton Secondary College




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Parent Emails through Compass

Log into Compass.


To email all teachers of your student there is a link under the students profile on the homepage.


To email a teacher of a specific class, parents can browse to the class via the students schedule (Profile link > schedule) and click the ‘Email Teacher’ link.

GMDSSV Swimming


On Friday 28th February, 47 Greater Shepparton Secondary College students competed at the Goulburn Murray District Swimming Championships at Aquamoves, Shepparton. After a great day of competitive swimming and friendly competition, GSSC won the Men’s Aggregate division and came runner up in the Women’s and Overall Aggregate to Notre Dame College. Well done to all swimmers who represented the school and congratulations to the following students who were named Age Group Champions or Runner Up for the day:


13 Years Female Runner Up- Khyara Austen

13 Years Male Runner Up- Aiden Rudge

17 Years Female Champion- Skye Swift

17 Years Male Runner Up- Nicholas Brereton

17 Years Male Champion- Aaron Rudge

20 Years Female Runner Up- Holly Costa

20 Years Male Runner Up- Brody Wild

12-15 Years Multiclass Champion- Riley Rudge




We would also like to wish the best of luck to all competitors who will be moving onto the Hume Region Championships in Wodonga.






Elisha Fiddes

Physical Education

Wilsons Prom Hike

Outdoor & Environmental Studies 1

The Outdoor Education students spent four days at Wilsons Promontory National Park last week and came home to what seemed to be another world, without regular updates on social media throughout the week. The students camped overnight at Tidal River and then two nights at remote beaches.

The students hiked approximately 35 kilometers over three days, carrying all of their own food, tents, clothing and equipment. They were well behaved and represented the school in a very positive way. For many students, this was their first hiking trip and they did a fantastic job.




Mitchell Jones

Health & Physical Education

Outdoor & Environmental Studies


Anglesea Camp

Outdoor & Environmental Studies 3

The students from the Wanganui campus had their one night trip to Anglesea to participate in the recreational activities of surfing, stand up paddle boarding and mountain bike riding. The students really enjoyed those activities with a few potential stars in the making in some of those disciplines. They also embarked on the Koori walk at Point Addis, learning some important information and examples of indigenous practices for their studies.



Mitchell Jones

Health & Physical Education

Outdoor & environmental Studies

Music News

Band & Ensemble Rehearsals

The GSSC Music program is continuing to have rehearsals as normal throughout the current crisis. Students are reminded to not share their instrument with anyone else, as well as maintain it thoroughly, using pull throughs after playing and emptying condensation appropriately.


As members of the GSSC Music program, the students having lessons in the school are expected to attend either band, string ensemble or vocal ensemble rehearsals. This not only helps the ensemble sound better, with more students involved, but is also much more fun for the students as a whole.


The ensembles rehearse at the following times and schools each week:

Senior Band                 – Wanganui Campus Mondays until 5pm

Mid Level Band           – Mooroopna Campus Wednesdays until 5pm

Training Band              – McGuire Campus Wednesdays until 4.30pm                                                              (commencing Term 2)


Vocal Ensembles

        – Wanganui Campus Wednesday lunchtimes

        -  Mooroopna Campus Monday lunchtimes

         - McGuire Campus Tuesday lunchtimes


String Ensembles      

         - Wanganui Campus Thursday lunchtimes

         - Mooroopna Campus Friday lunchtime

         - McGuire Campus TBC commencing Term 2


Students who repeatedly fail to attend these rehearsals will not receive instrumental lessons until they return. For any unavoidable absences, see the teacher directing the ensemble well before the rehearsal starts.



Don’t forget, if you would still like to sign up for lessons, see one of the music staff in your school or click here to sign up online. It’s never too late to start and learning an instrument has been proven to help in all other areas of schooling.




Lachlan Gallacher


Music LAL

Careers - Partnerships

Victoria Police

Having a second language can be a real advantage for students considering a career with Victoria Police. Shepparton Police Multicultural Liaison Officer, Matt Walker and Youth Support Officer, Dean Lloyd spoke to Mooroopna Campus Year 9 and 10 Italian and Japanese Language students this week. The students were advised of the recruitment process and the importance of their current studies in giving them an edge in applying.



Close to the Bone

With skulls, bones and more, Andrew Hamilton had the rapt attention of Year 10 classes at Mooroopna Campus this week. Andrew, a zoologist, presented his Close to the Bone workshop, which is also part of the Shepparton Festival. Andrew shares his passion for evolution and genetics to show students where they came from and how they have evolved to become the teenagers they are today. Liam and Kurtis enjoyed getting up close and personal with Andrew's array of props.





Mary-Ann Linehan


Year 8 General English

Year 8 Poetry

The Year 8's have been studying poetry in General English. These two were submitted by Alexis Young - lovely work Alexis!

I Am - Poem

I am an unknown character

I wonder why we are fighting

I see my fellow friends getting shot

I hear the sound of violence

I want to save this world


I pretend it’s all okay

I feel my legs aching as I hide

I touch my heart hoping I’ll be okay

I worry for my mates

I cry for my family back home


I understand that this will end

I say I’ll be okay…. But will I be?

I dream about getting out of here

I try to stay strong

I hope my family won’t get the yellow card

I am an Anzac Soldier.


I Am (2)

I am the world and I am dying

I wonder what I did to deserve this

I see the uneducated children littering my beautiful land

I hear the ice from Antarctica falling as climate change hits

I want this all to end


I pretend everything will be okay

I feel nervous about the future

I touch my trees hoping it won’t be the last

I worry what will happen to me in the end

I cry for the future children


I understand this isn’t my fault

I say it will be okay in hope

I dream about this ending

I try to have faith

I hope that this will end

I am the world and I am dying


By Alexis Young – Year 8 General English

Teaching & Learning


It has been another exciting fortnight of learning for the students at Greater Shepparton Secondary College. Year 7 and Year 11 students have been participating in the AVID (Accelerated Learning Via Determination). The Year 11 students at the McGuire Campus and Wanganui Campus have been learning study skills/techniques and metacognitive skills in a lecture style setting. The Year 7 students have begun the program by learning organisational skills. The AVID folders provided as part of the ministerial announcement have supported all Year 7 students with their organisation.


The Careers and Partnership Team at Greater Shepparton College manage our very popular Careers Tools website that can be accessed through the GSSC website. The website provides continually updated careers and pathways information, part-time job opportunities, work-experience information and opportunities, CAPS (Career Action Plans) and vital information about all careers that students will have the opportunity to undertake throughout their lives.


All students at Greater Shepparton College from Year 7 right through to Year 12 have started undertaking their CAP (Career Action Plan) during Learning Mentor sessions. The CAPs are accessed via the Careers Tools website to ensure internal and external life-long access for our students. The CAPs are an important tool that supports students to map their pathway throughout their secondary school career and beyond.


Year 7 to Year 10 students have also undertaken PAT testing to ensure that we have up-to-date and accurate numeracy and literacy data. This data is used to gauge the starting point of our students so that all individuals can be extended at their point of need and classes can be planned appropriately. This is just one form of data we use to determine our students starting point as we are very aware that data must be triangulated (for example, one set of data can be unreliable if the student does not perform on that occasion).


Our VCE students  have access to the online learning tool that was provided to the students as part of the ministerial announcement. This has proven to be a great support to VCE students both in the classroom and at home. The online learning tool provides students with subject-specific resources, activities, practice exams, and learning activities.


We hope the staff and students have a terrific holiday and Easter break with their families.





Megan Michalaidis


Associate Principal of Teaching & Learning


The Wellbeing Team is Expanding

The GSSC Wellbeing team is expanding with the appointment of additional staff into the Wellbeing team to support students.  This means at each of our campuses there is increased capacity to work directly with students to support them around a variety of wellbeing issues. 


Our team had been developing connections with external agencies to deliver a range of programs and services to our students.  However, many of these have now had to be put on hold due to agencies winding back service delivery.  It is hoped that next term we will be able to work closely with local agencies to support students.


Breakfast and lunch programs continue to support students with a range of food options.  We will continue to offer this to students, especially with current issues with families struggling to access basic necessities.  Breakfast program is available at each campus from 7.45am each morning.



Nick Bamford

Director, Wellbeing & Inclusion


Dates for your Diary

Click on image to enlarge

GSSC Careers Team


Most career events involve meetings of large groups of students, employers, training providers and the general public. In the current climate of public health concerns there will be significant impact on events that had been planned. This situation is changing by the day.

Unfortunately, due to events beyond their control, the organisers of Careers Day Out (May 5th) have had to cancel the event for this year. It was not possible to re-schedule this event but next years will be bigger and better than ever. Current Year 10’s will have the opportunity to attend next year.


Likewise, the GV Rural Health Careers Expo (May 28th) has had to be cancelled.



Have you always wanted to work with racing cars and work within a Motorsport's team? The following are two institutes that offer Motorsport's courses:


Automotive Centre of Excellence

Kangan Institute

Melbourne Docklands, Victoria


Motorsports Training Australia

Wodonga Institute of TAFE

Wodonga, Victoria



Collarts has just launched a new screen and media course. Learn about the head of the new course Sean Cousins and his amazing industry background in filmmaking by visiting


Learn about the new Diploma and Bachelor courses in Screen and Media at


Competition – Film making

Calling all High School film makers: As part of their annual Martini Film Festival & Awards, JMC Academy hosts the High School Mocktail Film Awards. To enter, you will need to submit a short film (e.g., film, documentary, animation, television commercial, film clip) by Sunday 5 April. To find out more and to submit your film, go to



The University of Melbourne

At The University of Melbourne, medical study requires students to obtain an undergraduate qualification, upon completion they are able to select a graduate specialisation. The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS) has developed a ‘Graduate Programs in Health’ guide to help prospective students understand their undergraduate to graduate study options at



Would you like to study in the UK or the US?

Want to know what it takes to get into top US colleges or UK universities? Crimson Education has developed a video covering topics such as academic scores, financing an overseas degree, application processes, and more. You can watch the video at 



If you’re planning on enrolling in a Bachelor of Science, there are loads of reasons why majoring in physics is a good idea. And despite the maths-meets-science elective often overlooked for those with clearer post-grad pathways, employers are crying out for a physics majors maths, analytics, problem-solving and computer skills. At this link, Cassie Steel from Careers With STEM explores four unexpected jobs a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics can lead to – Astrophysicist, Geophysicist, Materials Scientist, and Meteorologist,



The Australian Apprenticeships Pathways (AAP) website contains fantastic resources for young people interested in pursuing a professional trade or traineeship. Some of the resources include:

  • Job and training descriptions
  • Career interest explorer
  • Job pathway charts
  • Information on apprenticeships and school-based apprenticeships
  • Literacy and numeracy quizzes for different industries such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and hairdressing.

To explore the website, go to



Five ways volunteering can kickstart your engineering career

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make the world a better place. It can also impress engineering employers – even before you have a degree. Nadine Cranenburgh from Careers With STEM chats to hiring managers and takes a look at which interpersonal skills to get clued up on,


What type of engineering are you best suited to?

RMIT University has developed an online game to assist prospective students in choosing the right type of engineering for them (i.e., Civil, Mechanical, Environmental),



Careers With STEM releases an annual engineering careers magazine. You can read the magazines online, or order hard copies. There are also career magazines focussed on science, maths, data science, cyber security, health etc.,



Want to study a flexible engineering degree?

If you are unsure what engineering specialisation you would like to study at university, you may consider applying for an Engineering degree that has a ‘flexible first year’.


Students complete a year of foundation engineering units then choose their specialisation at the end of first year to start in second year of the course.


The following are examples of three universities that offer a flexible first year degree.



Swinburne University

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)



Specialisations you can choose from are:





Electrical and Electronic


Product Design

Robotics & Mechatronics




RMIT University

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)

Melbourne City


Specialisations you can choose from are:

Advanced Manufacturing & Mechatronics




Civil and Infrastructure

Computer and Network


Electrical and Electronic



Sustainable Systems


Monash University

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)



Specialisations you can choose from are:




Electrical and Computer Systems





Robotics and Mechatronics



William Angliss

Interested in event management, tourism, travel, hospitality, or cookery? How about flight operations, patisserie, baking, meat processing, food studies, culinary management, or hotel management? Not sure where a career in these study areas can take you? William Angliss is a specialist institute in Melbourne offering vocational and higher education courses. You can book a 1:1 appointment with a course adviser by filling out an online form at this link -



Considering an electrical apprenticeship? The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) provide a national pre-selection test for young people interested in applying for electrical apprenticeships. The test measures literacy, numeracy and comprehension. For more information on test dates/ locations, please go to



The Construction Induction card is the base level qualification needed by students wanting work placement in construction trades (e.g. plumbing, electrical, building). Many Yr 10’s and 11’s (possibly Yr 12’s) will be wanting to do placements with these trades, unless you’ve done this training you won’t be able to. We currently intend to run another training session on  Thurs 26th. Should circumstances change



Applications are now open: Current Year 12 students can apply for a 12-month position in the Air Force, Army or Navy to begin in 2021.


The following roles are on offer and some will close within next few days:



Electronics Engineer

Electronics Engineer Submariner

Helicopter Pilot

Marine Engineer Submariner

Maritime Aviation Warfare Officer

Maritime Logistics Officer

Maritime Warfare Officer

Maritime Warfare Officer Submariner

Navy Sailor



Administration Assistant

Air Defence Operator

Army Officer

Artillery Operator

Combat Engineer


Infantry Soldier

Warehouse Assistant


Air Force

Administration Assistant

Airbase Protection and Security

Airfield Defence Guard

Aviation Support Technician

Cabin Crew (Flight Attendant)

Warehouse Store person


Start your application

  • Find a role you would like to apply for and click on the ‘apply now’ link at
  • Create an account
  • Follow the steps to start your application and book the YOU Session.
  • You will need to enter your personal details, complete a medical questionnaire, and upload your Yr 10 – 12 academic reports. 

Key websites

Your GSSC Careers team

McGuire campus  - Lynda Bruce and Ant Newham

Mooroopna campus - Ruth O’Bree and Mary-ann Linehan. Mary-ann is the College Partnerships leader.

Wanganui campus – Tarsh Boyko and Graeme Crosbie. Graeme is the Careers Leader across the College.


Your GSSC Careers website :




Graeme Crosbie


Careers Coordinator


Coronavirus COVID-19

Help protect yourself and your family by following some simple hygiene rules.


Head Lice

Head Lice don't discriminate! Please check your child's head and treat any unwelcome visitors promptly.

  • Head lice have been around for thousands of years
  • Anyone can catch head lice.
  • Using the conditioner and comb method once each week will help your family control head lice.
  • Head lice do not generally carry disease.

Direct contact is required for transmission from person to person. Lice will crawl from head to head without discrimination.


Head lice facts

Head lice do not have wings or jumping legs, so they cannot fly or jump from head to head. They can only crawl.


People catch head lice from direct head-to-head contact with another person who has head lice. This can happen when people play, cuddle or work closely together. Head lice are most common among children and their families. 


If your family has head lice, tell anyone who has had head-to-head contact with them, so that they can check and treat their family if needed. There is no need to treat the whole family, unless they also have head lice. 


Concentrate on treating the affected person’s head. There is no evidence to suggest that you need to clean the whole house . The only linen that requires changing is the affected person’s pillowcase. Wash it in hot water (60ºC) or dry it in a clothes dryer set to warm or hot.


Itchiness may not disappear immediately after treatment. Persistent itch without evidence of persistent infection is not a reason to repeat the treatment. There are other reasons why your scalp might feel itchy.


For more information see



McGuire Campus

Introducing Learning Mentors



Mooroopna Campus

Introducing Learning Mentors

Please note this list may be subject to change


Wanganui Campus

Introducing Learning Mentors

Click on image to enlarge




School Holidays & Start of Term 2:


Due to Government advice many school events have been cancelled or postponed to a later time. 



 Super Saver

Could $500 help with your back to school expenses? Contact Saver Plus 1300 610 355 for more information


Cancellation of Events

Many events that may have previously been advertised may have been cancelled following recent Government advice. Please check with organisers.

Tigers Basketball Winter Rego

At the time of publishing registration closes Friday 27 March. Please contact the organiser for more information.

Congupna FNC

Seeking players. Contact Geoff Jacobson (President) 0419 368 661  


Australian Government Funded Program

BUSY At Work have announced that they have been contracted to deliver a new Australian Government funded program that will assist around 400 young Australians or ex Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel with funding support for Vocational Education & Training (VET) programs. For more information read on...


CFA VFBV Fundraiser

The Open Air Cinema Night scheduled for Friday 27 March at the Mooroopna Recreation Reserve has been cancelled.


Mooroopna Hockey

Come and Try - 25th March - This event has been cancelled - please contact the Mooroopna Hockey Club if you require further information 0423 300 741


CoolHeads Young Driver Program - Dates


Greater Valley Calisthenics Club


Kialla Scout Group


Contact Us

 Aspiration      Integrity     Respect      Responsibility

McGuire Campus 5858 9800
Mooroopna Campus 5825 2344
Wanganui Campus 5820 9900


Please note office hours are 8.00am - 4.30pm each school day.





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