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20 March 2020
Issue One

Putting our learning into practice

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Important Dates

Monday 23rd March

Last day of Term 1


Tuesday 14th April

Student-free day


Wednesday 15th April

Start of Term 2

Postponed Excursions

The following events and excursions have been postponed.

  • 23rd March: Year 7 Tennis
  • 23rd March: Year 7 Girls Cricket
  • 23rd March: House Chorales
  • 24th March: RMIT VCAL Excursion
  • 24th March: Unit 3 Outdoor and Environmental Studies - Bogong Camp
  • 24th March: Melbourne Magistrates Court
  • 24th March: Year 12 Student Leaders Trip to Canberra
  • 25th March: Year 10 Outdoor Education Snorkelling at Rye Pier
  • 25th March: Dandenong Magistrates Court
  • 26th March: Southern Metro Region Swimming (MSAC)

Every attempt will be made to re-schedule these events and excursions to later in the year.

Year 7 Camp - New Dates

The Year 7 Camp has been re-scheduled and will now take place on the 16th - 18th November.


Dear Parents and Carers

Dandenong High School currently has no known cases of COVID-19 or close contacts with known cases at the time of writing, but we continue to monitor this situation. 
Please let the school know if you or your child are:

  • a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. ‘Close contact’ is defined by DHHS as someone who has had at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with a confirmed case, or shared a closed space with someone for more than two hours with a confirmed case
  • unwell, need to visit a GP or hospital with a cough, respiratory symptoms, flu like symptoms and/or high temperature

Please call 9792 0561 during office hours or the school on dandenong.hs@education.vic.gov.au.

We have received information from the Minister for Education and the Secretary of the Department that included new communication from Victoria’s Chief Health Officer about the reasons why it is safe for Victoria’s schools to remain open.  I have attached the letter for you to read.



School Closures

You will be informed if there is any prospect that our school will be closed, either as a stand-alone school closure or as part of a local or area by area closure. Dandenong High School will be operating as normal. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s House Leadership Team.
Online Learning Resources

The school is currently in the process of ensuring all learning tasks and lesson plans are uploaded to Compass. Students who are currently absent from school need to access these resources and are able to communicate with their teachers through the Conversation section of the Learning Tasks, accessed through the class page. Alternatively, students can email their teachers directly. The expectation is that they continue their learning at home. We will be further adding to these online resources in the coming days to prepare for any potential closure in the future.
Senior Learning - Absence and Assessment Tasks

No student with approved absences will be penalised in relation to assessment tasks. For VCE SACs, a medical certificate to approve an absence is not required at this time: any parent approval, on Compass, is sufficient. Please note that if a student attends other classes that day, and only misses the class in which they have a SAC, we will require a medical certificate. We are monitoring the number of make-up SACs that will be required and will communicate appropriate arrangements to students and families. 
New Information relating to Work Experience, Structured Workplace Learning and industry engagement activities
Work experience and SWL placements in residential aged care facilities must be cancelled. Based on current advice from the Commonwealth Government to protect vulnerable Australians, schools should not visit residential aged care facilities. Any current or scheduled student placement in a residential aged care facility should be immediately cancelled.


Other work experience and SWL placements can continue. However, the school make work placement decisions on a case by case basis.  Our decisions will consider the type of industry and the health and safety of students and others involved. If we make the decision to allow work experience or SWL placements to continue, we will ensure that:

  • Students are contacted at least once during their placement by the school’s Work Experience/SWL Coordinator
  • Students and employers have the Work Experience/SWL Coordinator’s contact details to report any issues or concerns during their placement.

A work experience/SWL arrangement may be cancelled at any time by written notice from the Principal to the employer, or from the employer to the Principal, sent to each of the other parties. It is effective immediately upon receipt of the written notice from the relevant party.  An employer must not cancel a work experience/SWL arrangement without consulting the Principal, unless it is in circumstances where it is not reasonable to require the employer to do so.


As per DET advice, all excursions outside school for purposes such as visits to cultural institutions, art galleries, theatres and sporting events or facilities (other than those local facilities regularly used by the school) must be postponed or cancelled. This advice applies to industry tours, workplace visits, mock interviews, expos, etc.
Vocational Education and Training
At this stage, students are able to travel to and from VET classes.  We recommend that students take precautions when travelling to and from venues, including using hand sanitisers and maintaining a social distance where possible. 


For further specific advice around VET/VCAL program delivery please refer to the VCAA website which provides up to date advice:


Coronavirus Updates from the VCAA

I again ask you to practise good hand and respiratory hygiene. Prevention posters are being placed around the school and added hygiene products are being made available to staff and students.

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes.


Susan Ogden


Banksia House

Banksia House News

In the words of our Year 11 Student Leaders in Banksia House, Term 1 2020 has been focussed on:

  • Hard work
  • Setting the tone and expectations
  • Laying the foundations that will lead to success
  • Understanding what success will look like for each individual
  • Accessing supportive resources to help us with our learning
  • Setting learning goals
  • Asking questions to support our learning
  • Gaining feedback to improve our understanding
  • Celebration, Community Spirit and Togetherness demonstrated at the Swimming Carnival where our students pulled together to fill events and further enacted as our Chorales rehearsals continue to be successful with strong relationships and partnerships being formed between our junior and senior students

As we ‘put our learning into action’ this year, it is clear, as reflected in the words of our students, learning is at the forefront of our work. In classrooms we can hear teachers and students discussing how to improve and support student learning, together. We can see and hear questions such as:

  • What are you learning?
  • Why are you learning these concepts/skills?
  • How will you know you have learnt these concepts and skills?
  • What will success look like for you? 

Each time students are asked these questions – either by their teachers or by the house leadership team – it is evident students are becoming clearer about the purpose of their learning and how it transfers into the broader world. Students are working together at recess and lunchtime to solve problems, study together and ask questions of each other to support their learning. Attendance remains strong, with over 120 students on 100% for the year! A hive of activity is evident, with a strong sense of purpose.


Our Year 7 students have transitioned incredibly well and are forming strong connections with our Year 9 students in a peer mentoring capacity, as well as with their teachers and with each other. The students have explored how they best learn and have together developed a learning agreement which is leading to a sense of calm and focus. A strong number of our Year 7s contributed to the Swimming Carnival, are involved in Chorales and have signed up for the Athletics. Well done to our Year 7s on such a productive Term.


Congratulations to our student leaders – our SRC and House Captains – who have been elected into office this year. Already they are leading by example, setting the tone for their fellow peers and are exploring how to give back to the broader community through Social Service. In our Term 2 newsletter we will share the thinking of our student leaders and their success thus far.



The tone has been set, the foundations laid. In times of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, we will continue to ‘put our learning into action’ so that every student is growing in their learning and is experiencing success.


Kelly Krieg

Banksia House Leader

Callistemon House

Callistemon House News

We have had started the term with great energy in Callistemon. We elected our Student Leadership Team. We are delighted to have such supportive and passionate Student Leaders working to support Callistemon House.


House Captains: Aparna S and Pranav K

SRC Representatives: Lily T, Ethan T, Anahita J, Jasleen K, Blessy P and Dylan T



Congratulations also to our Callistemon students who were successfully voted in as our Year 12 student leaders.


School House Captain: Mrigaendran M

SRC Leader: Winley H


Fundraising is underway in Callistemon. We are supporting Wildlife Victoria this year, as the students are keen to support the animals and wildlife that have been affected in the recent bushfires in Victoria.


We welcomed our Year 7 students at the start of the year. Each Year 7 student was able to connect with other students in the House to help them get to know each other and to learn about the House and the school.


As part of the start of the year, we welcomed Year 7 parents in to the House to meet teachers and learn about the best ways to support the students. We were also pleased to see so many parents and students attend the Parent Teacher Interviews this term.  Students have set Learning Goals to support their own learning throughout the year and these were shared at the interviews.


Many of our students have been working so hard this term on Chorales. Our Year 12 students and leaders have brought together students from across the House and they have been rehearsing and practicing with energy and enthusiasm. We thank Ms. Hipwell, Ms. Evans and Mr. Christoffelz for their support.


Congratulations to all students who participated in Term 1 sport. Particular thanks to all students who supported and swam at the Swimming Sports. Congratulations to all Callistemon students who came third overall - an outstanding effort.


We are looking forward to Term 2.


Kellie Mason

Callistemon House Leader

Darwinia House

Darwinia House News

A very warm welcome to all our Darwinia students, parents and staff for 2020. I am Mrs Meredith O’Bree and I am Assistant Principal and House Leader of Darwinia House. The Darwinia House Leadership Team for 2020 has had a complete re-shuffle. We welcome Mrs Renee Bell as the Assistant House Leader and Miss Lauren Sadler and Mr Ayden Kettle as our Student Engagement Coordinators. Mrs Enza D’Andrea continues as the Darwinia House Support Officer. Our Year 12 2020 Darwinia House Captains, who also support all students in Darwinia House are Monishka G and Paul F.



I am looking forward to the various opportunities to meet you all and developing that most important of relationships – that between home and school. Our role together is in supporting our students, your children, as they transition through the school and beyond.


We have recently held our SRC elections and we congratulate Fozarn N (Year 7), Adelina M (Year 8), Irtika S (Year 9), Fei L (Year 10), Aiming Z (Year 11) and Thanuja M (Year 12) for being the successful applicants for this year and the Darwinia House Leadership Team is looking forward to working with the SRC and implementing their projects.


This year, Darwinia is focussing on Positive Participation by students, in their learning and extra-curricular activities. Having a positive attitude and a commitment to school is essential for progress in learning. Students should be aiming to achieving their personal best in all subjects whether in Year 7 or Year 12.  One way students show their commitment to their studies is by their regular attendance.


Participation in a range of activities, whether in the classroom activities or as extra-curricular opportunities, develops a range of skills for students. Taking part in sports days, becoming a member of the chorales group, involvement in lunchtime activities during the cooler months and participating in inter-school sports are just some of the ways in which further opportunities develop.


Once again, I welcome you all to this new year and I wish all our Darwinia families a successful 2020.


Meredith O’Bree

Darwinia House Leader

Eucalyptus House

Eucalyptus House News

As I begin my fifth year as the Eucalyptus House Leader, I am extremely excited about how the year will unfold for students and staff in the House. It has been another busy start to the year with students settled and planning for the year ahead. We had the opportunity to meet with students and families at our first Parent Teacher Interview for the year. It was a successful day where students shared their goals and aspirations for their learning in 2020.


The House Leadership Team for this year is composed of Mr Greaves as Assistant House Leader, Ms Vrondou and Mr Fernando, the House Engagement Coordinators, Mrs Barton our House Administration Officer and myself as House Leader. We also welcomed 6 new staff members to the House: Ms Chatzis, Mr Fernando, Mr Pawsey, Mr Penhale, Mr Thompson and Mr Curtis. We hope they find their time in the House fulfilling and rewarding.


This term also saw the appointment of our student leaders. House Captains: Glenn R and Azalea S. Student Representative Council members: Alia S, Shasvini G, Sana F, Rishika S, Imogen H and Amir R. The Badges Assembly was a highlight of the term and our student leaders received their badges and represented the House with pride. We congratulate these students and wish them the very best in their leadership journey this year and beyond.



We saw a large number of our students represented in the Swimming Carnival and saw some outstanding performances. Student learning and achievement continues to dominate the work of teachers in the House and students are being encouraged to take more ownership of their learning. Mr Daffy and Ms Mackay have been working with a group of students across all year levels in getting them prepared for the Chorales competition.


As we near the end of Term, the Eucalyptus Community wish you all a safe and restful holiday.  


Mrs Evelyne Katsoulis

Eucalyptus House Leader

Fern House

Fern House News

Welcome to Fern House for 2020 to all students, staff and families. Term 1 has already been a busy one, as we have set a great tone for the year, welcoming many new staff along with our new Fern families. We had elected six wonderful Student Representatives, Sahil Z, Danny N, Taiba H, Shaina F, Ted D, and Arzoo H. Each are looking forward to making a real contribution to the school, and being a focal point for student voice with the Fern Learning Community. Along with these student leaders, we have our House Captains - Melika S and Ghairat M - who are excited to be leading the Fern community in school based events. 



The House leadership team has changed for 2020 with Mr Hill joining the team, sharing the role of Student Engagement Coordinator with Mr Pinto.


As a Learning Community, our focus this year will be on making our learning visible within the classroom.  We will be ensuring that student know the purpose of their learning, what they can do next, and what support they need.


All of these things will enable Fern House to continue to be a great place to learn. 


One thing all families, parents and students can do is ensure that every possible opportunity to attend school, participate in activities, and enhance learning, is taken by the students. We are asking students to aim for a 90% attendance rate. 65% of Fern student achieved this for February, and we hope to see this grow throughout the year. Parents and families can support this by ensuring that whenever possible, appointments or other commitments be made after school hours, or during holidays.


We look forward to working with you throughout the year, and seeing you at all school events.

Mr Ferguson, Ms Curnow, Mr Pinto, Mr Hill, and Mrs Anderson

The Fern Leadership Team

Grevillea House

Grevillea House News

 A warm welcome to all Grevillea families. We have had another very smooth start to the school year. We welcomed our new Year 7s and enjoyed the opportunity to meet many of their families at the welcome afternoon a few weeks ago. We also welcome our new students in Years 8-12 and hope that they enjoy and value the opportunities that Dandenong High School offers.


Our very clear focus this term has been on the learning and teaching and we also continue to encourage our students to attend school every day.  We celebrate and recognise student improvement in attendance via our leader board and also with congratulatory letters home. Please continue to work with us and encourage students to attend school every day when they are well.


We are also celebrating student academic achievement and many of your students are coming home with certificates that recognise their focus and dedication to their learning.


Our Grevillea House Student Representative Council (SRC) is in place and, together with our House Captains Donika and Jethro, they are working towards creating opportunities for students to connect deeper with Grevillea House and to continue to feel that they are valued members of our school community.



There are plans for lunchtime activities between staff and students, fundraising opportunities and peer tutoring for younger students.


Although many of our whole school events have be currently postponed, I would like to congratulate all of the students who participated in the inter-house swimming carnival. As always the House spirit among the staff and students was incredible and the joy at winning was shared by all. I look forward to sharing our news again next term and would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a safe and healthy term break. Happy Easter to those who celebrate.


Vicky Argyropoulos

Assistant Principal - Grevillea House Leader

Hakea House

Hakea House News

Term 1 has seen a smooth transition for students, teachers and classes, with all settling well into learning programs with fresh enthusiasm for the year ahead.


A strong sense of community has developed even at this early stage, facilitated by our outstanding team of student leaders, including: House Captains Vishna W and Naweed S (Year 12); SRC Captains Mridula C (Year 7); Rukhsar A (Year 8); Peter M K (Year 9); Mubina J (Year 10); Sadin U (Year 11) and Amira H Z (Year 12). From Hakea House we also have the School Captains Nishadi W and Abas H and SRC President Elham A.



Congratulations to all House and School Leaders from Hakea for 2020. We are very proud of their appointments to these positions and of the way they have represented our House and school in their various roles thus far.


Our accelerated Year 7 students have also settled well into their classes having almost completed their first term at High School. Year 7 students so far this year have participated in the school swimming sports and House Volleyball with enthusiasm and showing much House spirit.


The Swimming Carnival was a highlight of Term 1, with Hakea coming second. Congratulations to all who participated and contributed to this event. House Volleyball was another enjoyable event, students had much fun, burning off some serious energy, also raising money for our House Charity – Backpacks for Vic Kids – the Charity the SRC has again decided to support this year. This was enjoyed by staff and students across the House and was a nice way to get to know H7 students.


In Term 2, H7 will have the opportunity to attend the camp to Phillip Island, an adventure camp where students challenge themselves and make new friends from across Houses.


Students have been rehearsing for the Chorales, which has been postponed. The new date will be communicated as soon as is possible.


The Hakea House Leadership team wish our students, teachers and families a restful Term 1 break.


Mrs Bellgrove

Hakea House Leader

Badges Assembly

Our high achievers

On Wednesday 18th February, staff and students gathered in the Melaleuca Gym to celebrate our high achieving students from the Class of 2019 and to acknowledge our student leaders and scholarship awardees.



Swimming Carnival

House Spirit on Show at the Swimming Carnival

The Dandenong High School Swimming Carnival was held on Thursday 20th February. Please click on the gallery below to view some scenes from the day.


LRC News

Reading Workshops in the Library

Year 9s are now part of the Reading Workshop program in the LRC, allowing us to work with English teachers to extend the students’ reading skills and to encourage good habits. For their first lesson, the Year 9s wrapped up a favourite book for other students to select as a ‘blind date’ as part of a Love Your Library Day activity. The library was full of students hunting the shelves for their favourite reads and creating clues to entice their fellow students to take a chance on something different.



We celebrated Love Your Library Day by asking students (and staff!) to tell us about a book they love in exchange for a treat. We received over 160 entries and soon ran out of our stash of badges, lollipops and chocolates!



Teen Library Advisors

Our Teen Library Advisor program is as popular as ever with 136 students from Years 7 to 11 signing up in just a few weeks. The TLAs are now participating in a trial period to see if they are interested in the role and are committed to helping out. Students are learning how to shelve books in the right spot, helping us create displays, and picking up customer service skills at the loans desk.


Why be a TLA?

What motivates students to sign up for the Teen Library Advisor program? Here are some examples from the applications we received this year.

  • I like reading and showing others how important reading is and why we do it. I also really like the library, it’s a beautiful place to be and if I had the choice I would spend every second there.
  • Each year the library has many different events and I love the idea of helping with displays and creating things for the library.
  • I'm thankful that I have the opportunity to learn and enjoy learning, and I would like to spread that enthusiasm as a Teen Library Advisor to encourage students to read out of pure enjoyment.
  • I like reading (also I spend half of my time reading). I like to spend time in the library, to help others and teachers, to do work like cleaning and tidying. My dream is to make my own library at home. The library is my second house.

We look forward to awarding our successful TLAs with their badges in Term 2.

Work Placement Student

Every Wednesday, we welcome our newest team member: Fangyan. Fangyan is undertaking a work placement in the LRC and is learning new skills such as book covering, working at the loans desk, and creating a display for World Poetry Day. She is also an origami master and is running origami classes each Wednesday lunchtime in the LRC. If you would like to learn the amazing art of paper folding, make sure you come to the LRC next Wednesday and learn from Fangyan.



More books for the holidays

Good news! We have expanded our book loans!  Students can now borrow a total of 20 books from the LRC. We have also added new copies of popular books to our ebook library. Click here to visit our collection of ebooks and have a browse through the titles on offer. If you’ve never borrowed an ebook before, please ask for help in the LRC or send us an email via library@dandenong-hs.vic.edu.au


Now is the perfect time to pick up a selection of books to keep you going over the term holidays! Here are some of the most popular books this term to give you some ideas.



Library Self-Serve

Did you know you can renew and reserve books from home?

Visit our OPAC and log in using your Compass details. You will now be able to reserve or renew books during the holidays or over the weekend. We regularly update our OPAC with information about recommended ebooks or writing competitions, so make sure you check in and see what’s on offer.


Graduating Class of 2019 - Where are they now?

Dandenong High School and the Careers team would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2019 as they move into their chosen pathways. Students have chosen a diverse range of future career options, including University and TAFE courses, apprenticeships, traineeships or employment.


The study fields which were most popular are business/commerce, nursing and health, science, engineering, information technology and the building trades. A graph (below) shows all of the interest areas.


We are delighted to share with you that 98% of students who wished to go on to further study, have received an offer and the remaining 2% of students are planning on applying for study mid-year.


Eleven students are commencing apprenticeships and sixteen are in full time employment.



The Careers team support every student to achieve their chosen pathway, through individual counselling and assistance with applications for study or work. We also offer one on one résumé writing support and interview skills and a wide range of programs from Years 7 to 12 to support career development.

Senior Years - Individual Careers Coaching

The future world of work is changing and students need to be prepared for their transition into further study or employment. This year, we have introduced individual and personalised careers coaching sessions for every student in Years 11 and 12. This will allow us to assist students to clarify their goals and understand exactly what is required to achieve their individual pathway beyond school.


The Careers team at Dandenong High School consists of four highly qualified and professionally trained practitioners, who can provide accurate labour market data and specific tertiary requirements. University and TAFE entry requirements are changing rapidly and there is a growing shift towards non ATAR based entry. Students should be encouraged to participate in leadership roles as well as volunteer and community work, which are becoming favourably viewed alongside strong academic results.


The personalised coaching sessions also allow the careers team to further develop a positive relationship with each student and empower them to drive their own career education through connection with the multifaceted careers services.


Through the establishment of supports such as our drop in service, learning tutor help desk and our ever-growing Instagram account, we ensure that every student feels a sense of belonging and connection. Many students have sought support and accessed vital information via our Instagram account (@Insta_Careers). The Year 12 only service has ensured that students have access to the Careers team outside school hours and alleviates some of the stress associated with navigating Year 12 and the transition beyond school.


The Careers team are passionate about supporting each student during the year and beyond, to ensure each student is empowered to reach their potential and enter their chosen pathway. Parents are also welcome to attend interviews or to make a separate time to meet with us to discuss any career related issues.


Nilly Banai

Careers Counsellor and Senior Years Program Coordinator

Stem Cell Excursion

Discovering amazing stem cell research

On Friday the 6th of March, students from the VCE preparation class journeyed to Monash University to engage in a stem cell program for the day.


Professor Helen Abud, the program co-head, introduced us to the many research programs being conducted at Monash University. Unlocking the potential of stem cells is a high priority for regenerative medicine and for improving treatment options for a number of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, autoimmune disease and cancer.


Together with the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), we form the leading developmental biology and stem cell community in Australia, and one of the strongest globally, says Helen.



One of the labs we visited on the day is the AquaCore lab.  AquaCore is housed at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) and consists of facilities that host diverse fresh and marine water species. Within AquaCore, a program called FishCore operates.

FishCore is the largest zebrafish facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere. FishCore has 1000 quarantine tanks and 5200 main facility tanks (non-quarantine) and holds more than 100,000 zebrafish. The facility houses genetically modified and mutant strains of zebrafish to model a variety of human diseases and conditions. Zebrafish are the rising stars of biomedical research and have become a key tool in regenerative medicine research and human disease modelling.


Mrs Barr


Intermediate VCAL at the Grand Prix

We went to the Formula One Grand Prix on 12th March, before it was cancelled the next day. Some student reports of the day are as follows:


The weather was sunny and beautiful, everyone was happy and enjoyed the day.


We saw different types of cars and got some information about Formula 1 cars.


Everyone was in their groups, and we got home safely and on time.


We talked to lots of people about their job. We improved our skills in speaking, that was excellent, also it was the best thing during that day.


Last but not the least was we got a chance to go to Albert Park to feel the charm of racing from up close, and that was the first time I watched the racing. I couldn’t control my excitement. That was wonderful.


Ex-Students' Association

Snippets and Snapshots through the Years

During the centenary celebrations, we took the opportunity was to launch our new school history publication, Snippets and Snapshots. This digest looks at the significant events in the 100-year life of our school since its founding in 1919.


The 64 page book covers a great deal of new ground, having been compiled from historic newspaper articles containing early Shire Council meeting excerpts from as early as 1907. It also includes many articles containing original Headmasters’ reports etc. and other original source material, as well as articles from Gate magazines in the care of the Ex-Students’ Association.


Other milestones along the way include the early temporary premises, the gradual staged building of the original School, major external events and their effect on the School, such as The Great Depression of the 1930s, the Polio Epidemic, World War II, the expansionary years of the 50s and 60s, and beyond, right up to the present day. It is interspersed with stories from many aspects of school life and includes several dozen sepia, black and white, and colour photos.

Look inside Snippets and Snapshots


 How to purchase the book

In person

Snippets and Snapshots is priced at just $10 ($15 including postage) and can be picked up directly from the Ex-Students' Assocation Archive Room located on the first floor of the old main school building. The Archive Room is open only on Tuesday afternoon during School terms.


By mail

Option 1

Send a cheque for $15 with your return address details to:

Russ Weber
1-5 Observatory Rd

Mt Dandenong  VIC 3767


Option 2

You can pay via direct deposit using the following details:

BSB 633 108  Account No. 133689158

(In the “Details” section please add the words BOOK and include your name)  

With this option, you will also need to send an email with your address to: 

russweber@bigpond.com  (so we can send it to you)


Gary Matthews

DHS Ex-Students Association Secretary

Community Notices

Events and services in our community

Click or tap on an image to view it at full size.



Please note that many of these events may be cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 situation.


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