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30 November 2018
Issue Eighteen
Principals Report
Valedictory 2018
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Principals Report

Dear Parents and Friends,


Last Wednesday we gathered as a whole school community to celebrate our Year 12 Assembly, family morning tea and our Year 12 Valedictory.  A huge thank you to Georgie Schofield and our senior school team who worked with students to plan and prepare these important events on the school calendar.

We would love to share with you our message to our Year 12 graduates during the assembly.


“Good morning students and guests.

It fills us with a great deal of pride to be standing here this morning and speaking to you all on behalf of all of the staff who have cared for our fabulous Year 12 students throughout their time at the College. 

This morning’s assembly is a celebration of our Year 12 students - a chance to reflect on the past six years and a chance to look towards the future.

Graduating from Year 12, having completed your VCE or VCAL is a brilliant achievement – congratulations and well done! 

In time, we trust you will look back upon your time at McGuire College with pride and satisfaction regarding the friends you have made, the battles you have both won and lost, the experiences you have enjoyed and the most importantly success you have achieved.

Let’s take a trip back in time, how well do you remember?

  • Your very first Day of Year 7?
  • The sporting achievements, swimming sports, athletics carnivals - the medals and those long runs around the oval, the games in the gym?
  • The moment you realised that entering the senior school meant you had to actually think about what you wanted to do in life!
  • Heading out to work experience?
  • The essays and assignments and exam prep which seem to have no end?
  • The school camps – the outdoor education adventures - the Year 12 urban camp adventures?
  • Perhaps for some of you the most memorable occasion will be those which happened outside the College - the deb ball and senior school formals – the red carpet entrances, beautiful candelabra centrepieces, and partying the night away?
  • And finally, the blur of completing Year 11 and Year 12

For some of you, success in the coming months may be measured by qualifying for university, getting into the TAFE course you applied for, getting into paid employment or even embarking on some form of travel.

Regardless of what your endeavours may be, the future is yours to take advantage of, to make a difference and to seize the great opportunities which are yours for the taking.

We would like to share with you what success means from us, your McGuire champions who you have shared this journey with.

For us, as your teachers and supporters:

  • Success isn’t about you being rich or famous; it is about you making a valuable contribution and having a wonderful life.
  • Success is about you finding fulfilment and happiness.
  • Success is about you being surrounded by loving family and friends.
  • Success is about you feeling satisfied with your career pathway but more importantly feeling proud of how you serve others.
  • Success is about you achieving a goal that you know you have set and worked on and accomplished!
  • Success is about you standing back and being proud of what you have accomplished as a student at McGuire College.

Our wish for you as you embark on adventures far and wide is for you to: 

  • Have no regrets.
  • Be kind and work hard.
  • Treat all people kindly – most importantly treat yourself kindly.
  • Strive to make a positive difference to the people you meet and the people you already know.
  • Because you are so important to all of us at McGuire College, we urge you to continue to learn and grow into the successful and compassionate young people we know you as.
  • You are our future.
  • Whilst on your journey to brilliance – remember - NEVER FORGET, you are McGuire people. The best people.


Farewell fabulous Year 12s, may fortune always follow you!


Have a great week.


Claire Kelly

College Principal




Valedictory 2018


Extension Writing Group

Interview with the Principal

Cameron Blight and Jaiden Heinzmann have interviewed the school principal, Mrs Kelly, to introduce her to the wider school community.



What is your name?

Claire Kelly


What is your role here at McGuire?

I am the school principal.


How long have you been in this role?

3 terms.


Why did you choose to become a teacher?

I started off as a speech pathologist, and part of my role was going into schools and working beside teachers and helping them with any students who had trouble with their communication skills. I just loved it and I decided I wanted to be part of a school. I started working in primary schools for about 20 years, and then I started working in secondary schools.


What do you like doing when you’re not teaching?

We have a swimming pool at our house, and I love going swimming with my kids.


What is your favourite thing about teaching at McGuire?

My favourite thing about working here is the kids.


What was your favourite moment in teaching?

When I first started teaching, I worked in a school in Melbourne, and there were a lot of kids who came from a refugee background, a bit like here at McGuire, and there was a beautiful girl in my class called Neewa who came from a South African background and didn’t know any English, and one day she told me that she wanted to be a nurse. When I was having my fourth baby Neewa was the nurse who was looking after me.


What was your funniest moment in teaching?

My funniest moment was probably when I was teaching preps in Benalla. There was a huntsman spider living on the roof, and we thought it was fine because the roof was very tall, and the spider never really came down. And then one day when I was reading a story to them, all these little black things kept falling from the roof, and we didn’t know what they were. And then we realised that the spider was giving birth, and the little things were baby spiders. There were a few boys who ran around trying to kill them, and I started screaming, “Run for your life!” And I thought that was really funny.


Do you teach any subjects?

Yes, I do sometimes. I don’t have a subject that I always teach, I sort of teach as a substitute teacher I guess.


What is your favourite subject to teach?

Definitely English, and anything to do with literature.

Music News


CONGRATULATIONS to the McGuire College concert Band who performed in the Junior Concert Band Section at the Victorian School Music Festival at Federation Square Theatre on Friday, November 16th.

Our 26 students combined with 12 students from Mooroopna Secondary College to play Samba lele, Blessings and Caribbean Festival, conducted by Ms. Ryan. They played really well after only two combined  rehearsals. The Adjudicators – Susan Smith from Troy University, Alabama, U S. A  and Dale Pointon from Western Australia Performing Arts Academy were complimentary in their adjudications and especially highlighted the percussion section, rating them as “excellent” on the day’s performance.

Well done to Joshua Safari, Nick Brereton, Jay Bryce, Lillyan Sakaria, Makayla Durston, Paris and Georgia Clarke. Between them they played timpani, snare drum, bass drum, cowbell, maracas, congas, triangle, cymbal and claves! Quite a colourful list.

Section leaders in the band were Angelina Mason (flute), Olivia Judd, Brianna Nimla-Orr (first clarinet), Jade Chalmers (second clarinet),Maria Kacavenda (alto sax) Paige Johnston (trumpet), Logan Corrin Chalmers and Jack Morcom (trombone).

They were joined by Olive McKenzie, Phoebe Johnston, Brianna Pleming and Lily Carboon on clarinet, Eliza Bester, Sarah Usher and Cameron Blight on alto sax, Mia Ruggi and Kade Hardy on tenor sax, and Jamie Willaton on trumpet . Their performance can be viewed on the website  




Next week – Tuesday December 4 to Friday December 7 we have brilliant instrument builder Jon Madin here building marimbas with our Music students and having fun in Music Workshops on his echo cellos, ding boxes and more!

There is a published timetable for the Workshops etc. please see Ms. Ryan if you would like to join a Workshop or have any questions.









On Monday, December 10 the Concert Band (plus other musicians) are performing a Concert for Bourchier Street Primary School, followed by lunch at Maccas. Students need to return a permission form and bring money for lunch on the day.




Enrolments for the Region Band camp have opened. The camp is on the last week of Term 1, 2019. Places are limited at this really excellent Music event. Enrolment is online, and information is available from Ms Ryan. All Instrumental Music students are encouraged to attend. You can be a singer or player of any band instrument and learn lots! Ensembles available are Vocals, Jazz Band, Junior and Senior Concert Band.

If you are eligible for excursion subsidy, these funds may be used for the Band camp.



We have six Scholarships of $200 available to enable attendance at Band camp. These will be announced at the McGuire College Presentation Night. Please see Ms Ryan if you would like further details.



Jazz Band will be playing two items on the Presentation Night at Eastbank – save the date!


Music is Magic!


Gabrielle Ryan

Peter Arnold

Music Department

From the Library

2018 has been a busy year in the library with classes booked, students doing private study and classes visiting to borrow books. 

Students have access to laptops through the library these laptops are being borrowed before 9am and returned at the end of each day. Students are looking after the laptops and returning them promptly.


We have instructed Year 7 students on the eBook system and the Year 8’s have been reminded how the system works. There are currently 1300 books, which can be borrowed on the Xuno system at school or on an ePlatform app through Wheelers Books at home.


Reading certificates have been handed out at each end of Term Assembly. We are pleased to have very keen readers who also request books for the library to purchase. We would like to thank the students who return books and other resources on time and consider other students who may be needing to borrow. Books can be borrowed for the end of year holidays just let us know so we can extend the loan to early February 2019.


We wish students all the best in 2019.

Thank you to our school parents for your support.


Faye Andrew and Di Steele 

Important Dates


Monday 3rd: Year 12 Early Commencement Week

Monday 10th: Grade 6 Parent Information Night

Tuesday 11th: Grade 6 Orientation Day

Tuesday 18th: Presentation Night  - Eastbank 7.00pm

Thursday 20th: Euroa Pool Activities Day

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