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30 November 2018
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Principal's Page

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner, 2018

Last week (Tue 20th of November) we held our Year 12 Valedictory Dinner at Merrimu Receptions, Chadstone.  The event was incredibly well attended with many families and friends helping to celebrate the night with our Year 12 students.  Thank you to Helen James (Year 12 Co-ordinator) for organising such a wonderful occasion.

The night was full of fun and great memories helping those in attendance enjoy such an important event.  We thank all of our staff for supporting our students through their education at the College, particularly our Year 12 teachers this year.  Furthermore, we thank Judith Riddoch and her Senior Sub School team for strongly supporting our Year 12 students, staff and families throughout 2018.

The night of course was for our Year 12 students.  Our Year 12 students can be well proud of their achievements. They should be very proud of achieving their Victorian Certificate of Education (or VCE), together with the positive impact they have had across many areas within the College.   

We hope our Year 12 students go on to achieve success in areas that are important to them.  I am sure that our Year 12 students will look back fondly on their education at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  We wish the 'Year 12 Class of 2018' every success for the future.

'Step Up' Programs, 2019

We are running transition or 'Step Up' programs with our current Year 9, 10 and 11 students.  These Programs are an excellent way for our students to understand some of the subject requirements of their courses for the year ahead.  Furthermore, it is an opportunity for students to complete some learning tasks over the holiday break which helps with a well organised approach to studies at the beginning of 2019 and beyond.  We thank our staff for developing and implementing these important Programs for our students.

World Challenge, 2018

We currently have a group of students and one staff member across in Cambodia and Laos as part of a World Challenge expedition.  Whilst overseas, the group will take in the sites and culture of their destinations, together with completing some volunteer work.

Our students have been working hard with World Challenge representatives and Jane Moyle (WHSC staff member) over recent months to best prepare for this expedition.

The group left last week (Wed 21st Nov) and already we have had some contact from Jane about how the group is finding the experience - below is a photo showing the group relaxing and enjoying a meal after participating in a jungle trek.

We thank Jane for travelling overseas with our students and supporting them in their endeavours. We hope the expedition is an enormous success and we wish them a safe journey.


Year 6 into 7 Orientation Day, 2018

The state wide Orientation Day for our new Year 7 students will be on Tuesday 11th December.  The day will be an opportunity for our new Year students to meet their peers, our staff and to also familiarise themselves with their new school.   

We are adopt an organised and supportive approach with our Year 6 into 7 Transition Program.  We regularly receive positive feedback about the Program from our families.

We welcome our new Year 7 students to Wheelers Hill Secondary College and we look forward to working with them and their families in 2019 and, in the years to come.

Volunteers Morning Tea, Tue 27th November

We welcomed our Volunteers to a special 'Volunteers Morning Tea' earlier in the week.  Our College appreciates the wonderful work of our Volunteers from helping out with our Chess Club, to assisting with Second Hand Uniform requirements and Buildings and Grounds.

We look forward to working with our Volunteers in 2019 and we would welcome interest from other parents / guardians who might like to help out the College in the future.

WHSC, 40th Anniversary, 2020

Our College was founded in 1980 and we are looking to celebrating our 40th Anniversary in 2020.  We have discussed how we might plan for this event at our WHSC Parents Committee meetings through the year.

The College is wanting to hear from more parents / guardians, together with ex students, staff and families, who are interested in joining us to help plan for this very special event.  If you are interested, please contact me at the school via the General Office.

Value of the Week - Excellence

The Exam Period for our students in Years 9 to 12 is coming to a close.  This has been an excellent opportunity for these students to demonstrate Excellence in their studies.  We look forward to our students achieving outstanding results for their Exams.

And finally.....

Please don't forget about our Presentation Evening coming up on Tuesday 18th December, 7:00pm, at The Drum Theatre in Dandenong.  Please contact the General Office with any queries,









Aaron Smith


Assistant Principals' Page

Maths and the Purchase of Calculators (Booklist for 2019)

Thanks to the parents who have provided feedback on the 2019 Booklist concerning the purchase of calculators for Maths.


The Calculator listed for Math classes in Years 7, 8 & 9 (Texas Scientific TI-30XB Multiview for $35) is appropriate for these years. The Texas-Nspire CX CAS ($249) that is listed for Year 9 will be used in Year 10 and beyond. It has been listed at Year 9 so that students who wish to familiarise themselves with this calculator before Year 10 have the opportunity to do so. It is not required to buy this calculator at Year 9.

Ordering Your 2019 Books.


• The easiest way to get all your education resources is to submit your order online at www.campion.com.au . The deadline for orders is Wednesday 5th December.


• If you miss placing your order by the due date, you may pay a higher delivery cost and may experience a longer waiting period to receive your full order.

• Place a tick in the box to select each item you need.

• For easy delivery, we recommend using an office address (please include parent name). If you will be away from home during delivery periods, consider providing a delivery address you can use as an alternative, such as grandparents, neighbours etc.


Ordering access to digital products

• Your resource list may contain digital items that can only be purchased by ordering them online at www.campion.com.au

• After you order them, access to these products will be provided via email for each product or will be provided at school.

• Please order your digital products carefully as returns and refunds cannot be provided on these items. • Access to digital products cannot be purchased in Campion Retail Service Centres and must be ordered online.



• Full payment is required at the time the order is placed. Payment can be made via:

◦ Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard only)

• Cheques or cash cannot be accepted.

*Prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice.


Collecting your order

• Collect your order on the date and at the location specified on the front cover of the resource list.

• A friend or relative can collect on your behalf if you are unavailable. Uncollected orders may be subject to additional handling charges.

• Refunds may be provided on unwanted items on the day of collection, except for digital products

T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5……….we have lift off!!!
 WHSC students are travelling to NASA in 2019!


It is with great pleasure to confirm that the G’Day Space trip to NASA will be going ahead in December 2019.  Twelve Students across years 8 to 11 will be joining Mrs Anderson to experience the trip of a life time.

 The trip has a STEM focus, where the Kennedy Space Centre brings STEM to life. Students will hear from space experts, experience real flows spacecraft, and engage in interactive simulators and exhibits. Students participate in hands on learning scenarios where they must put into practice scientific reasoning skills, analytical skills, lateral thinking, design skills, and the ability to challenge each other’s thinking in constructive ways. Students will also have the opportunity to conduct real science experiments, solve engineering challenges using robotics and defy gravity in a micro-gravity simulator. In addition, our students will be granted access to NASA’s restricted areas to see real launch pads, stand next to the space shuttle “Atlantis” that has flown in space over 30 times, touch a moon rock, walk under the largest rocket ever launched at the Apollo/Saturn V Center and learn how NASA is preparing for future missions.

The tour also includes:

  • a visit to San Francisco, where students will participate in a “STEM to STERN” program at the USS Hornet.
  • A visit to Los Angeles Knott’s Berry Farm Physics Program and Park Day

This is a truly unique opportunity and I am certain that every student attending will have lifelong memories of this remarkable experience.

For any queries regarding this adventure, please contact Judy Anderson-  95615811

Stay tuned for further news leading up to this trip- over and out!


Presentation Evening 2018

Arrangements are currently underway for the 2018 WHSC Presentation Evening. This year we have a very special key note speaker, Susan Alberti, aka "The Footy Lady".  During her speech, Susan will share some of her story about how she worked through several life altering events that helped shape her into the woman that she is today. Please mark this date on your calendar and see the attached invitation to secure your tickets for this event which allows us to recognise excellence  within the WHSC student community.



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What's Coming Up Next


World Challenge

Art & Technology Showcase - Year 7 

VCE Enrolment Day


World Challenge

Performing Arts - Audition Workshop

Year 9 Exams


World Challenge

Year 9 Exams


World Challenge

Year 9 Activity Day


World Challenge

Leadership Camp


World Challenge

Leadership Camp


World Challenge

Year 7 & 8 End of Year program

Year 9 into 10 Transition

Year 7 High Resolve Presentation


World Challenge

Year 7 & 8 End of Year program

Year 9 into 10 Transition

Whole state 6 into 7 Orientation 


World Challenge

Year 7 & 8 End of Year Program

Year 9 into to Transition

Year 8 High Resolve Seminar


World Challenge

Year 7 & 8 End of Year Program

Year 9 into 10 Transition

Year 8 Coach approach


World Challenge

Year 7 & 8 End of Year program

Year 9 into 10 Transition

Luna Park - Year 8

Movies/Bowling/Shopping Year 7

Year 6 into 7 Family Transition Sessions

Performing Arts 

Instrumental Music Program 2019

All students are welcome to register for our 2019 Instrumental Music Program! Contact Genelle Lentini Performing Arts Leader, to find out how you can get involved!


Production Design Internship!

Applications poured in, as students signed up for the opportunity to work in the Design Internship Program for 2019! Interviews were held in the last week and we are excited to announce that the following students have been selected to participate in this program for 2019!

Amelia Paterson, Jade D'Angelo, Megan Norton, Nikita Voss and Renae Volk

The students will be working along side our Design Coordinator, Anna Diacos, who we are so honoured to have back working with us for 2019!


Audition Workshops 

Students who were hoping to conquer their nerves and brush up on their audition skills had the opportunity to work with an industry professional, who taught them the secret to a good audition. Bianca Smith, an experienced actor and dancer,  has treaded the boards around the world in the musical theatre scene, cabaret and dance world. We were honoured to have her take time out to speak to our students and share her wealth of knowledge of the daunting but necessary part of the performing arts industry. 


Primary School Production Partnership

To recognise the talented and dedicated Primary School Students who shared the stage with us during the Wizard of Oz, some cast members had the chance to visit Brandon Park Primary and Wheelers Hill Primary School to formally congratulate the young performers who stepped up to the challenge to perform in a High School Musical! We also sent certificates to Waverley Meadows and Mulgrave Primary students to acknowledge their incredible work. We are looking forward to working with these schools in the future so sing and dance, in the rain! 

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader



What an amazing seven weeks we have had with the annual Art and Technology Festival- Elements. From the 29th October to the 7th  December, each year level was showcased with a selection of exemplary work, celebrating students’ creativity and excellence within the arts and technology domains. The rotating exhibition showcased work from a range of subjects including; visual arts, photography, ceramics, textiles, digital technology, materials and product design.


Students work was displayed in the main office allowing staff, students and the community to view it throughout recess, lunchtime and afterschool. In addition to this, students work was also be celebrated via our Wheelers Hill Secondary College Instagram page, where we aimed to promote the students as practicing artists. We encourage the community to get behind the students in celebrating their efforts. To see their work, visit https://www.instagram.com/wheelers_hill_sc/ or simply search for WHEELERS_HILL_SC.

The purpose of the annual Arts and Technology exhibition was to recognise students talents and efforts, by providing them with a platform to show off their creative flare, as any practicing artist would. Each week, a student was selected for the exemplary work and original creativity.



Please join me in congratulating our award recipients for the 2019 Wheelers Hill Secondary College Arts and Technology exhibition – ELEMENTS:


Week 3 (29/10/19 – 02/11/19) – Year 12 award recipient –  Karen Bouphaphanh


Week 4 (05/11/19 – 09/11/19 – Year 11 award recipient – Indya Arendse


Week 5 (12/11/19 – 16/11/19) – Year 10 award recipient – Rachel Stibilj


Week 6 (19/11/19 – 23/11/19) – Year 9 award recipient – Amelia Paterson


Week 7 (26/11/19 – 30/11/19) – Year 8 award recipient – Chloe Johnston


Week 8 (03/12/19 – 07/12/19) – Year 7 award recipient – Bailey Galvin


I would also like to congratulate all students for their efforts within the Visual Arts this year.  All students should be very proud of their accomplishments and we look forward to seeing them continue to flourish creatively in the future.


I would like to thank all of the students and teachers who worked tirelessly to set up the exhibition spaces. In particular I would like to thanks the arts staff; Mrs Jepson, Mrs Barrie and Mrs Ford for their continued commitment in supporting our students and school community. Your hard work and contribution was greatly appreciated.


Students are now welcome to collect all of their visual arts and technology artworks/projects before the end of the year. Due to limited storage we are unable to keep all work. Please see your visual arts teacher to collect any work within the next week.



Nicole Harris | Visual Arts Domain Leader


Middle School

Middle School News

As we enter the final two weeks of the year and all students are finishing the courses and then undertaking the transition program for the coming year, I ask that all students stay on track to get Cycle 6 CAT’s completed on time.

All of our Year 9 students are undertaking their core class exams on December the 3rd and 4th and hopefully all students remember the skills they learnt from the Elevate Program and work with their teachers on the revision process to achieve results that they will be proud of.

Alpine School Fundraiser

I would like to congratulate our 5 students who attended the Alpine School this year and completed their Community Leadership Project. We had a very special evening on Tuesday the 27th November. Due to inclement weather on the horizon we moved indoors. The night began with the information from Cathy who spoke about the Chrisalis Foundation that was created to help resource and support individuals with disabilities and their immediate families, also to build their potential to live a harmonious and fulfilling life in Victoria. We then went outside and ran a few games, including the cream pie throwing contest at three fantastic teachers who volunteered their time. Thank-you Mrs Helen James, Mr Ben Sheperd and Miss Gemma McMahon.

The event then continued inside and it was great to see so many Year 9’s playing music and singing and supporting each other. The Alpine students were so happy to see their fellow students from the Alpine school who live in Shepparton, arrive and a big catch-up took place.

Thankyou to all parents who supported the students on the night and Mr Smith for allowing the opportunity for students in our community to shine with a different program. I would also like to thank Mrs Helen James who visited the students at Dinner Plain.

It was a pleasure working with Sarah T, Miranda D, Lachlan P, Spencer P, Matt G this year. You should be very proud of your achievements both at the Alpine School and with the Community Project at our school.

Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School


On Tuesday 20th November we said farewell to the class of 2018 at the Valedictory Dinner held at Merrimu Receptions.

The evening began with a welcome speech delivered by our Principal, Mr Aaron Smith. Each student was presented with a momento from the College and a graduation certificate signed by Clare O’Neil MP, The Federal Member for Hotham. As each student came forward, a photo of the student when in year 7 was contrasted with their photo from this year. Some students had changed dramatically, while others had hardly changed at all!

The College Captains, Molly Sceney and Nina Notaro, along with Vice Captains Tash Buckley and Tanya Vejdani, reflected on their time at Wheelers Hill Secondary College. The girls then joined the Principal in cutting the Valedictory cake.

With the formal part of the evening over, students, their families and friends, moved onto the dance floor, accompanied by music from the trio, South Side Soul.  A good time was had by all.

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation and presentation of the evening, especially our Year 12 Coordinator, Mrs Helen James.

A special thanks must go to our Year 12 students for what has been an amazing year. We thank them also for the contributions they have made to the College during their time here, and we wish them all the very best for their future endeavours, whatever they may be.


Mrs Judith Riddoch

Senior School Leader


Results Notice



Wheelers Hill Secondary College would like to congratulate Emma Ocic for receiving the 2018 VET Mullum Cluster award for her performance in her VET Program - Certificate II in Creative Industries.

Emma has been recognised for her outstanding work which included an incredible videography piece. Her ability to meet deadlines, show persistence with completing tasks and using her initiative resulted in her gaining this recognition. Well done Emma!

Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Sleep Hygiene

Last week in the extended homegroup session on Wellbeing students focused on Sleep Hygiene and how important it is to have the required hours of sleep. Students undertook research and then were asked to produce a poster. Below are a few examples of what students produced. We were very pleased with the quality of the posters. Each explained the importance of sleep and gave strategies to help improve sleeping patterns. A number of the posters have been placed around the school.

Thank you to all students who submitted their poster. 

Louise Ford

Wellbeing Leader Senior School 

Community News

2nd Hand Uniform - Term 4 

  • Tuesday 11th December 2018 at 1.30pm to 3.00pm – Year 7 2019 Orientation Day

WHSC - Innovate Academy

The following program is running for 2019 if you are interested  in participation in this program please read the following information below.




Here are the programs currently offered for 2019.

WHSC - Innovate Teen Robotics & Systems Engineering Academy for Grades 7 to 12 (WEDNESDAYS) Teen Robotics & Systems Engineering Academy is a lunch times school robotics academy program for teens in Melbourne, Australia who are interested in advancing their robotics, systems engineering and
coding knowledge and skills in computer science. The Robotics Academy program is part of the Innovate Program which has the primary focus on getting students to design, build and program SMART
machines and  challenge themselves through problem solving.

Robotics Academy is an integrated STEM academy for students from Grades 7 to 12. Academy students will learn robotics, coding, technology, simple machines, CAD, 3D printing, virtual robotics and more through  the year as each term has a different focus. Following Innovate Academy’s core values, students also learn and develop their teamwork, problem solving and interpersonal skills.
Students may also apply to join in robotics competitions and sit for robotics certification programs (held at Wheelers Hill Secondary School twice a year) if they wish to take their skills to a higher level.



With a wide range of STEM resources provided by Innovate Technology and Robotics Academy (the premium STEM education company which provides programs to schools and government STEM projects), WHSC students are continually given the latest and most up to date tools and curriculum which Innovate Academy also provides to teachers in Australian schools and government STEM education initiatives.  With the successful introduction of robotics certification programs and Digital literacy certifications, students can choose their learning track and achieve more, in preparation for their future.

WHSC Innovate Teen Robotics & Systems Engineering Academy for Grade 7 to 12 details: 


 Each term program is for 9 weeks
 Location: WHSC Computer Lab
 Time: 1.00 pm to 1.40 pm
 Cost: $200.00



Check out our awesome MVPS students and their achievements at the
Vex Robotics World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky!



Australian Team Emerges Top 3 at Vex IQ Robotics Competition USA VEX world 2016- Our VEX IQ world Champions! No.3 in the word







WHSC- Innovate Coding Academy (Mobile and Website Applications Development for Grades 7 to 12 (THURSDAYS) 



Teen Coding Academy is a lunch time school coding academy for teens in Melbourne, Australia who are interested in advancing their knowledge and skills in computer science. The Coding Academy is part of the Innovate Program which has the primary focus on getting students to code, learn, upskill and challenge themselves.

Coding is an important skill to prepare students for the jobs which already exist and the jobs to be. Many more jobs are coming up which require good knowledge of coding and a computer science background.



Through coding, students will learn about logic, computational thinking,  improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  What’s more, they get to build on their soft skills such as resilience, communication and learning to work with others successfully while working on their challenges. They will develop an understanding of how the web works and create working websites.

 By learning how to code, students will enhance their digital literacy skills, improve their ability to focus on the tasks at hand and learn how to use the computer productively to their advantage. They will have a better understanding of how programs work and the enjoyment that comes with thinking through things and creating something that works.


Students will have hands-on experience in developing interesting Android application using the MIT App Inventor application. The course is suitable for students with any level of computing experience. Students will use a a block-based programming tool that allows novices, to start programming and build fully functional apps for Android devices. Students are encouraged to use their own Android
devices for hands-on testing and exploitation. 


Benefits of learning how to code: 


  • Learn a variety of programming languages (HTML, Java, Javascript, C++, Python) through the year
  • Improve the ability to focus
  • Develop computational thinking skills
  • Develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Take on an iterative approach to problem solving
  • Enhance Digital Literacy skills
  • Build confidence and creativity
  • Prepare for secondary education and projects at school and higher learning
  • Prepare for the jobs of the future in a rapidly advancing technological world
  • Develop patience, resilience and strong leadership skills in managing and advancing in technology



WHSC Innovate Coding Academy for Grade 7 to 12 details:
 Each term program is for 9 weeks
 Location: WHSC  Computer Lab
 Time: 1.00 pm to 1.40 pm
Cost: $180 per term




Lowes Sale - School Shoes


Jells Park Primary School Twilight Market


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