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20 April 2018
Issue Five
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Principal's Report

Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 2.  It won’t be long before Winter has well and truly set in for 2018. It is usually over the Easter break that we really notice the turning of the Autumn leaves. I hope you all had a wonderful term break with your children and had the opportunity to spend time with your families over the Easter break.

Curriculum Day - 28th May

This term we will be having a Curriculum Day on Monday 28th May - please put this date in your diary. As students have a day off from school all our staff will be participating in training in School Wide Positive Behaviour.  We have been accepted into this Department initiative that is transforming school cultures across the State and the World.  As our society changes we need to keep up with the needs of our students.  School Wide Positive Behaviour is a framework to do this.  I will keep you up to date as the year goes on and you will begin hopefully hearing about some really positive changes from your children.


This Saturday and Sunday the Pakenham Yakkerboo Festival is on!  Saturday night there are food trucks, music, a carnival and fireworks. On Sunday morning there are lots of market stalls, carnival rides and a parade. For the first time, Pakenham Springs will be having a float in the parade! The theme for the parade is “Zoo”.  Come on down to the Pakenham Main street after 10:30am to see the parade and cheer on all of the Prep-2 students involved!


Pakenham Springs is proudly supporting the ANZAC Appeal.   If you require any merchandise it is available at the office. 

Fun Run 

On the last day of Term 1 we had our Fun Run and what a lovely way to celebrate the end of a busy term. We had a wonderful turnout from the community to support the students and enjoy the event.  Thank you to our Physical Education team who organised the day and to all our students who participated and got sponsorship for the day. 

The lively Pakenham Springs community gathered together to participate in our annual Cross Country Fun Run.

School spirit was running high as everyone sported their house colours and cheered on the runners. Our Student Leaders were in their element when assisting younger students during the races and encouraging everyone to try their best.   On the last day of term, winning students were awarded medals or ribbons to celebrate their achievement and all participants received a congratulatory certificate.  Well done to those Year 4, 5 and 6 students who placed 1st to 10th, as they have also qualified for District Athletics and we look forward to their future successes.  Edward students were extremely excited to be announced house points champions for the day.  Go Edward!

Thank you to our Physical Education teachers Scott Holmes, Rhys Davie and Lucy DeHey for all their hard work in organising and running the event and thanks also to all the students, parents and staff who helped to make this day a success.  We hope you will join us again at the next community event.



The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for students in Years 3 and 5 will take place on the 15th – 17th May.  These tests are a great way to track how we as a school are travelling and inform our future priorities.  Classroom teachers are preparing the students in the lead up to give them the skills to undertake the tests. This will hopefully relieve any uncertainty some children encounter and set them up to do their best – especially if it is the first time that they have encountered the tests. It is important to remember that the NAPLAN assessments are a measure of the skills developed over a student's time at school, not just in the weeks leading up to the tests.  Tests will be administered by the grade teachers in normal classrooms.  Please speak to your child’s teacher if you have any concerns about the NAPLAN.  A more detailed letter will be sent home closer to the date with all students in Years 3 and 5.




We acknowledge and pay respect to the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, and their Elders, as the Traditional Owners of the land on which the School stands.

Kerryn Baillie


Assistant Principals' Report

Welcome Back to Term 2!

After such a busy and exciting Term 1, we hope you all managed to find some relaxing family time over the Easter holiday break. It was great to see so many children and families enjoying the school facilities during the holidays - we saw many children laughing and swinging from the playgrounds and using the basketball courts  over the break which is fantastic!


Term 2 is looking like being just as busy as Term 1!  We are looking forward to lots of fabulous learning taking place with lots of special events coming up for all year levels.


Our Year 3 & 5 students will be starting to prepare for the NAPLAN assessments coming up shortly.  Our teachers work hard to ensure all students are feeling confident and prepared before they undertake these tests.  We ask that all parents encourage their child to simply do their best!


Our Year 4 students are diving right into their Narrative writing focus - make sure you check out their display board near the front office later in the term.


Our Year 6 students have received their commemorative uniform items (which look fabulous!) and are really working on showing what leadership and responsibility looks like at Pakenham Springs.


Year 1 students are excited about their Wild Animals incursion coming up in week 4 as they spend the term learning about living things during Inquiry.


The Prep students will be completing their first full term of schooling now that they are doing 5 day weeks and are also looking forward to their very first school excursion, when they go to the museum in week 7. 


Year 2 students have jumped right into their Narrative writing focus, recently completing a gallery walk of different narratives to better understand the text type and will also have a big focus on developing their understanding of addition and subtraction this term.


We are very excited to be back and to see the way that the students have returned, so enthusiastically, after a well-earned break. We look forward to seeing the fabulous learning that occurs throughout Term Two and celebrating successes with students along the way. 


Take care

Renee Cotterell and Danny Forster 


Coming Events

Coming Events:

The following events are scheduled for the next few weeks.  Make sure you are aware of the ones which are applicable to you:

Tuesday 24th April:

· School Tour - 9.30am

Wednesday 25th April:

· ANZAC Day—Public Holiday (No students attend school today)

Friday 27th April:

· Springers Celebration - 2.30pm - Staffroom

Friday 4th May:

· District Cross Country - Select students

Advanced Notice:

Sunday 13th May:

· Mothers Day

Monday 28th May:

· Curriculum Day - No students attend school today




Monday 16th April 2018 – Friday 29th June

(ANZAC Day holiday —Wednesday 25th April)

Monday 11th June - Queens Birthday Public Holiday (No students attend this day)



Monday 16th July 2018 - Friday 21st September 2018



Monday 8th October 2018 - Friday 21st December 2018



Notices recently published:

The following notices have been distributed over the  last fortnight.  If you missed them copies are available from Compass or the school’s web site:  www.

Junior School

  • Wild Animals incursion - Year 1

Middle School


Senior School

  • Year 6  - URGENT reminder to complete permission forms and pay for Interschool Sport.
  • Secondary School Information pack - Year 6 families
  • Year 6 Polo and Jumper collection
  • Open Night - Pakenham Secondary College - Year 5 & 6 students

Whole School

  • Entertainment Book Fundraiser
  • Parent/Teacher interviews - booking online


  • District Cross Country - Select students from Years 4 - 6



The Education Department will continue to offer CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund) for families who are entitled to a Health Care or Pension Card.


If you hold a current Health Care or Pension Card and would like to apply for CSEF please see the ladies in the office.


Please note these funds can ONLY be used for School Camps, Sports or Excursions.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.



Contact the school office to obtain a CSEF application form or download from


NEW FOR 2018

If you applied for the CSEF at your child’s school in 2017,  you do not need to complete an application form in 2018 unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.

You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

· New student enrolments;  your child has started or changed schools in 2018 or you did not apply in 2017.

· Changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing at the school in 2018.


Check with the school office if you are unsure.


Community News








Classroom News S34

Senior School Monckton is sharing the learning taking place in our class…..

Senior School Monckton has been working extremely hard over the last few weeks in developing their persuasive writing skills.  Students have worked particularly hard in using a range of persuasive

techniques, showing - not telling and engaging the reader.

We have been working on our “A change for the better” persuasive texts, where students needed to choose an issue, either within the school or community and write why this needs to be fixed or changed.

Below are our introductions to these...

Do you know that a student will learn more if they bring a laptop to school?  95% of students presume they should have a laptop to help them with their school work. They can find new apps to benefit them with new learning skills and it shows they can take responsibility by looking after their laptop.  It has been documented that some students can take responsibility for their own property like laptops.


Here’s a really great idea to make students learn better and teachers job easier.  Imagine a way for students to have fun and be more willing to learn. This could all be achieved by letting students have longer play times.


Fun, cool, engaging.  I want all kids to feel like this. They will if they have a laptop.  A laptop will be useful for your kids if they need to use the calculator or dictionary.  Parents wouldn’t have to spend so much money on other equipment.


Eager, exciting, thrilling.  If you want your students to do their work at school and home then give them a laptop.  You can send work at home or at school.  A laptop can teach kids responsibility and kids can use the spellcheck function.


Do you honestly think that it is polite, responsible and acceptable to just drop your rubbish anywhere?  It is utterly disgusting how people think that it is ok to just drop your litter anywhere you want to!  It goes down the drain and into the ocean where these poor innocent animals have to live!  Would you like it if you had to live in a filthy, dirty, grimy place?  It can choke animals and potentially kill them!!


Students at Pakenham Springs must not drop litter.  There are bins… use them!  Do people realize that they are killing animals with rubbish? Despicable!  Littering kills, littering destroys environments and littering is just a waste of time!


Useful, helpful and entertaining.  If students had a laptop they will find it a lot easier to use all the resources.  Do you want your child to have a good education?  If there were laptops it will show responsibility towards all students. If students had their own laptop it will prepare the students for high school.


Simple, beneficial, helpful.  Do these people realise that all senior school students will find it so much easier with a laptop of their own?  It will help them to show maturity, it will prepare them for high school, it will also be much more helpful for work at home and school.  Who would want a stupid boring old book over a useful and smart laptop?


Pakenham Springs students should stop littering NOW.  Do these people realize that they are littering and killing animals all around the world?  Why don’t they start to use bins to ensure other students’ safety?  We must stop littering or the environment will be destroyed.


Do you think your child is responsible enough to look after a pet?  If Pakenham Springs had pets kids could learn how to take responsibility and then you could trust them to look after one.

Athieng C

Cruel, mindless and monstrous! Imagine if you were one of those poor innocent animals soon to die from pollution.  99.9% of janitors agree with me when I declare that pollution has a monumental effect on the community.

Athieng W

Easy, helpful and fun.  If students have a laptop it would be easier for students to learn.  Actually, a laptop would help them for the better and they could access the internet for use.


Students should have more playtime because if they have more they will be happy.  More kids will come to the school and the school will be bigger.


What kind of evil monster goes past a homeless person without helping them?  They are poor, hopeless and in need.  Students at schools should donate money to the homeless.  This will teach students to be considerate and caring.  If we consider donating we will help them with supplies they require and it will show that you care.  Homeless people are never in a comfortable place and if they don’t have enough food or water they can die.  If we help the homeless it will teach kids to show respect and they will learn a million words to describe how they feel for other people.


Healthy, Enjoyable and Friendly!  Do you really want your kid to be alone and depressed?  Of course not!!!  If kids get an hour of playtime, they can make new friends and play games that they’ve never played before!


Hydration is a vital thing for kids to have, so why make students drink water, when they can drink a stronger source of hydration?


Happy, healthy, friendly.  Students at Pakenham Springs will feel happier if they get more playtime. Imagine kids getting fresh air while having time with their friends and doing exercise.  Can you believe that?


Students should always get more amazing, awesome and fun recess and lunch times.  If there is more outside time then more extraordinary people will come to the school, more people will like the school and students won’t be bored.


Relaxing, fascinating and enjoyable!  Who doesn’t want to leave all their worries behind, and step into the world of a good fit book?  Students in primary school should do Silent Uninterrupted Reading for Fun (S.U.R.F).  It would help students in many ways, including getting them ready for learning after snack, picking-up better words and utilising them in writing and students can grow a life-long love for reading.


Amazing, cool, awesome. The school council should include a pool at Pakenham Springs because some people can sign up for a school swimming tournament.  This can be held in school instead of going to smelly public pools.  We have to get a swimming pool.


Elated, engaged and exited. This is why students will want a laptop.  It will allow kids to show suitable work and how they have developed.


Gifted, engaged, overjoyed. People are scandalized that Year 5 and 6 students at Pakenham Springs do not have laptops.  If students own a laptop students can finish learning at home, students can play games without restriction and students can access most resources in and out of school in just a few clicks.  Who doesn’t want a laptop?


Pakenham Springs Primary School should get an indoor pool. The school needs it because it is getting very hot some days and it’s not fair to leave the kids outside, we can teach kids to swim and we can have a swimming carnival.



OSHClub News

Program Update 20/04/2018 

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Term 2!  We have lots of exciting activities planned for this term and would like

to welcome our new families joining us.  For this term our focus points are upgrading the

room wall displays, such as our healthy eating wall and  recycling display.

We have also introduced a day dedicated to Science Experiments. This will be every Thursday

afternoon, so keep a look out for the 'Suggestion Box' and be sure to add some ideas.
We are also introducing cooking activities once a week on a Wednesday and sports day on a

Friday.  We will have a focus sport for about three weeks each time where children can learn to

play a new sport with games.


With the success of Vacation Care I would like to take the time to thank all who attended

for their ongoing support.


It has been an exciting time over the past two weeks for OSHCLUB.  Vacation care was fantastic

with a number of incursion and excursions.  The children displayed maturity and interest with each activity which delighted our staff.  With new services offering Vacation Care, our numbers were

slightly down, however, this only enhanced our ideas and gave us more opportunity to engage

with each child.  The children even had a 'Wheels Day' where they brought in their bike,

 scooter or roller-blades and had a ball riding around on the gravel.


The growing interest in arts and crafts recently has encouraged our staff to re-decorate and re-organise our service.  This is an ongoing process and we hope to see a large input from the

creative minds of our OSHCLUB family.


We also hope to have a homework station in our service filled with informative posters to further

assist in their educational journey.  This will be used as a quiet corner for those children who love

to read.


With the weather cooling down there is no need for hats to be worn, however we always promote

sun safety.  In saying that, our team will be utilizing this beautiful weather for more fun activities



Vacation care has seen our recycled supplies to almost vanish - if you have any items such as boxes, cardboard, material scraps and unwanted clothes suitable for dress-up, they would be greatly appreciated.


Just a few reminders:

Our lost property basket is overflowing with school and personal attire.  Please ask staff where the lost property bin is when visiting our service to ensure all items are returned to their owner.


Please ensure that your account details are up to date.  It is a requirement that there are

three contact details on your account in case of an emergency.  If you have changed employment, moved house or changed phone numbers it is very important that these

details are up to date to enable us to contact you or your emergency contacts should we

need to.

Where are they ????

It would also be much appreciated if your child is not going to be attending ASC  that you either cancel them on line or  send a text to the service mobile on the following number -

0438 564 038.  This saves a lot of time when signing the children in, in the afternoon and

 means that we do not have to go through the process of contacting families or in the

 event of not being able to contact you having to put our missing child policy (contacting police) into place which we are required to do within 30 minutes of being unable to find

your child.

Cheers, Kristen, Courtney and Angela

Coordinator: Kristen Askew

Assistants: Courtney Dodson, Angela McLochlan

Program phone: 0438 564 038

OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is free to enrol!   Please create an account online at - all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via

your online account.  For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator directly.












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