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15 March 2018
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On Sunday 18 March 2018, the fifth Sunday of Lent, the Church gifts us with the Gospel of the raising of Lazarus from the dead in John Chapter 11.  Much could be said, and has been said, about this beautiful text of Jesus' love and miraculous power.   In this 11th chapter of John’s Gospel we read ‘Jesus wept’.  Following seeing the distress of Lazarus’ sister at his death of her brother, we are told Jesus wept. 
As Christians we believe in the divine nature of Jesus, the second person of the Trinity and His humanity as the incarnate Son of God, who took on human flesh for our salvation.  In this text we see Jesus sharing deeply in the human experience and emotion of pain and suffering as He witnesses the pain of Mary and Martha and the death of Lazarus. 
It is refreshing for us to know that Jesus lived as a man, experienced the joy of human life and the pain and suffering.  He has shared in this human life that we have, and knows our experiences.   We can always come to Jesus and share with Him our suffering and pain. He loves us and wants to be with us in the difficult times.  He wants to be with us when we weep, be with us when we are feeling alone and abandoned and be with us when we are in pain. As a part of our Lenten journey, let us invite Jesus more deeply into every aspect of our lives and in a special way the struggles and pain.  Let us give these sufferings and pain to Him, ask Him to journey with us and pray that we can be open to experiencing the healing love of Jesus and in whatever way He wants to manifest this in our lives. 
Let us find a few minutes each day to share with Jesus our joys and successes and give thanks to Him for these, as well as finding a few moments to invite Him to be with us in the challenges and sufferings of the day.  He loves us deeply and wants to be united with us in everything we live.  Let us take time this day (and every day) to invite Him to be with us.

Holy Family of Nazareth – Be our inspiration and our guide
Jesus of Nazareth – Help us to grow in faith, wisdom and knowledge

Principal's Report

Dear Families and Friends of Nazareth College


This week our students had an extended break to enable our staff to spend time to explore a variety of resources that will, hopefully, improve learning and wellbeing.

A variety of resources was scrutinised and reported on.  It has given our staff a point of reference and a pathway for staff to lead parents and students.

Listed below are the websites that were researched and utilised.  Please feel free to source them and determine how this information can assist you in our partnership with your children:

Shibuya Exchange Students

On Friday 9 March, nine students (Japanese Year 9 students) and two teachers from Shibuya High School arrived and were billeted out to Nazareth College families. These students are extremely grateful to their host families for making them feel at home.

On Tuesday 13 March, the Japanese students, along with their host students and Nazareth International students, went off to the Mornington Peninsula. Later in the week, they will also go explore the sights of Melbourne.

These excursions will hopefully provide students with a variety of experiences to reflect upon and will form the basis of their English journal writing.

I thank Ms Lenka Zallmann for all her great work in coordinating this visitation. I am sure, at some stage, our Nazareth students will be hosted by our sister school in Japan.

Online Reporting

This week, our staff have also spent time exploring a new initiative at Nazareth which we hope to introduce over the next year ie Online Reporting, through SIMON and PAM. At this stage, Learning Leaders and staff are exploring the dynamics of the Parent Access Module and the implications and practicalities of having unit-based reporting.

This would mean that student assessment would be posted at the end of the teaching unit rather than at the end of the Semester.

There are still many more aspects to work on, but I bring it to your attention so that you are aware of the work that the staff undergo throughout their staff Professional Learning Day.

The Easter Fair

This will be a tremendous College event.   I urge you to give it your full support as everything organised is ultimately for the benefit of the College Community.

Please come and bring along your family and friends to share in this momentous occasion!


God Bless

Mr Sam Cosentino


Upcoming dates


15 - Catholic Education Week (until 17/03)

         Duke of Ed camp #1 (until 16/03)

         Shibuya Junior High School visit (until 20/03)

         SIS Performing Arts Rehearsals Day 2

         Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am

         Year 12 PE Excursion

         VCE Textiles Incursion

         Nazareth Cluster Mini Vinnies Opening Festival

         Open Morning & School Tour

         SIS Senior Boys Soccer

         SIS Senior Girls Basketball

16 - SIS Swimming Relay Carnival

         Catholic Education Week Mass

         SIS Intermediate Girls Volleyball

         SIS Intermediate Boys Handball

         NCPA Twilight Easter Fair @ 4-8pm

18 - Gifted Awareness Week (until 24/03)

         International Students / Shibuya CBD Excursion

       Morning Tea for Laurel Program Students to mark Gifted Awareness Week 

20 - Year 7 Camp (until 23/03)

21 - Year 10 LEAP Community Action Excursion

22 - Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am

         SIS Senior Girls Soccer

27 - SIS Performing Arts Concert. Day Rehearsal, Evening Concert

         Term 1 Interim Reports available on PAM

28 - Year 9 Business Expo

29 - Mass in the Chapel at 8:10am

         Easter Prayer Service (Extended Pastoral Time)

         Term 1 Concludes


Learning Assistant Principal's Report

'Every Day Counts'

The Victorian Government’s Department of Education website uses the slogan “Every Day Counts” in the section on school attendance.  It notes that “children and young people who regularly attend school and complete Year 12 have better health outcomes, better employment outcomes, and higher incomes across their lives”. 

Here at Nazareth College we have always promoted the social and educational importance of daily attendance for every student.  ‘Every Day Counts’ provides clear links to the importance of student attendance at school, highlighting that “there is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind, and can affect their educational outcomes and their social connectedness”.  Further advice to parents includes:

  • Try not to schedule hair, dental or medical appointments during school hours.
  • Arrange family holidays during scheduled school holidays so that students don’t miss out on classes and feel left behind.
  • Don’t let your child stay home unless genuinely sick. Complaints of headaches or stomach aches may be signs of anxiety.
  • Don’t unintentionally reward unwanted behaviour by letting children who stay home have access to their devices and the internet.

At Nazareth College, we recognise that there is undoubted cultural benefit from oversea holidays, but this benefit should not be at the cost of educational achievement.  Parents are reminded to please ensure any planned holidays for Year 10 – 12 students use only the 14 available weeks of non-teaching time during the year, and it is also preferable for Year 7 – 9 students to avoid absence during the school term. Please also note that Year 9 – 11 examinations are only rescheduled for students with certified illness and will only be during the scheduled examination periods, as advertised in the College Calendar on PAM.

The ‘Every Day Counts’ site also contains case studies and advice for parents on how to handle different types of absences, stressing the importance of the partnership between parents and the school, and advising parents that where an absence is unavailable “make sure that you talk to your school in advance, and work with them to develop an absence learning plan”.

Extracts above from State Government Victoria: Education and Training > Attendance

Mid-Semester Reports and Student Progress Interviews 

As noted in our previous newsletter, formal Mid-Semester Reports will be available to parents on PAM on Tuesday 27 March. The rubric applied to the ratings on the reports is available to parents on PAM in the Knowledge Bank “Learning Handbook & forms” > Interim standards guide 2018.

During this same week, parents will receive emailed instructions for booking Student Progress interviews (via PAM) for Wednesday 18 April and Tuesday 24 April.  We encourage all parents to attend these interviews to speak directly with your child’s teachers to expand upon the Mid-Semester Report and consider the best to support your child(ren)’s learning.

Parents who have misplaced their PAM login details are encouraged to email the College ICT Help Desk via [email protected] or phone the College and ask for the ICT Help Desk.


We again ask all parents to please ensure that email addresses are kept up-to-date to ensure smooth communication between the College and home.  This can be by contacting the college via phone, or directly through the ‘Parent eForms’ > ‘Change of Details’ section of the Nazareth College App, available by clicking the links here:


Mr David Broadbent

Assistant Principal - Learning

Faith and Wellbeing Assistant Principal's Report

Catholic Education Week - St Patrick's Mass

On Friday 16 March 2018 four students from Years 10 and  11 will represent the College at the annual Catholic Education Week Mass for St Patrick’s Day at the Cathedral with hundreds of students from all around the Archdiocese.  This Mass celebrates the Patron of our Diocese and brings all people together from schools around Melbourne to give thanks for all we have and ask God’s continued blessing on the schools throughout the Archdiocese.


A big thank you to the majority of students who continue to wear our uniform so well. There continues to be a few students wearing black leather runners with their uniform. A reminder that students are to have traditional black leather lace up school shoes. 

Mobile Phones

We have been continuing to remind our students this week that mobiles phones are to be used before school, after school and should not be seen at school.  Please remind your child of this, as we want our students to be focused in class on the set learning task and socialising with students during the breaks.

Supportive Students

The last few weeks we have had a few incidents where I have witnessed fantastic support offered by our students to their friends when they have been in need.  We do have beautiful students at Nazareth and it touches the heart to see the way students care for each other.


Many of our RE classes have had their lesson for confession/reconciliation. A big thank you to the priests who have been so generous in supporting us (Fr Ziolokowski, Fr Denton, Fr Arthur, Fr Sherman, Fr Rozario, Fr Madry, Fr McGinty). The students have been very positive about this gift of having this sacrament offered at school. We will continue the next few weeks so all classes have had the opportunity.

Last Weeks of Term

As we come towards the end of the Term, it is important that students keep working hard to the end and finish on a good note. Please contact us at the College if there are any concerns or things happening with your child that might be impacting their learning and helpful for us to be aware of so we can support them.


Mr Justin Duckett
Assistant Principal – Faith & Wellbeing

Student Leadership

This past week has seen the election of student leaders for each house from Year 7 to 11. Every student who nominated and gave a speech to the year level of their house is to be commended for their willingness to step up and take on this responsibility.

Our student leaders work closely with their Head of House and Year 12 leaders to support the activities of their house, assisting with house assemblies, communicating school events to the pastoral groups and helping out at College events. They will also take part in school forums, where they will provide a voice in discussing the issues that matter to them, then come up with action plans to work towards positive change.

Congratulations to our house leaders:


Archbishop's Conversation with Student Leaders

It was a great pleasure for me to accompany four Nazareth student representatives to a day of discussion and dialogue with other students from Catholic schools from across Melbourne. The day was led by Archbishop Denis Hart, and was filled with thought provoking conversation, guest speakers, meeting new friends and deep reflection about the theme of this year, ‘spreading joy’.

Here are some reflections from the students:

“On the 8th of March, Nazareth College leaders and members of St. Vincent De Paul from year 10 had the opportunity to meet the Archbishop and leaders from different school around Melbourne. The event was held at Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Braybrook VIC. We started out the day with a pray, then Archbishop Denis Hart talked about this year as the year of youth and how God wants us to share joy around our community. We were then introduce to Justine Cumbo, who told us stories that moved our hearts. We then moved into our small groups and discussed how we as leaders can bring joy to our school and community. Near the end of the event, we had the opportunity to ask the Archbishop questions, then finished off with a prayer and blessing. We had so much fun and it was such an amazing experience making new friends and learning from Archbishop Denis Hart and Justine Cumbo.” - Kevin Ho, Year 10

“Going to the Archbishop’s conference was truly eye-opening. I learnt things about myself and others that I never knew. The speeches by the Archbishop and Justine Cumbo were so simple, yet so effective. If you are offered to do this, please do it, because you get to meet new people and experience new things.” - Rebecca Munyard, Year 10

“The program allowed us to connect with ourselves as well as see the potential of our influence. I enjoyed the day and hope to be part of the upcoming events which were discussed on the day.” - Ronan Lobo, Year 10

“Today we went to Braybrook and spent a day listening to the Archbishop talk about the church in Melbourne and his experiences. We learnt that this year is a year for the youth in the church, which is the church reminding us that we don’t have to wait until we are out of school or university to help and be an active member of society, we can do it now.” - Emily Page, Year 10

It was an inspiring day, filled with hope and joy, and I was extremely proud of the respectful and dignified way that our Nazareth students participated and interacted in all activities.


Ms Jackie Kol

Director of Wellbeing

eLearning News

The Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge

The Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge, supported by the Victorian Government, is an initiative that aims to ignite interest and awareness in cyber security careers by empowering students to test drive cyber careers and build their foundational skills and understanding of the cyber security field.
The challenge is a 'Call to Action' for all schools to register students and complete the Cyber Security Experience. The Victorian Government will award the Victorian schools and tertiary institutions with the highest rate of participation.

At Nazareth College, we are proud to offer this exciting experience for students and teachers. This is the fourth program released within the Day of STEM platform, powered by LifeJourney. The program explores six cyber security careers as well as the decision processes involved in a typical corporate cyber security attack. The program is designed to give students insight into the various cyber security careers that are in high demand. 

The program takes students into an interactive, corporate, cyber security situation where people in key roles from the cyber security team are introduced as the situation unfolds. Students are introduced to the various transferable life skills that they will develop in the course of the simulation. Students are presented with problem descriptions, clues and hints that will guide them in solving a given problem. Students then attempt answering these questions in order to demonstrate their increasing command of the technology, while gathering points that reflect their achievement on a leaderboard of peer students throughout the country.

The program is being promoted through a national network of education, industry and professional associations and their state-level affiliates who are committed to improving STEM education.
Watch this video to learn more about the Interactive Cyber Security Experience sponsored by Optus.

The Challenge will close on April 30, 2018. Winners will be announced in May, 2018. The Minister’s Cyber School Award - will be given to the top schools with the highest participation percentage. Winners will be acknowledged at a Recognition ceremony. All participating students will earn their personalised Cyber Resume and Completion Certificate. Great prizes to be won for each year level.
Students are encouraged to meet with their Maths/ Science/ IT teacher/ eLearning/ STEM Coordinator to learn more about this highly stimulating opportunity to explore the possibilities of a career in Cyber Security.


Ms Rinku Arora
eLearning Coordinator

Around the College


Gifted Awareness Week

Gifted Awareness Week is occurring between Monday 19 March – Friday 23 March.  We will be celebrating Gifted Awareness Week with a morning tea with our Laurel students.  At morning tea Laurel students will be receiving their Laurel badges and have an opportunity to sign up for extension opportunities that will complement the learning that is happening in the classroom. 


Ms Rosaria Pellegrino

Director of Studies

Year 9 Business Expo

A reminder to our Year 9 students and parents, that our Year 9 2018 Business Expo is fast approaching! Students will be required to be at school from 6.00-8.30pm on Wednesday 28 March 2018. The Business Expo will be open from 6.30- 8.30pm, and all parents are warmly invited! Live voting will be happening on the night, and we are lucky enough to have a guest judge from Australian Catholic University - Mr Luigi Belmonte, who will be attending to witness the great work produced by our students. See you there!



Ms Donna Watts
Learning Leader - Humanities

2018 Mannix Day Walk

The fourth annual Mannix Day Walk was held on Friday 2nd March to commemorate our House patron Daniel Mannix. A number of students joined John Brenton and myself on our morning stroll from B.J. Powell Reserve to morning pastoral. We look forward to this event next year. Go Mannix!


Mr Brendan McAleer

Head of House, Mannix

Science Talent Search

This years science talent search is on the following topics:

2018 Theme: Australian Game Changers and Change Makers

2018 Topics:

Creative Writing – Junior & Intermediate

1. This changes everything

2. Australian changes that revolutionised the world

3. And now we think differently

4. After many trials...


Posters & Scientific Wall Charts – Junior & Intermediate

1. Great Australian change makers

2. An idea that changed people’s lives

3. That Eureka moment!

4. Game changers in food production


Interested students please give your names and pastoral group to your science teacher by the end of this term so that they can register you. 


Thank you

Miss Sheba Gurm

Learning Leader, Science

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) - Science Competition

Your child can participate in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Science Competition.  This competition has been taking place for over 20 years in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, the Pacific region and South Africa. 

The Science Competition is an initiative of Education Assessment Australia from the University of New South Wales and will be held on Tuesday the 29th of May 2017.

In the ICAS Science paper students will be required to answer multiple choice questions which require students to apply their knowledge, skills and understanding across five skill areas of observing/measuring, interpreting, predicting/concluding and investigating and reasoning/problem solving.

Students can participate at no cost.

Interested students please give your names and pastoral group to your science teacher by the end of this term so that they can register you.


Thank you

Miss Sheba Gurm

Learning Leader, Science

STEM News - Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest

Year 10 students from across Victoria are invited to participate in our annual Amazing Spaghetti Machine Contest. Students work in teams and put their maths, science, engineering and project management skills to the test in the creation of a ‘spaghetti machine’ — an overly complex device that is used to perform a relatively simple task.

Teams have five months to design, plan and build their machines before demonstrating their creations on-campus at the University of Melbourne on judging day!

Watch this to learn more about how it's done:

Event details:
Thursday 9 August at the University of Melbourne campus.

Please email your name with your Pastoral Group to Miss Gurm by 23/3/18.

For more info go to the UniMelb website.


Thank you

Miss Sheba Gurm

Learning Leader, Science

Assessment Task Due Dates 

A successful student is an informed student.  To assist our students in planning ahead for upcoming assessment tasks, Assessment Task Due Dates Calendars are available in SiMON / PAM. 

SiMON / PAM > School Links > Knowledge Banks > Learning Handbooks & Forms).  

Calendars are available for Semester 1 for Year 7 – 10 subjects and for Semester 1 & 2 for VCE subjects. Due to various reasons throughout the school year, due dates may vary to the dates in the calendar, students will be notified of this in class by their teacher and calendars will be updated in SiMON / PAM as required.  

Ms Rosaria Pellegrino

Director of Studies

Library News

MyReading tally

The Houses are off to a flying start, with students reading, logging their word count and writing reviews. Don't forget to ask your English Teacher, or friendly Librarian to approve your reviews, as your word count won't count towards your House points if you don't!


News from the State Library

The Inky Awards Longlist is here!

The Inky Awards are Australia’s teen-choice awards for young adult literature and the longlist for 2018 has just been announced. Chosen by a panel of experts aged between 12 and 20, the longlist encompasses 10 Australian tiles (for the Gold Inky award) and 10 international titles (for the Silver Inky).
Know any teens who could help pick a shortlist? Applications to join the judging panel are now open to Australians aged between 12 and 18.


Gold Inky Award - Australian titles

  • Begin, End, Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology edited by Danielle Binks 
  • In the Dark Spaces by Cally Black
  • Take Three Girls by Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell & Fiona Wood
  • Beautiful Mess by Claire Christian
  • Ida by Alison Evans
  • Wreck by Fleur Ferris
  • A Shadow’s Breath by Nicole Hayes
  • Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer
  • Paper Cranes Don’t Fly by Peter Vu  
  • Ballad for a Mad Girl by Vikki Wakefield

Silver Inky Award - International titles

  • The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli
  • Turtles All The Way Down by John Green
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James
  • Still Life with Tornado by A.S. King
  • The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
  • Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart
  • Warcross by Marie Lu
  • One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus
  • Release by Patrick Ness
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

But we need you to make this year’s Inky Awards the biggest one ever!
But how can you get involved?
Wanted: 2018 Inky Awards Judges
Applications are now open for the 2018 Inky Awards judging panel. Judges should be between 12 and 18 years old, live in Australia, and – above all – love books and reading!
If you are a bookish teen or have a bookish teen in your life, please encourage them to apply! Applications close at 9am AEST on Monday 26 March.
Wanted: 2018 Shadow Judges
Applications are also open for the inaugural Inky Awards Shadow Judges. These teens will be sent five of the longlist titles to read, react and/or review for the new Inside a Dog website (to be launched very soon.) Applications close at 9am AEST on Monday 26 March.
You can apply for both programs.

News from the Greater Dandenong Library

Cultural Diversity Week

Celebrating diversity and respect for everyone who calls Australia home.
Come along to a Quran Exhibition hosted by Dandenong Library on Saturday 17 March from 11am-3.30pm.
LEGO Robotics for Youth

Customise and program robots in a free four-week workshop featuring LEGO Mindstorm. An exciting and unique robotics program for youth
12-25 years.

Business Matters

School Fees

We would like to remind families that Term 1 payments were due on Friday 16 February 2018.  If you have not made a payment yet please do so immediately.  Families that are experiencing financial difficulty should contact the College Business Manager, Mr Rob Malone, on 9790 8104 to discuss payment options.

Due dates are listed on the 2018 Fee Schedule.

Fee Payment Option forms

All families should have completed and returned the Fee Payment Option form.  Completion of this form is compulsory for all families, current and new.  If you have not returned the form to the Accounts Office please do so immediately.  Blank forms are available at the Accounts Office or below.


Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF)

The Victorian Government offers a yearly payment, known as the CSEF, to low income families to help them with school related costs.  Families with a means-tested Health Care Card may be eligible and should complete the form below and return it to the Accounts Office as soon as possible.


Other News

Coles Sports for Schools program

Nazareth College is participating in the Coles Sports for Schools program!
When shopping at Coles you should receive a voucher for every $10 that you spend.
Vouchers can be placed in the collection box located in Student Services.
At the end of the program we will be able to exchange the vouchers for sports equipment. More information can be found at the Coles Sports for Schools website.
Thank you for supporting your school's sports program!


With 25C predicted for tomorrow we couldn’t ask for better weather.

Hop to the College with all your family and friends for a fantastic night. We have so much on offer - from awesome attractions, a huge array of food, fabulous market stalls with gifts, jewellery, clothing, crafts, cosmetics and memorabilia to name a few. There is a concert showcasing our talented students and more, more, more!

Want the chance to dunk a member of staff, then you must visit the Big Splash!

Tantalize your taste buds and choose from one of our many food trucks. We have it covered, there is something for everyone.

Be in the draw to get your Wrist band for FREE.

Everyone who purchase a wrist band online will go into a draw to win theirs for FREE!

Hurry don’t miss out, purchase your Wrist band NOW!!

Wrists bands give you unlimited access to 5 amazing attractions including

Horizontal Bungee, Gladiator Dual, Obstacle course plus more.


Can’t wait to see you at our Easter Fair.


Sunday 25 March is our first Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Springvale. We need your help to make this day a success. Simply help us for a 2-hour shift. We operate from 9am -4pm. Register at email [email protected]. Please let us know if you have a preferred time. It is a great way to meet other parents from the College. To all those Dads who love the barbie come along for a couple of hours for a great fundraiser for our College.


Tuesday 27 March is the Annual General Meeting for the Nazareth College Parents Association (NCPA).

We invite all parents to this evening. Please join us from 6.30pm, in the Joseph Centre for pre- meeting drinks & nibbles. The meeting will commence at 7pm. Access and parking are at the rear of the College from Shelton Crescent.

Please feel free to email [email protected] or contact Helene on mobile 0409 561 061 if you have any queries regarding this evening.


Thank you to the following businesses for their support of Nazareth College.



The Nazarene
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