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23 March 2018
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Principal's Report

College Census

In planning for this year, we anticipated a student enrolment of around 1080 students and felt that as in previous years, this would be a reasonably accurate reflection of where the College numbers would be at around census time at the end of February. Unfortunately, awkward planning is only as good as the outcomes that flow from it. This year, our planning has fallen well short of the reality that we find ourselves in. At census day on 28 February, we were approximately 60 students above our targeted projection and this experience has continued, with enrolment enquiries being received at the College on a daily basis.


When planning each year for the anticipated number of students predicted to be enrolled at the College, we establishes the number of home groups at each year level that we believe will both accommodate the anticipated enrolment at each year level and allow for some growth that historically we have found will occur throughout the year. In our case in particular, we know for example that a number of students will come to us from the English Language School located on site at the College. While it is not possible to predict the exact number of students to come to us out of the Noble Park English Language School on site, historically, we have had between 5 and 30 students in each of Terms 2 and 3 each year. While obviously this makes it difficult to plan, to this point in time, our predictions have fallen very much exactly as we had anticipated and the inflow from the Language School had not caused concerns for us.


This year, however, has seen a very different experience for us. Whilst the Language School, through negotiations between the Department and ourselves, were provided with additional accommodation to take account of an expected increase in enrolment projected for them, this additional facilitation for additional rooms, has proven totally inadequate for the enrolment intake this year. Currently, there are 55 students on a waiting list for enrolment in the Language School. The students span across all year levels and while they remain on the waiting list for a place in the Language School, they are enrolled in local schools with several of them being directed to Hampton Park Secondary College.


This, of course, is in addition to the large number of enrolments that have come into the College so far this year. The impact of these factors has meant that at Year 8 and Year 10 in particular, we have run out of space to enrol any additional students who come to us. Whilst we are taking action to redirect students away from the College wherever possible, students who arrive to us who are resident's in Hampton Park are guaranteed enrolment at the college under government policy.


Over the last two weeks, this situation is at a critical level where drastic action is now required of us. At the commencement of next term, it is highly likely that we will need to add an additional Home Group at Years 8 and 10.  This will mean that some students across each of the two Year levels will need to be reallocated across home groups. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure continuity of teaching and learning for our students, it must be recognised that this will not necessarily be entirely possible and that some alteration to student’s individual programs may be necessary as a consequence of the changes.


The increased enrolment at the college this year has been unprecedented and whilst this in the long-term will be positive for the college, it is undeniable that in the short term, it will pose some difficulties for us.

School Council AGM

As counsellors are no doubt aware, the March meeting of Council normally is the annual general meeting. In consultation with our president, Kerry Baker, it was felt that with both Imelda Kavanagh, our Business Manager, and I absent from the college for this meeting, it was best that we postpone the AGM to our next meeting.  Normally, with the term holiday occurring at the start of April each year, there is no meeting scheduled for April. It will be necessary, however, to schedule a meeting for the first Tuesday of Term 2 in order for us to meet our statutory requirements with regard to our annual general meeting and to the declaration the poll for elections of Councillors.


Given this situation, the term of office of the current council will expire at the commencement of the April meeting of the Council on our first Tuesday back. I appreciate Council having agreed to this occurring.

School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan

Members of the School Council will recall that the College undertook our Peer Review in mid-November of last year. This has meant that the normal timeline for preparation of the Annual Implementation Plan that flows out the School Strategic Plan has been markedly impacted, as our Annual Implementation Plan is usually in place well before the commencement of the year.


I am pleased to report that the processes of preparation of the new School Strategic Plan that will guide the College in achieving our goals over the next four years, has now been completed and is with our Regional officers for consideration. I would hope that at the April meeting of Council I’m able to table both the School Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan that flows from it. This will enable us to immediately begin the processes of striving to achieve the goals that we have established for ourselves this year.

Information Regarding Classes

I am writing to provide you with some information that involves all schools across the state of Victoria, following the acceptance by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, of the Agreement struck between the Department of Education and those Unions who represent employees in government schools. (The Victorian government schools agreement – 2017 - 2021)


Part of this agreement establishes a right for teachers to allocate one day per term in each of the 4 school terms, for the purposes of undertaking professional development that supports either Departmental and Government initiatives, or school policies and priorities.


The agreement nominates these days as staff Professional Practice Days (PPD). When undertaking their professional practice days, staff must be in attendance at the school for the whole of the day nominated each term and must be working on an agreed priority for each day that they take is a PPD. The only exception to this is where staff are participating in an organised professional development activity that has been scheduled away from the College.


Such a change to the organisation of teacher responsibilities can potentially be disruptive of the teaching and learning program in place at schools across the state. At Hampton Park Secondary College we recognise this possibility and, therefore, we are taking steps to ensure the extent of any potential disruption is minimised for our students and our community. Wherever possible, staff will allocate their PPD in learning teams and will work together on a common priority that will be of benefit to both the school and to our students.


I do believe that the end result of staff being allocated one dedicated day each Term to build their capacity in regard to their knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning practice, can only be a benefit to our students. Through their participation in professional practice days our teachers will continue to remain very much up-to-date in their content knowledge, their classroom practice and in the best ways in which students are able to be supported in their learning.


As the allocation of professional practice days is a right that has been established as part of a legally binding industrial Agreement, the College must facilitate teaching staff accessing professional learning in this way. I do acknowledge that staff undertaking learning through their professional practice days will involve some disruption to the learning program for our students, however, I do assure our parents and caregivers that the College is taking every step possible to ensure such disruption is minimal and that the benefit to flow to students in the long-term will assist their learning.

David Finnerty


Assistant Principals

Term 1 Assessment and Reporting Update

As we approach the end of Term 1, our college community are currently engaging with the first round of Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) in Years 7 to 10.  These tasks are designed by teams of teachers and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning from the past weeks in a variety of different ways. 

For some of our English students, they are currently examining the ways in which language can persuade or position an audience, writing their own persuasive pieces and speeches on a variety of topics. 

In Science, our students in Year 9 are busily preparing and executing an experiment in the Maker Space to investigate reaction times using coffee from our own coffee machines. 

Students in French are busily preparing for their conversation assessments, whilst students in some of our Physical Education (PE) classes are warming up for their football codes practical CAT.


Students in Years 11 and 12 have also been engaging over the course of the term with assessment in VCAL and the VCE.  VCE students have been preparing for, and completing SACs for their subjects, working both with their teachers and independently to build and refine their skills in their chosen subjects, including their revision skills, a key skill for success in Years 11 and 12.  Students in VCAL have been working with teachers on a variety of activities to be able to demonstrate the competencies, key requirements of the VCAL system.


Teachers of subjects in Years 7 to 10 will use CAT data, as well as feedback gathered from students about their learning experiences, to be able to evaluate the learning for the topic and make future improvements to the design and teaching of the topic.  Students, parents and caregivers will be able to access results over the coming weeks on the Learning Tasks feature on Compass.  Teachers will be making CAT/SAC results available, as well as providing comments on the key achievements students have demonstrated, as well as some strategies for continued improvement.


In addition to this, parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to conference with teachers regarding Term 1 CATs, SACs and assessments on Wednesday 2nd May (Week 3 of Term 2).  Bookings for this open in the first week of Term 2, and we encourage all parents and caregivers to arrange an appointment with their student’s teachers to receive feedback on their progress so far.  Students are encouraged to attend this with their parents or caergivers to be able to be a part of this important feedback process.

Eloise Haynes

Assistant Principal

Year 8 & 10

From the Office

Updated Contact Details

Please make sure the school has your most current contact details.

You can update your details by

  • the Compass Parent Portal
  • Calling or visiting the School Office


Parents are reminded to check with the office regarding any outstanding fees for 2018.

It is important that your student's Technology Levy and Locker Fee ($95 total) is paid so they can access the computer programs and internet while at school.

At HPSC we offer a range of different payment options for parents, including

- Cash


- Direct Debit Payment Plan via debit/credit card

- BPay (please contact the school for your BPAY details)

Student Absences

If your student is going to be absent, please

  • Call the Absence Line 03 8795 9455 before 9am OR
  • Log the absence through your Compass Parent Portal

CSEF Applications

Health Care Card/Concession Card holders are reminded to apply for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF).

The CSEF is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student.

Secondary school students receive a rate of $225 per year, and any unused amount will be rolled over into the next year.

If you are eligible, you need to apply for the CSEF every year. To apply for 2018, we need a completed CSEF form (available from the office) and a copy of your most current health care card.

CSEF Applications for 2018 close in June.

HPSC Canteen

See the image attached for the 2018 Canteen Menu

(click to enlarge)


Important Dates


29th - Last Day of Term 1





16th - First Day of Term 2

19th - Grade 6 Information Night

20th - 9am School Tour

23rd - 11am School Tour

24th - 12.30pm School Tour

25th - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

26th - Student Free Day

30th - Year 11 Business Management Market Day




2nd - Parent Teacher Evening

3rd - College Cross Country

15th to 17th - NAPLAN

21st to 25th - Yr 10 Work Experience

28th - Multicultural Assembly

30th - Yr 10 Immunisations

31st - Yr 10 Access Monash



College News 

Parent Network

Expression of Interest

The Parent Network is an opportunity to be more involved at Hampton Park Secondary College.

We are responsible for a variety of events and/or initiatives that can be decided and agreed upon at our network meetings.

We are rebranding the Parent Network this year and would love for more parents/caregivers to join us.

Our next meeting is Monday April 23rd at 6.30pm and we would love to have more members and more ideas flowing for 2018.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact Mrs Janette Kalatzis at the college on 03 8795 9400.

Compass 'How To' Evening

Monday 30th April at 6.30pm

Are you having difficulty understanding how to use Compass?

Compass is an important online platform our College uses to communicate with parents/caregivers.

Please attend this evening to learn how to

- navigate the online portal

- read reports

- approve events

- book parent/teacher interviews 

There will be language interpreting available on the evening.

Please keep Monday 30th April at 6.30pm available and there will be more information to follow.

Student Leadership

Say No To Bullying

On the 16th of March, our College stood up and united in our community to celebrate the eighth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. The college celebrated it by hosting short films to be screened in the RPAC, presenting videos involving around anti-bullying, making an impact, acceptance, love and friendship. Along with this, informative posters were placed around the college and wristbands were given to students and staff. To emphasis more the importance of Say No to Bullying, there will be a Peer Support session that will be focused on building positive relationships and preventing bullying for the Year 7s. Massive thank you to Ms Dennis, and Ms Gina Harrex, for their consistent support for this event.

Harmony Day

On 21st of March, our college celebrated Harmony Day by having a flag guessing competition and an Instaframe. These events were successful as the younger year levels came at lunch time to guess some of the hardest flags. Along with that, the instaframe was toured around the school for students and staff to take photos with. It was wonderful to see so many students participating in those events and amazing to see the students promoting Harmony Day within our community.


House Captains Report

During weeks 7 and 8 of this term, our House Captains focused on building up our House spirit through their leadership of whole school events. Firstly, on Friday 9th March, we had a whole school Mini House Carnival. The intention of this was to build up House celebrations and recognition before the Swimming Carnival, which was the following Tuesday.

House Captains worked closely with their teacher House Leaders

Mr L Cusack (Fordholm)

Ms Dawson (Regans)

Mr Illangakoon (Somerville)

Mr Christiansen (Cairns)

to ensure that students from years 7 to 12 felt included and encouraged to get involved in support for their House.  


Read on for our individual House Captain reports! 


 We worked hard to attack everyone with zinc, face paint and wrist bands to show off all the green we could. We were especially impressed with the number of people who could recite our Fordholm chant. For future events, we’d like to a higher number of Fordholm students participating!



As Regan's house captains we were very impressed with our overall performance at swimming and house carnival. We hope to keep this momentum and possibly win more house events, and we urge you to keep getting involved and participate in as many house events .We would like to thank everyone who participated in the activities great job to everyone who participated and helped Regans win!



Somerville really impressed the school with lots of amazing house spirit and positive energy during the Mini Houses Carnival with the popular watermelon eating contest and face painting. This great momentum shined into the following week’s swimming carnival as Somerville came 2nd overall. With the amazing amount of Somerville students dressing up in any red or in costumes it was great to see,  but we hope to see more participation costume making in future house events to put Somerville rightfully in the lead!

Junior School 

Year 7 Coastal Adventure Camp

Please make sure you have fully paid and returned your consent form by Thursday March 28th (the last day of term).

Thank you to those students who have already finalised their 

(click to enlarge)


Year 8 Lunch Time Basketball Comp

During Term 1 Year 8 students have been demonstrating their fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship skills during a lunch time basketball competition.

The Year 8’s have really challenged themselves and recognised the hard work of their peers on a weekly basis.

Congratulations to all those who participated and thank you to the senior students who volunteered to umpire and take photos of the students each week.

We look forward to seeing how the students go with a new sport for Term 2, keep an eye out for sign ups!

Well done to all students who participated in this event.

Mr Hickey


Senior School

Central Australia Camp Year 10/11

To arrange a payment plan for your remaining camp costs, please contact the General Office. The full balance of $1880 needs to be paid by August.



Year 10 Work Experience

Monday 21st to Friday 25th May

A reminder to parents and students that work experience forms are due back on Tuesday 17 March next term and should be handed in to the Careers Centre. It is each student’s responsibility to find a placement and students should view this as a way to explore possible career pathways.

Please note that work experience is compulsory and any student who does not find a placement will be required to attend school during this week.

Parents are also reminded to attach any relevant medical information to the form as this is a Department of Education requirement.


VCE and Careers Expo 2018 @ Caulfield Racecourse

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May, 9am - 3pm

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May, 10am - 4pm

The VCE and Careers Expo is Australia's biggest careers and education event with 170 exhibitors providing VCE, tertiary course, career, study skills and gap year information and resources. Exhibitors include Australia major universities. The Expo also features 175 seminars on VCE subjects including English and Maths, tertiary course, career and study advice.

Admission is $10 each or $25 for families of 3 or more (U14 free) and is valid for all 4 days of the Expo. Admission includes all seminars.

For more details visit http://www.vceandcareers.com.au 


RMIT University - I Belong Study Skills Seminar

Click to enlarge


Looking for Careers help?

Ms Rackham and Ms Kruse are available to help you with your Careers questions. You can find them in the Careers Office in the CRC. 

Arts Domain

School Production 2018 - 'Grease'

We are pleased to announce our school production for 2018 is ‘Grease’.

Auditions have been held, the cast list has been released and we are so proud to say that we have many talented students here at Hampton Park Secondary College.

Rehearsals are beginning next Wednesday and will be through Term 2. Our sets have been deisgned and we will have a student working bee to assist with the creation of them.

We are also looking for some crafty parents to assist with sets and costumes. Stay tuned for more information, or contact the College to express your interest.














Instrumental Music

Hampton Park Secondary College offers an exciting and inspiring Instrumental Music Program, which includes a variety of musical instruments to learn, specializing in rock, pop and contemporary music. Learning to play an instrument is a fun activity, which enables students to be creative and ignite a passion for Music. It also requires dedication and exceptional team work and there are many opportunities for students to perform (when they are ready!).


We offer Instrumental Lessons on the following instruments;

- guitar/bass guitar

- keyboard/piano

- saxophone 

- flute

- trumpet

- trombone

- clarinet

- vocals

- drums

Where possible, all students should have their own instrument to practice on at home (brass, woodwind and keyboard instruments can be hired from the school and drummers only need sticks and a practice pad). Please contact us if you would like assistance with instrument purchase or hiring.


Before your child can begin their lessons they must return the permission slip to the office with payment for 2018.  The cost for the year is great value at $120. Payment can be made upfront in full or through a payment plan by using your credit card. Payments are also non-refundable. Lessons will be run in groups of approximately 4 students. Students will be advised of their lesson times early in the year and/or shortly after payment has been received. Please note that our program operates during school hours and students come out of regular classes, alternated each week, to attend instrumental lessons once a week.


Our Instrumental Program operates in the River Gum Performing Arts Centre. This building has created the opportunity for collaboration between teachers and the creation of a common vision for Music Education. We work together in this building sharing learning areas and music equipment. Our staff are highly qualified instrumental teachers each specializing in the tuition of their primary instrument.


Health/PE Domain

HPSC Swimming Carnival Recap

The Whole College Swimming Carnival was held on Tuesday March 13 at the Noble Park Aquatic Centre. 

All the staff and students who attended had a fantastic day. Well done to all the students who participated and thank you to all the students who cheered their on their house mates.

Regans house came out victorious on the day! Go Blue! 

Well done to Miss Peart and her team for organising a fantastic carnival.


Intermediate Girls Softball

On Thursday the 22nd of March the intermediate girls softball team played against Alkira at Sweeny Reserve. The girls started off very strong and scored five runs in the first inning and were able to hold off Alkira Secondary who were making a comeback to win 6-4.

Several girls in the team had never played softball before and every player managed to get a hit and contribute to the win. The girls even got a triple play in one innings which is nearly unheard of in Softball!

The whole team were excellent role models for HPSC and were a joy to take out for the day. We are now through to the next round which will be in May.

Miss Martin

Senior Girls Volleyball

Congratulations to the Senior Girls Volleyball team for making it through to the next round, competing against six other locals schools. The team members were Leilua, Julia, Lia, Esther, Carmel, Amanda, Laufau, Jazmyn, Kamela, Saima and Abigail. They all worked together and displayed excellent sportsman ship, and successfully bet Narre Warren South in a 3 set final. All the best for the next round.

Mrs Davies


HPSC offers a range of sports for students to participate in during the year.

Sign up days will be closer to the event, and will be announced at school. For any questions regarding the Sports program, speak with Ms Bree Peart.

Term 2


10th - College Cross Country

15th - AFL Girls, Netball Boys

21st - Senior Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

28th - Intermediate Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

31st - Division Cross Country



13th - Year 8 Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

18th - SMR Cross Country

19th - Year 7 Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

25th - Senior Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis

Term 3


2nd - College Athletics Carnival

16th - Intermediate Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Handball

22nd - Year 8 Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Handball

27th - Year 7 Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Handball



13th - Casey South Division Athletics


Technology Domain

Year 11 Studio Arts 

Collaborative Artwork at the Wellbeing & PSD Space

To enhance the entry of the newly renovated Wellbeing & PSD space, Year 11 Studio Arts students created a multi-panel painting.

They were asked to explore colour, tints and shape as an expression of harmony and positivity.

They worked in response to the abstract artwork of C20th Modernists Wassily Kandinsky and Sonia Delaunay.


Maker Space

Photo Competition

March's theme is 'Cultural Diversity'.

This theme has been chosen as March 21st is Harmony Day.

Photos must be submitted by email to [email protected].

At the end of the competition, you will receive your printed photo back.

First prize is a Large Drinks card worth $40 redeemable at HP Cafe.

All winners of the Photo Competition will be automatically invited to join one of the Canon Photography excursion during the year.

February's winner will be announced soon!


Photography Club

Students from the Photography Club, the Photography class and others participated in a "Painting with Light Session" hosted by Canon Australia.

Students had a great time playing with different colour lights, learning the effects of light using slow shutter speeds on a DSLR camera and a couple of flash units.


Maker Space Clubs

Barista Club is in full swing, full of keen and motivated students. Head into HP Cafe today to see them at work.

The Drone Club  and the 3D Printing Club will have a meeting soon. Keep an eye out on Compass for meeting times.

The Photography Club have a regular meeting each Monday at lunchtime. If you are interested in learning more about photography, come along and sign up!


If you attended the Canon Zoo Excursion last year, don't forget to see George to get your photos printed.

Student Health & Wellbeing

Say No To Bullying

Friday March 16th was National 'Say No To Bullying Day'.

To support this day, the students were invited to the RPAC to watch some films at lunch time, all concentrated around the subject of bullying.

In addition to our Year 12 Student Leaders, 84 students from all year levels attended the short film event to celebrate and recognize the importance of 'Say No To Bullying Day'.

It was fantastic to see how mature, respectful and supportive all the students were while attending the short film festival, especially when faced with such a powerful and emotional subject.

Also on the day, staff wore blue to show support to the students and acknowledge 'Say No To Bullying Day'.

For resources regarding bullying, check out the links below






Ch 10 "The Project" aired Thursday 15 Mar 2018

Some of the most influential people in the world are taking a stand to deliver a powerful message against bullying.


If you or someone you know is in crisis

and needs support, call the

Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 or

Lifeline on 13 11 14.














Ride2School Day

Friday March 23rd

Congratulations and well done to all the students for walking and wheeling to school for the Ride 2 School / active travel day on Friday March 23rd

We had 27 students ride or scoot to school today.  They were rewarded with an icy pole and stickers to encourage active travel to school

We support our students to walk or wheel to school because:

•  Students feel fresh and alert at the beginning of a school day.

• There are fewer cars around the school which eases ‘drop off congestion’.

• Students are more likely to reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity they need each day.

• Students feel happier, healthier and perform better in the classroom.

All students on wheels are required to wear helmets (this includes skaters and scooters) for their safety.


We would love to see our students keep up the walking and wheeling thought the year as we believe the benefits greatly assist in the students personal and academic development. Parents can join in the fun by walking or wheeling with the students.


Bike and Scooter Rider Safety

Students are reminded that they must wear a bike helmet if riding a bike or scooter to school.

It is a legal requirement to wear a helmet when riding a bike. Police can stop bike and scooter riders and issue a $198 fine or a warning for not wearing an approved bicycle helmet.  

When you are riding to school in your school uniform, you are representing the College and must be following the road rules.

If students are found to be failing to abide by the law, consequences will be given. 


HPSC Breakfast Club

All students are invited to the Student Welfare and PSD area for breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 8.45am. Come along, make some new friends and fuel your body with the energy you need to get through a busy school day. Everyone is welcome!


Sick Bay

Sickbay acts as a first-aid station only.

If your child is unwell in the morning, it is best they remain at home.

Should they become ill at school they will be attended to by a First Aid attendant. If it is considered necessary for the child to be sent home, parents/caregivers will be contacted. Parents/caregivers are asked to collect their children promptly. If parents/caregivers are not contactable the Emergency contact person will be called. Please make sure that your student contact details are up to date. These can be updated via Compass School Manager.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to RING/TEXT their parents/caregivers themselves OR leave the school without permission.


If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours, parents/caregivers need to send the medication to school, clearly labelled, and it must be accompanied by a completed Medication authority form.

Please be aware the school does not keep a supply of painkillers (Panadol or other medication) for student use.

School Crossing Safety

(Click to enlarge)

Community News

Community Advertising



A Reminder from the CFA

This is a reminder that fire restrictions are still in force. This means that you cannot burn off.

A number of brigades have been called out due to to residents not following restrictions and still burning off. 

If you are caught burning off whilst still in fire restrictions, the police will be called.

If you see somebody burning off, please call 000 immediately.

Hampton Park United Sparrows

The Hampton Park United Sparrows Football club is a community based club that was established in 1973 and has a long and successful history within the Casey community. As a not for profit organisation, we have partnered with an A league Club, Melbourne City, and are holding a school holiday clinic in partnership with them.


The Melbourne City Clinic is a one day event held this Easter holidays, on the 12th of April, @ KM Reedy Reserve Hampton Park

As Part of the Melbourne Clinic, all participants will receive a 3 game membership with Melbourne City, an opportunity to be coached by Accredited Melbourne City Coaches and 1 Melbourne City cap.


In addition to our registration we are aiming to establish an all female team for every age group within our club. As an incentive we are offering the first 10 female to sign with HPUSFC free membership for the 2018 season. This is a great opportunity for girls to be introduced to soccer and for some talented teams.


Our Mini Roos program is a our  6 week, starter program that teaches the fundamentals of football for beginners from 4-9 years of age. Cost $80.00


30% off General 2018 fees for 2 or more siblings is also for both boys and girls. ( First 10 female to sign with HPUSFC free membership for the 2018 season)


City of Casey Holiday Program

The Casey Teenage School Holiday Program is for teenagers aged 10 – 17 years and offers fun, age-appropriate activities at reasonable prices.

Click to enlarge

Contact our Youth Services team on 9705 5200 for further information or alternatively you can look at our website or Facebook page as listed below;




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2018 Asbestos audit and labelling FAQs.pdf