11 May 2018
Issue Seven
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Upcoming Dates

NAPLAN Testing- May 15th to 17th

WD Cross Country- May 18th

Suncorp Netball Excursion- May 20th

Year 10 Camp 1- May 21st to 23rd

Year 12 Dress up day- May 22nd

Year 10 Camp 2- May 23rd to 25th

Year 10 Camp 3- May 28th to 30th

GWR Cross Country- June 1st

Year 11 Mid-Year exams: June 4th to 15th

Senior Warrnambool Division Winter Sports - June 4th

Intermediate Warrnambool Division Winter Sports - June 6th

Year 10 GAT- June 7th

Year 12 Practise GAT- June 7th

Year 12 GAT- June 13th





Principal's Report

As I was driving into Deakin University this week for a meeting, I noticed something that I hadn’t seen before.  A rainbow flag was flying high, near the entrance of the campus and it prompted a response within me that I hadn’t expected – pride.


The rainbow flag has represented several things in the past few centuries, including peace, hope, social change and international cooperation.  Over the past 30 years in Australia it has largely been adopted by the LGBTI community to represent the celebration of life in all its diversity.  It has become known as the Pride flag and has increasingly been flown by organisations, businesses and community groups as a symbol of inclusion.

At Warrnambool College, like the wider Warrnambool community, we have been on a journey of understanding to ensure that all parts of our school community are equality accepted, celebrated and included.  This includes those from different racial backgrounds, religious backgrounds, political perspectives and sexual orientations.  It’s what government schools are called to be – a place of learning where all students and staff are welcomed, find a place of safety to be themselves and respect the diversity which makes up our human nature and the world.  There are things we cannot accept of course – violence, belittling and inhibiting other’s chances to learn.  But when it comes to our personhood, who we inherently are on the outside and the inside, we value each individual and present learning and life opportunities that allow everyone to thrive.


Next week, on May 17th, is IDAHOBIT day – the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism and Transphobia.  It marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization’s decision in 1990 to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder.  Much like other days where minority and marginalised groups are recognised, it provides our community with a chance to stop and reflect on what we are doing to ensure that all peoples in our community are given the opportunity to live lives of hope and positive contributions.  Next Thursday we will do just this at Warrnambool College.  During our school council meeting this week, councillors asked that the school fly the rainbow coloured Pride flag alongside the Australian and Aboriginal flags at the entrance of our school on May 17th.  We want this small, yet significant symbol to represent safety and inclusion of all students and staff at our school.  It is interesting to note that the colours of the Pride flag represent values that are consistent with our school and community – red represents life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, indigo for serenity and violet for spirit.  It is a positive reminder of our connection to each other and the world we live in.

I understand that there are members of our school community that will be delighted with this small act of inclusion.  In contrast, there will be some that are confused and disappointed that we are recognising the day publicly.  Our school community is home to a wide diversity of skills, abilities and interests.  It is also home to a diversity of opinions which contributes to the richness of our school culture.  As we continue to journey towards understanding and celebrating diversity, I encourage everyone to consider the significance of providing a safe, inclusive learning space for all students to thrive.


Kind Regards,


Dave Clift


Assistant Principal's Report

It has been a very busy and productive start to Term 2. It was fabulous to see the number of students involved in Open Night and the pride they exhibited in showcasing their College. This year we had a record number of attendees for our come and try classes prior to the formal presentation. Art, cooking, technology, languages and science were all firm favourites with the potential grade 5 and 6 students. The free BBQ provided to all staff, students and families was a great success. The staff who assisted in this area were run off their feet right up until the formal presentation commenced at 7pm. The formal tours were a great way for parents to ask questions and to get a highlight of the programs and curriculum offered at the College. Enrolments are currently being processed at the College for 2019. Government primary school forms are due back today and non-government forms are due back by the end of the month.

This week we hosted the Indonesian Regional speaking competition at the College. There were nearly 200 students involved in this competition that was organised by our staff. It is wonderful to have such rigorous opportunities for our language students to test their skills. We now wish them all the best as they progress to the State finals.


So far this term staff and students have been involved in History Camps, Outdoor Ed Camps, Cross Country, Art Excursions both local and to Melbourne, Drama performances, EcoLinc science excursions, Football matches, musical rehearsal, crime scene photography, chess tournaments, athletics, SPP Federation Testing, French tours, gymnastic excursions to Springers and the commencement of the new academy for Drawing. Thank you to all of the students who involve themselves in the myriad activities on offer at the College and thank you to the staff who so graciously and willingly give of their time to support such endeavours.


Coming up we have NAPLAN next week on the 15, 16 and 17th of May. This a National Assessment that all year 7 and 9 students are required to complete. If parents wish to withdraw their child from the testing period they must complete a formal withdrawal. This form is not valid until it contains a parent/guardian signature.  Students who elect to not complete the testing can remain in the classroom and complete alternate work silently, be supervised in the Library or stay home by parent choice and return to school after the testing has concluded for the day. If a student is absent and wishes to catch up on a test these catch up sessions will be held on Friday 18th May. Any questions regarding NAPLAN can be directed to Emma Miller.


Some important dates to place on the calendar for the end of year program are:

23rd Nov – year 12 Graduation ceremony at the Lighthouse Theatre

30th Nov – 5th Dec year 8-10 exams

11th Dec – State Wide Orientation Day

14th Dec- Junior Final Assembly

17th Dec – Senior Final Assembly

House Report


Term 2 has been a very busy and exciting time in Hopkins House. We had our first fundraising effort with a movie night at the capitol cinema, where we watched The Avengers Infinity War. Hopkins House would like to thank all who attended and donated to the Francis Foundation on the night. Special thanks goes out to Jane Dough Donuts for their delicious donation, check them out on Facebook.

Our sporting silent auction is underway; bids can be handed in for a signed Brisbane Lions Jersey and a signed Hockey Roos Shirt, which have been generously donated by talented locals Hugh McCluggage and Madi Ratcliffe. See or email Mr Collishaw to hand in bids,

email: [email protected]

Nick Kilvington one of our talented year 9 students has earned the Australian Scout Medallion. The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scout Section.

It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage. To earn the Australian Scout Medallion a Scout must:

  • Participate in a Scout Leadership Course
  • Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting;
  • Achieve the Adventurer Cord

Congratulations on this great honour Nick!!!

A big congratulations also goes to the following Hopkins Student who have made it through to the next round of Cross Country: Tahlee Dannatt, Tahnee Sheppard, Kiara Dannatt, Jiah Cawthorn, Jaxon Johnstone, Lily Johnson, Annabel Johnson, Finn Hayes, Rhys Buck, Declan Mitchell, Jasmine Whyte, Kiera Leone and Lorcan Hancock. We also wish students all the best for upcoming winter sports and remind all of our students that “you have to risk it to get the biscuit”. 




Cross Country:

Congratulations to all who participated in the Cross Country! It was your participation, persistence and endurance that brought the trophy home to us!


Red Cross Calling:

Thank you to all who participated in the Red Cross Calling this year! Thanks to your efforts Warrnambool College raised $1057.05 to help those who need it most. Good stuff, Superstars!



Just a reminder that black shorts/trackies, hoodies and skins are not part of the school uniform so don’t fall into the trap of wearing them and scoring yourself a demerit!


Winter is Coming:

As it gets colder and wetter over the next few weeks/months we will be opening up some of our Flagstaff classrooms to keep you warm and dry so don’t be a stranger. Come and say g’day, grab a board game and keep warm with your friends.


From your Flagstaff Team,

Payno, Struthy &  Crutey (:

SEA Team Report

As a result of the Student Leaders Congress earlier this year, the SEA Team  has adopted two projects for 2018. Our first project is to enhance the opportunity for students to have their voice heard. We are going to have feedback boxes at every house office, the library, well-being and the front office so students have multiple avenues to express their thoughts about life at Warrnambool College starting on the 21st of May. We will review this feedback as a group and discuss it with teachers in an attempt to eradicate any potential issues students feel are a problem in our school community. This year, we are also initiating several activities that will take place during terms two and three at lunch times to promote student engagement within the school commencing on the 24th of May. By offering an array of activities ranging from movies to sports, we aim to provide a fun and safe environment to encourage student wellbeing. The progress of our project will be presented to the congress group at the Lighthouse Theatre on Monday 6th of August.  


Further to these events we will also be supporting the 40hr Famine again this year and holding our annual out of uniform and bbq day to coincide with the Arts Cup on Thursday 6th September.  


Maths Pathways

On the 30th April the Federal Government released the second Gonski report into education. Many will be aware of the first report which focused on correcting school funding. The second report focused on Growth and Achievement.

One of the key findings was that many students are not achieving their potential in the year that they are in. For example, a traditional year nine class will have many students that are either unable to complete the set curriculum or will be finding the tasks too easy. Only a small number will be able to work at a year nine level. The report recommends an individualised curriculum for each student.

At the beginning of 2017 the Mathematics department changed to exactly this recommendation through the Maths Pathways program. This program is used in year 7, 8, 9 and year 10 core maths classes and has presented a challenge for the Maths department as it has totally flipped the focus from traditional class teaching.

In our faculty, our expectation is for every student to learn a year’s worth of content in a year, no matter what standard they are working at. This is an expectation supported by education academic John Hattie and is best supported by curriculum on the Maths Pathways program.

We strongly recommend that you discuss with your student(s) what modules they are completing in class and when their next test might be. Further information is available on the Maths Pathways website (www.mathspathway.com) and there is a parent tab on each student’s home screen.

We are very proud of implementing this program and feel vindicated that federal reports now are recommending what we have been doing for over 18 months.

Dave Faris

Math Learning Area Assistant.

Year 9 SPP

Year 9 SPP Assist St Pius Cross Country

On Monday 7th May our Year 9 SPP class organised and coached the St Pius primary school students in a range of sports and activities as part of their cross country carnival at Reid Oval. There were six different activity stations run by our students that the primary students rotated through between age-grouped races.  

It was a delight to see our students shine in the way they connected with the primary age students as they imparted their enthusiasm and skills for the sports conducted. It was also a valuable learning experience for our students to meet the challenge of working with over 20 youngsters at a time.             

I would like to congratulate our students on their fine effort in not only representing Warrnambool College in our community so positively, but also enduring 3 hours of chilling wind and cold conditions.

Steve Hall

Yr 9 SPP teacher


Clontarf News

Plenty happening for the Warrnambool Clontarf boys to start Term 2. Below are a couple activities and events the boys have been involved in so far.

First day back the Warrnambool Clontarf boys had a workshop with Hepatitis Victoria raising their awareness of Hepatitis A,B and C. The boys went away with a clear understanding of how they can become infected and what warning signs to look for.


Warrnambool Clontarf organised a games session with students from South West TAFE STOMP Program. Always brilliant to work with this fun group.


ANZAC DAY, Wednesday 25h April 2018
Warrnambool Clontarf Academy boys proudly marched, honouring the soldiers both past and present, in the Anzac Day service in Warrnambool. Tori Miller also did a wonderful job reading the verse ‘Hero’ in Memory of Cpt. Reg Saunders, the first Aboriginal Australian to be commissioned as an officer in the Australian army.


Careers News

VET Classes Requiring Compulsory Holiday Blocks – Reminder.


Dear Student / Parent - Guardian


The following VET Classes conducted by South West TAFE will conduct Compulsory Holiday Blocks on the following dates and Times.


Students MUST attend these classes during the July Holiday break.


Why does TAFE run Holiday Block Classes ?


Holiday Block sessions are conducted so that students get a chance to complete involved tasks that cannot be completed over a 3 or 4 hour period.  These tasks are essential to the course and if a student does not attend, it will mean they will not receive the full credit for the VET class and may mean they will need to repeat the year in 2019. NOTE – these tasks cannot be made up later in the year !


The following VET Classes conducted at SW TAFE are running Holiday Block sessions


Course                                    Campus                                   Time                                        Dates


Automotive Yr 1                     Timor Street                           9:00 am to 4:00 pm                2 July to 6 July

Automotive Yr 2                     Timor Street                           9:00 am to 4:00 pm                2 July to 6 July


Building & Const Yr 1             Sherwood Park                      8:00 am to 5:00 pm                2 July to 6 July

Building & Const Yr 2             Sherwood Park                      8:00 am to 5:00 pm                2 July to 6 July


Electrotechnology Yr 1          Timor Street                           8:00 am to 5:00 pm                2 July to 6 July


Engineering Yr 1                     Emmanuel Centre                  8:00 am to 5:00 pm                2 July to 6 July

Engineering Yr 2                     Timor Street                           8:00 am to 5:00 pm                2 July to 6 July


Hospitality Yr 1                      Timor Street                           8:00 am to 5:00 pm                2 July to 6 July


A Letter has been distributed to each affected student via their Tute group.


If you have any questions about these arrangements please contact Mr Bollard on 55 644 406.


Yours sincerely,


Peter Bollard                                                                                       David Clift                  

VET Co-ordinator                                                                                Principal


School News

Table Tennis News

Congratulations to our Senior Boys Tabletennis team: Joe Sycopoulis (Capt) , Nick Goodman, Will Richardson & Oskar Daume. It was great to be inside on such a rainy day & Mr Withers from Brauer PE Dept did a great job running the comp which also included teams from Mercy Regional College. Our boys never really looked in danger and won their games in a very sporting style. Next stop is the state finals in Melbourne  at MSAC Albert Park where the standard is extremely tough. Well done boys. Mr Conquest Tabletennis Academy Co-ordinator


Warrnambool year 7 & 8 Tabletennis teams played in the Warrnambool Division competition this week. It was a great day & all the schools played in a competitive but friendly way. Congratulations to all our students who participated on the day. 

Our Year 8 Girls, Ashlee Pridmore, Mia Copland, Amarlea Spence & Airlie Prout will now compete at the Greater Western Region Event later this year.  Our year 8 boys were very close finishing 2nd on the day.

Well done to all on an enjoyable inter-school competition .

Bullants Football News

Congratulations to Ethan Harvey and Mitch Burgess playing their first games with the Rebels. That’s 5 bullants so far with Ben Annett, Jed Henderson and Mitch Bidmade all playing so far this year! Keep up the great work Bullants!! Could be more Bullants to play rebels as well which is exciting!


Public Speaking News

By now all students in the Speech and Drama section of the Eisteddfod should have received their personal details sheet. If students have not collected this sheet, I encourage them to collect one from the Public Speaking Office. (Childers Area). Students should be making selections and starting to rehearse. The public speaking office is available  for rehearsal most breaks except Mondays.

Eisteddfod Debating entries will close this Friday May 11th .  Debating will be held at the end of July.

Drama Department News

On Tuesday  morning (May 8th )the current Year 7 Drama groups were treated to a lively comical Commedia del Arte  performance by the Melbourne company Make- a -Scene.  The Commedia theatre style originated in Italy in the fifteenth century and is a style widely performed today, 500 years later. The students will engage in practical workshops in their Drama class in the coming weeks as a follow up to the performance. The students loved the show! A big thankyou to admin for allowing this to happen.








Each year the Drama Department applies for the following theatrical scholarship offered by Melbourne Theatre Company:


2018 Betty Amsden Youth Scholarship Course

2 – 6 JULY 2018

A free week-long intensive course at MTC for selected 14 to 16 year-old Victorian students

Last year Sarah Wallace (currently in year 11) received the scholarship and she also adorns the cover of this year’s 2018 application! We are proud to announce a successful nomination once again in 2018 with the worthy recipient being Sophie O’Brien of year 10. Congratulations Sophie!

Art Volunteer Wanted

Hello everyone. If you know someone who has an interest in art, photography and design and has a few hours each week to spare to help us in the Art and Design Department then we would love to hear from you! Maybe you have some time available and would enjoy helping us with organising art materials and displaying student work! We have a wonderful group of friendly and supportive staff in our Art department and would be thrilled to welcome a new volunteer member. Please contact myself or Peter McNeill in the Art Department or chat with David Clift our college principal.

Cheers, Christine Norton

Community Notices