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10 May 2018
Issue Six
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Principal's Report
New Attendance Requirements
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Important Dates


11th May - Chinese Cultural Day

11th May - Library Grand Re-Opening

15th May - Year 7 & 9 NAPLAN Testing Commences

22nd May - Year 10 Drug and Alcholol Parent Information evening

24th & 25th  May - Dance Showcase

25th May - World Vision Youth Conference

26th May - Parents' Association Trivia Night

Principal's Report


Melbourne Girls’ College and the Centre for Higher Education Studies, Melbourne High School

I am pleased and excited to announce that Melbourne Girls’ College is one of the five inner-city schools to have access to courses at Melbourne High School’s Centre for Higher Education. The 2018 State Budget included a commitment of $27.5 million to construct the Centre of Higher Education Studies on a site adjacent to MHS. The Centre will be designed as a hybrid between a secondary and tertiary learning environment. Congratulations to the MHS principal, Jeremy Ludowyke and the MHS Foundation who have worked for the realisation of this project for over eight years.


The Centre is an innovative project to ensure that highly able students enrolled at Melbourne Girls’ have access to yet another range of facilities designed to support the transition to tertiary studies. University studies require greater independence and the Centre will look like and operate more like a contemporary tertiary facility. Students will be able to book into syndicate rooms for self-directed collaborative group work. Multi-purpose design studios can be reconfigured for a range of hands-on activities. Some learning spaces will cater for 10 students and others 300.


The Centre will be used for standard VCE classes and will offer two types of Higher Education courses. Firstly, University Extension units which are equivalent to first year courses offered at university and taken as an additional study outside of the VCE. Secondly, the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Higher Education Studies that sit within the VCE but still carry first year university credit equivalence such as the Higher Education Scored Study (HESS) Algorithmics. Expanding the number of HESS studies available will be explored as this provides a preparatory experience of tertiary curriculum and allows able students to fast track into second year subjects on arrival at university.


The Inaugural MGC Writer’s Festival and re-opening of the Library

The official opening of our newly refurbished library will take place on 11 May to coincide with the inaugural MGC Writer’s Festival which has been running all week. Jessica Watson is our guest speaker and many students are keen to meet her in person.  We hope many of our families can join us for the celebrations. Many thanks to Lisa Rosos, Shaunagh O’Connell, Sylvan Dorney, Paul Carter, Louise Excell and Emma McCowan for their tireless efforts in leading the festival and the launch of the MGC Anthology.

Visible Wellbeing and Respectful Relationships

Thank you to our many parents who attended the Visible Wellbeing evening session on 9 May. The expertise of Professor Lea Waters in positive psychology and wellbeing is a valuable resource for our students and the College. Every DET school is implementing the Respectful Relationships program Enormous thanks to Lisa Rosos who has been working on a project incorporating the program into our strategic Visible Wellbeing work at Melbourne Girls’.


Rotary: Making A Difference at Melbourne Girls’ College

The Richmond Rotary Club hosted a student leadership conference in the MGC library on 9 May to great success. The guest speakers were Georgia Retallick, Founder of Y-House and Amanda Wendt of the Melbourne Park Rotary Club who spoke about, “How Young Leaders Make A Difference”. Georgia certainly illustrated this theme as she discussed her pioneering work as an 18 year old saddened by the plight of young people with acquired brain injury whose only resort was to live in an aged care facility. Georgia is raising funds to build purpose built facilities for the 7000 young people in Australia who face this situation.

Students from MGC and a range of secondary schools brainstormed ideas on their “passion” projects for the community. Many thanks to Nia Holdenson, Jo Cowling, Maria Makris and Brooke Sandilands of Richmond Rotary who organised and hosted the event.


Year 11 Formal

Many thanks to Sefija Demirova, Brooke O’Callaghan and all of the staff who supported our very excited Year 11 students attending their formal on Friday 4th May. This type of commitment to the girls over and above normal working hours makes MGC the great school we enjoy.


Information Night and Open Day

Over 700 people attended the information evening and over 800 Open Day on 24 and 27 April. Congratulations to our Public Relations Captains, Maya Welsch and Jade Leung who led and trained our Junior Ambassadors. Many thanks to Ms. McDonald, Mr. Houghton and our talented MGC students and staff teams who illustrated the excellent work they do every day to our community.



It is with pleasure we welcome Veronique Yan-Lung to Melbourne Girls’ College as our new French teacher and colleague.


Notice of Election and Call for Nominations for the Student Member Category of School Council

As more nominations were received than the two student representative vacancies, a ballot is currently being conducted from 4 May to 4pm 15 May, 2018. The current School Council are very excited about two students, with full voting rights, being part of our decision making.


Kind regards,


New Attendance Requirements

If your child is sick or absent, you are required to notify the school as soon as possible on the day of absence, through the Compass Parent Portal. Notifying the school of your child’s absence either prior to, or on the day that they will be away, helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and will fulfil your legal responsibility.


Attendance Notifications


From the end of Term 2 2018, all Victorian government schools are required to contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence. If your child is absent on a particular day and you have not contacted the school to explain why, the absence will be marked as unexplained.


As of Monday 7th May, we have changed the way we make our attendance notifications to parents:

  • Notifications will now occur at 11am, rather than 10.30am. This is to ensure that students have had at least one class prior to the notification being generated (for example, VCE students have a spare period on Mondays Period 1). If your child has been marked ‘Not Present’ by all of the teachers for Periods 1 and/or 2, you will receive a notification.
  • Parents will receive both an SMS and an email alerting them to the unexplained absence.

These notifications will continue to be sent to the primary family’s SMS and email.


This system promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education – missing school puts them behind.


Are your contact details up to date?


There are times when we will need to contact you, including on the day if your child is absent and you haven’t informed the school as to why. Do we have your most up to date contact details?  If not, please contact the school on 9428 8955 or [email protected] so we can update our records. Please include parent/carers’ name, address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact details. Please remember to contact the school if any of these details or your circumstances change.


More information is available from


Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal

Information for Parents

Parent Drug and Alcohol Parent Information Session

The Year 10 Your Life Your Choice class has been working with Rylie McLoughlin from Access Health and Community to learn about harm minimisation for drugs and alcohol. The class will be running an information session for parents on Tuesday May 22nd from 6pm to 7pm in the Library at Melbourne Girls’ College. We welcome all parents to come along and support the students. If you have any questions please email [email protected]. There is an insight link that will be communicated through Compass.


School Surveys

Attitudes to School Survey

We value student voice as a means to improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction and are conducting a survey to find out what your child thinks of our school. The Attitudes to School Survey is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students' perceptions and experience of school. Our school will use the survey results to plan programs and activities to improve your child's schooling experience.


What did MGC do as a result of the 2017 Attitudes to School Survey?


MGC performed at a high level in relation to most areas of the 2017 Attitudes to School Survey. Year Level Leaders and Assistant Principals ran focus groups with each year level following last year’s survey. Modifications to transition programs were made as a result of this feedback. The results of the survey also informed the school’s Strategic Plan, the 2018 Performance and Development Plan for teachers and the implementation of the Visible Wellbeing program with teachers, students and parents in 2018.

The 2018 survey


All students from at our school will participate in the survey, online, during class time.  Your child has the right to refuse or withdraw from the survey at any point before, during, or after completion of the survey. Your child will be provided with a unique login, via email, to complete the survey. The student login is an assigned identifier that may be used to link data for statistical and research purposes only. All responses to the survey are kept anonymous in the response file. Personal identification data will not be recorded in the survey response file. This ensures that the confidentiality of your child’s responses is protected at all times.

This year the Attitudes to School survey will be conducted at our school over the period Monday 14 May to Friday 1 June. The survey only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

If you would like more information, please contact Brent Houghton ([email protected]) or visit:

Respectful Relationships Evaluation Survey

Your child has been invited to take part in a survey as part of the statewide evaluation of Respectful Relationships. This is because your school is participating in the Respectful Relationships initiative.


What is Respectful Relationships?


The Royal Commission into Family Violence identified the role that schools have in creating a culture of respect to change the story of family violence for future generations. In 2016, respectful relationships education became a core component of the Victorian Curriculum from prep to Year 12, and is being taught in all government and Catholic schools and many independent schools. From 2017, schools will be provided with strategies and tools to implement a whole school approach to Respectful Relationships.


Victoria’s Respectful Relationships initiative supports school leaders, teachers and our school communities to promote and model respect and gender equality – and to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, and develop resilience and confidence. As part of the Respectful Relationships initiative schools are supported to take a whole school approach to embedding a culture of respect and equality across our entire school community.


What does the evaluation involve?


As part of the evaluation, ACIL Allen researchers are inviting students who have participated in respectful relationships education to complete a short survey. The researchers would like to hear students’ views on what they are learning in class, what a healthy, respectful relationship looks like, how gender equality is modelled and how confident they feel to identify unhealthy relationships and behaviours.

The surveys have been set up by the researchers on an online platform, which will provide the data directly back to ACIL Allen. The questions cover students’ understanding of respectful relationships education and attitudes towards gender equality.


Does my child have to participate in the research?


Participation in this evaluation is voluntary and there is no obligation for your child to be involved. It is your decision whether your child participates or not. Your child can stop participating at any point during the survey, and they don’t have to answer any of the questions if they don’t want to. If you decide your child can participate in the research and they later feel that they no longer wish to be part of it, they may withdraw from the research at any time. Your child will not be penalised for non-participation. If you decide you would prefer your child does not take part in a survey for the evaluation, please contact Brent Houghton ([email protected]) for an opt-out consent form. By signing the opt-out consent form, you are telling us that you do not wish for your child to take part in the survey and confirm that you do not give permission to ACIL Allen to collect data from your child for the evaluation.


The survey at MGC


Students will complete the survey online, in conjunction with the Attitudes to School Survey (outlined above) over the period Monday 14 May to Friday 1 June. Any information that your child does provide will be kept confidential and student data will be de-identified in any reports resulting from this project.


Please see the attached Information Sheet for Parents for further information.



Please see the below timetables for the 2018 NAPLAN tests. Year 7 and 9 parents should see the Compass newsfeed for more information. Please contact me if you have any queries regarding the NAPLAN.


Brent Houghton

Assistant Principal


Semester 1 Reflections and Reports

Students will have the opportunity to write the reflections of their academic performance for this semester and goals for the next semester into their reports.


Parents are also invited to provide feedback on their daughter’s academic performance in Semester 1 for the reports. Simply click on the Insight link found on the homepage of Compass. This will be available until Friday 15 June for you to complete.

Reports will be available to parents from 9am Thursday 28 June and students will be able to access them from 9am Monday 2 July. To access the semester report, log into Compass and from the homepage, click on ‘View Academic Reports’.
Brent Houghton
Assistant Principal

Parents' Association Trivia Night

MGC Writer's Festival


Year 10 Camp

A Great Experience: Cooperation, Solving Problems and Fun

By the Year Ten International or EAL Students​

On 18th of April, we went to our first MGC camp and we spent three days and two nights in Phillip Island. The purpose of the camp was to get to know more Year Ten students, have the chance to bond with them and have fun. As international students, many of us haven’t been on camp before so this was a new experience for us. We didn’t know that camp would be that much fun, a few thought, “This is going to be boring”. Some felt like we couldn’t bond with other students, like little fish in the ocean. However, there were many fun activities such as the Giant Swing, Canoeing, Raft Making and Team Rescue. We also walked to Smith’s Beach and had chips after that. Other Year Ten students, that we didn’t know before, were friendlier than we thought they would be. They were lovely and we had a wonderful time with them and the teachers as well.

We all had to be at school by 8:50AM to head towards the island. Even though a lot of people were sleepy, the excitement we had to go to camp made us forget our tiredness. Soon after our teachers split us up into our house groups, which indicated which bus, we were to be in; the bus was a long hour and a half ride. Finally, we arrived at the camp. Nature surrounded us; there was vast green scenery. Just next to the cabin buildings were paths that led to a beautiful lake surrounded by trees. Everyone met up in the big conference room and got some basic introduction about the camp. Later we all moved into our cabins, which were not too big but comfy and started unpacking. 

At the lake campers could do some activities. We did two water activities on the calm lake, canoeing and raft making. Luckily each day was a beautiful day. Despite this, we were actually really scared that we would fall into the lake! During canoeing, each group carefully put on life-saving jackets and helmets, sat down in the boats and grabbed paddles. We learned how to paddle together and got quite good at it after a while. During rafting we tried to make ships by using eight plastic pipes.  For both activities the most important part was keeping balance with friends on the lake. Fortunately, we already had the skills of cooperation, teamwork and solving problems.

The campsite we stayed at luckily was very close to Smiths beach, so our teachers had planned a walk there in advance. We did not all go at the same time since it would have been too crowded with 218 girls! So, at some point, three groups made their way down to the beach, including a stop at the fish and chips shop which we were all looking forward to.  The time at Smith’s beach was spent with taking pictures, playing games and just enjoying the sun on our faces. Finally, when the teachers said we had to go back soon none of us wanted to leave!

There were fun activities during the night after dinner. On the first night we had the Trivia Night. As soon as teachers came in, almost every seat was taken and the atmosphere was active and joyful. Mr Kazi handed out answer sheets and all the group began discussing the questions with enthusiasm. During the competition, we had accumulated a great number of correct answers and had a great time. On the following night, we watched a movie called “Easy A”. Before the movie started, a group of girls danced in their sleeping bags which was really funny and made us laugh. While watching the movie, our mood changed with the development of the plot. We totally enjoyed the movie! We, the international students especially enjoyed all the slang words.

Finally, the last day of the year 10 camp came. It was time to board the bus. We heard from a student, “I am exhausted.” After three days of facing challenges and stepping out of our comfort zones, everyone was tired and wanting to go home.  However, we are sure that all the Year Tens agreed that this camp was an educational and meaningful camp to them. It gave us a chance to meet other students and to become close with them. Especially as International or EAL  students, we were able to learn more about the unfamiliar culture and language of Australia, and we believe that this camp definitely helped us belong to the community of Melbourne Girls College. Most importantly, we would like to show our appreciation to the teachers, the instructors and every student who came along with us to camp; we hope to see you again at our Year 12 camp.

Sports News

MGC takes on New Zealand’s best

The traditional trans-Tasman rivalry was ignited on the netball courts of MGC, when New Zealand’s Westlake High School took on MGC’s best netballers as part of their 2018 Tour of Melbourne.

Both courts were abuzz with action as the Seniors (Yr11 and 10) and Middle School (Yr8 and 9) teams battled it out for the opportunity of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the result was not kind to us in either match, with Westlake boasting both height and speed across the whole court. Our students battled hard throughout all 4 quarters and pushed Westlake all the way, ensuring the matches were a spectacle for all the supporters who came down to watch. 


Thanks also to the Parents’ Association for providing the grant to help us purchase our new netball dresses.


Yr7 Softball – Regional Finals

Last Friday, the Year 7 softball team battled the traffic and the elements as they made the trip out to Mill Park to represent our Division in the Regional Softball Championships. Coached by Victoria Fitzgerald, our students played well throughout their pool games, and won the right to compete against Epping in the Grand Final. Unfortunately, Epping were just too strong across all areas of softball and won the final 10-0.

Congratulations to all students who were involved, especially as this is the first pennant our Year 7’s of 2018 have won.


Upcoming Sport

Plenty of emails and notices have gone out to the students about getting involved with Interschool AFL and Cross Country. Training for both sports are underway as of next week. Any students interested in AFL need to check their emails and fill out the online sign up sheet. Those interested in Cross Country need to email Ms Tellefson.

Eat Up Australia



Performing Arts

Music Camp

On Friday, 27th April, 37 students, in Year 7-12, travelled to Urban Camp in Parkville for their annual music camp.

We started rehearsing after celebrating Clare’s 13th Birthday and then enjoyed a movie night and lots of popcorn.

Saturday was a day of intensive rehearsal. Students deserved a well earnt break, walking to Lygon Street for a gelati, before returning to Urban Camp for a pizza dinner and our annual “MGC’s Got Talent” Quest.

And what talent was displayed, with over 20 acts, hosted by our Choir Captain, Felicity Edmondson. Georgia Clarke was the winner of our solo acts, Claudia M was the winner of our comedy acts and Cabin Five the winner of our group acts.

We had time for a final rehearsal on Sunday morning before parents and friends arrived for our concert at 11am.



We opened the concert with various instrumental small groups, then it was over to the band for their performance of Oye Como Va, featuring various students’ improvising, including a sample from Haydn’s Trumpet concerto, featuring Charlie Young on trumpet.

Our a’capella choir then performed their stunning rendition of “Photograph”, and a sneak peek of their work in progress, “What’ll I Do” by Irving Berlin.

Our Choir then sang “Stiches” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth” to conclude the concert and camp.

We look forward to sharing the result of our music students’ hard work at our String Soiree on Tuesday, 12th June and our Vocal Showcase on Tuesday, 26th June. (Tickets via Trybooking)

Thank you to all our parents for their support and to all our wonderful students who were such a delight to work with.



A huge thank you to our instrumental music staff for giving up their weekend and for inspiring our music students:

Les Gyori, Ellyce Calder, Susan de Jong, Wen Chin & Tony Hicks.


We look forward to an even bigger and better Music Camp in 2019!

Anne Corry


Teacher in Charge.

Melbourne Theatre Company Young Ambassador’s Program

Each year Melbourne Theatre Company select a group of twenty Year 11 theatre-loving students from across the state as Melbourne Theatre Company Ambassadors. The lucky students selected embark on a year-long extension program that offers insight into the world of professional theatre. Each month they attend a MTC production, meet with artists and staff, and share their experiences of theatre with like-minded peers. One student can be nominated per school and then 20 lucky students are selected to become MTC Ambassadors. In the last six years Melbourne Girls’ College has had five successful applicants. This year Sonia Li was successful in her application. Sonia will share her experiences as a MTC Ambassador not only with her classmates in drama, but also in the school newsletter. Recently she attended the performance of Abigail’s Party. Please enjoy Sonia’s first review featured below – and congratulations to Sonia. Well done!!


Lindy Mummé

VCE Drama teacher.

Abigail’s Party

Melbourne Theatre Company’s performance of 'Abigail’s Party’ was a compelling display of the comedic humour present in the awkward gathering between Beverly, her husband Laurence, and their neighbours. The luxurious set was enhanced by the vibrancy of the bold colour palette, which divided the stage into different sections of the house, including a resplendent orange-carpeted living room. The costume design for every character was done incredibly well, giving an entire new degree of being ‘dressed to impress’. Scenes that used the bathroom and garage sections around the peripheral of the stage, were emphasised by the neon lighting, which was an effective way to elicit the audience's attention.


However, the living room dominated the majority of the action, which rendered the scenes in other rooms to seem rather sporadic and almost out of place. This was especially pertinent at the beginning, where Beverly sits on a spinning vanity that reflects a distorted image of her. Though this was an effectual way to denote Beverly's insecurity and tarnished vision of who she truly is, it would've exemplified the message if it had been revisited. Overall, ‘Abigail’s Party’ was a hilarious show that delved into a story about individuals trying to connect with one another in a room full of uncomfortable pretences and bold 70's decor.


Sonia Li – year 11

AAFC Advanced Aviation Day

Over the past 6 weeks cadets from 414 SQN, Melbourne Girls College, have been undertaking their Aviation Advanced core subject along with the Air Navigation Elective subject.


6 of these cadets were able to put their newly learned air navigation skills into practice today by planning and then undertaking a flight around the western suburbs of Melbourne. Features along the route included the Point Cook Homestead, Altona Beach, Williamstown Peninsula, Newport Power Station, Laverton Bureau of Meteorology Tower (the big golf ball), Werribee Mansion and Open Range Zoo, Werribee River and Werribee South.


Thank you the 400 SQN staff member AC(AAFC) Rowan Shield for instructing the subjects outside of his usual parade times! And even FLTLT(AAFC) Jennie Brady from 414 SQN got to tag along on one of the flights!


A great day of flying with these fantastic cadets!


Library News

Naming our New Study Rooms

Earlier in the year, the MGC library asked students help us name our new library study rooms. Students were encouraged to submit their suggestions to the library, and a survey was then sent around for them to put in their votes. We had over 200 responses to this survey, and it is with great pleasure that we announce the winning names were Helen Garner, Harper Lee, Margaret Atwood and Oodgeroo Noonuccal! 

You can learn more about these authors in the pictures below.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Student Book Review


Because You Love To Hate Me is a book written by 13 authors and 13 book tubers. There are 13 stories (by the authors) and each author teams up with a book tuber. Since it’s written in short stories put together, it’s hard to write a summary so my best explanation is that the book is ALL about villainy. Sometimes in the villains perspective, sometimes not. They are all written in different ways and have different backgrounds. I love how original this book is and how it sometimes makes the villain seem like the good one. It puts spins on old classics and new stories. The book is dark, powerful, and sometimes even funny. Take your emotions on a roller-coaster when reading this book.


And to quote a part of the blurb of Because You Love To Hate Me,


Read of the heartbreak, vengeance and pain that it takes to

bring down an angel… and make a demon.



Library Events



What do you want to be when you grow up?

Some students have known the answer to that questions since they were 4! Others may need to re-think their early aspirations (I want to be a unicorn!). Whilst others have no ideas whatsoever!


The workforce of the future is evolving with the possibility that some of the careers our students will pursue have not even been invented yet. Employers talk about “soft skills” such as critical thinking, creativity and collaborative skills being important.


The STEAM team at MGC want to give our Year 9 students some ideas about the future of work and possible career pathways before they begin the important course selection process. On the 14th of June, we will hold a STEAM Careers Day, featuring some inspirational guest speakers and career pathway workshops. Students will be able to select which workshops they attend.

Stay tuned for more information.


Space Camp 2019 – Information Night

Thank you to all that attended the Space Camp 2019 information night and to our 2017 Spacecampers : Jenny, Sophie and Claudia who spoke so well. We’ve had an amazing response of interested families (more than double the last camp). We’re working on the logistics of the camp now and will be in touch soon regarding what happens next.


May the 4th be WIth 


MGC celebrated Star Wars Day (May 4th) with many Star Wars inspired events around the college including lightsabre training, green screen, force techniques, drone flying and a screening of Star Wars : A New Hope.

CARSALES : Python Coding Introduction


On the 19th of April, we were visited by six computer programmers from the Carsales company. They taught the students and teachers about the basics of python coding and we used the commands we learned to make a turtle race. We had to draw the race track, program the positions of the turtles and use random numbers to run the race. We all learned a lot and hope that Mai, Anthea and the team can come back again.

Data 61 Visit

On Friday, MGC had a visit from Erin McColl, a Mechatronics Engineer from Data 61, a division of the CSIRO. Erin was our “prize” for the Safer Internet Day competition winners. She spoke to the Year 7 winners about her career path and her love of robotics. She bought along a large hexapod robot called Zee which has been designed to inspect places where humans can’t go. She impressed us all with how the lidar worked to map the world. She presented each winner with a BB8 Keyring that she had designed and 3D printed.


Erin also spoke to the Year 9 STEAM robotics class about what lead her to her love of robotics, what she studied at university and the projects she has been involved with. There were lots of great questions!



Dance News

Upcoming Dates for Term 2

11th May – Dress Rehearsal for the Dance Showcase

  • Seniors/Contemporary Extension group – Period 1
  • Year 7/8 – Period 3
  • Year 9 – Period 4

24th/25th May – Dance Showcase (Semester 1) – 6pm-8pm in the MGC Auditorium.  Tickets available online at the beginning of May.


Jordan Evans

Head of Dance

MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.


Unfortunatley, there will be no Homework Club running on the 14th of April due to a planned event in the library. Sorry!



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Melbourne Girls' College
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