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15 August 2018
No 2/8
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Writer's Workshop - Developing Authors

As I visit classrooms it heartens me when I hear how excited our students are about writing. The other day in a Reception class the children were all engaged in making their own books and were excited to share with me their books and the illustrator techniques they were trying out to ‘match their words.’ On another occasion, I heard the teacher tell the students that it was time for writing and a large number of the students were obviously excited and I heard many of them saying, ‘I love writing, yay- it’s writing time!’


This would not have been the case a few years ago. In fact, a few years ago when I questioned students about writing, they were very disengaged and many of them expressed a dislike for writing.


This all did not happen by chance. As a staff, we have worked hard at building a different culture around writing and to build the student dispositions and attitudes towards writing. We now have a consistent approach across the school that engages, excites and is explicit in how we support our learners to become Authors and Illustrators.


Following are some of the key practices and approaches we implement to support our students.


Read Lots Of Different Text Types (genres) - we discuss and point out craft, punctuation, layout, words/vocabulary that the author is using and how we could learn from this for our own writing.


Talk About The Purpose And Audience For Our Writing

Who are we writing for and why? What are we trying to do in our writing? It may be to entertain, convince the reader of your opinion or to do something or to inform or teach them something.


Expect All Children To Have A Go At Their Own Writing - not allowing them to copy or trace.

If we allow children to copy our writing the message we are really giving children is that you are not capable, we set up reliance on the teacher to do it for them and foster the belief that writing should be ‘perfect’ and all spelled correctly – which it should not! It is also not building a ‘growth mindset’ and supporting our children with the values of Persistence and Resilience. We love it when we hear children say, "I had a go at my writing" and they are excited to share their message with others.

Encourage Students To Be ‘Thoughtful’ Spellers

We don't expect children to spell every word correctly and in the younger years children will approximate their spelling using their letter/sound (phonics) knowledge and be at different stages. This means that for some early writers they may write random letters, others may write cat as ‘ct,’ other children will be able to spell the word correctly.

We do teach and expect that children will spell the most common sight words correctly and show them how to use word walls for many of the common words such as – they, was, the etc, as these words cannot be spelled by sounding out and children need to be taught to spell these correctly from a young age so they don't get into habits of spelling them incorrectly.


Use Interesting Words And Vocabulary

Linked with the above we want students to attempt to try words that they do not know how to spell and not fear or get hung up on spelling it incorrectly as this can lead to them using less interesting words.

An example of this was a child who talked about seeing an Dalmatian dog and how pretty it was with the spots, but when they read it back they had written about a pretty ‘dog’ with spots, because they knew how to spell dog, but did not take a risk and have a go at attempting the word Alsatian.

We want children to take risks with spelling, it helps us to know what else we need to help them learn and it leads to using more interesting vocabulary in their writing.


See Models Of Writing From Adults

Staff model and ‘think aloud’ to show students how to compose their writing and discuss the choices that they make as a writer in order to make the writing interesting and something that others will want to read.


Build A Writer’s Notebook With Ideas And Craft To Use For Their Own Writing

All students in Year 3-7 are provided with a Notebook and have time to add ideas, jottings, photos, pictures, quotes, ideas from authors that they can use for inspiration when it comes to their own writing. All teachers have their own Writers notebooks to model for students how to use them as a place to store ideas to use when asked to write, rather than sitting and staring at a blank page or screen.


Sharing Our Writing With Authentic Audiences

I am sure the parents who were able to visit the recent Holly and Stillwell Poetry celebrations would agree that the quality of writing and engagement of our children was obvious.





Please take the time to view the video and writing samples shared in the editorial and please ask your child about what they are learning and crafting in Writer’s Workshop.




Sally Slattery, Deputy Principal
















School News

School Photographs 2018

Master School Portraits will be at our school on Friday 24/8 to take photographs of the children.

Please note that all children will be photographed individually and in their class photo, irrespective of whether photos are to be purchased.

Points to remember are:

  • Online payment is available. The range of options available online has increased. As well as the option to download a Low Resolution image for a Smart-phone, also available for purchase is a High Resolution Digital Download of your child’s image.
  • MSP now offers 10% discount for all family orders above $90.00 per family.
  • If you pay by cash, cheque, or money order, money is to be sent in the envelope ON THE DAY OF THE PHOTOGRAPH via your child’s class teacher.  Do not send money to school before Friday 24/8. Please enclose correct money as no change is given.
  • If paying by Credit Card, write payment details on a piece of paper and enclose in photo envelope
  • If there are two or more students in one family attending the school, payment can be made in the one envelope but each student must still submit a completed prepaid envelope to the photographer.
  • Envelopes are to be kept separate. Only payments are to be placed in envelopes, not messages or other children’s envelopes.
  • Please print details required clearly on the front of the pre-paid envelope, including a short note if payment is included in another student’s envelope.
  • Family photograph envelopes may be collected from the office.  If a family photograph is not requested none will be taken. Payment is made on the day, Friday24/8. No family envelopes are to be handed into the office.  NO ENVELOPE, NO FAMILY PHOTO.
  • Family/Sibling packages can also be ordered online.
  • No orders will be accepted at school after the photography day. Contact MSP on 83913951 for orders after this date.

For a really great photo make sure your child is neat and tidy.  All students must be in school dress code.

Lee Clements, Front Office


Volunteers Needed

Can you spare an hour, a few hours each day or week to assist in the Canteen?  Volunteers are needed to assist in the Canteen.  Without the help of volunteers the Canteen would not be able to operate to provide students/staff with recess and lunches plus cater for functions held at our school.  Any time you are able to help would be appreciated.  Please speak with Scott Megson or Coralie Goodman if you would like any information on what is involved or you are available to assist.

Lost Property

Please regularly check the Lost Property boxes located in each teaching unit for any items that may belong to your child/children.

It is recommended that all items brought to school by your child/children be clearly named so they can be returned if found.  Please check regularly to ensure the name is clear and readable.

School Banking

A reminder to parents/caregivers and students that the Commonwealth School banking day is Wednesday.  

If you would like more information about starting a  Commonwealth School Banking Account please speak with Tracy Rowley, Finance Officer. 

Wirreanda Secondary School 2018 Key Dates

Enrolment Assistance Evening: Wednesday 29/8 from 3:30-6:30pm

School Enrolment Forms returned to Wirreanda Secondary School by Friday 31/8.

Phone 83297200 for more information.

Book Week Parade & Picnic

On Thursday 23/8 students can dress up for Book Week with the theme this year "Finding Your Treasure" or their favourite dress up costume.

Parents/Caregivers are invited to attend the Parade at 10:10am on the Oval and bring along a rug to have a picnic where you can share a favourite book.  If the weather is not suitable the Parade will be moved to Penney Unit.
On Thursday 23/8 the Canteen will be selling "Find Your Treasure" themed food before and during Recess.  Prices start at $0.50.

SSO Week

We thank and acknowledge the work of every SSO at our school who makes such a positive impact on our Village. You are all vital in making our school the wonderful place it is. You work so effectively to support our students. Lee, Tracy, Megan, Jean and Deb S are so skilled managing the admin, finance, facilities, TRT Scheme etc etc.

There is no better Groundsman in the known universe than Kevin.

You are all essential, productive and valued members of our team.

We appreciate you all. Thank you and happy SSO Week from our whole school community.


Pyjamas for Farmers

Pyjamas for Farmers - Friday 17 August 2018

We would like to raise money for the farmers who are going through the drought in New South Wales and Queensland.

We have looked at the impact of drought in Science lessons.  Many of the animals are passing away of dehydration and starvation because it is so dry that there is no grass at all.

To raise money wear your pyjamas  for a gold coin donation, or donate more if you want to.

Thank you for supporting this fundraising event.  

Help us raise lots of money to help the farmers.

Enjoy your Pyjamas for Farmers Day!

Haylee & Stephany


Pastoral Care Worker News

We all need social skills to get on in the world and to develop a sense of belonging and community.


The ability to create and foster friendship, accompanied by opportunities to feel accepted by others, is significant. Without reasonable success in this area, studies have shown that adolescents are more at risk for emotional and mental health difficulties in later life. Some children seem to excel in social skills while others find it very difficult.


The “What’s the Buzz” program that I am currently running in a couple of classes helps close that gap and give all children the chance to learn and practice new skills which will help them feel more confident socially. My role in the school is particularly in the Wellbeing area - to help the children feel emotionally secure and happy at school which in turn increases their learning potential. I will be using this program and others like Seasons for Growth and Superchicks to encourage and support students at Hackham East Primary to ensure that our kids have all they need to reach their potential.


Challenges affect us all as we journey through life. Resiliency is the key that unlocks the door to well being. Here are 3 tips for Raising Resilient Kids by Margarita Tartakovsky.

  1.  Don’t accommodate Every Need. Overprotecting kids only fuels their anxiety. We have become a culture of trying to make sure that our kids are comfortable but of more value is to equip our kids with the skills to handle the unexpected.
  2. Avoid Eliminating all Risks. Eliminating all risks robs kids of learning resiliency. The key is to allow appropriate risks and teach your kids essential skills. Giving kids age appropriate freedom helps them learn their own limits.
  3. Teach them to Problem Solve.  Engage your child in trying to figure out how they can handle challenges differently ie what else could they try? What works and what doesn’t?

Parent Afternoon Tea

Remember to come in out of the cold on Fridays from 2.30pm in the Conference Room. We would love to see you there.  All Welcome.

Cherie Love, Pastoral Care Worker


Road Crossing Monitors

Term 3 

Week 5 (20/8 - 24/8)


Tyler Lenard

Logan Addison-Black

Ryan Jarrad


Max Connolly

Harrison Brook

Ethan Buttfield



Week 6 (27/8 - 30/8)


Nina Abanilla

Alicia Coole

Madison Bichard


Patrick Connolly

Zeke Farquhar

Beau Carslake





Dates to Remember

August 2018

Friday 17/8 - Pyjamas for Farmers Fundraising Day

20/8 - 24/8 - Book Week (Theme "Find Your Treasure")

Thursday 23/8 - 10:10am Book Week Parade on the Oval

Friday 24/8 - Whole School Photographs

Friday 31/8 - School Closure Day

September 2018 

Monday 3/9 - Student Free Day - Staff Attending PD

Friday 7/9 - Last Day for Premier's Reading Challenge forms to be lodged

Friday 21/9 - School Sports Day

Friday 28/9 - 2:00pm Finish - Last Day of Term 3

Community News

Community Dinner

Come and enjoy a delicious meal in a family friendly environment at Hackham West Community Centre on Friday 24/8 from 5:00-7:00pm.  $5.00 per family.  Bookings essential. Ph 83841065.


Foster Care

Foster Carers are needed to provide overnight emergency, long-term, short-term and respite care.  You can be either single, couples, working full-time, part-time or studying.  Free training and ongoing professional support is provided. Ph Linda 81313456 or visit www.anglicaresa.com.au/foster-care for more information.

Studio 20 Youth Centre

Come and try various activities including The Arvo Club, Yag, Cooking for Community, Open Studio, Sewing and Unlock Your Artist at Studio 20 Youth Centre, Aldinga Central Shopping Centre. Ph 85577555 for more information.


Raising Brilliantly Behaved Kids

How can you encourage your children to behave better and bring their best selves to more situations?  An event for parents/carers of children of all ages.  Held on Wednesday 5/9 at Seeds Uniting Church, 42 Sunnymeade Dr, Aberfoyle Park from 6:40-8:30pm.  $25.00per person or $45 for two.


Is Someone In Your Family Using Drugs and/or Alcohol?

Stepping Forward are educational and interactive sessions for families, friends and workers providing information and support related to alcohol and other drugs.  Held on Saturday 1/9 from 9:30am-4:00pm at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Parade, Hackham. Free (donation welcome). Bookings essential. Ph Brendan 0457030805.


Come and Play Netball

Cheerio Netball Club is welcoming new players of all ages for the current winter season and upcoming summer season. Ph 0419810656.


Sleep Tips for 0-3 Year Olds

3 part Parent Information and Problem Solving Series held on 30/8, 13/9 and 27/9 at Woodcroft Heights Children's Centre from 1:00-3:00pm. Ph Lauren or Carla 83818005 to register.


Healthy Homes, Resilient Families

Two great programs, Growing up Healthy and Routines & Rules, to help keep your family safe, strong and healthy.  Held each Friday for 8 weeks starting on 24/8 from 10:00am-2:30pm at Junction Australia, 72 Collins Parade, Hackham.  Ph 81866944 for more information. Free.


Valley Vikings Netball Club

Are you interested in playing Netball - still time to join the Valley Vikings Netball Club for summer this year.  Players needed for U9, U11 & U13. Ph Heather 0421199957 or visit www.valleyvikings.sa.netball.com.au for further information.


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