21 June 2018
Issue Nine
Run McK Relay Challenge
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Thursday 21 June

Antipodeans Abroad (Year 11) depart

Duke of Ed Practice Hike


Friday 22 June

Duke of Ed Practice Hike


Tuesday 26 June

Year 11 Tasmania Tour depart


Thursday 28 June

June Ensemble Concert (Hall)

Casual Dress Day


Friday 29 June

End of Term 2

2:30pm Early Finish


Wednesday 4 July

French Exchange students depart


Monday 16 July

Start of Term 3


Tuesday 24 July


7:00pm Education Sub-Committee


Wednesday 25 July

7:30pm Senior School Information Night


Thursday 26 July

7:00pm Vocal Night (Theatre)


Friday 27 July

Victorian Volleyball 3 Day Schools Cup


Tuesday 31 July

7:00pm Year 10 (2019) Information Night

2:30pm Early Finish (Staff PD)


Wednesday 1 August

7:00pm Brass Night (Theatre)


Thursday 2 August

Athletics Carnival


Friday 3 August

Outdoor Ed Ski Trip


Tuesday 7 August

6:30pm Finance Sub-Committee

7:00pm School Council


Wednesday 8 August

Year 9 Camp

7:00pm VCAL Information Night


Thursday 9 August

Year 9 Camp


Friday 10 August

Year 9 Camp


Monday 13 August

National Science Week

7:00pm Year 9 (2019) Information Night


Tuesday 14 August

National Science Week


Wednesday 15 August

National Science Week


Thursday 16 August

National Science Week


Friday 17 August

National Science Week

Run MCK Relay (9am - 6pm)


Tuesday 21 August

7:00pm Finance Sub-Committee


Wednesday 22 August

7:00pm Social Media & Gaming – Parent Night


Wednesday 29 August






School exams were conducted over the last two weeks including the GAT for students on Wednesday 13 June.


Examinations are taken very seriously at McKinnon and I would like to thank all Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students. Their punctuality and determination to do their best was commendable. The Supervisors commented on our students’ excellent attitude and the great endeavour they have demonstrated.  I wish them all the best with their results.


On Thursday 21 June, 25 students from Year 11 and 4 staff will leave on their trip to Vietnam/Cambodia. Staff who are attending are David Machin, Grace Greenwood, Kirby McConnon and Kate Jobson.

Highlights of this tour include visits to the Mekong Delta, Angkor Wat and also learning about the rule of the Khmer Rouge, visiting S21 prison and the Killing Fields.


Community project is at a small village: Krabei Riel in Cambodia. Two groups will be assisting with repairs and improvements to the school including building a garden or playground for the students. The trek is near the Mondulkiri region in Cambodia.


The staff, students and their families have worked tirelessly to bring this trip to fruition. I wish them all the very best and look forward to them sharing their adventures and memories.


On Tuesday 26 June, 118 Year 11 students and 6 staff will leave for five days of adventure to Tasmania. This is a great opportunity to share tremendous learning about a special part of our nation. It also provides students a time to build relationships within the year level that should hold them in good stead next year. I am very grateful for the opportunities provided for our students.


We are currently enjoying the company of sixteen French students who are part of our exchange program with our sister school on the south of France, the Centre International de Valbonne. This is an incredible opportunity for the French students and the McKinnon community.

Please refer to the Languages Section in this newsletter from Ms Kellie Dickson for an update on their first days in Melbourne.


As it is a reciprocal arrangement, our students are excited to be going to France in November/December this year. I would like to acknowledge the tremendous organisation and planning that was undertaken by Kellie Dickson to put this program together.

One of the first excursions the French Exchange students attended was the Puffing Billy in Belgrave. An interesting point to note is that one of the volunteers at Puffing Billy was Mr Alan Lawrence, an ex-Principal at McKinnon! He sends his regards to all at McKinnon Secondary College.



Nat Luft is our much beloved Crossing Supervisor who guards the hectic school entrance on McKinnon Road every morning and every evening, ensuring that all students (and staff) cross this busy road safely. 

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Mr Luft on his nomination as Crossing Supervisor of the Year. He and his wife, Joan - also a Crossing Supervisor - will attend a commemorative dinner in Preston on Friday 13 July where he will discover whether he has been successful in gaining this prestigious prize.


We wish him all the best, but also wish to thank him heartily for his consistent cheerfulness and dedication to this vital role that keeps all of us at McKinnon safe.


Congratulations to all staff and students on a terrific term. Much time and effort has been undertaken to ensure the best learning has occured and I thank the community for their combined efforts. I wish everyone a well earned break and look forward to everyone’s safe return to Term 3.




Congratulation to all students in Years 9 - 11 to have successfully completed their exams. It is important to note, however, that while these are an important assessment tool in core subjects, exams in themselves do not signal the end of the semester. There is valuable learning to be undertaken in all subjects until the last day of term and it is an expectation that students attend all classes and meet all assessment obligations until this point in time.


End-of-semester reports will be available on Compass at the end of Term 2. Please read these reports carefully and discuss with your child how they can further improve their academic performance in the second half of this year. These reports will include a transcript of all information provided via Learning Tasks throughout Semester 1. Progress reports reflecting on students’ effort, attitude, behaviour and organisation will also be published at the end of Term 2.


When reflecting on their reports, students should focus upon the attributes and behaviours teachers recommend for further improvement - perseverance, hard-work, asking for help, taking pride in their learning and setting high expectations. Educational research has proven that intelligence is changeable (not predetermined or fixed), and that academic growth can be achieved by all - working hard, being resilient and acting on the advice in end-of-semester reports are the keys to achieving this growth.


Parents and students will be aware of the building works currently undertaken at the college.  As a school community we need to take extra care at this time.  Keeping a lookout for trucks entering and leaving the school via the front gate is something we all need to be mindful of.  Where possible could we ask parents to drop off or pick up their children in the surrounding streets to reduce the congestion on McKinnon Road.



On Thursday, 14 June, Neo Taufa (Year 12) and Amelia Taufa (Year 8) had the privilege of performing a traditional Tongan dance for the King and Queen of Tonga at a high tea event at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Little Collins Street.


Their majesties were in Melbourne to visit past Australian missionaries and educators to the Kingdom of Tonga and to express their gratitude for ongoing support for schools and churches in their country. The girls' great-grandfather, Ron Woodgate, was royal chaplain to the late Queen Salote of Tonga for many years and he was also the Principal of MLC, Kew, during the current Queen of Tonga's secondary schooling there.


The girls were absolutely delighted to have been offered this once in a lifetime experience and will cherish the momentous occasion!!


Merryn Walker




Our 16 French exchange students arrived in Melbourne on Friday 8 June. There was much excitement as they were greeted by their McKinnon partners and families.


They spent the long weekend settling in to life in Melbourne with some families taking them to Sorrento, to the zoo, along the Great Ocean Road and many places around the local area. Luckily the weekend weather offered them blue skies.


For the first week, there are no Year 10 classes due to the exam period, the GAT and Correction Day so the French kids have had lots of time to settle in.


Their first day at McKinnon will be an excursion to Point Nepean on Monday 18 June. Their formal induction to our school will be on Tuesday 19 June.


We would like to thank the 16 families involved for their generous hospitality in hosting the French students. The families involved are: Michelle Androsenko, Isabella Bullas, Jake Clough, George Dimitrakas, Roman Fletcher, Stesha Goldenberg, Ariel Greenberg, Zoe Meek, Ana Mistric, Hannah Nishikubo, Genevieve O'Brien, Megan Prapas, Talia Raman, Grant Sandler, Sarsha van Denderen and Clare Wever.


Kellie Dickson

French Exchange Co-ordinator


As an opportunity to get to know the group and to get to see more of Victoria, we took the 16 French exchange students and their 16 McKinnon partners to Point Nepean on Monday 18 June. We were accompanied by the teacher from the French school, Monsieur Frederic Charvet.

Meeting in the Korean garden at McKinnon Secondary College, there was a chance to talk about what they had been up to over the weekend, including going to AFL matches, parties and even trips to Sydney for some. We then drove by bus down to Point Nepean. There we walked the Wilsons Folly Walking Track down to the beach. The views were spectacular, along the beach, looking at the cliffs and rock formations. Lunch was a picnic near the Information Centre. They also explored the old Quarantine Station, learning about the immigration by ships, and subsequent quarantine processes in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


Luckily, the winter weather was fairly kind. The skies were grey and there was some light rain but it didn't impact the day or the moods. The students, both French and McKinnon, were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy the day.


Ms Kellie Dickson

French Exchange Co-ordinator


After enjoying their time in Melbourne of over a week, the French students had their first day at school on Tuesday 19 June. They arrived dressed in their McKinnon uniforms, looking very eager to take part in the day's program. Wearing school uniforms is a new experience for them as French schools typically don't have a uniform. Managing the ties, skirts, stockings etc and staying warm was a new challenge for the French students.

The morning began with a formal induction to the school where the French students were introduced to the school, learning about the school structures, values and expectations. They met the Principal team and were welcomed with kind words from Mrs Binnion, Mr Kan, Mr Noble and Mr Long. They also meet some of the Year 10 Student Managers and some teachers of French.


After an official school photo, they were taken on a tour of the school by three kind and generous Year 12 students of French (Alex Hunter, Orlando Buttie and Helena Manoussios).


Recess passed and then they had a lesson about Australian Politics with Mr Machin and Mr Cukierman, followed by a demonstration and discussion about Australian foods and cooking with Mrs Wilken. They got to try some kangaroo and some ANZAC biscuits, as well as learning about the origins of the biscuits. Finally, they spent the afternoon learning about (and singing) Australian music with Ms Papworth.


It was a great first day and we look forward to getting to know them better during the next two weeks.


Ms Kellie Dickson

French Exchange Co-ordinator


On Monday 14 May, one hundred Year 9 and 10 McKinnon students, pursuing French studies, participated in the French Poetry Competition on their home ground at McKinnon Secondary College. They had all showcased their mastery of French and Poetry recitation and the most impressive performers were invited to participate in the Finals.


This year we had by far the best results in this event:

  • Thirty-one students received the highest score of 20/20;
  • Thirty-eight students received an EXCELLENT mark 19 -19.5/20;
  • Meanwhile the remaining students performed above average by scoring a very good, good and some achieved a satisfactory outcome.

We are delighted to announce that in the 2018 Poetry Competition the following students were awarded the top mark, which is “BRILLANT” as these students attained the highest score of 20 out of 20 (French marking system).


Our finalists will recite their poem again on 29 July 2018 between 9am to 4pm in the premises of Alliance Française at Grey Street, St Kilda. Students will receive a personal invitation with their allocated time.

The following Year 9 and 10 students received the top mark BRILLANT!:


Year 10 students:

Jacob Clough, Madison Dell’Aquila, Harry Fletcher, Ariel Greenberg, Chantelle Hay, Jasmin Hayward, Tayla Kontopoulos, Naomi Kricheli, Imi Nelson, Sakura Nonaka, Megan Prapas, Gizelle Sakr, Clare Wever, Isaac Wilson and Richard Zhang.


Year 9 students:

Catherine Chang, Anoushka Dinesh, Marisha Dinesh, Tia Finn, Julia Giantsos, Sarah Hatigan, Neda Lay, Melissa Liu, Khushi Negi, Adam Pacak, Vanessa Paredes, Alisa Sharkova, Philippa Sharman-Smith, Macy Tofler, Jaime Tyzack and Klaudija Zidonyte.


Congratulations to all finalists et BON COURAGE and BONNE CHANCE in the next round!


Once again, I also sincerely thank their French teachers: Ms.Dickson and Ms.Jimenez for their relentless work and assistance in this poetic endeavour.


Bravo tout le monde!


Ludmila Antal

French Teacher

Run McK Relay Challenge

The Run McK Relay Challenge will take place on Friday 17 August and involves over 850 students in over 170 teams electing to run, jog or walk around the school oval, in a relay format, from 9am until 6pm straight.


This year, we are relaying, for life, fundraising for the Monash Children's Hospital.


These much-needed funds generated for children, by children will enable Victoria’s newest children’s hospital to make a lasting and sustainable contribution in saving the lives and improving the health outcomes of many infants, children and adolescents, many the same age as student competitors.


The Monash Foundation has been caring for children for over 100 years and Monash Children’s Hospital is one of Australia’s leading children’s hospitals, providing care to over 100,000 patients every year.


We can’t reach our fundraising goal without your greatly appreciated support, donations can be made through the school website:


For now, more information about the challenge can be found at our Google Site:


For any inquiries regarding the event, Myles would be more than happy to answer them at [email protected].


Myles Kelemen




On Monday 18 June 50 McKinnon students represented the Kingston Region and McKinnon at the Southern Metropolitan Region Cross Country held at Ballam Park Frankston. 

Congratulation to Jason Clayton who won the 17-20 Boys Race. His team of Jason (1st), Alex Boul (10th), Michael Koletsas (13th) Ben Howells (22nd) and Braydon Ross (31st) also won the event. This team goes onto the State Finals next term. 

Other teams to finish on the podium were:


17-20 Girls (2nd) Emma HattinghEleanora GilbertGemma StrangioSienna Beaves and Anna Willaton;


15 Girls (2nd) Jessica GinsbergMay LandauVictoria PoulosMarisha Dinesh and Anoushka Dinesh;


14 Boys (2nd)  Matthew DayFlynn LuKai Sawaki and Seamus O’Brien;


13 Boys (3rd) Joshua Feder, Wei Ming HuangEitan Ben-MoyalThivain Salwathura and Aiden Collard.


These individual runners made it through to the State Finals also:


16 Boys (6th) Nick Poulos  

15 Boys (11th) Adam Paliatsos

15 Girls (8th) Jessica Ginsberg

14 Boys (6th) Matt Day


Congratulations to all the runners from the day. 


James Bridges




As we head towards the end of term and the semester there is much to celebrate in the Music area.  


Congratulations to all the students from the VCE Music Performance Unit 3 class who took part in the concert on Thursday 14 June in the Music Auditorium. The standard of work was outstanding and it is pleasing to hear the development of students as they head towards their performance exam at the end of the year. Congratulations to Mr Baltazar Kurowski for his ongoing development of the students’ musicality.


Congratulations to the Symphonic Wind Band who hosted a Senior Concert Band performance on Tuesday 19 June in the Theatre. Senior bands from both Frankston High School and Bentleigh High School joined with our students to perform an outstanding concert. Well done to all the students present and to Ms Su Rogerson for her ongoing work with this ensemble and her preparation for this concert.


We are advising all instrumental students to ensure that they are diligent in their practice over the holidays. By keeping up practice, skills will continue to improve.  Students need to work at practising every day. The Music Centre will be open until 3.45pm on the last day of term for students to collect their instruments from the storerooms.


  • Thursday 28 June - June Ensembles Concert (Junior/Intermediate groups)

ADVANCE Warning for Term 3

  • Winter Concert – Wednesday 29 August

Keep practicing


Megan Papworth

Head of Music



Holidays are a great time for reading. You can start to borrow books for Term 2 holidays now. However, you need to return all the overdue books before borrowing for the holiday read.


The library recently purchased some new books. Please click on the link below to view the list of new books available now for borrowing.



Please ensure that you bring your student ID card to the library. It is important to bring your student ID card to the library so you can borrow books,  print or photocopy. It saves your time and others.


The following interesting news from Oddspot of “The Age”, 12 June 2018

A Chinese city has installed a special pedestrian lane to combat the dangers of smartphone “zombies”. A pavement along the Yanta Road in Xi’an now has a separate pathway, with pictures of mobile phones along its route, to cater for sluggish pedestrians fixated on their devices.


Wishing everyone have a safe and pleasant school holiday.





The College continues to head in the direction of ‘going cashless’ with regards to receiving payments from parents for any school related events.


We have continuously encouraged parents to make payments for subject contributions, camps, excursions and any event via Compass. In order for parents to do this, a credit card is required.


For those parents who do not have a credit card, a ‘Load & Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card’ could be a good option to consider. These cards can be purchased at a Post Office. Please visit the link below for further information.


Jennie Kim-Ross

Business Manager


On Tuesday 15 May Ms D’Ambrosio’s Legal Studies class experienced an excursion to the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.


We got to see how a court hearing plays out and heard a variety of cases in many different courtrooms, some of which involved repeated offenders driving under a suspended license and using drugs like cannabis.

We also were able to hear the type of sentences that a Magistrate could possibly give a defendant based on the crime he/she had committed. For example, being under curfew (having to be home during 9pm -10am) unless in the accompaniment of a parent or in another case, where a defence lawyer went above and beyond for their client when the Magistrate was ready to give them 6 months - 2 years in prison. The defence lawyer managed to reduce it to a measly 3 days with 250 hours worth of volunteer work!!!


Overall, it was a very new and interesting experience and felt that we all took something valuable away from this experience.


Thanks to Ms D’Ambrosio for organising this trip and giving us the opportunity to experience a live court hearing.


Anthea Dimas

Year 11 Student


The topic of the weight of school bags and their contents has been discussed in newsletters previously however, it is always relevant to for us to revisit this information and for those families new to McKinnon.


The findings of many studies are now confirming that there is a definite link between carrying heavy school bags and long term back and neck pain.  If we carry more than 10% of our total body weight regularly, we are at risk. This is unless we distribute the weight correctly. Laptops are now required so this adds to the weight. 


It is a battle to get our students to wear their backpack properly but according to the Queensland Department of Education, ‘Backpacks, rather than traditional school bags or sports bags with handles, allow the load to be carried more evenly over both shoulders’. 


Many of our students choose to carry too much home on a daily basis. Often they carry unnecessary items such as a textbook when it has an e-link.   


Here are a few tips that can help lighten the load:

  • If students carry a lunch box, use a soft lunchbox as it is much lighter;
  • Carry empty water bottles and then fill them on arrival at school;
  • Pack the heavier items, closer to the body;
  • Clean out school bags regularly as many unnecessary items are often found in the bottom of them. (As it is nearing the end of semester, it may be time to look inside the school bag and remove unnecessary items.);
  • If the textbook has an ‘e-link’ be smarter with its use.


If you want further information please click on the link to the article from Queensland Department of Education.


Susan Wilken

Health Liaison



Office hours are:                        8:15am - 4:30pm

Telephone:                                                8520 9000


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9:00am. Please email the Attendance Officers Alison Pollock/Joanne Robinson ([email protected]) or telephone 8520 9050 on the day of the absence by 9:00am. 


A note on the day of return to the General Office is required for absences where no parent contact has been possible.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you of the school policy regarding late arrival to school. Students are expected to be at school at 8:30am. A locker bell rings at 8:35am and class begins punctually at 8:50am. If your child is late for any reason, please notify the school by phone 8520 9050, email [email protected] or by writing a note in the student's diary explaining the reason. 


If no explanation has been received students are given a pass to class and an after school detention for the following day.


Please ensure that if your child is leaving early or arriving late for any reason that a note needs to be written in the diary so that the teachers are aware too.


If your student needs to leave school early for any reason, please write a note in their diary explaining the reason. Teachers will not allow any student to leave their class unless there is authorisation.


We appreciate your support in this. If you have any questions please call Alison/Joanne on 8520 9050.


Families are now able to order and purchase uniforms online. Ordered items can be collected from the Uniform Shop. Please allow three working days for pick-up. Please click on the attached link to order uniforms:

Phone/Fax No:  9578 2151



For years 9 - 12 only there are a limited number of old style track pants and old style kea jackets being sold at reduced prices.

Track pants $21.00

Jackets          $42.00

Only available for purchase from the shop.



Tuesday 3/7              11:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 5/7             11:00am – 3:00pm

Saturday 7/7             9:30am – 12:00noon

Tuesday 10/7            11:00am – 3:00pm

Thursday 12/7           11:00am – 3:00pm



Tuesdays                                      8:15am - 12 noon

Fridays                                        12:30pm - 4:00pm

1st Saturday every month    9:30am - 12 noon


Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything see Mrs Plate in the Sick Bay during recess, lunch or end of day.



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