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15 November 2019
Issue Eighteen

Respect Excellence Creativity

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Principal's Page

Year 6 into 7 Information Night

We welcomed our new Year 7 students to the College this week (14/11) at the Year 6 into 7 Information Night.  We had many families and students in attendance listening to a number of speakers on the night.  The information shared was useful to our new students as they continue to make the exciting transition from primary to secondary school.  We will again see our new Year 7 students at the Orientation Day next month (10/12).  A big welcome to the Year 7 Class of 2020!  

The 2020 WHSC Annual Implementation Plan 

We are busy developing our Annual Implementation Plan (or AIP) for next year.  All Victorian State Schools are required to have an AIP each year.  The AIP sets out the school's plans to further the learning outcomes of all of its students.

Some of the areas that we will focus on next year include Literacy, Numeracy, STEM, VCE, curriculum development (including the development of VCAL and High Achievers Programs) and further gains in teacher practice.

As stated in previous Newsletters, we are excited to be able to introduce Professional Learning Communities next year.  Professional Learning Communities will be an important part of 2020 AIP.  Leadership, staff and students have all contributed to our draft AIP for next year and I invite families to do the same.  If you would like to contribute to the development of our 2020 AIP, please contact the General Office.

Mobile Phone Policy

The State Minister for Education, Mr James Merlino, has decided that all students enrolled in Victorian State Schools need to abide by a new Mobile Phone Policy as of the beginning of the school year in 2020.

The Department of Education (or DET) have provided information to schools to assist with the use of this new Policy.  The Policy stipulates that students can not have their phones out during the school day.  As per the Policy, students will be required to keep their phones in a locked storage facility (eg locker) throughout the day.

As a College, we are working through the issues relating to its implementation.  For example, how we may respond when students are found to have their phones in class,  or how we may respond to those students who may be continually in breach of the Policy, and where students may retrieve their phones if they are confiscated through the school day.

Every effort will be made by the College to work with families to provide a locked storage facility for students.  Furthermore, we will be reviewing our security arrangements throughout the College.  Families are reminded though that students who bring a phone to school do so at their own risk.  Families may choose to have their children leave their phones at home when they are attending school.

Please see the Assistant Principal's Report for more information about the DET Mobile Phone Policy.  More information will be shared with families and students in the near future with respect to how the Mobile Phone Policy will be implemented at our College.

DET Pilot - 'Connecting With The Indian Community'

The Department of Education (or DET) have established a Pilot Program for schools to engage with called 'Connecting With The Indian Community'.  Please read below from DET:

The Connecting Schools with Indian Communities (CSIC) pilot program is a new funding program administered by the International Education Division of DET. It intends to provide guidance and funding to schools to create collaborative partnerships between schools, the Indian diaspora and the broader community to foster a shared understanding of, and a sense of belonging to, our diverse Victorian community. These outcomes are designed to ensure every Victorian is equipped with intercultural capabilities and can contribute, achieve and succeed in a globally connected Victoria. The CSIC program is part of Victoria's India Strategy: Our Shared Future, which was released in January 2018.

Following a competitive review and selection process, 11 schools were awarded funding through this program, including Wheelers Hill Secondary College. You can read more about the CSIC program and the funded initiatives at https://study.vic.gov.au/en/global-learning-programs/CSIC/Pages/default.aspx

We have been working as part of the Pilot over the last few months with our Year 11 Business Management classes, and our Performing Arts Program will be a part of the Pilot with our Year 7 Music students in 2020.

Part of the work of our Year 11 Business Management classes has been to work closely with experts within the local Indian Business Community.  Only recently did our students pitch and present some business ideas for a panel - the event was very successful with our students learning so much from the experience.  

Our involvement with this Pilot Program concludes in June, 2020.

Value of the Week - Respect

We remembered this very special time of the year with a reading and minute's silence on the day (11/11), together with being represented at Remembrance Day services within the community; our students were incredibly respectful.

One of the community Services we attended was the Annual State RSL Remembrance Service last Sunday (10/11) at the Springvale War Cemetery.  We had our Middle School Leaders in Jasmine Kleinman and Lachlan Palmer both complete a Reading at the event.  They both represented the College to such a high standard on the day - well done Jasmine and Lachlan.  


And Finally....

Our families of Year 12 students are reminded of the Valedictory Dinner on Tuesday 19th  November (7 to 11:00pm) at Merrimu Receptions in Chadstone,










Aaron Smith


Assistant Principal's Page

What the media doesn’t tell you – A good news education story

Am I the only one that notices that the mainstream media (Yes, I’m talking about the Herald Sun) only reports what’s wrong with education in Australia. Well, here’s one that didn’t make the front pages. The headline should read:




If this result was translated into sporting terms, we would be in the final 16 at Wimbledon, into the final rounds of the FIFA World Cup, in the break away at the Tour de France... You get the idea



New PISA  data shows Singapore topped the international rankings with a mean score of 561 points – the OECD average is 500 points. Japan (552 points), Hong Kong-China (541), Korea (538) and Canada (535) round out the top five. Australian students performed well, coming in 10th with 532 points, just behind neighbours New Zealand in ninth (533).


The OECD says students in Australia – along with those in New Zealand, Japan, Korea and the United States – performed much better in this assessment than would be expected, based on their scores in the PISA 2015 science, reading and mathematics tests. Australia performed equal 10th in science, equal 12th in reading and equal 20th in mathematics.


Wheelers Hill Secondary College, led brilliantly by our STEM Leading Teacher, Kim Hewlett, has been on the front foot in this area for a number of years. We have introduced problem-solving (Inquiry-based) projects in Years 8 and 9, new subjects at Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 and continue to grow and develop in this space.


It’s nice to see our work paying off on the world stage.

Mobile Phones 2020

You would be aware of the total ban on Mobile phones in schools announced by the Department of Education which will commence in 2020.


In addition to the Department's policy (the link for which was provided in the last newsletter), school's have been asked to provide an outline of how this policy is to be implemented. 


Please take the opportunity to read the Wheelers Hill Secondary College's Implementation policy. This policy outlines what is covered by the Department's policy, exemptions and the College's response to breaches of the policy. 

Please forward any feedback you might have regarding this policy to dx@whsc.vic.edu.au 



Judy Anderson & Andrew Dixon

Assistant Principal 


Mark Your Calendar


  • Year 11 Exams


  • Year 11 into Year 12 - Transition
  • Year 10 Exams
  • Elephant Education Workshop - Year 9


  • Year 11 into Year 12 - Transition
  • Year 10 Exams
  • Year 12 Valedictory


  • Year 11 into Year 12 - Transition
  • Year 10 Exams
  • School Council


  • Year 11 into Year 12 - Transition
  • Year 10 Exams
  • Instrumental Music Showcase


Year 11 into Year 12 - Transition

Year 10 into 11 - Transition


  • Year 10 into 11 - Transition


  • Year 10 into 11 - Transition
  • Rebound Indoor Beach Volleyball - Yr 9 Recreational Sport


  • Year 10 into 11 - Transition
  • NADRASCA - Volunteering


  • Year 10 into Year 11 - Transition
  • Year 10 End of Year Celebration
  • Arts & Tech Show Music Gala Performance


  • VCE Enrolment Day
  • Year 9 Exams

Performing Arts

Instrumental Music Night!

Join us for a night of music, as our Instrumental Students, Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Jnr and Stage Band play for the community!
Many of these performers will make their musical debut, and we are excited to showcase their hard work on this night! Reserve your FREE ticket here: https://www.trybooking.com/BGUHY


Instrumental Music 2020!

Learn how to play an instrument in 2020! No matter what level you're at, we are proud to offer all students the opportunity to learn a wonderful life skill. 

Download, complete and return this form by the end of the year to make sure you're set up in our system for Term 1 next year! 


Production 2020

Have you heard? The Production for 2020 is locked in - but can you guess what it is before we announce it? 

Have a look at the following clues, start researching and get excited! This is going to be another super show!

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

G'Day USA Tour 2020/2021

Applications to Travel forms Due! 

What a turn out! So many students and their families interested in travelling to the USA in 2021! Don't forget to complete the application process and submit it to the General Office by Monday 25th November!

Read more about the Hosting Location Options Here:

And get inspired by watching another highlight reel Here: 

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader



On Wednesday 6th November, our year 10 Futures classes attended a Talk & Tour at Holmesglen TAFE. The purpose of the tour was to expose students to some of the opportunities offered in the TAFE environment. Based on preferences, students were split into two groups, one group visited the Glen Waverley Campus and the other visited the Chadstone Campus. Some of the courses offered at the Glen Waverley Campus are in areas such as Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, Beauty, Horticulture, Screen, Media & Animation, and Tourism & Events whilst Chadstone Campus offers courses in area such as Carpentry, Plumbing, Furniture Making, Stonemasonry, Business, Printing, Surveying, and Interior Decorating & Design etc.

Students attended a formal presentation to learn about Holmesglen programs, pathways into apprenticeships/degrees and the differences between studying at a TAFE compared to a university environment. The presenters were very informative and gave a real picture of what student life was like on each campus. Students were then toured around the campus and had a first-hand look into the facilities, study environments and practical learning spaces.

We hope that this visit has broadened the minds of our students and provided them with extra knowledge that will assist them with making their career decisions in the future.

Finally, I would like to thank the following teachers for their support as without them this event would not have been able to take place – Aaron Smith, Judy Anderson, Elisa Pauer, Rosalie Sullivan, Jane Xing and Khairi Razaai.




Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Year 9 Literacy Mentors
Fortnightly Reading Sessions


When I think of our Literacy Mentor program for some of our Year 9 students at WHSC, I think about Miley Cyrus and her lyrics in We Can’t Stop.


We run things, things don't run we
Don't take nothing from nobody, yeah yeah


What’s going on with your grammar, Miley? Amiright?


There’s no particular reason why I connect these lyrics to the program. I guess I’m just listening to a bit of Miley as of late, and I just wanted to share this lyric to you all, because I think it’s quite amusing.  Although, I guess there is a loose connection. Year 9 students are arguably known to be the teenagers who feel misplaced in society and can become disengaged with adults, rules and responsibility.


This is where, we as adults, need to offer teenagers the opportunity to take control, make up the rules, and be responsible. We need to encourage Student Agency in the classroom and allow them to take the reins or wrecking ball (if you are Miley Cyrus inclined).


Our Literacy Mentor program identifies students with high growth in reading comprehension, as they are competent at the skills and strategies to help them understand text types. Mid-year, these year 9 students were trained to run Reciprocal Reading activities and now enter our Fortnightly Reading sessions we run with Year 7s: They run things; things don’t run they (see what I did there?)


Our Year 7 English classes are excited to have Year 9 Literacy Mentors enter their Reading Session in Term 4. The Year 9 students are assigned to a Year 7 Reading Session, and with a small group of students in the class, they read a short story and explore deeper analysis of the text via the Reciprocal Reading strategies.



Our Literacy Mentors have been a wonderful addition to the fortnightly Reading Sessions; the Year 7s have enjoyed their company and guidance in understanding the stories and making stronger connections to self, text and world.


The Year 9 Literacy Mentors are great leaders and I really think Miley Cyrus is sending us messages about our teenagers in general. Miley is reminding us that they:


Never mean to start a war,

They just want to let us in

And instead of using force

I guess we should let them in . . .


and be Literacy Mentors (pretty sure she wanted to end the song on that lyric.)


Claire Hanley

Literacy - Learning Specialist



Numeracy in Science

This week I visited Science with Mr Pousoulis where students in Year 8D were completing a report based on making a milk polymer from milk and were required to complete a scientific report.

Students had already completed a pre experiment to create a polymer plastic from milk. The students were given a list of materials which they had to use Numeracy to measure correctly using the measuring cylinder:

  • 50 mL full cream milk
  • Clean wash cloth
  • Vinegar
  • 1 beaker
  • Funnel
  • 1 measuring cylinder
  • Scales
  • Teaspoon
  • 60°C water bath

They then had a step by step method to follow to produce the plastic.

Students then had the task of  improving the product by:

  1. Maximising the amount of product (by weight) that can be produced from 50 mL of milk.
  2. Improve the consistency of the product so that no cracks appear in the final dried buttons.

Students were provided with the following cost of items used in the experiment:

Students then repeated the experiment by varying the amount and hence cost of the experiment. Their goal was to use their Numeracy skills to maximise the weight of the plastic for minimum cost. Students are now at the stage of writing up their reports.

Students have a Science Report Book. On the back of this is many Mathematical conversions to help students with Measurement. 

Students then completed a Scientific report with this analysis. It is great to see Mr Pousoulis teaching students how to use Numeracy in their Science reports. 


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist

Middle School Report

Middle School News

Start typing your article in here...

Year 7

The students had the opportunity to make their way to the city and watch the Musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.  Before our matinee we were able to have a spot of lunch with the working community at the central business district. We then walked to Her Majesty’s Theatre to enjoy the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Extravaganza.


Thank you to the many students in giving up their time for the Grade 6 Information night. Also a special Thank-you goes to Chloe Burley and Logan Gramberg who spoke about their transition into Secondary College in front of all the parents who attended.

Year 8

In this fortnight the students have been busy with their school work and are making sure that they are completing all CAT’s to finish off the course.

Year 9

The Year 9’s were giving their information pack for the work experience placement in 2020. It is very important that students over the holidays try and find a placement and not leave it to the last minute as many other Year 10 students from different schools will be looking for placements at the same time.


Miss Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School Report

Senior School Update


This week, year 11 students have been completing their end of semester exams. Next week they will be starting their Unit 3 studies during the Transition Program.

Friday 22rd November, is their last day of classes, however all year 11 students are required to enrol into year 12 on the VCE Enrolment Day that is to be held on Friday 29th November.


Next week, year 10 students will be completing their end of semester exams. They then move into their Transition Program that starts on Friday 22nd and finishes on Thursday 28th November.

All year 10 students will then need to enrol as VCE Year 11 students on the VCE Enrolment Day also.


VCE Enrolment Day

Friday 29th November is VCE Enrolment Day. All current year 10 and year 11 students are required to attend on the day to enrol or re-enrol as VCE students. Payment of fees, subject levies and any other costs may also be completed on this day.

Venue: S1

Times: Surnames beginning A to K - 9.00am until 12.30pm

               Surnames beginning L to Z - 12.30pm until 3.00pm


Mrs J. Riddoch

Senior School Leader

Community News

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

  • 25th November
  • 12th December

Monash Mini Maker Faire


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