31 May 2019
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From the Principal

The water carrier

Some years ago, a famous footballer described an opposition player of the world game as a ‘water carrier’. He suggested that his opponent was only good enough ‘to carry the water’ implying that he was unworthy of being considered a contemporary or equal. When asked to respond, the opposition player was quite happy with being described in such a manner. He believed it conjured up an image of service in time of need; service to the team and to others.


At times, it is easy to either desire or strive to be that central person, the star, the life of the party, the one who is admired, the buzzer-beating legend.  As we know, great teams and great cultures are not underpinned by the likes of these, but rather by those who step forward when needed, who take genuine delight in the accomplishment of others and of fostering the capacity of others.


At enrolment interviews I often suggest to prospective students that ‘John XXIII College is a good school if you make it a good school’. Our learning and teaching are integral to a successful education and our Catholicity underpins all our programs. It is important that we try and assist our students to find their niche ‘or group’ at school.


Last Friday our Autumn Music Soiree was warmly received by our community. That morning our Year 5B class competently led the Primary School Assembly and our Year 8s attended a Retreat. On the previous evening, our Year 9 Drama students entertained family and friends. This week our cross-country runners competed against 70 other schools in the Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) Carnival. Our Year 6 students  visited Canberra and our Years 11 and 12 students  completed mid-year examinations. The Year 11 pilgrimage students have been undertaking extensive training and on Tuesday our pilgrimage staff were inducted into this year’s program. It is a busy place.


At times our students will be the genuine stars in these programs. We will celebrate their achievements. On other occasions they will be the ‘water-carriers’. We will give them similar acknowledgement.


Robert Henderson


Do you know the location of our defibrillators?

Please be aware that the College has four defibrillators that are placed in the following locations across our campus:

  • Health Centre
  • Outside wall of Student Reception (Secondary) facing chapel lawn
  • Inside St Louis Sport Centre
  • Outside wall St Louis Sport Centre facing north oval


Expressions of Interest

The College Council's Finance and Risk Committee

Risk Management and Law Skills

The College Council is currently seeking expressions of interest from parents to join the College’s Finance and Risk Committee with professional expertise and skills in:

  • risk management; and / or
  • corporate and commercial law.

We encourage all parents with a Catholic ethos, commercial acumen and experience in these fields to express their interest.


Finance and Risk Committee Responsibilities

The Committee's responsibilities are to provide support to the Council and College Principal in overseeing the development and approval of the College budget, monitoring financial reports against budget, reviewing annual accounts and capital expenditure and overseeing financial and risk management. The Committee meets seven times per year in school terms (usually on Wednesday mornings, 7.00am - 9.00am).  Further information on the Committee can be found at:


Expression of interest

This is a great opportunity to get involved in the governance of the College.  To express your interest, please send an email by Thursday 20 June 2019 to John Cumming, Business Manager John XXIII College:

  • outlining why are you interested in joining this Committee and summarising your relevant skills and experience; and
  • attaching your curriculum vitae.

John Cumming’s contact details are:


Telephone: (08) 9383 0402


Year 8 Retreat Day 24 May

Year 8 students participated in their Retreat Day on Friday 24 May. The theme was ‘Seek Justice by working for Reconciliation’. Using the notion of reconciliation and social justice in an Australian context, students were able to think about how they can impact and transform the world through their own actions.


Students attended two sessions during the day, one of which was run by NET Ministries Australia. During this time, Year 8s had an opportunity to explore their relationship with God and the presence of God in their lives with some interactive games and group discussions.


A real highlight for many students was listening to Scott Darlow, a Yorta Yorta descendent, and singer-songwriter. Combining acoustic rock and heartfelt lyrics with the didgeridoo skills of his heritage, Scott shared stories related to his Indigenous culture and challenged students to help facilitate reconciliation and understanding. Scott spoke about empathy as the foundation for any real change and encouraged each student to adopt, and practice daily, attributes of his key word FLUTE- Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Tolerance and Empathy.


To conclude the day, students attended a Mass celebrated by Fr Rodrigo and the NET Ministries Team followed by a group photo. 


Some Year 8s had the following to say about the day:


Throughout the day and as the day went on I felt that my relationship with God was strengthening and I had a better understanding about what social justice actually meant.


The Retreat was a fun experience where we learnt a lot about the Indigenous people of Australia and the hardships that they had to endure. We also learnt a lot about God’s impact in people’s lives and how we should reach out to those in our lives and not in our lives.”


This retreat day was a very interactive and reflecting day. It was full of fun stories and jokes but also had a lot of self-reflection which I think was a good balance.


Year 12 Media Workshop 2019

Earlier this term, Year 12 Media Production & Analysis students were given the opportunity to learn hands-on film production skills from an industry professional, Mr Iain Appleyard (Perth Youth Film Academy). Mr Appleyard visited us here at the College for an all-day workshop, bringing along a variety of equipment for the students to try, as well as imparting knowledge and skills that should prove immensely valuable for the students when working on their major film production task (due later in the year). Well done to the students for participating and responding so positively throughout the day, and best wishes to all of them throughout the Semester One exam period and beyond!

Mr Robert Di Giallonardo
Media Teacher

National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week is a time to explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia. This year’s theme is “Grounded in truth, walk together with courage”.  Our students enjoyed music from Indigenous rock band, The Struggling Kings and engaged with other reconciliation activities to learn about shared histories, cultures and achievements.


STEM Drone Club

All are welcome to our John XXIII STEM Drone Club. Our latest member was Sr Theresa Elliott, who joined in for a session. Students were eager to show Sr Tess all the neat tricks they have learnt during STEM Drone Club on mastering the art of flying drones.


Invitation to families to host one of our exchange students from Japan

In Term 3 we have a group of international exchange students visiting our College from Fujimi High School, Tokyo, Japan. The students arrive on Sunday 28 July (end of Week 1) and are here for two weeks, leaving on Saturday 10 August. They are all female students aged approximately 15-16 years old.


Their purpose for coming to the College is to experience life in Australia and practice speaking English.

Please refer to letter below giving you more information about the exchange and a Host Family Application Form. Please return the completed Application Form with images of your family at your earliest convenience.

Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to share your home with someone from Japan and make a life-long friend with someone who lives in Tokyo. Opening your home to someone from another country will expand your understanding of another culture.


Many thanks to the Host Families that have already completed forms and sent them in by email. Your generosity is very much appreciated.


This will be our 21st Exchange with Fujimi High School! The length of our relationship reflects the value, loyalty, strength and success of the program.


Ms Shane Glass

Head of Learning Area (Languages)

Lifelink Forum

On Tuesday this week, three secondary students from the College attended the annual Lifelink Forum at Aranmore College. Along with representatives from the other Catholic Secondary Schools in Perth, the students were an engaged audience as Auxiliary Bishop Donald Sproxton launched the Lifelink Fundraising Initiative for 2019 and Archbishop Timothy Costelloe delivered a keynote address. Centred around the theme ‘Christ is Alive’ (the title of Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation written after last year’s synod on young people, faith, and vocational discernment), Archbishop Costelloe reflected on how this truth is highly visible in the network of Catholic schools throughout WA.


Following a morning tea break the students viewed the current ‘Welcome to Lifelink’ video and were invited to offer constructive feedback to consider for a new and updated video. It is hoped this new video can be launched at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival that is taking place in Perth during December.


The day concluded with a question/answer session where the students were invited to ask questions of Archbishop Costelloe, Bishop Sproxton and Debra Sayce (the Executive Director of CEWA) on any issue of importance to them. The nature of the questions were varied, ranging from how to make non religious students feel welcome in the context of a Catholic school to whether baptism is essential to get to heaven.


A highlight of the day was the presentation of the Service Award for 2019. Decided by the Archbishop and Auxiliary Bishop, this award is given in recognition to a school that has shown outstanding efforts in their fundraising and awareness raising activities for Lifelink. This year the award was given to John XXIII College.


HASS Week, 20-24 May

The HASS Department celebrated the individual disciplines within the Humanities and Social Sciences department during HASS Week. Prior to HASS Week our Year 10 students completed the Geography Competition and looking forward our Year 8 students will complete the History competition on Friday June 7. Both activities normally fall within HASS week, however this year the competitions were offset.


Throughout the week students in Years 7-12 were involved in a Homeroom quiz, learning random facts about the members of the HASS department. The victorious homeroom will be announced on Monday morning.


On Thursday Jarred Wall from ‘Boox Kid’ entertained our students on the Chapel lawn with an electronic music set. Friday the HASS department cooked a lunchtime bbq for the students and organised an indigenous acoustic act ‘The Struggling Kings’ to play a live set on the Chapel Lawn. These acts coincided with the celebration of reconciliation week activities organised by Mrs Janeen Murphy. It was fantastic to see both staff and students engage with the music in their own way, including our own Principal Mr Rob Henderson who was able to re-live his own university experience from days gone by!


Congratulations to all students who embraced HASS week and engaged wholeheartedly in the activities throughout the week.


Mr Andrew Osnain

Head of Learning Area, Humanities and Social Sciences

Mock Trials

Round 2 of the 2019 Law Society of Western Australia Mock Trial Competition was held on Thursday night at the Supreme Court. Our team went up against St Andrew’s Grammar - appearing for the Defence in a criminal matter involving stealing.


We had three students step into new roles for this round. Year 12 student, Sam Falzun, performed professionally as the Judges Associate, whilst Year 11 students Reuben Patchett and Ashleigh Smith took onboard the role of the accused and defence witness, respectively. The Judge commended Reuben and Ashleigh for their seamless recall of their witness statements and for handling the pressure of cross-examination so well. It must have been the excellent preparation they received from senior barristers, Rory Hewson and Charlie Richards, and solicitor Cullen Binet!


The barristers persuasively argued that the accused did not intend to permanently deprive the owner of his property – and with the Prosecution unable to establish their case, the team won the case and the round.


There is a lot of preparation involved in the lead up to the trial, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the students who, despite their busy schedules in the lead up to exams, enthusiastically attended lunchtime meetings. I would also like to thank the other members of our team who came along on the night to offer support.


Our Round 2 Team included: 

  • Barrister 1: Rory Hewson
  • Barrister 2: Charlie Richards
  • Solicitor: Cullen Binet
  • Witness 1: Reuben Patchett
  • Witness 2:  Ashleigh Smith
  • Judges Associate:  Sam Falzun
  • Reserve: Toby Morgan, Ethan Pasch, Sophie Manners, Jasmin Collins, Mia Fracaro, Jack Court , Phoebe Male, James Langton, Alex Panther & Harper Turtle.

Congratulations to our 2019 Mock Trial team on another win (two for two) – and best wishes for the next round. In omnia paratus.


Daisy Farley

Morgan Ball

Politics & Law

Lost property

All students are encouraged to be responsible for their own belongings, but from time to time articles of clothing, drink bottles, lunch boxes and school bags are found lying around the school. Any items that have lost their owners are found in Student reception (Secondary). 


Parents and students are encouraged to check these lost property bins on a regular basis.

Around The Primary

Hello Everyone!

During the five weeks away from school, I have had a wonderful time in Italy, Barcelona and London and particularly enjoyed the special time relaxing on an amazing Mediterranean Cruise. I am really happy to be back at school and look forward to catching up with you all – especially your wonderful children.


I am extremely grateful to both Ms Allen and Miss Joyce for their tireless efforts while I have been on Long-Service Leave. I also thank all our wonderful staff for their professional, hardworking and pastoral work supporting your children in their learning.


On Monday, the sixty Year Six students accompanied by Miss Graves, Miss Nish, Ms Allen, Miss Joyce, Mr Fromm, Ms Gardner and Mrs Murphy headed to our National Capital for their Leadership Camp. This camp is a great opportunity for students to build on their leadership skills while having a great time with their friends. Each staff member packed plenty of enthusiasm, humour, kindness, wisdom and care to share generously with the students.


Being in a new place with different people and even being away from home might have been confronting at first, however feelings of happiness, joy, excitement quickly replaced any fears. No doubt the students and staff will return from Canberra exhausted tonight. The staff have been so proud each of the students on camp.  Each individual student ‘stepped up’ to be the very best version of themselves, and this made the experience both valuable and really enjoyable for everyone involved.


The conversations and activities centred on the following:

  • participation and effort
  • taking a risk
  • having a positive ‘can do’ attitude
  • teamwork
  • dealing with emotions
  • cooperation and collaboration
  • building quality relationships
  • being grateful
  • reinforcing leadership qualities
  • challenging ourselves and learning about oneself and others
  • faith, family and friendship


Every student had a go at everything, and this was of course something very special and cause for much celebration! Camp gave the students and staff multiple opportunities to talk about and reflect on so many aspects of what it means to be a good leader, a good friend and a good student. There were some interesting (and funny) moments for staff as they watched who couldn’t make their own bed; who did not eat vegetables at all; who went out of their way to help others; who could look after their luggage responsibly; who were good problem solvers; who bounced back quickly after disappointment or frustration; who was able to able to consistently follow instructions; who was able to communicate well with adults and children alike; who remembered to say please and thank you … and much more!


From all accounts it was a fantastic experience and we thank all parents for your support and trust.

Please take an opportunity next week of thanking the staff in person for all their hard work.




A very warm congratulations to Karin Ilich and her husband Darren on the arrival of  Billy Pete Stevens, born on Friday 17 May. 


Kind regards, 


Antoinette De Pinto

Head of Primary

Dates to Remember

Monday 3 June Public Holiday - Western Australia Day
Tuesday 4 June

Cross Country Training begins 7am

Sunday 9 June  Pentecost Sunday

Muffin Monday 

Special thanks to the Year 5 students and families who put so much effort into making delicious muffins for The Shopfront. 



Reconciliation Week 

May, June and July are eventful months for Aboriginal children, families and their communities. They are also a time for us all to think, reflect and recommit to our own contribution towards building flourishing Australian communities.


National Reconciliation Week, began with Sorry Day on 26 May and ends with Mabo Day on 3 June. This year’s theme is Grounded in Truth Walk Together with Courage.


Our students have spent time reflecting on Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week this week. Special thanks to Mrs Murphy and some Secondary students for organising the lunch-time activities.




Cross Country reminder - training begins next week on Tuesday 4 June.    


When: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 7:30 am, beginning week 6.


Who: Years 3-6 students.  It would be fantastic to see lots of parents and younger siblings running with the group – all are welcome but if you have a younger child running they must be accompanied by an adult around throughout the run. 


Where: Meet at the primary under-cover area at 7:25am.  We will run from there to the secondary oval. 


What: Running shoes, water bottle, any medication asthma puffer etc.  There will be breakfast available at the canteen, so bring some money if you are interested. 


Some dates for the Diary 

  • Inter-house Cross Country Carnival Y3-Y6 - Tuesday 30th July
  • Inter-school Cross Country Carnival Y3-Y6 - Thursday 22 August 

Steve Williams

0477 970 099

Keeping Safe

This term across the Primary School we are exploring the second focus area of the Keeping Safe Program: RELATIONSHIP


Students explore what it means to have rights and responsibilities. Children’s rights are introduced by looking at what children need to be healthy and safe, and identifying the responsibility adults have in keeping children safe. Children explore their personal identity and the importance of respecting diversity. They begin to understand the connections they have with their family and friends and explore these relationships. The concepts of bullying, fair and unfair, and power are all introduced. Children explore age-appropriate social issues to identify situations where there has been an abuse of power in a relationship and to demonstrate appropriate actions to take. The language of safety is an important aspect and non-blaming language is encouraged. Children develop an understanding of trust and trusted networks to consider who will listen to them and help them when they feel unsafe. Children explore a range of people who they may not know, but who may be able to help them.


Parents can support their child by helping them;

  • understand that we all have rights, e.g. the right to be safe, the right to be cared for, the right to be listened to 
  • know the difference between things they may want such as chocolate or toys, and things they need such as food, a bed and a safe place to live understand relationships with their family, friends and others, and safe ways to interact (if consensual and trusted), e.g. hug, kiss, shake hands, wave
  • recognise what bullying behaviour looks like and what to do if they or someone else is being bullied, e.g. tell the person to stop, walk away, talk to a trusted adult 
  • understand that personal power can be used positively and negatively, e.g. letting another child join in the game, not taking turns on the slippery dip
  • know what to do if someone tells them to do something that feels unsafe
  • identify trusted people at home, in the family, at school and in the community. Include a support service such as Kids Helpline
  • practise talking to the people on their trusted network and know how to get help if they need it.
  • Useful resources: | |

(Information from KS:CPC | Parent and carer fact sheet)

If you have any queries or concerns about the Keeping Safe Program please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Anne Murphy 

Primary Counsellor

9383 0469

Inspire Event 'Growing up online'

The John XXIII College Parents’ Association through Inspire ‐ Parent Education presents 'Growing up online' presented by Susan McLean. 

An informative & entertaining session for Parents and carers is delivered with Susan's famous 'no nonsense' approach & will cover the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of.  Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 7:00pm  in the Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre.  Book via Trybooking: 


Music - Week 15

Music Eisteddfod 

The annual John XXIII College Music Eisteddfod is next week! The eisteddfod will be held on Sunday 9 June and Monday 10 June, with session times as listed below. Rehearsals with accompanists Mr Johnston, Mr Dockery and Mr Ryan can be booked through the Music Office.


  • GBLT – Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre
  • PAC – Performing Arts Centre
  • OSBR – Osborne Room
  • MKR – Mackillop Room

All performers should aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the sessions start times listed.


We are currently seeking parent volunteers for sessions, to assist adjudicators with the collation of certificates and marking forms. We would greatly appreciate all volunteers please contact Margaret Gratton ( with your preferred session.


We look forward to a fantastic Eisteddfod!

Performance Uniform Sizing 

All Secondary Music Ensembles will transition to a Music Performance Uniform over the course of the following term. Students attending Tour will premiere the uniform in Sydney while, all other ensembles will perform in the new uniforms for Spring Soiree in Term 3.


Sizing and purchasing uniforms can be arranged through the Music Department up until the end of Term 2 for $125 (which includes a jacket and trousers), after which they will be available through the Uniform Shop (prices at that later stage may be subject to change). Students may attend the Music Office during any out-of-class time to try on uniforms.


Please contact the Music Department with any questions.


Coming soon in Drama

  • Junior House Theatre Sports
    Wednesday 12 June
    7:00pm, GBLT

  • Senior House Theatre Sports
    Tuesday 18 June
    7:00pm, GBLT

  • Year 8 Drama Performance
    And Now For Something Completely Python
    Monday 1 July
    5:00pm, Roncalli Hall

  • Year 10 Drama Night
    Show Bag
    Wednesday 3 July
    7:00pm, Roncalli Hall

Year 9 Drama Night

Congratulations to the 68 Year 9 Drama students who performed last week in the Year 9 Drama Night. They all performed brilliantly, engaging the audience with their talent, energy and discipline. It was an entertaining night of extracts from some modern classic Australian plays about family, school and friendship.



Following last week’s very successful Magis World Scholar’s Breakfast, we look forward to the W.A. Competition at Sacred Heart College, Sorrento, on Friday 31 May. Parents are reminded that there will be a bus leaving the College at 7:30am on the Friday and returning at about 6:40pm on Friday evening.  Families are required to provide their own transport on the Saturday.  Good luck to all competitors.

The Jesuit National Debating Championship team has been finalised.  Year 12 students Rory Hewson, Cullen Binet, Xavier Carr and Aden Cleghorn will be representing us at Xavier College, Melbourne, from 7-9 July.


The Magis Mental Mathematics Challenge has commenced, and make-up rounds will be held at recess on several days this coming week.  There have been several near-perfect scores so far, particularly from Years 7 and 8 students. Judges are currently marking the Creative Writing contest entries, and results will be announced in week 6. There were some great entries, particularly in Years 7, 8 and 10.


The interschool debating season continued on Tuesday, with John XXIII College having three wins and three narrow losses with other teams having byes or forfeits. Our Year 7 Team 2 (Hannah Johnson, Maya Mintz, Weley Zagreb and Meg Derbyshire) remains undefeated after three rounds. Warmest thanks to all coaches and managers for their assistance and parents who are supporting the teams.

Finally, best wishes to all our Years 10, 11 and 12 students for exams which occur over the next fortnight.

Jim Miller

Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Magis & Altiora Calendar

Term Two

  • 31 May - J1 World Scholar’s regionals SHC
  • 12 June - Magis Academic Knowledge
  • 26 June - Magis Awards & Personal Project Breakfast



NAS Training

This week our Years 7, 8 and 9 NAS teams had their first scheduled training session. It was great to see all of the teams train well in preparation for their upcoming matches against Sacred Heart and Newman College. The PE staff put on a sausage sizzle at the conclusion of training which all students enjoyed.




Congratulations to Alejandra Recinos (Year 7) who will be traveling to Melbourne this week for the Australian Gymnastics Championships. We wish her the best of luck.

Congratulations also to Grace Johnston (Year 9) who has been selected in the WA Girls State U14's squad and will participate at the Girls National Youth championships in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales in July. Later in August she has also been selected in the WA State Team touring Shanghai, China.


Congratulations to Lucas Russell (Year 10) who  has been selected by Gymnastics Western Australia to represent WA as part of their National Team for Under 17's Trampolining and Double Mini. 

Netball Club

Grading is now finalised for Years 5, 6, 7 to 12 and Alumni.

Fixtures are all available via

Details of how to use this website and the MyNetball app for your mobile device can be found on our website.

Club reminder

  • Coaches and parents are not permitted to run up and down the side lines nor stand behind the goal posts.
  • There will be no games over the long weekend.

Code of Conduct

When you signed up for netball you agreed to abide by the Code of Conduct. Some key points are:


  • Play by the rules and spirit of the game
  • Bullying of team-mates is not acceptable
  • Never argue with an official
  • Control your temper
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team
  • Cooperate with your coach
  • Respect the rights and dignity of all participants
  • Never consider cheating
  • Learn to accept both victory and defeat with good grace
  • Social media comments regarding anyone should always be positive.

Parents & Spectators

  • Support all the players in the team
  • Be positive about the coaches and umpires and behave accordingly 
  • Do not question coaches or umpire’s decisions if you have an issue contact the coordinator relevant to your age group
  • Do no coach from the side-line
  • Offer help to the coach if the girls are not listening or behaving appropriately
  • If you have an issue regarding the standard or manner of coaching or umpiring speak to the coordinator relevant to your age group to discuss it.

The full Code of Conduct can be found on the Club website.


Have a lovely long weekend and enjoy the rest of the netball season. 

Pathways and Transition

Year 10 Career and VET Expo Excursion

As part of the Year 10 Pathway Planning Program students visited the Careers and VET Expo at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre last Friday. The Expo is Western Australia’s leading Careers Expo and featured representation from both local and national universities and vocational training colleges. In addition, many industries had representation enabling students to connect with both education and employer groups regarding study pathways and career options. Several students had the opportunity to try their hand at bricklaying.




Fogarty Scholarship

The UWA Fogarty Scholarship Program is enriching our community by investing in exceptional young people who use their skills, abilities and commitment to lead positive change in our community, State and nation.


Established in 2004, the Program is a joint initiative of the Fogarty Foundation and The University of Western Australia and is one of Australia’s premier scholarship programs, awarding 10 new scholarships to students each year.


Each scholarship is valued at $10,000.

Further information:

Applications close on 26 May 2019

Open Day & Events


Open Day

Sunday 21 July 10:00am - 4:00pm
Events for future students


Open Day Joondalup Sunday 28 July
Open Day Mount Lawley & WAAPA Sunday 11 August 
South West Sunday 25 August
Events for future students

Events for future students
Open Day Sunday 4 August 9:00am to 3:00pm


Events for future students
Open Day Sunday 11 August  2019
Open Day Sunday 28 July, 2019
Events for future students
Open Day  Peninsula Saturday 3 August
Caulfield & Clayton Sunday 4 August
Parkville Sunday 18 August
Events for future students



Further information available here:


Further information available here:

Further information available here: 

Family Zone & Cyber Safety

Download Family Zone 

Make use of the Family Zone Accounts which we are offering to John XXIII College families for free, as part of our College contract negotiations until 2020.


By setting up a private Family Zone account, you can apply age-appropriate parental controls on every device your child has access to, in any location. To find out more visit


Screen-time and sleep: It's an eye-opener

You’ve fetched the fuzzy slippers. You’ve laid out the flannel jammies. You’ve warmed up the Milo. But if you really want to set your child up for a good night’s sleep, there’s one more bedtime accessory you might need to consider.


A pair of blue-light-blocking sunnies.


Not the most cuddly sleep aids - but a new study confirms they might be a key to more and better quality sleep for our kids in our increasingly screen-centred world.


An equally effective alternative may be even less appealing to your kids: to impose a digital sunset two full hours before bedtime.


What's keeping us up at night?


On average, Australians get 6.5 hours of sleep a night - and 12% of us average 5.5 hours or less. Research shows up to 45% of us have poor sleep patterns.


And that’s not just making us tired - it’s making us sick. Sleep issues are strongly related to mental illness is all age groups. But young people are affected the most. In fact, in people aged 12 to 24, sleep disturbance ranks as the fourth most common mental health issue.


In the long run, it can lead to preventable diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The upshot? According to sleep researcher Dr. Sally Staton, "We're probably at the point of being so sleep-deprived we don't even realise how sleep-deprived we actually are.”

For young and old alike, problems sleeping have been directly linked to the use of devices in the bedroom and before bedtime. Forty-four percent of us admit to using our phones, tablets or computers before (or in) bed. Among teens and 20-somethings, that figure is probably closer to 100%.


The blue light blues

The mechanisms here are complex. One factor  is simply the extra mental stimulation of interacting online, whether playing a game, scrolling through social media or messaging friends. But another comes straight from the technology itself: the blue light our screens emit, which interferes with the production of the brain’s sleep hormone, melatonin.


Studies also show that blue light is associated with decreased delta, or slow-wave brain activity. That enhances alertness, both subjectively and objectively.


Amber or orange-tinted spectacles block blue-light, and have been shown in many trials to increase melatonin production and decrease restless sleep.


The most recent study, conducted by Dutch researchers, examined sleep patterns among teens with various screen-time habits. They divided participants into three groups: the first group wore the amber glasses, the second abstained from screens for two hours before bedtime and the third had no restrictions.


Based on data from diaries, sleep-tracking technology and melatonin sampling, the scientists found both interventions had a significant - and roughly equal - impact on sleep patterns.


Formerly, most experts recommended switching off screens an hour before bedtime. These new findings challenge that received wisdom.


How much sleep is enough?

According to the latest guidelines from the National Sleep Foundation

  • Newborns (0-3 months): 14-17 hours each day
  • Infants (4-11 months): 12-15 hours
  • Toddlers (1-2 years): 11-14 hours
  • Preschoolers (3-5): 10-13 hours
  • School age children (6-13): 9-11 hours
  • Teenagers (14-17): 8-10 hours
  • Younger adults (18-25): 7-9 hours
  • Adults (26-64): 7-9 hours
  • Older adults (65+): 7-8 hours


Community Liturgy

Community Mass is a joyful gathering of students, parent, staff and friends who make up the John XXIII family.  All are welcome.  Next Friday, students in Year 8 will prepare the Liturgy. 
Community Liturgy summary

  • Where:                 College Chapel
  • Time:                     8:00am – 8:30am
  • When:                   every Friday in term time

Sacrament Program 



A number of Year 3 students, with their families, celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation in the parish of St Cecilia’s, Floreat, this week.

Congratulations to:

Gianmarco Bergomi, Grace Czajko, Kiran Finn, Charlotte Fry, Grace Fry, Zoe Hipolito, Evelyn Jackson, Samuel Jukic, Isaac McCready, Isaac Nikoloski, Emily Rintoul, Jack Turner and Zara Zidar


Several students, together with their families, will be celebrating the sacraments in their parishes this term. As a regional school, we are enriched by students and families participating in a number of parishes.  Let us keep all these students and their families in our hearts and in our prayer at this special time. 


If you have any other questions about the Sacrament Program:

Parish news


GOOD NEWS for: Feast of the Ascension of the Lord
“While blessing them, he was taken to heaven” 

Luke 24: 46-53

The reflection for this Sunday’s Gospel is a homily by Jesuit priest, Fr Richard Leonard. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.


A teacher told me recently that when she asked her grade fours to draw a picture of the Ascension, not unsurprisingly most of them did a fairly conventional portrait of Jesus rising up on a cloud. One of her students, David, who is a particularly gifted artist, had Jesus blasting off into the sky. Down the side of Jesus’ pure white garment was the word NASA and David provided all the sound effects for how he imagined the scene of the first Ascension. He concluded, without a hint of irony, that, ‘the Ascension must have been a real blast!’


None of us can blame David for marrying our modern culture with an ancient story. In fact if some of us are honest, David's ‘space shuttle Jesus’ is not far from what we think as well.


The Ascension stories, however, are not primarily interested in how or when Jesus got back to heaven. John and Paul never mention it at all. Mark and Matthew have it happening on the same day as the Resurrection and Luke has it occurring 40 days after Easter on the same day as Pentecost. The one thing, on which all the New Testament writers agree, is where in heaven Jesus went and where he is presently – at God's right hand.


Even to this day, being on someone's right is a place of honour. In the Old Testament being on the right hand of David, Samuel or Elijah was to be the anointed and favoured one, the true son or daughter. In telling us, then, that Jesus is now at God's right hand, the Gospels use a formal phrase to announce that God affirms everything Jesus said and did on earth and that he is the way for us to follow.


That can be all well and good, but Jesus goes one step further and that's why this feast is so important. Jesus taught us that where he is, so shall we be, that he was going to prepare a place for us and that, in and through him, we will have life and have it to the full.


The feast of the Ascension is the day, each year, where we remember and we celebrate that, just as Jesus was welcomed to God's right hand, so, too, shall we be welcomed to the right hand of Jesus. This is his promise, this is our faith and this is the hope we are called to proclaim to the world. And let's be clear about the invitation. There is nothing we have ever done, are doing, or will do, that will get our name removed from the invitation list to the feast of Christ's kingdom. The challenge is accepting that we have a standing invitation and living lives worthy of the love that places our name on the list. The feast of the Ascension announces that Jesus will faithfully accompany us no matter how far we lose our way and that by our fidelity to Christ we accept or reject the standing offer.


And because the Ascension is an Easter feast it develops even further that there is nowhere, bar evil, where God does not dwell. Because of the Resurrection and Ascension we can find God everywhere we want to: in our homes, our work, our suffering, our old age, our emotional, sexual or financial turmoil – and even in our death.


Even though the writers of the New Testament are not too clear on the details of how the Ascension happened, what we initially see in this wonderful feast is not what we get. Thanks be to God, it's so much more.


© Richard Leonard


Year 10 Meningococcal Immunisation Program

The Department of Health is offering a free, one dose, Meningococcal ACWY immunisation program for Year 10 students. The Department of Health Immunisation team will be visiting the College on Wednesday 31 July to administer the Vaccine. Students in Year 10 will receive an information pack and consent form to take home to parents during this term.

For more information visit


Jenny Hill

College Nurse

Defibrillators located in the College

Please be aware that the College has four defibrillators that are placed in the following locations:

  • Health Centre
  • Outside wall of Student Reception (secondary) facing chapel lawn
  • Inside St Louis Sport Centre
  • Outside wall St Louis Sport Centre facing north oval

A map of the College is provided below. 


Men Of John XXIII College

Men of John XXIII College Social Night

How do you balance being a father, stand-up comedian, actor, writer and MC. Peter Rowsthorn will bring his unique sense of humour to our “End of Financial Year” Fathering Project Social Night. Peter is a long time JTC Dad and supporter of the Fathering Project. In-between a few laughs, enjoy his experiences of fathering and lessons he has learnt along the way.

Date:                  Friday 28 June

Time:                  6:30 -7:00pm Meet for drinks. 7:00– 10:00pm

Venue:               Cambridge Bowling Club, 39 Chandler Ave West, Floreat

Drinks:               Purchase at the bar

Food:                  Pizza and Pasta supper

Cost:                   $20.00

More info:


“It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father”

Pope John XXIII


The John XXIII College Parents’ Association through Inspire ‐ Parent Education presents

‘Growing up online’ presented by Susan McLean

An informative & entertaining session for Parents and carers is delivered with Susan's famous 'no nonsense' approach & will cover the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of:

  • What are kids doing online – The popular social networking sites and apps such as Secret Calculator, TikTok, Instagram & Yubo as well as live streaming sites.
  • Online Grooming – What is it and when/how does it occur? What are the warning signs & what to do if you suspect this is happening to your child.
  • Cyberbullying ‐ What it is, where it happens, what it looks like, how to prevent and what to do if it occurs. Also the legal consequences and the possible criminal charges.
  • Sharing Nudes – the taking and sending of explicit images. The social and emotional consequences as well as the Law.
  • Top Tips– how to assist the children in your care to stay safe online via parental controls and restriction passcodes.
  • Problematic Internet use and gaming issues.

Tuesday 11 June 2019 at 7:00pm

Gonzaga Barry Lecture Theatre



Susan McLean is Australia’s foremost expert in the area of Cybersafety and young people. She was the first Victorian Police Officer appointed to a position involving Cybersafety and young people. She took her first report of cyberbullying in 1994 and since then she has conducted extensive research and has completed advanced training in this area in both the USA and UK and is a sought after presenter and advisor to Schools, elite sporting bodies such as the AFL, GP’s, and both State and Federal Governments.


She has authored resources for the Victorian DET, writes and reviews school Policy, provides crisis

management/advice to schools and law firms and is afforded ‘expert’ status on the Safer Internet

Programme Data Base. She recently co‐authored the NSW Govt. Review into mobile phones in schools.


Susan is the most highly qualified of all Federal Government eSafety Presenters. Susan is a member of the National Centre Against Bullying (NCAB) and is also a member of the Australian Government's

Cybersafety working group and a published author. Her book 'Sext's Texts & Selfies', is the definitive

guide for parents, teachers and carers to help children stay safe online.

Parents' Association

Parents’ Association Term 2 Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Term 2 meeting. We are pleased to announce that the following proposals were passed with a significant majority:

  1. $7500 for Inspire Annual Funding;
  2. $7000 for Parent Party Annual Funding;
  3. $27,650 for Rowing Department Funding for 20 Ergometers 

The Parents’ Association meeting for Term 3 will be held at 7:00pm on Wednesday 21 August in the Thomas More Exhibition Centre. All parents and guardians of John XXIII College students are invited to attend. Please come along to hear updates from the school leadership team and have your say on how our Parent Association funds are allocated.


If you have any ideas for how the Parents’ Association funds could be spent in Term 3, the Guidelines for Funding Proposal Form must be completed. This may be obtained by emailing the Association on or you can download one from the school website, or below. The deadline for Term 3 Funding submissions is Friday 2 August.


All funding proposals or special agenda items to be presented at the Term 3 meeting will be advertised in the newsletter on Friday 9 August.


2019 Parents’ Association Committee

College Charter Bus

John XXIII College offers Horizons West private bus services taking children to and from school. Currently we run a Southern route through Swanbourne, Cottesloe, Mosman Park, North Fremantle and East Fremantle. We are pleased to extend this service to the north (Floreat, City Beach, Wembley Downs, Scarborough, Doubleview, Woodlands) and the east (Floreat, Churchlands, Wembley, West Leederville) to allow more families the opportunity to make use of this private, safe and convenient bus service.


The service is safe and an affordable option for all primary and secondary students.


Tickets are available for purchase for $2.50 each way from the main administration reception on Mooro Drive, Mount Claremont.


To find out more information about the specific stops and times in your area please view the PDF below


Updated Bus Routes




Change in Canteen Menu

Parmalat have been unable to supple the 300ml Oak light milk.  We have changed over to the Milky Max chocolate and strawberry milk.  Please see new menu attached.


Canteen opening hours

  • Breakfast: 8:00am to 8:45am
  • Recess: 10:40am to 11:00am
  • Lunch: 12:50pm to 1:25pm

Ordering online

How to get started:

  • Visit
  • Sign up by completing the registration form
  • Receive a confirmation email with activation link
  • Activate your account and login to the website
  • Add your children and credit to your account
  • Order at your convenience (up to four weeks in advance)

How to activate your Smart Rider card:

  • Log on to your account
  • Go to the ‘Students’ tab and select the student
  • Select ‘Register Students Card’ and complete the fields

Uniform Shop

During Term 2 we are open the following hours:

  • Monday 8:00 am to 5:45 pm
  • Wednesday 8:00 am to 4:15 pm 
  • Friday 8:00 am to 11:45 am

Please note the uniform shop will be closed  for stocktaking on Wednesday 22 May.  Open as usual on Friday 24 May.

New school skirt

The shop now has full stock of the new school skirts for both primary and secondary.

Come and try them on.  


We have a special offer for those who recently purchased (from late October 2018) our old skirt design. If you bring back your skirt, we will refund you half the cost of the skirt, so you can put this towards the purchase a new school skirt.


Chat to our friendly team at the uniform shop for further information.


Inigo Parent Talks

Ignatian Induction Program for Parents

All John XXIII College staff and parents are given the opportunity to participate in the Ignatian Induction Program.

The modules aim to provide staff and parents with the essence of the ethos of John XXIII College. They are a great opportunity to learn about lgnatian Spirituality and meet other parents to explore spirituality within an lgnatian context.


The program consists of six independent content modules with a certificate issued upon completion of all six modules.

If you would like to attend, please RSVP to Murray Graham by email or phone 9383 0444.


John XXIII College Alumni 

ALUMNI Events & Reunions

Ron Logan Cup (Football) – John XXIII Day


Theresa Elliott Shield (Netball) – John XXIII Day


1st Year Class 2018 Reunion 

‘Save the Date’ 60th Reunion Loreto Claremont Class 1959

  • A lunch will be held on Thursday 17 October, 2019. 
  • To register interest or for further information, contact 
  • Liz Prendergast 0412 642 256
  • Mary Graeme 0428 338 285



10 Year Class 2009 Reunion


20 Year Class 1999 Reunion


30 Year Class 1989 Reunion

For further information please contact Anna Gingell, Alumni Development, on 9383 0520 or email 

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