28 June 2019
Term 2 - Week 9
Upcoming Dates to Remember
Semester One Reports
Latest Happenings
Latest Happenings
Welcome! New Deputy Principal
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Upcoming Dates to Remember

Tues - Wed 2-3 July Reports on Connect
Thurs 4 July Year 3/4 Assembly
Fri 5 July Last day of Term / All School Movie & Faction Reward
Mon 22 July Students Resume
Thurs 25 July NAIDOC Day
Mon 29 July - Fri 2 Aug Parent Teacher Meetings



Semester One Reports

Important Information on Reports

Reports have been delayed by a day or two, and will be out on Connect on Tuesday or Wednesday of Week 10.  Keep an eye out on Connect next week. If you need assistance accessing your child/ren's reports, please contact the front office (9047 1053 or [email protected]) and we will assist you. 

Parent Teacher Meetings

If your child has the parent interview marker checked on their report, week 2 in Term 3 has been allocated for you to come in and meet with your student's teacher. Teachers will make contact but we encourage parents to be proactive and contact the Teacher through Connect and book a suitable time. 

Latest Happenings

National Simultaneous Story Time (NSST)

This year the NSST book was Alpacas with Maracas. The Pre-Primary class loved watching the video on the smartboard. They also read the book with Mrs Watson. The next day Mrs Clarke and Mrs Melville worked with the Kindy/PP kids to make collage pictures of Alpacas with Maracas, they also painted pictures of themselves (or the alpacas) in a talent show and they used the shakers made by another class to create their own maraca performances that they shared with the class. Mrs Clarke said it was a great session and the kids loved it.


Brilliant Brains

Week 8's BB theme was ‘All About Me’. We used our senses to explore and describe things we taste, smell and touch. We continued to develop our fine motor skills through playdough faces and cutting.


Latest Happenings

Cross Country

On Friday the 14th June, our PP-Year 6 students participated in the DISA Cross Country at Koorda. Due to the handicap points system, Muka Gold and Muka Green finished 6th & 7th. Muka had great participation from all students, with some individuals finishing very well. Congratulations to everyone.


Overall School Results                                                         Individual Results

Nungarin 73pts                                  Junior Girls                                                         Intermediate Boys     

Bencubbin 65pts                               1st Mackenzie Sprigg (Gold)                    1st Calvin Marquis (Gold)

Beacon 62pts                                      2nd Maggie English (Gold)                         2nd Maitland English (Gold)  

Trayning 60pts                                   Intermediate Girls                                         Senior Girls

Koorda 55pts                                      2nd Temily Daddow (Gold)                       2nd Jodie Priest (Green)    

Muka Gold 52pts                              3rd Remy Bent (Gold)                                  3rd Isabel Vernon (Green) 

Muka Green 41pts



Year 5/6 Camp

The Year 5/6 class have had a fun-filled week at Woodman Point in Perth. We have enjoyed lots of activities in the city, including The Perth Mint, Scitech, AQWA and Fremantle Prison. We also had a day of outdoor games at our camp, and this included a favourite activity - the Flying Fox. The weather was against us some of the time, so we retreated inside to the movies one day and we loved watching Toy Story 4. We were really spoilt with our food on camp, and we all ate like kings and queens. The adults were all really impressed with what great appetites the students have. A big thank you to Mrs Clark (parent helper) and Mrs Nixon for joining us on camp and looking after us so well. Thank you to Mr Goulter who worked very hard all week organising the camp and keeping us all safe and happy. We are all coming home with lots of new memories and experiences shared with our classmates.

Mrs Nelson


Welcome! New Deputy Principal

Introducing Ms Kathryn Lawrence

Starting Term 3, we welcome our newly appointed Deputy Principal Ms Lawrence to our school. Here is a little about Ms Lawrence.

As a teacher, coach and consultant, I have worked in the Department of Education for over 25 years. The majority of my teaching has been in primary schools with some in the secondary context as a Head of Department for Special Needs. I have enjoyed my coaching roles with the Literacy and Numeracy National Partnerships and the Graduate Teacher Induction Program. My consultancy roles have included working with the Autism and Learning Disabilities Team.

My teaching career has provided opportunities to work in various locations and different contexts in the metropolitan area of Perth and around our state of Western Australia. My career began teaching at York District High School and continued in the country towns of Port Hedland and later Meekatharra School of the Air. I have been fortunate to be immersed in another culture while on a teaching exchange to Vancouver Island in Canada. There’s nothing like having to keep students calm after the sighting of a cougar next to the school oval, coming face to face with a tranquilised black bear or swimming downstream while salmon passed me on their upstream journey!

Currently, my special interest is in supporting students to develop reading comprehension and higher order thinking skills through visual literacy using the Critical and Creative General Capabilities.

Recently, I have researched and produced teacher professional learning for students with impairments. The vibrancy of school life has drawn me to Mukinbudin District High School. Once again, I am returning to the stunning Wheatbelt ready for a new adventure with new experiences and challenges.

I look forward to getting to know you all and to add value to the Mukinbudin School Community.



Staffing Update

Farewell Mrs Nelson

This term we say farewell to Mrs Peta Nelson who has been our Deputy Principal while we advertised. Mrs Nelson has been a fantastic asset to the school and has developed strong relationships and applied her vast skills and knowledge to the Mukinbudin context. We thank Mrs Nelson for all her work and wish her all the best for her adventures closer to home.


A little note from Mrs Nelson....

I’d like to sincerely thank the Mukinbudin school community for making me feel so welcome this term. I’ve had a really special time working with you all and I will take wonderful memories home with me. I would like to say a special thank you to Mr Stevens for being so patient and generous with me, with both his time and knowledge. I will especially miss all the students that have touched my heart this term. Thank you all, I hope we may cross paths again one day.

Peta Nelson 

Year 1/2 Class

We are pleased to announce that Miss Palandri has had her contract extended till the end of Term 3 covering maternity leave.

From the Chaplains Desk


This term, as the colder weather has rolled in and bringing with it some rain, we have been holding lunch club. Secondary students are able to hang out in the Library during lunch on Thursdays and Primary students are able to come and hang out in the Multi-Lit room on Wednesdays.

Throughout the lunch break on these days there will be a number of activities for the students to utilise such as games, mindfulness activities and BUZ activities.

Our BUZ build-up zone activities give students the opportunity to grow in their relationship skills, resilience, respect and ethical skills, emotional competence and restorative practice skills.

Mindfulness activities can calm the mind, focus attention, enhance students learning and aid students in maintaining their wellbeing.

Students are more than welcome to just come in and chill out with a book or their own activity if they prefer, enjoy the warm space and have a chat with each other and Mrs Nixon.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays at the school, alternatively you can email me at [email protected]


Kindy News & Enrolments

Semester Two Attendance Days




We are now taking applications for enrolment.  You need to enrol for:

  • Kindergarten - four years old by 30 June 2020
  • Pre-primary (first year of compulsory school) – 5 years old by 30 June 2020
  • changing schools
  • Year 6 students enrolling into Year 7 at MDHS

Visit the school office now to enrol your children for 2020.


School Information

Triple P Tip


Helicopter parents hover over every aspect of their child’s life. They may feel the need to make sure their child does not face any risk or failure. Yet children learn by taking risks.

But this can be confusing for parents – how can you tell if you are just being protective or if you have gone too far?

Take, for example, a child who is learning to climb a tree. A helicopter parent will anxiously hover around telling the child to “be careful”.

Then there are parents who get too involved in their child’s activities. They might do their child’s homework or argue with teachers over poor grades.

Kids need to learn to do things for themselves. And they need to learn by taking some risks and making mistakes. If they aren’t given these chances, when will they grow up? It can get to the point where kids become so reliant on their parents doing things for them that they can’t make decisions for themselves.

The bottom line is, be aware of what you’re doing. Eventually you will learn to be more relaxed about how you monitor your child. You will get used to keeping an eye on your kids while also giving them space to grow.

Canteen News

It would be greatly appreciated if students would order their lunch by recess. Students have been ordering their lunch at lunch time, which has not allowed Mrs Tilbrook time to prepare.


Now available: 120g of Two Fruits or Fruit Salad @ $1.40 each


The Canteen is now using recycable straws.

Is this your water bottle? 

Left at the Junior Development Day in Bencubbin. 


Absentee Notes

If your child/ren have bought absentee notes home from their class, please return them prior to the end of term, so that the system may be updated with the correct information.

Faction Reward

Due to the large amounts of illness, the high standard of participation at school events such as Cross Country, camps, etc, it has been decided that this will become a whole school reward for the term. All students will be invited to come watch on the big screen a movie from 1pm with popcorn provided for all, Friday 5th July 2019. The faction with the highest faction points will be announced at this event and get an extra bonus also.


P&C Busy Bee

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the P&C Busy Bee last week. We are so grateful to our P&C! 

Newsletter Survey

With the feedback we have recieved, we will continue to publish the Newsletter online, with only announcements or adverts going into the Muka Matters. 

Term 3 Planner


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