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15 December 2016
Issue Twenty
School News
Principal's Report
Flash Fiction Winners!
School News
School News
Would you like to host a French Assistant?
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Important Dates


14th - 16th December - Pay It Forward Week

19th December - Clean up/planning day

19th December - Reports available on Compass at 9.00am for students to access

20th December - Staff Final Day


31st January - Academic Year begins for Years 7, 12 and all new  students


1st February - Academic Year begins for Years 8-11

21st February - Year 7 Parent Welcome Evening

28th February - Swimming Sports Day (weather permitting)


7th March - School Photo Day

7th March - Parents' Association International Women's Day Evening

24th March - Athletics Sports Day (weather permitting)

28th March - Parent, Student, Teacher Conferences 12.30pm - 8.00pm

Principal's Report

Celebrating Success!

The 2016 VCE results are our best ever recorded! Thank you to leaders Graham Brain, Tonia Douglas-Scarfe and Tip Kennedy and to the team of teachers who have nurtured and taught this cohort of talented and hard working girls over six years at MGC. The results were celebrated at Wednesday’s brunch for the girls and include:

  • Our Dux attained an ATAR score of 99.8
  • Six students received scores between 99 and 99.95
  • Six students attained perfect study scores of 50
  • 18.6% of our study scores were over 40
  • Our median study score of 34 is up from 33 in 2015
  • 31% of girls attained scores of 90-99.95
  • 19% of girls attained scores of 80-89.95

We are proud of all our Year 12 2016 students and celebrate their collective and individual success. “Melbourne Girls College recorded its best results in 14 years, ranking within the top 50 schools for the first time this year. It had a median study score of 34 and 18.6 per cent of study scores 40 and over.”

So You Think You Can Design - Textiles

Lilly Oshlack and Alannah O’Farrell are the proud owners of a brand new Bernina overlocker each as they won the final ‘So You Think You Can Design’ challenge!

Five schools from across the state competed as finalists at the DATTA Vic (Design and Technology Teachers Association) conference last Thursday.

Lilly and Alannah excelled at meeting the challenge of converting 2 men’s shirts into a ‘new’ and innovative garment suitable for a female within a 3 hour timeframe.  

They chose to make a 1950’s inspired outfit for a young teenage girl. They were judged by Technology teachers who attended the conference using the following criteria:

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Transformation ( a new and original idea)
  • Functionality and addition of secondary functions
  • A range of production processes carried out with skill and precision
  • Overall quality product

It was such a great experience for them and they were both beaming when the winners were announced.

Trevor Howlett!

On Tuesday 13th December Commanding Officer 414 Squadron Trevor Howlett received a special commendation from Wing Commander Shaun Young. The text of the commendation illustrates the hard work and commitment of Trev to the Australian Air Force Cadets for over 20 years.

“ I commend you for your tireless service to the Australian Air Force Cadets through your role as Commanding Officer 414 Squadron (Melbourne Girls’ College) over the past two decades. In particular I commend you as the inaugural Flight Commander and now Commanding Officer at MGC who is the undisputed heart and soul of this proud and unique Squadron. Whilst many have contributed to its success over the journey it has been your personal contribution to the AAFC youth development philosophy and the Melbourne Girls’ College ethos that has kept it going and enabled it to flourish. Over 400 cadets who have served with the Squadron have you to thank for the leadership opportunities, fellowship development, teamwork, fun, learning, excitement, personal challenge, outdoor experiences, career awareness and self-discipline they have received. On behalf of those cadets and the AAFC we commend you, sincerely thank you and wish you many more years of enjoyable volunteerism”.

Junior Space
Design Competition

Congratulations to Lucy Vogel, Sona Hariharan, Tanya Khan and Sam Kintanar finalists of the Junior Space Design Competition. Many thanks to Emily Shaw who coordinated this competition for the girls. They are ready to participate again in 2017 with all of the knowledge from being this year’s finalists with their work on “A Settlement on Mars”.

Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) 414 Squadron Annual Presentation Dinner

Thank you to Trevor Howlett who oversaw the team of staff who supported the annual dinner on Tuesday 13th December. This was a special occasion as it celebrated twenty years of the cadets at Melbourne Girls’ College.

The school year may be winding down for some but at MGC our excellent staff are still working hard on the following experiences for the girls:
•    Senior Rowing Camp – thank you Steph Burgess, Andrew Beck, Tonia Douglas-Scarfe and coaches
•    The AAFC Summer Bivouac in Gembrook – thank you Trevor Howlett and team
•    Marine Biology Camp in Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale and surrounds – thank you Andrew Vance and team
•    Year 7 & 8 Chorals – thank you Laura Arney, Lizzie Hajzler, Zack Pretlove and team
•    Year 7 & 8 Pay it Forward Week – thank you Lucy Vogel, Hazel Campbell-Best, Jacqui Green, Ally Bass, Ophelia Murray, Tip Kennedy and Brent Houghton
•    The reports which may be accessed on Compass from 14th December by parents and 18th December for students


Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season with family and friends. I look forward to working with you all for a rewarding and successful 2017.


Please always contact me at any time you require, with very best regards,


Flash Fiction Winners!

Sweet Blood
Rida Karim 7M1

I breathed in the sweet scent in the air. The rosy smell made its way into my nose and burnt inside my throat, travelling its way into my empty stomach, making it groan. I licked my lips and let my legs take control of me.

The sunlight burnt through me as if it was tearing away my skin. I skidded to a halt as I stared at the human. He wearily grabbed onto the edge of the cliff. His forehead glistened with sweat. His blonde hair stuck against the nape of his neck with sweat as he dug his dirty fingernails into the rocky surface.

The man winced as he lost his balance and stumbled down. My mouth watered as my eyes followed the blood oozing out. The peeling skin revealed thick, red liquid. The sugary scent grew strong as more blood flowed out. A bead of blood dripped down onto the floor and steamed away as the scorching sun evaporated the droplet. I inhaled a sharp breath and lunged for my prey, sinking my teeth into his flesh.

Several Lives Later
Jacqui Green 8C


“Am I dead?”


“It didn’t hurt.”

“You were lucky that time.”

“What do you mean?”

“It usually hurts. Maybe not always physically, but emotionally. To know you are leaving your family.”

“I didn’t care. I didn’t – don’t – love them.”

“And that’s why you died.”

“To get away from their indifference, yes.”

“Well, I have great news for you.”

“Oh boy.”

“You just lived the life of Charlie Watkins, yes?”

“Yeah, that’s me.”

“No. Not anymore. Next you will be Dumisani, a boy from Zimbabwe born in 1982, and after that you will be Elinor, a girl living in 18th century Scotland.”


“There is only one soul in the whole of human history, and that’s you. You will live the life of every person who ever existed.”

“So, I will be my parents? My teachers? Everyone?”

“Yes. You’ll even get to be the Queen of England.”

“Wow. So, after I’ve lived out everyone’s lives, then what?”

“Then… you die. For real.”


“Are you ready?”

“Not really.”

“That’s what you said last time.”

Pesticide Free
Hannah Ross 9

"Woah," that was the sound that escaped the bee's proboscis as it dodged aswollen droplet of waer that fell from the vapoured lips of the amosphere. The bee turned to settle hastily beneath the petals of the sweet pittosporum, moving flamboyantly from the day's breath. As he sat sheltered by the feint life form above him, the bee found himself consumed by the sight of the aphid and the stem it clung onto so desperately. Through the compound eyes of the bee, the aphid clung to the stem in an absurd act of longing. The kind of longingthat pompously pushed all ambitions aside in the pursuit of whatever desired one holds. However, the bee's eyes betrayed him, for the aphid did not cling to the stem but punctured its innards churning the essential fluids of the stem's life into an all-organic, vegan  certified breakfast smoothie.

School News

Australian Air Force Cadets

Last week the cadets of 414 squadron had their final Bivouac of the year at Gillwell Scout Camp. The camp was jam packed full of fun activities, such as a Trivia Night, Rogaining, camping in Hutchies, Tree Climbing, and our annual 'Dining in Night' and Banter. These activities strengthened the family bond that 414 squadron cadets share, and vastly improved the morale and leadership experience of all cadets. 
As well as completing all Basic stage, all first year cadets were promoted to the rank of Leading Cadet. As a collective we are so proud to elevate the significance of the enthusiastic participation of all cadets who have made the 20th year of our squadron one of the most memorable and fun so far!
-CCPL Cleeland

Summer Biv, in retrospect was made what it was by experiences, opportunities and the many renditions of Feliz Navidad that occurred. It is incontrovertible that every individual that participated had the time of their life, and will always have a space in their heart for this unforgettable experience. For me the most enjoyable experience was tree tops, where everyone had the opportunity to push themselves in a situation that earlier in life would have been unfathomable. I mean who would have thought as a 5 year old that they would fly between, walk through and conquer obstacles in the tree tops. No one. This camp is one of those experiences that every second is unimaginable. I am so glad to have been a part of this camp.
-LCDT Chumbley-Contin

Summer Biv was an amazing experience with many different opportunities. One of the highlights was experiencing constructing and sleeping in a hutchie. Another amazing activity we participated in was Tree Tops Adventure climbing which was a new experience for the first years and a fun day for everyone. One of my favourite parts of the camp was the formal dinner where we all ate together in a formal set up and afterwards told cadet stories from the past. Summer biv was a great time for everyone and we all learnt a lot and had fun.
-LCDT Stewart


School News

Mount Everest Base Camp - Resilience for teens

September 23rd to October 10th 2017

A trip is being organised to Mt Everest base camp as an opportunity for one on one parent/ teenager time and to also develop resilience, perseverance and leadership at an important time in an adolescents’ life.
The organising company is Trek Climb Ski and the expedition will be led by Nick Farr and Tika Tamang who have both reached the summit of Everest and are very experienced climbers.
From the website:
“This trip is not a boot camp nor will we spend time in classrooms. The primary aim of this trip is for parents and their children to spend quality time together in a remarkable and undistracted environment at a crucial period in their lives. There will be regular challenges and activities incorporated into the trip that will foster resilience, teamwork and camaraderie whilst employing an experiential approach to learning. The outcomes will help prepare young participants for the demands and pressures they face in their secondary school years and beyond. Developing resilience is crucial to avoiding unhealthy behaviours and the temptation to give up when things get tough.”  TREK CLIMB SKI.
To learn more about this fantastic opportunity click onto the link and read about what is involved, costs and the itinerary, click on the following link
There is an information session on February 19th where Nick Farr, Tika Tamang and Mark Stennett will be presenting more details and will also be available at the conclusion for an informal chat.
To register please use the following link -

Seal The Loop Action Day

This year, Melbourne Girls’ College has been part of many environmental conferences, action days and activities, including the Annual Moonlight Cinema, K.T.K Melbourne Water Conference and Seal the Loop Action Day. Seal the Loop Action Day Activities took place on the 18th of November at MGC, including activities made by students in the environment team, presentations and visitors from the Port Phillip Eco-Centre and Melbourne Zoo. 
The Year 8 students took part in Seal the Loop, and learnt about marine conservation and awareness. After that, students ventured down to the Yarra River, and with the help of Melbourne Zoo, managed to help pick up a large amount of rubbish that would have ended up in the river. MGC was also visited by Nine News and a few students got to speak about Seal the Loop Day.
Overall, Seal the Loop Action Day was a huge success and the Year 8 learnt how to protect and continue saving the marine environment in the future. We would like to extend our thanks to Karen from the Port Phillip Eco-Center, Zoos Victoria, and Mr. Vance.  

Ophelia Murray and Lilith Stewart

Middle School
Executive News

2016 has been a wonderful year for the Middle School Executive. We were so lucky to be working under the guidance of Ms. Tellefson- Head of Leadership and Niamh Shawer- Middle School Mentor. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and would like to congratulate all the girls for their hard work and effort with their own portfolios as well as the broader initiatives the MSE undertook. A special thank you to the Parents Association for funding our Middle School activities and events. In particular, the resources for the Positive Thinking Assembly and follow up Wellbeing Lesson Plans, prizes for the Notice Board Competition, Chalk Drawing Competition and Morning Tea for the 2016/2017 Middle School Executive Handover Morning Tea. We would like to wish the Middle School Executive for 2017 the best of luck!

Alexandra Bass
Middle School Captain 2016


Lucy Vogel
Middle School Vice-Captain 2016


Would you like to host a French Assistant?

World Education Program - Host Family Wanted!

Dear Families,

Melbourne Girls’ College, in conjunction with World Education Program (WEP), has been given the opportunity to host a French-speaking (French or Belgian) university student at our school during the 2017 school year. We hope to host either a student in semester 1 plus a different student in term 3 or a student in term 1 and a different student in terms 2 and 3. The student would work as the French Language Assistant here for that time and would assist our students, in particular our senior students, to develop, improve and perfect their French speaking skills.

As part of the arrangement the Melbourne Girls’ College community would have to provide the student with accommodation and meals for the duration of their stay.

I am writing to all families, therefore, to gauge the level of interest in the school community in hosting such a student. The requirements are that the student is provided with, “a reasonable standard of accommodation allowing for adequate privacy and including access to a kitchen, bathroom, lounge and laundry facilities…and full board including lunches.” The costs would be borne by you, the host family. There would be an expectation to be in (email) contact with the student prior to their arrival to discuss arrangements and answer any questions they may have about their stay with you.

As a school we would receive from WEP details of each applicant so that, in conjunction with you, an informed choice can be made about the student to be hosted. Each applicant has to submit a letter of motivation, will have been vetted by WEP (which includes a Police Check) and will have to apply for a Working with Children certificate upon arrival in Victoria.

As a school we would benefit greatly from having a young native French speaker in our Languages Department. As a family (especially if your daughter is studying French) you would benefit from having a French-speaking student in your home from a linguistic and cultural point of view.

If you are interested in this program, and are in a position to host a student, I would be grateful if you contacted me, or your daughter’s French teacher, directly to discuss the possibility. At this stage it is just an expression of interest and there is no commitment on your part. If hosting a student for one whole semester feels like too big a commitment perhaps you would prefer to offer to host for a term and ‘share’ the student with another family who may feel more comfortable hosting for a term?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer your queries.

Kind regards,

Peter Hilton

Tel:         9428 8955

Melbourne Girls' College