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10 February 2017
Issue One
North Geelong Secondary College
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Key Dates

FEB 27    Student Photo Day                                   

MAR 3     Student Photo Day Catch Up        

MAR 13   Labour Day (public holiday)

MAR 21    Athletics Day

MAR 22    NGSC Open Night

MAR 23    Parent Teacher Interviews     

MAR 31    Last Day of Term 1 (1:30pm Finish                       Time) 

Mr Nicholas Adamou



Welcome back to the 2017 School Year

It is with great pleasure that I welcome everyone back to the 2017 academic year.

I trust that students, parents and staff had a great holiday break and are ready for another successful year.


I extend a special welcome to our new Year 7 students and their families who joined us this year. On Monday 6, February at a welcoming parents & students iPad distribution evening I was pleased to meet and to talk to many of our new Year 7 student families.

Also, special welcome to all new Year 8 to 12 students and their families to our school community.


In the last two weeks, it has been great to observe classes settled in their new Home Groups, developing a clear focus on achieving their goals and personal best for this academic year. 


To the Year 12 students, as they embark in their final year at North Geelong SC, I take this opportunity to wish them a year full of success.  I can’t promise that it will be without any challenges, however, applying themselves is the only way to succeed.  Last year’s Year 12 cohort has set a high benchmark with great outcomes; however, I believe that this year’s Year 12 students are capable of greater results, pushing the benchmark even higher.


Over the Christmas break a lot of work has been completed on the physical environment of the school.  Painting around the school, refurbishment of the Gym, A Wing, the Woodwork room, new carpets, the construction of a new Year 7 and 8 locker bay, the construction of a Middle Sub-school reception/office area and new undercover outdoor student areas, just to mention a few projects.


The planning for the 4.75 million dollars capital works is well underway and according to the timeline. The works on the ground are expected to begin at the beginning of term 4.


We are proud of our school community and place high importance on the way we look and behave in the wider community. Our aim is to continue improving the learning and teaching environment of our students.


Once again, welcome back to what promises to be another great year for our school community.  I look forward to meeting and working closely with as many parents/guardians as possible during the course of the year.


Wishing all the students and staff a great academic year.

Welcome to New and Returning Staff

I welcome the following staff to our College and wish them a very productive and enjoyable year. We are looking forward to working closely with our new staff to ensure the best possible learning opportunities are provided to our student body. 

New Staff

•       Ms Amy King (Maths/Science)

•       Mr Trent Morton (Maths/Science)

•       Mr Ash Howard (Maths)

•       Ms Kathryn Peters (Maths/Science)

•       Mr Steven Quinn  (Maths/Science) 

•       Ms Kellie Phillips (Japanese/EAL)

•       Ms Rena Bennett (English/Hums)

•       Mr Luke Scott (Food/Textiles/VCAL)

•       Ms Elizabeth Fagan (Commerce/Hums)

•       Mr Brendan Wright (English/Hums)

•       Mr Darren Lawless (English/Hums)

•       Ms Sherree Oates (Visual  


•       Ms Georgie Hunter (Social Worker)

•       Ms Lisa Jones (Middle Sub-School    

                                        Assistant)          (ES)

•       Mr James Headlam (ES)

•       Ms Maddi Costa (ES)

•       Mr David Armstrong (ES)

•       Ms Leanne Kvaternik (First Aid)

School Zone Speed Limits

With the new school year started on 30 January, it is an opportune time for school communities to be reminded of the importance of road safety around schools. 

School Speed Zones are enforced from the commencement of the school year and parents/carers are reminded to adhere to all VicRoads School Speed Zones rules.


Thank you to the City of Greater Geelong, new 40 Flashing lights have been installed on Separation Street to ensure better visibility of the school zone limit to motorists. Thank you to Ms Tonia Tigani who has initiated and led this inquiry through the council.


Also parents/guardians are reminded to take care and obey these parking signs and observe the Road Rules when picking up or dropping off students around schools. The City of Greater Geelong Parking and Information Officers monitor all supervised school crossings on a regular roster and issue infringements to drivers who stop in unsafe areas, such as “No Stopping” zones, within 20 metres of a school crossing, parallel to a yellow edge line, or if double parked, even for a moment to drop off or collect a student. Queuing to enter a pick up/drop off zone can often lead to traffic congestion and vehicles being stationary in prohibited areas. Should the pickup/drop off zone be occupied with vehicles, to avoid the possibility of receiving an infringement it is advised to drive around the block and return when legal parking is available.


Statistics show that illegal parking around schools is greatly reduced due to an Officer's presence and Council prefers to achieve these results though education and awareness.


Designated school speed zones: Specified times (8.00 - 9.30 am and 2.30 - 4.00 pm).  

Further information in regards to VicRoads speed limits around schools can be found at: VicRoads School Speed Zones

Students and Paid Employment

The Australian Bureau of Statistics keeps track of the number of students engaged in paid employment. Their most recent report on the subject shows that the number of of school age students involved in paid employment continues to rise. Another interesting trend that has emerged from this report is that a growing proportion of younger students are now working on a regular basis.


The main reason students work is to obtain spending money. Very few of the jobs that they undertake have any reference to likely future fulltime sustainable employment and very few supplement family income.


There are many advantages to students that can arise from paid employment. Exposure to the world of “real work” can be an eye-opener for young people. They often take far more notice of the expectations of employers regarding punctuality, appearance and communicating with others than they ever do of the same requests made by parents or teachers. It can also attribute to improving organisational skills and the meaning of responsibility. It can also provide them with a degree of financial literacy and independence; I have long been an advocate of students contributing to the cost of sometimes expensive educational extras such as state, interstate and overseas camps or exchange visits.


There are, however, some disadvantages at times. The main concern with students undertaking paid employment is the impact that it can have on school performance. It is also a negative if the additional income enables and encourages students to become engaged in a more sophisticated social lifestyle or in any way diverts them from their school-work and other social, family or recreational activities which are essential to their development.


Like most things there is no clear-cut answer to the question. The most important thing is getting a balance between work, social-work, social, family and recreational activities.   


Casual work is most common, followed  by holiday jobs, regular part-time work, then rostered work. Obviously any work on week nights is a problem as it means students cannot complete set homework. Similarly work straight after school can prevent students meeting school commitments, which is not a good thing. Rostered work which often involves the student being called in to work at short notice can also cause problems.


Not surprisingly research has established a clear correlation between hours worked and impact on student performance. Working up to an average of 12 hours per week (providing that the work is not on a week night) had little measurable impact on academic performance of high school students. Working more than 16 hours per week, however, was directly correlated with deterioration on academic progress.


Overall, holiday jobs are no problem. Part-time or casual work limited to 12 hours per week and done at a time which does not interfere with homework, school commitments, recreation or sleep is seldom a cause of concern.  Students working 16 hours or more a week, however, inevitably suffer a deterioration in their academic performance.  Students who work at times which interfere with their other needs and commitments also suffer adverse effects to their progress.


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson and

Mr Brad Headlam

Welcome Back

On behalf of the Assistant Principal team we welcome all students and their families to the 2017 academic year. We have quite a few new families that have joined our school community. We hope that your children have made a good start to the year. Please know that if you have any questions or concerns that there is a network of people supporting your child who you can contact; these are the Year Level Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators, the Sub-school Managers, the Assistant Principals.


It is extremely important that the College Uniform policy is followed. The Policy is written in the student planner, it was provided to the family on enrolment and it is available on the College website. Two main areas of concern early in the year have been the correct shoes and the correct length of dress/skirt. Already there are too many girls with the incorrect skirt/dress length and this needs to be fixed immediately. The correct school shoes are black leather lace up shoes or T-bars (no canvas, sport shoes, skate shoes, ballet flats).


Also, this is a reminder about facial piercings which are not approved by the School Council. If your child has a facial piercing then it must be replaced with a clear plastic stud or covered by tape for the whole time that your child is wearing the College uniform, that includes on the way to and from school. Any form of ring on the face is a safety concern and must be replaced with a stud.

School Photos

The date for school photos is February 27. An envelope describing the various packages will be distributed next week. Photos can be ordered online; this avoids students bringing large sums of money to school on photo day but envelopes will be accepted on the day. Please refer to the information sheet in this newsletter about the packages that are available for order.


On photo day, all students must be in full school uniform for their photos. This includes wearing the correct school jumper, minimal makeup and no facial piercings. If your child has PE on Monday 27th February, then they will need to bring their sports uniform to change in to for that lesson.  Family photos will also be taken if these have been ordered online or with the envelope.


Key Dates

There are a number of special events this term. Please check the dates and put them in your diaries. In particular:


-Year 7 camp – Week 4, term 1 (Camp 1:20-22 February, Camp 2:22 -24 February)

-Labour Day Public Holiday – 13 March

-NGSC Athletics Carnival – 21 March

-Year 7, 2018 Information Evening and tours  22 March

-Parent Teacher Interviews – 23 March (12pm-7pm)

Year 7 Immunisations

The implementation of the immunisation program for Year 7 students requires the transfer of parent information to City of Greater Geelong. If you do not consent to NGSC providing your details to Barwon Health please contact North Geelong Secondary College by 17 February, 2017.

Compass Student Management Platform

As outlined in the last newsletter for 2016 we are changing our student management software to Compass and moving away from XUNO. The system is up and running and shortly all the features will become available and information on how to access the parent portal will be sent home. Details on parent training will also followed as required. In the meantime here us the webpage address for you to observe the features:

Subject Changes

All students in years 9-12 have been given an opportunity to organise subject changes for their desired pathway. This process is now coming towards an end and will be amended on timetables by Monday.


Junior School News

Mr Adam Bond

Junior Sub School Manager

Welcome back to all students and Parents/ Carers,

I hope that all had a fantastic break and now ready for a productive and rewarding year. The start of the year brings many changes and requires teamwork from students, parents and also school staff. To ensure that your child has the smoothest start to the year it is important that all students can come to school in full school uniform and can take the right equipment to class. As parents and carers, can I please ask that your child only wears the school sports uniform on the days that they have sport. This uniform is not to be worn on other days. As a parent/ carer of a Year 7 or Year 8 student these sports days are twice a week. Please check the timetable to ensure that you are aware of their P.E. days.



We also have the Year 7 camp coming up very shortly. There have been medical forms and now payment forms that have gone home for parents/ carers to complete and return to the main office with payment details. Parents that have access to Camps, Sports and Excursions Funds (CSEF) can use part of this to pay for camp. There is an option to select this on the payment form. Please note that the camp is casual dress and school uniform is not required.



We are currently in the process of selecting both iLeaders and our Student Representative Council (SRC). We would encourage any students that have an interest in ICT or becoming a leader in our school community to apply for one of these positions.



Here at NGSC we understand that the transition from primary school to secondary school or transition through year levels can be difficult for some students. If you feel that there is something that we can do as student managers to support your child please get in contact with the relevant Year Level Coordinator or myself so that intervention can occur and we can ensure a positive outcome for your child.


Once again welcome back, I look forward to an exciting year for all involved in the NGSC community!


  Middle School News

Mr Simon Scoullar 

Middle Sub School Coordinator


Welcome to the Middle School. North Geelong Secondary College has three sub schools, Junior, Middle and the Senior Sub School. We recognise each year level has its own unique set of goals and in turn each sub school is in the position to nurture the individual growth of their cohorts. All students should now be in their timetabled class, have their lockers and in the correct uniform. 


The Middle Sub School at North Geelong Secondary College understands the challenges of its students both academically and from a developmental stand point. With this in mind the College takes great pride in being able to offer students a holistic and varied education. Annual Course Counseling begins in the latter years of year eight, enabling students to make an informed choice and cater subjects to their desired career path. 


Along with students picking their own electives in the middle school, North Geelong Secondary College runs a customised week each semester focussing on a chosen theme in year nine. In the past The College has run city camps, hikes, races around Geelong, University camps and mentorship programs. This year students are undertaking a grueling three day hike through Northern Victoria. The hike coincides with the science curriculum, giving students a real life hands on learning experience. The focus shifts in year ten where we devote a week to careers, VCE/VCAL preparation and programs more tailored to road safety, jobs and VET/School Based Apprenticeships. The College also continues to strive towards academic excellence, however in the Middle School we offer an applied learning option, fostering skills which are tailored to individual students who shy away from the traditional classroom. As well as extra curricular art, music and sport The College provides students with a broad range of options for a more engaging learning experience. 


We don’t want students wasting opportunities, we want our students making the most of their time at NGSC.


Senior School News

Ms Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Coordinator

Welcome to the 2017 academic year.  Students in years 11 and 12 have had a positive start and are focused on their learning. Year 12 students are heading down to Warrnambool this week for our leadership camp. Activities and sessions will help students understand course requirements, manage their time and develop strategies to stay healthy during their senior years at school. We are staying at Deakin University residence allowing us to experience life at a tertiary institution.


Students are reminded to read the daily emails and check google classroom and Compass on a daily basis to keep informed and updated about events and work. Students can also monitor their attendance to ensure they are meeting the 90% requirement.


The Senior Sub School Student Management Team this year are:

Year 12 Coordinator: Mr. Bradley Smallman

Year 12 Assistant Coordinator: Mr. Luke Scott

Year 11 Coordinator: Ms. Visnja Perin

Year 11 Assistant Coordinator : Ms. Bec Hand


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the relevant Year Level Coordinator.


Tripod Presents to VCAL Students

Mr Neil Rankcom

Careers Coordinator


On the 2nd and 3rd of February, the VCAL students participated in workshops provided by Tripod, a company from Melbourne who present to help students with “skills for life learning and work.


Over the two days the students covered areas that would assist them in the future with work and life. They completed activities to strengthen their team work skills, interviewing skills, presentation skills and much more. It was a fast moving two days where the students were kept on the move throughout the two days.



The activities included, working in teams to present an idea to the whole group. In their group they came up with a new invention and then presented this idea to a number of judges and the group as a whole. Students who were normally very quiet became involved and presented to the group. They also did a speed dating version of an interview where they have a set amount of time to present themselves to a staff member.


We were very fortunate to have the Geelong Football Club and Deakin Universities partnership community room at the Geelong Football Club. The Lions Club of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads provided lunch on the first day.


Overall a very worthwhile two days.


AFL Kickstart and All Nations Trials

Rob Munro

2015-16 AFL Multicultural Ambassador


Trials will be held for these fantastic AFL initiatives on Wednesday February 15 at 4-6pm at the new Deakin Sports facility Waurn Ponds.

See the attached flyer for details but there are very distinct parameters for these programs (e.g. 14-15 years old either indigenous or born overseas students)



For all other students interested in AFL we have a “Players Clinic” at NGSC on February 24 and then the amazing AFL Multicultural Program kicks back in during March for all students (Male/Female, 14-18, one parent born overseas). 2017 is shaping as a fabulous year in AFL, why don’t you come along and be a part of it?


Victorian Country Athletics Championships


Ms Fran Forsyth

Sports Coordinator

Jessikah Tidd (Yr 8) competed at the Victorian Country Athletics Championships over the holidays. She came 1st in the under 16 girls hammer throw with a new Geelong record of 34.36m. She came 10th out of 15 in the open women with a throw of 28.81m with a 4kg Hammer. What a great achievement for one of our students. 



Student Wellbeing

Ms Tina Doyle

Wellbeing Coordinator

The Student Wellbeing Team would like to welcome all students and families to the 2017 school year. We are excited about working with you and assisting you with any queries you may have regarding the Student Wellbeing program operating at North Geelong Secondary College. Our role is to assist students and families within the school community who may require support in the area of health and wellbeing.  We also work with small groups of students and the whole college to promote the health and wellbeing of the school community.

We are based in the C corridor.


Services we provide include:

  • Individual support
  • Referral to external health and wellbeing services
  • Lunchtime Groups build social networks – NO COST:
    • Mondays and Thursdays:  ‘Bijou’ art is on in the library, this group offers students the opportunity to create pieces of jewellery and explore other artistic interests. All students are welcome.
    • Tuesdays: Mindfulness for Year 11 &12 students
    • Wednesdays: ‘Man Cave’ is on in the Woodwork room, this group is supported by the ‘Geelong Community Mens Shed’. Students complete woodwork projects using hand tools. Open to all students.
    • Fridays: ‘Anime’ club is on in D5. Students
  • Small group work
  • Class and Year Level Activities
  • Whole School Events
  • Assistance with school uniforms and books for eligible students

Student Wellbeing Team

  • Paul Dawson: Wellbeing Assistant Principal
  • Tina Doyle: Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Georgie Hunter: Wellbeing Coordinator
  • Faith Field: Secondary School Nurse (DET)
  • Sef Agahzaman: Youth worker
  • Maria De Cruz: School Chaplain

Multicultural Committee News

Ms Vera Dudas

Multicultural Community Liaison Office


Welcome back to the 2017 new school year!

I trust that you all had a fabulous holiday and an opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones as well as a good rest and are re-energised for another productive year.


The Multicultural Committee will be starting  with it's first meeting to be held on Monday 13th February at 12:40pm.


We welcome all interested parents and friends to join us.

Water Bottles

Can students, parents and guardians please ensure that students are bringing water bottles to school and wearing hats outside throughout this hot weather.


STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Mrs Keryn Darling

Science Manager

STEM is an innovative new program running at North Geelong Secondary College. It aims to involve students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As part of this program, we are running weekly lunchtime STEM sessions. These session start at 1pm every Wednesday in D2. There will be science demonstrations and hands on activities. All students are welcome, just bring along your curiosity and enjoy.


More information on STEM can be found on the College website under ‘Learning Opportunities’ and then ‘NGSC programs’.

College Events

Join us on Monday Feb 13 at 11am in the gym for our first assembly this year. We will be reflecting on the 2016 year 12's pathways to university and year 7 and 9 scholarship recipients before introducing our College captains for 2017. All welcome.

Pako Festa
Come and celebrate cultural diversity at Pako Festa! We will be marching our way down Pakington St on Saturday 25th Feb as part of the parade. Meet us at 10am in the assembly area near Waratah St, look for the school's banner. Dress in your national dress or represent this years theme of 'discover food around the world'. There will be a meeting during lunch time in the coming week for those interested, keep an eye on the daily bulletin for more information. Any questions please email




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