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22 August 2019
Issue Twelve
Key Dates & Info
Principal's Report
Education in Faith
Learning and Teaching
     Wellbeing & Diversity 
School News & Information
Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School
(03) 9699 2928
301 - 319 Bank Street
South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205

Key Dates & Info

Break Times

First Break - 11.00-11.40am

Second Break 1.50-2.30pm

It is preferred students leaving early are collected at the beginning or end of these breaks to minimise disruptions to classes.

Term Start/End Dates

Term 3  Monday July  15 - Friday September 20, 1.30pm

Term 4  Monday October 7 - Tuesday December 17, 1.30pm

Term 3


Tue 27 - SEB Meeting

Wed 28 - Father's Day Liturgy 2.30pm Prep

Fri 30 - Father's Day Breakfast 7.30am

             - Footy Colours Day


Wed 4 - Assembly Year 3

Wed 11 - Assembly Year 1

Wed 18 - Assembly Visual Arts

Fri 20 - Jump Rope for Heart

            - Term 3 Finishes 1.30pm

School Closure Days

November 4

November 29

Sacrament Dates

November 23 - Confirmation OLMC, 6pm

November 24 - Confirmation SPP, 10am

Community Dates


Fri 30 - Father’s Day Breakfast 7.30am


Mon 14 - Community Catchups 8.45am - 9.30am

Mon 14 - Prep Transition 2020

Mon 28 - Community Conversations 9am - 10am


Mon 11 - Prep Transition 2020

Wed 13 - Music Soiree 4.30pm - 8.00pm

Wed 28 - Galilee Day TBC


Wed 4 - Carols Picnic 5-7pm

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm

August 28 - Father's Day Liturgy Prep

September 4 - Year 3

September 11 - Year 1

September 18 - Visual Art

2019 Camp Calendar


Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must only be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

The wind breaker should ONLY be worn with the Sport Uniform OR over the jumper if extra warmth is required.

Boys should be wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Friday morning 8.50-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link:

Principal's Report

Grandparents' and Special Friends Day

On Tuesday we celebrated Grandparents' and Special Friends Day.  It was wonderful to see so many Grandparents and Special Friends attend the morning. We also welcomed some Grandparents and Special Friends on Monday morning.  Thank you to those that attended and travelled great distances to be here.   The connections children make with  grandparents and special friends can have a significant influence on their values and world view.  By offering support, love, imparting wisdom and making memories, grandparents and special friends can leave behind a legacy that children will value for the rest of their lives. 

Upcoming Surveys

This year the new CEMSIS replaces the previous Insight SRC surveys that have been completed by staff, students and parents in Catholic schools for many years. 

What is CEMSIS?

CEMSIS is an acronym of Catholic Education Melbourne School Improvement Surveys. CEMSIS is a purpose-built, context-specific tool for Catholic school data collection. Individual participation is invited from students, staff and families by their schools. CEMSIS is just one source in a key range of data for informing the improvement work happening in schools across the Melbourne Archdiocese.

When will CEMSIS happen this year?

In 2019, each school's CEMSIS portal will open for data collection during the last three weeks of Term 3 (2 Sept - 20 Sept). Our school is participating in CEMSIS this year.  An envelope with information about the survey with a code and PIN will be sent home next week. Surveys are available for families in Arabic, Chinese, English, Tagalog or Vietnamese.

What do the surveys want to learn about?

The surveys ask questions about how the school leadership supports staff, students and families, what outcomes we hope to see and how the school supports families in supporting students.


The following outlines a list of initiatives that we have implemented since the results of the last survey:


-whole school approach to spelling using SMART spelling program

-uninterrupted timetabled Reading and Maths blocks 

-classroom support teachers in P-6 for Reading and Maths (P-5 Reading and 3-6 Maths)

-introduced Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) for P-2 

-employed 3 new LSOs, Occupational and Speech Therapists

-continued Year 3-6 camps and Year 2 sleepover at school, introduced Year 1 extended day


-introduction of Community Conversations

-English and Maths Parent/Child Workshop Nights


-introduced 2x 40min breaks to help reduce lunch time risk of injury

-introduction of 5 areas at play times to lessen congestion on the yard

-School Yard timetable introduced for various play areas


-break time clubs for students to join (Chess, Craft, Garden, choir, Maths Olympiad, SRC, Debating, Drama and Sport)

-continued instrumental program with 2 x soirees

-introduction of Seeds and Sprouts Program


-staff trained in Peaceful Kids Program to help build emotional resilience 

-staff trained in Seasons for Growth Program to support students who have experienced change or loss

-introduced Buddy System where older grades buddy up with younger grades as a mentoring role

Building Update

On Monday will be consultation sessions for the school building program. We will have two sessions for parents to attend at 9am or 6pm. These will have followed sessions held with the students, Building Committee and staff. Thankyou to Their Care who are looking after school-aged children during the 6pm session.

Uniform Survey

Thank you for your responses and feedback to the recent Uniform survey.  The data showed that more families were in favour of changing the current uniform than not.  In the choice between red or maroon, there was a stronger voice to keep the maroon which will be maintained in the new and updated uniform.


After a lengthy development phase and consultation with students, staff and the school community in a number of different forums, we are excited to announce the beginning of 2020 will see the transition of the following new school uniform garments.

There will be a collared blue shirt for boys in Summer and Winter to be  worn with the current navy shorts or trousers.   The girls will have a blue shirt to be worn with the Winter tunic/trousers. The boys will have an updated navy winter sock. 

We will have a new sports uniform.  This has been designed to be user friendly for our active children through the choice of fabrics and design.
The new Sports Uniform will consist of a new cotton-backed breathable polo and microfibre shorts or skort.  The tracksuit pants will remain.
There will also be the addition of a soft-shell jacket in place of the current microfibre jacket.

Whilst there will be the transition to these new pieces over 2 and a half years.  From the beginning of the 2022 school year, all students with the exception of Year 6, will be expected to be in the new and updated uniform.  This allows for time to purchase these items as your child wears them out. 

We are still in consultation around the girl’s summer dress and winter tunic and we will share this information in due course. Any potential changes to these items will be subject to the same transition timeline listed above.


The design of the current logo will remain the same but new colour combinations are being reviewed which will not impact on the 'wearability' of any item of the current uniform.

Thankyou to the Uniform Committee for their hard work.

Maths Night

Last Thursday we held our Maths Night for Prep-6 families.  It was fantastic to see so many with over 100 in attendance.  The evening consisted of an introduction about the learning and teaching of Mathematics at Galilee, information about Maths Olympiad, Number Intervention and Essential Assessment.  Parents and children attended a Workshop which utilised fun games to learn Maths skills.

Thank you to Annabel Coome, Charlotte Biggs, Lauren Bland and Jane Ferris for organising and presenting on the night.

Open Morning

Last Wednesday we had many prospective families (approximately 25 people) attend our second Open Morning. The families were given a student-led tour by our wonderful Year 6 students. We have since received many applications for future years and emails complimenting the friendliness and welcoming approach of our Year 6 students as they showed them around the school.

Staff Leave

Helen Rochecouste will be on Long Service Leave (LSL) for 2 weeks beginning next Tuesday 27 August and will return Monday 9 September.  Mrs Maria Panagiotopoulos will work in Year 5 the first week and Miss Anastasia Romios will work in Year 5 in the second week.  I will be away from September 3 - October 14 on LSL and Mrs Gerecke and Mr Martello will be Acting Principals.

Book Week

This week we are celebrating Book Week with exciting events taking place such as, the Scholastic Book Fair and the Dress Up Parade tomorrow morning at 9am. 

Yesterday the whole school participated in the Treasure Hunt performance by Perform! education.  The performance focused on characters from various 2019 shortlisted books

where they learn not to be discouraged by negative messages in order to follow their heart’s desire. 

A big thank you to Miss Laura Cox for organising another successful Book Week also author and parent, Kasey Edwards for speaking to the Year 5/6 students about her books The Chessraven Chronicles and how to deal with criticism, which was greatly enjoyed by the students.

Father's Day

Next week we will celebrate Father's Day with a Liturgy on Wednesday afternoon from 2:30pm and a Father's Day Breakfast on Friday 30 August from 7:30-9am. For more details, see the Education in Faith page.

Footy Colours Day

Next Friday 30 August is Footy Colours Day.  Students can wear either merchandise of their footy team or items of clothing in the colours of their favourite team.  A gold coin donation is required and all funds will be donated to the Fight Cancer Foundation.

Jump Rope Update

Total Raised: $11,777.20


Top Fundraisers:

Daniele 2C -$4,977.93

Harry M 2B - $1,320.17

Milla 2C - $674.07

Nkem 3M - $420.57

Harriet 2B - $412.16

Anna 4C - $313.80


Total Hours skipped: 65

Total Fundraisers: 37


If you would still like to sign up, it's not too late! simply follow the link below to get started.


Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!

School Captains' Report


On Wednesday 14th, August, 9:00 to 10:00 there was an Open Day for parents of students coming in the next few years. Year 6 students gathered in the staff room, while Alex and I waited at the gate to welcome guests into Galilee. Parents started to arrive and seat in the staff room. Mr Millar said a few words followed by Mrs Gerecke, Mr Martello, Miss Carnovale and back to Mr Millar. Then, the parents asked a few questions and the tours started.


Ali’s Tour: My tour started with a trip to the library where I showed the parent who I had with me the Anthology books that Galilee had participated in. She was very interested in all the poems that Galilee students had written. She also took a liking to the library and how we have a wide variety of books, she liked the informative section in the library since her son liked reading informative books. The parent mostly wanted to see the library and all the books so when I had finished showing her that, I showed her the other side of the room, the Performing Arts area. She loved all the percussion instruments and was impressed with what we learn in Performing Arts over the year. After that, I talked to her a bit about music lessons, buddies and the schedule for the different play areas. In the end, she was very impressed and happy with the school.

By Ali


Alex’s Tour: My tour started after all the new parents to Galilee were introduced to our school community, with most of the Year Sixes waiting eagerly to give a tour! Some of the questions from the parents were; wanting our thoughts on our sport program, knowing our religion aspect of  the school and even what was our favourite camp! The talk about our school community was very good and beneficial for all parents. After that we were told to partner up and choose a parent for a tour. My partner was Marco and we found a family and started showing our family around. We visited Year Prep, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and a Year 6 classrooms busy at work. Their favourite part was actually seeing all the students in the classrooms focused on their work. We then showed them the specialists. The family we had was impressed with all the opportunities at Galilee and we are hoping to see them at Galilee next year.

By Alex


Achievements And Stories Of The Students


The year 6s  this year have been working on their Digital Licenses, some have already finished like Jaxson in 6B.  If you didn’t know what Digital License is where you answer 8 quizzes about using the internet properly and safely. Digital licence is half game and half quiz, you choose your character at the start to help with the digital licence and it is a fun way to teach kids all about digital safety. In each quiz, there are 10 questions, all around the same topic, but you have to get at least 8 questions correct to pass. Some of the sections on the digital licence is about using money on the internet responsibly, knowing what is appropriate and inappropriate on the internet, learning what to share on the internet,  how to act around cyber bullying and more. When you pass all these quizzes you can be sure to do the right thing on the internet. 

One of Jaxson’s favourite quizzes was Searching and researching which was all about how websites can give reliable information and unreliable information. He said he learnt the most from that quiz especially. Jaxson completed all of the 8 sections in only two sessions and now knows how to be safe online and has learnt how to identify a dangerous cyber situation and using devices wisely.


Daniel in 5B participates in Maths Olympiad. Maths Olympiad is for Year 4s to 6s who are exceptionally good at Mathematics. They meet up every Tuesday and Monday in the 6B room where they learn how to figure out mathematical problems and other ways to problem solve in maths like cryptarithms and magic squares. The students are given 5 tests throughout the year, where they get half an hour to solve 5 very tricky mathematical problems. The students have already completed 3 tests. There is the fourth test on the 26th of August, then, after that test they only have one more test in September to go. Maths Olympiad is a very good program and has proven to be good at teaching advanced mathematical skills.

Daniel is someone who participates at Maths Olympiad and Daniel’s best score on a test was ⅗ on the second test Maths Olympiad which is very good as the questions are very hard. Sandra, Miss Bland and Miss Biggs are in charge of preparing the students in Maths Olympiad for upcoming tests. They teach questions on Mondays and Tuesdays that are similar but not word for word to the questions in the test so the students are ready for the test. In doing that, everyone is prepared  and ready to give it a go. They have taught a vary of new skills, for example, working backwards, guess and check, finding a pattern but Daniel liked learning about cryptarithms which is when there is a problem but instead of numbers, the question is told in letters but you’ve got to revert it back to numbers to get the final answer. Daniels favourite was learning new techniques of how to solve the problems like working backwards or guess and check.

Maths Olympiad challenges him to the right amount and is great preparation for high school and in later life.

One of the cryptarithms Maths Olympiad in the past couple of weeks did this, a very famous one. Can you figure it out? 

By Ali and Alex


Simon Millar

(Principal of Galilee)


Education in Faith

Galilee Friday Morning Prayer Group

The Galilee Prayer Group meets every Friday morning at 8:15am until 8:35am. All members of the Galilee school community are welcome. The objective of this Prayer Group is to pray for any needs of the school, the well-being of the students, staff and families and the parishes of Sts Peter and Paul and OLMC. You don't need any qualifications or experience to attend. If you have a confidential prayer request, forms have been distributed for you to fill in. Then please drop these into the box which is in the Administration foyer. We look forward to The Galilee Friday Morning Prayer Group growing and flourishing.

Prayer Requests

Further to the above, please find attached a prayer request form that your family is welcome to fill in, print and put in the box in the Administration area.

We wish to keep your prayers confidential and request that they remain unidentifiable. Then each week the Galilee Prayer Team will pray for you and the needs of your family. You might like to discuss with your family what you might like others to pray for you and your family.


Upcoming Masses and Liturgies

Term 3

28 August- Father’s Day Liturgy - (Preps preparing)- Assembly time

Galilee Day - (Grade 3 preparing) - 9:00am changed to November 28th (TBC)


Father's Day Liturgy

On Wednesday August 28th, the Preps will be celebrating the dads at Galilee with a Father's Day liturgy at Assembly time in the Galilee School hall. All dads and special friends are welcome to attend at  2:40pm.


Grandparents and Special Friend's Day Mass

The Grandparents and Special Friend's Day Mass was a wonderful celebration of the students' amazing Grandparents and Special friends. The Year 2's prepared the Mass so beautifully allowing the Galilee school community to pray for and give thanks for their Grandparents and Special Friends, for what they do and who they are.  Miss Carnovale and the choir sang so joyfully and Ms Giles played the piano so skilfully too. We are  very lucky to have them share their gifts and talents with us at our masses and liturgies.


The Mass of the Assumption

The Feast day of the Assumption was celebrated last Thursday the 15th of August at Sts Peter and Paul's church. The Year 4 students and teachers prepared a lovely Mass. Miss Carnovale sang so beautifully as did the members of the choir. Ms Gilles played the piano so well also. We are very blessed to have such talented musicians at Galilee who lead us in praising and worshipping God at church.


OLMC-Sacrament of Confirmation 2019

OLMC has  uploaded a copy of their 2019 Enrolment form for the Sacrament of Confirmation onto their Parish website. It can be accessed here at in the Mass & Sacraments link.

The Pedagogy of Encounter

The Pedagogy of Encounter allows teachers to design learning that invites dialogue, deep thinking and engagement with the Catholic story. There are key questions in five areas that engage the voice of the learner in deep dialogue with the Catholic Tradition: ● What do I think and sense? ● What do others think and why? ● What does the Church teach and why? ● How am I called into deeper relationship with others and God? ● What do I think now and why?


In this newsletter let’s look at the first area-What do I think and sense? It involves looking at a topic as it is experienced today and as a religious issue and using a provocation to raise questions. What do I think about this? What questions does this raise for me? Why am I responding in this way? How does this impact on who I am in the world, and as part of a Catholic learning community? You might like to ask your child these questions about a topic or issue that interests or affects your family. You might like to use the scripture below as a provocation.  John 13:34-35


John 13:34-35

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”


Let's love one another more deeply in our thoughts, our actions and our words. You may wish to discuss with your family how you can all put this into practice this fortnight. 



Learning and Teaching

Year One

In Year One, we have been learning about measurement. We have learned how much can fit inside a jar. We filled our jars to show empty, half full and full. We also hefted items to see which is heavier or lighter. Check out the photos of our own scales!


On Tuesday, 21st August, Galilee celebrated Grandparent's and Special Friend's Day. We made a special craft for them to take home. It says, 'I love you to pieces!' Thank you to all the Grandparents and Special Friends that came to visit Year One. 


Speak With Power

The Year 5 students will begin the first of six sessions of Speak with Power tomorrow.  The program content consists of the following:


Conducting a Formal Meeting: The Roles and their function – MC, Listening Monitor, Static Monitor, etc. These are similar to Toastmasters responsibilities but with a friendly and fun kid orientation that heightens the involvement of all.

Formal Speeches: Three speeches (with limited research) will be set and the last two rigorously evaluated. The final speech will be delivered on Presentation Day.

Speech Construction: The Golden Rules of structuring a speech for maximum impact will be taught including generating ideas, introductions, conclusions and sign posting.

Delivering Impromptu Speeches: Instant structures, powerful techniques and ways to build punch lines that will impress judges. 

Evaluations: Learning through teaching - students embed their knowledge by celebrating and suggesting improvement in others.

Advanced techniques: Presentation and props, Body language, Vocal variety, The Senses, Etiquette, Dealing with stress and The Correct and Beautiful Use of Language.

SRC Excursion

On Wednesday the 14th August, 6 lucky students from Galilee’s SRC went to the Bastow Institute’s ALTER training program to learn about how to be a better leader at school. The day was run by The Victorian Student Representative Council (VIC SRC) and high school students who are senior members.


Firstly we received brightly coloured paper with questions and sat at a table with students who had the same coloured paper as us. The point of the exercise was for us to get to know students from other schools. 


After this we discussed what ALTER means. ALTER stands for Ask, Listen, Think, Enact and Reflect. We use this as a guide to help us listen and understand other student’s ideas which is our role in the SRC. Next we thought of what we did well at school so we could share this with other schools. Kilmore Primary School were keen to come up with ideas to improve sustainability in their school and they liked our ideas about Nude Food and our Sustainability Market. We also went on a learning walk around the tables to learn about what initiatives other schools have introduced. 


After this we brainstormed ideas that we could use to improve our school. We then learned the types of questions we can use in a survey such as “Do you strongly agree,  Agree, Neither agree nor disagree, Disagree or Strongly Disagree?”


We will use these questions in a survey which we will conduct at school soon. This is our homework before our next training with the SRC in two weeks.


Dendy Athletics

On Monday 19 August, students who were selected to participate in Dendy Athletics based on their performance at Galilee’s Athletics Day, boarded a bus headed to Duncan McKinnon Athletics track in Murrumbeena.  I was selected for the 100m sprint, Shot Put and 100m relay for girls in the 11 year old age group. I was really nervous and had to wake up extra early as I had basketball training at 7.30am. I then had to be ready to meet up in the school hall at 8.10am before boarding the bus.  On a normal day I usually don’t even wake up until 7.30am! Once we got to the track, we all took our seats in the grandstand with all our Galilee team. There were quite a few events before my first event, including the 800m running races. This made me even more nervous! We all cheered on our school mates.  Finally they called all 11 year old girls and boys for the 100m race over the loud speaker and I had to assemble on the track. I was in the first girls heat. When the gun went off I had a shaky start, everyone raced forward and I felt like I was at the back. But I put in all the effort that I could possibly put in to boost myself faster and I ended up in 3rd place!  I was really happy with my result and really excited to collect my 3rd place ribbon. I still had my shot put and relay event to go, but I felt a lot more relaxed after my race and could enjoy the day more after it. I competed in the shot put and got a 2nd place ribbon which was really exciting as there were some really good throws by girls from the other schools. Towards the end of the day the relays began.  Our team had Willow, Lara, Tina and I.


We came 5th and we all put in great effort against some fast competition. I really enjoyed cheering on all of the Galilee athletes from the grandstand during the day and supporting my friends during the day. My result in Shot Put has gained me a place in the next event called Beachside which is on 6 September.  

by Mietta G (Year 5)

Beachside Athletics

Congratulations to the following students for progressing through to Beachside Athletics on 6 September:

-Charles K (Year 5) - 100m and 80m hurdles

-Joseph P (Year 6) - 80m hurdles

-Dane G (Year 4) - 100m and Discus

-Laura S (Year 4) - 200m

-Bridget S (Year 6) - 200m

-Oliver O (Year 4) - 1500m

-Adele D (Year 5) - Shot put

-Lara N (Year 4) - High jump

-Mietta G (Year 5) - Shot put


Also, congratulations to Dylan L (Year 6) for making the Victorian State Football team. Good luck to Dylan on 6 September.

Galilee's Herb Garden

Our herb garden in Learning Street is going strong! We have students working in Garden Club once a week to help maintain our Garden. We have had lots of weeds - especially after rainy days. We had a special guest visitor to Garden Club last week - Jimmy! He came with garden gifts: some worms, compost and coffee grinds for our little worm farm. Thanks for coming to Garden Club Jimmy. 


We we have any more green thumbs in the school community, please get in contact with Miss Fahy. We are happy to have help and advice! 


     Wellbeing & Diversity 

Peaceful Kids

'Peaceful Kids' is a Mindfulness and Positive Psychology  based program to lessen anxiety and stress and increase resilience in children. The program has been created to fulfil a need in schools to offer all children who suffer from anxiety, a developmentally appropriate program that gives children the skills, practice and support to utilise coping strategies that lessen the symptoms of anxiety and stress. This program helps children to build their emotional resilience, so they are better equiped to deal with the day to day stresses that life brings them. The program also involves parental involvement and commitment to supporting the strategies at home. 


Aims of the program

The aims of Peaceful Kids include the following:

- To minimise the symptoms of anxiety and stress

- To build emotional resilience

- To empower children to self-manage their anxiety

- To teach children Mindfulness exercises they can use for life

- To build a reservoir of 'strength' to enable children to cope with life more effectively

- To minimise anxiety symptoms occurring in the future

- To teach children to use a range of effective coping strategies

- To teach children self-calm

- To develop emotional intelligence skills

- To teach children life-long skills to manage stress and prevent stress build up

- To support children so they know that they are not alone with suffering from anxiety. 


If you feel your child would benefit from attending the Peaceful Kids classes, please contact your child's teacher.


Cyber Safety - YouTube (YOU MUST BE 13 YEARS OLD)

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free, user-generated video sharing website that allows users to watch, create and upload their own videos to share with others. YouTube has over a billion users. Anyone is able access the videos on the service online however users must create an account to upload and share their own content. The site is moderated by users who can flag inappropriate content. YouTube
reviews the content and if it violates their community guidelines the content is removed, or age restrictions are put in place.


How are young people using YouTube?

Young people use YouTube to watch, create and upload videos. It is used to socialise, interact, learn, share and watch content. Popular types of videos include music, pranks, parodies, and ‘how to videos’. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and can be used as the starting point for research or learning about a particular topic.


What are the age restrictions for YouTube?

Users are required to be 13-years-old to use the site. Users under 13-years-old are recommended
to use YouTube Kids. Age restrictions are difficult
for YouTube to monitor as age is only verified when users create an account, however it is not necessary to have an account to use the service. YouTube restricts videos it has deemed inappropriate for people under 18-years-old by requiring users to sign in to an age verified account before they are able to access restricted content.

Is it free?

It is free to view and upload videos on YouTube
but there is a paid version of the service, known
as YouTube Red. YouTube Red gives subscribers access to ad free viewing as well as enabling them
to watch television shows and movies. This service is available in America and will soon be expanded to other countries. You must be 18 years or older to use this service and you also need a Google account with a valid payment method.


What does subscribing to someone’s

YouTube channel mean?

Subscribing to a channel means that a user is interested in the videos that another user is posting and would like to be notified when new videos are uploaded to the channels they follow. This is very similar to ‘friending’ or ‘following’ on other types of social media. A channel can be run by an individual, organisation or business and can consist of any type of video content.


What is the difference between a YouTube

account, username and channel?

When a YouTube account is created, users are
able log into YouTube and get a username and a channel (a username is often the same as a channel name). A username is used to comment on videos and a channel is used to upload video content. There can be multiple channels under a single YouTube account.


What are some of the potential issues

with YouTube?

YouTube consists of user-generated content. Videos found on the site don’t always have age appropriate classifications. The site relies on users to monitor and report inappropriate content. Users do not need to create an account to use the site so it is difficult to manage or regulate underage users. YouTube users may be exposed to bullying and harassment on the site however there are steps people can take to minimise this risk.


What are the recommended settings on


As YouTube users do not have to have a personally identifiable account to use the site, the privacy settings are somewhat limited.

Privacy settings can be created on user accounts and the videos that are uploaded. Videos have three setting options; public, private or unlisted. It is recommended that young people set their videos to private or unlisted.

School News & Information


GOSH has Book week now and we are making a lot of interesting things: popup books, flip books, friendship flowers, of course bookmarks and wordless book story.


Our dear children are actively engaged not only in the craft activities but in the sport too: Jensen, Jaxson, Millie, Oliver, Zoe, Adele, Sarah, Charley, Abigail and others are testing each other and Ryger in skipping and basketball. Usually they win   


Last update about coordinators in GOSH: during my maternity leave Gemma will coordinate and we won't have any extra person, consistency is very important!


Friendly early reminder that Holiday Program bookings are already open and you can book children




TheirCare Customer Survey
Thank you to all the families that responded to our recent customer survey. Over 500 of you took
the time to let us know your thoughts and the feedback provides critical insight into what we do
right and areas we can improve.
We asked your opinion on educator engagement, resources used in the service, service
presentation, level of fun and our holiday programs. Overall, we rated at or above 90% positive satisfaction for each area which is really encouraging. Less than 1% of responses were ‘not happy’ about our efforts and 9% of families thought we could do better and provided some really useful suggestions and reminders of what you want.
Some of the things you reminded us you want to see at service included:
-A formal greeting makes you feel welcome
-You like to see a range of activities that include outdoor play and structured activities
-To include activities aimed at the older children in the service who have different needs to
younger children
-Spaces must be clean but also warm and welcoming (by including examples of artwork
created by your children)
-Educators should be actively engaged in play with your children
We received feedback on our holiday program as well, with suggestions and requests for more
excursions and making excursions longer in duration. Some families also wanted more structured activities in addition to the main excursion or incursion planned. We have already taken this feedback on board and added a ‘Super Excursion’ to our Spring holiday program at most services.
We have also provided visibility in our holiday program material of other planned activities that will keep children engaged for the whole day and so you know what to expect.
We always welcome input, whether that is collected in surveys, passed on to our team members at service or calling our customer support team. Our focus is on providing the best service to your children and families so if there is something we can do to make your experience better please let us know.

The Dads and Kids Camp
SAT 16th  - Sun 17th Nov


The Dads and Kids Camp

Date: Saturday 16th November - Sunday 17th November

Where: Camp Wyuna, Queenscliff  Victoria.

Tickets on Sale through on the 29th August at 10:00am.  A website link will be supplied at a later date.  Securing your place on camp requires payment in full at the time of booking.

More details including cost etc, will be released shortly, we are just finalising them now.


The camp is open to all grade groups of current children of Galilee. 

If you have any questions please contact me.


A fantastic weekend of activities and challenges aimed at increasing family and school community bonds.

We hope to see the old DOGS who have made previous years a success and many new faces to continue this great tradition.

(We will do our best to accommodate all that want to come along, however the camp does have a cap on numbers and based on previous years people may miss out.  Strictly first to book policy.)


Regards James McGann





Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser
DOGS - Dads of Galilee

Bunnings Port Melbourne

14th September 2019

If any dads can help out for an hour or more on the day between 8am and 4pm, please call the school office. We still have 17 time slots to fill, so we would be grateful for some more help. 96992928

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