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Huntingdale Primary School

13 March 2019
Issue Three
Principal and Assistant Principal's Page
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Huntingdale Primary School
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Principal and Assistant Principal's Page

Principal's Report

It was lovely to see so many parents at our ‘Parents as Partners’ Night. I spoke to many families who enjoyed catching up with their child’s teacher, seeing the classroom and finding out about the learning program. I hope all families have had a chance to read the pack given by their teacher, which contains lots of valuable information about school. Thank you to Team Kids for attending the night and talking to families about taking over the before and after school care service.


2019 School Council

I am pleased to confirm our School Council for 2019:


Parent Representatives: Chris Leffler, Anna-Maria Kendrick, Helen Cadzow, Brad Shannon, Wesley Kwok, Nafisa Zabeen Ovi, Stephen Pirrie, Georgy Artemov


Community Representatives: Sai Fan


Staff Representatives: Ruth Biddle, Nozomi Koyama, Naomi Mori-Hanazono, Keiko Harada


A special welcome to our new councillors Wesley, Anna-Maria and Nozomi. School Council meets once a month, with the following dates confirmed for this year:

26 March (including AGM)

14 May

18 June

23 July

20 August

17 September

12 November

17 December


Councillors also will be a member of a School Council Sub-Committee, which meet once between meetings. Our current Sub-Committees are- Sustainability and Grounds, Education and Future Directions and Community Links. If you are interested in joining any of these, please see me.


Our 2019 priorities as a School Council are:

  • Oversee the redevelopment of the oval
  • Secure funding from the State Government to build the next stages of our masterplan
  • Redevelop the area behind the hall so it is an attractive and useful learning space for our students
  • Work with the City of Monash to improve access to the car park
  • Continue to strengthen our Community Links in partnership with Watashi Mo


SRC Presentation

The final round of leadership positions awarded at assembly- our Student Representative Council. Congratulations to the following students:

56M Lara & Amelie
56K Lucas, Daisy & 
56W Mia & Nathaniel
56J Dhatrin & Zach
34P Noemi & Audrey
34B Kietaro & Noa
34G Mei & Mika
34H Selina & Harry
2W Matthiew & Tulasi
2M Ruby &  Evie
2O Zac & Isabella

They will work under the guidance of Rebecca Wood to plan and organise some whole school events and fundraising


Year 6 Tops

Our Year 6 students have a ‘special’ polo shirt and jacket, which serves as a memory of their final year of primary schooling. The students choose the colour of the shirt and design. They recently arrived and 5/6J were happy to show them off!


Foundation and Year 1 Parent Japanese Classes

Foundation and Year 1 teachers Hisae Hatigan and Keiko Harada implemented a successful parent education session about our bilingual program and learning basic Japanese phrases. Our parents got to experience some of the activities, game and phrases our students use.  It was a well attended session and parents are looking forward to the next session on Monday 18 March. Thank you Hatigan sensei and Harada sensei for running these sessions.


Jissen Visitors

We had our yearly visit from Jissen University. The girls bright smiling faces and enthusiasm were warmly welcomed at Huntingdale. They worked well with our students in a variety of classes and also tried their English on some of the staff. We hope the girls enjoyed their time at school and the  wonderful city that we live in. Thank you to Wakana Karchnak for coordinating the girl’s time at the school.


Expenses Overview

At Huntingdale, we aim to give you an overview of the year in many ways so you can plan ahead of time.  We realise expenses at the start and end of each year are high and we have provided an overview to help you budget accordingly. 

**Please note these expenses are an approximate and more details and exact costings will be available closer to the time. 

The Student Leadership Council usually organise a fundraiser per term, which is optional.

Our Parents Association ‘Watashi Mo’ also organise a range of activities and fundraisers, which will be advertised as they are organised.


Collecting Students Early from School

If you need to collect your child early from school, please ensure that you come to the office first to sign them out and pick up a blue slip. Please do not go to the classroom first or go looking for them in the yard. Thank you for your cooperation.


Student Achievements

A reminder that we ask that any parents who have a child who has achieved something special at any time to please take a photograph and write a short sentence or two about what the child did, when it happened and what it means to the child and send this through to the school account at [email protected] 


Achievements could be getting an award from the local footy team or ballet performance or library book club or gaining their Grey Wolf Award at Scouts or any other hobby your child pursues we’re here to celebrate Personal Best in whatever form that takes.   


Healthy Eating Tip

From time to time I will put in a healthy eating tip for parents.

We all know how difficult it is to make lunchboxes healthy for children. At our Foundation Information evening we had a great presentation to help parents with ideas for school lunches. One of my favourite websites is Kids Spot which has some great ideas for lunchbox snack for kids (and adults!)

There are lots of simple snacks as well- carrot sticks, fruit, cheese, popcorn, yoghurt…….

Another difficult one is birthday treats for school. There are some great websites around such as the one below to give you inspiration.

Have a great fortnight!

Ruth Biddle, Principal

Assistant Principal's Report

It has been such hot weather lately. I hope your family were not affected by the recent fires. We have been making sure the children drink and stay in the shade area during their play time. Please remind your children to bring their sun smart hat with them every day.


Undookai (Japanese Sports Night)

Thank you to everyone who joined in our annual Undookai on 12th March. It was a fantastic community event. It was the first time we used the Davies Reserve for this event and I heard a lot of great feedback about this. I just loved the feel and the atmosphere that the family picnic had together with hearing the cheering children having a good time. I really appreciated parent’s involvement in the Relay and Janken game. It was great feeling to share the quality time together. Thank you to Nishikubo sensei and Mr Herskope for organising the event.


Thank you to Watashimo for organising the sushi and snacks and to Mr Benson also for opening and locking the pavilion for us.



Hinamatsuri is often called “Doll’s Festival” or “Girl’s Festival” in English. Hinamatsuri is a day to pray for the health and happiness of young girls. Families with girls display Hina Ningyo, which means Hina dolls.

Jissen Joshi University students from Japan, who came to our school from 25th February to 1st March,  helped in class with students and also helped to display these beautiful dolls for Hinamatsuri in our library.   So if you want to come to see Hina ningyo with your child, you are welcome to come to the library from 3:30-3:45pm until the end of March.


Parents as Partners Night

It was wonderful to see so many families at our Parents as Partners Night on 26th February. This is a ‘key’ evening for both teachers and parents to disseminate information about what is happening at school but also for the teachers to be introduced to your child’s first educator- YOU! We hope that parents met with their children’s classroom teachers and gave some insight into your child’s learning and interests and also picked up their ‘pack’ containing key documents. Please see your child’s teacher if you have not received one. Teachers also reported on what a successful night their 1:1 interviews were. The partnership does not begin nor does it end on one night. If you have any further questions or concerns about your child, you can always make an appointment to see your child’s teacher or share some great news after school when the teachers are on duty in their rooms.


Better Place Australia

Desiree Temling from Better Place Australia offers the counselling service at our school on every Thursday. Flyers and further information can be located at the school office. If you have any questions about this service please come and see me.

School Uniform

During my stints on yard duty I have been reminding students about wearing school uniform. Students who have been wearing items that are not school colours have been asked to remove them and not wear them at school. On the whole, students’ uniform has been looking very good, with most students wearing school colours with pride.

We understand from time to time children may not be in school uniform. If this happens, please write a note in your child’s diary explaining this. I have also received questions about girl’s dress as uniform. For winter dress, students can wear navy blue long sleeve T shirts or skivvy under the dress. 


New Taiko Club Members

Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen for Taiko Club to represent Huntingdale Primary School.  We appreciate the efforts of everyone who attended the audition for Taiko Club and it was close selection in the end.

1.    Jamie 

2.    Keitaro 

3.    Rika 

4.    Selina 

5.    Joey


Snap Shot from Literacy sessions

Our learning starts at 9am and most classes,   with the exception of some of the Grade3-6 classes, start with Readers Workshop and Writers Workshop for first two hours. They are learning the strategies to be better readers and writers through these workshops.

First photo: The classroom teacher is conferencing with students (Literature Circle)

Second photo: The Principal is taking “Learning Walk” and asking five questions for students.

1.What are you learning Why?

2.How are you doing?

3.How do you know?

4. How can you improve?

5. Where do you go for help?

Third Photo: Foundation students are learning the sound of “h”.


Community Cultural Festival

Our Taiko Club and Our Choir will perform on stage at South Oakleigh College’s Community Cultural Festival on 22nd March.   We hope to see our community on the night to celebrate our cultural diversity.


Various Activities During School

We have Library sessions during lunch time this year. Please encourage your children to attend the library session once a week to borrow and return books from Library.


Student Support

One of my main roles in the school is to coordinate the student support services in the school - academic, social and behaviour services. This includes programs we offer ‘in house’ as well as external services provided by the Department of Education and other external agencies.


Generally the process happens in the following way:

  1. A teacher may have a concern with your child and will discuss it with you or you as a parent may have concerns about your child which you are welcome to discuss with the teacher.
  2. These concerns are then usually discussed with me so a decision can be made on which service can be accessed and is the most appropriate for your child. Permission forms are then signed.
  3. Contact is made to the service provider who will then discuss the referral with parents and/or the teacher.
  4. A decision will be made on what sort of support the child will need. This could be an assessment, therapy, home program, referral to another agency or in school support.

This process is confidential with only the key stakeholders- myself, the classroom teacher/s and service providers.


Often, parents will show concerns about other children in the school. We as a school cannot discuss the educational, academic or social circumstances of other children who are not your own or detail support services they may be accessing. This is confidential.  Please rest assured that all efforts are made to support students in the school as much as possible.


Medical Alerts

Many students at our school have health plans and medical alerts. The school needs to have up to date and correct information about your child’s health needs so we can plan and act accordingly for a range of school activities. It is the parent’s responsibility to:

  • Provide up to date health/medical plans to the school for your child
  • Provide in date medication such as epipens and asthma medication
  • Ensure that if you child needs to take medication at school that this is signed off at the school office
  • Alert the school if your child’s health needs change

We thank everyone for their cooperation with this.

Have a lovely fortnight

Naomi Mori-Hanazono

Assistant Principal




"What type of young adult are you moulding?"

 Are they going to be selfish, dependent and entitled, or are they going to be selfless, independent and have an attitude of serving others? I read an article recently that reinforced this but also extended a challenge, stating that this was too short-sighted.


It went on to say "you should focus on what type of great grandchildren you're moulding?"  This is indeed a long term goal.   

An ancient Hebrew proverb saysA good person leaves an inheritance to their children’s children.’ 

Not only does a 'good' person aim to leave a financial inheritance for their family but it can also refer to an inheritance of love, compassion and security.

I appreciate that not everyone has had the great fortune of that type of inheritance, but you can start now for your own family.  May we all be challenged about what kind of inheritance we will leave our children?


Jenni Celle, School Chaplain

Bulletin Board




Dates to Remember 

March 2019

Fri 15 - Interschool Sports grade 5/6 at home: Huntingdale PS vs Amsleigh Park PS

Fri 22 - South Oakleigh S.C. Community Cultural Festival - Taiko and Choir performing - 4.30pm

Fri 22 - Grade 5/6 Sport Gala Day

Sun 24 - Working Bee - 9.30am to 1.30 pm

Mon 25 - Fri 29 - ICU Intercultural Understanding week

Wed 27 - Grade 5/6 Excursion to Westall Secondary College

April 2019

Mon 1 - No assembly

Mon 1 to Wed 3 - Grades 5 & 6 Camp 

Wed 3 to Fri 5 - Grades 3 & 4 camp

Fri 5 - Assembly, 1.55pm - school ends at 2.30pm


Thu 25 - ANZAC - Public Holiday - No school


Term Dates 2019

Term 1: 29 January (school teachers start) to 5 April


Term 2: 23 April to 28 June
Term 3: 15 July to 20 September
Term 4: 7 October to 20 December

Term Dates 2020

Term 1: 28 January (school teachers start) to 27 March * 
Term 2: 14 April to 26 June 
Term 3: 13 July to 18 September 
Term 4: 5 October to 18 Decembe

Click here to see Term Dates up to 2025




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