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23 March 2019
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Principal's Page

WHSC Athletics Carnival, 2019

Another successful Athletics Carnival at Wheelers Hill Secondary College!  We were treated to some beautiful weather on the day allowing everyone the opportunity to get fully involved.

We witnessed some wonderful student participation and competition as part of the day, with some outstanding performances across both track and field events involving all year levels.

Congratulations to Napier for winning the WHSC Athletics Shield for 2019 - Napier were just too strong on the day, and full credit to them for improving their standing from the recent Swimming Carnival earlier in the year.

The success of our Athletics Carnival is due to the outstanding participation from our students, but it is also due to the dedicated approach from our staff.  We thank all staff for their efforts on the day, particularly Kerrie Lay and Sally Pryde (Sports Co-ordinators) for leading, organising and implementing this wonderful event.  Finally, we would like to thank those families and volunteers who attended to support our students on the day.


Year 7 Afternoon Tea, Tuesday 26th March

We have organised a wonderful opportunity for the families of our Year 7 students to come along and enjoy an Afternoon Tea at the College next Tuesday the 26th March (commencing at 4:30pm in the Library).  In a relaxed setting, families will be able to meet staff, students and student leaders as part of this important event.  We will also hear from our Year 7 students as they share their thoughts on the year so far.  The Year 7 Afternoon Tea promises to be another great event at WHSC.

Open Night, Wednesday 3rd April

The WHSC Open Night will be held Wednesday the 3rd April in the Performing Arts and Gymnasium Complex commencing at 6:00pm.

This event provides an outstanding opportunity for our College Community to showcase our great school.  There will be presentations, displays and tours as part of our Open Night, with many students in attendance to help lead the way on the night. 

We are very much looking forward to this event, and it will give us an opportunity to reveal our recently refurbished Performing Arts and Gymnasium Complex and VCE Centre. 

National Day of Action Against Bullying, Friday 15th March

It was the National Day of Action Against Bullying last Friday (15/3/19) and we supported a very worthy cause with a number of activities and events through the week.  Please read on in the Newsletter to learn more.


NAPLAN, 2019

Our Year 7 and 9 students will be expected to complete the NAPLAN Assessments online in 2019.  A number of our staff have been working with the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (or VCAA) to best prepare for the implementation of the electronic form of the Assessments at our College.

To further help prepare students and staff for this transition there will be a Coordinated Practice Test conducted for all Year 9 students on 28th March during period 1.  In addition all year 7 will complete a Practice Test during that week at a time to be notified.
The test will be last approximately 45 minutes plus preparation time and be conducted by the regular class teacher for that session. The practice will mirror various aspects of the different NAPLAN tests to help highlight any issues. 

Families who believe it is appropriate for their children to be exempt from NAPLAN and / or believe that reasonable adjustments should be made for their children to participate, are asked to contact the General Office by Friday 29th March.  The NAPLAN Assessment Online Window is from the 14th to the 24th May.  More details will be shared with families closer to the time.

Building Program, 2019

The Building Program has quickly gained momentum in recent weeks.  It is just the landscaping that needs to be completed to finish off the Performing Arts and Gymnasium Complex.  The VCE Centre is scheduled to be completed by Friday 29th March, allowing us to 'bump in' furniture and other requirements in readiness for classes in this space by the start of Term Two.


New Staff at WHSC

We welcome the following staff who are new appointments to WHSC:

  • Stephen Thompson - Visual   Communications    Teacher
  • Adam Watson - Accounting Teacher
  • Peter Burridge - Maintenance / Gardening 
  • Nomita Pradhan - Integration Aide

We are thrilled with our new staffing appointments and we wish them well.



Social Media at WHSC

Please be reminded to follow what is happening at the College by accessing our Social Media Platforms in Facebook and Instagram.  We have a plan to update these platforms on a regular basis to try and keep our College Community abreast of the most recent activities and events, both in and out of the classroom.  Please see further details below:


Value of the Week - Respect

We received an email from a member of the public praising our students for their excellent behaviour as they were making their way back to the College from a Year 9 school excursion on public transport last week.  Our students were commended for how polite and well mannered they were - well done to our students! 

Christchurch Tragedy

The events of last Friday (15/3) in Christchurch, New Zealand, were shocking to us all.  This horrific act of violence is just so difficult to comprehend.   We are all incredibly saddened by this senseless loss of life.  Tolerance, love, support and kindness to all will always triumph in our communities. Please seek support from your family and friends as we all try and come to grips with this terrible tragedy.  Our Assistant Principals have included some information in this Newsletter that may be helpful to students and families on this matter.

And Finally.....

I will be on Long Service Leave for the last week of Term One.  Judy Anderson (Assistant Principal) will be the Acting Principal during this time.  


As the end of term is fast approaching, I would like to wish our College Community a safe and relaxing holiday break.





Aaron Smith


Assistant Principal's Page

The Tragic Events in Christchurch

All of us are shocked and saddened by last Friday’s tragic events in Christchurch, New Zealand. 


Our thoughts are with the victims and their families and the broader community.


It's hard not to be upset by rolling media coverage of an unfolding tragedy.


People exposed to more than six hours of daily coverage of a disaster are more likely to feel vulnerable, despairing, alienated and irritable.They are also more likely to suffer from feelings of a loss of identity or a sense of failure, as well as sleeplessness.They can also experience intrusive thoughts and images of the event. And small, daily events can have a bigger impact than usual.


Apart from limiting exposure to media, there are things people can do to look after themselves: make sure they get enough sleep; exercise regularly; eat well; spend time with loved ones; do things they enjoy; get back into their usual routine.


Children are especially sensitive to media coverage of disasters.They might worry the same sort of thing will happen to them and their family, and fail to understand it's a one-off, discrete event.Parents shouldn't necessarily try to shield their children. Keeping secrets is not possible in this day and age, and trying to hide events can make things more terrifying. Instead parents should try to limit the amount of media the child is exposed to, while explaining what has happened and answering their questions.

It is also important to speak to the child about their feelings and do something with them, like playing a game together or going out. Providing comfort and affection will help the child to feel safe.


Parents can also remind their child there are plenty of good things that happen that don't make the news.


An excellent resource, Helping Young People Cope with Crisis, is an excellent resource produced by the Australian Red Cross. It can be found at https://www.redcross.org.au/getmedia/60d44951-875d-43c7-8415-1fee678ce1a1/helping-children-and-young-people-cope.pdf.aspx


We also encourage all members of our College Community to contact us with any questions or inquiries regarding assistance we can offer in light of this extremely tragic event.



Mrs Judy Anderson & Mr Andrew Dixon   

Assistant Principals

What's Coming Up Next


  • Dandenong Magistrate's Court - Year 10 Legal and Economics


  • EMR-Swimming


  • NADRASCA - Volunteering


  • NAPLAN Coordinated Practice Test


  • Y7 and 8 Sport


  • Year 9 Humanities Excursion: Port Phillip Bay


  • Open Night


  • Magistrates' and Supreme Court - Year 12


What's in a Meme? 

Meme (mi:m)


  1. an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

I hate to tell you, but it is time to acknowledge what we already know.


The written word is being replaced. As social media continues its methodical and inevitable quest for world domination, it has unleashed the ultimate weapon.


The Meme.


Those random, mocking, hilarious images with captions that flash like a strobe light on our phones, tablets and computers.


Our informal conversations are even suffused with comments like ‘Oh, that’s like that Meme.’ We rely on Memes to explain our position on a topic, we even use Memes as evidence to support our statements and backup our claims.


Can this be right? Have we gone crazy? Should we stop this nonsense?


Of course not.


This is absolutely fine, and we are all okay.


Why? Because Memes have a historical and significant purpose in our lives.

Meme originates from the Greek word ‘mimēma - ‘that which is imitated’, on the pattern of gene’ introduced by evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins in 1976.


Let’s just chew on this a bit because it is tasty.


Memes capture our social and cultural climate. They depict how we are at a certain point in time, they represent our morals, our political views and our social status. Memes are our stamp in the history books. From whatever the image the Meme has stemmed from, they are a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea.


We use them as a way to simulate our experience in another situation. We use them to allow others to connect with us. They are our imprint on that moment in time and our way to relate to each other.


The majority of modern Memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behaviour. Other Memes can be videos and verbal expressions. Some have weightier political or more philosophical content.


The bottom line is this.


Memes are great. They are fun to read, and they are fun to create. You should take a look at what Memes our students are looking at because you will learn so much about them. A picture will paint a thousand words. Their likes, dislikes, social and political views will be revealed, and great discussions can be had.

According to Cecil Adams, the concept of Memes “is either really deep, or really, really, obvious. But don’t forget to smile.”



Claire Hanley

Literacy Learning Specialist


Numeracy and Literacy Professional Learning Day for Staff

On Tuesday 12th March, all teaching staff participated in Literacy and Numeracy Professional Learning. I organised the first session of the day which focused on Numeracy and ran from 9-10.45. Staff were introduced to the whole school Numeracy approach (as mentioned in the last newsletter). Our session’s focus was on how to implement Numeracy strategies across the Curriculum. 


Numeracy Learning Specialists drive whole school approaches in these areas. Naplan and PISA data has been showing a drop in student’s literacy and numeracy levels over time. When students graduate, there will be more jobs focused around STEM or using critical thinking skills, yet less students are choosing higher Mathematics subjects in VCE. The school also has a duty to prepare students with numeracy and literacy life skills beyond schooling.

Consider the following example

Numeracy Activity 1

A regular feature in a local newspaper invited readers to write to a well-known chef with questions about recipes. Read the following Question and Answer and decide if you think the advice was correct.

 Q: I am planning to make a small Christmas cake in a 6-inch tin (15cm) and would like to know how to calculate the quantities of ingredients needed

A: Just break down the recipe accordingly,: for example, if your cake recipe is for a 12-inch tin (30cm), then halve the recipe.

The advice given by the well known chef is actually incorrect and a recipe for a 15cm square cake tin is actually one quarter of the 30cm square cake tin as can be seen in the diagram below.


New focus in Numeracy

There is a new focus in Numeracy to focus on problem solving and reasoning skills rather than the Maths skills of measuring, counting, recording, etc. The new focus is to have students develop their number sense (mental math) and explain their thinking (metacognition) when solving problems.

Numeracy Activities

An example of some of the numeracy activities staff engaged in and will be using in classes are listed below.


Have a go at these yourself!


Numeracy Activity 1: Esti-Mystery

  • Created by Steve Wyborney
  • Estimation meets Math Mystery
  • Students make an estimate and then as each clue is revealed they revise their estimate

Before seeing any clues, estimate how many objects are in the cup.


Now use the clues to come up with a closer estimate.

Clue 1: The answer is an odd number

Clue 2: Look at the visible faces on the die. What do you see? Those 3 digits are not in the answer.

Clue 3: Add the visible numbers on the die. The sum is not a digit in the answer

Clue 4: The answer does not include the digit 6

Clue 5: Look at the die again. The visible numbers are part of a counting sequence – except one number is missing. That missing number represents a digit that is in the answer

By combing the clues and estimation, you now have enough information to determine the answer.

What is your estimate?


Numeracy Activity 2: WODB

  • Thought provoking puzzles
  • There are many, different ways of choosing which one doesn’t belong
  • Reasoning must be provided as to why they chose that puzzle

Which one do you think doesn’t belong and why?


Here are some photos of staff having a go at the puzzles!


Numeracy Puzzle 3 : Crossing the River

Can you work out the minimum number of trips needed to move 2 adults and 2 children from one riverbank to the other side with the following conditions.


Adults and children

Two adults and two children need to cross a river in a rowing boat. Can you determine how to get everyone across, and how many crossings are needed, given the following information?

  • All adults weigh the same
  • Each child weighs half as much as an adult
  • The boat can only carry the weight of one adult
  • The boat must have someone in it to row it!

Here are some photos of staff trying the activity!


Numeracy across the Curriculum

These are just a sample of the activities staff engaged in during the Numeracy Session. The staff will now plan in their domains how to incorporate more Numeracy activities to embed Numeracy as part of the Curriculum in every Domain. In future issues of the Newsletter, I will take photos of students using Numeracy across the Curriculum so we can build Numeracy life skills in the students at Wheelers Hill Secondary.

Solutions to Numeracy Puzzles

Numeracy Puzzle 1: There are 53 Objects. How did you go?


Numeracy Puzzle 2: Any answer is valid with a reason. Examples are shown below

9 – only single digit number, the only one whose digits don’t add to 7

16 – the only even number

25 – the first digit is smaller than the second digit

43 – the only prime number


Numeracy Puzzle 3: The minimum number of trips is 9.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist

Performing Arts

VCE Theatre Productions!

Our VCE Theatre Studies Classes have been working tirelessly on their production assessment task - and you are invited to witness the hilarity unfold! 

Make sure you book tickets - both productions are performing for One Night Only!

Tickets Via: https://trybooking.com/BBHHN


Production Rehearsals!

Rehearsals are underway - and Singin in the Rain is going to be one heck of a spectacle! Make sure you follow the school Instagram and Facebook accounts to see up to date photos and behind the scene footage!


Instrumental Music Program

Term 1 lessons have exploded in popularity - and we are accepting more students to join for Term 2! Make sure you come visit the Performing Arts Office to find out how you can get involved in this program! 

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader

Student Leadership

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

In recognition of the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, students and staff at Wheelers Hill Secondary College ran a number of activities centred on student safety and positivity. Students completed a survey on safety and Home Group Captains organised and ran activities during their home group sessions, such as making role plays on bullying and coming up with random acts of kindness they could do for others. During lunchtime throughout the week, students used chalk to write positive messages such as 'Care for Others', 'Say Only Nice Things' and 'Be Mindful' on the library courtyard, and students from years 7-10 met on the oval at lunchtime on the Day of Action itself to spell 'Bullying No Way'. We thank all the students who participated actively in these activities, as well as the staff who facilitated and supported them - special thanks to Mrs Anderson, Mrs Robinson, Ms Ford and the year level coordinators for their organisation and support of activities, and to Mr Bragg, who used the school drone to take photos of the courtyard and the oval demonstration. 


World's Greatest Shave

Wheelers Hill Secondary College will once again be holding an event for the World's Greatest Shave on the last day of term 1 (April 5th). We have already had many students sign up to colour their hair, have their legs waxed or have their heads shaved for this wonderful cause. Our participants are starting to make their online accounts - we've already raised just over a thousand dollars thanks to the efforts of just three of our student shavers! To donate to our ever-growing online team of students and staff, please use the following link:

We will be having a free dress day for students to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, and the Student Voice group will be running fun activities at lunchtime, in addition to the shaving, colouring and waxing, where students can donate more money to participate - stay tuned for more information via our school social media accounts! Last year we raised over $6000 for this wonderful charity - hopefully we can do even better this year!


Gemma McMahon

Student Voice Coordinator


Middle School Report

Middle School News

Middle School has been involved in many events over the last fortnight allowing many students to show excellence, respect and creativity. We had a busy week with the National Day Against Bullying on Friday. The students could do activities in the home group or at lunchtime. The final day showed students and staff working together to create a human sign. If you are finding out that your child is being bullied, whether through social media, on the bus or at school could you please let us know as soon as possible so that we can address the issue.

It was fantastic to see so many of our Middle School Cohort participating in the School Athletic Sports on Monday and supporting their house .

As we end end the first cycle with CAT's due in all subjects, please take the time for you and your child to reflect on the results, look at organisation and what other avenues they could do to help their learning such as screen time, bed time.

Middle School Leaders

Thank-you to the Middle School Leaders and the Home Group Captains who helped organize and support the activities for Anti-bullying week.

Year 7

It has been great to see a lot of the Year 7’s practicing in sports teams for inter school sport next week, starting to get involved in clubs that have all started up and were a big part of Antibullying week.


Year 8

Last Friday half of the students embarked on the first activity for the Personal Best Program - Surfing at Phillip Island. There were a couple of students in the group who showed surfing ability at the start but as the day progressed many others experienced catching a wave whether on their knees or standing. Thank-you to the staff who also tried out surfing, Mr Molan, Mr Kollipara, Mr Tan, Miss Badoche and Miss Jepson.


Year 9

Last Thursday most of the Year 9’s went into the city and visited the Grand Prix to do Stem Activities. For most of the students this meant that they had to catch trains and trams. This experience will also help the students to be aware of the Public Transport system for Urban Connections in Semester 2. Thank-you to Mr Pesoulis, Mr Lam, Ms Field, Mr Kollipara, Mrs Lal, Mr Bailey and Mr Bragg. 

Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Senior School


School Assessed Coursework

As we are more than halfway through this term, assessment of School Assessed Coursework (SACs) has begun in earnest for both Year 11 and Year 12 students. It is most important that students are organised and well prepared for these assessments. If a student misses a SAC, under the VCAA rules they are required to provide a medical certificate to explain the absence, in order to complete the SAC without penalty.

Stress Management

Most students experience some stress in their final years at school, especially around SACs and exam times. It is normal, but there are strategies that you can use to reduce your stress levels and manage stress when you have it.

Tips for reducing stress

·         set realistic goals

·         don’t overwhelm yourself with the big picture, break things into

          smaller manageable tasks








-        prioritise important things

·         get enough sleep (people your age need 9 to 10 hours each night)

·         develop some tactics to help you relax:

-         go for a walk

-         clear your mind

-         take some time for yourself

-         use meditation/mindfulness/yoga

·         If you feel overwhelmed, speak to someone about it, there are

          always people around to talk to.

Mrs J. Riddoch

Senior School Leader




On Wednesday 13th March the year 10 Futures class attended a presentation on tips and tricks in applying for jobs. The presenter, Gary Brittle from Apprenticeship Matters, spoke about the importance in preparing for the job interview which included things like researching the company, making sure that email accounts were appropriate and not like “[email protected]”. He also stated that 70% of employers checked candidates’ social media prior to asking them in for an interview, so he stressed the importance of making sure students did not post comments or photos that would compromise their opportunities.

Gary stated that having a targeted cover letter and resume as well as practicing common interview questions were important steps in getting an interview and winning that job. During the interview it was important to be confident, have good eye contact with the interviewer and positive body language, that is, sell yourself without saying a thing!

Over the next coming weeks, during Futures classes, year 10s will be skilled up on how to prepare a cover letter, resume and how to answer common interview questions. Together with expanding on some of the points Gary Brittle spoke about today, students will be asked to apply from a list of jobs presented to them and attend a Mock Interview on 3rd April.

The Mock Interview program aims to build lifelong skills which can be drawn upon when students start applying for part-time jobs or when they are going for their ‘dream job’ after finishing their education.

Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator

Community News

Second Hand Uniform Term 1 2019 Dates

Thursday             28th March

Open Night


Breakfast Club

Wheelers Hill Secondary College would like to thank our local sponsors for enabling us to run a Breakfast Club for students once a week on a Friday morning before the start of school.  All donations are sincerely appreciated and by providing this opportunity it ensures students consume a healthy breakfast before starting off a school day which is directly linked to improved concentration and energy levels.

Bakers Delight Wheelers Hill have been very generous in providing bread and rolls on a weekly basis.  They have also expressed interest in sponsoring fund-raisers at the College The store at Shop 5, Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre has been under new management since July 2018 and they are now also specialising in Artisan Bread amongst their other seasonal products such as the various flavours of Hot Cross Buns.







Farman Fruit & Vegetables, located at Shop 12, Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre are supplying the College with a box of fresh seasonal fruit on a weekly basis for which the College is extremely grateful.

Woolworths at Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre has very generously supplied the College with a donation of $40 to be used for purchases at their store.


We appreciate all the generous donations from our sponsors and are happy to accept any further contributions so that Breakfast Club could be run for more than one day a week.

Wheelers Hill Entertainment Book


Fitness Factory Mulgrave


Wheelers News
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