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28 February 2019
Issue Four
Assistant Principal Update
Important Dates
Student Awards                                                           
Year 7 Camp Wrap Up
House Swimming Carnival Results
Romeo and Juliet
Year 10 Enhanced English
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Assistant Principal Update




It has been a fantastic resumption of 2019 subsequent to our summer break after the beginning of Headstart last year. Our students and staff have returned energised, excited, and ready to exhibit their personal best for the rest of 2019. A few general reminders for members of the Mordialloc College community:


Compass for Monitoring Achievement and Attendance

 All parents should have access to the Compass parent portal which gives parents access to the following key information:


·         Permission forms and payment for excursions and camps

·         Real time attendance monitoring and absence authorisation for parents

·         Analytics: access to NAPLAN and school based grade data on your child

.      All previous interim and semester reports.

·         Learning Tasks and Progressive Reporting: to enable you to monitor your child’s progress and results throughout the semester (see below)


If you have any difficulty logging in please contact the front office to have your password reset. It is critical that parents do not share their parent login details with their children.


 Progressive Reporting

 All Benchmark Tasks (common tasks completed by all students in each subject) and SACs will be accessible through the Learning Tasks section of Compass.


Benchmark Tasks are completed under the same conditions for all students within that subject. This allows teachers to accurately grade work against specific Victorian Curriculum standards for that subject using the following scale:




Well Above the Expected Level

More than a year ahead of the expected level

Above the Expected Level

6 months to a year ahead of the expected level

At the Expected Level

Within 6 months ahead or behind the expected level

Below the Expected Level

6 months to a year behind the expected level

Well Below the Expected Level

More than a year behind the expected level
















SAC results will be reported using a school based assessment scale that aligns with VCAA assessment advice for each individual subject.



Potential Equivalent

Very High

A+ and a study score over 39


A and a study score of 37-39


B-B+ and a study score of 32 – 36


C-C+ and a study score of 28 – 31


D-D+ and a study score of 20 – 27

Very Low

E-E+ and a study score of 20 or below


Note: This potential equivalent is dependent upon students matching their performance in SACs with their performance in the end of year exam, therefore must be treated as a guide rather than an indicative result. Due to the moderation and scaling process, the end of year exam is the most weighty determinant of each students study score.



Interim Reports – End of Term 1

 Interim reports for Term 1 will be released at the end of week 9  and our criteria have been refined to better reflect the work habits that we believe are required for success at and beyond Mordialloc College.  Four core areas (Behaviour, Organisation and Homework, Work Ethic, and Use of Class Time) will appear on interim and semester reports to give you a picture of your child’s application in all of their subjects.


Valuables and Personal Property

Unfortunately the school has no insurance for personal property so all items brought onto school grounds are the sole responsibility of the student. Students are reminded to keep their lockers locked at all times, not to share their locker codes, and not to bring excessively valuable items to school.

When attending P.E. students are to leave their belongings (except PE clothes) locked in their locker. The change rooms are used by a number of classes at once.

Students are reminded to keep their bikes locked at all times and to never leave their bikes at school overnight or over the weekend.


Classroom Upgrades

We have upgraded several more areas of the school over summer including the G-Block rooms for STEM, Art, Media, and Visual Communication. The U rooms have been carpeted and some have been painted. In consultation with the senior students we will also purchase new furniture for these rooms later in the year. All classrooms in the school have TVs or projectors and we will continue to work hard to create an outstanding learning environment for the College.



A reminder that the only facial piercing permitted at school is a small clear stud.


Hands On Learning

We are excited to be starting the Hands On Learning program at Mordialloc College in Term 2 for selected students in Years 8 or 9. If you would like to support the program by donating any materials or would like to volunteer in the program please contact me.


Thank you,


Andrew Moffat

Assistant Principal





Important Dates


Thursday 28

  • Year 10 Forensics Excursion
  • Year 9 C & E MEX City Experience Day 3
  • Year 9D MEX Community Placements


Friday 01

  • Year 9 Advance Snorkelling and Swimming with the Dolphins

Monday 04

  • Year 9G Mex Community Placement 

Tuesday 05

  • Kingston Koorie Mob Excursion
  • Yr 12 Leaders Excursion

Thursday 07

  • Police and Community Life Saving Carnival
  • Year 9 French Film Festival Excursion
  • Year 9D Mex Community Placements

Friday 08

  • Physics Excursion to Luna Park
  • Mop Up School Photo Day

Monday 11

  • Labour Day Public Holiday 

Tuesday 12

  • Program Development Committee 3:30 pm
  • Year 7 Cricket Gala Day

Wednesday 13

  • Outdoor Ed Rock Climbing Excursion

Thursday 14

  • Kingston Division Swimming Sports

Friday 15

  • Year 8 Cricket Gala Day
  • Yr 7 & 10 Immunisations
  • Facilities Committee Meeting 8:00 am

Monday 18

  • Year 8 French Film Festival
  • Finance Committee Meeting 4:00pm

Thursday 21

  • Year 10 - 12 French Film Festival
  • School Council AGM 5pm

Monday 25 

  • EAL Camp until Wednesday 27

Tuesday 26

  • Outdoor Education bush walk to Werribee Gorge
  • Year 12 NGV Top Art Excursion

Wednesday 27

  • Year 9 Advance Surf Camp until Friday 29

Friday 29

  • Year 11 History Holocaust Museum Excursion
  • Year 9 Advance Surf Camp Returns

Student Awards                                                           

Student Values Awards

Personal Best - Work to the best of your ability. Pursue excellence, try hard and constantly seek to improve.

Integrity  - Be true to yourself by doing what is right. Be honest and trustworthy.

Respect  - Treat everyone with equal consideration. Be accepting of others and their differences.

Responsibility - Be accountable for your actions. Contribute positively to the school and wider community.


Well done to the following students - Maddie Mead, Zoe Pegrum, Lucy Reekie, Georgia McLeish, Charlotte Davis, Matt McVay and Yarno Vlasblom - for displaying the College value of personal best when presenting their experience of World Challenge to school council. They spoke with confidence and gave a wonderful insight into their experience.





Lana Paten


Year 7 Camp Wrap Up


Where do I begin? I remember thinking, 'Oh camp, why so early and why only three days?' In the first week of school that was all Year 7s could think about and we had mixed emotions. We felt happy, scared, worried or just the usual excited.

WOW! Camp was here! It was Wednesday 6 February and everyone was walking in with their big bags and their parents. The roll was marked and then we were off to The Summit on the buses. After around one hour we stopped at a service centre area to have our snacks then we were off again.

'Over there?' 'Is that The Summit?' 'A cemetery?' is what we  heard each other saying as the bus pulled in to The Summit office. We then eagerly jumped off the buses and waited for Miss Gorman to announce our sleeping groups. When we knew, we followed our group to our tent or cabin, put our bags down and settled in. After that we officially began our camp!

We walked to the hall and learnt about the camp’s focus which was: “Unleashing greatness and the five keys”. That was followed by a team building activity. Our group had to get a spider to a bucket using pipes and starting from a cone. My group’s first actual activity was the very tall, very scary and very wobbly Sky Bridge. We were all so nervous to get up there and try something new but with the encouragement of our amazing group we were all able to accomplish it. I heard all different stories from my friends about their activities but as far as I know everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Then it was afternoon tea and we had some laughs, made new friends and learnt about others. All activities started again and my group did The Cave which was definitely a daunting one. After this our activities were over and it was free time so we all had showers, saw our friends then made our way to the hall to have dinner and dessert.


Our night activities began by making a team flag. My team was called 'The Window Wipers' but other names included 'Barbie Girls' and 'Ya Yeet'. Following this we completed 'A Minute to Win It' challenges in the hall and competed in some races like crab walking and hopping. Later on that night we all made our way back to our sleeping area to go to sleep....... my tent might have misunderstood the instruction as we were up until 12:00am playing silent games. It’s all part of the experience!

Day 2 came and we were all yawning away but that was then changed when breakfast was served and we had some giggles and chatted away. After breakfast we made our way to the stage for instructions then we walked over to the Giant Swing. I was filled with joy and eagerly wanted to get up there. The giant swing by far was everyone’s favourite activity and you could go to red, yellow or green level. (green was the highest you could go). I went out of my comfort zone and went to green! When my partner Sophie and I were pulled up I couldn’t believe how high we were! Sophie then had to unclip the rope that let us loose. She struggled at first so I closed my eyes and then all of a sudden… “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed as I opened my eyes. We were 20m in the air!

There were many more activities that happened on this day that included abseiling and a bush challenge course. Before we knew it, the monster challenge was here! All of our group dressed in their most monster-like clothes and set off on a big 1km long (or more!) challenge. Our first challenge was easy. There was a bucket with holes in it and we had to fill it up with water so that it overflowed. Next we had to collect two tyres and link arms with the tyres and each other before running to our second challenge. This challenge included playing charades and throwing and catching tennis balls. Challenge number 3 was to move all red tyres to the blue side and all blue tyres to the red side by dragging them on platforms attached to rope. 'Run, run as fast as you can!' 'Window wipers, what do we do? Wipe windows. When do we do it? Now!' our team sang.

Challenge number 4 was to get a frisbee through a hole and then continue running which led us to a small sized lake. This lake contained water and a big rope bridge. We had to begin sitting and moving across the rope on our bottoms before swimming then getting up and climbing to the top of the rope on the other side to reach a big deck. Running past the other teams, we went under another rope net and made our way to the other side. The most uncomfortable challenge was challenge number 7 where we had to complete several fitness moves (squats, sit ups, push ups and jumping jacks) but we had to repeat them 10 times in our muddy clothes. This is where I thought it was the end of the monster challenge but there was challenge number 8! We had to slide down a dirty hill into mud pools (four of them!) and then we had get out and walk through two more mud pools before we were done…well I thought so!

The coach announced that we had to literally do it ALL over again to improve our time! So, as you do, we just went along with it and, at the end, we had a swim in the CLEAN lake.

My new friends and I rushed over to the showers to find a line of people telling others, 'Come on, just have a two minute shower.'  It was then time for our last dinner and that was such a good night. These other girls who I hadn’t even talked to before were just hysterical and I apparently looked like an actual beetroot. On the last night we watched a movie and then settled off to sleep when we got back to our beds.

'Morning girls, rise and shine!' a teacher said to wake us, then we had a shower, ate breakfast and did our last activities: human foosball and Inflatable obstacle course, nail board/snake holding and high ropes. After those really fun and nervewracking activities we went to see who won the scavenger hunt, the monster challenge and the overall group winners. Although my tribe did not place, I know that we all tried and that’s what matters most. We then had a group photo in front of the army tank and watched the winners go for a ride in it before saying goodbye to what was an unforgettable time. The buses were so loud because everyone was with new friends talking about what happened on camp.

Camp was amazing. All my friends loved it and, hopefully, we weren’t too bad for the teachers! 


Ella Wells 


House Swimming Carnival Results

The College swimming trials were held at Caulfield Swim Centre last Friday 22 February. The House Swimming Sports attracted over 760 staff and students participating in swimming. 

Overall Aggregate Winner

 Red House 1st  - 825 points

Yellow House 2nd - 650 points 

Blue 3rd - 534 points 

Green House 4th - 170 points






12: Sean McKenzie (3 points)

12: Amelie Askew (3 points)

13: Daniel Yoo (38 points)

13: Katie Tregellis (38 points)

14: Dylan O’Neill (42 points)

14: Jade Goodman (39 points)

15: Darcy Nicholson (48 points)

15: Abbey Tregellis (46 points)

16: Jackson Lynch (50 points)

16: Tahlia Peacock (44 points)

17: Jackson Reeve (42 points)

17: Lucinda Reekie (50 points)

18-20: Lachlan Kimpton (50 points)

18-20: Elizabeth Ng (50 points)


The following students will represent the college in the forthcoming Kingston Division Swimming Carnival to be on Thursday 14 March at Caulfield








Oliver Lynch

Roma McGoldrick

Charlee-Ann Welsh

Flynn Nicholson

Cooper Smith

Jade Goodman

Daniel Yoo

Dylan O’Neill

Darcy Nicholson

Kaeden Page

William Fountain

Elton Ng

Darby Blinco

Liam Broad

Maximillium Nowak

Katie Tregellis

Ethan Brech

Angus Lloyd

Charlotte Kerr

Taylah Lewis

Ronan Askew

Reema Ababneh

Jasmine Cane

Abbey Tregellis

Matilda Phillpotts

Maya Whetstone

Emily Hoysted

Rueben Verdiants

Madeline Lawson

Emma Broadley

Zahra Konisberry


Kristy Ristevski



Tamsyn Russell



Laura Reeves










Jackson Lynch

Leo Faid

Lachlan Kimpton

Abigail Brown

Jackson Reeve

Rory Thompson

Max Reindel

Gustav Nielsen

Adnan Abdul Mutalib

Matthew Parsons

Jack Alacqua

Lochlann Kilkenny

Tahlia Peacock

Carter Fox

Levi Burns

Rowenna Thay

James Vicendese

Elizabeth Ng

Eliza Borkowski

Lucinda Reekie

Zoe Unwin

Matilda Wilson

Caitlin Maher

Charlotte Davis

Celina Lum

Jasmine Ristevski

Camille Nightingale


Joanna Elkington

Caleb Romeo


Flynn Hynes



Jack Phillpotts



Nicholas Baker



Madeleine Mead








Advance Students

Advance Students


Louis Bateson

Paige Anderson


Meike Berg

Rhianne Blavo


Thomas Clarke

Jack Claypole


Biance Davidson

Luke Collis


Oliver Gibbon

Mikayla Coxhell


Hannah Grieve

Ellie Cramp


Liam Johnson

Noah Crowe


Patrick Kilkenny

George Gorbatchev


Nicholas Lee

Lachlan Letch


Bernard Martin

Sophia Lionakis Johnson


Ryan McQuiston

Ty Lister


Kieran O’Meara

Angus Llyod


Rose Patel

Kep McMillin


Jaxon Pendrey

Fletcher Mead


Harvey Romeo

Alex Robertson


Charlotte Thompson

Leah Rumpf


Matthew Wade








































Cory Watters

Carnivals Coordinator

Romeo and Juliet

On 25 February, Year 10 students enjoyed a performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by the Eagles Nest Theatre in the PAC. This was timed to coincide with their study of the play as they develop their ability to write analytical essays, to identify literary devices, to explore the deeper implications of texts and to explain the ways in which writers position their audiences. We were very pleased to note the positive engagement of the students and their comments about how much they enjoyed the performance.


 In the next week students will have their first practice essay of the year where they must respond to one of two questions on the text in exam conditions. In order to prepare, students should be memorising quotes, writing practice plans and working on how to break down a question effectively under timed conditions. They should also re-read sections of the play and practice annotating quotations to extend their ability to comment on the layers of meaning within the richness of Shakespeare’s language. A range of study guides are available for free online SparkNotes Study Guides and students can also discuss extra support and revision strategies with their teachers.


Once they have completed close study of the play and received feedback from their practice essays, students will finish the unit with a final benchmark task which will be reported on in Compass to parents and carers at home. This will take place in the week beginning 7 March, depending upon the class timetable, and be reported on within two weeks of submission.


A huge thank you to the Eagles Nest Theatre for putting on such a great show and good luck to all students in their upcoming assessments; we hope you have enjoyed the extra challenge that such a play can offer and are looking forward to our next unit as well - Poetry of Resistance.


Andrew McConchie

Directory of Literacy Improvement


Year 10 Enhanced English

Fair is foul and foul is fair!

Monday, 25 February, a cold night, and the Year 10 Enhanced English students were out past their bedtimes. There was reason for this, as all of the students had gone into the city to watch the William Shakespeare play, 'Macbeth'. After a 45 minute journey into the heart of Melbourne, we walked to the beautiful Botanical Gardens. We had all brought our picnic blankets and 'quiet food' and all settled down to watch the 2 hour play performed by the Australian Shakespeare Company.
Created in the times of James 1/V1 (England/Scotland), this play reminded people about the concepts of karma and not to mess with the king or otherwise unimaginable things will happen. The modernised version was short but to the point, emphasising more important details such as battles while involving that little bit of audience participation to make sure we didn’t go to sleep.
It provided us with the visual aid to help with our understanding of the text and the upcoming benchmark tasks involved with the play. In general, it was a lovely night out, accompanied by some curious bats and possums, watching a nice, peaceful play (except for all the murders) with friends.
The night concluded with some late night exercise (which had nothing to do with us being late for the train back) and a tired train journey back to Mordialloc. A huge thanks to the teachers for organising this opportunity for us students!




                                                                                                                           Written by Meike Berg & Thomas Clarke


                                                                                                                                                        Year 10 Enhanced English

Frankston Line News

Construction is underway to remove the three level crossings in Carrum on the Frankston line, with major works commencing in mid-2019.

 A temporary track will be built to keep trains running during construction. To enable construction of the temporary track, there will be changes to Carrum Station facilities and around the station precinct.



Car park closure:

From Saturday 9 March to early 2020, rail passenger parking will close at Carrum Station. Passengers requiring accessible parking are advised to use neighbouring stations on the Frankston line during this time.

 Bus stop relocations:

From Saturday 9 March 2019 to early 2020, buses servicing Carrum Station will move to a temporary stop in a neighbouring street within the precinct.

Passengers can board bus routes 857 and 970 at a temporary bus stop located on McLeod Road.

The Metro designated replacement bus stops will be temporarily located on Station Street and McLeod Road.

Passengers can familiarise themselves with the new bus stop locations online at or by calling 1800 800 007.

 Bicycle hoop relocation and Bicycle locker closure:

From Saturday 9 March 2019 to early 2020, the bicycle hoops at Carrum Station will be relocated next to the existing bicycle hoops at Bonbeach Station.

The Bicycle lockers will be permanently closed from Saturday 9 March 2019.

 Pedestrian detours:

Pedestrian and cyclist detours will be in effect around the Carrum Station precinct throughout the project. Wayfinding signage and traffic management will be in place to assist people moving around the area.

 Where possible an east west connection will always be maintained to provide access to Carrum Station and between the shopping precincts on Station Street and Nepean Highway.


We are here to help passengers with their travel during major construction projects and will endeavour to get you to and from your destination as quickly and easily as possible.

To get the latest travel information on changes around Carrum, call PTV on 1800 800 007 or visit If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment, you can contact us directly or through the National Relay Service and request to call 1800 800 007.

 For other languages visit or call 9321 5450.


If you have any questions about the Carrum Level Crossing Removal Project or would like more information, phone 1800 105 105 or email 24 hours a day.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

 This mailbox is not monitored. For journey planning and service information, visit or call 1800 800 007.  



Community News

Dobsons School Uniform Shop Trading Hours for Term 1 2019

Monday 8:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Please see below for extra opening hours

Sat 2 March  9.00am – 12.00pm

Sat 6 April  9.00am – 12.00pm


Private appointments are available after shop hours. Please call 8587 0570 for an appointment.

Visit the new, improved website Click and Collect ordering now available.

Located on the corner of the main building, near the staff car park.


Please see the attachment for the most up to date price list including any specials that are available.


Edithvale Fire Brigade Fun Run


CSIRO Open Night Invitiation


College News
Mordialloc College Price List 2018.pdf