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18 October 2018
Issue Fifteen
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AAFC visits the Police Air Wing
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Overall Club Champion & Second Overall School Champion
Congratulations Sarsha!
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Important Dates


15th-19th October - Design and Technology Week

19th October - Last day of Yr 12 Classes

22nd October - Year 12 Celebration Day, Year 12 Breakfast

22nd October - Year 12 Valedictory

23rd October - Piano Soiree

24th October - String Soiree

25th-26th October- Dance Night

30th October - Art Show Opening

30th October - Woodwind Soiree


Principal's Report

Farewell and good luck to our Year 12 students

On Monday 22 October, we will celebrate the final day of formal schooling for our wonderful class of 2018. The final days of any major milestone are emotional, full of fun, reminiscences and a sense of “what does the future hold?” Thank you to Pat Sklavakis and Sandor Kazi who have nurtured our students all year, how quickly October has come around!

The day will begin with breakfast, followed by a whole school assembly and guard of honour stretching from the gym to the world beyond MGC. In the evening, we will formally celebrate with the girls and their families, indeed over 600 guests, at the Melbourne and Olympic Park Function Centre.


With gratitude

Our staff work tirelessly to ensure every learning opportunity is supported, their dedication to the girls is extraordinary. Each experience detailed below has attracted messages from parents who appreciate the enormous work undertaken by our staff, this is one example which reflects many:

“Hi Ms Money
What a great vocal showcase on Monday evening - another wonderful testament to the dedication and talent of Ms Corry and the vocal teachers - Susan de Jong and Ellyce Calder. 
All the girls had so much confidence and Susan was particularly great at putting everyone at ease when things went wrong, which is such as valuable skill for all performers to learn. 
Well done MGC on a truly great music program.”


Thank you to:

Anne Corry, Ellyce Calder and Susan de Jong for the vocal showcase including the A’Cappella Choir

Lucy Chen, Bibo Shi and Nia Holdenson for the China trip

Tim McDougall, Ella McDonald and Pat Sklavakis for the French trip

Lenore Twist Catie Cameron-Martin and Emily Shaw for the Aerobics National Competition

Jordan Evans for the Dance Showcase eagerly anticipated next week

Lisa Rosos for accompanying Lilian Gonzales, Meg Funston, Mia Eley and Jess Rogers to Q & A on Monday night.

Andrew Beck, Steph Burgess and the coaching team for the grand opening of the Rowing Season, working bees and ergathon on Friday

Jo Jepsen for leading Technology week with her team

Roger Dunscombe for the Year 12 media film screening at ACMI

Andrew Beck and Emily Shaw for the trail blazing Weight Lifting Club, the first in a girls’ school!



Lilian Gonzales won “Best Speaker” at the Debating Association of Victoria awards last week held at Methodist Ladies College. This is a major achievement against State and private schools and over 100 fellow entrants.

Lena Demaison in year 12, who left France when she was 5 years old, won the French Ambassador’s prize in the “native French speakers’ category”.


Official Opening of the Netball Courts

On Tuesday 16 October we welcomed the Minister for Sport and Recreation Hon John Eren, Minister for Planning and Member for Richmond, Hon Richard Wynne, Rosie King CEO Netball Victoria, students, staff and dignitaries to the official opening of the new netball courts. We are proud to be part of this Inner City Netball initiative which will foster sporting opportunities, healthy lifestyle and fun for our students and the wider Richmond community. We are grateful to the Department of Sport and Recreation, Minister Eren, Rosie King, the Department of Education and Training and Minister Wynne for their combined leadership of this project for our college and Richmond.


2019 Planning

It is with great pleasure we welcome Sefija Demirova to the principal team. Melbourne Girls’ is fortunate to have exemplary staff who look for the next challenge in their careers. We also welcome our new psychologist, Julia Kefford who will work alongside Pen Wilmot in the Wellbeing Centre.


The following senior appointments have been made to date for 2019:

Many thanks for your ongoing support in preparing the girls for the best future possible.


Kind regards,


MGC Cafe

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MGC Parents' Association Raffle

Raffle tickets must be in by the 19th of October!!

Please bring your raffle tickets back asap so as to not miss out on the chance to win some amazing prizes.
Thank you 
The Parents’ Association

VAGSS Leadership Conference 2018

Over the past 10 years, two Melbourne Girls’ College students have joined a team of State Girls’ schools to organise and run a conference, that is planned and attended by year 10, female students. This year, Izzi Measham-Park and I were fortunate to be part of this team. We worked with 16 students from six all girls’ schools across Victoria, over two terms to plan this leadership day, held at Mac. Robertson Girls’ High school. This year’s theme was STRIVE (Strong, Independent, Resilient, Valued and Empowered). 120 students attended the conference where they participated in workshops centred on empowerment, leadership and self-efficacy. Liaising with this diverse team of girls was challenging and rewarding and provided an insight as to how uniquely different MGC is, in comparison to other schools. As student voice and initiative is inherent to MGC, Izzi and I were able to draw from our MGC culture and experience, which was an asset for our team.  It was a privilege to have had this leadership opportunity. We are grateful for the skills we gained as well as the experience we were able to create for many girls.


Lucy Vogel


Dance Showcase Semester 2

Tickets for the Semester 2 Dance showcase are now on sale.  The showcase will feature students own choreographic pieces and learnt dance works in a variety of genres. Tickets can be purchased via the Trybooking link ​ or via the MGC website – Events page.

China Study Tour 2018

Photo: Visit to Nanjing Jinling High School 与金陵中学师生合影

The China Study Tour 2018 was organized through MGC’s Confucius Classroom Program. The program has a long-standing relationship with the Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne, the Institute for International Students at Nanjing University and Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing). The China Study Tour was from the 14th September to the 28th September. A wonderful journey started on the day they left for China.


The first stop was Xi’an, a city famous for the Terracotta Warriors. Apart from the delicious cuisine they had been blessed with, the group have seen some incredible monuments throughout the trip. The rain in Xi’an didn’t stop them from visiting the Terracotta Warriors, the Small Goose Pagoda, the ancient City Wall and the fabulous Tang Dynasty Theatre!  

The second stop was Nanjing, a city that had been the capital of China in six different dynasties – a city so rich in history. Students attended language classes at Nanjing University for a week. They learnt Chinese in class and put it into practice in real life situations afterwards. They also visited Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, Nanjing Palace Museum, the Confucius Temple & Xuanwu Lake. Lastly but not least importantly, they had the privilege of visiting Zhiyuan Primary School and experiencing a variety of elective classes including Hair-braiding, Ukulele-playing, Basketball, Singing, Coding and more!

The last stop was Shanghai which is known for its modernity. Students stepped into the 263-meter-high observation deck of the Oriental Pearl Tower (468 meters), overlooking the panoramic view of Shanghai and enjoyed a delicious buffet for dinner at the Revolving Restaurant which is just above the observation deck. The group also visited the Bund with colonial architecture as well as Tianzifang, a chic arts and crafts enclave in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, the French Concession and the Shanghai Museum.

After 14 days’ trip in China, students experienced both the traditional Chinese culture and its modernity. Eating delicious Chinese food, walking on prosperous city streets, the group were amazed by the speed China is developing.

By Lucy Chen & Will Li



Scientist in Schools Program

On one of the last days of school in Term Three, all of year sevens were fortunate to participate in the CSIRO STEM Professionals in School Program. The scientist who came to our school was Dr Cathy Wright from CSL Behring.

The students were all separated into their houses and had their incursion in different periods that went for 75 minutes. We learnt about good bacteria (the ones that you need), what ones can cause infections and much more. After watching a detailed presentation, we all separated into pairs and got a petri dish filled with a jelly-like substance called agar; agar is transparent and obtained from red algae. It was an interesting experiment. Everyone went around with a cotton bud and chose a place from where they wanted to see how much bacteria lived there. I chose to swab my friend’s padlock on her locker and the others went around and swabbed many other things such as computer keyboards, chairs, pencils, a toilet and a sink tap.

A month later we all got our petri dishes back and saw all the bacteria that was hidden before. Most of them looked the same but some were more interesting than others. The most unique agar dish  in my class was swabbed from under the wheel of a class table. It had many different types of bacteria; there was furry ones, slimy ones, flat ones, paint-like ones and bumpy ones. We got a magnifying glass and observed the bacteria, we also tried to identify how many different species of bacteria there was in each dish even though we couldn’t really be exact. We weren’t allowed to open the dishes because we didn’t know what species were in there. If inhaled it could have a fatal effect on our health, so we could only observe.

Science experiments are often fun but doing them with a scientist and collecting real scientific evidence around the Lyceum brings Science to life. Thanks for the inspiration and the real life experimentation Dr Wright,  Ms Walkear and the Physical World teachers who organised this program.


By Amelia Bell 7 M1

AAFC visits the Police Air Wing

On the 1st of October, several cadets from squadrons 414 and 402 visited the Victorian police Airwing in the Essendon Airport precinct. We started off inside the hangar nice and close to the police helicopter, complete with a 1.1-million-dollar infrared/visual light camera. Over the course of the day, we were given a range of opportunities including sitting in a police helicopter, operating the 1.1-million-dollar infrared/visual light camera and flying the flight simulator. We were then shown footage of car chases from the air in daylight and with the infrared camera. We all had a fantastic time.


Cadet Mountjouris 


​MGC Art Exhibition 


International Environmental Youth Council

My name is Lucy Skelton and i'm currently in year 10 here at MGC. About 6 months ago I applied to be on an International Environmental Youth Council, I hoped and I dreamed but I didn't expect anything. A few months ago after an interview and more papers I received news that I had been accepted and they were offering me a position. I was one of two from Australia and one of six globally. A little over a month ago, I was sent to Washington DC in the United States of America to attend a summit for this council. It was there that I met other youth council members, developed skills and met absolutely inspirational people who had flown there to help us and develop our skills as leaders and as change makers. The EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council hopes to inspire youth all across the world to make a change about what's important to them. This is all possible because of my passion for environmental and humanitarian justice, by following what I love I've learnt that I not only get to make a difference but I get to help inspire others all across the world, through this council, to do the same. I would like to thank the support of all my teachers here at MGC. ​


Year 10 Community Challenge


Overall Club Champion & Second Overall School Champion

43 athletes flew to the Gold Coast to compete for 4 days of competition. This win is an amazing way to finish off such a strong season and a great reflection on all the hard work and dedication put into training! The team represented Melbourne Girls’ College to the highest possible standard on a national scale, demonstrating how dedicated we are to this sport. Congratulations girls, you should be SO proud of yourselves.

Lenore Twist


Congratulations Sarsha!

Sarsha Hughes of Yr 9 recently competed in and won the Victorian Acro Gymnastics Championships with her team “Team Adrenaline”.  Congratulations Sarsha!!


Performing Arts Events

Library News

Library Book Club

The Library Book Club is a space for students who want to read books, read about books, talk about books, and then read and talk some more. We meet on Purple Mondays in the library - keep an eye on the Student Bulletin for which room!


If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved, please email Beth at [email protected].

Library Events


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