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18 September 2018
Issue Twenty-eight
Our Vision
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Our Vision

Our Vision

To be an engaging and inclusive learning community where students are confident, creative, curious and lifelong learners.

Our Values

Respect        Teamwork       Resilience        Integrity


We respect ourselves by valuing who we are and doing our personal best.

We respect others by treating them fairly and in the way we would like to be treated.

We respect our community by being inclusive/friendly to others and taking care of our environment.


We make sure that we contribute.

We make sure that we encourage and give others the opportunity to contribute.

We work together to achieve the best we possibly can.


We accept feedback and use it for improvement.

We bounce back when things just don’t seem to be going right.

We make an effort to make things right again.


We are honest with each other.

We are accountable for the decisions we make.

We own up to our mistakes.

Principal's Report

Assembly Time Change

In term 4 we will be changing our assembly to Monday afternoon. The purpose behind this is to better utilise our key learning time for students and to be able to have a whole two hour Literacy block in the morning. This has formed a significant part of our school review discussion and is part of being an effective school and learning community.


As a result, a whole school assembly will take place at 3:00pm on Monday.  This is a time to celebrate student achievements and to share information with our school community. As you know our student leaders do a fantastic job of running assembly each week. While we understand that this is not a time that will suit all members of our community it is important that the education of our students takes priority. We encourage all members of our community to attend assembly.


It is the time of year where we start planning for 2019. If your child will be moving schools in 2019 could you please let us know as soon as possible. This will assist with our planning. We have 15 prep students enrolled for 2019 with 6 girls and 9 boys. We will confirm our teachers and class structure in term 4. If you know of anyone who is yet to enrol for next year please let them know that now is the time.

Victorian State School Spectacular

You have been hearing about it forever and it finally arrived. Our students did us proud as part of the 3000 student cast including dancers and singers, there was even a magic act. If you have never attended one before I highly recommend it. It is amazing to see the talent of the young people in Victorian schools.


Long Service Leave Term 4

During term 4 I will be taking long service leave for 3 weeks. There will be an Acting Principal in place while I am on leave who will be able to offer any assistance that is needed and ensure the smooth continuation of learning at the school. I will introduce the community through the next newsletter. We know that the teachers will continue to do a great job.

Visiting Willowbrooke

It has been wonderful for our Prep to 2 students to visit the local nursing home Willowbrooke. They were able to talk to the older citizens and learn all about how the past was different to now. Miss Donovan will be taking her class back in term 4. We think that this is a great way to engage with our local community and encourage respect for the elders of our society.


Our new butterfly garden

Our students did a fantastic job of designing and creating our new butterfly garden.

A busy term

We come to the end of a busy term. Thank you to our students and parents for making it such a great term and now we can all have a well deserved rest. We hope that everyone has a great break and gets a bit of family time. We look forward to term 4 and all the fun and excitement it brings.

Have a great holiday everyone and stay safe.


Dates to remember

2018 Term 3 


Wednesday 19th

Gymnastics 4-6  1-3


Thursday 20th

Immigration Museum


Friday 21st

Last day of Term 3

School finishes at 2.30pm


2018 Term 4


Monday 8th

Term 4 Starts


Wednesday 10th

School Council


Tuesday 16th

Summer Sports

Prep Transition


Monday 22nd - Friday 26th 

ILP Week

Teachers update ILP and speak to parents


Tuesday 30th

Prep Transition



Tuesday 6th

Cup Day Holiday


Saturday 10th

Shopping Tour - Book Now for a great day of fun!


Tuesday 13th

Prep Parent Information Evening

Buddy BBQ


Friday 16th

School Disco


Wednesday 21st 

Living and Growing Sessions

Years 3-6


Friday 23rd

Japanese Day


Saturday 24th

Election BBQ


Wednesday 28th

Living and Growing Sessions

Years 3-6

School Council



Wednesday 5th

Living and Growing Sessions

Years 3-6


Thursday 6th

School Council and PFA Dinner


Tuesday 11th

Step Up Half Day

Year 7 State Wide Transition Day


Thursday 13th

Christmas Carols


Tuesday 18th

Year 6 Graduation


Wednesday 19th

Grade 6 Big Day Out

Class Party Day


Friday 21st

Last Day of Term 4

1:30pm finish


Prep Transition Dates

Tuesday 16th October 9:15 - 11am - 

Tuesday 30th October 9:15 - 11am-Optional parent session -stay and play

Tuesday 13th November - Stepping Up to School Parent Information evening inlcuding buddy BBQ Come along and meet your child's buddy and their family 

Tuesday 11th December - Half Day Step Up to school 9:15am - 1pm

Term 3:  16 July to 21 September
Term 4:  8 October to 21 December

Parent Page

Making and keeping friends


Making friends is an important part of your child’s development. Friends are people that your child can:

  • talk to 
  • share things with
  • confide in.

Strong friendships allow children to grow into well-adjusted adults with strong social skills.

The role of friends

Parents and friends play a different role in the life of a child. 

You can help your child to make long-term decisions about things like their values and morals. 

Your child’s friends are more likely to influence their short-term choices. This could include:

  • the way they dress
  • their hobbies
  • the things they like to do in their spare time.

Talk to your child about their friends

Your child’s friendship's can often change. 

It is the quality of friends that your child has that is important, not the number. Whether your child has one special friend or many friends isn’t the issue. As long as they are happy and content they’ll do fine. 

Sometimes your child will argue with their friends. Not all arguments are bad. They are an important part of growing up. 

Talk to your child about:

  • what things they like to do with their friends
  • the things they like about their friends
  • the ways your child could show their friends how much they mean to them
  • how their friendships are going. If there are problems this gives your child a chance to talk to you about them.

Listen to your child and use open-ended questions. These are questions that can't be answered with a simple yes or no.

Talk to your child about your friends

Talking to your child about your own friends and friendship history. This shows them how to be a friend and have friends.

Use examples and explain to your child the time and effort you put into your own friendships

Talk about forgiveness

Sometimes friends do things that upset us. This doesn’t mean the friendship has to end. Understanding that everyone makes mistakes is an important lesson to learn.

Help your child make friends

Friendships are usually made between people who have the same interests. Making friends can take time.

Some children find it easy to make friends. Others find it difficult. You know your child best.

If you know your child is nervous or shy when making friends difficult, you can encourage them to:

  • say hello and smile
  • look for another child who seems shy and talk to them
  • ask questions to start a conversation, like what school did you go to last year or do you like maths, music, running?
  • listen to other children when they are talking and find out if they have things in common.

You can also support your child’s interests and get them involved in clubs or groups. This means they can make friends with children outside of school too.

Social media and friendships

The internet lets young people make friends in new ways. Friendships made through social media are different from real-life friendships. These friendships let your child:

  • talk about sensitive issues without feeling judged
  • experiment with their identity in an anonymous way.

Make sure your child is staying safe. Pay attention to their online friendships and social media activity.

Friendships and moving to secondary school

Friends help each other make the move from primary to secondary school easier.

Your child will have made strong friendships at primary school. Your child might want to stay with their friends and go to the same secondary school. They might choose to go to a different school.

You can help your child keep their current friends and make new friends at their new school. 

Friendships need time, attention and trust if they are going to last. 

You should encourage your child to spend quality time with their new and old friends.


Out of School Hours Care

Our Prices

Program Times                  Full Fee 

Before School Care         $12  

6:45AM – 8:45AM

After School Care             $16                 

3:30PM – 6:15PM


If you are interested in our After or Before school care program please speak to the office.

Just a reminder that you must sign your children in when dropping them off in the morning and when picking them up.


If you are having any problems making your OSHC payments please speak to Andrea or Tabitha to assist.

        Notices and Reminders

Update details

If you have changed your address or any other personal details could you please change this on Compass or notify the office.


Don't forget Monday is School banking day.     Please give to the classroom teacher.


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