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22 December 2017
Issue Five
Dates to Remember 2018
Principal's Report
My City Experience
End of Year Awards Ceremony
Class of 2017 VCE Results
Where In the World?
In the Classroom with.....
The Art of Ceramics
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Dates to Remember 2018

2018 Term Important Dates & Information

Uniform Shop Opening Hours

Tuesday 23rd Jan 10am-2pm

Wednesday 24th Jan 9 am-3pm

Every other Tuesday in Term 1- 3:15pm-4:30pm

Every Thursday 8am-9am & 2:30pm-5pm


Book Collection Day

Wednesday 24th Jan 10am-4pm

Payments can be made by EFTPOS, Credit Card, Cash or Money order


Student Return Dates

Tuesday 30th Jan- Year 7 & 12 Students

Wednesday 31st Jan- Year 8-11 Students


Year 7 Evening BBQ

Tuesday 6th Feb


Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 14th Feb


School Photos

Thursday 22nd Feb

Photo catch up day- Monday 5th March 


Year 7 Camp

Monday 26th-28th Feb

Labour Day Public Holiday- 

Monday 12th March


VCE & VCAL Info Night

Wednesday 14th March


Open Night Early Finish for students

Thursday 22nd March


Term 1 Finish- Normal School Day

Thursday 29th March

Principal's Report

2018 and Beyond

Thinking back over the year, 2017 has been a year of reflection and a year to plan for change and consolidation for our College.


I want to now take this opportunity to provide a summary of the agreed path that the College has chosen over the next four years of its new Strategic Plan.


In 2017, Kurunjang Secondary College completed its Review. School reviews provide an independent analysis of a school's performance against the goals and targets in their strategic plan. The review also evaluates the school's strengths and the impact of its improvement efforts.  


Based on this feedback provided through this process, the college commenced work on its new goals and key improvement strategies. Three goals to work on over the next four years were identified with the focus of course being the students.


GOAL 1: To improve student learning outcomes.

GOAL 2: To Improve student engagement in their own learning with aspirational outcomes.

GOAL 3: To improve Improve the school’s safe and orderly environment.


In summary, the new Strategic Plan puts student learning and outcomes at the centre of all that we do. The Key Improvement Strategies that have been identified and targeted in the Plan are based on research.


The Plan acknowledges that there is an inter-dependency between the quality of our teaching and how young people feel about themselves and their school, and in turn how staff feel about themselves and their school. It also acknowledges that If teachers have access to quality professional development and resources that promote health and wellbeing and students have access to a dynamic curriculum and quality adolescent health programs, the result will be a more harmonious and productive learning environment.


Strong positive relationships are at the core of success is schools.

Research is clear that when positive bonds are formed between students and teachers, classrooms become supportive spaces in which students can engage in academically and socially productive ways. Through these relationships, students learn about socially appropriate behaviors as well as academic expectations and how to achieve these expectations. Also evident in research is that when schools and families work together they can determine areas of priority and how best to work together to maximize their students’ pathways.


2017 in review was once again a busy and eventful year.


The College this year continued to place high emphasis on its diverse extra curricula activities. An extensive program was offered; interschool and lunchtime sports program, performing arts programs such as band, dance and choir, science “zoo zone” club, debating, Chess and Student Voice just to name a few. The College provided a diverse range of opportunities for students including music concerts, art and technology exhibitions and sporting carnivals which allow students to develop leadership and collaborative skills in a range of non-classroom settings. There are also important opportunities for the broader school community to gather and celebrate.

In 2017, the Leadership Team have overseen and driven the work identified in our Annual Implementation Plan with much focus and determination. I thank them all for their tireless efforts. This work enabled us to improve and consequently better support our students. I also would like to acknowledge the contribution of both our teaching and support staff, as well as our Students and College Council and thank them for their work their continued commitment.


Our Student Leaders continue to be an integral part of our college. Our college is grateful to the important role that they have in providing the student voice which is vital in determining our chosen path.  


Finally, I would like to thank all members of the college community for their support and work over this year. I hope that you all enjoy a restful and safe Christmas break and happy New Year.


Like all of you, I am very much looking forward to 2018.


John Mitsinikos

College Principal

My City Experience

2017 MCE

During week 10 of this Term, Middle School had 75 year 9 students participate in the annual My City Experience Program.

This program involves students participating in a number of activities over four days in the city. Monday saw students visiting RMIT University, CQ University and William Angliss TAFE. Tuesday and Wednesday saw students visiting the following places; Artvo, The Old Melbourne Gaol, The Australian Centre of Moving Images (ACMI), Parliament House and The State Library of Victoria.

All students created teams and participated in the KSC City Challenge, a scavenger hunt that took place over the 4 days. Photos can be seen on our Instagram: @kurunjangsc.

On Thursday afternoon, we presented the following teams with their prizes- certificates, trophies / medals, cinema tickets and gift vouchers.

The following teams placed:

1st place: ‘Team Perfect’: Joel Bradley, Joel Doyle, Deacon Quinn, Nathan Axiaq

2nd Place: ‘Batman’: Raulston Tahata, Teneal Revell and Micaela Muscat

3rd Place: ‘KHMLA’: Hayley Butt, Alanis Everson, Kiara Harbord, Lily Weitering, Madison Gutkowski

A massive thank you and well done to all teachers and students that were involved- the week ran smoothly and was a very enjoyable My City Experience 2017.


Erin Nugent

Year 9 Coordinator



End of Year Awards Ceremony

Celebrating Achievement

The 2017 Awards Evening provided an opportunity for the college community to formally recognise the academic excellence, sporting prowess and school service contribution to our college made by our students.


Attended by over five hundred parents, the evening featured presentations from the Mayor of Melton, Cr Bob Turner, College Council President, Mrs Traci Bradley and the College Principal ,Mr John Mitsinikos.


More than ninety students received awards this year and a highlight was the introduction of the Literacy Awards with many students receiving certificates for the very first time.


The evening also provided opportunity to showcase the musical talent we have in the college when certificate presentations were interspersed with fine vocal and instrumental performances.


Our college also recognised the dedication and commitment of some of our longest serving teacher who were presented with 10, 15 and 20 year service awards. 


The college would like to acknowledge the ongoing support that we receive each year from our local Service Clubs and businesses that provide financial support in the form of scholarship for our students.





Class of 2017 VCE Results

Congratulations to all

The college would like to congratulate all of the Year 12 students on a successful end to their secondary education.

We are proud of our students who have achieved their desired outcomes and pathways for their futures.

In particular, we want to congratulate and celebrate the outstanding achievements of just a few of our VCE students. The college dux award went to Wafa Musa who did extremely well and achieved an ATAR of 84.2. Wafa was a diligent student who applied herself consistently and strived to excel in all she did. Well done.

2017 was a wonderful achievement for our students and we know that they deserve all the very best in their future endeavors.

This is a wonderful example of how commitment to high expectations and perseverance pays dividends. These students now have a wealth of options ahead of them and are well placed to choose one that they are truly passionate about.

Congratulations class of 2017.

Where In the World?

English as a Second Language

I come from a nation which people think is poor.  Everyone is Hindu, the worship cows and the most common is that it smells like curries.  It's India.  You could have guessed that already from the words "Curries" and "Hindu".

If India is discovered properly, it has outstanding diversity of religious cultures and languages.  It has beautiful green crops that fill our land with greenery.  It has so many rivers that flow through rich and fertile soil and variety of flora and fauna.  India is the seventh largest country by area, second most populous country with more than 1.2 billion people and the most populous democracy in the world.  It has 29 states and 7 union systems.  


I come from a fairly sized town in Punjab, which is one of India's state.  The town is called Gehri Mandi.  It is like an average town of India but it is mostly known for its metal work.  The people of the town are warm and welcoming.  India is also known for its beauty of traditional historical sites and was home to many famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nahru, Bhagat Singh and many more.


If you go into the cities, the cities are too crowded and there is not one single day that goes without traffic.  There are lots of rules when you're out and about but no one follows them.  It is free roaming everywhere you go.  Now, lets get to the food bit.  Everyone loves food and I have met so many people in Australia that show love for Indian food.  Indian food is different than the whole world.  It is famously known for its spiciness.  The most famous food come from North India which includes Punjab aswell.  Butter chicken, naan bread, lassi, saag, curries and many more come from there.  


Even though I gave all the reasons why I love my home country, it still wouldn't describe how much love I have for it.  I am proud to be born in such a county.

Mehak Nagi

Year 9




In the Classroom with.....

Mrs Giovanna Morgan

What is one of your hidden talents?

I can memories lines from my favorite movies on cue.


What makes a ‘great’ day at school?

A great day at school is when you walk in the school gates and get greeted by students. Your classes all go well and everyone is getting along. I especially love it when I see my students understand something I have taught them and put it into practice.


Your dream vacation would be?

My dream vacation is going somewhere tropical, where I can lie on the beach getting a tan, people cooking and cleaning up after me and I can just relax without a care in the world.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the strong women in my life. My mother, grandmother and sister in particular. They encourage me to persevere and follow my dreams.


What would students be surprised to find out about you?

I’m a gamer. Love to play PS4 and phone games (especially a game called “Choices”)

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

Enjoy high school and being a kid! One day you’ll be in a full time job with a lot of responsibilities so have fun being a student and learning!

What is your favorite subject to teach?

English! I love everything about it!

The best thing about being a teacher at the College?

The students here are awesome! I have come across so many amazing young people who I know will go on to do exciting and innovative things. I’m proud to be a teacher at the college!



The Art of Ceramics

Year 8 Ceramics

Our Year 8 Ceramics classes this semester have been exploring the world of clay. Historically, clay has been used since even before the ancient days of Pharoah in Egypt with their incredible human height vases to intricately detailed jewelry. The themes our students focused on included Indigenous decorative boomerangs, ocean life conservation and Fantasy creatures and goblets.

Students were first given research projects to learn more about ceramics artists in Australia and throughout the world. They learned about the various clay types, stages of clay and hand building skills. They were involved in the process of creating a clay artwork with wired and wooden tools, applying pinch pot, coiling and slab techniques.

Then learned how the ceramics pieces were fired at a gradual temperature of 1000 degrees celcius for up to 6 hours. Then the fired artwork called bisqueware was ready to be glazed or painted with special ceramic paint to seal the porous rock hard clay and is fired again. This process crystalizes the glaze into a glossy glasslike surface which allows the pieces to be used for functional or decorative purposes.

The following artworks were displayed at our annual awards night in the Art Gallery walkthrough at Tab Corp last Thursday. Congratulations to all the year 8 students for their excellent efforts with their engagement into the art of ceramics.

Ms Schwabe

Art Teacher



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