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01 March 2018
Issue Two
Principal's Report
2018 Term, Public Holiday & Event Dates
Dates - coming up...
Student Leaders
Assistant Principal Report
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Principal's Report


Hello BRPS community. There has again been an enormous number of events and activities happening across the school. We hope you have enjoyed the new newsletter format and the additional accessibility it provides. 


In this week's edition there is a strong student presence and voice as we highlight the expanded leadership roles and increased opportunities afforded our senior students in 2018. The 'Student Leaders' page outlines the Year 6 leadership roles and responsibilities  whilst the 'Sustainability' page describes not only the wonderful work that our Green Team is up to but also an exciting leadership program that they have been accepted into - Tomorrow's Leaders for Sustainability (TLfS).

Farewell - Mrs Lyn Rings

This week marks the end of a remarkable career at Black Rock PS as we farewell Mrs Lyn Rings.
After starting at BRPS almost 40 years ago Mrs Rings is retiring and will finish at the end of this week.
A unique and much loved teacher, Mrs Rings has had a profound and positive impact on the lives of hundreds of students, families and staff members throughout her time at BRPS.
Although we still hope to see her in our classrooms from time to time in the future, we will be holding a special (surprise - please don't tell her!) assembly for students, staff and BRPS families to farewell Mrs Rings this Friday, 2nd March at 3pm, all welcome.

New BRPS Website 

Today we are very excited to be launching our brand new website! The school has been working with Throwstone Web Design to create a modern and contemporary site that is tablet and mobile-friendly.  The new site has updated content and lots of great links for current and prospective parents.  We will continue to add and update content as required. Please head on over to to access our iNewsletters, events calendar, curriculum links and more. Many thanks to Mr Adam Littlehales (4L) who has worked tirelessly to get the site up and running.


Playground Rules/Supervision

Black Rock PS supports the safety, health and wellbeing of all students and community members. At drop-off and pick-up times over 600 students, parents, grandparents, younger siblings and staff congregate at the front of the school. Supervision (yard duty) at these times is from 8.45am-9am and 3.30pm-3.45pm. Students are not permitted to be unaccompanied on school grounds outside of these times.

We have some special rules before and after school to ensure everyone's safety during the busy mornings and afternoons. Parents and carers can help to support us by reminding students of the following:

  • No riding scooters or bikes on school grounds (ANYTIME)
  • Foundation playground for FOUNDATION STUDENTS ONLY at all times
  • Students must come all the way into the school upon arrival, don’t hang around the front gate or step 
  • No ball games between 8.45am-9am and 3.30pm-3.45pm

We need to stay safe on our busy streets. A very worried neighbour had to stop suddenly for one of our younger students riding a scooter in the middle of the road last week. Only students 10 years or older can ride to school without an adult. All students should be alert and careful when walking/riding to and from school. ALWAYS USE CROSSINGS and never run out between cars.

Schools' Privacy Policy

The Schools’ Privacy Policy informs the school community that information about students can be shared to fulfil the schools’ core functions of educating and supporting our students.

The Schools’ Privacy Policy establishes a clarified ‘need to know’ framework, where school staff share information about students with other staff who need to know as part of their role. This is consistent with Victorian privacy law. FAQs for parents relating to the Schools' Privacy Policy can be found here:

Information for Parents - Schools' Privacy Policy

A link to the policy can be found on our website and also here: 

Schools' Privacy Policy


Have a great week everyone.


Sam Tyndall

Acting Principal



2018 Term, Public Holiday & Event Dates


Thursday 1st February - Thursday 29 March

(2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 16 April - Friday 29 June 

(2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 16 July - Friday 21 September   (2.30pm dismissal)



Monday 8 October - Friday 21 December (1.30pm dismissal) 



  • Monday 12 March - Labour Day
  • Friday 30 March - Good Friday
  • Wednesday 25 April - ANZAC Day
  • Monday 11 June - Queen's Birthday
  • Tuesday 6 November - Melbourne Cup Day


Year 6 Canberra

March 19th-23rd


Year 5 Phillip Island

June 12th-15th


Year 4 Cave Hill Creek Sovereign Hill

July 18th-20th


Year 3 Briars

April 19th & 20th


Year 2 Sleepover

October/November TBC 


Monday November 5th (Melbourne Cup Monday) 

Student Free Day

Dates - coming up...


1st       Foundation Classroom Helpers & Reading  course 

2nd      Interschool Sport Year 5 & 6

6th       District Swimming Carnival

6th       School Photos

7th       School Photos

8th       Class Rep and Fundraising meeting 7pm Staffroom

9th      Camp Quality Primary School Education Program

              10:30am (Preps), 11:45am (1-3), 2:15pm (4-6)

13th    2019 Foundation Parent Information Evening 7pm - 8pm

14th    Mad About Science Water Incursion Year2

14th    Zoo Excursion Foundation & Year 6

15th    Mad About Science Water Incursion Year2

16th    Interschool Sport Year 5 & 6

19th - 23rd      Year 6 Camp Canberra

22nd   Year 5 Melbourne Walking Tour Excursion

29th    Final Day of Term (2.30pm Dismissal)


16th     School Resumes

18th     2019 Foundation Open Morning 10-11am

26th     Foundation Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion 2pm

27th     Casual Clothes Day Gold Coin Donation



3rd                                  2019 Foundation Open Morning 10am

7th - 18th                   Junior Intensive Swim Program

15th, 16th, 17th     Year 3 & 5 NAPLAN

21st, 22nd, 23rd     Book Fair

23rd                                2019 Foundation Open Morning 10am

25th                                Casual Clothes Day Gold Coin Donation



12th-15th   Year 5 Camp Phillip Island

29th                Casual Clothes Day Gold Coin Donation

29th                Final Day of Term 2 2.30pm   


16th   School Resumes - Term 3

27th   Casual Clothes Day Gold Coin Donation

Student Leaders

This year we are very excited to introduce a range of leadership opportunities for our Year 6 students. Each student holds a unique set of leadership qualities which are valued and appreciated by the school community.

After being made aware of the range of leadership opportunities on offer this year, students had a think about which role they would be best suited to and what they as leaders could offer BRPS. They considered the role descriptors for each position, and asked questions to gain further insight. Some students offered up ideas for their very own individualised leadership role.


Students then at home wrote an expression of interest letter for their role of choice, and handed this application to the teacher(s) in charge of the relevant committee. The following is a fluid, working document that will continue to meet the need of the school.

The 2018 Leadership Roles are as follows:


School Captains: Olly & Olivia

School Vice-Captains: Nathan & Amelie

House Captains: Jett, Leo, Ruby, Alex F, Jordyn, Alec, Amali, Kate & Niki

House Vice-Captains: Elle, Xavier W, Lara, Will, Charlie N, Maddy, Matty S & Emma

Sport Monitors: Shylo, Andrew, Mackenzie, Hunter, Leya, Matt O, Ella & Hamish

STEM Committee: Ben, Connor, Val, Angus T, Amika, Torbjorn, Ashton, Max, Jakob & Lucas


Band Captain: Jess

Music Captains: Jules & Emily

Art Committee: Clea, Aaron, Ned, Jesse, Charlie A & Finlay

Library Committee: Xavier J, Nicola & Tilly

Green Team: Tilly, Tamsin, Lily, Bella, Femi & Archie

PAL Committee: Zac, Zakk, Nick, Macy, Antonie, Maz, Josh, Thomas, Luke, Jack & Arjun

Wellbeing Committee: Emily, Beau, Aidan, Carys, Alex M, Dane, Kai & Angus C

BRPS News Producers: Nicola & Ari

Colouring Club Leader: Jamie


Carer for Tarquin the Dog: Dom
Chess Captain: Hudson

Languages Captains: Harrison & Amelie


Assistant Principal Report

Class Parent and Fundraising meeting 8th March in the Staffroom 7pm  

Class Rarent Reps and any interested parents  are invited to attend our first meeting of the year. We will be discussing the year's fundraising events including the development of a fete committee. This is an important committee as fundraising is an important way to support the great programs we have at BRPS.  If you have any  ideas for fundraising or would like to help out our school please come along to our meeting next  Wednesday night. 

Learning starts at 9am

It is important to recognise the importance of arriving on time at school, ready to learn. Did you know that 30 mins late each day F-12 is the same as missing 18 months of schooling?

The first 30 mins of school set students up for a great day of learning. Interaction with teachers,  peer discussions as well as instructions for tasks all occur in the first 30 minutes. 

We are all aware of unexpected situations that occur however we hope that "Learning starts at 9" is an important message for our students to follow. 

Welcome Picnic and Disco

We had the perfect evening for a welcome picnic. It was a great start to the year and a great way to catch up with the BRPS community. Thanks to the DJ's in grade 5 and 6 for the great music and the games. Thanks also to the students selling refreshments. The AFL challenge was great to watch with the teachers just winning against some very enthusiastic students. 


World's Greatest Shave -
Arabella and Tahlee join Charly

We have some fantastic students at BRPS who are raising money  to assist blood cancers in the World's Greatest Shave. Arabella will colour her hair pink and Tahlee blue on 14th March. Follow this link to donate and read about Arabella's quest. Tahlee would like to "support people with leukemia so that they can get better and have opportunities to do all the things they would normally like to do if they weren't unwell".


Donation containers are also available at the office. 



Coles Sports for Schools

We are collecting vouchers from Coles in the Sports for Schools promotion. If you cave collected vouchers from Coles please deposit them in the box at the office or at Southland Coles.  We will look forward to ordering some new sports equipment.





Admin & Uniform Shop


Fees are now due and payable. Please log onto Compass and select your preferred payment option. 



Anyone wishing to volunteer at BRPS is required to provide a Working with Children Check. Checks are free and valid for 5 years! Apply online at: 



Thursday 8.45am-9.30am


If you are unable to attend the uniform shop at this time you can place an order through the office and it will be filled and sent home with your child on the following Thursday.


Please be careful when ordering uniform as we can only  exchange items.

Unfortunately we cannot give refunds.


Judy Agnew, Adriana Griffiths & Karen Coates


School Hours

Class Times

9.00am - 11.00am

11.30am - 1.00pm 

2.00pm - 3.30pm


Break Times

11.00am - 11.30am (Recess)

1.00pm - 2.00pm (Lunch)



We are raising funds for our School and you can help. Order the NEW 2018/2019 Entertainment Book or Entertainment Digital Membership and you will receive hundreds of valuable offers for everything you love to do and you will also be supporting our School. PLUS order now to receive over $100 of bonus Early Bird Offers. 


Helping children connect across cultures


“Would you like to come to my party?” Ella asked Sefra. “It’s on Sunday in two weeks.”

“Thanks Ella, I’ll ask my parents if I can come,” said Sefra.

Sefra wanted to go to Ella’s party, but it was at the same time as her weekly language class. Sefra’s parents always told her how important it was to keep up her culture and language. Would they let her miss the language class and go to Ella’s party instead? Sefra hoped they would.

Though she was excited about the party, Sefra also felt nervous. Not everyone who might be going was as good a friend as Ella. Some children in Sefra’s class teased her because she didn’t look or speak like they did. They stopped when Ella told them not to be mean, but it still hurt.

Sefra hoped the other children at the party would be friendly and play with her.


Being part of two cultures

Being part of two cultures can get complicated at times. Children may find there are differences in values and expectations. Sometimes there might be difficult choices. When different sets of expectations don’t match, it can make it hard for children to feel like they belong.

When cultural differences are respected and a sense of belonging develops, there are many benefits to mental health and wellbeing for children, families and schools. By working together, schools and families can help children from all cultural backgrounds to understand, respect and appreciate diversity in others. Helping children to understand difference encourages them to feel good about themselves, understand where they fit in the world, and appreciate diversity in others. When adults behave in ways that are open and accepting it can help to teach children to respect diversity and embrace individual differences.

Everybody needs to feel accepted, respected and included. Feeling welcome and at home in both cultures is very important for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Australia is home to people from many different cultural backgrounds. Creating a positive sense of community for everyone involves learning to understand and appreciate others’ values, experiences and beliefs so that together we can build a caring and accepting society that supports mental health and wellbeing.


Parenting is rarely easy

Being a parent in a new country has added challenges. Just as it can be difficult for children to learn to be part of two cultures, learning to parent ‘between’ cultures can be stressful for families too. Being open to adapt your parenting to suit your child’s individual needs, and your own, can be beneficial for all families.


How parents and carers can help

  • Tell your children stories to help them to develop a strong cultural identity and share a sense of pride in your culture.
  • Talk to children about the Australian cultural values you appreciate. This will help them see how they can be part of both cultures.
  • Seek support and advice from people you trust. Talking with relatives and friends who understand your values can help you think through the different problems you might face as a parent.
  • You can contact your child’s school if you have any questions about your child or their education. Schools welcome questions from parents and carers.
  • Take an active interest in activities at your child’s school. Get to know your child’s teacher and look for ways to get involved at school, for example, by helping in the classroom or by joining parent working groups.
  • If children complain of being teased or bullied, be sure to tell your child’s teacher so the school can take action to stop it.

Things schools can do

  • Provide opportunities for students to express and listen to different people and their cultural perspectives to develop respect for and appreciation of diversity.
  • Talk to parents, carers and families about their cultural values and needs.
  • Respect individual differences – don’t assume that membership of a cultural group means everyone has the same values and needs.
  • Invite family members into the classroom to observe and participate.
  • Promote and model inclusive behaviour, for instance, by providing information and school correspondence in a number of appropriate languages for parents and carers.
  • Work with interpreters or multilingual aids to ensure accurate communication with parents or carers whose English language skills are limited.
  • Encourage social opportunities for parents, carers and families to support and learn from each other.
  • Link families with local services to provide culturally-appropriate support and assistance.

Sport, Health & PE

Summer Interschool Sports Term 1

The 5/6 Seaside Interschool Sport Competition commenced on Friday, February 9th. This term, the sports Black Rock are competing in are Basketball, Cricket, Lacrosse, Lawn Bowls, OzTag, Softball, and Volleyball. The students from Black Rock are to be commended on how they have represented the school, both on and off the field.


We have played 4 of the 7 matches scheduled this term with some magnificent efforts across all sports. This Friday we have a double header against Brighton Beach and Sandringham Primary school which will give our students another opportunity to develop and compete in their sport.


In this weeks newsletter we are focusing on the Cricket, OzTag and Basketball teams. Next week we will have a feature on the remaining four sports.


Best of luck to our swim team who will be competing at the Seaside District Swim Carnival on Tuesday 6th March.  We will have a full report about that event in the next newsletter.



"Run Tamsin, Run!" What an action packed start to the OzTag season. The girls first game against Brighton Primary was a blast. We made it out on top with a score of 5 to 2. Sadly, the second game we were not so lucky and lost to Hampton Primary. Lily Gambrell was an outstanding contributor and scored plenty of tries.

By Tamsin D


The whistle blew as the game ended. The boys game resulted in a loss however they all worked hard and tried their best. The second game also ended unsuccessfully however there was some terrific individual efforts from Olly Fitt and Max Ritchie that almost got us over the line. Go Black Rock and good luck on Friday!

By Will L




Black Rock shoots, they score... but sadly neither the goals or boys basketball teams won the first game against Brighton. In the second game, the girls team had more luck, drawing with Hampton with everyone playing some exciting basketball. Sadly, the BRPS boys lost again, despite everyone playing their very best.
Next week we have another challenge with games against Brighton Beach and Sandringham. We hope to continue to grow in confidence and take away two wins each!
By Nicola. T and Dane. T




The girls and boys cricket teams both had a flying start to the season on Friday with a double header against both Hampton and Brighton Primary. The boys sadly lost both games, however everyone tried their best and played extremely well. On the other hand, the girls team had a close win as a result of everyone playing some amazing cricket. Unfortunately, in the girls second game Brighton took home the victory.

Next week we will be playing Brighton Beach and Sandringham and we wish good luck to everyone representing our great school!

By Kate A and Kai C

School Council Report

The current School Council met for the final time on Monday 26th February. The new School Council will be welcomed in at the first meeting on Monday 26th March. Further information regarding the current School Council  elections will be sent out separately to families via Compass News Feed.

Functions of a School Council

School Councils meet regularly to assist in the efficient governance of the school and to ensure that decisions affecting students are made having regard to the best interests of the student to enhance their educational outcomes.  School Councils consider and discuss a range of issues related to:

  • Broad direction and vision of the school within the school's community
  • Input into School Review, strategic planning and annual reporting
  • Policy review
  • Budgeting and expenditure
  • Fundraising, maintaining facilities and entering into contracts (e.g. cleaning/building works)
  • Canvassing the views of the wider school community prior to decision-making processes taking place

A School Council report outlining relevant issues discussed will be placed in the next School Newsletter after each meeting.

School Council Meeting - 26/02/2018

Our curriculum days at the beginning of the school term were devoted to looking at the school's priorities, high expectations for staff and students, a revised instructional model and developing data literacy.

Three teachers have begun training with coaches for the STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The school has a specific STEM room that will be used to conduct classes throughout the year and we are now looking to resource this room with equipment for student use.

Three staff members will attend a three day well-being residential program in the next holidays at the Positive Education Institute. The focus will be on student well-being, mental health and student learning outcomes.

Our Annual Implementation Plan goal is to improve writing throughout the school. Consistent organisational structures such as the School Improvement Team (SIT) have been established to assist in implementing improvement in writing. We are following the FISO (Framework for Improving Student Outcomes) improvement cycle to improve student outcomes in writing.

This year the school will undergo a School Review which occurs every four years. 

School Council has approved the following camps: Year 2 sleepover October 25th and 26th;

Year 3 Briars camp April 19th and 20th; Year 4 Phillip Island camp June 12th -15th; Year 6 Canberra camp March 19th -23rd.

Our new school website has been reviewed and is ready to launch.

School Council is also considering the introduction of a new wide-brimmed school hat. A sample with the school logo is being made for approval at the next meeting.


Introducing the Green Team for 2018

We are beyond excited to be introducing the new Green Team for 2018. These are the passionate students who have put themselves forward to spearhead sustainability focused initiatives as well as be the leaders in changing our whole school culture. Each of these Year Five and Six students wrote an expression of interest to demonstrate why they would be perfect for the role and we were blown away. The students who will be leading this year are: Lily, Tilly, Tamsin, Isabella, Femi and Archie from Year Six, as  well as Georgia, Isabella, Anna K, Anna S, Charly, Alice, Yasmin, Bella, Lily, Tahlee, Oliver and Jan from Year Five. 

Here are some examples of the letters these students wrote.


The Beeswax Club

Hey I'm Bella and I'm Georgia. We are members from the new Green Team for 2018. On Wednesday the 21st and 28th of February the Year Sixes came together and learnt how to make Beeswax wraps. Soon after that the Year Fives came in to learn from the Year Sixes about how to make them. They are a great replacement for plastic and can be used in a Nude Food lunchbox. We first pick a piece of cotton and used bees wax and other ingredients to create the wraps. After we put them in the oven. It was heaps of fun and we look forward to teaching the rest of the school how to make their very own wrap.


Clean Up Australia

On Friday the 2nd of March Black Rock Primary School will be involved with Clean Up Australia.  A big thank you to the Year Five Green Team members who helped teach all the students the difference between rubbish and recyclable material so that the afternoon can run smoothly. 

Tomorrows' Leaders for Sustainability 

The Black Rock Green Team has been offered a special opportunity to participate in the Tomorrows' Leaders for Sustainability (TLfS) Program. Its mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for sustainability leadership, personal growth and career success. We cannot wait to see how our Green Team grows as leaders of sustainability in our school and the wider community. 

Compost Update

The  compost program at Black Rock Primary School is growing with new bins being organised due to our hopes of expanding the number of classes that are able to contribute to the compost. Two bins have now been used to fertilise our gardens.

Fun Fact!

Every metric dry ton of food that goes to a landfill may generate .25 metric tons of methane in the first 120 days. Therefore, composting this food waste would reduce emissions by the equivalent of up to 6 metric tons of CO2. Hooray for compost!


Community News


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