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01 March 2018
Issue One
SRC 2018
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Photo: SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch


Photo: SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch

This is our first newsletter opportunity to welcome our families who are new to Footscray City, as well as welcoming back those who are entering into another year with us.

Overall it has been a very smooth start to the year, especially with our many young Year 7 students seeming to settle in beautifully. 

In addition to our highest intake of Year 7 students to date, with eleven classes, we have a considerable number of new staff to welcome on board also, with 19 new teachers and 4 support staff. They are:


Sue Hansen (Art)                                                              Pru Mann(Psychology/Humanities)                                

Mary Hatzis (English/Humanities)                            Ariel Halperin (English/Humanities)

Adrian Panckhurst (English/Humanities)              Adam Rajkovic (English/Humanities)

Piri Jakab (English/Humanities)                               Anne Langdon (Literacy/Special Needs) 

Maria Chrisant (Humanities)                                      Alice Boronovskis (Humanities)                             

Carly Clement  (Psychology/Humanities)             Sahara Bartlett-Matthews (Japanese/EAL)

Atish Singh (Maths/Science)                                       Scott McDowell (Maths/Science)

Michael Kim (Maths/Science)                                     Tom Patton (Maths/Science)

Matthew Weekes (Maths/Drama)                               Victor Rajewski (IT/Maths)

Rena Ding (IT/Maths)


Our support staff members include:

Daniel Mulholland (Integration Aide)                      John Wilson (Integration Aide)

Meg Macfarlane (Library Technician)                       Louise Ridley (Office Administration)


Student Management & Learning Support Teams

This year also sees a re-organisation of student management teams where we move from two sub-schools (Years 10 - 12 and Years 7-9) to three with Years 7 - 8, Years 9 - 10 and Years 11 - 12. 


The three teams managing the sub-schools are:

Year 11 – 12 Sub-school                                                         Year 9 - 10 Sub-school

Vicki Tentzoglidis (Assistant Principal)                               Stephanie Campbell (Assistant Principal)         

Elizabeth Simpson (Head of Sub-School)                          Dora Tsoukas (Head of Sub-school)                       

Will Marshall (Yr 12 Coordinator)                                           Aaron Boyle (Year 10 Coordinator)

Steph Van Den Hoff (Yr 11 Coordinator)                             Malcolm Fretz (Year 9 Coordinator)


Year 7 – 8 Sub-school

Rob McLeod (Assistant Principal)

Maria Chrisant (Yr 8 Coordinator)

Gretel Edwards (Yr 7 Coordinator)

Ryan McGhie (Yr 7 Coordinator)


There are two main reasons for these changes, with the first being the significant increase in our student numbers in recent years. The other reason relates to the college's aim to strive to optimise the learning growth of every student. The student management teams with reduced year levels to manage, will take on new responsibilities to help support students in their learning. They will play a leading role in monitoring students' progress and will put interventions in place to support students when necessary. Of course, working in partnership with parents will be crucial in supporting our students to achieve their best.


Introduction of Student Academic Progress Panels (SAPP)

One of the strategies to more proactively monitor the learning progress of our students, is the introduction of Student Academic Progress Panels, and the student management teams will lead and support this initiative.

Students will mainly be referred to these panels on the basis of end of term progress reports and semester reports from terms 1 to 3. With the progress reports, students will be selected for the panel process if they have a Medium to Low rating for Effort and Submission of work, and Level of Performance will also be considered for these students. Parents will be requested to attend the panel meeting with the student.

The aim of the panels is to develop strategies with the student and parent /s to support the student to lift their level of progress and achievement. Our first trial of this new process will commence this term.


Progress Report Day - Parent Teacher Interviews -  Wednesday 28 March

Our first parent teacher interviews will take place on the last Wednesday of term, 28 March, and as usual parents will be able to make interview appointments with teachers via Compass.

Our first SAPP meetings will take place in the two weeks prior to the Progress Report Day once teachers have completed their reports. Parents will be aware if your child is required to attend one of these panel meetings as you will be invited to attend, as well.


What's been happening at FCC?

Much has happened in the first five weeks of our school year, and there have been some exciting opportunities for many of our students.

There has been the science-based trip to NASA in Florida, and although NASA in itself would be a remarkable experience, an added bonus was our students witnessing an historical moment in space history at the Kennedy Space Center, with the lift-off of the Falcon 9 Space X rocket launching Elon Musk's Tesla convertible into  space.

But, back to Victoria - our Year 8s went off to the Lake Dewar Camp near Bacchus Marsh which was reportedly a lot of fun and a resounding success.

Clubs have started with a huge interest from our students, especially our younger ones. 

Our Year 7 - 9 students had the House Swimming Sports, with plenty of red, blue, green and yellow colours  to be seen on the day. Victory went to the green team. Congratulations to the students of the House of Cooper.

Our newly elected SRC is off to an early start and congratulations to those students who were elected, and it is commendable that they - and the other students who nominated - are prepared to take on the responsibility of representing our student voice in the college.

Congratulations to our three Year 12 Theatre Studies students from 2017 who were short-listed for the VCE Season of Excellence - a high accolade for Reuben Cumming, Darcy Smith and Eliza Lucid. Reuben and Darcy were in the final selection.

Congratulations and thank you also to eight of our high achieving  VCE students from last year who attended an assembly of our current Year 11 and 12 students. They were Samuel Neuman-Kleinberg, Jamie Hoang, Tia Altschauger, Vincent Victory, James Madsen-Smith, Reuben Cummings, Ari Boyd and Andre Arellano. The purpose of the assembly was twofold. Firstly, we wanted to celebrate and acknowledge the effort and achievements of our students who were ranked in the top 20% of the state, so certificates were awarded and the Dux trophy was presented to Samuel Neumann-Kleinberg - a  further congratulations to Samuel. Unfortunately quite a number of our other achievers in the top 20% were unable to attend because of travel, work or other prior commitments.

The second purpose of the assembly was for our Year 12 students from last year to provide their insights into how to succeed in this challenging final year. Each spoke briefly with invaluable advice that was well received by a very attentive audience. Undisputedly, the same messages resonate much more when delivered by peers rather than principals, coordinators, teachers or parents - which also made this assembly a particularly special one.

Open Evening Thursday 22 March 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm

Rather than our annual Open Day in term one, this year we have decided to showcase our school to the community with an Open Evening on Thursday 22 March.  Publicity for the event will be distributed to all of our main feeder primary schools, and we would be appreciative if you could pass this information on if you know any families who may be interested, particularly families with children in Grades 5 or 6.


Please enjoy reading more about our students and recent events in our newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you at our first parent teacher interviews of the year on the 28 March.


Maria Bawden - Principal


Photo: Reuben Cumming


Photo: Reuben Cumming

It is no secret that our theatre students are some of the hardest working, most dedicated students in the school (although, I may hold a slight bias), but last years VCE class was one of the highest achieving groups that we have seen at FCC.

Following some excellent results in VCE Theatre Studies during the 2017 exam season, three students, Reuben Cumming, Darcy Smith and Eliza Lucid, were asked to apply to be a part of the VCAA 2018 Season of Excellence. Only students who receive an A+ in the Stagecraft exam are asked to apply or audition, so these students are among the very best in Victoria.

There are two events in the Season of Excellence which Theatre Studies students can be a part of; Top Class, a live performance showcase and Top Design, an exhibition of design works.


For the Top Class showcase, Darcy and Eliza were invited to audition. The audition stage is by invite only, so it was a huge honour for these students and our school to even be invited and is a testament to their hard work and incredible results. Only 8-10 students are selected from 40+ of the highest achieving students in the state, so it is quite difficult to be selected for the final performance.

Darcy and Eliza auditioned at the VCAA offices in Coburg at the beginning of February and by all reports were incredibly cool, calm and collected, representing FCC honorably in a field ordinarily dominated by private school students.

A huge congratulations to Darcy Smith who was selected to perform at Arts Centre Melbourne in March and commiserations to Eliza who unfortunately missed out.


Inclusion into the Top Design exhibition is also by invitation only, but students are also recommended by VCAA assessors. Unlike Top Class, students are not required to audition, as only a very small amount of students are asked to participate.

We are very proud to announce that our 2017 graduate Reuben Cumming will be an exhibitor for Theatre Studies: Design in the 2018 Top Designs VCE Season of Excellence. Reuben was invited by the VCAA to exhibit following an outstanding result in his Theatre Studies Design Monologue during the 2017 exam season. It is the first year that the subject of Theatre Studies has been included in the Top Design Exhibition and Reuben is one of only 5 Theatre Studies students who was selected to exhibit.


To have one student involved in the Season of Excellence is a huge honour, but to have three students invited has left me stunned and completely overwhelmed with pride. We are so proud of the professionalism and dedication that has developed over the past few years in our Drama and Theatre students and these students are proof of this.


Emily Unt Wan - VCE Theatre Studies teacher

The VCE Season of Excellence, managed by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, comprises twelve concerts (Top Class and Top Acts), two exhibitions, (Top Arts and Top Designs) and eighteen screenings of short films (Top Screen). All work is produced by outstanding VCE students who completed technology, design, visual or performing arts studies in 2017. Events are presented in Melbourne’s major cultural venues, and a number of associated education programs are offered in conjunction with Season events.

Top Designs: Saturday 18 March – Sunday 16 July 2017 at the Melbourne Museum, Carlton.

Bookings for Top Designs can be made through the Melbourne Museum.


Top Class Theatre Studies: Monday 19th March at The Playhouse, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Please note: Darcy will be performing in the 2pm performance only.

Bookings for Top Class can be made through Arts Centre Melbourne.


SRC 2018

Congratulations to the SRC, and also to all the applicants who put their names forth. It was a very good voting turnout and the results were extremely close. Remember that students not in the SRC can also give their voice and opinions to help make a difference in the school.


The elected students are:


Fatuma Abdu, year 8
Hayley Cassidy, year 12
Julius Crino, year 10
Charlie Gaden, year 7
Emily Ruby Goonan, year 9
Leela Gray, year 11
Dan Kilfoyle, year 9
Emily Micallef, year 9
Rocky O'Halloran, year 12
Jeremiah Pito, year 8
Toby Walker, year 11

Will Blakeley – Student Leadership Coordinator




We went on an adventure across the globe to America to participate in the space trek program. After three separate plane flights we finally arrived in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After a quick nights rest and an early brekky, we set off to our first day at NASA where we started our program in which we programmed robots to perform certain tasks. Alongside this, we were fortunate enough to witness a real rocket launch, the first of its kind since 1963. We were all so happy and thankful for the experience we got to be part of during our three day space trek program.


After the space trek program and NASA we attended various activities which allowed us to witness physics in action. This included the iFly experience. We got to experience simulated skydiving in a wind tunnel while a professional helped us along the way.

Following iFly we went to Florida Mall where we were able to splurge and waste as much money as we could in our dedicated three hours... which of course wasn’t enough for some. The following days we got to attend Universal Studios where we went behind the scenes of various rides and we were able to see all the works and efforts behind a ride. Of course after this we went on all the rides and got to explore the theme park. On our last day, we went to boggy creek and got to get a quick talk from a Native American about how he lives his life and how his elders did as well over the past couple of thousand years. After this we were lucky enough to be taken out on one of the airboats and spotted a few alligators.. nothing compared to crocodiles of course. Overall the trip was an amazing experience which every single one of us is so grateful for. We also would like to thank the teachers that organised and went on the trip with us because without them none of this would have been possible.
Lewis Perso, Xena Zenelovski and Belle Clerehan - Space Camp students







Photo: Winners! Cooper (Green) 474 pts


Photo: Winners! Cooper (Green) 474 pts

Congratulations to all the Year 7, 8 & 9 students for their behaviour and participation at the recent school swimming sports held at St. Albans pool for the first time. Once again this year we had our Year 9s participating as well as all students competing in houses.

Special congratulations to the following students who were the top swimmers for 2018:

Year 7

Girls 1st Sophie Parnham (Green-Cooper) 2nd Iluka Bray (Cooper)

Boys 1st Lloyd Deunk (Blue-Kirner), 2nd Marlowe Wilton (Red-Alberti)

Year 8

Girls 1st Sadie Simmonds (Kirner), 2nd Zoe Goodenough (Cooper)  

Boys 1st Josh White (Alberti), 2nd Callum Bendall (Cooper)

Year 9

Girls 1st Isobel Robertson (Cooper), 2nd Samantha Battaglia (Kirner);

Boys 1st Bailey Balfoort (Alberti), 2nd Jake Braybrook (Cooper)

Results for Houses

1st Cooper (Green) 474  

2nd Kirner (Blue) 373

3rd Alberti (Red) 347

4th Hoadley (Yellow) 199

Congratulations to Cooper for winning their first swimming carnival. Also, many thanks to all staff & students who assisted on the day.
All the winners will now go on to represent the school at the Interschool competition in early March.

Mark Komp - H/PE Sport




The Year 8 Camp was held at Lake Dewar Lodge near Bacchus Marsh and again proved to be a popular, well attended event by our Year 8 cohort.

The weather conditions were mostly just what we ordered and allowed the many exciting outdoor activities to proceed without a hitch, although the high winds we experienced on the last day certainly challenged those of us on the Mountain Bikes and the Flying Fox in particular!

It was great to see the kids participating enthusiastically to the best of their ability through the “Challenge by Choice” activities. They worked their way through four activities a day which included stand up Paddle Boarding, a dual Flying Fox, which was over 100m in distance, downhill Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Jetty Jumping, Geocaching and a giant trek down into the Werribee Gorge. Some students really needed to push their boundaries as they were well out of their comfort zones, but the support and encouragement of their classmates generally helped them get through.

I’d like to acknowledge the great work of our staff members who ensured that the camp was a success.

Ashley Dawson - Head of Year 7 - 8 Sub-school


Photo: Berlin Olympic Stadium


Photo: Berlin Olympic Stadium

In November 2017, 20 excited Footscray City College students and 2 staff departed for a 19 day trip to Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and France. For many, it really was the trip of a lifetime and all students need to be congratulated on their behaviour as ambassadors for both Australia and Footscray City College.
Here is a short report from one of our 2017 Year 12 students Tom Duncan:

The student trip to Europe in 2017 was a resounding success for students, teaching staff and parents. It was a cross-curricular study tour that introduced us to the history, art and overall culture in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic. Arriving in Austria, we were greeted with snow and an idyllic small town, the very same one featured in the Sound of Music. Germany itself was host to an array of historically significant cities decorated with Christmas markets offering an authentic look at German celebration. Some of my personal highlights included visiting the Nuremberg trials courtroom, the Nazi Rally Grounds, the Reichstag building in Berlin and the evenings out where we dined in traditional German restaurants. During our time in the Czech Republic we were fortunate enough to visit Prague Castle as well as a scenic river boat tour exposing us to beautiful scenery and architecture. Our trip concluded in France where we experienced three full days of sightseeing including: the Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur and the Louvre. Our final night was spent atop the Eiffel Tower, looking out onto the Paris streets awash with lights and beauty. The trip offered the development of friendships across different year levels as well as personal growth developed by having student planner and leader days. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Dora and Mark, one which will surely stay with me long after high school has finished. 

Tom Duncan


Photo: Alice Pung - guest speaker


Photo: Alice Pung - guest speaker


On the Monday 12 February, Alice Pung the editor of the book called ‘Growing up Asian in Australia’ came to Footscray City College to talk to the Year 11 EAL class. Alice talked about the process of publishing the book and how she felt connected to each of the individual stories. She talked about her own story and how her parents were able to come to Australia. She also explained how she was treated during her childhood and how she was called a ‘power point’. She didn’t understand what it meant until her friend told her that she was being called ‘power point’ because of her face. 

Later that afternoon, she also talked about how she had to look after her baby sister because her mum had to work in the garage. She didn’t have time to spend playing around with her friends. Sometimes, her friends asked her what her mum was doing in the garage but she never told them because her mum explained to her that if the government found out that she was making jewellery and selling it without paying tax, the government would take them back to their country. Studying to become a lawyer later in life, Alice found out that her mum was being exploited and her fears were unfounded. Overall, the class learnt to connect the text we’re studying in class to the reality.

Mike Thouk - Year 11 EAL student


Last year, the students in the Year 9 EAL class participated in the Literary Underground program. The program aims to engage grade 7-9 students in their own language learning through creative activities (poetry, drama, photography, music, board games, podcasts, etc.) that appeal to them. After attending three workshops run by local artists, the students decided to collaborate with the hip-hop artist Joe Motley. In collaboration with him, they wrote the lyrics for a hip hop song and some brave students even sang their lines, which they recorded and produced as a song.

You can listen to their amazing work on Sound Cloud - link below:

For more new on 100 Story Building - check out their website:

Photo: Tokaya Saunders, Samira Reason and Sani Espinosa


Photo: Tokaya Saunders, Samira Reason and Sani Espinosa


A big thank you and congratulations to Samira Reason, Sani Espinosa and Tokaya Saunders, for their wonderful performances for Operation Valentine on Friday 16 February. Many thanks also to everyone who made a contribution in sending messages and serenades. Our combined efforts raised $320 for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


Our student book club has started up again and it's bursting at the seams. It's a thrill to see so many of our students wanting to come together and talk about books. We meet every Thursday lunchtime in the library classroom. Students are welcome to bring their lunch. Snacks are also provided. For any enquiries please find Emma Pollock in the library or email 


 By students, for students, Cecil the student newsletter accepts artwork, stories, poems, rants, reviews, and any other original work. The first meeting will be next Friday 9 March, in the library classroom, and the group will continue to meet every Friday lunchtime. Please contact Claire Trevena (Year 11 student) - to register your interest or to submit your entries. You may also submit work at the library desk via the submissions box.


Anime club is an opportunity for students to get together and talk about anime, animation, manga and cosplay. Students are also welcome to work on their Japanese homework. For any enquiries, please contact Daniel Mulholland - or find him in the Integration Office.


Chess club meets during Tuesday lunchtimes in the library classroom. For any enquiries please contact James Kirchner -


Expressions of interest are now invited for April Story Camp, a free three-day school holiday program at State Library Victoria. Participants will attend workshops with professional mentors to learn about fiction, comics, zines and performance poetry.

The workshops will be held during the Easter school holidays, from 10–12 April, and exclusively for eligible students aged 12–15. Lunch and transportation costs are included. For more information, including eligibility requirements, head to our website.

Previous participants have had great experiences:

‘There was always creativity in the air.’
‘I made new friends.’
‘I liked working with other people on our ideas.’


If you love reading, talking about books and debating what makes a great book, then apply now to be a 2018 Inky Awards Judge!

The Inky award longlist has just been announced too, as chosen by Australian teen readers:
Gold Inky Awards Longlist:
Take Three Girls - Cath Crowley, Simmone Howell, Fiona Wood
Remind Me How This Ends - Gabrielle Tozer
Wreck - Fleur Ferris
Paper Cranes Don't Fly - Peter Vu
Ballad for a Mad Girl - Vikki Wakefield
Beautiful Mess - Claire Christian
Begin, End, Begin: A #Loveozya Anthology - edited by Danielle Binks
A Shadow's Breath - Nicole Hayes
Ida - Alison Evans
All the Dark Places - Cally Black

Silver Inky Awards Longlist:
Turtles All The Way Down - John Green
One Of Us Is Lying - Karen McManus
The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas
Release - Patrick Ness
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue - Mackenzi Lee
Genuine Fraud - E. Lockhart
The Loneliest Girl in the Universe - Lauren James
The Upside of Unrequited - Becky Albertalli
Warcross - Marie Lu
Still Life with Tornado - A.S. King



Here's the CBCA notables too. We will make sure that if our library doesn't have any of these titles, we'll get them in.


Exposing kids to challenges helps prevent anxiety in later life

Two important Australian studies released recently support what teachers and mental health experts have been saying for some time: that exposing kids to safe challenges in childhood promotes resilience and better mental health in later life.

The results of a study into children’s wellbeing by mental health organisation beyondblue found young people who were able to talk about their emotions and who were exposed to failure and loss at a young age are better equipped to deal with a variety of challenges as they grow.

Similarly, findings of a Macquarie University long-term study into children’s mental health found that children who were exposed to safe risks were happier, less anxious and more able to handle every day problems such as rejection, teasing and failure.

Both studies point to the need for children to experience failure, to be involved in play with peers and to be encouraged to face their fears rather than avoid them. With one in six Australian children and teenagers experiencing anxiety on a regular basis it’s essential that kids of all ages are provided with the skills and experiences they need to develop mental resilience. Let’s kick off this process with the following five strategies:

1. Encourage kids to spend more time with other children
When children spend more time among themselves they rely less on adults to solve problems for them. In fact, when kids play among themselves they take on the authority of adults in their absence. They negotiate about what and how to play. They will often make up the rules of their games, modifying them as they go along and challenging other children’s interpretations. “You’re not playing by the rules” is a common childhood retort, but the important thing to remember is that, left to their own devices, kids will generally resolve such conflict situations more creatively and with more finality than if adults become involved.

2. Help children be good losers and gracious winners
In recent years there’s been an aversion to exposing kids to losing, particularly when it comes to the sporting field. Some codes, in an effort to improve the participatory experience for kids, don’t keep scores and give prizes for participation rather than achievement. However, these practices prevent kids from experiencing both the resilience-building disappointment that comes with a loss and the confidence-building satisfaction that comes from winning. More significantly, they prevent kids from refining the art of being good losers and gracious winners, both important skills to learn for future development.

3. Encourage kids to talk about emotions and feelings
It’s important that children become comfortable with unpleasant feelings such as disappointment, fear and nervousness rather than be debilitated by them. We need to allow children to experience events that lead to unpleasant emotions. We also need to feel comfortable ourselves with our children’s unpleasant feelings. Enabling children to verbalise their unpleasant feelings helps them process and make sense of their emotions. Healthy families and safe classrooms work on the principal that there’s nothing so bad that we can’t talk about it in the right way, but that there are behaviours we won’t tolerate.

4. Model calm and rational thinking
High emotions are very contagious. When a child is angry, fearful or upset we can easily feel the same way. It’s vital that we manage the ways that we react to our child’s emotions so that we can provide an effective, empathetic response. The best way to manage our own reactivity when kids are upset is through breathing. Taking a breath gives us a moment to regain control and remain calm. We can then ask questions and logically think our way through the situation rather than catastrophising and letting our thoughts run amok. Adults who model calm, thoughtful behaviours in the face of stress show children and teenagers how to respond in safe, effective ways to stressful situations rather than reacting at an emotional level.

5. Encourage children to become independent problem solvers
When adults solve problems for children and young people, we not only increase their dependency on us but we teach them to be afraid of making mistakes and to blame themselves for not being good enough. That’s fertile ground for anxiety and depressive illness. When your child brings a routine problem to you and expects you to solve it (such as leaving lunch at home or sorting out a friendship dispute), step back and invite them to resolve the problem for themselves instead. We don’t want to deter kids from coming to us for advice when they have a difficulty, but we do want to encourage them and teach them to work through their concerns themselves.

Stepping back and allowing children and teenagers to experience many of life’s challenges, whether social, academic or physical, can be a difficult thing to do for well-meaning adults. However, part of growing up means that children and young people need to develop the skills and aptitude they will need to manage a range of challenging situations well after they have left the safe confines of school and family.

As the research is telling us, the best way for them to do this is to allow our kids to navigate their challenges by themselves, surrounded by supportive, rather then over-protective, adults.

This article is taken from the Parenting Ideas website.
Michael Grose, founder of Parenting Ideas, is one of Australia’s leading parenting educators. He’s the author of 10 books for parents including Thriving! and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It, and his latest release Spoonfed Generation: How to raise independent children.


“Mastering the VCE” is an annual fundraising event designed to raise much needed funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation, and to provide students with the skills and information they need to maximise VCE marks. Featuring a unique range of guest speakers and VCE exam markers, this exclusive event is a must for students studying Year 11 or Year 12 in 2018!

Don’t Miss Out on the Following FREE* Lectures & Notes:

  • Specialised Subject Lectures

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Work through a key topic that will form an important component of the examinations and gain advance exposure to potential sources of errors as well as the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams.

  • Excelling in SACs & Exams

Discover the biggest mistakes made by students when preparing for tests and examinations as well as strategies that can be implemented now, so as to reduce stress and workloads in the challenging weeks leading up to the exams.

  • Playing the ATAR Game

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  • The UMAT

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  • Advanced Time Management Skills Lecture

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  • Writing A+ Prac Reports (Biology and Chemistry)

This lecture will set out systematic strategies that may be applied to produce insightful, well-structured reports. Each of the necessary skills will be reinforced using examples from average and A+ samples.

  • Delivering A+ English Oral Presentations

This lecture is designed to provide students with the skills and information required to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations.

Valued at over $250 “Mastering the VCE” is FREE OF CHARGE*. Students attending this program are, however, required to make a *minimum $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation representatives on the day.

To date, TSFX lectures have raised over $350,000 for charity!

TSFX’s fundraising success is thanks to the support and contributions from the students who have attended our fundraising lecture series over the years.

100% of the donations collected at our fundraising lectures are donated to charity. The costs of these programs are subsidised in full by TSFX.






All clubs and activities are free of charge. For any enquiries, please check with the contact person listed.


Monday to Thursday from 3:30pm – 5:00pm in the library

Contact: Claudia Esquivel:



Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: everyone is welcome

Tuesday: Girls only

Friday recess: Year 7 students only
Contact: Kellie Catanese -


Monday: Year 8 

Tuesday: Year 9 

Wednesday: Year 10 

Thursday: Year 7
Friday: VCE
Contact: Kellie Catanese:




  • Junior Animation club, IT3, Rob Cust -
  • SAGA - Sexuality and Gender Alliance, B12, Meaghan Lavelle and Malcolm Fretz -  &


  • Chess club, library classroom, James Kirchner -
  • Debating club, B11, Timotei Schubert -
  • International Women’s Day, students and advocates committee, 1pm in A16, Adrienne Johnson & Amy Murphy - &


  • Anime club, library classroom, Daniel Mulholland -
  • SRC meeting, conference room, Will Blakeley -


  • Caught Read Handed book club, library classroom, Emma Pollock -
  • Photography club, IT3, Malisa Govori -
  • Large vocal ensemble, Music rooms, Jocelyn Jensen -


  • Tabletop Gaming club, B10, Fiona Schoer & Carly Clement - &
  • Computing and Robotics Club, Sci-Tech Centre (STC), Victor Rajewski -
  • Cecil, the student newsletter meeting, library classroom, Claire Trevena (Year 11 student) -
  • Come here and say it, student spoken word performances, in the library as advertised, Emma Pollock -







Our next meeting is on Tuesday 13th of March. We will be joined by the library staff to tell us about the range of programs that the library runs as well as all the extracurricular activities they coordinate.

The meeting will be at 7pm in the Staff Room (through the canteen area) and all are welcome.

Drinks and snacks are served.
Annette Dulfer - Friends of FCC President


The Kensington Junior Netball Club (KJNC) is the newest arm of the Kensington Flemington Junior Sports Club.   In 2018 we are fielding 8 teams in the Parkville Juniors Saturday competition and have limited spots still available in our U13s teams (ages 11-13).
No experience is necessary and we are a welcoming and inclusive club.
Training: U 13: Wednesdays from 5pm-6.30pm at the Kensington Recreation Centre, Cnr Altona Street and Kensington Rd, Kensington
Games: 11.45am or 12.30pm Saturday mornings at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville, beginning late February. Inquiries: 



Williamstown Beach 7A -7F



Interschool swimming

Williamstown Beach  7G - 7K



Labour Day - public holiday



Friends of FCC AGM 7pm

in the staffroom



Year 7 Immunisations






















Student dismissal 2:20pm

Open Evening 4:00pm - 7:30pm



Year 7 Inter- school Sport



Student dismissal 11:50am

Parent teacher evening 2:00pm - 7:30pm



Last day of term 1

Student dismissal 2:20pm



First day term 2




















Footscray City College

1 Kinnear Street, Footscray, Vic, 3011

Telephone (03) 8387 1500

Facsimile (03) 8387 1599


Student absence

Hotline: 8371 3411 – Leave a Message before 9.30am

Principal Team

Principal - Maria Bawden

Assistant Principal Years 7 – 8  Student Programs and Curriculum Resourcing - Rob McLeod

Assistant Principal Years 9 -10 Student Programs and Student Engagement - Stephanie Campbell

Assistant Principal  Years 11 - 12 Student Programs and Student Wellbeing - Vicki Tentzoglidis
Assistant Principal Curriculum, Pedagogy and Data Management -
John Box


Heads of Sub-schools

Head of Years 7 -8 Sub-school - Ashley Dawson

Head of Years 9 - 10 Sub-school - Dora Tsoukas

Head of Years 11 -12 Sub-school - Liz Simpson

Year Level Coordinators

Year 7 Coordinators – Gretel Edwards & Ryan McGhie

Year 8 Coordinator – Maria Chrisant

Year 9 Coordinator – Malcolm Fretz

Year 10 Coordinator - Aaron Boyle

Year 11 Coordinator - Stephanie Van Den Hoff

Year 12 Coordinator  – Will Marshall

Heads of Faculty

Arts - Susan Hansen
EAL - Nicole De Garis

English & Literacy - Brendan Fry

Health & PE - Kellie Catanese

Humanities - Todd Loftis

LOTE - Natasa Ciabatti

Maths & Numeracy - Tom Falzon

Science - Michelle Sanders

Technology - Michael Antony

Student Wellbeing

Head of Student Wellbeing & Special Needs – Irene Alexandrou

Special Needs Support - Anne Langdon


Years  7 – 10 -  Chris Lovelock

Years  11 – 12 & VET Coordinator - Juli Black

Footscray City College Newsletter