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09 March 2018
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From the Principal 

Term 1 well underway


Term one is well underway with students engaged in learning tasks and a range of co-curricular activities. At Pascoe Vale Girls College we recognise the importance and value of both academic and co-curricular programs to support intellectual, emotional, social, creative and physical development with the co-curricular program being integral to achieving our vision of Empowering Young Women.

Participation in co-curricular programs benefits students in many ways including: the opportunity to develop relationship skills and, in many cases, lasting friendships, learning to manage their time effectively and be proactive and creative problem-solvers, developing new skills and talents and the improvement of self-esteem.

In Term 1 these programs have included the Year 7 camp, STEAM activities, Swimming Sports, International Women’s Day and the College Student Leadership Conference all highlighted in this newsletter.


Progress Reports

Progress Reports will be available via Compass on Friday 16 March. As this is a new system of reporting at the College, the first progress reports for 2018 will also be posted to families with explanatory notes. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, teachers will report on a student’s Achievement, effort, Homework and Organisation, and Classroom Behaviour during each 6 to 7 week reporting period using the descriptors: Excellent, Very Good, good, acceptable or Needs Attention. This regular reporting will enable parents to track their daughter’s progress across the semester and provide a framework for conversations regarding learning and work practices.


College Council

The first meeting of the 2018 College Council will be held on March 13. Thank you to those Council members who re-nominated for this year. We look forward to your contribution at council and valued input into the future direction of our school.


Victorian Association of State Girls Secondary Colleges

On Wednesday 28 February, I met with Principals from Melbourne Girls College, Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College, Gilmore College for Girls, The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School, Mentone Girls’ Secondary College and Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College to continue a long standing collaboration with the common purpose to advocate for girls’ education and provide opportunities for our students to come together as leaders with key events held each year. This year, student leaders from Pascoe Vale Girls College will attend conferences with students from Association schools and represent the College as Association ambassadors. The Association also sponsors scholarships for students from each school to support their learning in Senior School Programs.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership Day


The Year 12 Student Executive have been busy developing the annual whole school student leadership conference since they were appointed late last year. Over 90 students from varied leadership positions will participate on the 9th March including form captains, junior and middle school executives, as well as sport, music, bus and art captains and St Johns leaders.


The day will include inspirational speakers and enlightening workshops around the theme More than just a label. This day long workshop run entirely by students, for students, is a unique and exciting opportunity for school leaders to unite.


Some activities involve team-building,others an understanding of what it means to be a leader, and what qualities each student can bring to their role. Students will also discuss issues they face at PVGC, what they can do to help the school be an even better place to learn and connect with people, as well as how they can maintain good mental health for themselves and others.


A range of students will bring back reports from the day to help students get to know their student representatives better.

We'd like to congratulate our PVGC leaders for this year ............

Junior School Executive

Samohn Hereora

Jasleen Kaur Sandhu

Yasmin Surgers

Hazera Akan

Chamathna Gunawadena

Geetanshika Sharma

Vinuki Kumerage

Grace Davies


Year 7 Form Captains

Minaal Shahid

Habsa Issack

Dulni Jayasooriya

Grace Kokonis

Hala Khalid Abdelwahab

Mikayla Borg

Sare Nur Sahin

Isabeli Castro Sanchez

Ethnie Lobo

Kelsey Chatterton

Shazna Suhaib

Maya El Hassan

Izem Sazak

Mia Zeini


Year 8 Form Captains

Leonie Brown-Nafatali

Gazwah Taleb

Minahil Tahir

Tahlia Sibaei

Anusha Panicker

Hayley Smith

Sonia Jammal

Phoenix Mahakitau-Daniel


Middle School Executive

Vaneeza Ali

Jamilah Hussein

Hannah Villanueva

Bushra Shireh

Tasneem Bekai


Year 9 Form Captains

Jinane Abo-Shaban

Noura Diab

Rihaam Shahid

Arjoo Ranjit

Dakota Simpson

Vinduna Lokugalappaththi

Eda Karagozogluaasas  


Year 10 Form Captains

Maryam Kamar Eddine

Nessryn Tabiaat

Sejal Minocha

Milly Combridge

Lilly Knight

Judy Ayoubi

Tracey Vang


Year 11 Executive

Amina Farton Khashy

Gimma Gorgis

Audrey Govendor

Sky Griffiths

Nawal Hussain

Loonibha Karki

Ameena Maafa

Anakha Panicker

Maggie Tocci


Jackie Bui

Art/VCD Captain


Nour Alikinany

Art/VCD Captain


Madeline Jeynes

Music Captain.


Alma Biesalski

Music Captain



Taylah Murray

School Captain


Olivia Pavich

School Captain


Azel Albadran

Senior School Executive & Bus Captain


Susie El-Khoury

Senior School Executive & Bus Captain


Jamila Glew-Gillis

Senior School Executive


Aisha Farotan-Kashy

Senior School Executive


Maddy Willis

Senior School Executive


Ruby Wise

Senior School Executive


Dounia Hassoun

Senior School Executive

International Women's Day



With the sky blue, the sun shining and the school gates adorned with large purple, green and white tulle bows, Thursday March 8 was set to be a wonderful day of celebration for PVGC students and staff. The international theme for 2018 IWD was #pressfor progress and this was embraced by all at PVGC.

Each year level celebrated the day with their own special assembly where a guest speaker spoke about her own journey and inspired students to look beyond themselves and ‘press for progress’ for not only themselves, but for all women.

The day’s speakers were Tina Hosseini, an ex PVGC student who is now a Multiculture Commissioner for Victoria, amongst her many other community roles. Tina spoke to Year 11 and 12 students about gender equality in the workforce, and wider world.  Angela Marroncelli is a nurse practitioner who currently leads the Mental Health Emergency Crisis team for triple 000. She gave Year 10 students an incredible insight into a critical role that her team plays everyday in assisting people in crisis who call triple 000. Demet Divaroren, an ex PVGC who is an award winning author, spoke to Year 9  students about identity and the inspiration and support that the women in her family had provided for her own career journey. Her message to the students was for them to ‘own your own voice’. Frances Coulston spoke to the Year 8 students. She has had a varied and interesting career journey, including being a circus performer, physiotherapist and now an entrepreneur who has opened her own Circus school. She spoke to the students about having the self confidence and courage to pursue their own business ideas. Year 7 students enjoyed meeting and listening to MFB female firefighters, Rachel Cowling and Sandy Hearn. Both are very experienced firefighters and had different stories to tell about how they became firefighters - a non traditional area of work for women.


As part of each year level assembly, the student leaders were recognised and presented with their leadership badges. It was fitting to acknowledge our student leaders on such an important day for women.

The IWD festivities included staff and students wearing purple, green and white accessories, a bake sale organised by the St John Cadets, and culminated with an outdoor concert at lunchtime showcasing the incredibly talented young women of PVGC. It was a relaxed and wonderful event enjoyed by all! Approximately $400 was raised from the bake sale and donations which will support the Willum Warrain Aboriginal Association (for women and family support).


Organisation of the day was a mammoth effort by a huge team of people. Thank to everyone for your contribution including, IWD Committee, St John Cadets, PVGC Feminist Club, students leaders from each year level, the Music team (both staff & students), Yeramba photographers and all PVGC staff and students for embracing the day.

Lions Youth of the Year



Aisha’s experience

At the end of 2017 I decided that 2018 is my last year and I’m going to have a blast!

I decided that I’m going to put all my skills to the test and have #no regrets.


Public speaking is something that I have always been passionate about, and as nerve racking as it is, it is also a great opportunity to learn about yourself and meet a bunch of absolutely amazing people. Personally, participating in Lions Youth of Year, I had the privilege to attain some quite important skills that are not just applicable on stage but in everyday life as well. This opportunity allowed me to dig deep and explore better ways of writing and presenting a speech, also having Ms Foley giving up her time every lunch to helped us improve our way of expressing ourselves and our ideas. Some advice that I could give for future speakers would be believe that you can do it and own your mistakes no matter how big or small.

Aisha Farotan-Kashy


Ameema’s experience

The Lions Youth of the Year is a public speaking and school leadership program that encourages year 12 students to participate in presenting a speech and presenting two impromptus. There is also an interview which allows the participants to put their best foot forward and acknowledge their accomplishments.

My experience in participating in the Lions Youth of the Year was both rewarding and enjoyable. I found the volunteers to be so welcoming and supportive and The Lions to be such lovely people. The support provided by our teachers at Pascoe Vale Girls as well as the Lions and volunteers was genuinely appreciated. The process of practising and participating in Youth of the Year was a beneficial experience, it was incredibly fulfilling to watch each other get better and better with our impromptus and we had Ms Foley’s lunchtime sessions to thank for that. We as a group, were so supportive of each other and I want to thank you girls for that. I would also like to thank Ms Foley for her time and support as well as Ms Ankers and Mr Gemmola who were there to support Susie and I on the night. Finally, a huge congratulations to the Lions Youth of the Year winner Susie, who was absolutely amazing during her impromptus and speech, very proud of you Susie! I anticipate the future successes of our four winners in the future of this competition and applaud all of us for our effort and achievement.

Ameema Zeeshan

We are all very proud of this year’s PVCG participants in the Lions Youth of the Year. The students put a great deal of effort into their applications and their speeches, and all found the experience one of strong personal growth as they were required to move beyond their comfort zone and challenge what they thought was possible of themselves.


The twelve students from the college who participated in the club finals were Taylah Murray, Olivia Pavich, Susie El-Khoury, Dounia Hassoun, Azel Albadran, Jamila Glew-Gillis, Serenay Demir, Joulunar Alnajar, Ameema Zeeshan, Aisha Farotan-Kashy, Francesca Penco and Zahra Tokhi.  A number of teachers and parents attended this year to support the students including Ms Peddle, Mr Gemmola, Mr Forristal, Mrs Rodda, Ms Ankers, Ms Munari and Ms Tangee.


It is very exciting that four students from PVGC have won through to the zone finals. Congratulations Francesca, Dounia, Susie and Taylah. If you see these students, wish them all the best for the next round on the 13th March!


The Lions Youth of the Year aims to help young people gain experience in a range of areas before entering the workforce or other endeavours. These include leadership, citizenship, sport, community involvement and public speaking. Students speak to an interview panel about their experience in these areas. They then give a prepared five minute speech at a dinner, and answer two questions with no time for preparation. They have a two minute time limit on these impromptu questions. These impromptu questions are particularly challenging!

For more information about the program see this link

Junior School

Year 7 Camp 


The Year 7 camp to Gundiwindi Lodge from the 28th of February to the 2nd of March was a wonderful experience for both the 66 new Year 7 students who attended and the staff who joined them. Located on a farm in Silvan, the camp offered the opportunity to strengthen and forge friendships, as well as getting to know their teachers away from the classroom.


Students enjoyed the exciting activities that were on offer including the giant swing, flying fox, low ropes course, archery and up close encounters with blue tongue lizards, turtles and yabbies. Our final night included a campfire (complete with roasted marshmallows) and a sing-a-long. Before heading back to the College on Friday, we visited Healesville Sanctuary to learn about different endangered animals living in Australia, and saw some of our birds of prey in action in the ‘Spirits of the Sky’ show.


The Junior School team were glad to see many of our students moving out of their comfort zones, trying new things and supporting each other throughout the camp. We are now looking forward to seeing students continue to support one another as they continue to embrace opportunities within Pascoe Vale Girls College.

If your child is going to be absent from school, please provide notification through the Compass Portal or ring the absence line on 90469696


Senior School 

Study Skills at PVGC



Throughout 2018, VCE students will attend two study skills sessions run by an external agency –Elevate.  The aim of Elevate’ s program is to give students skills to make changes in their study habits and encourage them to apply and use the skills they are taught.

The first session of Elevate for both Year 11 and 12 students will take place on Thursday 22nd March.


Year 11 will cover

  • Study Sensei- how to study effectively &

  • Time Management- managing time effectively and overcoming procrastination,

Year 12 will cover

  • Memory Mnemonics- improving memory recall for SACs and in exams.

Parent Seminar

This year PVGC and Elevate will be running a Parent Seminar on Thursday 22nd March from 6.30-7.30pm in the Auditorium.  The parent study skills evening will cover:

  • How parents can help their children effectively manage their time.

  • How parents can help children become motivated and stay motivated.

  • The different types of work that students should prioritise across the year in order to improve their results.

  • How parents can help their children work effectively with technology whilst minimising distractions like Facebook and Instagram.

We look forward to seeing our Senior Years parents on this night.


If your child is going to be absent from school, please provide notification through the Compass Portal or ring the absence line on 90469696


Discover STEM at RMIT - Friday 23rd February


Our 9E Science students were invited to attend RMIT’s second annual Discover STEM Day on Friday 23rd February. Sponsored by RMIT’s I Belong team and the Laika Academy, the program as designed to give your students an insight into the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Maths (STEM), and the many career and study options that are available in these fields. All workshops were run by Laika facilitators and held in specialised labs and teaching spaces at RMIT’s City campus.


Welcome to RMIT Presentation and Laika Academy Introduction

Laika staff introduced students to the range of careers in STEM fields, and the study opportunities available to them at RMIT and elsewhere. Students also learnt about the range of study tours and opportunities that Laika offers to university students.


Turning plastic into product

The idea of recycling plastic bags has been around for over 20 years, and there are many ways to turn plastic bags into useful materials. Students discovered how to turn a discarded plastic bag into a variety of products, and start to understand the potential and value in plastic waste. All students (and teachers!) designed a phone pouch out of recycled plastic and then manufactured a prototype of their design to take home. The girls also made one for Ms Peddle and presented it to her upon their return to the College.

Electronics for inclusion

Students will be introduced to an exciting new technology that allows everyone to start building electronic circuits. Students were able to choose between using Arduino® boards, which allowed students to engage with some real life issues focusing on human centered design through simple electronics circuits, programming and building a drone, or programming a lazer bot.


Tradition vs innovation

Zo project is a social enterprise located in Hanoi. They make paper using a method that is over 800 years old, and highly sustainable. However, due to new and cheaper methods of making paper, the market for paper produced through this method is shrinking. During this activity, students worked in teams to examined the physical properties of Zo paper, such as its strength and durability and used it to design a bridge that could span the room. Teams developed their bridge and presented their finished product to the rest of the groups. A competition was also held to test the structural integrity of their designs.

Latrobe University Partnership Flyer

As part of our partnership with LaTrobe University, our STEAM students have been featured in their SHE (Science, Health and Engineering) Outreach Program advertising for 2018! Students are featured participating in the LaTrobe Seamless Science Experience and the Year 12 Chemistry Analytical Instruments Workshop.

In2science Peer Mentors

In2science peer mentors are currently studying university degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) disciplines. They are placed as volunteers in selected year 7-10 Science or Maths classes, joining the class once per week for a 10 week period.

Working with the classroom teacher, the mentors help students, share their own experiences and motivations for studying at university, and relate school work to real-world examples. In2science mentors also act as role models, sharing their passion for STEM and encouraging secondary students from educationally-disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue tertiary studies.


Through weekly interactions, mentors help to:

  • Increase student engagement in science and mathematics

  • Enhance understanding of content and dispel common misconceptions

  • Break down stereotypes and provide a human face for science and maths; and

  • Build students’ own aspirations for STEM studies and careers

For more information on In2Science, please click here.


Debating at PVGC

C Grade Debating 

On the 1st of March, C Grade participated in the first round of debating for 2018. Our team for this round consisted of two new members, Bashira Burhan and Meerab Akmal. The topic for our debate was, ‘That we should ban the sale of all cars powered by fossil fuels by 2025’. We were given the affirmative side and built a strong case as to why we should support the ban. However, this proved to be a difficult side to argue because, as the opposite team contended, seven years is not enough time to pass an international law and to remove all the fossil-fuel powered cars in the world.   While it was an interesting debate and our team put in their best efforts, we unfortunately lost the debate by 1 point.  

By Abeer Parveen Fatima 9F

B Grade Debating 

Last Thursday night, Year 11s in the B Grade Debating team secured a win at the first debate of the year! As given by the Debaters Association of Victoria, the topic was “We should limit the number of government funded university places”.  With Udara Kandaoluwapathirannehelage (11D) opening as first speaker, she opened the team strong with her steadfast points and put the team on the path to victory. Skye Griffiths (11D) as second speaker, giving major body arguments, and Ameena Maafa (11E) tearing down the oppositions points as third speaker. The next debate for C and B Graders takes place late April – so wish them luck!

SEAL begins at PVGC

Select Entry Accelerated Learning 


The College introduced SEAL this year into Year 7 to provide a program to meet the needs of gifted and talented learners. This program provides challenge and extension to suitable students by offering acceleration and enrichment. There is a greater emphasis on higher order thinking and learning skills and independent learning and research. The SEAL program will be phased into Years 8, 9 and 10 over the next three years.


The Year 7 SEAL class has made an excellent start to the year with extremely positive feedback from both students and teachers. Highlights so far include:


  • Humanities- In depth study of aspects of the Year 7 History course.

  • Science- Extension embedded into the introductory Science unit.

  • Maths- Students using higher order thinking to solve problems and explain mathematical concepts.

  • English- Developing skills using Year 8 level textbooks.

  • Music- Studying the Year 9 Music course and studying an orchestral instrument.

  • Japanese- Starting their new language study.


Application information for the 2019 Year 7 SEAL program is on the College website.

Important Dates 



Thursday March 8th

International Women’s Day Celebrations


Friday March 9th

Student Leadership Conference


Monday March 12th



Friday March 16th

Progress Reports Published



Tuesday March 20th

Parent /Teacher Interviews

1.00 – 8.00pm


Wed.  Mar. 21st - Fri. Mar 23rd  

Yr.9 Camp


Monday March 26th

Yr.7 Immunisation


Thursday  March 29th  

End of Term 1

2.05pm finish

Careers News

Australian Defence Force Careers Expo


On Friday the 23rd of February, Ms Moloney took a group of students who may want to pursue a career in the Australian Defence Force to the Royal Exhibition Building where a careers expo for the Australian Defence Forces was being held. It was good to see and learn how they live and what happens when they are on base. They had a virtual reality activity where you could try to fly a helicopter and land it on a boat without crashing. There was another virtual reality activity where you got to help out on a mission. There were trucks on display and you could sit in them and see the inside. We all got a whole lot of insight and learned a lot about the army, navy and air force.

Bashira Burhan-Bayan



University opportunities 


There are several worthwhile events being held by universities during the school holidays to assist Year 10, 11 & 12 students become more knowledgeable about courses and career options available after completing secondary school. These events are very popular and students who are planning to attend should register early to avoid disappointment. Once students register for an event/s they should mark the date on the family calendar as it is a commitment to attend.


Experience Latrobe : When you register you will select 3 workshops of your choice so that you can learn more about the courses and career options in the areas you are interested in. Latrobe will even supply lunch!

Date: Friday April 6

Venue: LaTrobe University         

Cost: FREE


A Day at Melbourne:  Find out what the University of Melbourne has on offer in regards to all aspects of life and study at Melbourne. This event will enable students to find out about:

  • How the Melbourne Model works

  • Undergraduate degrees and the pathways to postgraduate study at Melbourne

  • Entry requirements and admissions information

  • Accommodation options

  • Access Melbourne

  • Scholarships

Date: Friday April 6,  9:00am-3:30pm

Venue:  University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus

Cost: FREE


William Angliss Experience Days: Spend a day out at William Angliss, getting a taste of courses and careers in their speciality areas.  A catered lunch will be provided on the day. Spaces for the April sessions are strictly limited, so be sure to book in early as these events become fully booked quickly.  Both sessions will take place at William Angliss Institute, 555 La Trobe Street in Melbourne.


Theme:         Food Day - an opportunity to experience cookery, patisserie and food

                     science workshops

Date:            Thursday 5 April 2018

Cost:             $15  to register click here.


Theme:         Hospitality, Events & Tourism - students will experience elements of

                       the tourism, hospitality and events industries, with workshops

                       including event styling, beverage making, and flight attending.

Date:            Wednesday 11 April 2018

Cost:             $10    to register click here.


Swinburne University: The Early Leaders Program (ELP) provides secondary students with the opportunity to be recognised for extra-curricular activities, making themselves attractive candidates for future employers.  The ELP is open to all students who are undertaking Year 11 in 2018. Completion of the Early Leaders Program can be a great achievement to include in applications for employment and further study. Undertaking it also provides a range of valuable benefits to students.

Students can:

  • Develop life skills

  • Grow your confidence

  • Increase your employability

  • Gain recognition for achievements from a leading university

  • Get out of your comfort zone and try something new

In addition to the above benefits, students who successfully complete the Early Leaders Program will be awarded credit towards the Swinburne Emerging Leaders Program, a program for enrolled Swinburne students only.

Applications are now open.  Find out more, or apply at Early Leaders Program (ELP)


Kerry Moloney

Vocation Education Coordinator

Around the Grounds

You may happen to have seen..........

Over the summer holidays and during Term 1, you may have noticed some big changes taking place around the school grounds. Last year, we were lucky enough to receive funding to develop our outside facilities. 

As a result, students now have some great outside multi-purpose astro-turf spaces to use both in and out of class. It is always great for our students to have access to state-of -the-art resources to support their learning. 

You may have also noticed the current state of the front oval along Lakeside Drive. This area is undergoing a complete revamp with new natural turf and a reticulation system. We are hoping work will be complete by the end of Term 1 and students will be able to use shortly after that. 

Things to know at PVGC

Get involved now!: St. John's Ambulance



Join St John and learn how to save a life today!
Would you know what to do, if you came across an emergency?
The people on the scene at an emergency before the ambulance arrives play a vital role in saving lives. This is why it’s important that every person knows the basics of what to do in an emergency.
St John will provide you with important first aid skills that may help save a life.
St John Youth is an active youth program for everyday kids. Whilst the emphasis is on first aid you will also develop leadership and social skills through the programs and activities St John has to offer. But most of all being a St John Youth Member is about having fun!
There is a lot more to being a St John Youth Member than first aid. St John provides you with many opportunities and recognises your achievements.
In the Youth program you can:
form new friendships with other young people
join others in team activities
give time and effort to help others
experience a sense of achievement through personal success and community service
learn about accepting responsibility
learn skills for life
have fun!
Find out more about our school's St. John Ambulance youth program by contacting the school nurse, Diana Di Lisio or attend next week’s Wednesday training session in the conference room (under the auditorium) at lunchtime.


Students and staff are welcome to attend!
Diana Di Lisio
College Nurse


Asthma Plans 

Did you know that using your blue/grey reliever more than 2 days per week could be an indication your asthma may not be well controlled?

Poor control over your asthma is associated with:
- More frequent symptoms
- increased risk of asthma flare-ups
- reduced ability to do your usual activities
- Increased need for healthcare

How to use a Spacer and Puffer - Four breaths technique


Asthma Action Plan

See a doctor for a signed Asthma Action Plan or Care Plan. Our college requires an up-to-date plan for each student with asthma at the start of the new school year.


Evidence tells us that using an Asthma Action Plan can help to reduce hospitalisations, improve lung function and reduce the number of days off school.


Your daughter’s written Asthma Action Plan outlines:

  1. What medication to take.
  2. How to tell if her asthma is getting worse.
  3. What to do if your symptoms are getting worse.
  4. What to do if she has an asthma attack. 

PVGC Sports Report

PVGC Swimming Sports


On Tuesday 20th February, 2018, Pascoe Vale Girls College held their annual Swimming Sports Day at Coburg Olympic Pool. It was an amazing day. The sun was shining and the students and staff members were fantastic. There was plenty for students to do. The dunk tank, inflatable castle and diving board were a highlight. A special thank you to the Lions Club for organising the BBQ, which made our mouths salivate. Congratulations to the following students for finishing overall first place for their age groups. They include the following:

The overall winners for each age group were the following:

12/13: Kelsey Chatterton

U14: Sasha Fitzpatrick and Tara Ainsworth

U15: Jamila Hussein

U16/17: Nawal Hussein

18 and over: Meg Howell

We are now looking forward to the Moreland Division Swimming Sports to be held on 7th of March at Fitzroy Swimming Pool.


The Senior Cricket team, coached by Anthony Freeman represented Pascoe Vale Girls’ College in the Northern Metropolitan Regional Inter-School Sport competition.

Congratulations to the Intermediate Tennis team for winning the Moreland Division Tennis Competition. They will represent the school at the Northern Metropolitan Competition held in term two.




Wahieb Faltes ​

Cricket and tennis superstars

The Senior Cricket team, coached by Anthony Freeman represented Pascoe Vale Girls’ College in the Northern Metropolitan Regional Inter-School Sport competition.

Congratulations to the Intermediate Tennis team for winning the Moreland Division Tennis Competition. They will represent the school at the Northern Metropolitan Competition held in term two.




Wahieb Faltes ​

Community News 

Moreland City Libraries Free Events


Preston/Darebin Blue Light Disco


The Circus Spot


The Circus Spot is running a FREE introductory session in aerials during the school holidays - just for teenagers!


This is a fantastic way to try out tissu (aerial silks), aerial hoop and trapeze in a fun, safe and social environment.


During this 90 minute session you will learn the basic climbs and wraps on tissu as well as a some fancy moves on aerial hoop and the static trapeze.


For more information please head to the following link:


Parent Teacher Interviews

Tuesday March 20, 1pm-8pm

Parent Teacher Interviews will be taking place at the college on Tuesday, March 20th between the hours of 1pm and 8pm. You should have received notification through Compass that the bookings are now open. 

As a college, we understand the importance of three-way communication between parents, students and teachers and as such, encourage your daughter to come along for the evening and take part in the interviews.


Please log on to the Compass portal to book your appointments. 


1. On the welcome page or under the Community tab you will find Parent Student Teacher Conferences. Click to follow the link.
2. Select the session you would like to book. i.e. 'Parent Teacher Interviews, Term 1 2018'

3. At the top is “My Bookings”, with available spots in green. At the bottom are the names of your son/daughter’s teachers—”Available Staff”.

4. Click on the time you would like to see a teacher, in the top pane. Pull down to find your teacher's name. Click the Update button. A green sign at the top will show you its confirmed. Please ensure you click the 'update' button as it will not be saved if you don't. 


Please be aware that due to part time days or other circumstances, not all teachers will be available for Parent Teacher Interviews. Please contact your teacher via Compass if you'd like some feedback. 


Pascoe Vale Girls College
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