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13 September 2016
Issue Fourteen
What's Coming Up Summary
Principal's Report
Report - from Huaibei
French language immersion
Uniform Reminder Term 4 2016
Report - 8A Random act of kindness
Report - NT Trip
Report -Clickview filming
Project Refresh- Realising the Vision
School Captains Elections
Music Report
Sports Report
Yr 7 Philanthropic Project
Yr 11 News
Coming up - State Schools Spectacular
International Students Report
Community News
Pathways and Careers
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What's Coming Up Summary

Photo: Photo by Tang Lexing from Huaibei

Summary of upcoming events


Thurs 15 Sept - Media Film Night, 6.30pm Hall 


Frid 16 Sept - Last Day Term 3. 2.00 pm


Mon 3 Oct - First day of Term 4

Mon 3 Oct - VCAA LOTE and Performance Exams commence

Thurs 6 Oct - VCE Music Soiree - Hall

Frid 7 Oct - Yr 10-12 GPA Published

Mon 10 Oct - Senior Music Concert - Hall


Wed 12 Oct - Meliora Sequamer Awards

Wed 12 Oct - Young Leaders depart for China

Thurs 13 Oct - Captain's Conference


Mon 17 Oct - Yr 12 Farewell Breakfast

Wed 19 Oct - Yr 12 Graduation - Grand Hyatt

Thurs 20 Oct - Yr 7 Immunisation


Frid 21 Oct - Yr Curriculum Day - No school for students

Mon 24 Oct - City School for Yr 9A,B,C


Wed 26 Oct - City School for Yr 9 D,E,F,H


Mon 31 Oct - No school for students


Tues 1 Nov - Melbourne Cup Holiday


Principal's Report

Northcote High School Languages Program


Northcote High School Council recently met to discuss the school’s Languages Program in the context of the school’s broader teaching and learning program.  As you may be aware, Northcote High will begin review and planning for the next phase of school strategic planning in 2017.  Consequently, it has been determined that engagement with the school community regarding the Languages Program will be undertaken as part of the school’s broader review and strategic planning process, which will culminate in the development of a new strategic plan for the school beginning in 2019. importantly, engagement with the school community regarding strategic planning will be aligned with the NHS Community Engagement Policy. 


As previously advised, the Languages Program will continue in its current format in 2017, offering students beginning  Year 7 a choice of four languages. 

The schools commitment to Realising the Vision (Project Curriculum Refresh) is on track to begin phase 1 of implementation in 2018. In relation to this core work, there will be regular updates in the school’s newsletter regarding community engagement opportunities.

This is an exciting time for Northcote High School.  Thank you for your interest in ensuring our school reflects the community of which it is a part and in so doing is a leader of contemporary learning for young Australians into the 2020s and 2030s.


Exciting times – Facilities Snap Shot!

The next 18 months will see a number of facility upgrades including improvements to the schools learning and social spaces. The following link provides key information as to what will be happening, where, why and when. Key projects include:

  1. Art and Design Hub (refurbishment of Buildings B and C) October 2016 – March 2017
  2. Performance Hub (new build) April 2017 – April 2018

The Art and & Design Hub

Planning for the Art and Design Hub was collectively achieved through the efforts of teachers, students and school community experts.  This resulted in a project brief that focused on the development of contemporary specialist learning spaces and shared planning areas, opening classrooms and providing greater opportunities for collaboration and celebration of student work.

Community members are encouraged to connect with the project plans and we welcome comments.

Plans are on display in the school foyer until mid October, with a drop box for comments.


Bike Parking REVAMP!

An enthusiastic team of Captains Council members are leading a Revamp of Bike Parking @ NHS.  Students participated in a workshop led by Vanessa Walker (parent) and Nelly Montague (Transport Officer Darebin Council).  During the workshop students:

  • Identified current parking locations
  • Considered who parks where
  • Recorded the number of riders per day
  • Analysed direction on arrival
  • Considered key features of bike parking areas at NHS and beyond
  • Discussed the pros and cons of the possible improvement options

Next steps

The group will be surveying students, meeting with interested staff and developing an upgrade plan – stay posted for more information and if you have expertise in bike parking please connect with Kate Morris or Matthew Thomas (9488 2332)

Realising The Vision: Project Refresh – 2018


As highlighted in the last newsletter – work continues on Project Refresh for Stage 1 implementation in 2018.  Last week curriculum committee further evolved understanding and action around the project with in-principle agreement regarding a recommendation to begin the planning and implementation phase.


Next step for the Project Team is to begin organisational and curriculum planning to ensure a contemporary learning paradigm is a feature of our school for all students and staff.


The  Project Team will present to School Council this week.
See full report in this edition.

Resignation of Assistant Principal Nick Murphy


Nick Murphy (shown above) has written to me to advise me of his intention to resign as Assistant Principal at the start of the 2017 school year. 

Nick has served as an Assistant Principal here at Northcote High School for over 18 years - coming here after a stint at Museum Victoria as a Senior Education Officer. He previously taught at Northcote, Princes Hill SC and Montmorency SC.

I know I speak for all of us when I say how sorry we are to see him go, and how much we will miss his contribution to school life. In his time here he has taught History at every level, English, Media Studies, Politics, Social Studies, coached Soccer and Table Tennis, as well as led the Senior and Junior Schools.  His passion for Northcote has been his trademark. We wish him well.

Titration Competition Award

Congratulations to Finn Nott, Patrick Butler and Jack Puccinni, who were runner's up in the Victorian Titration Competition. See enclosed for details.


Opportunity for input - tonight 

The Darebin Council in partnership with the Victorian Government are proposing increasing the provision of netball courts (see attached) in the cities of Yarra, Darebin, Melbourne and Moreland (see the attached letter for details).

Our school community are delighted that Northcote High School is one of the proposed sites.


Community consultation around this terrific initiative will take place on (6 - 7 pm), on 13th Sept. Details are attached (also of two other consultation evenings at other venues on 12 and 15 Sept).    

I urge you to support the courts at Northcote High School by writing and / or attending one of the consultation evenings.  

When: Tuesday 13 September 2016

Where: Northcote High

Time: 6:00 – 7:00pm



Kate Morris, Principal

Report - from Huaibei

I am one of the exchange students of Huaibei No. 1 High School. I just spent an awesome time with my host family and all the teachers and students. I have a lot of words to say but I just can't express all my emotions!

Actually, I am an outgoing girl and I seldom cry, but on the way to the airport I can't help myself. I kept thinking about everything we had done together. In fact, it's not as I imagined that I can have such a fancy talk with my host parents. We just talked about everything from sports to the differences between two cultures. Lots of people said my English was good but actually it was a shame that my vocabulary was not OK to handle some situations. During the visit, we ate together , we went shopping together, we cooked together, we laughed, we cried, I felt like I was in my home with all of my family members. Thanks again for providing me such a warm home. 

 I learned a lot during my visit to Northcote. Not only about English, but also some aspects of local culture and the western way to communicate. From the first moment Principal Nick Murphy showed us around the school, we talked a lot. I knew that Australians prefer traditional debating while Chinese students attend discussions modelled on united nation 's meeting. Though we have different ways to express our opinions, our attitude to protect something important and change the world is same. It's not a deep discussion but we find our agreement.

My host, Sasha, is such a great person. She helped me a lot at everything and we knew each other in a deeper way. Sasha's dog, Wally, woke me up everyday by kissing me awake.

It's really hard for my to say goodbye, because I miss all the Northcote guys so so much. But everyone has his way, we will finally go back to our daily life. So we just say "take care of yourselves and be good " "goodbye and good luck. " I believe that we will meet again one day.


Thank you again. See ya.


Tang Lexing (below right)


French language immersion

Photo: The wonders of overseas immersion - ordering breakfast in another language!

18 NHS students are currently travelling in France on a cultural immersion tour - one week in school and 7 days of sightseeing! Thanks to Ms Keane and Mr Hubert for their enthusiastic leadership of our travellers! Ms Keane writes: 

We're writing to you while drinking coffee and eating pain au chocolat as the students study !!!

Everything is going really well. Today is the third day of language lessons. Classes start at 8.45 and finish at 1. We supply them with pastry during the break, although today the kids have requested fruit because they're getting lots of rich French food from the home stay families! On Monday after class, we had a tour of the city centre and the kids had a treasure hunt activity to orient themselves. Nothing motivates students to ask questions in French to strangers more than the idea of prizes! Our winners were Ned, Riley and Nico!  Yesterday we had a full day excursion to Mont St Michel. It was a long day, left at 8.30, back at 7pm. Three hours each way on the bus. It was a beautiful day! 28 degrees and sunny. Two more days in Rouen. Saturday we do the D-Day beaches and Bayeux Tapestry before taking a train to Paris.



Uniform Reminder Term 4 2016


At Northcote High wearing a uniform well is a badge of pride, creates an identity for our school and it is an important part of being a NHS student. In 2010/11 the Northcote High uniform was reviewed and redesigned by students, teachers and families based on four (4) principles:

•       Our uniforms shows that we are part of an organisation - Northcote High School

•       Wearing it says we are all in this together

•       Wearing it communicates a notion of ‘belonging’ and ‘pride’ in our community

•       Wearing it creates an identity for the school within the community

Therefore,  in wearing your uniform with pride, you are being respectful (of self and school) and value community building and learning together. Thank you for partnering with us.


A reminder of the changeover to the summer uniform in Term 4. Summer uniform is worn in Terms 1 & 4. Please refer to the student Planner and/or our website if you would like clarification on our uniform items for Terms 1 & 4. 

We would like to remind our students and their families of the following:

  • White socks only with the Summer dress
  • Dresses to be no more than 5cm above mid knee
  • ‘Grey marle’ socks with the grey shorts or trousers

Students must not wear a combination of summer and winter uniform items

Again thank you very much for your support in our management of our school uniform and please don’t hesitate to contact Jocelyn Hill on 94882314 or [email protected] if you have any queries.


Uniform Shop Opening Arrangements.


Normal Trading Hours:

Tuesday 12.30 – 4.00pm

Friday 8.30am – 11.30am


Northcote High School uniform can also be purchased at Dobsons, 667 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn


Mon to Thur:     8.30am - 5.30pm

Fri:                  8.30am - 6.00pm

Sat:                 8.30 - 5.00pm

 Phone:       9819 1122     



Report - 8A Random act of kindness

Photo: Sarah, Camille and Maeve of 8A with Merri Creek students

Each year, Merri Creek Primary School operate a major fundraiser for their school, involving all staff and year levels - the Merri Creek Marathon. 8A assisted for the entire morning, marshalling and marking off student laps etc - a necessary and important function.

Well done 8A!


Report - NT Trip


Northcote High School was successful in receiving a $1000 NT Learning Adventures grant towards our travel to the NT in 2016. We thank Tourism NT for the funding that supported our travel and allowed us to purchase gifts for the Lilla Community.


Day 1: 15th of August, We left Melbourne for Uluru. After arriving at the airport we were met by our tour guides for the week, Bear, Bongo and Lilla the dog. After having some lunch at our campsite, we drove to Uluru, where we did a long walk around the base. We learnt why the local people ask visitors not to climb: apart from being a cultural significant place, it’s also very dangerous. When we got back at camp we had Spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, and had an early night.


Day 2- Day 6: We got woken up at five the next morning to the sound of Bear playing his flute. After brekkie we drove for about an hour to Kata Tjuta were we did another walk, this one was personally my favourite, as it was a lot more exciting and scenic, and we did it during the sunrise. In the afternoon, we drove four hours to Lilla, the community where we would be staying for the next four days. At Lilla we completed a range of activities, such as the Kings Canyon walk, working with the local school children, finger painting and jewellery making. Vera, who is one of the traditional owners, showed us the spiritually significant sites around Lilla, and their meaning.

During our stay, we completed a community services project. Our project was to dig up Buffel grass, a grass introduced from Africa in the early 1900’s to feed cattle. As it grows a lot faster than native flowers and grasses, it takes over their habitat and doesn't t give them a chance to grow. Buffel grass also burns very easily so acts as more fuels fires if they are started. This puts anything around it at risk, including the trees. These trees have a spiritual significant to the local people as they are connected to their ancestors. Along with digging up vast amounts of this weed we also made a song, complete with a music video, called ‘Buffel grass soldiers’, which is a parody of Bob Marley’s song Buffalo soldiers.

Each night we slept in a circle of swags under the stars, and were woken each morning by Bear playing the flute, and Bongo singing and playing the guitar.

The meals on the camp were far better than any camp food ever; some of these meals included sausages, chicken parma, wraps, chicken drumsticks and a roast.


Day 6: After our stay in Lilla we moved onto Alice Springs were we stayed in an eco-sanctuary. On our first of two nights there we had a star talk, were we got shown all of the different constellations with a really powerful laser pointer. In Alice we went to the shops, a wildlife sanctuary and visited the base of the Royal Flying Doctors service. On Monday the 22nd of August we headed home, hugging Bear, Bongo and Lilla, we boarded our plane back to Melbourne.​


by Electra McPherson



Report -Clickview filming

On Friday the 26th of August, a professional film production company came to Northcote High School to film their new short film, which is soon to be published on ClickView. The filming was organised to occur the previous week however due to the poor weather condition it was rescheduled. The short film is about social media, regarding how it can affect our self-esteem and influence the decisions we choose to make. The director Nathan along with multiple producers and the crew were seeking a small amount of extras to help out both on and off screen. A handful of students, both boys and girls varying in ages, who study either media or drama were chosen to help out. Jobs on screen included creating little backstories with friends whilst acting as part of the background within certain shots of the film, along with a small amount of dialogue in one scene. Jobs off screen included helping out the crew with lighting, sound, and also helping the director begin each scene with the slate. Whilst on breaks, the students from Northcote High engaged in conversations not only with the producers and technical crew, but also with the actors who had been casted outside of Northcote High School. They were all very happy to give us all advice on how to improve our skills and do well in future auditions. Overall, it was not only a very enjoyable day but also a great experience in which we all gained knowledge from. Thankyou to Miss.Tripp and Miss.Diamond for helping the students throughout the day.


Project Refresh- Realising the Vision

Progress Report


This year, curriculum leaders at the school are reviewing the ways we deliver programs at Northcote, and the manner in which we prepare our students to meet the future. We are preparing a Master Plan for curriculum provision in response to changes occurring around us. Part of our work is researching approaches taken in other schools, particularly approaches which increase student choice over learning.

Ten teachers from Northcote headed to Geelong on the 2nd of September to visit Kardinia International College. We have been investigating the benefits of vertically organized timetables for students, and Kardinia has used this system of organizing its curriculum offerings with success for 20 years. In a vertical system, it is easier for students to choose a pathway thorough the curriculum that suits them, rather than following a 'one size fits all' approach. One of the theories of action we have developed is about improving student engagement through providing more pathways for students at all levels.  the At Kardinia, students begin choosing their subjects right from Year 7. The school has a similar profile to ours, with over a thousand students, most of whom continue to tertiary education.


We were welcomed warmly, and the school was incredibly generous in sharing the ways they deal with the logistics of managing a student-centered timetable.   As Neil Hick Kardinia's timetabler said, “It’s not about boxes, it’s about the child’s learning needs."


We left inspired by the school's approach, and with a clearer view of what a vertical approach could mean for us. 


Ms Prue Morris

School Captains Elections

Democracy - alive and well at NHS! These photos show campaigning and voting for School Captains, the election being held on Thursday 8 September. One of the photos below shows former student John Cain Junior doing the same thing in 1945.


School Student Leaders 2018 announced

Congratulations to the 12 candidates who participated in the School Captain selection process.  The candidates have again lifted the bar in terms of the high standard of applications, interview and presentation to the Head of Senior School and two members of the Principal Team.  Candidates were then assessed against the selection criteria for each area of their application.  Selected candidates then presented speeches to the school community, followed by a voting process.

Congratulations to all candidates the process is rigorous, with all candidates demonstrating their leadership potential and capability.

At the end of the voting process we congratulate next year's leaders:
School Captains: Leah Nassis & Thomas Paizes
Vice Captains: Macsen Lawlor & Yen Bao Le


Music Report

Friends of Music 2nd Annual Quiz Night


The second annual Friends of Music Quiz Night was held on Friday 2nd September. An enthusiastic group of the community gathered to share an evening of fun and games. From questions to craft, snake tying to human Hungry Hippos, the participants of the evening enjoyed a night of laughter and socialising. Thank you to all those who attended for their generosity, as well as to Mr Josh McDonald for being the MC for the event.


South St Eisteddfod

Recently the Northcote High School ensembles travelled to Ballarat to compete in the Royal South Street Eisteddfod.
The Northcote Orchestra competed in the D’Addario Area Orchestra division. It was a good performance and brought the ensemble together.

Intermediate Stage Band performed at both the Victorian Schools Music Festival (VSMF) and the Royal South Street Eisteddfod this month. The bands performance etiquette and musicianship were outstanding. At the VSMF they were fortunate enough to participate in a workshop with Ross Irwin (Melbourne singer-songwriter, trumpet, composer/arranger). The final performance for this ensemble this term will be a combined workshop with Junior Stage Band and the St Helena Secondary College Stage Bands on Thursday 15thSeptember.


World Sounds travelled to Ballarat on a very wild Tuesday night to participate in the Small Ensemble division. They performed two pieces with solos by Mollie Mckenzie (Yr10), Milla Kruse (Yr 10), Wendan Xiao (Yr 10) Ava Leach-Absalom (Yr 10) and Yianni Rowlands (Yr 10).


Finally the Senior Stage Band performed in Ballarat with very high calibre music that was well prepared. Here is a report by Dr Suzanne Robinson an historical musicologist specialising in Australian music (Ed Bonds mother, the Double Bass player in the Senior Stage Band).


On Friday 2 September we went to Ballarat for the day to hear Northcote’s Inter Stage and Senior Stage bands play at the South Street Eisteddfod. This year is the 125th anniversary of the eisteddfod and it still has its oddly old-fashioned rituals, like ice creams at interval and corny jokes from the announcer between items. Inter Stage played in the afternoon session. After some hitches on the trip from Melbourne they appeared last of the eight in their group but with some spirited playing seemed none the worse for their late arrival. Senior Stage played in the Advanced section that ran until 11pm in the evening, one of seven bands from Melbourne and Geelong schools. All of the bands in that section tackled some very challenging numbers—clearly many of them have been playing together for years—so the performances were all very polished, especially in the fast and furious final items. Several things were particularly memorable, a spectacular clarinet solo that seemed to cover the entire range of the instrument several times over, a percussionist who beat on a wooden box, an all-girl saxophone section and the antics of one of the bass players, who played from memory and slapped the strings with gusto.


Despite the late hour Senior Stage played with its usual verve, the trumpets as brilliant as ever and the new bass trombone adding some impressive oomph. Some of the bands had brought cheer squads that seemed to take up most of the hall and their raucous applause turned a stiffly formal occasion into a celebration of the work of both teachers and musicians. Congratulations to Mr Coombs and Ms Bodenham for shepherding the bands through a very long day. It would be great if next year we could have a cheer squad too.


Our Novice Strings and Concert Band ensembles participated in their first competitions. All students represented the school proudly and performed to a high standard. The Intermediate Strings ensemble also spent a Saturday afternoon in Ballarat and played beautifully at the competition. Intermediate Concert Band performed at the VSMF competition and received a Bronze Award.


Congratulations to all our musicians and their teachers for their hard work and dedication to Music.

Positions in Bands

All positions in Senior and Intermediate Stage Bands are now open. The Stage Band auditions will take place in Week 4 of Term 4 and the music and Membership Commitment form is available from the music office.


Sports Report

Photo: State Runners Up


Interschool Sports

We have had a busy finish to Term 3 having Divisional Carnival days with Teams competing in Basketball and Table Tennis for our Intermediate, Year 8 and Year 7 Students. 

The following teams had success and now move through to the Regionals which are to be played in October - Intermediate Girls and Boys Basketball, Year 8 Boys and Girls Basketball, Intermediate Boys Table Tennis, Year 8 Boys Table Tennis and Year 7 Boys Basketball. 

Thank you to Ms Tudhope, Mr Sullivan, Ms Lester, Mr Ponsford and Mr Hore for coaching the sides, also a big thank you to all of our Student Coaches.


State Soccer


Our Year 7 Boys Soccer Team competed in the State Final at Kingston Heath on September 2nd.  In our first match the boys fought hard against Wodonga but unfortunately couldn’t come away with a win losing 2-1, Goal Scorer Nick Pappas. In our next match we had a loss against Bendigo 6-0. Our boys finished the day on a high easily defeating Warrnambool 9-2 Goal scorers for this match are 2 to Lucas Makridis and Ethan Hindson and 1 each to Eamon Coates, Tom Proctor-Parkin, Alex Gust, Marius Turlea, and Nick Gevaux. Thank you Mr Thompson and our student coach Jon Pappas for coaching the side.


On Thursday September 8 our year 8 Girls played in the State Final. The girls came out strong in their first match defeating Wondonga 6-0 – (3 goals each were scored by Celine Hussein Blanco and Rosie Thyer)  The girls continued their winning streak defeating Bendigo 4-3 (Goals Franco, Rosie Thyer, Jamie Spangher, Celine Hussein Blanco) and then finished off on top of their pool by defeating Mount Clear 5 – 2  (Goals Rosie Thyer 2, and 1 each to Giulia Galatas, Jamie Spangher, Molly Uwland).  Having 3 wins on the board qualified our Girls to play in the Final against Brighton Secondary College. At half time of this match the scores were level but unfortunately in the second half Brighton dominated using the strong wind to their advantage defeating our girls 6-1 (Goal Rosie Thyer).  A big thank you to Ms Young for coaching the girls up to the Regionals then handing the reigns over to Leesa Langley who held 2 special training sessions and coached the girls on the day. Well done Girls, State Runners Up, what an amazing achievement!


Congratulations to both of our Soccer teams, throughout each tournament they have played and each training session they have shown teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication.  They have respected their coaches, team mates and referees.  They are a credit to our school and their families.  They are definitely 2 teams to watch in the future.



We attended the regional athletics competition on Thursday 8th Sept. The sun was shining and so were the medals many of our students won. Each athlete gave their all on the day with some also qualifying for state. Official results will feature in the next newsletter.


Would you like to train outside of school? If yes Collingwood Athletics and Harriers Athletics are looking for you. For further information please contact Helen Shortell on 0419354254.



Looking forward to term 4


Futsal will feature a key part in term 4 with many dates on the calendar. Keep your eye on the screens and MyNHS for date confirmation, team selection and much more.


Yr 7 Philanthropic Project


This week year 7 students will be holding school based events to raise money and awareness for their Philanthropic Project. We are starting this week by running a traditional 'guess the lollies in the jar competition' and also selling yummy hot chocolates at lunch on Wednesday. 


 Year 7 students are Northcote High School are aiming to improve the quality of life through providing the remote Hudad Community in Ethiopia with access to education. Students will be conducting school based fundraising events that will build momentum towards the final event. This event aims to replicate the hardships the children of the Hudad encounter each day just getting to school. The event will consist of a 3 hour walk which is reflective of the trip each student in Hudad makes each day to school.


Ms Hannah Kent, Yr 7 YLPC

Yr 11 News

Year 11 Philanthropic project 

Throughout Term 2 and 3 the Year 11 Leadership team have worked on our Philanthropic Project. We focused on a Donation Drive for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, a not for profit organisation located in Footscray. The centre provides health care, food, toiletries and other goods, a hot meal, a wide range of entertainment and crucially important social interaction to newly arrived Asylum Seekers. We also organised a photo event where the Year 11s spelled out ASRC on the oval.


On Wednesday the 7th September, Macsen Lawlor and I were lucky enough to accompany Mr Reale and Ms Richards to drop off our donations and have a tour around the centre. The most notable thing about the centre was how big and full of life it seemed. A hot meal for 300 was about to be served, visitors were playing pool and video games and many volunteers were working to fill the food bank.

Throughout our project, the Year 11 cohort worked together and collected a huge amount of tinned food, toiletries and other supermarket goods for the centres food bank. When we visited the bank, it was clear what an impact our donations were going to make. Amongst other items, we donated a bucket full of shampoo and conditioner which filled up a whole section of the store which was almost bare. The centre relies completely on donations, so our efforts as a year level will make a huge different to many new Australians.
We would like to say a big congratulations and thanks to Ms Barbara's tutorial class 11C for raising the most goods. ​

Mira Tonkin





On August 30, Year 11 students participated in the Vic Roads Fit2Drive program. The program is intended to promote safe driving and responsible decisions in cars, both as a passenger and a driver.

The day included a presentation of the laws and statistics surrounding road accidents by Victoria Police, during which the students were quizzed to show the level of misconceptions on the topic. There was an analysis of various driving scenarios, where students were asked to point out problems and how they could be avoided. Finally, we looked at an interactive case study of the Broken Head Incident, a car crash which claimed the lives of four teenagers our own age as a result of poor decision making. The case study was an eye opener for the students and a stark reminder of just how real the consequences that follow our actions are. Each activity had an instructor-guided reflection which reinforced what the students had learnt, as well as what they can do when they find themselves in potentially dangerous situations.

Overall the program was an extremely valuable experience and students came away with practical and useful information regarding road safety.

Coming up - State Schools Spectacular

This year the Victorian State School Spectacular will be performing 2 shows at Hi-Sense Arena last Saturday 10 Sept. Northcote High School has 6 students involved in this year’s production which is an amazing feat and a great advertisement for the school.
The Northcote Leader published an article on the 17 August regarding the involvement of Northcote High Students in this production with a front page intro and then a Page 9 description. Josie Hayden's great photo is here. This edition of  The Leader can be read online


International Students Report

Great International Student Debate 


The 4th International Student Debate Event took place on Thursday 8th Sept. at the school Library, which was a great success. The enthusiastic audience was very impressed with the debating students’ strong performance. The topic was “We Should Give Equal Coverage to Male & Female Sports”. Both the affirmative and negative team demonstrated their thorough searching, well-preparation, and communication skills through the competition.

The school is very proud of international students’ eagerness to participate and engage in learning, and their great efforts to achieve their potentials.

The school wants to especially thank Mr Ramsay for initiating this program and his absolute endeavour in organizing and training the international debating team. We also want to extend our thanks to the teachers for being the judicators or in many other ways in supporting over the year.

Tutor needed

A family is looking for a student from our y 9/ 10 student group - a responsible (native English speaker) student, who is willing to help 2 newly arrived international students (brothers) to practice oral English (including help to check their homework). The family prepares to pay $30 for 1.5 hours’ work  (each lesson) and they wish to have 2 tutorial sessions per week.  Preferable tutorial time will be after school hours (weekend / after school).
Contact Ms Lixia Wang

Community News






Pathways and Careers




The next few weeks are important if you are planning to undertake tertiary studies next year (and also if you are planning to leave your options open while you decide on an alternative pathway for next year). We encourage all Year 12 students to register a preference with VTAC, just to make sure this remains an option, no matter what their current plans might be.


Two crucial dates in particular are coming up during the break:


a.      VTAC registration closes Thursday, September 29.

You need to have entered at least one preference by this date.


b.     SEAS applications close Tuesday, October 4.

No extensions are possible to this deadline.


Remember that, whilst you do not need to pay by September 29, it would be prudent to do so. Otherwise, make sure you diarise the payment dates of December 19 (domestic students) and December 15 (international students).


Please download an important information sheet below, and remember to refer to VTAC and myNHS for additional support.


Northcote High School Newsletter
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