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20 October 2016
Issue Sixteen
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Important Dates


21st October - Dance Night

25th October - Spring Soiree, 6.30pm

31st October - PUPIL FREE DAY


3rd October - 16th November - Unit 3&4 Examinations

1st November - Melbourne Cup Day (Public Holiday)

14th - 18th November - Year 8 Camp

18th - 25th November - Unit 2 Exams

28th November - 2th December - Headstart Program

29th November - Presentation Night


5th - 9th December - Year 10 Work Experience


Principal's Report

Year 12 Farewell and Celebrations

Our Year 12 girls celebrated their Valedictory Dinner and last day on 19th October. We are very proud of them as they take their many and varied experiences into university, TAFE, a Gap Year or workplace. It was a privilege to see the girls and the faces of their parents as each received their certificates and awards. I wish our students every success both for exams and the future.


The College co-Captains, Laura Bass, Tallara Drew-Hazou and Sally Jacobs and Communications Captain, Mimi D’ Orsogna have been wonderful leaders and role models. The girls initiated a City-Edge student network, changes to the liaison meetings with Executive, myself and mentor teachers and involvement of a wider group of girls. Laura, Tallara and Sally are mentoring our new Captains in the role and the City Edge network.

Many thanks to our ever generous Parents’ Association who held a highly successful raffle with prizes drawn at the whole school assembly held for the Year 12 students. The raffle raised over $9000 to contribute to extra resources and programs for learning.

Congratulations and Welcome to our New Executive!

Congratulations to Nell Crossett, Ashleigh Hammond and Courtney McKenzie who are our College co-Captains for 2017. They are wonderfully supported by Emma Ferguson as our Communications Captain. Every student at MGC is a leader, whether in a formal leadership role and title or in the quiet leadership of kindness and an inner confidence. Every candidate for College Captain is an exemplary person, making the panel’s decision a very difficult one. I wish every candidate  success next year.
The Student Executive for 2017 are leaders to be proud of.  Our Girls’ Leadership Director, Bridget Tellefson, will report upon all appointments  in the 3rd November newsletter as they will be finalised by then.

Congratulation to Zack Pretlove, winner of the 2016 SRC Teacher of the Year Award

This award recognises a teacher who has supported an SRC to expand its’ effectiveness and influence. Zack has lead the Melbourne Girls’ College SRC with distinction to ensure student voice really does matter. Zack’s vision for the SRC is that we build an inclusive, encouraging school where every girl matters and where every person is welcome. The students have introduced ideas and changes for MGC which have been discussed and often endorsed at School Council level. 

Tall Poppies Science Awards

On Friday 14th October Melbourne Girls’ was well represented in the “Growing Tall Poppies 2016 Awards”. This is a program supported by the Australian Government Mathematics Science Partnership Program. Samantha Thompson of Year 10 won a “Growing Junior Tall Poppy” Award and Wendy Keen, our STEAM Leader was awarded a Teacher Tall Poppy Award for her exemplary work setting up our new STEAM program. It was a privilege to meet Samantha’s parents and share stories about her great capabilities. Congratulations to Wendy and Samantha, we are very proud of you!

Rowing Season Launch and Physiotherapy Information Night

Our new Head Coach, Stephanie Burgess; President Shelley Anderson; Treasurer, Ian Ferguson; Leaders Tonia Douglas-Scarfe, Andrew Beck, Nancy Sandilands and Adele Giarrusso saw the Gillard Centre abuzz last Thursday evening for the launch of the rowing season. It certainly has begun extremely well with over 100 people attending the injury prevention lecture by physiotherapist Andrew Fuchs last Monday night. The Lyceum was packed to the rafters and the feedback from the rowers, parents and coaches extremely positive. Andrew and Steph have another lecture planned on nutrition.

Aerobics Celebration

Congratulations Kat Chan, Laura Blackburn and our new Aerobics Coach, Rebekah (Bek) England-Hill for a great celebration of the aerobics season last Thursday night.  Their leadership has eventuated in the most successful aerobics year to date for MGC. Congratulations all aerobic gymnasts, you have worked so hard, well supported by wonderful parents. 


Finally, congratulations and we wish you well Jess Bouchaud who goes on family leave next week. As outlined in our last newsletter, congratulations to Ms. Linda Brown who has been appointed the new principal of Mentone Girls’ Secondary College from 26 October, 2016. We will miss Linda a great deal but we are all very proud of her many achievements at MGC. We know Linda will be an excellent principal and wish her every success.


Karen Money

School News

Sheltered Lip Balms

6 MGC girls have been working with YMCA’s Youth for Causes program since July to create a social enterprise that makes a real difference. A social enterprise involves creating a product or service that is sold and then all profits are donated to a Not-For-Profit Organisation of choice. The 6 girls, (Ella Jackson, Mia Richter, Isabella Codognotto-Parry, Sarah Simpson-Tuckey and Eve Crossett) all in Year 11 have created a lip balm range that is vegan and cruelty free. Each lip balms profits will be donated to Kids Under Cover, who work to prevent Youth Homelessness by running their scholarship and studio programs.

The girls have finished production of 500 lip balms and are waiting on their stickers before they start selling. The MGC community will be able to purchase these lip balms from their Chuffed page which is available at:
There are 3 flavours available (Vanilla, Tropical Coconut and Peppermint), and each are available for $10. It would be great to see the MGC community supporting the hard work of these students and helping Kids Under Cover in preventing Youth Homelessness. 

SRC Congress

On Tuesday October 11th the second official MGC SRC Congress was held. Over 90 student delegates attended and debated issues like Vegan alternatives, Uniform, the Wellbeing Curriculum and Facilities. The SRC decided to hold a second Congress after a formal resolution at the end of the last Congress. The SRC is still in the process of working on the passed resolutions from March, but have seen positive results in regards to sock length, clocks in classrooms and the use of microwaves in the cafeteria.  Below are all of the resolutions that were carried by a majority vote during Congress. These will continue to be worked on into 2017 and any student interested on joining the SRC as a volunteer to help continue our progress are more than welcome to attend our weekly Wednesday meetings that will now be held in room 110.

Resolutions Carried:
That the SRC request that the VCE study centres be given permanent ownership over a sandwich press and a kettle
- Sponsored by Nell Crossett and Eve Crossett
That the SRC research vegan food alternatives and present them to be added to the canteen menu - Sponsored by Tess Monaghan, Natalie Warrick and Tess Wheller
That the SRC investigate the possibility of getting a myki top up machine in the office - Sponsored by Chantelle Daher and Xara Hudson
That the SRC request that the year 10 wellbeing coordinators integrate more elements of the health curriculum into regular wellbeing classes - Sponsored by Chantelle Daher, Natalie Warrick and Tess Wheller
That the SRC request that the rainbow flag be flown not only in diversity week, and flown on other occasions chosen by the SRC and SPECTRA - Sponsored by Nell Crossett
That the SRC support the creation of mental health ambassadors within MGC - Sponsored by Richa Akung and Elif Savas
That the SRC request that a member of the SRC sits on school council meetings and be given the right to vote - Sponsored by Nell Crossett and Xara Hudson
That the SRC investigate the possibility of adding green and purple coloured scarfs to the school uniform - Sponsored by Alex Garland
That the SRC investigate the removal of “arts” from the STEAM program - Sponsored by Sophie Jennings and Sarah Simpson Tuckey
That the SRC request that students should be permitted to wear non leather shoes - Sponsored by Tess Monaghan and Mia Sherman
That the SRC request that students be allowed inside when the weather is below 15 degrees and above 30 degrees - Sponsored by Xara Hudson
That the SRC investigate the possibility of using free range eggs in food tech classes and encouraging the canteen to source ethical produce - Sponsored by Tess Monaghan and Mia Sherman
That the SRC request that senior school and Year 9 students be able to wear their PE uniform at school if they have a PE or Outdoor Ed elective prac that day - Sponsored by Mabel Eldred
That the SRC hold Candy Cane mail at the end of term 4 and reclaim egg mail to hold at the beginning of term 2 - Sponsored by Georgia Wolfe and Emma Naismith
We would like to thank all of the hard work of the Congress Crew, Delegates and Workshop Participants for their contributions to the event.  Also a special mention to David Mould and Spencer Gorman of Second Strike Productions and Roger Holdsworth of Connect Magazine and VicSRC for their assistance in the formality of the event.


Kathy Lu, Nell Crossett, Georgia Wolfe, Emma Naismith and Zack Pretlove
On behalf of the SRC 


In August seventeen of our Year 9 students entered the Science Talent Search Competition. This is a state-wide Science Competition now in its 65th year that is conducted by the Science Teachers Association of Victoria. Our entries comprised videos, posters, games, working models and essays all relating to the world of Science. On Monday 24th October the recipients of bursary prizes Hannah Ross, Hannah Scallion, Stella Askey, Nyah Seelig-Schattner, Matilda Smithers and Emily Dunning will attend Latrobe University for their presentation ceremonies. It has been a pleasure to see such scientific endeavour from all of the girls who entered this long running competition. Congratulations and well done.


Chris Jurgens

Internatioal Student Program News

ISP News

The big news for the last few weeks has been the graduation of the Class of 2016 year 12s!  There has been much activity around the school, with lots of tears, laughs, pranks and general mayhem!  The 25 MGC year 12 international students have got in on the party as well; dressing up on Manly Monday, Tourist Tuesday and Whatever Wednesday. 
On Tuesday the year 12 internationals celebrated their graduation and farewell together at the Gillard Centre, and on Wednesday we saw them off with the traditional year 12 Final Assembly.
Here are some photos of the graduating year 12 international students, who will be sorely missed.  We wish them the very best for their exams and their entry into their preferred tertiary studies.


Student Reminders - December Holidays

With the December holidays coming up, and all of the VCE exams finishing even earlier that we need to remind you that you need to tell me when you are returning to your home countries.
Holiday travel forms can be found on my door in my office, make sure you let us know your travel dates and flight details!
Year 12s need to make sure they let their homestays know their final departure dates, and organise where they will store their personal belongings until the start of the university year.  You must also make sure that you have paid up until your final day of homestay.  Make sure that you leave your room in the cleanest state you can; imagine how you would like to find the room if you are a new student!  
Returning students must make sure that you give your homestays a copy of your travel itinerary, and that you leave your rooms neat and tidy.  You all know that you are not allowed to have food in your rooms, and this is especially true when you leave for the holidays.  Don’t leave anything for the ants during your absence!
If there are returning students who would like to move homestay next year, please remember that only in exceptional cases do we accept year 10s and 11s to live in a homestay that speaks their own native language.  We understand that you may wish to move to be closer to the school, or to live with a friend, but please do not try to ‘make a case’ for moving by reporting all the slightest inconveniences you experience with a homestay.  It’s not fair to your homestay and it makes you look petty and ungrateful.

League Of Homestay

We are coming up to the time of the year when we need to know how many rooms will be available in 2017.  With 25 year 12s graduating in 2016, and 27 new students starting in 2017, we will be doing lots of homestay moves, so make sure you put your hand up if you would like to host one of our handpicked future women leaders in your home!
For current homestay families, you will soon receive a requests to register your preferred times for the Term 4 homestay visit, when you can let us know how many rooms you will have available for 2017.  We will have around twenty new international girls to house in December and January, so it’s going to be a very busy time!
If you are interested in hosting one of our fabulous international students, please contact Lluani Williams via the College number: 9428-8955, or by email: [email protected] , or you can pop by my office in room 302.  We are always looking for new Melbourne Girls’ College homestay families!

School News

Sustainability News

Two well-known MGC Environmentalists have been rubbing shoulders with powerful people recently! Our current Environment Vice-captain Thirumagal Arunachalum Elanthendral met with Victorian minister for Climate Change and Energy, the Honourable Lily D’Ambrosio on the 27th of September along with peers from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition. After Thirumagal and Ms Money Co-signed the AYCC “Re-power our school” pledge at the annual MGC Environment conference, re-committing our commitment to reduce our energy use and increase our local renewable energy generation, she and her colleagues convinced Minister Ambrosio to “commit to making Victorian schools 100% community Energy hubs”. 
Well done Thirumagal, you are an inspiration to our school.

This week, MGC’s 2009 Environment Captain Ruby Albury BSc (hons, Zool) launched the 2016 Melbourne Water Kids Teaching Kids Conference at the University of Melbourne alongside Minister for Education, the Honourable James Merlino. Ruby spoke highly of her experiences as an MGC environment rep and how it not only provided her with great friendships and inspired her to a career in Environmental Science, but also gave her confidence in public speaking and to think critically about issues. Ruby was an incredibly impressive speaker and really showed the powerful influence that positive experiences such as KTK conferences can have down the track!

Caption: Launching the 2016 Melbourne Water KTK Conference: Andrew Vance, Ruby Albury (MGC class of 2009), The hon. James Merlino MP and Cr Arron Wood, KTK Director.

Year 7 News

Scientists in Schools

Did you know that micro organisms live almost everywhere? There are possibly more microorganisms on your hand right now than humans on earth. We even depend on some good microbes for our health (no microorganisms are not all bad!).


Dr. Cathy Wright came to MGC in Week Nine of Term Three with the Scientists in Schools program. She held a 70 minute session for all the Year Sevens, including myself, based on microbiology. She taught us many interesting facts about microorganisms and disease, using puns, captivating diagrams and videos which created quite the intriguing session for all the Year Sevens.


At the start of the lesson she explained to us her inspiring backstory. Microbiology had never really been of interest to her until much later at university when she switched courses and got her Ph.D. and Masters. Very impressive! She is now project manager for pharmaceutical medicine at CSL and, although she is currently not working with microorganisms, her knowledge of the subject was extremely thorough. Now, she is also part of the Scientists in Schools program.


Scientists in Schools is an organisation that tries to give students a different insight into science by linking scientists to schools that are currently studying a unit that links to their work.


During the lesson the 7s were taught all about viruses, Monera, Protista and fungi (year 7’s will also know that these are in order from smallest to largest) and a few other very-sciencey, impressive concepts. I have a feeling many parents were told very detailed recounts of things that we learned, like fighting diseases, and all the microorganisms that make up the human immune system.


A little later in the lesson we got to do some practical work ourselves. We were given cotton swabs and brushed them against anything dirty we found (I used mine in the inside of a garbage bin) before placing the grime off the swab and onto an agar plate inside a container (agar is like fish and chips to microbes). In a few weeks’ time we will check to see if anything has grown in our containers, this will show us if we got any interesting microbes on our cotton swabs.


The overall experience is one that I know the whole year level was grateful for. Cathy Wright was an inspiring teacher and the great thing about microbiology is that, in learning it, I think we also learned many valuable lessons about germs and avoiding sickness by doing things like washing our hands. Trust me when I say that, after seeing illustrations about green microorganisms with ugly faces and bad teeth, you won't see me sharing a drink bottle with someone else for a very, very long time!


Genevieve Campbell, 7R1

Reptile Incursion

On the 18th of August some staff from the Melbourne Zoo visited MGC’s year 7s. They brought with them interesting, eye-catching reptiles such as 3m long snakes, large insects and snapping baby crocs.

The incursion was based on some of the work the 7s have been doing in their Physical World classes. The 7s had the chance to engage with the reptiles by patting and holding them. A very popular one that was held was a snake called Tiny. Tiny was in fact not tiny at all, he was a 3m long snake (shown in the picture below). Another reptile was a crocodile about 2m long. It had not yet reached its largest size as it was only a baby. The overall experience was exciting and enlightening for all the girls.


Marisa Vallejos

Melbourne Girls' College