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29 July 2016
Issue Eight
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College Principal's Report           
Assistant Principal's Report
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  Diary Dates & Events        


Dates & Events


Tuesday 2 August

Year 9 into Year 10 2017 Information Night 7pm


Thursday 4 August

Uniform Committee Meeting 5pm


Tuesday 9 August

Year 8 into Year 9 2017 Information Night 7pm

Educational Policy Committee Meeting 6pm


Tuesday 16 August

College Athletics Day 9 am - 3 pm

Knox Athletic Track 


Monday 22 August 

Curriculum Day - Students not required to attend school


Tuesday 23 August

Finance Committee Meeting


Wednesday 24 - Thursday 25 August

Years 8 & 9 Challenge Program


Thursday 25 August

School Council Meeting  7pm



Thursday 1 September

Education Policy Meeting 6pm


Thursday 8 September

Parent Teacher Conferences

1pm - 7:30pm


Saturday 10 September

Spring Market  9am- 2pm


Thursday 15 September

School Council Meeting 7pm


Friday 16 September

Last day of Term 3 early dismissal at 2:30pm






College Principal's Report           

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the start of the new semester. I hope the break gave many students the opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year and come back fully refreshed for the remainder of the year. The teaching staff has put in a great deal of planning into preparing lessons which are developed from units designed in teacher teams. The work in leading the curriculum leaders and teacher teams by our Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Mrs Fiona Matthews is to be commended. Mrs Matthews leads our curriculum design and implementation from Years 7-12 and is well supported by our Head of Mathematics and Numeracy Coach, Ms Leanne Wilson and English and Literacy Coach, Professor Karen Green. Our teaching and learning programs foster quality teacher practise and place our students in a strong position to develop the key skills and knowledge that will assist them prepare for their futures in further study and employment. 

New Students
I would like to acknowledge all of the new students and families who have joined our College this semester and on behalf of the College we hope your time associated with the College is positive. The number of new enrolments this semester highlights the confidence that the community are placing into the quality of education we are now providing here at Scoresby Secondary College.  

Recent Events Overseas
Lately, it’s felt like every new day has brought with it some kind of awful tragedy in the world.  It is difficult to assess, the impact of such events on children who witness them on television, hear about them on radio, or read about them in newspapers.  Health professionals often state that such incidents have the potential to cause widespread mental health effects on some children, even though the events may have been geographically distant. In most cases, these effects will be short-lived, however there is a minority who, despite not having been directly involved in the incidents, may continue to affected. Signs may include disturbed sleep, anxiety, anger, social withdrawal and isolation. If you suspect your child is impacted, please inform our student services team via Mr Michael Alexis so we can link you with the most appropriate supports.

Curriculum Day
On Monday 22 August we will be conducting a Curriculum Day. Students will not be required on this day. As a College we are exceptionally fortunate to have the whole staff working with Professor Karen Green on this day. Professor Green will extend the work commenced with English staff to facilitate the development of all of the College’s teaching units using a comprehensive curriculum planning program that enables teachers to write detailed units of work.  The program has already incorporated the 2017 Victorian Curriculum Standards and General Capabilities for staff access. By having this information readily available, our teachers can select relevant standards to be taught during a unit be link to each task. Teachers will also have access to a comprehensive toolkit which includes hundreds of teaching resources, thinking tools, cooperative tools, literacy strategies and practical graphic organisers. I look forward to seeing the benefits for our students from the curriculum day and the work that is being undertaken by our great teachers.


2016 Information Nights 
Next week will be conducting the third of our series of Information Nights for next year’s Years 9 - 12 students. Each of the information nights outline the programs are offered for the relevant year level, the subject selection process, expectations, materials charges and timelines for return of information to secure courses for next year.  The Year 11 and 12 evenings have been successfully conducted the past two weeks.  The 2017 Year 10 evening will be held on Tuesday 2 August and the 2017 Year 9 evening on Tuesday 9 August. Subjects in the elective blocks have materials charges which apply. When selections take place a deposit of $100 towards the materials charges is required. The Department policy on parent payments is available on the Department Website:

High Achievers Program 
In 2017 we will be offering a High Achievers Program. Program entry will be based on the Australian Council of Education Research Testing and interview. This exciting initiative is a credit to the high quality programs which now exist in the College and community support. Further information regarding the program will be available at our 2017 Year 9 Information Evening on 9 August.
Car Park
An urgent reminder to parents/guardians that the car park should not be used to drop students off at any time of the day. I would also like to add a reminder about the speed limits and road rules. Speeding and double parking are not permitted. Apart from affecting the flow of traffic, the failure to observe the road laws is placing the safety of students and others at risk.
We are liaising with Knox City Council and Police so we can maintain safety for our community. Please be aware that traffic officers will be randomly patrolling the area and fines may result.






Assistant Principal's Report

Semester One Review

Emergency Management Drill

On the Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June we conducted Emergency Management Drills. On the 23 June we conducted an 'evacuation' drill and on 24 June we conducted a 'lockdown' drill.


It was great to see all students and staff able to follow our procedures very well. Throughout the year we conduct various types of drills on different days and at different times to ensure all members of the school community know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.


Attendance - Everyday Counts

It was great to see the number of students who are making the most of their learning opportunities by attending every day in Term 2. There are also a number of students who have not missed a day of school this year. 40% of Year 7 students attended every day in Term 2, with the Year 11 students having the next highest percentage of 37% of students attending everyday.

I would like to congratulate the following students who attended every school day in Term 2.


Year 7   

Kelly De Vera

Roimata Manavaroa

Levi Rigby

Erin Stirling


Year 8   

Alec  Anderson

Stewart Caesar

Thomas Knight

Trung Le

Brodie Paroissien

Shannen Toogood

Aimee Watson


Year 10

Daniel Howl

Michael Nikolaou


Year 11

Nicholas Carroll

Darcy Collins

Danica Koch

Nathan Williams


Year 12

Sienna Franzi

Bek Kestle

Will Maskell

Alisha Philpotts


Again the Year 7 students have the best percentage for the semester with 29% of students attending every day. The Year 11 students are again in second place with 26%, closely followed by the Year 12 students with a percentage of 24% attending everyday. The following students not only attended everyday in term 2 they have attended everyday for the semester – you’re on track for 100% attendance for the year. Great work!


Year 7   

Bj Calkin

Bonnie Collins

Holly Crennan

Ty Diaz-Baird

Jessica  Hindmarch

Ally Kendt

Eduard Marcu

Brian Shum

Tatira Tatira

Caitlyn Tilley


Year 8   

Matt Sutton


Year 9   

Marcus Brown

Ashley Haag

Kaushal Kumar

Christopher Swenson

Ryan Turnbull


Year 10

Christopher Clarke

Callum Ellison

Ethan Fernleigh

Serena McCurdy

Joel Minisini

Bryce Prissmann

Avalana Pritchard


Year 11

Samuel Berkery

Bradley Bishop

Bec Carpenter

Luke Dodson

Ivory Eerden

Jake Foster

Sukhmeet Maan

Frazer Spence

Aaron Sutton

Mislav Tosic


Year 12

Rami  Al-loos

Damon Brammall

Jayden Brown

Alana Carroll

Steven Clarke

Lucinda Formaini

Jaxon Franzi

Jayden Gebert

Teah Hallam

Kaitlin  Harris

Bec Holter

Elijah Koch

Megan Olasiman

Cameron Prissmann

Breanna  Scott

David Toogood

Samuel U

Tina Waldron

Andrew Wittmer


For other students, set yourself a goal for getting 100% attendance in the remaining terms.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal


Junior School

Junior School Report

It has been such a great start to the term. Our junior school students have settled in very quickly to new electives and in some cases new teachers. As indicated to our students, it is an opportunity to reflect on the Semester 1 results and the comments given in reports and to focus on areas which can be improved.


There is also a lot happening this term at school and we want all students to become involved.


There are many lunch time activities offered by staff to keep students active, engaged and challenged such as:

  • Cess tournaments in the library
  • Computer club
  • Dance club
  • Knitting Club
  • Various sports offered
  • And the Media Club just to name a few.

There are also other events to note such as excursions to KIOSC, College Athletics, interschool sports, information nights at all year levels and the Respectful Relationships /Challenge Program.


Respectful Relationships Program & Challenge Week

Tuesday August 23 – Friday August 26

In 2015, 19 schools participated in the Respectful Relationship Education in Schools (RREiS) pilot project. Scoresby Secondary College was one of 8 schools selected in the North Eastern region.  RREiS will be introduced state wide from 2017, as part of the Victorian Curriculum.


Scoresby Secondary trialled the program last August 2015 for the first time and this year will run 8 sessions over four days.


The Respectful Relationships program explores ethical decision making, the roles and responsibilities of young people and the factors that contribute to a respectful relationship.  


The program will form part of the Challenge week. We will be targeting year 8 and 9 students.


The rest of the program will be about challenging students and having them take part in a range of fun activities / workshops such as:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Bollywood Dancing
  • Japanese Drums
  • Out of Africa / motivational speaker / writer / comedian

Year 7 students will also be included in the first session for the week. Alongside the Year & Year 9’s, they will take part in a theatrical production / workshop called “Sticks and Stones.” This production addresses anti – bullying in schools


Michael Alexis

Head of Junior School


Year 7 Comments- What I enjoy most about learning at Scoresby 

I enjoy how small the classes are as it gives students one on one time with teachers and ensures that they get the help they need to succeed. 

Roimata Manavaroa 7A

The things I enjoy the most about this school are the awesome teachers that always succeed in helping us improve and complete our goals.

Kasey Driscoll 7A

What I enjoy most about being at Scoresby is the music program because I like learning how to play different types of music.

Joel Knox 7B

I enjoy how small the classes are as it gives students one on one time with teachers and ensures that they get the help they need to succeed. 

Ally Kendt 7B


I find Scoresby Secondary College as a very positive school. Each subject is adapting with every students learning skills. All the teachers here are easy to understand and include everyone in each and every one of the subjects and activities. The PE program is educational in ways of learning sport games, tests and ways to improve your tactics. The teachers are always asking us to separate what we "know" from what we "don't know", so we then can learn what we need to.
Levi Rigby 7B


Over the past few terms, I have had enjoyable time learning at Scoresby Secondary College. All fellow peers I have made acquaintance and friends with are incredibly nice and well mannered. The teachers are involving as well as they are motivational, and are some of the nicest educators I have met. I have had a wonderful and memorable journey throughout Year Seven so far, and cannot wait for the upcoming year levels!
Eduard Marcu 7B

At Scoresby I like the teacher’s positive attitude and the fact that there is always time for a laugh or two. I also like the hands on learning provided. The older levels set good examples and from what I have seen are very kind and caring. I love how if it is hot or windy or freezing, (like it is now, ) you can go to the student centre and hang out and eat or you can go to the library and finish homework or read quietly. I wouldn't change schools for the world. 
Shakara Howard 7A


Senior School 

Whats Happening in Semester 2

Welcome back to the new semester.

I trust all of our senior students were able achieve some quality rest and recuperation over their break. 


The new semester brings about new challenges for our senior students. This is the time when the learning within VCE Units 2 & 4 is consolidated. Most of this occurs during Term 3, which is when all of our school assessed coursework is completed for Unit 4 and by mid Term 4 for our Unit 2 students. What this means for our students is that they will need to be extremely diligent and hardworking during this time as they will be receiving numerous outcomes and SATs within a relatively short timeframe.  To assist our students in planning their time and managing workload, the SAC calendars attached have been provided to all VCE students.  We encourage student’s families to also familiarise themselves with the assessment schedule in order to provide appropriate supports and understanding during the times of high workload.


In relation to SAC dates please take note of the following:
•    The dates listed were correct at the time of printing
•    Students should highlight their individual due dates in their Planner
•    Students should follow up with their teachers if you they are unsure about a topics concepts BEFORE the SAC date
•    For some studies the date indicated is the final day of submission for work that has been ongoing over a period of time. In these cases all work must be submitted by the designated date.
•    There is a process to be followed if a student is absent on the day of a SAC/SAT. Only approved absences will have the opportunity to sit an Alternate Task and receive a graded assessment. 


Information Nights
Throughout Term 3 we will be hosting a number of Information Nights within the Senior School. During these nights we provide valuable information to our students and their parents/guardians regarding their study options for the following year. It is during these nights that students will be given their course selection packs and other extra curricular information specific to their year level will be discussed.  It is a night that is extremely important for our students and their support people to be attending.


Aaron Mackinnon
Head of Senior School


Year 12 Visit to Yakult Factory

Last term, I went with my Year 12 Business Management class to visit the Yakult factory in Dandenong.

Students were able to learn and gather a lot of information which helped them with one of their assessment tasks in unit 3. 

They answered the following questions and topics:
What is Yakult? 
What are bacteria? 
What happens to the food we eat? 
Your healthy body. 
How yakult is made? 
Marketing, energy management & packaging 

It was a great experience for the students to visit a factory and see how the factory produced the product.

Mervat Youssef

Business Management Teacher



Math & Numeracy

The Australian Mathematics Competition

Today students in Years 7 – 10 sat a paper version of the Australian Mathematics Competition. 


This was the first time for many undertaking an external competition. This distinguished competition awards cash prizes as well as awards and medals. The results give the college an opportunity to compare our students to a much larger cohort as well as provide another tool to evaluate our current teaching and learning programs.


As I walked through the rooms I was very impressed with the attitude of the students who had given this competition the respect it deserves. I look forward to being able to report on our successes in a future report.

Leanne Wilson

 Mathematics and Numeracy Coaching

Staff Profile

Casey Lawson

Casey Lawson has joined Scoresby Secondary College as the year eight and nine Coordinator and teacher of VCE Psychology and Physical Education. She was previously at Oberon High School in Geelong, teaching VCE Psychology and Physical Education. Casey was also a House Leader.


Upon completion of Secondary School Casey spent 12 months living and working in the UK at a Boarding school as a Boarding Assistant. While living in the UK she had the opportunity to travel through Europe and experience many different cultures. It was this experience working at a Boarding School that encouraged her to choose teaching as a career path.


Casey completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) with a minor in Psychology at Victoria University in 2012. She then completed a Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne in 2014. While completing her studies Casey worked Part time as a Boarding Assistant at St Catherine’s School where she gained further experience working with adolescents.


As a Year Level Coordinator, Casey has enjoyed getting to know the Junior School students and has focused on setting clear expectations and managing behaviour.


Casey is a keen sports woman and regularly enjoys road cycling and more recently track cycling. While teaching at Oberon High School, Casey also had the opportunity to take a small group of students on the Great Victorian Bike Ride, a nine-day event riding from Ballarat to Bendigo. This event, while challenging was rewarding for not only Casey but also the students who participated. She was inspired by the camaraderie and mentoring that developed amongst the year eight to year 12 students that participated. This has been one of the highlights of her teaching career thus far and she looks forward to more similar experiences at Scoresby Secondary College.


Student Representitive Council (SRC)

SRC - Congress Report

Over the school holidays we had 3 of our students, Frazer Spence, Christy Pritchard and Brianna Ridd, represent the college at the annual VicSRC Congress, held at Ormond College, The University of Melbourne.  


I was privileged enough to see our students in action as they presented their Action Pitch to the congress delegates and various business and educational stakeholders present at the Open Morning event on the last day of Congress. 

Christy, as the Congress Representative for our students Issue Group, spoke with passion to the crowed auditorium about the need to address discriminatory language within schools to which she received a standing ovation from those present. Our students Issue Group Action Pitch was later voted as the priority project for VicSRC to tackle over the next 12 months. 

Aaron Mackinnon

Head Of Senior School


Whats Going On

Term 3 is off to a racing start in Careers, with MIPS interviews, TIS preparation for VTAC applications, Subject/course selection for 2017 and Open Day season at universities, TAFE institutions and private tertiary providers .


This provides a great opportunity for these institutions to open their doors, and showcase themselves to prospective students and their parents.  The Open Days are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday, so students need not take time off from school.  Attending a few Open Days is extremely important in making informed choices about tertiary study.  For the majority of students, they can anticipate studying at that institution for at least three years, so seeing the facilities, meeting with lecturers and current students, and getting a general ‘feel’ for the campus is very important.  Students are encouraged to attend more than one Open Day, and make sensible comparisons between the different institutions.  Many similar courses are offered at different institutions, and going to have a look at a couple, comparing the courses, the facilities, the opportunities offered, etc. 

This allows students to really get an idea of which course and institution offers the type of program they are interested in and looking for. 
It is important that students visit different Tertiary providers to see what is on offer but also to see what the campus is like, you need to carefully consider your choice of Course at Tafe or University. Like any major purchase or decision in life, you need to consider all the features and make an informed decision. 

As students begin to finalise their subject and tertiary plans over the next weeks, attending a couple of Open Days and speaking to representatives of those institutions is going to help the process enormously.  There is a compiled list of a number of Open Days taking place over the next few weeks, as well as a useful hand out on how to get the best out of attending an Open Day.  This resource has been emailed to every Year 10, 11 & 12 student, and is also included in the Career News and on the Careers website

Latest areas of Interest and Dates to remember

  • Design Courses at Monash University
  • Early Achievers' Program at ACU
  • Key Dates for Tertiary Applications for 2017 Entry
  • New Deakin College Pathway Courses to Deakin University
    • Diploma of Media and Communications
    • Diploma of Science
  • Have you heard of a HIT Lab?
  • Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health at the University of Wollongong
  • The Global Science and Technology Program at Deakin University
  • Biomedicine/Biomedical Science Degrees in Victoria

For more detailed information visit



Australian Catholic University

Melbourne Campus

Ballarat Campus               

Sun 14 August

Sun 28 August  

10am – 4pm

10am – 3pm       1300 ASK ACU

Email: [email protected]


Australian College of Applied Psychology          

 Sun 14 August   10am – 2pm       1800 061 199


Australian National University  

Sat 27 August     9am – 4pm


Blue Mountains Hotel School

(Leura Campus)    

Sat 3 September              10am – 2pm      


Bond University

Sat 23 July           2pm – 6pm         1800 074 074


Box Hill Institute of TAFE

Lilydale Campus

Box Hill Campus               

Sun 21 August

Sun 28 August  

10am – 3pm       1300 269 445


Deakin University & Deakin College

Warrnambool Campus

Geelong Campus (Waurn Ponds & Waterfront)

Melbourne (Burwood) Campus

Sun 7 August

Sun 21 August

Sun 28 August  

9am – 3pm

9am – 3pm

9am – 4pm          1800 334 733


Federation University of Australia

Mount Helen Campus; SMB       

Sun 28 August  

10am – 3pm       1800 333 864


Holmesglen Institute

Open Thursday’s – all campuses              

11 August

15 September

27 October

15 December    

Various times    1300 MY FUTURE


La Trobe University & La Trobe Melbourne

Shepparton Campus

Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus

Bendigo Campus

Mildura Campus              

Fri 5 August

Sun 7 August

Sun 14 August

Sun 17 August  

4pm – 7pm

3.30pm – 7.30pm

10am – 3pm

10am – 4pm       1300 135 045


Monash University

Peninsula Campus

Clayton & Caulfield Campuses

Parkville Campus (Pharmacy Focus)        

Sun 6 August

Sun 7 August

Sun 21 August  

10am – 3pm

10am – 4pm

10am – 3pm       1800 666 274


Photographic Studies College

Sun 14 August   10am – 3pm        9682 3191


Navitas College of Public Safety

123 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne CBD      Sun 14 August   10am – 2pm       1800 783 661



City, Bundoora & Brunswick Campuses 

Sun 14 August  

10am – 4pm       9925 2260


Swinburne University


Sun 31 July         

10am – 4pm       1300 SWINBURNE


University of Melbourne

Parkville & Southbank Campuses             

Sun 21 August  

9am – 4pm          1800 801 662


Victoria University

Footscray Park campus 

Sun 28 August  

10am – 3pm       1300 VIC UNI


William Angliss Institute of TAFE               

Sun 14 August  

10am – 4pm       1300 ANGLISS


Getting the most out of an Open Day

Most institutional Open Days are held in late July and August (see over the page for Open Day dates). However, you are more than welcome to contact an institution to arrange a visit any time.


What happens on an Open Day?

On Open Day you can visit an institution when it’s at its best. Everyone is there – academics, lecturers, current students and information officers. More importantly, you can talk with academics, lecturers and current students about what certain courses are actually like, and what is required to get into them.


Who should attend an Open Day?

Anyone who is considering studying at a tertiary level in the next few years should attend.


Why should you attend an Open Day?

Apart from the opportunity to obtain course information there are many other reasons why attending an Open Day is a good idea:

  • You are going to feel more comfortable arriving at a university or TAFE institute on the first day of classes if you have been there before.
  • What is really involved in the course or courses you are interested in?
  • If you have to move away from home, where are you going to live?
  • Will you be happier studying in a large metropolitan institution or a smaller, perhaps rural institution?
  • What does the place ‘feel’ like? Is it a bustling environment with lots of activity or a quieter, more relaxed campus set in landscaped grounds?
  • How are you going to get there? Is it close to public transport or should you start saving now for a car?

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then you should attend an Open Day!


How to make the best of Open Days

To make your Open Day visits fun and informative, here are some pointers:

  • Write down a list of questions you would like to ask about particular courses
  • Be there early. Crowds tend to develop as the day progresses
  • On arrival, get a map from a central point and ask for directions to the relevant faculties or schools
  • Ask questions!
  • Don’t spend the day collecting printed information only. Use the opportunity to speak directly with academics before applications close
  • Introduce yourself to selection officers if you feel it is appropriate, but don’t be pushy
  • Check out the residential colleges, if available. After all, it is you that will be living there.
  • Walk around the campus. Have a good look! See what sporting facilities and other services are available.
  • Enjoy the visit!

Bronwyn Haines

Careers Advisor




Community News

School Council

I would like to introduce myself to the college community, my name is Cindy Lopes, and I am the School Council President of Scoresby Secondary College for 2016.


I currently have two children attending the college in Years 8 & 10.


We have established an email address for parents to pass on any correspondence or questions that ou may have, that you wish to be addressed by myself or Schoool Council. 


Please contact me on :

[email protected]


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Cindy Lopes

School Council President 

Grandparenting Seminar


Social Networking Tips


The Score
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Unit 4 SAC Dates Score.pdf