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19 August 2016
Issue Nine
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  Diary Dates & Events        


Dates & Events

Monday 22 August 

Curriculum Day - Students not required to attend school


Tuesday 23 August

Finance Committee Meeting


Tuesday 23 - Friday 26 August

Years 8 & 9 Challenge Program


Thursday 25 August

School Council Meeting  7pm



Thursday 1 September

Education Policy Meeting 6pm


Thursday 8 September

Parent Teacher Conferences

1pm - 7:30pm


Saturday 10 September

Spring Market  9am- 2pm


Monday 12 September

Knox District Athletics Day


Thursday 15 September

School Council Meeting 7pm


Friday 16 September

Last day of Term 3 early dismissal at 2:30pm



Monday 3 October

Term 4 Commences


Friday 14 October

Year 12 Final Day

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner


Tuesday 18 October

Finance Committee Meeting


Wednesday 19 October

Art & Tecnologhy Showcase from 5pm

College Principal's Report           

Principals Report

Responsibility, Relevance, Rigour - our learning values are driving what is a busy time at Scoresby Secondary College.  As a College we pride ourselves on our teaching and learning and extra-curricular programs and there is always something happening for students. The last three weeks have been no exception and the following are some of what has been taking place - 

  • A very pleasing number of students and their parents attended our 2017 Information Evenings recently as a lead-up to their subject selections. Students in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 are currently involved in choosing electives and VCE subjects and will be guided by our Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Heads of School and Year Level Coordinators, Teaching and Learning Leaders, Careers Coordinator and classroom teachers.  A reminder that  return of the forms with the materials deposit are now due.
  • Our Sports program continues to provide opportunities for our students to participate in an array of sports. We are extremely proud of the way in which our students participated in this week’s Athletics Sports, at all times displaying great sportsmanship and respect for each other. Our sports coordinator Mr Andrew Young is to be commended for his organisation of this whole school event. He even organised the best date to bring good weather for the day.
  • We hosted a presentation by James Pinnuck for the Knox Network of Schools on literacy strategies for every classroom.  This excellent presentation was attended by one hundred teachers from local primary and secondary schools. This presentation supports the collegiality that exists within the network and The Education State initiative Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO).  The FISO relies on schools working collaboratively together to use contemporary school improvement and school effectiveness research to focus efforts on key areas that are known to have the greatest impact on improved student outcomes. 
  • Assemblies are conducted each week. These assemblies acknowledge the achievements that have taken place providing opportunities to celebrate student and staff successes.  They also provide an opportunity for the whole community to come together on a regular basis.
  • Lunchtime activities organised by Ms Scott have been taking place with drama club, knitting club, sports and other activities.  Our keen Olympic fans have even had the opportunity to look at the events thanks to Mr Peter Ridgway.
  • Scoresby  Secondary College last year signed up for the Victorian Student Representative Council's (VicSRC) Teach the Teacher program to empower its students, encourage student voice and build school pride through student–teacher feedback.  Ms Allirra Scott our student leadership coordinator organised further training which was provided for our student leaders last week.  This program has been facilitating opportunities for our students to work with staff to improve student-teacher relationships and continues to be very successful.
  • Staff professional learning as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in teacher practice to lead to improved student outcomes and as a lead up to next Monday’s Curriculum Day 22 August ( students are not required at school on this day)

I would like to thank and congratulate our Leadership Team, teaching staff, and students who are involved in these valuable programs and activities. Thank you also to our Education Support staff who provide fantastic administrative, technical assistance and financial management for these activities. Each of these opportunities contribute to the overall enhancement of our students as we strive to balance academic growth with opportunities.


FISO- An Education State Priority​


Last week Mr Chris Knight and myself met with key leaders from Monash University as part of our work in further developing our partnership to offer programs from our College.  Next year, Monash University will be conducting Masters of Leadership at Scoresby Secondary College. This program is a post graduate qualification and will be open to not only educators but also to people from business and industry who meet the pre-requisites for entry. By being conducted from our College it will add further value to our College.  More information will be available next newsletter.


Community Code of Conduct

Recently the Government implemented new legislation for all schools in Victoria related to keeping children safe from abuse. This legislation requires schools to change a number of policies, procedures and practices including creating a Community Code of Conduct.  A code outlines how those within our community including parents, volunteers, contractors and students should behave while within our school community. Scoresby Secondary College has a statement of values which was developed for promoting a healthy, safe and respectful community. In light of the new legislation, we will review this and other policies prior to the start of the 2017 year.


New Child Safe Standards

We pride ourselves on our strong policies and practice which see the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people as one of our highest priorities. We know that our school is a safe place for our students and that staff, College Council and sub-committees work hard to protect all students from abuse and neglect.  

The Department of Education (DET), together with the Victorian Registrations Qualifications Authority (VRQA) published new Child Safe Standards at the start of this year. These standards are the result of recommendations from the final report of the Victorian Parliament’s Betrayal of Trust inquiry. These Standards were introduced through Ministerial Order 870 and build on the existing processes and commitment to student safety in schools.  All schools will receive a request from the VRQA to undertake an online self-assessment on September 1 and make a declaration about the extent to which they meet the new Standards. All schools are required to be fully compliant by the end of the 2016 school year.  For registered schools, Ministerial Order No. 870 sets out the specific actions they must take to meet these requirements. This includes evidence of:

  • strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including through effective leadership arrangements
  • a child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety.
  • a code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children
  • screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel
  • processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse
  • straegies to identify and reduce or remove risks for child abuse
  • strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children

As a College we are well placed to meet these requirements. We have developed a new Child Safety Policy which will be ratified at Education Policy Committee and presented to College Council. This policy provides a reference point to bring together many of our existing policies and practises which underpin all of the child safety standards such as: Scoresby Secondary College Code of Conduct, Student Engagement and Inclusion Guidelines, Duty of Care, Mandatory Reporting, Working with Children’s Checks,  Critical incident Reporting,  Bullying and Harassment , Concerns and Complaints, On site supervision of students, Memorandum of Understandings with External Providers, Communication Policy and others. Further information regarding the standards can be accessed at



Assistant Principal's Report

Preparing for 2017

To better support students and families in gaining a better understanding of what is required in preparing for next year, we have a held a number of Information Evenings over the last month. Students from Year 8-11 along with their families had the opportunity to attend these nights. A brief presentation and the relevant handbook can be found on the Compass News Feed for the students and parents. Students (and if required, families) are encouraged to speak to their teachers, Year Level Coordinator and/or the Careers Coordinator to gain more understanding of the subjects they might be interested in selecting as well as take into consideration of any tertiary pre-requisites (students moving into Year 11 or 12).

Can I please remind families that we have begun preparations in developing the timetable and I request the students return their forms along with the deposits to the General Office by the due date.

Due dates for returning forms:

Year 11 into Year 12 – Tuesday 9 August

Year 10 into Year 11 – Tuesday 9 August

Year 9 into Year 10 –   Tuesday 16 August

Year 8 into Year 9 –     Thursday 25 August


Student/Parent/Guardian/Teacher Conferences will be held on Thursday 8 September 1pm – 7:30pm​


Please Note: Students DO NOT ATTEND school on this day for regular classes. Instead they are required to attend the conferences with a parent/guardian in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM.


This program is of great importance for all students and their families as it assists in the establishment of routines and practices that will impact on the end of year assessments. Regardless of the Year Level that a student is in, there is strong evidence that clearly shows where a family of a student are actively involved in the child’s education and learning, the student will enjoy greater success in their learning outcomes.


Despite what they might say publicly, all students need to feel the confidence that they are supported both at school and at home. Where there is a strong partnership between the student, their family and their teachers, a student will be encouraged knowing that those around them are all “on the same page” when it comes to their learning.


All parents want their child to reach their potential, they want them to succeed and enjoy a fulfilling future and therefore they recognise the importance of the students attending and doing well at school.


Student Learning Conferences (Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews) are an important part of this process as they permit discussion and feedback on what has been achieved and just as importantly how and where further improvement can be made between now and the final assessments. Teachers have the role of being the coach and developing a plan for students to achieve. Student Learning Conferences are when families can attend and better understand that plan and how it can best be achieved.


Appointment Booking System

Parents will be able to make appointments with their son or daughter’s teachers online through the Compass portal. Parents will have a complete list of all their child’s teachers and their available times so that appointments can be made directly all in the one place at the one time. The portal will be open for access from Thursday 25 August.


To make appointments, parents need to log onto the school’s Compass website:

If you have misplaced your Compass username and password, contact for assistance.


Login to Compass and when it opens, click on the Actions button, and select the options “Book Parent Teacher Interviews”.


Electronic Devices

The school’s policy on mobile phones/mp3 players etc. recognises its responsibility in providing a safe and secure environment for all students. It also aims to build a learning community where students are not disengaged from their learning or their social responsibilities at school by using devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players and the like. Given these aims, students are not permitted to use mobile phones, mp3 players etc. while at school. If a student elects to bring such a device to school, it is the responsibility of the student and it must be left in the student’s locker or switched off in their pocket for the duration of the school day. The Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA) assessment rules further reinforce the School’s policy as it states that no electronic devices (excepted permitted calculators) are permitted to be taken into assessment sessions. To ensure that all students develop good habits in preparing for assessment tasks, this VCAA rule applies to all year levels at Scoresby Secondary College. Students may use the relevant year level coordinator or the General Office telephone to make a call should an emergency arise and likewise important messages may be left for students at the General Office. If a student uses a mobile phone anytime/anywhere at school, it may be confiscated and a parent must collect it. If a further breach of this rule occurs, the student may be suspended. If an mp3 player is used at school, it will be confiscated and may be returned to the student at the end of the school day. For safety reasons, students are to be mindful of using mobile phones or mp3 players on the way to and from school.


House Athletics

The school Athletics carnival was held on Tuesday 16 August (more details in the sport report). I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of students and staff involved in a fantastic day.

Congratulations to Andrew Young for all of his work in making this day a success along with all of the staff, students that competed and the student helpers that made the day run so smoothly. The teamwork shown by staff and students was impressive.

It was a pleasure to see the number of students that were there on the day and how they participated in the events was outstanding. As I made my way around the track I had the pleasure in watching students run, throw, putt and jump trying their best. In some cases it was the first time some of our students that participated in that type of event eg: Javelin and high jump. To see them try and try again, learning along the way was priceless.


Good luck to the students that progress to the District competition. I’m sure you will represent Scoresby well.


Chris Knight

Assistant Principal

Junior School


Dear Parents / Guardians,

Just another reminder of the school program for next week which is compulsory for all Year 8 and 9 students.


Many of you will have seen the Junior School Newsletter articles around this event. We have built a program around the theme of "CHALLENGE" for the duration of the week of Tuesday 23 August - Friday 26 August .


During this week, students will be involved in the Respectful Relationships Education in Schools Program, which is a Department of Education project in conjunction with OurWATCh.  The program focuses on violence prevention and respectful relationships, which is an important focus of the Victorian Government’s Action Plan to prevent violence against Women and their Children 2012 – 2015 and the Federal Government’s National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children.  As a whole school approach, Scoresby Secondary College will be working as a community to develop a culture that models respectful practices and as a part of this Year 8 and 9 students will be involved in an eight lesson program.


In addition, a range of adventure and activity based sessions will be time tabled.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in the climbing of a high rock climbing wall, see a Brainstorm Production “Sticks and Stones,” which explores the issue and concerns around bullying. They will experience and be involved in a number of workshops. Please see the timetable included below.


There will be an emphasis on the challenge aspect, where the groups will get an opportunity to work together as one large group and many small groups.  The program will be both educational (exploring The Respectful Relationships Education in Schools program) as well as fun and challenging.


Students are to wear a full school sports uniform due to the nature of the activities.


Also a reminder that all consent forms are to be returned by this Thursday 18 August .

Please look out for all the wonderful photographs of this event in the next edition of our newsletter.

Michael Alexis

Head of Junior School


Semester Two Assessment Item Timeline

Attached to the newsletter is a timeline of assessable items for year 7-10.  The Learning Heads have put this list together in response to feedback from the school community indicating that parents and carers want and indeed need to know what work is due and when, so they can support their children to get assessment work done in a timely manner.


This process has also assisted staff to identify potential times of high work load for students resulting in some assessment item due dates being altered to fit a whole year level work load.


This is the first time the school has done this process at junior school.  Please note that these dates are subject to change as there are external factors such as student absences, curriculum days and sporting days, which eat into student learning time which have not been accounted for on this list.

Any questions about this list, please direct them to the relevant teacher, learning area head or the Leader of Curriculum Fiona Matthews.


Fiona Matthews

Leader of Curriculum



Senior School 

Student learning Conferences

by Michael Grose - Australia’s No 1 parenting educator

Conferences and meetings between parents and professionals offer an opportunity to discover a child’s progress; share information or resolve social and learning challenges.  They can also be the source of conflict and stress as views can differ so it helps to remember that everyone’s goal is to work from the best interests of a child or young person.  Here are some tips to help make the meeting or conference more productive and less stressful for everyone involved:


1.  Confirm the meeting
If the meeting has been called by someone at the school then confirm that you will be attending. Confirm also if someone such as another parent, family member, friend or professional will be attending the meeting. If in doubt, find out if more than one person will be attending from your child’s school, including an outside professional such as a speech therapist of other specialist.


2. Work from a fresh slate
Sometimes meetings can be marred before they start as negative past experiences can carry residual resentment. Every new meeting offers a fresh opportunity to create better outcomes for your child.


3. Prepare well
Before a meeting or conference, list any questions that you want to raise. Keep the questions short and to the point. Similarly, it may be useful to list some of your child’s strengths and areas of improvement that you’ve seen at home. Writing information down in advance ensures that your point of view is expressed and that critical information is covered. Similarly, make sure you take notes during the meeting so that vital information isn’t missed.


4. Listen first

Give the teacher a chance to make an assessment of your child’s progress or behaviour. This may sound obvious but some meetings never get off the ground because an enthusiastic parent takes over.


5. Ask specific questions
Clarify the information you don’t understand, asking for concrete examples. Drill down to get a clear picture of any issues involving behaviour or learning. “So he doesn’t listen in class. Specifically, when does he seem to tune out?”If your conference is student-led then take your cues from teacher and your child. Be prepared to ask specific questions that show your interest; display your understanding of what your child is showing you and also may help you form a true picture of your child as a learner.


6. Stay solution-focused
If your child’s behavioural or learning challenges are discussed it’s tempting to be defensive or sceptical. Ask for concrete examples to help you gain a clear understanding from the teacher’s perspective. Look over the proof offered such as observational records or testing results using these as the basis for moving towards a solution. Ask the teacher and other professionals what any test results may mean in terms of progress, strengths, needs and further support.


7. Remain calm
If the meeting doesn’t go well, stay calm. Meetings involving your own child can be very emotive because you and your child’s teacher are often discussing issues that are outside your direct control. Calmly stating your needs and views is far more effective than general accusations or inflexibly taking a stand. Ask for a break if you need one, even suggesting you meet at another time if your emotions are taking over.


8. Consider there are many ways to be right
Keep in mind that everyone wants the same thing- your child to make progress. Teachers view your child through a different lens than you and their conclusions and solutions can seem at odds with your own views. It may be at these times that you need to trust the professionalism of your child’s teacher who has more than likely experienced these same challenges before.


9. Ask what you can do
Show your commitment to producing better results by asking for exercises that you can do at home to develop skills. It may be a good opportunity to ask for recommendations for outside resources to help you and your child. Often teachers know about camps, activities, organisations or events that can encourage educational and social growth.


10. Consider how to discuss at home
Once a meeting is over consider how you will talk about it with your child. Discuss areas that need work in positive, specific terms. “We talked about your reading and your teacher suggested that we need to….” Involve your child in discussing plans for improvement. Make sure these plans are doable rather than overwhelming him or her with an exhaustive list of suggestions. Small inroads in progress or improved behaviour have been found to have a snowball effect, impacting on broader areas of improvement.


Parent teacher meetings and conferences take many formats including the direct involvement of children. Regardless of the format you will be more effective if you go in with a positive attitude, an approachable demeanour, and a willingness to work collaboratively with your child’s teacher to reach the best outcomes possible for your child.


Aaron Mackinnon

Head of Senior School

Night of The Notables

English Curriculum

During Term 3 of 2016, the Year 9 English class started a project called ‘Night of the Notables’. It consisted of the students choosing someone they view as notable and attending a presentation evening in which they portrayed their person. I found this project very fun as well as interesting because it was an opportunity to incorporate our creativity into research on people we look up to and find fascinating. I chose to do Bethany Hamilton. She is a notable person because she overcame adversity when she lost her arm to a shark and was very determined to start surfing again afterwards. Other students in the class portrayed notable people like Babe Ruth, Captain Cook, Bob Marley and Beyonce. These are people that the class look up to and it is clear that everyone enjoyed this project. It also provided us with an opportunity to work collaboratively as a class and help each other brainstorm ideas. I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of this project and it is a great addition to the English curriculum.

Annie Prendergast 9A


So far in Term 3 the Year 9s have been studying and preparing for Night of the Notables. We all had the chance to choose our own notable person of whom many looked up to. We all had our own reasons for choosing who we wanted to emulate. For example, Annie chose Bethany Hamilton because she sees her as an inspiration for her determination and courage. Kaushal chose Muhammad Ali because as a child he was an inspiration to him because of his tenacity and confidence in himself. I chose Sir Edward Dunlop for the reason of how down to earth he was and how he would do anything for his fellow troops. It was especially inspiring how after the war he forgave his captors despite the torture they put him through. During the night everyone dressed up as their chosen person and created their own stand.  Everyone had a good time informing other people on their chosen person and telling stories about them. The night itself was one of the most enjoyable school events that I've been to. Overall the night was a success and everyone had fun. 

Damon Towart 9A


Staff Profile

Emily Phibbs

Emily is an enthusiastic addition to the community at Scoresby Secondary College. Taking on the role of VCE Legal Studies and Junior English/ Humanities Teacher, she relishes in the opportunity to help students perform and achieve their best results.


Upon finishing secondary school, Emily completed a Bachelor of Journalism with a minor degree in Criminology. Whilst completing her degree she was offered three internships at leading media organisations including The Herald Sun, Channel Nine News and Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

It was during her time at ABC that Emily was given the opportunity to work as a court reporter and investigate in criminal law.


Although Emily thoroughly enjoyed her time studying and working in the field of journalism, her true passion was with teaching. She undertook a Masters of Secondary Teaching at Monash University completing several placements during her degree.


After finishing her degree she spent two months travelling throughout Europe and the United Kingdom and spent the rest of the year working at different schools throughout Melbourne as a casual relief teacher.


Emily is a competitive sports lover who has a keen interest in Australian Football League. She has a passion for supporting the mighty Hawks and attends most games at the MCG. She also enjoys playing local sport competitions including netball, indoor soccer and tennis. During her time as a casual relief teacher she thrived in the opportunity to participate in sports days and junior and senior school camps.


She has also been lucky to have several opportunities in the world of Performing Arts. A member of the Australian Girls Choir for 10 years, Emily was selected to perform in many big events. These included appearing in the “I Still Call Australia Home” Qantas ad, ‘The Boy From Oz’ production and the Caulfield Cup.


Emily looks forward to continuing to develop her passion as a teacher and inspire her students to achieve their goals. 


Sport Report


House Athletics Carnival

On Tuesday 16 August Scoresby Secondary College’s annual House Athletics Carnival was held. Mother Nature was certainly was on our side providing a balmy August day right in the middle of typical winter weather.


Warm, sunny and a little windy the day took on a Rio carnival like atmosphere. Right in the middle of the Olympic Games the students were inspired and the participation rate was among the very best that I have seen in my many years at the college.


It was again great to see so many students dress up in their house colours and join the spirit of the day. The day concluded with a fashion parade of students with the winners decided by the level of applause they received. So many smiles on student’s faces all day certainly indicated that this whole college event is a highlight for the students and the college.


There were some outstanding individual efforts by students including Brad Bishop and Kirrily O’Neill in the 17 years age group and College Captain Tom Wilson in the 20 years age group.


Final results were as follows:

1st        Dunlop            (Yellow)          997 points

2nd      Chisholm         (Red)              937 points

3rd       Sutherland      (Green)         782 points

4th       Bradman         (Blue)            724 points

Students that finished 1st in their events have qualified to represent the College at the Knox District Athletics Competition on Monday 12 September at the Knox track. The team will be posted in the Gym early next week. I would like to extend a huge thankyou to all the Staff and VCAL and student helpers who so ably assisted with the running of the day as without your on-going support and contribution, these carnival days wouldn’t happen.


Age Group Champions

The following students scored the most points in their respective age groups. They are to be congratulated and will receive their medals at an upcoming assembly.


13 Year Female Champion – Charlotte Stirling

15 Year Female Champion – Alexandra Warry

15 Year Male Champion    - Gage Pitman

16 Year Female Champion – Serena McCurdy

16 Year Male Champion     - Sam Berkery

17 Year Female Champion – Kirrily O’Niel

17 Year Male Champion     - Brad Bishop

20 Year Female Champion – Ijmeet Mann

20 Year Male Champion     - Tom Wilson


Andrew Young

Sports Coordinator

Community News

Library News - Chess Tournament

The library recently hosted the Scoresby Secondary College Chess Tournament. The tournament started with 22 participants with all year levels being represented.


Progressing through a series of elimination rounds, the Grand Final was played between Jake Peirce and Joel Minisini (both Year 10 students) with Jake being declared the final winner.

This activity was held at lunchtimes and was very popular with our students.

Playing chess requires concentration, forward planning and problem solving as well as encouraging social interaction between the various age groups within the school. Due to the success of this valuable activity, we are hoping to hold another tournament later in the year.


Linda Duncan

Resource Centre Manager

Top Tips for Safe Social Network


Scoresby Spring Market

The 3rd Annual Scoresby Spring Market is on Saturday 10 September, from 9.00am – 2.00pm, in the School Hall & outside area.

Come along & support your School & your Chaplain.  The day will be a bigger success if you & all your friends visit the Market.

  1. We will have a Second-hand Book Stall (not text books) – Please donate good quality 2nd hand novels and non-fiction books (eg. gardening, cooking, sport, travel, health, NO obsolete text books) into the college General Office.

**If you can volunteer your time on the day to help with the stall please contact Cindy Lopes regarding what time and how long you can help for.

Email: [email protected] 

  1. Raffle Prizes – we will be having a raffle.  If you, or your employer, are able to donate some gifts for prizes, that would be great.  Please bring to college General  Office.
  1. Here is the link to the Scoresby Spring Market Facebook Page – please “like” it, and ”Share” the advertisement Post with all your friends – who can share it with the most people, & get the most ‘likes’?


If there are any queries, please contact: [email protected]

The Market will raise funds for Andy Phillips Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy Committee



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