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02 November 2016
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Principal's Report

Milestones at Marlborough

A huge thank you to the entire school community who came together to celebrate our 40th Anniversary a little over a week ago. It was a fantastic day with so many past students, parents and staff returning to the school to celebrate and reminisce about the time they spent here. It was clear to see that many special memories have been formed here over the years, and the 40th Anniversary Celebration will certainly be a great memory for all of us that were here.


I would like to thank everyone in the communtiy who put in a great deal of time and effort to make the day a great success.


The students' art work was amazing, which is a great credit to their creativity, effort and the skill of Jenelle Seregin to develop these skills. One of our special guests for the day, Heidi Victoria, is the Shadow Minister for the Arts and she commented on the exemplary art work and the exceptional work by Jenelle.


The memorabilia gallery was absolutely incredible and it was so lovely to see former members of the Marlborough community finding their photos and  reliving the times they spent here. The work put in by Prue and Cherie to get the photos and artefacts organised and presented so professionally was amazing and I would like to really thank them for the incredible amount of work they put in. The archiving work they did will not be lost and we will store it well so it is ready for our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2026.


Joell did an incredible job running the Devonshire Tea area and this was such a lovely addition to the day. Providing a lovely space for people to catch up over a lovely cup of tea and a scone was great.


Finally I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who helped set up, pack up, work on the barbecues, organise art-work (thanks Felicity), promote the event (thanks Natalie), baked biscuits or scones, worked on the biscuit stall or at the Devonshire tea and everything else that everybody did to make the day a great success.

Australian Mathematics Competition

At assembly last week, awards were handed out for the Australian Mathematics Competition. The competition is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves against their peers around the country and see how well they can perform. As a school we are so proud of all those who competed and the achievement of many students was abolutely outstanding.


We had 34 students compete in the Competition and the following certificates were awarded:


1 High Distinction

4 Distinction

13 Credit

12 Proficiency

4 Participation


We were so proud of all of the students who participated and gave their best effort. We will continue to provide these opportunities for students to excel academically and I encourage everyone to participate in the competition next year.


Out of all our students who competed, James T received the prize for Best in School. James also received a High Distinction, which means that his results were in the top 3% of students across the nation who competed in the competion. Congratulations, James!

Pupils of the Week

The following students will be rewarded certificates at the next assembly on

Monday 7th November.


Congratulations to:


Kian M


For all your hard work to become a strong reader and mighty speller. Well done!

Jairav S


For working hard on his story to include all elements of a narrative. Jairav did his Personal Best to make his story entertaining for his reader.  Keep up the great work, Jairav!

Jeremy J


For being a kind and caring friend who shared his toys when another student was sad. Thank you Jeremy for being so thoughtful.

Rubee P


For putting an amazing effort into your reading. Your hard work is paying off.

Nash M


For challenging himself by attempting tasks set for the grade three students. Nash is willing to give any task a go even when it is something hard and he might not be able to complete it. Great work, Nash!

Steph C


For the expression she puts into her writing. Steph has her own style of writing and really makes an effort to use engaging features to draw her audience in. Awesome work, Steph!

Bella M


For settling into our class so well and becoming a valued member of our team! Your cheerful personality is appreciated by your classmates!

Thomas E


For the enthusiastic way he has presented to the entire school about our new waste management system. I am super proud of Thomas.


The following students will be rewarded certificates at the following assembly on

Monday 14th November.


Congratulations to:


Michael D


For taking great are with his writing to produce Personal Best work. You have been extending yourself to write more and have begun to edit your work. Well done!

Lola R


For always showing Attentive Listening when others are speaking. Lola always waits her turn and puts her hand up when she has something to say. Great work, Lola!

Anton D


For always showing Appreciations to others when they have done their best. Anton always encourages others and is a great class mate to all in 1B.

Daniel H


For writing an entertaining maths problem with the number 26. We loved it.

Patrick B


For working so hard to achieve his Personal Goal of learning his spelling words each week. Patrick is very focussed and achieving success. Well done, Patrick.

Emily B


For her beautifully presented work! Emily has amazing handwriting and punctuation. She tries her best to make her work interesting and engaging. Great job, Em!

Grace D


For making such fantastic progress in all curriculum areas. Your hard working approach has been fantastic. Keep it up!

Zac V


For his super effort completing his Maths Online homework tasks. Zac is a great mathematician and has really applied himself.

Dates to remember


Monday 7th

  • Tasting Fundraiser

Tuesday 8th

  • Gr 5/6 Metro Trains Safety Program
  • Prep Fire Education

Thursday 10th

  • Teachers' Appreciation Lunch

Friday 11th 

  • Life Education Van (until 15th)

Tuesday 15th

  • School Council Meeting - 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Tuesday 6th

  • School Council and Dinner

Wednesday 7th

  • Parent Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea

Wednesday 14th

  • End of Year Class Celebrations

Thursday 15th

  • Christmas Carols







School News

Premier's Reading Challenge


Division Softball Finals

On Friday 21st October the following students represented Marlborough Primary school in the semi-final of Division Softball finals: Jaxon A, Nathan R, Brodie R, Cade R,  Kurtis M, Grace W, Atticus T, Adam E, Jonah H, Hannah F, Alec C and Will S. The coach was Michelle Mielnik.


We were lucky with the weather and Marlborough competed very well. A few umpiring decisions however didn’t go our way and we lost 9- 2 against Croydon Hills Primary School. The feedback received from the convenor  was “it was a great competitive game and it was good to verse a school that knew the rules of softball.”  


A special thank you all students and coach for participating competitively. Also to parents, Aaron Hall, Gaelle Cleaves and teacher Michelle Mielnik who safely ferried our students in their own cars to and from Marlborough PS to Croydon Hills PS.



Grade 6 Graduation Fundraiser


MPS 40th Anniversary


Parent's Association

Teachers' Appreciation Lunch

Thursday November 10th

Gourmet (or not) chefs required to help cater for the Teachers Appreciation Lunch, Thursday Nov 10th.  Please contact Bev if you can help 0432 245 845. 

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Out of School Hours Care







Class Blogs

Community News




Hot Shots at Heathmont Tennis Club


Hot Shots has now commenced in 4th term and will continue right through until Sunday 11th December (except for Sunday 30th October - the Melbourne Cup weekend).


Just a reminder of the location:  Heathmont Tennis Club courts are in Heathmont Park, the entrance being in Waterloo Street near the Cuthbert Street roundabout.


 It is free and participants don’t need to bring anything with them.


The commencement time has now reverted to 11.30am (till 12.30pm).


Robert Peterson would love to see you for a fun time and introduce you to the wonderful game of tennis.


Robert can be contacted on 0412 722 348 should you want any information.




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