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22 September 2017
Issue Fourteen
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From the Leadership Team 

The Strength Switch

Davina McClure, Deputy Principal


During the mid-year break, all staff participated in a Cultivating Character Program hosted by ShareTree, an organisation we have partnered with to help our students reach their full potential, and to provide staff with the tools to help support students on this journey.


The first strategy we learned was to ‘Speak the Language of Virtues’. In short, this strategy is designed to help staff to focus on a student’s strengths when building character and correcting or encouraging behaviour, as opposed to focusing on purely the negative. This requires a conscious switch from the negative to the positive. It was wonderful to see staff embrace this constructive approach to bringing out the best in our students.


As parents, we have an opportunity to ‘Speak the Language of Virtues’ with our children and use a strengths-based approach at home. According to Dr Lea Waters in her new book The Strength Switch, this can have a powerful impact on our children’s sense of self, behaviour and development.


The Negativity Bias

Have you ever wondered – with a small, or perhaps large measure of guilt – why we sometimes expend more energy on what our children are doing wrong, rather than what they are doing right, thinking that if we fix their weaknesses we will make them strong and successful?


According to Dr Water’s there is a good reason for this negativity bias. It’s called ‘old wiring’. From an evolutionary perspective, we have survived by quickly identifying disruptions in the patterns of daily life as clues to possible danger or to weaknesses that put us at a disadvantage. This primeval tendency to zoom in on what’s ‘off’ has helped us size up our chances for survival. However, while the negative helped us survive, attention on the positive helps us to thrive.


This doesn’t mean ignoring weaknesses altogether, however, by focusing on your child’s strengths and building their confidence and understanding of what they are good at, weaknesses may become less relevant, or your child can apply their strengths to tackling their weaknesses.
















Identifying Your Child’s Strengths

So how do you know what your child’s strengths are? According to Dr Waters there are three elements that come together to form a strength. They are:

  1. Performance (being good at something)
  2. Energy (feeling good doing it)
  3. High Use (choosing to do it)

1. Performance

Does your child show above-age levels of achievement, rapid learning, and a repeated pattern of success? For example, the very young child who is able to construct sophisticated objects using Lego; the primary school student who reads prolifically and is able to use more complex words and sentence structures than her peers; or the teenager who consistently displays a more sophisticated understanding of emotions than most adults.


2. Energy

You child is energised when using a strength. They rarely get tired and time passes quickly as they find themselves in the ‘flow’ of the moment. For example, two hours at the piano or canvas feels like 20 minutes. This is not to be confused with an activity that captures the attention of your child for long periods of time but are unsettled or moody afterwards. This is escapism as opposed to playing to a strength. The key is to observe their energy level at the end of the activity.


3. High Use

Look out for what your child chooses to do in their spare time, how often they engage in a particular activity and how they speak about that activity.

Keeping this triad of elements in mind will help you avoid pushing your child into an area that seems like a strength just because your child is good at it. It also helps you differentiate between whether your child is bingeing on an activity in an escapist way or expressing a true strength. 


Broadening the Definition of a Strength

We often think of a strength in terms of performance strengths such as writing, drawing, playing football, mastering the violin, excelling at maths and so on.












It is important to not overlook character strengths. Your child may demonstrate great leadership potential, show determination and persistence, are resourceful, funny, compassionate and brave. These strengths can also provide a point of focus during your child’s struggles with expectations around performance strengths.


Parent Resources

You can borrow The Strength Switch from the Library or purchase it, as well as access other parent resources, from





About Dr Lea Waters

Dr Waters (PhD) is a psychologist, researcher, speaker and author who specialises in positive education, positive parenting, and positive organisations.


Professor Waters is the President of the International Positive Psychology Association, has affiliate positions with Cambridge  University and University of Michigan and is the Ambassador for the Positive Education Schools Association.


Professor Waters has been a researcher at the University of Melbourne for 21 years and is the first Australian to be appointed as a Professor in Positive Psychology. She was the founding Director of the Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne.


We are most appreciative of the outstanding contribution of Ms Katie Munro, who has been a wonderful teacher throughout Term 3 as Ms Ishihara’s replacement.


Next Term we welcome Mr Ryo Tsukui  who will follow on from Ms Munro in teaching Japanese.  Mr Tsukui is a very experienced teacher.

Happy Holidays

This is the last newsletter for Term 3 and what a term it has been! Wishing you all an enjoyable break, and looking forward to seeing you back for Term 4 on 9 October! 


Events and Invites 

Seussical Junior 

Tickets for our Years 5 to 6 Musical Production are selling quickly!


Don't miss out on what promises to be a fantastic show.


Book your tickets now!

Event Details: 

19 October

2.00pm & 7.30pm 

Dalton Hall


Parent Seminar – Supporting Mental Health

As part of Mental Health Week and Kilvington's Gratitude Day, a special parent and staff information session will held on Supporting Mental Health through Resilience and Gratitude.


Our guest speaker is Resilience Project CEO, Hugh Van Cuylenberg, whose team has worked closely with the School over the past couple of years. Hugh is a renowned speaker in the area of resilience, as well as being incredibly entertaining.


Book your tickets here!  

Event Details:

9 October


Dalton Hall


ELC-Annual Concert 

Photo: ELC Annual Concert, September 2017

Out in the Outback

Lyn Pewtress, ELC Coordinator


On Tuesday 5 September, the annual ELC concert ‘Out in the Outback’ was held in
Dalton Hall.


Opening the performance, Marine and then Daintree groups performed with a delightful and energetic music arrangement.  The Magenta and Magnolia groups soon followed, performing individually and then joining together in a collaborative rendition of songs.






While some of the children were nervous, they all shone like stars and sang with confidence and pride on the night. Not to mention, they also looked gorgeous dressed in their specially designed t-shirts!

The performance ended with all the ELC children coming together on stage and singing, 'I Am Australian', 'Inanay' and the finale, 'Out in the Outback'.  

A huge thanks to all our ELC children, their families and friends for helping to make the night such an enjoyable event. Like all great things, our success was due to the hard work and support of many. In particular, I’d like to thank some wonderful people who were so generous and giving of their time – their support was much appreciated.


Harriet Hegarty, for her talents in helping with the designs of the t-shirts; Mr Stefanetti, Ms Moore, Ms Cain, and Ms Donnelly from the Junior School; Jordan Adams from the Library; the PFA and Kerrie Kelly for providing such a wonderful array of refreshments; and finally, Peter and his maintenance team for the setup. To the extraordinary ELC team of educators, thank you for your hard work, passion, vision and dedication. The concert was wonderful – thanks to you all.


Of course, the biggest thanks and cheers must go to each and every child who performed with pride, confidence and smiles. We are truly blessed to work with such engaging children - thank you.

We had a special night that was enjoyed by all.








Language Faculty News 

Year 9 French Lunch Outing

by Andrew Rudnytsky, Year 9


As a great way to end a great term, our Year 9 French class travelled to 'Noisette', an authentic French café in Bentleigh.


Upon our arrival, we glanced upon a vast array of cakes, breads and treats, all prepared in a French style. This heightened our anticipation and excitement for what was to follow.


We were first presented with ‘chocolats chauds’ or tea, and following that, with pastries, baguettes, sandwiches, quiches and cake.

Unsurprisingly, we all devoured the delicious food presented to us! We also learnt from Madame Dickens about the traditional French cakes: éclairs, opéras, mille feuilles, to list a few.


I am absolutely sure that everyone came away well nourished, and with greater knowledge of French cuisine. All in all, it was a great way to end a great term. Merci!

Years 9-12 French: Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Results

Lucie Dickens, Academic Dean of Languages 


Congratulations to all participants! Kilvington students achieved excellent results with a total of  5 finalists in Years 9 to 12:

  • Year 9 - Luc Mascitti 
  • Year 10 - Elisabeth Yeo
  • Year 11 - Rachel Cetrola 
  • Year 12 - Lauren Rowley and Aimée Coquillat (in the “Hors Concours” Category)

We are extremely pleased to announce that Elisabeth Yeo was awarded a special mention by the jury for her performance in the Year 10 category. This is an incredible achievement! 

A very special thank you to French staff who supported students in preparing for this competition. 

Thinkers, Solvers and Debaters!  

Photo: Toshi Preston, Toby Wrightson, Leanne Chua and Gabby Lim from the Year 10 Virtual Debating Team

Future Problem Solving Program Australia

Dee Broughton, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

As part of the Gifted and Talented program at Kilvington, selected students from Years 7-11 had the opportunity to participate in the Future Problem Solving Program of Australia (FPSP).


The FPSP is a nationally recognised competition that requires students to research competition-set topics that may pose problems for society in the future. The students analyse the ethical, environmental, social, and economic consequences of these trends and develop possible solutions, and in doing so, develop the critical and creative thinking skills that are so necessary in a 21st century society.


This year, we had one team participating in Global Issues Problem Solving (GIPS) senior division – congratulations to Aimee Coquillat, Jasmine Fassoulis, Holly Haslauer and Gemma Webb (Year 11) for all their efforts! Thank you also to Miss Laura Furze, dedicated teacher and FPSP Coach.


We also had a number of students participating in the Scenario Writing division of FPSP. This is a short story writing competition with set topics that raise challenges and problems for society now and in 20 years’ time. This competition challenges and extends students who are talented writers and fosters critical and creative thinking.


We had excellent submissions from the following students: David Overton (Year 7), Hamish Bruce (Year 7), Ethan Dharmawardena (Year 8), Elisabeth Yeo (Year 10) and Gabby Lim (Year 10).


Elisabeth and Gabby achieved great success, achieving 4th and 6th place in Australia, respectively. Huge congratulations to both girls! They will now travel to Sydney for the National Finals to be held at Knox Grammar School, where they will participate in a number of writing activities.


The top individuals from the National round will be invited to the FPSP International Conference, to be held in the USA next year. We wish Gabby and Elisabeth well in Sydney, and hope they find the finals a rewarding experience!

Excursion to the Victorian Space Science Centre

Alice James, Academic Dean of Science


Our Year 11 Chemistry students had a full day excursion to the Victorian Space Science Centre on the 11 and 14 September. 


They participated in an analytical chemistry workshop where each student performed a series of analyses using High Performance Liquid Chromatography, UV Visible Spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption. 


Students performed the analyses with a high degree of accuracy, and significantly improved their understanding of the use of these pieces of advanced analytical equipment.


National Virtual Debating Competition

by Leanne Chua, Year 10


Throughout Terms one to three, several Year 10 students and I participated in a National Virtual Debating Competition.


When first offered this opportunity, we were all absolutely intrigued by the idea of debating against another school in another state via the internet, through a platform similar to Skype.


The very first round was one of the most daunting experiences we had ever encountered! The topic of the debate was only given to us an hour before the debate was to begin. This concept of a secret topic was unfamiliar to us, and we were also not used to preparing a debate in a short amount of time.


We were allowed to use the internet to look for information. As soon as the topic was given to us, we all searched for arguments that supported our side of the case and tried to look for rebuttals as much as we could.


When the debate started, we often encountered many technical difficulties, but we managed to adapt and overcome these setbacks and even made our way into the semi-finals!


Unfortunately, we were not able to make it further then this. However, the overall experience was unbelievably rewarding and enjoyable. Not only did we get the chance to build our public speaking skills, we also enjoyed many laughs and created wonderful memories in the midst of all the frantic googling.


I can speak for everyone when I say that Virtual Debating was extremely fun and I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of trying Debating. 


Visit to the Government House Victoria 

by Bryce Jurgensen, Year 11


I was recently invited to a morning reception at Government House Victoria for students participating in the National Youth Science Forum, which is held over two weeks in Canberra and Brisbane during January each year. 


The National Youth Science Forum is a not-for-profit organisation that runs a number of residential programs to encourage young people in their passion for science.


The Governor of Victoria, The Hon. Linda Dessau AC, congratulated the group of about 120 Year 11 students from throughout Victoria on their selection to the program, and reflected on the importance of STEM programs such as this to the future success and prosperity of Victoria. After the reception, we explored the various public rooms at Government House.


Overall, my visit to the Government House was a great experience which also helped to broaden my understanding of the STEM field. 


Music Notes 

Photo: Annual Concert, August 2017

Seussical Junior 

Nicole Bull, Academic Dean of Performing Arts

Tickets for this event are now available on the School website. Performances are scheduled for Thursday 19 October; a matinee commencing at 2:00pm and an evening performance commencing at 7:30pm. 

Vocal  Soirée

The Vocal Soirée was held on Wednesday 20 September. It was wonderful to see students perform in front of a full house delivering a variety of music ranging from classical to contemporary songs. 


Congratulations and well done to all!  

Scotch Choral Course

If students are interested in enrolling in the Scotch Choral Course, the course can be explored via the website


This is an opportunity for young singers (aged 13-20) to train under British Choral Director, Ralph Allwood, providing opportunities to develop singing skills, learn new repertoire and perform in small and large ensembles.


Course Details: Sunday 7th January – Friday 12th January, 2018.

Venue: Scotch College, Hawthorn, Melbourne.

Geelong Summer Music Camp, 2018

A Day camp for young musicians aged 9 – 21 years of age. 


Applications forms and further information can be downloaded from the website

Storage of Instruments

All students who play an instrument, including students in the Year 7 Band Program, should be storing their instruments in the Music School on the shelves provided under the stairs.


Instruments should not be stored next to or on top of lockers.  The music storage area is safe and instruments will not get damaged.  Please see Ms Bull if you are unsure.

Student Achievements

Congratulations to all our students who completed AMEB examinations this term.  Everyone worked extremely hard to achieve excellent results.

Star of the Week

A special congratulations to Yash Kapoor who completed his AMEB piano exam with an A+ High Distinction.  Well done Yash!

Diary Dates

  • 18 October – Speech & Drama Soiree, Junior School, 5.00pm – 5.50pm and Senior School – 6.00pm – 7.00pm
  • 19 October – Seussical Jr, Matinee and Evening Performances.



Nicole Bull, Academic Dean of Performing Arts

Sport News

Photo: All Schools Athletics Knock Out Competition, September 2017

All Schools Athletics Knock Out Competition

Congratulations to the 27 students who represented the School on Thursday at the All Schools Athletics Knock Out competition at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park.

The students did exceptionally well as they tested themselves against the best athletes in the state. Many Personal Best's were broken by the Kilvington students.


The highlight of the day was Gemma Craddock winning the Javelin event with a throw of 32.69m. Go Kilvington!

All Schools Relay Championships

Congratulations to the 20 students that represented Kilvington today at the All Schools Relay Championships at Albert Park.

All teams did exceptionally well and gained valuable experience.





Special mention to the boys U16 team (Alex Pietrosanto, Tom Robb, Josh Bockting and Fletch Gleghorn) that finished 2nd in their heat and narrowly missed out on a finals place.

EISM Cross Country

Well done to all Kilvington students who represented the School in the annual EISM Cross Country event.


The weather was a typical Melbourne day of sun, wind, rain and cold yet the students gave their all as they ran the challenging hilly 3km and 4km course.











Congratulations to the following students:


Pia O'Reilly -  3rd in 13YO Girls;

Jasper Pickering - 3rd in Open Boys;

and Jack Kirkham - 1st in 16YO Boys.


Beachside Athletics Carnival

Well done to Marlo McCulloch and Liam Molloy who represented the Balaclava District in the Beachside Athletics Carnival at Lakeside Athletics Track.











Marlo gave a fantastic effort in the 10YO Girls Long Jump whilst Liam placed 3rd in Shot Put and 1st in Discus!

Liam will now progress to South Eastern Metropolitan Regionals. This is the first time that Kilvington has had a representative in the Regionals event.

Annual Beep Test Challenge

Congratulations to Jasper Pickering (Year 12) and Olivia Kirkham (Year 8) for winning the annual Beep Test Challenge.


15 students tested themselves in this 'world-famous' test at lunchtime, with Olivia achieving Level 11.0 and Jasper setting a new Kilvington record of Level 14.9.


Both students get their names engraved on the prestigious trophy and collect a Rebel Sport voucher.





Student Achievements

Australian Scout Medallion

Congratulations to Miles Nathan from Year 8 for being awarded the Australian Scout Medallion, the highest award in  the Scout Section. The official awards ceremony will be held in October.


Well done Miles!!








Golf Champion 

Well done to Year 12 student, Shaniah Fernando, for all her awards in golfing this year.


Shaniah was awarded the Winn Lloyd Trophy earlier in the year, and she also won the Booroondara Cup and Classics Championship, along with numerous other golfing awards.


Congratulations on your acheivements Shaniah!!!





After School Care Fun!

Sam O'Bryan, Extend Educator


It is hard to believe that it is the end of Term 3 already! This year has certainly flown by!


We have been fortunate enough over the last few weeks to have a whole bunch of oranges and lemons donated to us. To not let them go to waste, we squeezed our very own OJ!


The oranges were so delicious that we ended up using over 40 in total! We also made a delicious treat - lemon slice, which was a big hit! Finally, we used the oranges and lemons for some healthy smoothies.

For a few afternoons, we grabbed our lab coats and glasses and turned into brilliant scientists. We explored some chemical reactions, making slime out of household ingredients and creating monster toothpaste! Both of these created quite a mess, however we all enjoyed observing the changes in the substances!

The last couple of weeks has also seen the return of 4-square. The kids have had a great time challenging each other whilst playing in great spirit! Aside from this, we have also continued enjoying kicking the footy around, playing shark tiggy and digging in the sandpit!


At the art and craft table we put together some very comfy cushions,  complicated paper planes and wonderfully colourful owls!

Finally, the team and I would like to wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable holiday! We can’t wait to hear all the exciting things that everyone got up to when Term 4 starts!

Forthcoming Activities

Monday 9 October

Cops and Robbers

Tuesday 10 October

Water Colour Trees

Wednesday 12 October

Cooking: Weet-Bix Slice

Thursday 13 October

Watch Your Step!

Friday 14 October

Science: Quicksand

Our Extend Superstars of the Week

Armin Gill for constantly setting a great example to others by listening and tidying up after others!

Spring Holiday Program Bookings Are Now Open!

Book 14 days in advance to receive the lowest rate.


Make your own DIY paints and have fun with messy art, participate in delicious cooking activities, learn all about persistence of vision by inventing your own spinning thaumatrope, and loads more!


To check out the daily schedule, visit our website at and book via the Parent Portal.

From the Parents' and Friends' Association

Planning for 2018

Kirsten Brooks, PFA President 


The primary role of the PFA is to offer opportunities for parents to engage with their child's journey and be part of the School community.

As such, we would like to invite you to join in and consider helping organise community activities during 2018.


All the below positions in the PFA will be declared open at our AGM in November. With the demands on parents' time, we are very considerate of offering opportunities to suit all levels of availability and interest so a wide range of positions will be available. 


We would like to invite you to participate in any of the roles or teams below:

  • Class Social Reps (CSR's) - ELC – Yr12
  • President
  • Vice President Senior
  • Vice President Junior
  • Treasurer
  • Minute Secretary
  • Correspondence Secretary
  • Secondhand Uniform Shop Coordinator
  • Secondhand Uniform Shop Team
  • Kilvington Cares - Food Assistance – Coordinator
  • Kilvington Cares - Food Assistance – Cooking Team
  • Hospitality Coordinator
  • Production Service Coordinator
  • Staff Birthdays
  • Welcome Back Picnic
  • Trivia Night Coordinator
  • Trivia Night Team
  • Mother's Day Breakfast - Coordinator
  • Mother's Day Breakfast - Team
  • Father's Day Breakfast - Coordinator
  • Father's Day Breakfast - Team
  • Mother's Day Stall Coordinator
  • Father's Day Stall Coordinator
  • K24 Coordinator

All roles are flexible around your availability. The links for expressing your interest are:

  • CSR's 2018   -
  • Parent Roles and Teams 2018  -

For any clarification and questions, please email Kirsten: [email protected]

Opportunities To Help Out 

We’d love to have your help at our final two events for the year:

Please consider signing up following the links above.

Happy holidays and thank you for a great term of volunteering!



  • SHUS – 14 October, Dalton Hall, 10.00am -12.00pm
  • PFA General Meeting - 17 October, Staff Lounge, 7.30 - 8.30pm
  • Seussical Jr – Y5 and Y6 Production, 19 October
  • SHUS – 11 November, Dalton Hall, 10.00am -12.00pm
  • Alumni/Kilvonian Connections - 15 November, Dalton Hall, 6.30pm
  • AGM - 21 November, 7.00pm
  • Volunteer Thank You Evening – 21 November, 7.30pm

Please Don't Forget!

Photo: All Schools Athletics Knock Out Competition, September 2017

Dropping Off and Picking Up Your Children

If you are using the Kiss and Go zones around Kilvington, please ensure you drive to the furthest point of the zone and quickly drop off or pick up your child.


This will allow other families to pull in directly behind you as opposed to weighing up whether to park in front or behind you.  Your cooperation will assist in streamlining the process of students being dropped off and picked up, minimise frustration and congestion, and ensure the safety of everyone.


Thank You!


Photo: Daffodils in Spring



Last day of Term 3!!



Robocup National Competition (for selected students)



Kilvington China Trip concludes


3 - 6

Unit 3/4 Trial Exams



Term 4 commences!!


Resilience Project Parent Event

Dalton Hall

7.00 - 9.00pm


10 - 12
Year 9 Challenge and Personal Development Character Conference

8.40am - 3.35pm


10 - 13

Year 9 Explore City Camp 



Senior Girls' Footy Day

Kingswood College

10.40am - 4.00pm


12 - 27

French Exchange students at Kilvington 



Gratitude Day


Years 5 -10 Resilience Project 

9.40am - 1.05pm 


Cricket Victoria Prep-Year 2 Cricket Gala

11.05am - 1.05pm 



Secondhand Uniform Shop

Dalton Hall

10.00am - 12.00pm 



VCE Exhibition

VCE Study Room

1.30pm - 8.00pm


Kilvonian Event Committee Meeting

Staff Lounge

7.00pm - 8.00pm


17- 20

VCE Art Exhibition


Zine-making:  Words + Art + Identity Excursion

9.00am - 1.00pm 


Speech and Drama Soiree

5.00 - 7.00pm 



Prep 2018 Preparing for School Information Evening for Parents


6.45 - 8.00pm 


St Joseph/Kilvington (French Exchange) Excursion

8.00am - 6.00pm 


Zine-making:  Words + Art + Identity Excursion

9.00am - 1.00pm 


Seussical Jr Years 5 -6 Production 

Dalton Hall

Matinee - 2.30 - 3.30pm 

Evening - 7.30 - 8.30pm 



Zine-making:  Words + Art + Identity Excursion

9.00am - 1.00pm 


20 -22

Future Problem Solving Program National Finals