21 September 2017
Issue 28:  21 September, 2017
healing brokenness
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healing brokenness

In 2014, one of the greatest characters to grace the silver screen appeared.  Some described him as a bloated replica of Ghostbusters’ StayPuff Marshmallow man, while others described him as a squishy version of Ironman.

Either way, Baymax burst onto the consciousness of children’s minds with incredible speed.  Here was a character very different than any other superhero on record: no violence, no judgement, no speed. 


Baymax, in the movie Big Hero 6, is a robot designed for the purpose of being a Personal Healthcare Companion whose sole intent is to bring about health and healing, both physical and emotional.  As the movie progresses, the pain of young boy, Hiro, makes him attempt to transform Baymax into a violent fighting machine.


Baymax, in some ways, is quite a good representation of the way the scriptures speak about Jesus, the Son of God, who was given to the earth to bring health and healing – a companion to all generations.  In his own heart, there never was a sense of violence, malice or condemnation, but only a hope to heal a broken world.  It is only in humanity’s own brokenness that we attempt to transform Jesus into a violent, judgemental robot who bends to our wishes and punishes those who disagree with us, or who are different from us. 


But the nature of Christ is unchanged.  Even as we move through this world from hurt to hurt, it is Jesus, the Son of God, who walks along side of us, who heals our brokenness distorted by our own breaking of relationships and gives us new life in community.


Notice in the book of Mark, the first acts of Jesus are proclaiming the good news that the Kingdom of God has finally arrived, and healing those who are ill. 


As soon as they left the synagogue, they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew.  Simon’s mother-in-law was in bed with a fever, and they immediately told Jesus about her.  So he went to her, took her hand and helped her up.  The fever left her and she began to wait on them.   Mark 1:29-34


Like Baymax from the movie, Jesus scanned the situation, noticed the woman’s distress, and helped her up.  Then, in return, she began to wait on them, presumably with joy.

So it is that Jesus scans the situation of the world and where invited into homes, he scans the distress and extends a hand to help us.  Not always is this healing physical or immediate, but there is a healing of relationship that goes beyond our own senses.


God bless you this week, and I hope you encounter Jesus as your spiritual companion.

Pastor Reid

Thought for the Day

The first to apologise is the bravest.  The first to forgive is the strongest.  The first to forget is the happiest.

from the principal

A South Australian First

In the coming weeks Good Shepherd Lutheran School Para Vista will complete construction of South Australia's first primary school Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Centre.  Imagine what will be possible!


​Planning for 2018

At this time of year I undertake my most enjoyable and most important role - staff selection to complement our existing team.  This process firstly involves analyzing and ensuring our staffing levels match our student numbers and needs.    Families who are yet to confirm their enrolment status for 2018, are asked to do so before the close of term.  


Good Shepherd requires notification one term in advance of changes to enrolment status for the purpose of planning and managing  education costs for all families.  Tuition fees are incurred if this policy is not observed.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Class Allocations for 2018

It may only be mid September, but significant time is now assigned to thorough planning for next year.  At the commencement of Term 4 we will begin working towards the allocation of students to specific class groups for 2018.  As parents, you are invited to place in writing and forward directly to me, any specific educational needs that your child(ren) have, that the school may not already be aware of.  Whilst this is unlikely, due to teachers’ thorough knowledge of students, any new information not yet passed on, may be very useful in assisting us in the formation of class groups for next year. 


Love Optimism Creativity 

Parents are asked to respect and trust school staff to complete this process by refraining from requests for a specific teacher allocation for your child(ren).  The process is complex and we are simply unable to broadly meet such requests which can also serve to strain relationships. 


news and information

Woolworths Earn and Learn

The program has finished, and we need all sheets and loose stickers in by the end of the week.  Please place them in the green box in the office. Thanks to all the families who have been contributing to our healthy collection.

An unknown person from within our school community arranged for a collection box to be placed at Woolworths, Tea Tree Plaza.  A large amount of stickers have been received as a result, and we thank you for boosting our collection as a result of your actions.

OSHC Holiday Club

Bookings are now open for the forthcoming Spring Holiday Club Program.



The canteen is open for business on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week.

Don't forget Free Fruit Friday offered at recess (Friday's only).

Canteen Helpers Roster:

Wednesday, 27 September    

L Jusup / V Fieldhouse / B Nielsen

Thursday, 28 September  

A Thomas / M Farrell / S Houchen

Friday, 29 September 

S Anthony / D Heyne / A Pearse

community notices

Worship Service Times

Para Vista:             8.45am and 10.30am

Dernancourt:       9.00am

Salisbury:              8.00am and 9.30am

Tea Tree Gully:    8.30am and 10.00am

Golden Grove:     9.30am and 6.30pm

Mawson Lakes:   10.00am


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church offers:


Step Up To Communion

Following recent training, we look forward to witnessing Georgina (4 De) receiving her first communion this Sunday.  We pray for her and her family, as she continues on her faith journey,  and look forward to sharing this special occasion with her.


Kingdom Kids

At our 10.30am service this Sunday during the message, Tanya Harrison will be sharing with the Kindy – Year 4 children details of her mission trip experience to Indonesia.

Activity folders are available for the younger children and Worship Journals available for the older children for use during the services.  Please help yourself to them in the foyer.


Growing Faith at Home

Now available only on our church App!  To encourage families to keep growing in their faith at home each week.


Little Lambs Playgroup

Playgroup is from 10.00am to 11.30am in the church hall.  Please bring pre cut fruit to share and join other Mums and Dads and Grandies for a coffee and chat with activities for the little ones.

Church In Action 

Stephen Abraham, who leads some Friday Chapel services has written a new song for Lutheran Community Care.

Feel free to share the link with friends and family. 

Click here for the YouTube lyric video:

Netball SA

This October boys and girls from five to 16 years of age will have the opportunity to train at our school holiday netball clinics at Priceline Stadium!

Featuring NetSetGO Ambassador and Adelaide Thunderbirds player Fiona Themann, our new Adelaide Thunderbirds recruit Cat Tuivaiti, and Adelaide Thunderbirds strength and conditioning coach Todd Andrews, these clinics will be jam-packed with expert tips and tricks for budding netballers right through to experienced players.


Basketball Camp

Alexander Starling from the North Adelaide Rockets Development team has been holding basketball sessions with students here at Good Shepherd.  He has a Basketball Camp coming up from 9 - 13 October.  If you mention you are a Good Shepherd family, you will get a $30 discount. Check it out!


Growing for Gold

Salisbury City Council are once again holding 'Come and try' involving many various sporting activities.  We highly recommend Growing for Gold if you or your child are looking to become involved in outside school activities, to encourage fitness, or simply to meet new friends.







Cricket Players Wanted

Cricket resumes in Term 4, and players are sought to fill teams in Kanga, Junior and Senior grades.  Please contact Mr Wain for further details, or send the completed form back to school.


Netball Players Wanted

Girls or boys interested in playing in an Under 7's netball team in Term 4 are asked to notify Mr Wain, or the school office.

A parent coach is also required for this team to continue competing. Matches are played at Turramurra Recreation Centre on Thursday afternoons and evenings.

Netball Results

U9 GS Champs

WOW! What a game this week against Golden Grove Superstars Plus. The team played well, remembering the key messages to focus on - defence stick to your player like glue; attackers focus on quick passes and spreading out. 

All girls showcased some great long passes to get the ball quickly down the court to our goalies, who were ready and waiting to shoot some goals. Well done. Go Champs!

Karen Bloffwitch (Team Manager)

U11 GS Lightning Bolts

Friday night's game was the best the girls have ever played. Their plays were flawless. And when they were 20 goals to 0, they showed true compassion and courage by banding together to help the other team get a goal. We cheered for the goal, and we cheered for the amazing girls who all embodied the Good Shepherd school values.

Jo Holland (Team Manager)

Basketball Results

U8 GS Heat

What a nail biter of a game!  So close to that win. Great defence team, you all  played like you wanted that ball. 

Scores were even until that last foul shot that pushed them over the edge. Scorers 2 points each Jaxon, Thomas and Alastair. 

Renee Modra  (Team Manager)

U10 GS Magic

Another fantastic game played by you all!  I'm very proud of Keira and Luke for trying really hard and running fast to stick to the opposition. Riley and Cameron are both improving in their lay-ups. I love watching you guys do them!  Magic 31 to Rattlers 3.
Scorers: Memphis 13pts, Cameron 8pts, Precious 6pts, Riley 4pts.

Jodi Heuppauff (Coach)

U10 GS Rockets

What a game!  With a full team back after the winter illness, the Rockets played an awesome game. Scores were tight the whole game with both teams playing a hard game. In the end it came down to the opposition drawing the game after being awarded free throws on the buzzer! Scorers for the Rockets were Owen, Oliver and Saje.

Kylie Foskett (Coach)

U12 GS Shooters

This week we played a very tough game against the Warriors. Despite running all game, we showed great spirit in perseverance and never giving up. Well done Shooters! Scorers: Brodie (2pts) and Jye (1pt).

Wendy Janetzki (Team Manager)

school calendar

Diary Dates

 22 September          Athletics Day (upper primary)

 22 September          Stage 2 camp in (2TD and 2G)

 26 September          School Council meeting

 29 September          Term 3 ends

 30 September          Daylight Saving begins

       16 October          Term 4 begins

16-20 October          Swimming lessons

       24 October          School Council meeting

       27 October          World Teacher's Day

 30 Oct - 3 Nov          Stage 3 camp

    3 November          Grandfriend's Day

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